Signs That a Cancer Man Is Interested in You

Before I get started, and take you into the depths of a cancer man's psyche, I must first make sure you are aware, that I can only give you knowledge from my own personal experiences. I have been attracted to cancer men throughout my life, so I consider myself as having a decent level of knowledge on the subject, but I certainly don't know "everything".

And when you add to the fountain of info, that you also need to be aware of your man's Moon and Rising signs (at least), there is a ton of info that will forever be lacking from this hub. Still, I hope you enjoy it! =)

Signs, Signs... Everywhere There's Signs...

  • Family - Cancer is THE Family sign of the zodiac, and you can be sure your cancer man is into you, when he brings you home to meet the family
  • Mom - If his mom likes you (or at least pretends she does), then you're in. A man with cancer in his sun, holds his mother in high regards, even if he doesn't talk about her that way. So make sure that whatever you do, you work to get on and stay on her good side.
  • He Talks - Cancer men, in my experience, are notorious for being able to keep their deeper sides to themselves. They lock those deeper emotions into a neat and crusty shell in the bottom of the sea, where no one can pry into them. Though my experience has also shown me, that if your cancer man does let you see inside, even just a peak, he's definitely interested in you.
  • He Loves Your Cooking - The irony here, is that although Cancer signs are well known for being the foodies of the zodiac, when a cancer sign is in love, they think your cooking is extra special, even if McDonalds would throw it out. It's the ingredient of your love that makes it extra special for them.
  • He's Cooked for You - Do to the traditional thought that it should be "women in the kitchen", cancer men don't cook as often as they really should. It's great for them on a very spiritual level, though like their deeper emotions, they don't go there often unless a power event or person moves them to do so =)
  • Your Number 3 - This is an interesting thing to think about. I say "#3", because Cancer men usually have at least a kid or two by the time they are in their early 20's, and because they are so loyal, that means they will usually still have a strong bond or at least a sense of responsibility to their kids mom. They don't want to be the "bad guy" in anyone's eye, which can often push new loves away, when really, if you're number 3, you're doing fantastic in your cancer mans eyes.
  • He Gets Jealous - Contrary to what I've seen as "popular belief", cancer men are not naturally the jealous type. Though when they feel truly connected to their partner, they will pull out the pinchers to protect that connection whenever they feel it's necessary.
  • Actions Speak Louder Than Words - Yes, it's true, most Cancer men are poetic in their own ways, though not all of them are that way with words, so if you're not "hearing" it directly from their mouths, check their actions. Cancer men in love, will do little things for you whenever they can, like cleaning the house or buying you a little gift here and there. They will hug you when you or he gets home, and make sure to kiss you before you leave each others sight.

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Cecemarie33 2 months ago

I guess it would never work out between me and the cancer i been seeing on and off for the pass 2 years. He has a kid, and i cant deal with the fact of how i feel like hes lying to me about things. Then he always trys to make things about me and my attitude and what i say to him. He act like he cares for me and then acts like he dont care. I asked this man so many times how does he feel about me? Before when i met him he said he liked me", but his actions maybe me feel otherwise sometimes. Ive been hurt before and im not looking to keep going thru that. Instead just tell me the truth. Thats all i ever asked him. When we argured he would talked crap to me with no problem.. But when it comes down to actually being honest its too hard for him. And i told you some of the events and traveled to nyc to see him and to FL where he lives and where i met him when i went down there for school. But he hurt me this last time, made me feel like shit. Like i traveled all the way down there just to find out his real name wasnt what he told me when we first met, i saw womans lotion and lip gloss in his car and i asked does he have someone else.. Cause if so ill just leave..

leighanne 2 months ago

If he truly cares he will be completely honest with you and be 100% all about you.

Lesa 6 weeks ago

Lol that's not true at all. Cancer men are very standoffish even when they really like you. I've been involed with one for about 10 years and he still hasn't really told me how he feels about me. He's a very moody person and he's also extremely jealous. He brings up my ex almost everytime we hang out and that can be very annoying. Sometimes arguments get so heated between us too and I end up asking him to just move on and leave me alone. But he never dose he always finds his way back into my life. I'm an Aries so I just usually go with the flow of things but dealing with a cancer man can be very difficult. I truly believe that he's totally in love with me and has been for the longest but however for some reason he doesn't want me to know that.

