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Signs Your Crush Likes You Through Texting: Myers-Briggs Version

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An ENFP is going to flirt in a different way than an INTJ. The nuances in text can be better understood by knowing the texter's personality.

An ENFP is going to flirt in a different way than an INTJ. The nuances in text can be better understood by knowing the texter's personality.

How to Tell If They Like You Over Text (Based on Their Myers-Briggs Personality Type)

Texting is a big part of our lives now, especially in our romantic relationships. You'll find it's difficult to try to date someone if you throw away your phone. You're better off embracing the role of your phone if you want to keep a lasting relationship, so it's a good idea to know how other people are texting. Myers-Briggs is a personality theory that you can use as a tool to better understand how people flirt, whether they like to be romantic first, etc. There are four spectrums that Myers-Briggs uses to identify people:

  1. Extroverted to Introverted
  2. Sensing to Intuition
  3. Feeling to Thinking
  4. Perceiving to Judging

They all combine to form 16 different personality types that fall into four different categories:

  1. The Idealists: INFJ, INFP, ENFP, ENFP
  2. The Guardians: ISFJ, ISTJ, ESFJ, ESTJ
  3. The Conceptualists: INTJ, INTP, ENTJ, ENTP
  4. The Artisans: ISFP, ISTP, ESFP, ESTP

It gets a lot more complicated from there, and we don't have all the time in the world to describe each individual personality. If you want more information, you can look through the articles I've written; I have a number on Myers-Briggs. If you ever have a question about Myers-Briggs or would like a certain article dedicated to a personality, definitely leave a comment at the end of the article.

This article serves to give you a blueprint of how different personalities function when texting. Flirting with some personalities is very complicated if you don't really understand their angle. Keep in mind... these are blueprints of personalities and what you can kind of expect. Everyone is different and has their own preferences. Communicate with them to see what expectations they have of dating.

Idealists are compassionate, creative, excitable, and friendly.

Idealists are compassionate, creative, excitable, and friendly.

The Idealists:

INFJ: Counselor

INFP: Idealist

ENFJ: Giver

ENFP: Champion


An INFJ is hard to read when it comes to texting. You know you are doing well with an INFJ if they text you back consistently. Keep in mind, INFJ is private and mysterious. They don't like to explain everything all at once. They're trying to get a good read of you. Their primary mode is introverted intuition. If you want to snag an INFJ, you need to be consistent, charming and inviting. INFJ can read right through you, so don't overdo the flattery or they won't take you seriously. You will want to invite an INFJ out on the town and you'll also need to flat out ask them out or use the word "dating." An INFJ may avoid going to that level because they want things to naturally go their course instead of falsely creating a romantic connection.

INFJ likes people who tend to be funny, intelligent, or charming. They don't fall for people who creep them out or have little to say. Even though they are introverted, the NF causes them to be more ambivert. An INFJ wants more than anything to have a serious connection. Don't try to casually date an INFJ. They'll cut you off from their social network if they deem that you are toxic. INFJ has a friendly exterior, but its interior is tough. This makes it difficult for an INFJ to know what they want romantically. They tend to fall for people who are edgy because it resonates with how they are internally. They like kind hearted people, but this tends to fall more to friendship than a romantic partner. INFJ needs someone who is a prince charming, is into chivalry, and also is progressive, malleable, and handsome. INFJ wants only the best of the best.

Signs an INFJ Likes You Through Text

  1. They'll text you constantly. They may, when they get really desperate, text you an entire novel.
  2. They'll try to keep the conversation light-hearted. There will be a number of jokes, changes of subject, and sometimes avoiding the subject altogether.
  3. When they don't like you, they'll rarely text you and will take extra long to get back to you.
  4. When an INFJ likes you, they'll text you to hang out with them. They want to figure things out in person, whether that's through a hanging out context or an official dating context.
  5. INFJ likes to text about their daily life. They'll reciprocate your flirty advances. But don't go overboard, because then INFJ will think that you lack romance.
  6. INFJ will text you at any time of the day.
  7. An INFJ will text you about more personal matters when they have gained enough trust in you.
  8. An INFJ will find a really crazy and intense way of complimenting you that's not normal and potentially hard to understand.
  9. INFJ will send you pictures of cute animals they're hanging out with.
  10. An INFJ will text you to see how your day is going.


INFP is the most adorable person to be in love with ever. INFP texts are similar to INFJ, but they're not as mysterious. INFP will reach out a little more. INFP is more affectionate in texting than INFJ. You'll get lots of smileys from an INFP, you'll get a lot of jokes and odd stuff from INFJ. Both are extremely romantic. INFJ struggles with being shy, INFP does too, but they can be more forward when they really want someone's affection. An INFP will text you constantly, not just consistently, but constantly. The INFP personality loves being in love. The "Idealist" is a romance machine. They'll continue texting you about love even when the romance is over. They like to revisit old memories, INFP is happy when you're happy. They may mindlessly wander or be curt about nothing in particular. INFP can over-text you—and also go strangely silent for no reason at all.

