Signs an Aries Likes You

Updated on August 3, 2017
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Signs an Aries Likes You

It's not the hardest thing to tell whether an Aries likes you. The first sign of the zodiac wants to make things happen. Not just in relationships, but in everything. It won't shy away from business that needs to get done, and that includes its feelings. They are the sign of manifestation. They are bold to ask you out, they are bold to call you pretty, and they are bold to make a move.

You can expect an Aries to break the ice and ask for your number. Aries goes after what it wants. It takes life by the horns and does what it needs to do. So if you are wondering if an Aries likes you, I hope to clear that up by the end of this hub.

Aries is a fire sign. The first house of the zodiac; it has the energetic vibe of a first born child. An Aries is ambitious, intellectual, and fast moving. Aries will start a number of projects in their life time, and often leave them in someone else's hands. It is constantly thinking up new ideas, but isn't always willing to focus solely on one project, or person. Aries prides itself on its ability to make a cold room bustling with energy -- and then leaving. Aries starts the spring season after the dead of winter. It is like an apostle or missionary who comes into a town, brings in the good news, inspires the people -- and then moves on to the next place. Other people come into nurture the place and organize the resources. With Aries comes storms, bolts of lightning, wind, and flowers. You can expect a variety to Aries, a hot-temper, passionate in bed, daring, and also loving. Aries wants life to be spicy, sultry, and ultimately alive! Aries doesn't want to just be in a classroom bored out of its mind. Things that are too regular for an Aries are quite contrite. The more unusual signs often attract an Aries because it likes that kind of flare. Aquarius is constantly rethinking and rebellious, yet not as forward so this gives Aries plenty of space to be its own person against the rebel of the zodiac.

Aries job is to bring about new life, that is why its the first sign. It gets the momentum running for the rest of the year, and every Aries enjoys this highly important job. Without Aries, we would end at a curled up peaceful Pisces who no longer wants to fight the battle. Pisces is the end of winter, bleak, hopeful, and soft hearted. Pisces is the martyr; Aries is the apostle.

The Aries Flirty Checklist

So how can you tell if they are interested in your or if you are just blowing smoke in the water? Aries has an advantage over most signs. They are direct. They don't feel like they're putting their heart on the line, they feel like they are living when they go after what they want. They wouldn't be concentrating so much energy on you if they were not interested.

  1. You find them showing up at all your regular spots, likely to run into you. You may catch them near your locker, hanging out at your gym, suddenly going to your church, or getting the same coffee as you.
  2. Will flat out ask for your company, will ask you out on a date. They'll already have a plan of where they want to go, or at least a rough idea. They've locked onto a date idea that they're pretty sure will be successful. Whether dinner and a movie, or something more adventurous -- like a hot air balloon ride.
  3. Sends you lots of selfies of them looking perfect and alluring. Aries wants to show off somewhat, they'll want to show you their accomplishments. They want you to see their face, because -- who wouldn't want to see their face?
  4. Asks you to be their dance partner.
  5. Sends you texts throughout the day. They're thinking of you, so why not just talk to you?
  6. Breaks the touch barrier one way or another. Aries won't leave you hanging. If they like you, they touch you.
  7. Takes you on a spontaneous journey. Spontaneous fire energy is part of their craft. They'll take you on for a magical ride all of their own creation, whether it's terrible, great, or something between.
  8. Calls you, makes an effort more than the norm. It won't always feel routine, but it will feel consistent.
  9. Takes you on creative dates, quick-thinking, lots of questions to get to know you. They can get too excited and rush things. You may have to tell them to slow down through dating if things are going too fast.
  10. Likes to inspire you, looks out for you. Considers you in their plans.
  11. Consistent with you. CONSISTENCY IS KING.
  12. Talks about exactly what they have in mind with you and their future. If they have a vision, then you are in good shape. Make sure they have vision and are not just leading you on.
  13. Is interested in what you have to say, wants to know what you do in your free time. They want to find similar interests.
  14. Aries is a passionate sign, they'll make a move on you one way or another. Maybe miss you spontaneously.
  15. Looks for ways the two of you can come together, whether for a quick bite to eat, or some random retreat to the park.
  16. Flirts fairly openly and aggressively. They really want people to know when they are interested. They hope for a quick response back. They will flirt publicly and not just privately.
  17. Aries prides itself on being sexual. They want to feel like they have magnetic energy and can bring out someone else's flirty side. They like being a spectacle.
  18. Aries will charm their way into your heart. Send a billion balloons, come over with a dozen red roses, or find the best wine. They want to impress. They also like aesthetics and good showmanship.
  19. Attention with very noticeable focus. Aries likes to move about constantly in this world, so if they stop and fixate on something, that's a sign they like it. It's really captured their attention.
  20. Fire signs want to add warmth to a relationship, positive energy, seek for showy relations. They desire a strong love, and want to keep the romantic fire going. They also tend to like trophy spouses and not doormats.
  21. Aries can be headstrong. They are known for having a lot of mental energy, and are symbolized with the ram with horns on their head. They may argue, quarrel, and put up a fight both to get your attention and because they enjoy a little bit of action.
  22. They'll be interested in getting to know the people who are important to you, both your friends and family.
  23. Showing you off for the sake of showing you off. Asking to dress fancy with you. They'll try to impress you one way or another. They're not afraid to make a display of themselves, especially for someone they like.
  24. They get very excited to talk to you. You can see them smiling and they'll engage in a long conversation.
  25. They'll spend money on you. Buy you gifts or buy you meals.
  26. Direct. Will likely just flat out grab your hand.
  27. You shouldn't feel hesitation. This is someone who is very forward. They live on making things happen, not hiding or festering feelings.
  28. Has several inside jokes with you.
  29. Asks you what is their type to figure out if they are your type.
  30. Gets the ball rolling, because they're interested.