Samantha 6 weeks ago

I met this Cancer male almost 2 years ago in Miami. Passing each other on the street we checked each other out from behind at the same time lol. We exchanged numbers texted the whole day and saw each other in the club later that night. We wanted to see each other again but I was hanging with a group and by the time I got back he was asleep. I left the next morning. We made arrangements 2x after to see each other and it didnt happen. We have an amazing connection over the phone and through text messages. We send pics, argue, stop talking for awhile, get upset when the other goes out and talk often thoughout the day. Its crazy! I finally got to see him again recently because of my my job. It was just like the first time all over again well maybe even better. Im comfortable around him and cant get enough of his personality. He has a natural charm and sex appeal. I didnt fully enjoy my visit do to the fact the he didnt have anything planned for us. To me he is kinda slow but the willingness to do whatever I want helps. Since then Im back in my state and all I want to do is see him again. I hate it! He hasnt taken initiative the to make plans for us to see each other. He tells me he misses me often, saying GM everyday, calls on his breaks, talk till we fall asleep, tells me he dosent want me to see other people the whole gambit. He also told me that he really likes me

Queen 6 weeks ago

My cancer man is fucking wonderful. I'm a Virgo woman. Of the men and women we've been with none were as compatible as we are. I fucking love him lol and I don't think we will ever split because we respect each other , we know when one needs space. It's like we read each other and we feel each others energy and that's perfect for us. I mean I just think it's astrology. Because I'm a Earth sign, he's a water sign. The best of both worlds and we respect one another ridiculously . We talk about whatever we need to discuss and we fix things it's like the most amazing and understanding relationship I've ever been IT. He has a bad attitude but so do I, and a little attitude problem is what I need . That's what will make this thing last (; - oh and we never judge one another no matter what. We don't do the irrelevant question game unless it's necessary. We play no games. Blunt real raw genuine love and affection. He has bursts of mood swings but so do I . So for me to complain about it I'd be a hypocrite lol. I'm a queen and he's a king and we have big dreams. We could work together to build a foundation like no other. Both our minds put together could create such a wonderful successful ladder of success it's incredible. Be jealous bitches. My cancer man is so satisfying and he knows exactly what to do to make me smile, laugh etc. :) loving every minute of it

ctyflyhi 5 weeks ago

Question. I have a crush on a Cancer male from a few years back. I would have sworn the feelings were mutual. When I first met him, we were both involved with others and I worked for him so nothing ever came of anything. In the mean time, I found out one of my new friends online is his mother and she and I have become close. I have not told her about my crush on her son, mainly because I'm embarrassed now. I just told him about my crush and he basically said he's not interested in dating anyone. Should I tell her? ( And here's the odd part, is there ANY way he may be talking thru her? Some convos just seem slightly off...very confusing.)

Niya 4 weeks ago

Hi, ctyflyhi- Hope this helps you :) -

If your crush is a Cancer male, then he has a very high regard for his mother, so if you like him, be honest with his mom about it (don't be embarrassed, tell the truth) if his mom likes the type of person you are, she can definitely put in a good word for you.

Hard lesson- don't tell the Cancer man about any of your past relationships, they do not like it at ALL, they are easily jealous and do not like competition. But there is a remedy- give a brief, real brief apology but explain that you wanted to be open and honest send this note either through a text message or direct contact if possible (hint, if you do the apology face to face, look ultra feminine; a good bra and either a dress or skirt.

Shriya 8 days ago

I guess cancer guys are very sweet, loving,caring very responsible ...i m wid a cancer man but only problm is smtyms dere dreams are far more importnt dan a persn in dere lyf ....dreams shud be importnt true ....but dey shud also giv importnce to dose who really love dem alot....

Aqua-broken-hearted 18 hours ago

I was hooked by the crab claw and boy, does it hurt. We were dating for 10 months. The first 7 months was the most amazing time of my life. We had so much fun together, spent nearly all of our time together. After the 7 months things started to change. He became more secretive, hiding his phone, flirting with females online. When confronted about it, he would find a way to flip it on me. The arguments started to become more frequent and we both started assuming things about one another. He became more distant and soon after, he started ignoring me. The more I pushed.. He pulled. He doesn't take responsibility for his actions, instead he blames them on others. When asked if he want to breakup he always refuses... I started to ignore him after a while and he would call, text, apologize... The minute o text him back... He ignores me again. I'm almost certain there's someone else because he's not the type to be alone. I just cannot believe he's being like this towards me. I tried to communicate with him face to face and all he does is shut down and sulk. He later texted me saying that he's going through a lot mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, but then I would see him online acting as if his life is fine. I don't want to give up on him, but I think I have no choice but to go. I'm tired of hanging on to every word he says and being depressed, stressed, and not eating. This relationship is weighing on my health now. Any advice for this Aqua-broken-hearted!??

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