When a Scorpio Man Falls in Love


This hub comes from my personal experience. I am a Scorpio man, and I have often wondered, “What is an average Scorpio man like in love? How do most of us express love?” Most people are familiar with the general characteristics of a Scorpio man when he is in love. Some of these traits are possessiveness, jealousy and controlling behavior. Though I am shy, I am not sure if “shy” is one of the characteristics.

But first, a general introduction of a Scorpio guy through the eyes of a Scorpio.

How to Spot a Scorpio Man

  • He's reserved: The Scorpio guy can be silent on the outside but has a deep well of emotions within. If you see a guy at a party sitting in the corner quietly observing everything, he is probably your Scorpio man. Not that he is antisocial; he just likes privacy even in a social setting. At the same time, this isn't a foolproof clue; after all, some Scorpio men are very social (I am one of these).
  • He's opinionated: if you really want to spot a Scorpio guy, talk to him about anything occult and wait for his reaction. You will immediately know whether he is a Scorpio or not. Most of the Scorpios I have met have strong beliefs (positive or negative) and are passionate about expressing them. In fact, a Scorpio male has at least some basic knowledge and strong feelings about most of the subjects under the sun.
  • His gaze is intense: Another way to identify a Scorpio is to look deep into his eyes. As the cliché goes, you will probably feel like your soul is being stripped bare. Chances are that you may even get extremely attracted to him. As a Scorpio, I have gotten these reactions from my friends, the girls I have dated and my female colleagues.

Leonardo DiCaprio is a Scorpio man with very intense eyes.
Leonardo DiCaprio is a Scorpio man with very intense eyes. | Source

A Scorpio Man in Love

There are various contentions here about how a Scorpio guy behaves when he is in love. One thing to know for sure is that flirting with you does not mean he has feelings for you. I, for one, openly flirt with many girls, but I make it quite clear to them that it doesn’t mean anything other than that we are good friends. It is said that Scorpio guys do not fall in love easily unless the girl has some mystery around her. I can definitely vouch for that. I have only fallen for girls with an aura of mystery or power. But what happens if he does fall in love? How does he behave then?

Again, from my personal experience, once the guy falls for someone, there is no returning. He falls for her, and he falls hard. The first thing I noticed is that he starts going out of his way to do things for her. Now, this may be a general characteristic of most of the male species in the animal kingdom in order to attract the female. However, the second thing is not done by most of them. Once he is in love, he also starts becoming possessive.

Like a spider, a Scorpio will slowly start weaving a net around his beloved. If he sees that the game is a bit more challenging than he thought, he may even start becoming manipulative in order to make sure that she belongs to him. The bottom line is that he can go to any extreme to make sure she stays with him forever.

Flirting with you does not necessarily mean a Scorpio has feelings for you. But if he does fall, he falls hard.
Flirting with you does not necessarily mean a Scorpio has feelings for you. But if he does fall, he falls hard. | Source

How Does He Express Love?

Now, the biggest question is this. How does a Scorpio express his love to the woman he likes? Frankly speaking, this is the toughest question for me as I still do not have one single answer for this.

I believe most Scorpio men fall into two categories when expressing love.

  1. One kind finds it too hard to express their love. I fall into this category. I am kind of shy and though I have dated many girls in my life, I have expressed love only to a couple of them. It was not because I didn’t like some of the others. I was just either too shy in expressing it or a bit too slow.
  2. The second type of Scorpio just goes for it. One reason might be that Scorpios don’t like losing anything. Call them selfish, but if they like something, they start thinking that it belongs to them. This should not be taken in a negative way. It is simply that a Scorpio knows what kind of woman he wants and when he finds her, he cannot afford to lose her. So, if he has the confidence to jump right in, that's what he'll do.

For Scorpios, most things in life are games and battles they should win at any cost. They just cannot afford to lose. It may be said that, if the girl says no, it is a defeat for the Scorpio ego, which is difficult to handle. Like many people, Scorpios who don't express their interest are afraid of rejection. But if they can make it past that barrier, a Scorpio will be in for keeps. Remember, I told you that a Scorpio man does not fall in love easily? Once he does, he does not let go.

Scorpio Ryan Gosling is not afraid to jump right in.
Scorpio Ryan Gosling is not afraid to jump right in. | Source

Hot and Cold: Your Scorpio Guy

I keep getting queries from people who are with a Scorpio and confused about his behavior. They ask questions such as: "My Scorpio guy acts hot and cold" or "He just stopped talking to me for two weeks. Why?" To clear things up, I thought that it would be good to mention some of the traits you may encounter if you are considering a relationship with a Scorpio.

