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The Romance Between a Taurus and Virgo

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Taurus and Virgo combine their sense of practicality to make them an unstoppable force.

Taurus and Virgo combine their sense of practicality to make them an unstoppable force.

Why Are Taurus and Virgo Attracted to Each Other?

Taurus and Virgo have a lot in common. This is both going to be a strength and weakness in this relationship.

What Taurus and Virgo Have in Common

Taurus and Virgo are both care-taking signs. Taurus is the center of spring and is connected to the 2nd House. Being a fixed sign, it is stubborn. Taurus likes to take control of the relationship's direction. Taurus wants to provide and take care of finances, and Taurus likes to have all the normal, traditional functions in order. Virgo, on the other hand, is highly ambitious and highly cerebral. It is the 6th sign and the end of summer. This sign also wants all physical manifestations to be in good order. They care a lot about good maintenance, doing acts of service, and keeping a clean setting. Taurus also cares about the cleanliness of their home, but Taurus is also insanely earthy. They want to be outside and take care of the garden, they'll exercise outside, and they may have a softer side for poetry or creativity. They like creative things that focus on the five senses—I would say more literal works of art rather than ones that are too abstract, mostly because they are tuned into the five senses.

These two will enjoy that they have similar habits in the household. They'll try to keep things clean while also really taking care of what they do have. This is admirable of both of them. They respect the planet usually. They both are sensual. Virgo can be more anxious because they want to care of everything. They are perfectionists. Other signs are more of completionists; this means making sure you have covered all corners of a given task. Perfectionists will get stuck on the details, really hanging on them and maintaining those details to a high degree. But this can distract them from fully reaching completion. I consider Aquarius a completionist because they really have a strong focus on balance. They won't let details distract them because they are more of global thinkers.

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Earth sign



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Senses, physical body

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Manager minded

Understanding the Energy of Both Taurus and Virgo

They're Both Earth Signs

The problem when two people come together with the same sign is they likely cover the same ground. You double up on tasks that you both like, and then there are other factors of the relationship that fall to the wayside. Being both yin signs here, more reflective than acting before thinking—they may struggle to get started on new projects. They need the will power of the fire signs, and the intelligence and calmness of wind signs. It may be easier for earth signs to borrow from other yin sings, this means the water signs and Capricorn. They can take on some of the water signs' affections, but they are not as natural at being emotionally forward, gushy, and even romantic.

They Show Love Through Acts of Service

Earth signs tend to show their hearts by their acts of service. A lot of people don't communicate in this language. If we were to talk about the love languages, usually people understand relationships through: touch, compliments, giving gifts, spending time together, or acts of service. Earth signs can wear themselves out by doing services for others and not being rewarded as much as they should.

What is an act of service? This would be taking out the trash, cleaning the dishes, or cleaning the bathroom. Especially without being told. A more impressive act of service would be fixing your car, remodeling the whole kitchen, and putting together complicated furniture.

They Try to Carry the Whole World

Sometimes earth signs try to carry too much—they try to carry the whole world. Capricorn is more relaxed in this. Since it is a later sign, it has some wisdom that allows it to survive hibernation. Taurus and Virgo energy is more anxious. Virgo energy is very anxious due to being so cerebral. Virgo is at an odd time of the year. It is at the end of summer, so it deals with this existential crisis about wanting to authentically make sure it has the resources it needs to survive fall and winter. Taurus thinks more in spring, and only in spring. It sees the joy of life at its full bloom. This can make Taurus unaware of the rest of the year since Taurus is so present-minded. Taurus, in my opinion, isn't as reflective as other yin signs. Fixed signs can be confusing when it comes to this. I consider Aquarius to have a lot of yin, and Scorpio to have a lot of yang. I know a lot of Taurus people who won't consider their past and how it impacts them, and won't consider their future either. They just go. They run, they take care of the garden, and they want to be more impressive than the first child of the zodiac, Aries.

It feels a lot of burden being the second child of the zodiac, and wants the appreciation of the master of manifestation. Taurus wants you to notice it and glorify it. It is afraid on a subconscious level that Aries takes its thunder. Aries is an impressive part of spring. You get more mixture of weather patterns, usually in Aries due to its creative energy. This includes a mixture of hot and cold, snow or rain, hail, lightning, thunder, sleet, strong winds, tornadoes, and cyclones. This energy sets the stage for the year. After Aries moves away, we see the immediate effects of it in Taurus. We see the blooms of the flowers, the green of the grass, the pollen. And what is left behind from storm damage. Taurus to make itself known a different from Aries strives to take care of all the energy that happened previously and manage it. Aries as a leader, creates and opens a ton of doors, but it usually doesn't handle what all it opens. It's like a Pandora's Box opens at that time of year, and then Taurus like Adam from the Bible goes through and manages the garden.

Taurus is incredibly competitive. They are sharp thinkers and can be very sweet, nurturing, and great at understanding the world around them. And they need people around them that really believe in them. This can greatly impact their confidence. A Taurus with a great support system, will be the kinder sort. A Taurus with a weak support system, can go deeply into their self and feel they are a one person party.

