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Romantic Compatibility in a Cancer and Virgo Relationship

Andrea has a background in astrology, Myers Briggs, and pop culture with expertise in relationships and dating.

With some work, Cancer and Virgo can cultivate a healthy, loving relationship.

With some work, Cancer and Virgo can cultivate a healthy, loving relationship.

Cancer and Virgo Compatibility

With some work, Cancer and Virgo can make for a lovely match. Cancer is moody, and Virgo is hard-working and vigilant. They may not always see eye to eye—while Cancer likes to feel things out and be around people, Virgo simply wants to get things done using their iron logic, which can lead them to be a loner.

However, these two can help each other become more well-rounded. For example, Virgo is prone to depression because of their desire for perfection. Cancer understands emotions well and can help pull Virgo out of their despair.

Virgo, on the other hand, can help Cancer gain much-needed perspective about their surroundings and help them make better long-term decisions. Cancer is prone to laziness and needs an extra push to get stuff done.

What Happens When Summer Signs Begin a Relationship

Cancer is born at the beginning of summer, and Virgo is born at the end. Signs that are born in the same season usually get along because they have similar temperaments. Summer is an important time of year; it's technically the second season cycle, and its pleasantness depends on whether or not spring had enough rain to water the flowers and crops.

Cancer Has a Sensitive, Magical Personality

During Cancer season, there typically is a lot of rain, heat, and vacation. Cancer is symbolized by both the crab and the pregnant woman. Cancer is considered the mother of the zodiac, and the following signs are the different trimesters of her pregnancy—Aries is her firstborn son.

Pregnancy causes a great deal of mood shifts and sensory stimulation. Women become more sensitive to their surroundings and to the people around them, as well as to sounds and smells. A Cancer woman approaches life impulsively, guided by these mood swings. She has a kind of magic in her that isn't in found in Aries, Taurus, or Gemini. She is the first of more magical personalities—such as Scorpio, Aquarius, and Pisces—who come much later.

Virgo Is Hard-Working and Solitary

Virgo arrives at the end of summer, usually the hottest part. August is a hot month. Virgo sees the results of Cancer's and Leo's efforts. That's why Virgo wants to work hard—so that it can get things done that were too difficult to do during the crazy-hot Leo season. Virgo has a lot to accomplish and can be one of the most single signs.

Virgos are drawn to academia and challenging jobs. Cancer, on the other hand, has a strong need for people. Though they don't necessarily need a large group, they thrive on social relationships.

Compromise Is Key for These Different Perspectives

Cancer sees the tail end of spring, and Virgo sees the beginning of fall. These two can have very different perspectives about how things should or shouldn't be done. They'll have to work on compromising and listening to each others' perspectives if they want things to work in the long run.

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Cancer and Virgo at a Quick Glance


House Number






Ruled by




June 22 to July 22

August 23 to September 22

Part of Body


Digestive System, intestines





White, gray, silver, and cream

Brown, gray, and green


Early Summer

Late Summer


Nurturing, moody, flirtatious, charming, impulsive, artistic, creative, charming, motherly, sensitive, socially aware

Hard-working, academic, logical, straight forward, perfectionists, ambitious, loner, independent, calculating, loyal, dedicated

Virgo and Cancer should spend time together and help foster each other's interests.

Virgo and Cancer should spend time together and help foster each other's interests.

How These Two Signs Can Learn to Love Deeper

Cancer, as a water sign, and Virgo, as an earth sign, are both somewhat passionate creatures.

Cancer is big into romance. Virgo is into, well, things that are excellent. They'll put their best effort into whatever they do. Virgo can be very much about the mind whereas Cancer is all about the heart. This can obviously cause friction at times.

Neither of them are horribly stubborn. They can change their minds and are adaptable, though no one changes their mind more than Cancer. However, these two can butt heads because they are too stuck on their principles. Cancer cannot put up with someone who is rude and lacks empathy, and Virgo cannot put up with someone who is demanding and disagreeable.