Signs an INFP Likes You Through Text

  1. They'll text you about gross personal stuff. They've come to a point where they don't mind sharing the nitty-gritty, no matter how weird.
  2. INFP is a weirdo and they can't hide it. They may try and try, but you know they like you when they surrender and let the freak flag fly as high as possible. INFP will be so weird that you might cringe, but don't get too upset. If you are cringing because of an INFP's weirdness, it probably is a good thing. It means they want you to know them and they are comfortable with you.
  3. An explosion of texts with lots of smiley, winky, and love-happy faces. It will be like getting a full novel. You will feel like the INFP is trying to send you every last ounce of their emotions. They want you to feel what they are feeling so they drop you an atom bomb, and they regurgitate it and send it toward you... and you'll get that atom bomb again, and again, and again.
  4. The INFP will go coy. They'll go into compliment mode. They'll try to encourage you into the right direction. They might play hard to get with you too. They can be all over the place.
  5. The INFP loves to laugh. They'll send you jokes, they'll laugh at themselves, and they'll get nervous for no reason at all. INFP struggles with insecurity at times, but for a good reason. They're so different that sometimes they feel really out of place and it'll make them feel uncomfortable because they do want to belong. Also, long drawn out parties can wear thin on an INFP. If an INFP is close to you and texting you intensely, this is a good sign. They approve of your presence.
  6. The INFP will text you about things you should do together.
  7. They'll text you really, long sappy texts. Their texts have a weighty amount of emotion to them.
  8. They want to show you their love. They think about being reciprocated later.
  9. They will send you texts about their favorite things in life.
  10. They will shower you with hellos, good mornings, hallelujahs!


ENFJ texting isn't for the faint of heart. ENFJ are ravenous, consistent, and talkative texters. They will keep texting you until you feel like you need to pass out. Expect an explosion of energy. They'll text you about their pets, their family, their boogers, a whole series of emojis, and whatever they feel is beautiful, true, and insane. ENFJ is usually pretty easy to read when they like someone. Their eyes grow to the size of the universe, they dance around you frantically, and they keep saying weird things and getting embarrassed by it. ENFJ is dominated by extroverted feeling, so it all comes up to the surface in a giant, great, and twisted ball of energy. This will be mimicked in their texts. You'll find that they want to talk to you about everything, and there won't be a lack of smileys and exuberance.

ENFJ when it likes someone will text attack them. They'll show up at your door to hang out. They will pursue you hotly without thinking about it. ENFJ women do like to be pursued, but they are such warm, insanely emotional creatures, that they'll help you out. Don't expect that from an INFJ female. INFJ females need to be pursued. They are testing your authenticity.

ENFJ knows no boundaries when it comes to texting. They really like to tell people how they feel. Whether it is sad, grumpy, amazed, or disgusted, ENFJ will be talking about their emotions to someone they like. They don't really care if emotions are your heart language. They may forget to check in with what your emotional life is like. They'll just cover you in a thick embrace of their emotions. It'll feel quite warm and intoxicating. Don't get the wrong message, they usually want this in a romantic way, but often people confuse it for sexual. Fortunately, ENFJ can go along with that. But you need them to be honest and know that being honest is important. ENFJ is really bad about people pleasing and not sticking to their ground until they one day they blow up with the force of a thousand suns.

Signs an ENFJ Likes You Through Text

  1. Expect long, explosive texts. ENFJ isn't faint, especially in the beginning stages, to just throw their heart out to someone they like.
  2. Expect consistent amount of texts and also a great deal of them -- like 80 or so in one day.
  3. Expect they'll be using texting to try and see you in person, one on one, or in a group. They don't care! They just want to see you! They just want to be really weird and goofy. They want to know you like them too.
  4. Texts that are heavy in the TMI range. They may start going on about boogers, periods, poop, or something gross they saw. ENFJ can be really gross and weird.
  5. All the emojis! Did I send you enough hearts? Do you know how I feeeeeeel?
  6. Long texts that ramble about absolutely nothing. Make sure you text them back or they'll feel insecure.
  7. Drunk texts. Crazy drunk texts about their love.
  8. Pictures of their cats.
  9. Anything cheesy that pops into their minds.
  10. Rainbows, unicorns, glitter, and explosions. Just... whatever.


ENFP will shower you with warmth. They're going to throw a lot of messages at you. They may back off—because they're not sure. ENFP is a dominantly intuitive personality. They will be throwing a lot of information at you and it should feel like an explosion of ESP. They thrive on lots of patterns and lightning speed reactions. They like to play with ideas. If you're not an intuitive personality, this may be difficult to understand—make that extremely difficult to understand. An ENFP will bounce around quickly from idea to idea, and unless you have the skill set to match it, you'll have to blatantly ask ENFP if they like you. An INFJ can keep up with them till the end of time, and whatever an ENFP tells you—they know when they've run into an INFJ because it is like sweet, sweet black magic.

