The INTP Personality: INTP Careers, Relationships, and Life

Updated on February 14, 2018

INTP means introverted, intuitive, thinking, and perceptive. These are the dreamers of the 16 personality types. The INTP personality believes that everything can be improved upon and have minds that are often filled with the theoretical possibilities. This personality type values logic and clarity with an uncanny ability to analyze difficult situations, find patterns, and apply logic to just about anything.

The mind of the INTP personality is the most logical and precise of all the personality types. They value the accumulation of knowledge above all else. They may at times appear “dreamy” but this does not signify a moment at rest. Instead the INTP mind is almost constantly working.

Typically, the INTP personality is very intelligent and insightful. They love new ideas and relish the opportunity to discuss these with other people. The INTP approaches problems with enthusiasm and skepticism. They can sometimes appear detached but this is largely due to the constant thinking process as INTPs are known to carry on full-fledged debates in their own heads.

When it comes to meeting other people, the INTP personality can be very shy. However, they can also be quite friendly and confident when interacting with people they know well. As long as their beliefs and logic are not being questioned, the INTP is flexible and tolerant of others. If they become defensive, however, the INTP will argue tirelessly.

INTP Careers

Routine work is not appealing to the INTP personality. Instead, they prefer to tackle difficult theoretical issues. They will devote a considerable amount of time and energy to finding the best answers to the most difficult of questions. People with this personality type may find it hard to explain many of their thoughts to others. This can make working with and INTP very difficult at times. In fact, this particular personality type just may abandon a project once they figure it out even if their colleagues have not yet done so.

The love of theoretical ideas and methods is prominent in any ideal INTP career. In addition, INTPs tend to be independent, hold themselves to very high standards and typically dislike being managed by others. The INTP dislikes small talk, chitchat, and other related social necessities. They are, therefore, not well suited for careers that involve customer service or relations. Some ideal INTP careers include:

  • Scientists
  • Mathematicians
  • Technical Writers
  • System Analysts
  • Corporate Strategists
  • Business Analysts
  • Video Game Designers
  • Programmers
  • Engineers
  • Lawyers
  • Journalists
  • Data Analysts

INTP Relationships

Romantic relationships can pose a challenge for the INTP personality. Despite this, however, this particular personality type takes romantic relationships very seriously. The biggest issue INTPs face in relationships is that they are just not naturally sensitive and emotional people. This makes understanding the feeling of others and expressing their own somewhat difficult. They do not lack passion or romantic feelings, however.

INTPs are well known for sticking to their commitments. They are fairly easy to live with, placing few demands on their partners. They do, however, strongly dislike emotionally charged situations and are prone to avoid or ignore emotional conflicts in a relationship. If there is no escaping the conflict, the INTP will use their considerable analytical skills to find a solution. This is often quite a different approach than what the INTPs partner is expecting and can create difficulty in the relationship.

Despite these weaknesses, the INTP personality can be a very faithful and loyal partner. They are generally honest with a straightforward approach that many other personality types appreciate. As INTP relationships mature, their long term partners find their love to be true and unyielding.

INTPs approach intimacy with enthusiasm. As with everything, they utilize their rich imaginations to excel as much as possible in intimate situations. They do, unfortunately, have a tendency to overlook their partner’s emotional needs as they tend to believe that commitment and dedication is sufficient in the relationship. The preferred partners for this personality type are the ENTJ (extroverted, intuitive, thinking, judging) and ENFJ (extroverted, intuitive, feeling, judging).

INTP Strengths
INTP Weaknesses
Simple needs
Approaches conflicts by ignoring or unleashing uncontrolabe anger
Relaxed and easy approach to life
Difficulties in leaving failed relationships
Imaginative and creative
Uncomfortable with expressing feelings and emotions
Unusually strong love and affection for those close to them
Views others with suspicion and caution
Huge enthisiams with things that interest them
Relatively poor practical skills, inlcuding money management

Famous INTP Personalities

Based on analysis of their life and work, the following have been identified as famous INTP personalities:

  • Socrates, philosopher
  • Isaac Newton, physicist
  • Albert Einstein, physicist
  • James Madison, former US President
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower, former US President
  • Tiger Woods, professional golfer

Some famous INTP fictional personalities include:

  • Snoopy, Peanuts
  • Seven of Nine, Star Trek: The Next Generation
  • Linus, Peanuts
  • Peter Parker, Spiderman
  • Brian Griffin, Family Guy
  • Data, Star Trek: The Next Generation
  • The Doctor, Doctor Who


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    • Deborah Demander profile image

      Deborah Demander Reno 

      2 years ago from First Wyoming, then THE WORLD

      Your table describes my husband to a T. This is a great article. Very informative. Thanks for writing.



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