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Signs a Taurus Likes You

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Taurus wins people over with their smile, practicality, and loyalty.

Taurus wins people over with their smile, practicality, and loyalty.

Taurus in a Nutshell

Taurus is the second house in Western astrology. People who have this sign are born from April 19 to May 20. Taurus is the fixed earth sign; they dominate spring.

Taurus types are drawn to relationships, perhaps more so than the other two earth signs, Virgo and Capricorn. Taurus comes into the world to contrast their predecessor, Aries. Where Aries wants to rocket off and sprint around the world from one activity to the next, Taurus wants to slow down and organize what Aries has left behind. Taurus is an excellent steward of spring because they want everything to have its place… and neatly so.

The earth sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of love. This means Taurus is a romantic at heart. They have a certain innocence and youthfulness about them, like a garden of fresh flowers or a forest with dancing fairies in it.

The fixed sign is obsessed with nature. They believe everything must have a plan and purpose. Taurus really doesn’t like disorganization or existential dread — they like to think about paradise and how to actively live each day as a gift. This sign is the exact opposite of Halloween.

Taurus is the fixed sign of spring.

Taurus is the fixed sign of spring.

What Are Fixed Signs?

In Western astrology, the fixed signs are the second, fifth, eighth, and eleventh houses. Every element — fire, earth, air, water — all have one of each modality: cardinal, fixed, or mutable. Also, every elemental sign has the same neighbors. All earth signs are after a fire sign and before an air sign. No earth sign touches a water sign.

Western astrology is based on old calendar systems from the Babylonians. It was developed alongside ancient astronomy and used in order to keep track of the harvest and everything to do with agriculture. Calendars, in part, were created to avoid famines and floods. Astrology is partially based on math. The system breaks the year up into 12 parts, with 4 elements, and 3 modalities. The system helped to identify the seasons.

Taurus is the fixed earth sign, Leo is the fixed fire sign, Scorpio is the fixed water sign, and Aquarius is the fixed air sign. These signs tend to be more stubborn and difficult to convince of other viewpoints. They deeply love their element and use it to its full power.

As an earth sign, Taurus wants to make sure they manage their resources well. People with a Taurus sun sign like to work with their hands, use their senses to gather information, address people’s needs, and enjoy nature. Taurus wants to accomplish tangible goals in the physical world. Earth signs are the most attached to their bodies. Air signs are the opposite — they’re the most detached from their bodies, and prefer living freely in their minds.

Water signs understand things through the lens of their emotions. Fire signs understand things through desire, energy, and activity — they’re all about free will.

Taurus is the type to stop and smell the flowers.

Taurus is the type to stop and smell the flowers.

Taurus as a Fixed Sign

Earth signs are here to remind us that you have to work hard and consistently if you want to see real progress, if you want money, or if you want a house. They tend to favor the literal over the metaphorical — they can struggle to see the point of something if it doesn’t fulfill the needs of a basic concern such as shelter, food, and pleasure.

Earth signs strive for longevity and prosperity. They chase after their goals steadily and slowly. They’re determined, not easily shaken, and have long-term visions. These signs prepare themselves, so they can live for a long time.

Signs a Taurus Likes You

When a Taurus likes you, they’ll do acts of service to make sure your needs are met. Earth signs will pamper someone they love, they’ll give of their resources, and they’ll make sure you have a roof over your head.

Taurus is a sensual sign; they live in their five senses. A Taurus will flirt with you, and they’ll definitely make a move if they seclude you. They’ll use the five senses to their advantage: they’ll dress nice, smell nice, sound lovely, cook pleasant meals, and reach out and touch you. Mark my words: Taurus will find excuses to touch you if they like you.

A Taurus may wait for you to approach them. This is partly because they’re born right after Aries, the firstborn of the zodiac who is incredibly forward with what they want. Aries has no qualms making the first move. Taurus… might stall.

Taurus wants to set themselves apart from the larger-than-life personality of Aries. This is why Taurus does things opposite of them, like nurturing instead of creating, responding instead of initiating, and managing instead of leading.

With an earth sign, if you are wanting to know if they like you, look at their actions and not just their words. Are they trying to take care of you in some way? Like jump your car battery, wash your dishes, or something as simple as removing an eyelash from your face?

Here are some other signs:

  1. They try really hard to get on the good side of your pets. Taurus cares about both flora and fauna, so if you have pets, they’ll want to make sure they’re in good alignment with them.
  2. They take you to a nice restaurant with candles. They definitely like you if there is a dress code. Taurus wants you to indulge in your senses, and food is one of the easiest ways to do just that.
  3. They seek out your opinion. If Taurus values your opinion, consider that a big deal. Taurus wants to align with people who they see as experts. Taurus does prize intelligence.
  4. They compliment your looks. Taurus, as the steward of spring, cares a great deal about beauty. Taurus typically aligns with someone who is easy on the eyes or fits their definition of beauty. If they keep complimenting your hair, eyes, and lips… they’re probably daydreaming about kissing you.
  5. They buy you gifts. Taurus is a romantic at heart, so if they see something cute or something that reminds them of you… they may buy it for you on a whim. They might also remember you liking something but not buying it for yourself… and then they decide to buy it for you.
  6. They show the faintest amount of jealously. Taurus has an ego. I read from a fellow astrologer once that Aries, Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio have the biggest egos — this means jealousy and anger can pop up for them. Taurus isn’t as jealous as Scorpio, the king of jealously. Taurus’ jealousy will come out more discretely; they’ll be determined to get what they want… they’ll also approach what they want with manners and cuteness. They’ll show the world that you’re theirs, by touching you in public, staying in close proximity, making you laugh, or giving you a gift. Taurus handles jealousy with showmanship that can either come off possessive or charming. I’d argue more charming since Scorpio is more possessive.
  7. Following your interests. When a Taurus likes someone, they want to synch up with them, so they’ll look into your interests. If you really like Korean dramas, they’ll start watching them and learning all about them.
  8. They’ll consistently interact with you. Taurus won’t leave you hanging if they like you. They’ll keep talking to you and responding to your messages, especially if their birthdate is closer to Gemini.
  9. They’ll cook dinner for you. Sometimes they skip the big fancy meal at a restaurant… instead they’ll try to impress you at their home. They want you to think they’re a great cook. They know the stomach is the shortest way to the heart.
  10. They’ll help you with your problems. Taurus wants to solve problems. They’ll respond to your needs. Life automatically brings in conflicts, so don’t try to invent a problem. Taurus enjoys solving things with you and getting closer to you.
Taurus is the fixed sign of spring.

Taurus is the fixed sign of spring.

Taurus Will Spend Money on You

If a Taurus likes you, they’ll keep seeking out your company. They’ll find a way to interact with you. They might hope by spending more time with you… that you’ll close the gap and a romance will start.

Taurus can be forward if they so desire, but they also don’t like interfering with how things naturally occur. They’re not as obsessed with manifestation as their friend Aries. Taurus, instead, wants to take care of what is already established.

Consider spring — it starts right after the dreariness of winter. Aries comes in with a few bolts of lightning, tornadoes, and occasional snow. In Taurus, we often have Easter, pastel colors, and flowers. You still get plenty of rain, but there is a celebration of life. There is a sense of rejuvenation. The dead has come back to life!

Taurus is a lot like Adam in the Bible. He is expected to tend the garden, name the animals, and be careful not to eat poisonous fruit. Taurus wants to avoid the bad and sour apples when it comes to dating. Taurus likes focusing on pretty things, what they can indulge in, and how to live in paradise

When a Taurus likes someone, they’ll respond positively to your advances. It was Eve who first ate the apple, not Adam. He of course followed suit, but he didn’t initiate things.

Taurus types frequently like to be outdoors, they like to shepherd those around them, and they are good at managing their money. If a Taurus is spending money on you, that’s a sign that they like you. Taurus sees things in terms of money: whether you are of value, whether they should take interest in you, if they can borrow your time, or what toll you’ll take on the heart.

If you are good with money, you can keep a Taurus for a long time. Taurus finds people who are bad with money unattractive. This almost (if not entirely) gives them an anxiety attack. They worry that you are not respecting life by being a spendthrift. And Taurus wants to protect and nurture life. All earth signs are somewhat conservative and diligent about their funds. They don’t want to blow all their savings on a big trip or a hot ticket item. They look for what is necessary.

Taurus intrinsically wants to know the world, the life forms on it, and sometimes they’re so focused on work that they can forget to have fun. They are strong caretakers — they need someone who can bring some pizzazz into their life. Taurus has a tendency to be too hard on themselves and get stuck in tunnel vision. Taurus thinks it is their way or the highway, and they may get cross if you try to change things they hold dear — like their budget or some bizarre collection of stamps.

If you are someone who is tidy, clean, and respected by others — Taurus will likely be interested. They don’t like people who are three sheets to the wind, and they don’t want someone who constantly creates, but never manages their creations. This just adds more to Taurus’ busy load.

They will give you plenty of affection, send you texts just to check in, and work like clockwork when they love you. They can sometimes seem like a second child with a chip on their shoulder — they’re constantly trying to prove their worth. They can also be like an old man reading the newspaper and spending only $3 (if that) on lunch. They’ll keep their trusty vehicle because it works — and they’ll want an animal companion, likely a dog.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if a group of Tauruses originally domesticated dogs.

Important takeaway: Taurus is opposite Scorpio. Taurus rules spring, and Scorpio rules fall. Scorpio exudes sexual energy, and Taurus internalizes sexual thoughts. You’ll be surprised how much a Taurus is into you when the two of you finally go to the bedroom. Scorpio gives you that kind of feeling way in advance. Taurus types tend to be monogamous, goal-oriented, and stable. They bottle up their sexual feelings.

Yes, Taurus can get fussy. They like to argue and sometimes, unfortunately, they turn into a bull. In their anger, they’ll come straight at you whether they are right or wrong. Step out of the way when they’re upset. Let them calm down.

Dating a Taurus

If you’ve been eyeing a Taurus, try getting them to hang out with you outside. They would like a date where they can show off their body and outdoor knowledge. Try kayaking, rock climbing, a game of basketball, a trip to a sunflower field, riding bicycles, or going for a picnic.

A Taurus does like when you dress nice, but they’re also okay with camping out in the wild and wearing simple things. Be appropriate for the setting of your date. Dress to impress for a night out in the city, and dress like you know how to camp when you go camping.

Ask Taurus for advice — they like to dish out advice and hear their own voice. Taurus likes when someone takes care of themselves, but they also like to pamper and treat the person they like as if they were royalty.

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