How to Make the Relationship Work

For these two to work, they'll want to have a home that allows them to work outside. Virgo does well when he or she can work with their hands. Cancer does well to nurture and foster life. These two would do well to take up gardening together.

They also would do well to have pets around the house. Cancer needs someone to mother, and when the kids are all grown up, a pet is really helpful so they don't start coddling their partner too much. Also, most Virgos like dogs, it seems. They like to have an extra worker who doesn't talk to them too much. Virgo doesn't want to be drained.

How These Signs Enhance Each Other's Lives

Virgo wants someone who is essentially their definition of perfection. Virgo wants someone who is kind of magical and make-believe. Virgo can be such a loner because they have such high expectations—they want a good looking person, with a great mind and reputation who won't bother them. They want someone so they can have the perfect children. They do not like to settle with just anyone.

Sitting here writing this, I can think of several Virgos who are still in waiting for some kind of magical spouse well into their 40s . . . and beyond. Virgo simply refuses to be in relationships unless they feel they must. The thing is, Virgo does really well in relationships, especially nurturing ones. A water sign like Cancer can really help them to be more comfortable in their own skin, helping them become much more at ease. It also helps them wake up to their emotional senses.

Cancer also does well with earth signs who cans set boundaries. Cancer, as a water sign, can be susceptible to not having true direction. This makes it far too easy for them to fall into an identity crisis. Earth signs naturally give boundaries and direction, which is something a water sign will either love and appreciate or abhor. Water signs want to merge with everything around them—they imitate the earth by turning into ice, imitate the air by turning into steam, and they put fire out rather than let it get out of control.

Top 11 Tips for the Cancer-Virgo Couple

  1. Make a consistent effort to do things together as a couple and not just as part of a group. The children will grow up and friends change. The two of you need to stand by each other. Develop unique interests that you can do together.
  2. Cancer, don't push your Virgo hard when you are upset. They take your word seriously, but if you push too hard on it could push them further away and make you feel more isolated, which will trouble you. Virgo should be careful not to isolate Cancer, who needs companionship.
  3. Virgo needs to set reminders to be present in the relationship. Virgo gets distracted by all the projects they are trying to conquer and can—often by accident—take their partner for granted. Virgo should try to see their relationship as a project to invest time in. Schedule dates, put things on calendars, write down great gift ideas. You can organize the chaos, Virgo. It's okay.
  4. Cancer should not use Virgo as a therapist. Cancer has a great deal of moods and should look for therapeutic ways to understand themselves. Try expressing yourself through the arts or getting a real counselor. Virgo couldn't possibly understand all that's going through your mind, and it would actually stress you out if Virgo tried to understand everything about you. Virgo means well, but they're just not emotional enough to understand. They show love through acts of service.
  5. Take interest in some of your partner's interests. You do not have to become a fan of their things, but it will mean a lot if you listen to their music, check out their hobbies, try something they would like to do for a Saturday afternoon, and get involved in their inner world, etc. Cancer might like to talk to you about the inner world of Gothic castles from the 13th century, while Virgo is into the latest trends in engineering. What both of you need is a good listener, or at least someone to make dinner while you talk to them about your crazy interests.
  6. Don't let the other person feel lonely! Neither of these signs like loneliness. Summer is meant to be vibrant, and it's all about creating that feeling of connection. Virgo can be independent, but they don't want to feel like they have no connection to the world. Cancer can feel really lonely if they have no social sphere or new gossip to share.
  7. If you need someone to plan something, let Virgo do it. If you need someone to take charge of a spontaneous moment, let Cancer do it.
  8. Keep track of your finances—it will make you both happier. Be resourceful. You both spend money conservatively, but you should double down on that. You'll both be happy to contribute to the well-being of the planet. Recycle, reuse, and consider your carbon footprint.
  9. Virgo needs to work toward not beating himself up or holding a grudge.
  10. Cancer will do well to stick by a schedule. Regular sleep will help regulate their moods.
  11. Be slow to anger and quick to love.

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