Making Sacrifices

Virgo can be a martyr. They will give all their resources to do everything for their partner. Taurus needs to be aware of this. Taurus needs to sacrifice as well. Being the 2nd sign of the zodiac, Taurus might need encouragement to apply this lesson to their actions. Taurus can be flattered by being pampered and then forget to in return shower their partner. Don't let Virgo do everything; show that you can be a strong worker as well. Both of you need to go into the world to also enjoys the pleasures of it. You will wear your energy out if you are constantly working. The two of you could also get distracted by working too much on your careers rather than the relationship. The relationship benefits you and your energy. The two of you are likely to nag at each other to watch your habits, how much you sleep, how much you eat, the people you hang out with, so on and so forth.

Virgo can really latch onto people and really show them where they are falling short. This can be hard for some signs, but Taurus can take this with the right application. Remember, stubborn signs are also sensitive. Taurus when sensitive and upset will charge at you as the bull, and corner you. And this ability makes them a powerful almost unbeatable fighter. Taurus means well, but their temper can get the best of them. Virgo's temper comes out as latching onto imperfections and really breaking them down. Each sign has a spiritual temper power that needs to be looked into to figure out whether a partner can be compatible with it. For instance, Scorpio will sting you deeply in the psyche and go cold, hiding somewhere. Aquarius will keep its emotions private, till one day they explode like the Phoenix from X-Men.

Taurus and Virgo connect well because of their sensibilities. They're both earth signs.

Taurus and Virgo connect well because of their sensibilities. They're both earth signs.

Dealing With High Expectations

Both of these signs are practical. Virgo has super high expectations. They can have a lot of idealism they need to buffer. They want to have a lot of devotion to you, and can have a lot of letdowns. They want to love fiercely, and they want you to love them fiercely back. They request that you self-sacrifice for them. They want you to be consistent. They don't like flakes. They want you to be a better person. Virgo has a tendency to become parental with their partner. Try not to let them do that. Taurus needs to give Virgo comfort. Taurus needs to ease Virgo's anxieties. Taurus can sometimes neglect these needs since it is one of the early signs, which tend to be more forward and blunt. They lack the later grace developed in the latter half of the signs. Pisces knows grace, but can also fall into utter oblivion when blue.

Let Virgo know your devotion is there for them. The two of you will do well to go camping, live in the world, play in the world, budget your finances together, and defer to each other when possible. Long term this will be a harmonious interaction.

Tips for the Relationship

  1. Take Virgo seriously when they are anxious. Help them unpack their thoughts, and what you can do to better their situation(s).
  2. Evaluate what you are doing long term, and where your foundation in your relationship has cracks. Don't just think about the immediate present.
  3. Don't get too distracted by only managing your resources. Go out and play, spend time focusing on how you feel about each other, and find time to be spontaneous.
  4. You both are happy when things are clean, when things have purpose, when you have your resources in order. Both are sensitive by disorder and chaos.
  5. Taurus needs to pace their temper. Don't just strike for the sake of it. Take a breather. Give yourself some time to manage your thoughts before you speak out of turn.
  6. Do spend time outside. Both of you enjoy this.
  7. Give Virgo lots of reassurance.
  8. Give Taurus space. They do like to be independent.
  9. Don't let worries distract you.
  10. Seek help if the both of you can't see what is a problem in your relationship. Since you are both earth signs, you do have overlap. Therefore, there are some skills and blind spots that you do have that someone else professionally can help you work through.
Taurus and Virgo love to stay in and be comfortable.

Taurus and Virgo love to stay in and be comfortable.

Final Thoughts: Watch out

These signs do well to follow traditions. They tend to be more conservative. Taurus can be more brute and unrefined. Virgo likes categories, ideas, and exploration. Sometimes Taurus can be too focused on efficiency. The two are not as passionate of fighters as two fire signs would be—but they are going to nitpick and nag. Sometimes for the better, sometimes to your annoyance.

Questions & Answers

Question: Way up in the Taurus section, you wrote, "Taurus... isn't as reflective as other yin signs." I do not know what it means to be reflective or what it means to be a yin sign. Could you explain this to a Virgo (me)?

Answer: There are 12 signs and you can break those up into different multiples of 12.

2x6 = yin or yang

3x4 = cardinal, malleable, or fixed

4x3 = water, earth, wind, or fire.

Yin signs are considered feminine. Those are earth and water signs. Yang signs are fire and air signs. Yin signs tend to think, mull, and be introspective. They are managers of resources. Yang signs tend to act, create, and be direct. Yang signs are natural born leaders, but they don't always take care of resources well because they are always looking ahead to the next adventure.

Taurus, as a yin sign, is also a naturally masculine sign. This particular sign has a lot of sexual energy making it arrogant at times, even domineering. Taurus likely has some yang qualities from being born after Aries who is a powerhouse of action. But Taurus wanted to be its own kind separate from Aries; therefore, it considers and gardens what is around it. Taurus may feel like an oddball compared to its earth counterparts and the water signs.

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