Signs an ENFP Likes You Through Text

  1. ENFP will ask you a million and one questions. They will ask you questions to figure out your dating life. This may include asking you if you went on certain dates with someone else. They may forget to ask you out.
  2. Also, they may ask you intense questions right at once. Like... will you marry me? Will you go to a wedding with me, even though I hardly know you? Will you meets my parents, new girl? Will you hold my hand while my grandma is dying? It might sting them if you say no. They seem to have a weird range of what they want and figuring out what's reasonable. They don't entirely care about what's reasonable. They just know they want you in those situations. Developing a timeline of what's appropriate? Why bother? Just commit to me now! Right? Oh, I guess that is a little threatening. Hmmm...
  3. An ENFP will shower you with randomness. Except anything and everything from pictures from their family vacation in 2007 because you said something that reminded them of this one time with a rubber duck floaty — yeah. Then you'll get a long drawn out story about dragons. Essentially, they will throw you off course. You may end up feeling concerned, but don't. They're testing the waters. They are kind of extreme extroverts.
  4. When an ENFP likes someone, they can't contain themselves. They may try to have a poker face, but they'll keep bothering you with strange, strange questions.
  5. ENFP will invite you out on a number of retreats from the gigantic to the tiny-so-small-it-hurts.
  6. Space cadet. MIA.
  7. Checking in on you. Suddenly telling you they miss you. Suddenly telling you they love you. LOVE YOU, LOVE YOU, LOVE YOU!
  8. Liking of your statuses. Your pictures. Your albums from 8 years ago. Your mom. I like your mom. Do you like my toy baby arm?
  9. ENFP will get you on a date with the weirdest questions because they're not sure what works. It'll go something like, "Do you like milk?"
  10. And then they'll write you something so beautiful and intricate, that you'll be surprised it was meant for your eyes and ears.
Guardians take matters seriously. They're organized, systematic, and deliberate. They get the job done.

Guardians take matters seriously. They're organized, systematic, and deliberate. They get the job done.

The Guardians

ISFJ: Protector

ISTJ: Inspector

ESFJ: Provider

ESTJ: Supervisor


How was your day? What have you been up to? Do you want to try dating?

Sure, ISFJ is introverted, but their second function is extroverted feeling. You can expect a constant stream of texts daily from an ISFJ. It won't be as intense emotionally as say an ENFJ, and it won't be as mysterious as an INFJ because ISFJ is more straight forward. ISFJ is more free to flatly express their desires. They make amazing, if not perfect, mates. They are committed to hospitality, it would be difficult for them to overwhelm a person, and they still have all the affection most people crave. ISFJ texting and phone calls are an incredibly nice, consistent stream of texts. They'll be checking in on you because they're protective (slightly jealous) and also because they want to see you. ISFJ can feel pretty instinctive about when someone works for them, so they'll be good about committing, but they're not great at breaking up. Breaking up isn't in their language because they are such committed beings, so take it slow with an ISFJ and know what you want with them before getting too deep.

ISFJ may not love texting, but they do like their love interest and they see that by constantly texting, they're helping grow a romance with you. They'll text you to see if you got home okay, they'll text you about how work is going, they'll text you really random and strange texts when they are ready. ISFJ likes to be cool rather than cheesy. They don't want to come across as nerdy or socially inept. They can also be quite sarcastic. This personality is keen to be prince charming or a damsel in distress. They want to be there for you, they want to cook for you, they want to know everything about you. They really want to understand their mate, so they'll do what they can to figure them out, what makes them comfortable, and what attracts them.

Signs an ISFJ Likes You Through Text

  1. Good morning, good afternoon, good evening. How was your day? Did you sleep well? How was work? Do you want to hang out today? I miss you.
  2. ISFJ will tell you when you look attractive, and they'll make sure you are comfortable with that.
  3. Expect at some point some really weird texts as they come out of their shell and try something new... with you.
  4. They will talk about their feelings. They may do it sarcastically so as not to seem overwhelming. Such as a "Boo, you hurt my feelings!"
  5. They will text you about their crappy days. They'll tell you all about how something made them feel grumpy, and they will get into it pretty heavy. Remember, ISFJ is extroverted feeling and introverted thinking.
  6. ISFJ will text you about when you can get together. If you want to try dating, etc.
  7. They will text you about everyday occurrences — they like to connect with their mate even if they don't have anything to say. Not even anything compelling to say... like that they're dusting off their television. An ISFJ is really into you if they sink to this level.
  8. The winky face and the blush face emoji, followed by: "sweet dreams."
  9. They'll ask you if you are dreaming about them, and they'll smirk about it. ISFJ is all about the winks and the smirks — not the explosive energy you would find in an ESFJ or ENFJ.
  10. They'll tell you they really like your company.


