The ESFP Profile Personality Traits and Life Trends

Updated on February 14, 2018

ESFP stands for extroverted, sensing, feeling, and perception. They are known as the performers of the 16 personality types, and are often referred to as “party people.” These personalities love company, entertainment, and the simple things of life. They are spontaneous and impulsive and enjoy entertaining those around them. This makes the ESFP personality highly attractive to other people. Social gatherings are a valuable source of inspiration and energy for this personality type.

The ESFP personality is highly attracted to new ideas, new technical toys, and new styles. This personality loves to talk about almost anything, but they especially enjoy topics that affect others. These personalities tend to make the best storytellers, providing contagious excitement and unique wit. They enjoy being the center of attention and are very focused on the here and now. The pleasures and dramas of life offer them a world of opportunity to perform. They are extremely talented at motivating others and enjoy these opportunities immensely.

With their strong interpersonal skills, it is not unusual for ESFPs to take the role of peacemaker. They typically make decisions based on their personal values and can be quite caring when it comes to the welfare of others. They are likely to notice and respond to a person in distress.

ESFP Weaknesses

The ESFP personality may have difficulty with long-term planning and thinking. They are prone to ignore the long-term consequences of their actions. They can provide practical assistance but they do not make the best advisors. They quite often lack rationality and can be forgetful at times. ESFPs enjoy quick satisfaction and, therefore, may not find pleasure in their duties and obligations. Repetitive and highly structured tasks can be especially difficult for this personality type.

Preferring to “drift” through life, the ESFP often believe they can escape any circumstance unscathed. Rather than relying on analysis, the experiences of others, or academic knowledge, the ESFP prefers to experience things for themselves. Because of these characteristics, the ESFP personality may have a difficult academic life.

In addition, the ESFP personality can be highly materialistic and find that what other people think about them to be important. Some ESFPs find that this trait in particular can affect their relationships because many of the other personality types view these things very differently.

ESFP Strengths
ESFP Weaknesses
Bad money management skills
Witty, honest and popular
Squeezes everything out of every moment
Difficulties with long term relationships
Hostile to criticism
Flexible and versatile
Often inattentive to their own needs
Good natured
Tendency to ignore or abuse their own health

ESFP Careers

Though they are “party people,” the ESFP personality quite often consists of individuals who are also resourceful and independent in their way of thinking. This aids them greatly when it comes to climbing the career ladder. Their desire for excitement and novelty quite often play an important role in their career choices. They make excellent entertainers, event planners, and the like. Their genuine interest in people and desire to make people happy translates very well into careers such as social worker, personal coach, and counselors.

In general, the ESFP needs contact with other people, new challenges, and a sense of appreciation by others. They are not apt to enjoy strict schedules and the monotonous grind of some careers.

ESFP Famous People
Bill Clinton
Ronald Reagan
Homer Simpson
Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor
Bob Hope
Steven Irwin

ESFP Relationships

The ESFP personality prefers partnership with ISFJs and ISTJs. ESFPs tend to enjoy the dating process as well as love itself. They are highly focused on the moment, however, and prefer to deal with things day to day. They can feel uncomfortable when it becomes necessary to consider things in advance. They may be highly committed to their partners in the short term, but often find long term thinking too difficult even when it comes to their relationships.

This fact is probably the biggest issues ESFPs find in their romantic lives as it can raise concerns regarding the level of commitment they truly have to their partners. Many ESFPs have overcome these difficulties and have been successful at creating long lasting relationships. Others, however, jump from relationship to relationship. ESFPs enjoy intimacy and can be very sensual. They use all five senses whenever possible and are likely to be an affectionate and generous partner.

Deeply offended by criticism, the ESFP often feels personally attacked during conflicts. They may respond to conflict with anger, using harsh words that they may later regret. The strength and stability of a relationship often hinges on the ESFPs ability to listen to their partner without feeling offended when conflicts arise.


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