Aries Cheat Sheet

1st House
The Ram
Beginning of Spring
Body part
The Mind
Fire Sign
Cardinal Sign
Ruling planet
Free will / Manifestation
1st Child of the Zodiac
Energetic, foreceful, outgoing
Watch out
Hot tempered

Aries: Understanding the Beginning of Spring

Consider the first of spring, and you'll understand the Aries. After months of cold weather, hibernation, and a sense of drought (or even dehydration), Aries kicks off the old skin and brings out a time of celebration. Aries is the time people generally head to spring break -- college students lose their minds by going to the beach and trying to get involved into way too many things from drunkenness, experimentation, nudity, and just an all out existential nightmare for many. But Aries is about that forward, explorative energy -- and at its worst it can be immature. Aries is also about building the first blooms of the season to carry into the rest of the year. The leaves grow back, the grass turns green, the days lengthen, and their is hope in the air -- also, a lot of pollen and allergies. Aries can be a mixed bag, you may go from having nice temperate weather, to a snowy, cold turn the-heater-back-on kind of day... to feeling like their is so much sunshine outside that you can forgo your clothes. It's the warmth of Aries that jump starts everything in the year and shakes off the cold. It's an exciting time, like someone jumping a really old car's battery --and it turning into a mustang.

Aries makes the old the new, it turns a gray day into a blue sky, and it puts two seemingly uninterested people together to fall in love. Have you ever noticed when spring hits, people start to fall in love all over again? Spring has a way of getting people to warm up to each other. Aries is like cupid, but also a war horse. Aries wants to charge into battle, it wants to conquer as much as possible in its short lifetime. This can make Aries hasty, unpredictable, and also a lot to take on for yourself. They love to start projects, and with dedication and maturity -- they will see it through. Aries does not put up with the boring, the too normal, or the too predictable. It is looking for how to get things alive again. So it'll beg for spring cleaning to declutter the house, it'll motivate you to get into a beach body, and it'll make you feel the urge to go on a vacation, ask someone out, or take on a new hobby. Aries is a time of inspiration and freewill. It doesn't do well to have cabin fever. It can have a rough time in dry spots of a relationship.

Aries Unmasked

Aries as the first born of the zodiac is eager to be independent. This sign is excited to break away from the birthing experience to become itself. The idea of retrograde, going back to the womb is a horrific idea to this very independent soul who wants to take on the world. So if you try to control or tame an Aries, this will make them run away. Some signs want to cling, to merge, and feel best when they have a partner. Aries is someone who needs to stand on their own. Aries needs someone who can argue, who can take some teasing. Aries will question you, debate you, and most of this is in good fun. Don't be afraid to make boundaries with Aries. This likely will help them respect you.

Aries doesn't want to hold onto something if it no longer has a spark. Mars rules the body, and so Aries likely will flat out flirt with you with their body, with macho attitude, or even some cockiness or inflated-confidence.

If you're a Harry Potter fan, Gryffindors are the house of fire. If you can think of the personalities of the house, it typically follows a fire sign. For instance, the Gryffindors are brave, athletic, intelligent, tender and kind, childlike love, sometimes immature, and playful. Aries is not the type you should go for if you are desperate for mind games, clinging, or the like. Remember, they are outgoing and have vitality. How they interact with people is outgoing, and they are fighters for what they love -- be careful with how you become jealous of an Aries because they could just be being social. You would have no doubts if an Aries was cheating because they'll be outright flirtatious. Aries can work on being more tender; sometimes they hide their tender feelings in passion.

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