ISTJ is practical, straightforward, and goal oriented. An ISTJ when it is focused on a person is very traditional, apt to call and text, and slightly emotionally limp. ISTJ wants to find the best partner that will work with them long term. ISTJ can date a number of personality types and ISTJ itself can come up in a number of different ways. This personality blueprint is one of the most common.ISTJ isn't a huge fan of texting but sees it as a great tool for dating. They'll text more than an ESTJ who doesn't see it as efficient. The introverted part of the ISTJ sees texting as a great way to communicate without having to do it face to face. An ISTJ likely will ask you out on a date through texting, they'll take everything you say to heart, and they might be a little too straight laced. ISTJ is also a money hungry personality, so don't rock the boat when they face financial trouble. ISTJ might not go into a great deal of romantic depth in texting. They're not likely to text you an entire novel on your phone. That's more of an F or N type of personality trait. ISTJ may ask you if things are

ISTJ isn't a huge fan of texting but sees it as a great tool for dating. They'll text more than an ESTJ who doesn't see it as efficient. The introverted part of the ISTJ sees texting as a great way to communicate without having to do it face to face. An ISTJ likely will ask you out on a date through texting, they'll take everything you say to heart, and they might be a little too straight laced. ISTJ is also a money hungry personality, so don't rock the boat when they face financial trouble. ISTJ might not go into a great deal of romantic depth in texting. They're not likely to text you an entire novel on your phone. That's more of an F or N type of personality trait. ISTJ may ask you if things are okay, if there's anything they can do to help, etc. ISTJ will be on their best behavior for you. They may be impressively organized, argumentative, and really stubborn.

Signs an ISTJ Likes You Through Text

  1. ISTJ will want things their way. They can be highly directive and argumentative. If they're texting you, they want to know and understand what you think. They'll ask questions. They don't have intuition to where they can figure things out on their own -- and they don't have the emotional empathy that others have to figure it out either. They need to hear it straight from the horse's mouth.
  2. ISTJ texts will be about when to hang out, getting a clear and precise time of things. This is one personality that will be offended by lateness, even just five minutes.
  3. ISTJ will think they're being really saucy... but probably not as much as they think. So when they give you a compliment, multiply it by 3 and you have more in line the type of emotional power the ISTJ was suggesting.
  4. This personality will keep to the facts and will head to you in a straight arrow kind of way. They're not into games. They may tell you they don't want randomness. it doesn't make sense to them.
  5. How ISTJ ends up with NF personalities is a total mystery. They have completely different needs. ISTJ will make sure to keep up with the conversation, but they likely will have a really hard time understanding you if you are an NF.
  6. ISTJ will send you lots of: lol
  7. This personality will ask you what you are up to, make great plans, and know where the best diners and bars are.
  8. They may say something along the lines of "That's not how I expected that to go down."
  9. ISTJ will want to get into a relationship immediately once their plans are in the right spot.
  10. They will ask you questions if they want to get to know you.


ESFJ texting is very similar to ENFJ texting, expect maybe a little less weird. ESFJ is also dominated by extroverted feeling. ESFJ and ENFJ are pros at getting themselves into relationships. They love relationships with every fiber of their being, whether they will admit this or not is unimportant.

ESFJ wants to see the person they're dating in person. They know exactly how to play the art of flirting to their advantage. They'll text you to see if you'll hang out, they'll compliment your muscles, they'll share the latest gossip. They'll think about your interests and try to find a way to connect. They are masters at being social. They lead the people around them, they tend to be extremely feminine or masculine, in a traditional sense. You'll know when an ESFJ or ENFJ likes you, but remember, ESFJ is guided by introverted sensing while ENFJ is guided by introverted intuition — huge difference. A sensing person needs more validation than an intuitive who is constantly thinking about patterns, the past, present, and future. An ESFJ likes things to be concrete, they like to talk about all their problems. They want to go over all the details. An intuitive already gets things, they're masters at patterns, they're masters at understanding things from a global perspective. An ESFJ is thinking more about the present and generally less about the long term.

ESFJ will shower you with love. Extroverted feelers like to express their feelings through text. This includes the ESFJ, ENFJ, ISFJ, and INFJ. You can see certain commonalities among all three of these personalities — the FJ combos can easily be grouped together. ESFJ is more direct about commanding love and getting you together, ENFJ is an explosion of emotion, ISFJ is about checking in with you and providing, and INFJ is a genius who is completely weird and mystical.

Signs an ESFJ Likes You Through Text

  1. ESFJ loves to talk on the phone and text. Only thing is, they'll do this with just about anybody, so it can actually be harder to read their love than you think. Consider the content of their messages — do they seem lovey dovey, or more argumentative?
  2. They will act shy, but this isn't the shiest personality. If they're acting submissive it's because they're playing into a gender role that they believe... suits flirtation. Don't be surprised if their personality is bigger than life as you get to know them.
  3. They will ask you in depth how you are doing, what you would like to do, and they'll generally try to comfort you.
  4. ESFJ is a sassy personality. They might send you pictures, they might send you very candid flirtatious messages.
  5. ESFJ loves to laugh. They might try to get you to laugh one way or another.
  6. They will use texting to get closer to you. They'll text you all the time.
  7. An ESFJ will text you about a number of things you can do together. They are ultra-planners. They love being in person and letting their heads ramble until the end of time.
  8. ESFJ is all about encouraging those around it. ESFJ will encourage its mate.
  9. ESFJ likes to start a little bit of conflict. They are the most aggressive of the FJ cousins.
  10. They will drunk text you.


