Signs an Aquarius Likes You

Updated on August 6, 2016

Introduction to Courting an Aquarius

Aquarius is one of the more difficult signs to know if it is interested in you.

The sign requires building a friendship and having trust. The Aquarius is a highly intellectual sign, and prides itself on being balanced. It is striving to have its life in a state of harmony, and sometimes bringing in a partner doesn't automatically fit with that stack of cards. Aquarius is one of the most independent and single signs. It really sees the value in itself and how to carry its life without having to be paired. If you want to win the heart of an Aquarius, you have to put on your best game. You need to up the romance, be genuine, make them feel loved, and be stable. Aquarius needs some amount of grounding since they are such a strong wind sign. They don't want to bring in more chaos than necessary since they are already a creator of chaos, a creator of life, a creative soul from high to low.

Attracting an Aquarius can come from many different angles. They do love minds, but they are also attracted to bodies. They are looking for someone who has just as many amazing cards in their deck as they do. They want to make sure that whatever person is spending time with them, compliments them, is loyal, and has a strong connection. Aquarius is all about connection, and may be confused if you put a lot of emphasis on attraction.

Signs an Aquarius Likes You

1. You can tell an Aquarius likes you if they are spending time with you, especially consistently. An Aquarius shows that someone means more to them by the level of time they offer. Aquarius typically has an army of friends and connections, whether they are aware of this or not. When they give less time to their friends and more time to you, they might be thinking of you as a romantic interest, or best friend....

2. If Aquarius starts opening up to you about more deep parts of themselves, it means they feel comfortable around you. Aquarius adores privacy. They are emotional beings, but they hide it until they feel someone can handle it.

3. Aquarius also doesn't like being vulnerable, so if they are willing to be vulnerable and open with you, that means they are taking a liking to you.

4. When an Aquarius likes to show you all their weird interests, it is her way of saying she is interested in you too. It could be from odd movies, video games, food, stories, and YouTube videos.

5. Some Aquarians struggle to open physically, so if they are letting you kiss them, that's a big deal.

6. If he confides in you when he has problems, when he feels like he can't sort something on his own or when he wants a second opinion on something rather than just relying on his brain. That means he is trying to bring you in closer.

7. An Aquarius is mystic and likes to keep it that way. If they are allowing you to see what makes them tick, that means they are willing to let go of some of their mystery in order to be closer to you.

8. Aquarius in my opinion subtly flirts. An Aquarius will launch into a gentle attack and then grow louder and louder. Soft kisses into a louder crescendo.

9. If Aquarius is comfortable letting go of some of its calm to show less developed emotions, it means you are getting in their head. They don't like losing control of their emotions. It isn't easy.

10. When an Aquarius starts making you meals, you know they are trying to seduce you.

11. When an Aquarius is willing to sleep in your bed and cozy up to you.

12. When an Aquarius texts you consistently, daily, throughout the week.

13. If she starts talking about qualities she likes that you have.

14. When he drives or flies all the way out to see you, when it is near impossible to step away from a busy schedule.

15. An Aquarius doesn't always show its heart. If you can get an Aquarius to open up and cry, you have them in a pretty vulnerable state.

16. An Aquarius can be a powerful mix of modest and sultry. This can make it confusing, but when they are more open with showing both sides, that means they are open to you seeing them fully.

17. An Aquarius wants you to like them. They are social masters. You not liking them would drive them crazy. They know by instinct if someone likes them, so if they are allowing you to get closer, they are doing this consciously.

18. When an Aquarius shares their bed with you... and consistently... they like you.

19. When an Aquarius doesn't let go easily. When they let the hugs linger. When they kiss you for a long, long ass time.

20. When an Aquarius grabs to hold your hand.

21. It can be difficult for them to share their creative world and introduce you to new and beautiful ideas. When they can't help but share their creative projects with you first, then you are their number 1.

22. An Aquarius will take time to get to know you. You'll find that relationships with an Aquarius have a slower pace to them. This is a good thing. They are testing how loyal and trustworthy you are.

