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Signs a Virgo Likes You

Virgo is the mutable earth sign. It is the final summer sign.

Virgo is the mutable earth sign. It is the final summer sign.

Signs a Virgo Likes You

Virgo is known as the loner of the zodiac, for their extraordinarily picky ways, and their strong desire for the best of the best. Virgo takes their time before coupling up with someone. You may have to ask them out — but don’t just leap in blindly and get your heart crushed. Virgo is not someone you can trick or push into dating.

The top ways you can tell a Virgo likes you are: they do random acts of service, they consistently spend time with you, and they invite you to meet their family.

Virgo is an earth sign. They prefer tangible and concrete expressions over abstract ones. They are a mutable sign, so they’re not stubborn like Taurus (fixed) or bold like Capricorn (cardinal).

Virgos have a strong desire to work hard. They want everything to be perfect. They’re attracted to neutral colors. They want to have a neutral bias and to be seen as someone who is smart and serious.

Virgos have a tendency to like work too much — to the point that they can become depressed from their workload. They want to be successful but on their terms.

Tread lightly; Virgos are incredibly guarded, and it’s hard to really know what they desire or where they’re headed. If a Virgo you’ve known for a long time spends a lot of time with you, and they seem like they're yearning for something beyond friendship, and they’re slightly depressed, they could be crushing on you.

Virgos in a nutshell: They’re deeply philosophical, love to follow routines, and have sharp egos — they can hold a grudge for decades, projecting it onto a person who once wounded them. You can feel cursed when a Virgo has a grudge against you.

Blueprint of a Virgo

Virgo is born around August 23 to September 22. This marks the end of summer and the transition to fall.

Virgo is the transition from the first part of the zodiac cycle to the second — the latter half of the cycle includes signs that are introspective, sagacious, and slow to act. The first set of signs jump into action; the second half observes and contemplates.

Virgo is somewhere in the middle. It’s between the energy of Leo, who is all ego and has a desperate need for validation — and Libra, who likes the finer things of life, and can be somewhat flirtatious and caught up in trying to please everyone.

In some ways, Virgo doesn’t feel like it fits in with their neighbors. Virgo doesn’t like the cold, like Capricorn and Sagittarius, but they feel like they could belong with those signs. Virgo is always on the hunt to come out on top, so they will secretively and strategically try to beat their competition.

Virgo is also known as prince charming. Virgo in many ways is like Pisces, except the earth sign is harder on themselves and often isn’t interested in relationships. Pisces and Virgo do make for a great pair — Pisces is sweet and lovely, while Virgo is obsessed with manners.

Virgos love being outside. They seek solitude.

Virgos love being outside. They seek solitude.

Poll On Virgos

When Virgo Likes You

1. When a Virgo likes someone, they’ll want to take care of their resources. If they’re over at your house, they’ll fix appliances, check the lightbulbs, and maybe even mow your lawn. They want to make sure you have what you need, and they want you to know they can provide for you.

2. They take you to all their favorite places — especially ones that are not as charming, that are kind of embarrassing. A Virgo wants you to know their favorite baseball team, their favorite Mexican restaurant, their favorite barber, their favorite carpenter. The list literally goes on forever.

3. When they want you to meet their family and get along with their siblings. Virgo reserves family meetings only for the most important suitors in their life.

4. They always without exception give you special treatment. You will be treated like a king or queen. They make sure the best service you’ll ever receive is from them.

5. They’re always prepared. They have an extra umbrella on them, they remove dog hair from your clothes, they make sure your car has enough gas, and they’d give you the jacket or shirt they’re wearing.

6. Virgo will want your pets to get along with them. They may give your dog or cat a number of gifts, treats, and new pet beds.

7. This is someone who would take you to the doctor. They’ll take your pet to the veterinarian or drop off your library book — so you don’t get a fine.

8. Gifts, gifts, and more gifts. Especially homemade ones. They might do some metalwork to make you the perfect one-of-a-kind ring. Maybe they’ll make cookies for you. Maybe they’ll pull out their tools and design furniture for your apartment.

9. They piece together a genius and beautiful night just for you. Like a romantic candlelit dinner, rereading love notes from the past, or a weekend getaway to somewhere memorable.

10. Virgo will dress to impress. Virgos are often someone who wants to get their hands dirty and in the mud. If they’re willing to put on a suit and tie or dress and heels, they’re trying to impress someone.

11. This is someone who would clean your house. They want to ease your mind and lessen your burdens.

12. Virgo tries to impress you by being polished and clean. They want to be tidy, presentable, and sharp. They’re not going to do a big extravagant display like Leo.

13. A Virgo would give you a sweet kiss and hold your hand. They look for ways to do classic romantic gestures, like ones found in old Hollywood movies.

14. They might invite you to a religious event, a charitable event, or a volunteer opportunity. Virgo wants to go on big adventures to help people — and they have the skills to do it — carpentry, mechanical skills, and the like. They like people who want to help others.

15. You know a Virgo likes you when they’re trying to take care of your needs above their own. If they have a sudden interest in your comfort level, take that as a sign that they’re interested in you.

16. They especially want to impress you in the kitchen. Maybe dessert, maybe something they put together on the grill, or maybe some homemade beer. The kitchen is a great place for them to show that they care while also serving your needs.

17. Rarely do Virgos jump into a relationship without any build-up toward courtship. They take their sweet time and consider every angle before trying to romance someone.

18. Virgos are looking for the perfect match. If they keep calling you perfect, you might fit the bill for what they see as the ideal partner.

19. If they’re inviting you to sit by a campfire or fireplace and cuddle up, they're trying to flirt with you. This is a classic Virgo date: invite someone into nature, go somewhere solitary, and build a fire.

20. Virgo likes things that happen in early fall and may invite you to things related to the season. You'll get invites to football games, apple picking, beer festivals, drinking hot cocoa, and walks under autumn trees.

Virgo loves simplicity. They enjoy slow days where they can sit and relax and drink a cup of coffee.

Virgo loves simplicity. They enjoy slow days where they can sit and relax and drink a cup of coffee.

Virgo Is Stuck on Perfectionism

Virgos won’t date someone who has no respect for hard work. It would really upset them to see someone completely mess something up with no regard for the work that was put into it.

Virgo likes things clean, so if you are a slob — Virgo might not be your best choice. Virgo delights in being pampered but doesn’t want you to overdo it. Virgos are independent, so too much pampering can come off cloying.

This sign wants someone who can show a lot of grit and can make things happen. Though Virgo would naturally date an earth or water sign, a fire sign with some amount of diligence toward organization would be ideal.

A water sign could be too clingy for their taste. Virgo is an independent sign, so someone that’s trying to possess or manipulate them could irritate them. Virgo likes fire and air signs, but they wish those elements could manage their projects better. Dating another Virgo could be potentially grating. Two people obsessed with perfection can result in a lot of disagreements.

It may be best for Virgos to date cusps, those born right on the line of two signs. Virgo really doesn’t want to date someone who gives them setbacks. If you are giving them energy that propels them forward in life, then they will be keen on you. Cusps work well because they’re a combo of two elements, which can make them seem more balanced and perfect.

Virgos are generally late bloomers. Dating in high school or even college might not really make sense to them. They have other priorities in their younger years.

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