An ESTJ is a boss. You're dating a boss. Bosses don't necessarily have the best flirting texts. They're not going to sugar coat things. ESTJ will be straightforward with you. They're looking to get the job done, and if you're taking your sweet candy time to get things done, they probably don't want to waste time on you. ESTJ loves efficiency, growth development, and money. All the money. Do you have money? Do you seem wealthy? ESTJ isn't interested in someone who is crap-tastic at finances. ESTJ has already considered your finances. They're thinking about your career path, your 401k, and financial value. ESTJ likes money, and if you are money, I mean if you have money, then they're probably going to stick to you.

ESTJ can have a hard time dating because they're so focused on their career. They will be viciously flirtatious to get a rise out of you. They'll flaunt their good looks to get you attention. They'll send you jewelry. They'll put their arms around your body, because besides being attracted to money — they're attracted to good looking people. Be careful... ESTJ can be a snake. They crush out a lot of their intuition and feelings are down in the bottom, and they are introverted feelers so it can be nil to none on feeler happy feeler business. An ESTJ is pragmatic, not romantic. An ESTJ is sexual, goal-oriented, and cocky.

ESTJ is not for the faint of heart. If you really like lovey-goosed up romance, ESTJ might think you're more weird than practical. ESTJ wants to dominate the entire world, so getting caught up in a bad romance isn't in their destiny.

Signs an ESTJ Likes You Through Text

  1. Pictures of themselves, because let's face it, you wanted to see my face, right? Okay, let me send 12 more.
  2. Hey, babe. When are we meeting up? When are you free? Do you want to do our taxes together?
  3. Flat out compliments about you. These folks are straight forward. Forget texting. They're trying to snag you in person.
  4. Short, very short, questions. Not the longest conversations. They're looking for practicality.
  5. They'll text you about exciting events that they're going to... they expect you to be there.
  6. An ESTJ likes to send passive-aggressive texts. They don't realize they're passive-aggressive texts.
  7. A sexual innuendo here, a sexual innuendo there... ;) ;) ;)
  8. They'll elude to money. To gifts. To jewelry. To fancy cars.
  9. ESTJ will text you when they've come into town and they want to see you. That means they really like you, because honestly, they might not mention it because it could slow down their trip.
  10. ESTJ might ask you questions about what are your personal goals.
Conceptualists are drawn to solving ideas. They're masters of puzzles, riddles, and complex equations.

Conceptualists are drawn to solving ideas. They're masters of puzzles, riddles, and complex equations.

The Conceptualists

INTJ: The Masterminds

INTP: Architects

ENTJ: Field marshals

ENTP: Inventors


INTJ is clustered up in their brains when it comes to dating. They may skip the whole normal meet up in person dating, and go for online dating where they can prescribe exactly what they want for themselves. It makes a great deal of sense to them. INTJ is dominated by introverted intuition with a supportive secondary function — extroverted thinking. INTJ may feel like to itself that it is an emotional being, but really that's because internally it is emotional. It is very much a thinker. A great thinker, except INTP can beat them. Sorry.

INTJ texting will be tame. They can be a little shy when it comes to flirting. They will be genuine. They like romance, but it's asking a lot of them to express this too severely. They can seem like their romance button is on mute. INTJ will be quiet in texting. They'll be as consistent as you are with them. They may need help, so pursue them, make them feel comfortable, and keep going with it. Kooky fun behavior will come out of an INTJ, so if you are getting consistent texts, really strange and open texts, or suggestive texts — INTJ most likely has a thing for you. This personality is reserved and easily gets shy. INFJ struggles with its mystical weirdness generated by its intuition and feeling combo, but INTJ struggles with its hidden emotions and instead... giant brain. They're not necessarily looking for someone with a big brain. They want someone that can help them bring out their third function, introverted feeling. They need someone that is louder about their emotions than them. INTJ can be harsh, can be reluctant, or be really full of themselves and think they know what's best... and reject their emotional core. They need someone who isn't the same... even though they have a theory that the best thing in the world would be an entire island of people that are the same.

Signs an INTJ Likes You Through Text

  1. For INTJ, consistency in texts is the most important aspect. They don't just text anybody.
  2. Consider how intimate and detailed are these texts. Are they telling you about their personal lives, are they reassuring you and your dreams? If they let you into their private world, that is a big deal for them.
  3. INTJ has some traditional aspects to it. They are often monogamous creatures looking for a committed partner. Reassure the INTJ.
  4. When an INTJ is getting pretty weird, that's a good sign. Let them be weird.
  5. When an INTJ goes on about absolutely nothing, this is a really, really good sign.
  6. INTJ will ask you to hang out / be with them. They may take it really hard if you cancel on them. It's your job to get their attention next time.
  7. INTJ isn't the most loose personality. If they're cracking you up with their jokes, this is an insanely good thing.
  8. When INTJ falls in love, they'll be really sweet and affirming.
  9. When INTJ falls in love, they plan to a great deal. It might be scary for you as the recipient.
  10. INTJ can easily get into their head without bringing it all to the surface for their partner. If they go quiet — try to nudge them, don't parade them with a whole assortment of questions. Just a nudge.