23. When an Aquarius is willing to plan dates.

24. If you get a long letter from an especially eloquent Aquarius, they are trying to connect the dots on the romance.

25. A Aquarius shows its love to you by singing you gently to sleep. If you are lucky. And they have a good voice.

What Can You do to Better Your Odds?

An Aquarius is looking for someone with a nice body and a great mind. They want someone who can be their best friend. If you want to have a chance with an Aquarius, make sure to show that you are intelligent. Try to find where are the Aquarian's strengths, and play to that. Try to have conversations where you know they have strengths. Encourage them to be themselves. Also, make sure that they are the only one you are trying to seduce. Aquarius will be offended if you are playing the field with them. It will greatly confuse them. Aquarius does struggle with jealously when it comes to romance, but unlike a Scorpio who shows their jealously on their sleeve, Aquarius hides it. Aquarius will run and hide.

If Aquarius is avoiding you a lot, this means they are trying to get rid of you. A Scorpio uses space to refresh for about a week, and sometimes that space is fatal, but for an Aquarius, they are professional hiders to get rid of you. They are the inventors of ghosting, as they should be since they are dominate wind spirits. They don't mean harm by ghosting, but they feel like it's an easy way to cut corners and get rid of the fat instead of dealing with the fat with someone they don't want to deal with period. They make come back around. They may know how to get rid of you with grace. Just depends.

An Aquarius wants to be with someone who has a great, star packed connection with them. This isn't something you can create out of thin air, but just works. They like chemistry, they like spontaneity, they like creating really strong, romantic memories. In some ways, they are really similar to Pisces, except maybe not as lovely and sweet. Aquarius can be belligerent, more fast paced, and dynamic. Pisces is incredible and a great match for Aquarians, but I think Pisces on the whole is even sweeter.

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      • profile image


        4 weeks ago

        I'm an Aquarius and I relate to this so much.

      • profile image


        2 months ago

        Hi Kal, well I'm an aqua female too ..well there are quite different uniqueness in behaviours of different aquas I was kinda bit like the same as u mentioned but as I'm a calm understanding type I could'nt say all are the same.. Soo ,I wud like to suggest u to watch HOW TO ATTRACT AQUARIOUS WOMEN youtube video from "Hannah's elsewhere" she kniws better I hope it will help you get the facts y is that u r getting a feeling of detatchment though u r not !,this video is more than just saying about attracting an aqua.. We aqua people look for the inside of a person.. Just be "genuien"!!most importanttt!! Dont be the fake ones or show off type,that wont be on our list of appreciation, just be you..! no matter what even if you feel ashamed to tell ur personal things thinking what will she think of what u have said , dont think we r like others who will just dont like it and leave it .. We r a good listeners and we respect! what u have try figuring out things which will help u come just dont be hesitant in being weird or in ur childish acts of saying no to certain things.. we would love to see yourself ,we kinda feel its silly but cute, soo just go ahead but just dont be you know too weird in impressing or something orelse we'd be getting a little minus points on you which wud probably have an excuse but to get rid of that minus thing I mean negative point of u which isnt pleasing..we feel alright ,thats what we fel inside...okay..Im just being straight to help u out alright..

        Gn bye

      • profile image


        4 months ago

        I met my aquarian on a dating site. We got very close to the point i stopped talking to others and he was talking ring. Although he was chatting with other women, when I mentioned i was chatting with another guy weeks before, he cold ghosted me...blocked me right then and there no explanation....I guess he will not be coming back.

      • profile image


        5 months ago

        Im a scorpio that is friends with an aquarius that does all of these things

      • profile image

        Person N 

        5 months ago

        I'm aquarius and I kinda relate to all of this. I've already read a few posts of your page and I like it. I saw the compatibility with Sagittarius (sign I love a lot) so congratulations and keep making this kind of informative site!

      • profile image


        6 months ago

        I am in love with aquarious girl she say ok but we are not acting like we are in the relation i am libra

      • SerenityHalo profile imageAUTHOR

        Andrea Lawrence 

        8 months ago from Chicago

        Thank you.

      • profile image


        8 months ago

        cared enough to reply

      • profile image 

        13 months ago

        No one cares if your married sir

      • profile image


        14 months ago

        I'm in love with an Aquarius man, we r both married and the feeling is mutual


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