The Sexy Taurus Man

Updated on April 11, 2017
David Beckham ~ May 2, 1975
David Beckham ~ May 2, 1975

Taurus Man: April 20 — May 20

When you first meet a Taurus Man, you immediately realize you're standing in the presence of someone very special. The steadfast calm nature that you see before you is only a prelude to a man full of passion and romance. There is no one quite as methodical or careful when choosing his soul mate, but once his queen has been decided, she will not only be held forever in his heart, but entwined into his soul. Extremely loyal and faithful the Taurus Man, puts others to shame in his undying devotion to the woman by his side.

Sentimental Taurus Men are the rule. Images of the first time he laid eyes on you will be a favorite replaying memory. He will remember the way you smiled, the color of your lips and the perfume that you wore. The Taurus Man will write you carefully written love letters and attempt to learn every love song that's made it's lasting impression on you. Beautiful poems will be recited in your presence. To be wined and dined will have a whole new meaning when a Taurus Man has set his sights on you. Extravagant restaurants, hidden out-of-the-way bistros, and seductively lit piano bars are what you will intimately experience. Holidays will be filled with elaborate gifts chosen with the utmost care.

The Taurus Man loves a woman who is exquisitely feminine, a woman who can sip her tea, pinky in air, and cross her gorgeous legs ever so gracefully. The Taurus Man becomes mesmerized when a woman can seductively look into his eyes with equal intensity. A woman who can allow him to be the center of a party while proudly standing by his side will markedly engrave you into his soul. Placing your hand on his shoulder at the most opportune moments will make him cherish you all the more.

However, at times, the Taurus Man will adore you so much, that the bull in him will sometimes make an unwelcome appearance. Jealousy has a habit of invading this poor man's soul from time to time. You hold such cosmic influence on his ultimate happiness, that it is impossible for him to overlook another man's admiring glances. He may either sulk when you get home, or worse, explode in a frightening rage. Neither will allow him to recover quickly or fully, so be forewarned. It will be your daunting task to soothe his insecurity and ease his tempered worry. Once peace has been recovered, though, you'll have your sweet Taurus back and more passionate than ever before.

For you see, the Taurus Man, has literally built his world around you. It takes a woman of equal grandeur and a decisively enlightened spirit to appreciate such a warm soul. The Taurus Man doesn't just dream about his future with you, he painstakingly plans for it. He will carefully place his earnings in investments sure to bring you the security needed to build your future on. The Taurus Man will count his pennies in order to assure you always have the good things in life, and good things will be plenty. Your home will be a most loving haven, full of amazing trinkets and treasures.

To love a Taurus Man will be deliciously gratifying and divinely inspirational. A silver-screen Casanova on the one hand and a most fulfilling best friend on the other. Hopes and dreams will be easily shared under the glistening stars. Fate will never seem so glorious. His hand over yours will send tingles down your spine whether it be your first meeting or across the table on your golden anniversary. If you treasure this man half as much as he treasures you, you'll be on your way to earthly ecstasy.


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    • profile image


      21 months ago

      This is complete accurate.

      Verified. Taurus bull

    • profile image

      Happy Camper 

      21 months ago

      My Taurus is a protective, loving, sexy, handsome, forgiving, amazing man. We were apart for 12 years because I moved away.

      In 2017, I moved back to the state I met him at and we are back together. Sometimes I feel like he is just too good for me. I pray he loves me as much as I love him. He was So worth the wait and I love him more now. He's a Wonderful man with high standards. Very loving and so easy to talk to when He's not working. (lol)

    • profile image

      Taurus in Love 

      21 months ago

      So Very True. The Taurus man I'm in Love with is the protective, loving, sexy, most handsome man I have EVER met. I pray he loves me as much as I love him.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      You are a doll for writing this. I hope I experience this with my taurus

    • profile image

      Bill the Bull 

      8 years ago

      Excellent,superb and perfectly written.Probably one of the best articles on the Taurus man I have ever read on the web.And it's 100% accurate.The sexy Taurus man,what more can I say?Thanks a lot


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