INTP texting is quite a fantastic puzzle. Welcome to the most intelligent personality, who also has extroverted feeling at the bottom of its personality. INTP believes in romance and dearly wants it. They can be easily consumed by love, and often fall prey to more extroverted types or extroverted feelers. INTP texts will be intentional, long, and constant. An INTP will do just about anything for someone they love because they know if their thoughts have aligned in such a way as to commit to someone than they must be right because they're geniuses. INTP can easily be fooled by the one it loves if that love isn't true.

INTP will shower their love with messages from the bizarre, the flirtatious, the sexual, and the insane. INTP needs to know how you feel. They stalk their love interests hardcore. They are always watching whether or not they admit it. They are always, always watching your every move. They get highly fascinated in people that seem romantic. It intrigues them in every capacity. INTP can, if it figures it out, can get 99% of people that it wants. It'll have to play its cards right, and also make sure the person isn't smart enough to figure out its cards — the most likely to do that is the INFJ (which is pretty much that 1%).

Signs an INTP Likes You Through Text

  1. They will text you intensely in a novel form, a classic novel form. You may get love letters through text that you'll wish were hand written.
  2. They will constantly see how you're feeling without telling you how they are feeling.
  3. They can disappear for months without texting to come out of the blue and send you a long text, a picture of a unicorn, or something so absurd that you're not sure what has been happening for the past few months, years, etc.
  4. They will text you pictures of everyday things they run across, such as a smooth bubbling coffee that they were so delighted to see. They may caption it in an ever sprawling way, because a great deal of words means love, right?
  5. They will take pictures of you on their phone and later send them to you.
  6. This personality likes to text to check in about your whereabouts, to see if you're doing okay, to see if your family is okay. They get that you have origins. They can easily get maternal or paternal about their love interest.
  7. INTP may go on a long tangent of insanity to you, really long, and it may have old fashioned English mixed in there. They may send you poetry, quotes from their favorite writer, or a crazy discovery about how to perfectly slice cheese in space.
  8. Know that when an INTP is constantly texting you and trying to figure you out, they feel for you hardcore, and I mean really, truly, insanely hardcore. It's difficult for them to disconnect from it because a strong romance to them is cocaine.
  9. INTP will text you at any time of the day they know you are awake.
  10. They will text you in an unexpected manner.


ENTJ knows what it wants and will do what it wants to get there. ENTJ are powerful leaders, but more soft-hearted and weird than their ESTJ counterpart. They're not as interested in money, but they really, really like money. ENTJ will be straight forward, they'll text you something they find not just flirty, but sexy. They don't feel the need to be gushy. They're not gushy pros because that can make them gag. If they're being gushy, that means they've got it super, super bad for you — because gushy for an ENTJ is kind of weird. ENTJ wants a practical romance, but with a degree of nerdiness. They are total nerds, probably honor students in high school, and kings and queens of binge drinking in college. ENTJ will tell you exactly what they want, when they want it, and why it makes the most sense. They're good, straight forward and sincere mates.

Signs an ENTJ Likes You Through Text

1. Maybe not the most romantic — but they are straight forward, they're more likely to use the word sexy than romantic.

2. ENTJ are great at long term relationship mates. They know what they want, they know what you want, and they try to meld it together. They are pro success, not failure. Failure is not a word in their dictionary.

3. They will spice things up every once in awhile. If they feel like things are going flat, they might have an existential crisis and start saying new things or spazzy things to get your attention.

4. ENTJ is cool with pics, with hard come-ons, and sexual innuendos.

5. ENTJ likes to laugh, they like to make you laugh, and they like dirty jokes. The dirtier... the better.

6. They will talk about plans, they want to make plans, they want to know things down to the last detail, they want to know you, they want to know the plan. Pro plan. Not pro spontaneity.

7. They will text you pretty normal things pretty often. They might get confused if you're really random, depending on their mood they'll either go with it or run away from it.

8. ENTJ wants security. If you don't seem secure, it'll make them run. Don't text them things that will raise their anxiety. ENTJ wants success, success is the secret to their heart! Don't forget how much they love, breathe, and create success. SUCCESS. YOU NEED TO SCREAM SUCCESS. Show off your talents to an ENTJ.

9. ENTJ likes to text emojis. Especially inappropriate ones.

10. They will text you fairly consistently and in a fairly orderly manner.


ENTP is a flirt, a lawyer, and a very savvy, yet messy soul. ENTP will do what it can to make sure the people in its life are doing okay. You can call an ENTP anytime and they'll have a toolset handy, a battery charger, and whatever you need. ENTP is a passionate person constantly looking into the different philosophies of life. They make great arm chair intellects. When an ENTP likes someone, they'll text them gradually and at the rate the other person offers. They like to go with the flow. They like doing what they feel is socially cool -- they don't want to go against the tide and become uncool. They don't want their mate to think they are uncool. An ENTP may be uncertain when it comes to a love match. They need someone to dump in some romantic fuel for them... or things will do dead. They'll send you a whole assortment of texts, mostly friendly at first. They'll want to get drinks somewhere in there. They'll want to party with you under a tree. ENTP loves parties. They love social media too.

