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Signs a Cancer Likes You: Dating, Crushes, and Romance

Cancers are lovely souls who are naturally flirty. They love to send covert messages and sexy winks to those they like.

Cancers are lovely souls who are naturally flirty. They love to send covert messages and sexy winks to those they like.

Signs a Cancer Likes You

When a Cancer is interested in someone, they want to give their mind, heart, soul, and body. They’re one of the easier ones to read, in all honesty, because they wear their heart on their sleeve.

A Cancer by instinct wants to show love and be loved. They want the reassurance of a good partner; they want to go into the depths of how things feel. They’re poets, dreamers, and mediators. They need a partner who is understanding because they can veer into the dark and appear crabby. (Cancer’s crankiness comes from their high aptitude for processing emotions.)

Cancer has a lot of maternal energy. The sign represents the stage of life most resembling a pregnant mother — a person who holds the energy of the next year within their body. I see Aries, Taurus, and Gemini as Cancer’s children. The other signs represent Cancer’s trimesters.

Some of the mysteries of Cancer can be solved by looking at how young parents love their children. They’re willing to make sacrifices, they put a lot of energy toward bonding, they will nag and nudge you to do the right things, and they are moved easily by feelings. If you are sad, angry, or happy, this will influence a Cancer who wants to merge and connect with other people’s emotions. They ultimately want to create a sense of calm, peace, and love.

Cancers can be dramatic — they can feel the most wounded of the bunch, and perhaps that’s why they connect so well with the dark and brooding Scorpio. Side note: Scorpio is known to sting those that cross them, so Cancer needs to show loyalty.

Cancer has expectations about what love is, and they are willing to make their emotions and voice heard to secure the kind of love they desire. Part of why these two connect so well is because they put a lot of priority on intimacy. They often become possessive of people they like.

15 Signs a Cancer Likes You

  1. They dress to impress. They want you to notice their outfit and for you to make a comment about it. Notice a new hairstyle, new clothes, a new scent? Maybe they’ve taken up a strange hobby to get your attention, like sock modeling.
  2. Cancers love to gossip. If they’re talking to you about other people, that means Cancer sees you as part of their inner circle. They are social creatures and love to comment on other people, whether it’s good or bad. (Cancers, please don’t share the private details of Scorpio, unless you are wanting to start a fight. Scorpios are highly private people, and they prefer to keep it that way.)
  3. They’ll be openly flirtatious with you. Cancer loves to express himself/herself by flirting. These displays can be hard for people to read because the water sign likes to flirt with everybody. There is nothing wrong here: Cancer can like multiple people at once! But when they really love someone, they’re glued to them. The flirty tactics will become more consistent and devoted to you.
  4. Long dates, long chats, long phone calls. They’ll do anything to spend time and connect with you. They need lots of time to help build intimacy. You may feel it’s slightly possessive or even manipulative, but having you close to them (and constantly) gives them confidence. Cancer isn’t a fan of long distance relationships. Water signs are not great at long distance relationships, and would prefer to let other signs take the lead for those anxious arrangements.
  5. They do acts of service for you. This can include anything from a home-cooked meal, cleaning your house, or spending time helping you organize something that is out of control.
  6. Reaching out and touching you. Long walks holding hands, long hugs, long embraces, long kisses. You get the picture. Cancer wants to take care of you, and they want you to lean on them for support — not someone else. This is the type of person that will expend their resources on you, so they’ll be upset if you turn to someone else for their offerings.
  7. They’ll send you flirty messages and pictures to see if you’ll join in the fun. Cancers can both be shy and super forward. It depends on the energy they’re getting from you. So they can easily clam up, or be a seductress dancing on a table. They want to go with the flow of the mood.
  8. They send you long heartfelt letters. This is someone who gushes and can be excessively romantic. Most people don’t write letters anymore; we have text messages, DMs, and emails for that. If someone is taking the time to write letters in their own handwriting (not just print them off), they’re definitely trying to charm you.
  9. Inviting you to their favorite places. Cancer wants you to fully understand them. They don’t hide secrets — they are in the open. It’s amazing how Cancer is so open as a water sign, and Scorpio masks itself from the prying eyes of others.
  10. Making a playlist of their favorite songs for you. If they make a playlist and it all sounds emotional, they probably want you to get the feels. Consider the context of when they gave you the playlist and the messages of the songs.
  11. Using proximity to their advantage. Sitting by you, grooming you a little here and there, following you to another room... Got a stray eyelash? Got some animal hair on your coat? Got a strange wardrobe malfunction? Cancer will try to fix it for you. They want you to look sharp, and they don’t want you to be embarrassed. They want you to feel like your life improved when they enter the room.
  12. Taking you out to a nice dating spot. With a picnic basket, fancy French bread, and some wine. Cancer has a wild side, so they might bring a few wine bottles.
  13. Look at their eyes — are they full of a thousand bright fairies that look like they could explode at any moment? Then they like you. Don’t worry too much about those fairies, they’ll be okay. People’s eyes tend to get bigger or their pupils dilate when they like someone.
  14. Again, Cancer likes to parent people who interest them. Oddly enough, Scorpio is looking for someone who has parental-like expressions and can make them feel as though there is some structure. Perhaps this kind of connection is why this coupling is so popular — and successful.
  15. They gift bomb you. If Cancer likes you, they may send you a ton of gifts, and they might be particularly random.

Remember to Give Gifts

Cancer will like someone who cares about other people, who recognizes their emotions, and someone who likes physical touch. Cancer needs reciprocation. They need reassurance from their partner that things are going well, that they are loved, appreciated, and accepted for their worth. A Cancer doesn't bode well for someone who will walk all over them, disregard emotions, and resist pleasure. If you can't respect emotions or be emotional, you will likely run into heated fights. Cancer is sensitive and can feel hurt if you are not putting in an effort.

Cancer needs you to care about romance. You need to remember anniversaries and birthdays. You need to think about gifts in advance. Make a spreadsheet and do some organization, so you always having a running brainstorm list to prepare for those expected gift days.

The dates you should remember for gift giving:

  • Wedding anniversary
  • Valentine's Day
  • Christmas
  • Birthdays
  • Revisiting the first date
  • First date anniversary
  • First kiss
  • Children's birthdays

Cancer Needs Emotional Connection

Cancer loves animals and will likely be an animal whisperer. If they have a pet, they expect you to get along with it. Cancer wants you to care about those close to them. The cardinal water sign can be demanding about how much time you need to invest in the relationship. They want you to understand and jive with their emotions. They want you to go high when they are high, and they want you to go low when they are low.

If emotions aren't your thing, Cancer will not be a good fit for you. This is someone who wants to be charmed, to have a little bit of drama, and to have a loving, adoring family.

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