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The Tough Reality of Being Rejected By an INFJ

Bella is a Psychology & Human Behaviour enthusiast. She is a freelance writer and an author. She is an introvert and empath.

The Tough Reality Of Being Rejected By An INFJ

People who identify as INFJs are known for their empathetic and gentle souls. They have a way of making people fall head over heels in love with them because of how loving and understanding they are. It's also worth noting that they have an innate ability to read people and figure out what they're thinking. Because they're so kind, they'll often go out of their way to help others, even if it doesn't seem like it will make much of a difference. For that reason, the one that got away, and many others are still reflecting on the impact that INFJ personalities have had on their life. They had a particularly tough time coping with and moving on after being rejected by an INFJ. Why is this the case?

They Hold Strong Emotional Bonds

When it comes to intimate relationships, INFJ types value depth. When they like someone, they make sure the connection is genuine and profound, because they prefer to be with their soul mates rather than with someone with whom they have a mediocre relationship. They're after everything. The unquenchable need, the unquenchable flame, the intensity, and the deepest connection they could ever have with someone. So, if they're with someone, that person has most certainly shared a level of intimacy with them that no one else has, and that qualifies an INFJ to be the most accounted. Which is easier to accept: being rejected by someone with whom you know you just have a lot of potential or someone with whom you have a special bond?

They Provide Unparalleled Support

The reality of letting go of an INFJ is that you are letting go of one of your life's most important supports, which is a difficult reality to face. The huge support that INFJ types provide to their partners' ideas, desires, and goals is an eloquent demonstration of their affection for each other. In order to assure them that they have their backs at all times, they will go to great lengths to impress them. The way they encourage one another is unparalleled. Being accompanied by an INFJ will give you the confidence that you can handle anything and that everything will be OK. To become acclimated to the fact that you may not always be able to locate someone who is willing to fight a war just for the sake of watching and forcing you to win would take some getting used to. How hard do you think it would be to let go of someone you really care about? In other words, how can you let go of someone who has your back on everything?

INFJs Feel Like Home

In addition to their unique personality traits, INFJs are known for their charm. Using it strategically has the potential to captivate even the most skeptical of people. That's what anyone would say, meeting INFJs doesn't feel like the first time. Their ability to instantly and effortlessly connect with others is one of their most endearing qualities. They can be calculating and mysterious at times, but their hearts are always open and full of generosity and love. They radiate with the radiance of a twin flame or soul partner. It would be so easy to have a strong bond with them. Just meeting an INFJ would make them feel like they've known them their entire life. INFJs would appreciate spending time with them and learning about their interests. INFJs can be hard to let go of, and this is especially true for those who are INFJs. For some, losing a partner or friend isn't just the loss of a pal; it's the loss of someone who actually understands and connects with them.

They Make You Feel Good

Some people say "one might forget what has been spoken, but one can never forget how one has made them feel." And with that, it would be genuinely unforgettable how an INFJ type has made individuals feel. Those with whom they have formed an extraordinary bond. INFJ personalities have helped them feel needed, heard, supported, inspired, desired, loved, desirable, great, and a variety of other emotions. Even meeting an INFJ for a few minutes and having a terrific conversation with them has left many people with vivid memories of what they experienced. Which do you think you will remember more about someone: how they made you feel or what they have contributed to your life?

They Are Always Aware of Your Needs

INFJs aren't saints, but they do have the air of being able to comprehend and empathize with your situation, no matter how different it is from their own. They're the type of people with whom you can speak up about practically everything about yourself that you find tough to accept and are afraid others won't understand. They appear to be able to quickly put themselves in your shoes and perceive things from your point of view. And it seems so remarkable to have that kind of connection with someone who rarely passes judgment and instead empathizes. Just a few people that listen intently and without malice. It's such a loss to be cutting ties with.

INFJs Have Contrasting Personalities

The duality, contradiction, and ability to be completely diversified are what distinguish an INFJ personality from the rest of the pack. It's part of their character's mystique; like the moon in the sky, you never get to witness all of its phases at once. When in love, INFJs make sure the other person feels their feelings as strongly as they do, but they will never be clingy. They enjoy conversing with and learning about those people around them. They can be peaceful people, but they can also be harsh and unforgiving. This contrast only proves that they have a certain balance to who they are as a person, much like a perfect blend of coffee. People would constantly miss them.

Honesty Is Their Policy

The openness of an INFJ is what attracts people to them. It's unique in every way. As soon as an INFJ feels at ease with a person, they will be brutally honest about their dissatisfaction with the environment around them. They would be open and honest about their thoughts and feelings on a wide range of topics, from philosophy to comedy. Even just the raw facts from INFJ would make someone feel chosen and trusted. Listening to an INFJ's ideas out loud would cause them to think on the world and their own life, since they often get to talk about how they feel. The level of honesty displayed by INFJs is unmatched by any other personality type. Whenever someone asked for their opinion, they would undoubtedly provide their observations. Remember that INFJs are extremely detail-oriented and rarely forget anything they've learned. People would make the proper decisions in life because of their honesty. They are the best counselors and the hardest to let go of because of this.

You Find Comfort in Being Vulnerable With Them

The INFJ personality type may find it difficult to communicate with others. They would sometimes take a step back from persons with whom they didn't get along well. They can be picky about who they spend their time with, but once you get to know an INFJ, you'll be shocked at how laid back, easy-going, and open they are to new experiences. There is little difficulty in finding common ground with practically everybody they talk to. Their communication skills are exceptional, and they are genuinely charming. When you're talking to an INFJ, no one will claim that they aren't having fun. They simply emit a stone that allows you to be yourself and express your deepest feelings without fear of being judged by others. As a result, they are most likely one of the things that people remember about them.

They Have One-of-A-Kind Personalities

INFJ personalities are not one-of-a-kind just because they are uncommon. And to say that they are exceptional is an understatement of who they truly are. They are, without a doubt, exceptional, but what makes them extraordinary is their ability to reflect that greatness on those they care about. They make certain that the person accompanying them feels special as well. They fall in love deeply and fight tooth and nail to keep their relationships intact. They give so generously that it seems like they will never run out. They love too much and trust too much, as if they have never been betrayed, and they give endless opportunities as if they have never been hurt. This isn't true for everyone, but it's more than likely what will happen most of the time.

INFJ Types Are Excellent Romantic Partners

There is little doubt that INFJ personalities make excellent romantic partners. They're caring, supportive, loyal, and dedicated partners who are always there for the ones they care about. In almost all cases, they would put their partner's happiness ahead of their own and would always consider their partner's feelings and points of view when making a decision. They would do everything in their power to ensure that they were doing the right thing in their relationships and would always be mindful of their actions so that they did not endanger their commitment to that person. It may sound like INFJ types are the ideal partners to be with, and yes, they are, and anyone who loses them would be heartbroken

It's hard to put into words, but rejection - no matter how benign - can sting. If you're rejected by an INFJ, it's important that you give yourself time to process the situation.

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