Signs an ENTP Likes You Through Text

  1. They'll text you a lot of information, sometimes naughty and questionable.
  2. They will use texting to go get drinks with you or just sit in a coffee shop.
  3. An ENTP will check in with you to see how you are doing. They may come over to rescue you from a bad day. They'll help you with broken doorknobs, broken cars, and rides to work. ENTP sees the point of helping others. If you want to be in line with an ENTP, call them for help. That will get you in the right direction. They see being a dependable person as attractive.
  4. ENTP is a very philosophical personality. They prefer to have conversations in person over text. They will text you in a philosophical way if they like you. They'll speak their mind and offer more information to you because they trust and like you more than the average person.
  5. An ENTP will talk to you about common interests, they'll try to get you to laugh, and they'll also gripe to you about the daily annoyances of life. ENTP will flirt and say crazy things like "You're the greatest woman ever! Greater than Cleopatra or the Queen of England!" They'll say this over coffee.
  6. ENTP lawyer types tend to have an eye for alcohol. They'll be happy if you like the same drinks as them and the same games. You could be recruited as a love interest if you make a good drinking buddy.
  7. They will invite you to everything if they like you.
  8. They will create something unique for you and send you a picture of it via text.
  9. They may drunk text you — and it may be intense.
  10. When they like someone will do what they can to be their buddy. They do like friendship a great deal, they like sexual stuff, and romance — romance is okay, really. Just okay.
Artisans like to get their hands dirty. They dive into projects. They're drawn to action. They do what they can to please their senses.

Artisans like to get their hands dirty. They dive into projects. They're drawn to action. They do what they can to please their senses.

The Artisans

ISFP: The Composers

ISTP: Mechanics

ESFP: Performers

ESTP: Promoters


The SP crowd are some strange texters. They can easily get lazy when it comes to a love interest... and they can be moody, and they can be intense out of nowhere. An ISFP texter has their head up in the clouds. This is someone who can get attached to a mate very quickly. ISFP is strongly romantic and in the moment. They'll text you to see if you want to see them. They'll text you beautiful passages and art they have constructed or found. They are silent mushy people, often forgetting to express their deep held heart thumps. They, like INFP, are dominated by introverted feeling, a function that is beyond words romantic. The difference is ISFP is guided by sensing, so they can be more in the moment, more connected to the now. They don't jump to the wild conclusions and global thoughts an INFP has. The ISFP will text you with sweetness, with hope, with romantic intent — and you should feel it.

Signs an ISFP Likes You Through Text

  1. The ISFP will send you a slew of compliments on what they like about you. As this is a personality that tends to get into art — they may mostly compliment your body before they move on to your personality. They were thinking about your body before your mind... most likely.
  2. The ISFP will want to have you privately... the same with an ISFJ. They like to get rid of all the extroverted distractions. The ISFP may want to go on a walk with you or hang out in their bedroom for hours on end, just staring at you. An ISFJ is more talkative. They want to get to the heart of the matter with words. ISFP is thinking more about the color, the mood, the sound, the feel.
  3. They will send you romantic texts throughout the day. That they are thinking about you. That you have inspired them.
  4. They will send you pictures of things they have created. They may paint pictures of you, write poems about you, etc. You can become an ISFP's muse.
  5. They will text you good morning, good afternoon, and good night. ISFP may talk a lot through texting and in person. Texting is a nice outlet for them to reach out to someone they like.
  6. ISFP may admit some very dark emotions they are dealing with through text. This is an emo like personality so they have a great deal of depth and artistry to them.
  7. They will text you when they feel like it. If they text you to meet their family or best friends — whatever people they deem are close to them — this is a sign of progress.
  8. An ISFP loves to receive texts from you. They may not intuitively understand you, so more information coming from you is helpful. Don't be too hard on an ISFP. They can hold onto a past love for a really long time. They feel things on a physical level that can be quite intense.
  9. They may forget to text you. Then they might send you the longest piece of information you have ever seen.
  10. ISFP will text you in desperation that they want to see you when they really like you or are going through something difficult.


ISTP is dominated by introverted thinking and has an inferior function of extroverted feeling, and it is a very inferior function. ISTP struggles in the romance department, partly because they're kind of selfish and focused on themselves. They will probably without realizing it hurt a number of people. They tend to date several people at once, pursue several people at once, and don't realize how it negatively hurts others. Where an INTP is incredibly romantic, an ISTP is incredibly pragmatic. It's the difference of their middle functions being swapped. ISTP will text you a lot when they like you, but they'll drop you when they find something they like better or their mood changes.

They can be super friendly, inviting, and throw out a number of compliments. But if you're too abstract for the ISTP, it'll intimidate them and they'll toss you aside. ISTP prizes its brain a lot and doesn't get the N folk super well. They need concrete love, not abstract love. They are dependable, will get you out of a bad jam, and once they commit — can be very intense toward their mate.

Signs an ISTP Likes You Through Text

  1. They'll text you to tell you they miss you and want to hang out. They may say something like YOU'RE GORGEOUS! They have a high sensing score, remember?
  2. They will text consistently when they like someone. They'll drop you quickly if they don't.
  3. They will invite you out when they like you. They like to spend time with people one on one.
  4. An ISTP is not interested in reading long novel texts. This will shut them down. Do not try to converse problems over text. This will shut them down. They're not good at this.
  5. ISTP is comfortable with sexual intensity. They're pretty bodily of creatures. Feel free to send them whatever pics you are comfortable with sending.
  6. They will overshare about the relationship on social media. They want to profess about you to every rock, tree, and creature. You'll become the majority of their status updates and pictures.
  7. They will text you about their moods, why they are so moody, why they can't handle themselves. They are kind of basket cases.
  8. ISTP loves to fish for compliments. Male or female — they are looking for an ego boost.
  9. They will text about something that has caught their attention and they hope to have an ESP moment with you.
  10. They will text about their love of their favorite food. They hope you'll get dinner with them.


ESFP are total flirts. They love to flirt with everybody. It takes awhile for them to pick someone they actually want to be serious with. They like flirting for the sake of flirting. An ESFP will casually talk to several people at once until it is ready to settle down... which in some cases is never. ESFP are natural performers and actors. Settling down for them is hard. They are often polyamorous. ESFP may want to be monogamous if they have grown up with traditional values or have strong family values. They will text you just about anything when they like you. They'll text you about their problems, they'll consistently text you, and they'll send a number of emojis that are winky faces and kissy faces. A lot of this is just for fun.

When an ESFP gets more emotionally attached, that's when you know they like you. They'll go from flattery to more honesty. They'll refer to the past and say exactly why they like you. They'll also drunk text you and get very gushy. It can be difficult to read an ESFP and know if their affections are authentic. They thrive on their good looks, charms, and overall radiance in a crowd.

Signs an ESFP Likes You Through Text

  1. They'll text you constantly and about more than surface level things going on in their lives. An ESFP who is being very much on the surface... isn't interested in something serious.
  2. They will flirt with you in whatever way they feel comfortable. This can be from pretty crude sexual innuendos, pictures, to the most romantic stuff you've ever heard. ESFP is a double edged sword of sexual and romantic interest.
  3. ESFP loves to text you about weird stuff to see if it will make you cringe. They like to play mind games.
  4. They will text you a picture of themselves to get compliments and hope that you are attracted to them. They may cut off their beard and send it to you in the mail.
  5. They will send you tickets in the mail to an amazing concert. They'll text you to find out what are your interests.
  6. ESFP likes to daydream and add you into their future. Be cautious with an ESFP. They can say a lot casually before getting serious.
  7. They will devote more time to texting to you than all the others because you are their favorite. Good luck figuring out if you are the most texted person.
  8. ESFP likes to text when they have accomplished something awesome. They want you to share in their celebration.
  9. This personality will text you to see how you are doing, how is your family, and how you are on a more personal level. Once you get past the casual ESFP, the serious ESFP is amazing.
  10. ESFP loves to send you slightly childish texts. They like to share their inner child with someone.


ESTP is also a total flirt. You have to be careful with the ES*P crowd. ESTP isn't as romantic as ESFP, however. The world of businessman and conman are ESTP. Some Myers-Briggs fanatics say ESTP is the most likely to cheat. They can kind of be bros. They're great at getting what they want when they want it, and not caring about their emotions one dot... or yours. If they really like someone, it's because that person seems different, and that is alluring to an ESTP. They do tend to date their own kind or close to it, but for many ESTP if it seems like a bad business model to cheat on a person, they won't. You have to seem like pretty high value to them.

Texting with an ESTP is like texting a sorority or frat brother. They will blatantly ask you when you are free, profess their attraction pretty early on, and hope to get you in a swimsuit. They're not abstract love kinsman, like the NF crowd. What you have here is someone who wants to find a hottie on Spring Break. This may turn into something, it may not. But it doesn't really matter until it does.

Signs an ESTP Likes You Through Text

  1. Hey, babe. So I was thinking.... So, what are you wearing? Did you feel how tight my abs are? Babe, you've got it all in one tight little body.
  2. They will text you for a booty call. They test the physical waters, generally, before heading into a romance... if that happens.
  3. They will text you about the greatest parties, about where to get beer, about what they think is cool. If they really like you, they might up their game and take you to a romantic dinner.
  4. They will text you to see if you want to play a game of volleyball, beer pong, corn-in-the-hole, kings, golf, basketball — anything where you can be active. They might also suggest sky diving, bungee jumping, or something with a lot of adrenaline. They are adventurous, and lazy when they can't get to that next big adventure.
  5. They will text you to see if you slept well.
  6. They will text you to see if you're dating somebody else. Hey, what do you think of him? Are you guys dating? Oh, right. Okay, babe.
  7. They will text you about what they are wearing, what they hope you are wearing, their ambitions for their large fortune of money, they'll text you a lot of pretty simplistic sexual things. They don't want to dig too deep, because... why?
  8. ESTP will text you about wanting to know what are your favorite things in life... so they can buy them and give them to you.
  9. They will text you at the end of the night to tell you they had fun, they like your company, we should do this again sometime.
  10. This personality likes to brag about you. They'll try to inflate your ego, because they like their ego inflated.

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