  • Mood swings: A Scorpio guy can have frequent mood swings. This is not necessarily because he has PMS issues. He just gets overwhelmed easily. He keeps thinking about 10 different things at one moment, and he needs to focus on all of them but can only manage one at a time. He feels that he is always in the eye of the storm. That is one reason why he may be all over you one moment, and the next moment act completely distant. Even while talking to you, he may suddenly think of something else he needs to handle. A Scorpio's mind never rests.
  • Focus: A Scorpio in general needs to focus on one thing at a time. For him, difficulties are problems to be solved with undivided attention. That's the reason he may prefer not to talk to you for some time (because he is trying to solve something with extreme focus). Don't always interpret his silence as "he is upset with me."
  • Reluctance to commit: A Scorpio is not a person who rushes into a true relationship. You two may hit it off immediately, but it takes effort and diligence to prove yourself as his soulmate. Of course, once he believes you are "the one" he will be extremely loyal. The only reason he may commit adultery is if he thinks that you are not the right one.
  • Sensitivity: Scorpio men should come with a special tag called "Handle with care." He has a tough shell on the outside, but he is extremely sensitive inside. You don't always know what will hurt his feelings. So, be extremely careful when you talk to him, especially if you are having a heated conversation.

Nelly is a proud Scorpio. Many Scorpios are tough on the outside but very sensitive underneath.
Nelly is a proud Scorpio. Many Scorpios are tough on the outside but very sensitive underneath. | Source

Advice on Dating a Scorpio

Relationships with a Scorpio can be intensely passionate. Once you crack that "tough guy" shell, there are few star signs more devoted or loyal in love. However, there's a dark side to that loyalty: Scorpio men can also be jealous and oppressive partners. Here is some advice on how to handle a relationship with a Scorpio man.

  • Be honest: Avoid playing games. I am not discouraging you from playing the initial courtship games but don't take it too far. If you have given him your word, stick to it. Scorpio men seldom trust anyone, and not keeping your word is the easiest way to lose his trust.
  • Be assertive: A Scorpio is dominating and possessive in a relationship. Don't let him get away with this behavior. He respects a woman who can hold her ground and does not give in easily. Be confident, and stand up for yourself and your needs.
  • Be wary of manipulative behavior: A Scorpio man is a master of mind games and manipulation. If you hurt him deeply, he may even make "destroying you" or "teaching a lesson" the sole purpose of his life. There are very few who have evolved beyond a point of vengeance. If a person is stalking you, he most probably has a Scorpio element somewhere in his birth chart.
  • Don't worry if you don't always understand him: His behavior may sometimes seem pretty weird. We are not very good at explaining our reasons for doing things, and he probably has something in mind which he is not talking about. It is extremely difficult to understand what goes on inside a Scorpio's brain. If you don't get it, let him explain eventually, on his own terms.

This advice is mostly from my personal experience. Feel free to let me know what other Scorpios or someone who has an experience with a Scorpio male thinks about it.

All Scorpios are not the same. After all, there are different levels to which a Scorpio has evolved. To get a clearer picture of what may be the level of evolution of your Scorpio guy, check out my article on totems of a Scorpio.

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Shari 2 days ago

I'm a 45 year old Gemini woman and am currently dating a Scorpio. It was on and off in the beginning and I felt like he was playing games with me not showing up or other things came up, so I stopped seeing him all together. I even told him I was going to date someone else who had time for me. During this time period, he would always reach out to me and I would just ignore him. I eventually reached out to him at some point and since then he has NOT stopped. He is relentless and it's almost suffocating. I'm trying to create my own space being a Gemini it's hard for us to deal with people controlling us or wanted to be with us all the time. He has wanted to be at my home waiting for me and I feel it's some type of control he wants in being in my home when I'm not there. He hugs every last breath out of me and sex with him is unreal. I can't even explain how comforted and protected I feel in his arms. He is one of the few signs besides Sagittarius that have this affect on me. I find Sagittarius's to be superficial and emotionally unattached at times. Scorpios are always attached even when they want there time to themselves to think or do what it is they do because secrecy is definitely a Scorpio's trait which is hard to deal with especially if you have any trust issues whatsoever. I also notice at times that he is now becoming more possessive and jealous. We went out to a casino one night and he wouldn't leave my side or let my hand go. It was a nice feeling that I finally found someone who behaves this way. It's very comforting that I don't have to worry and know that someone as my back. He's told me he loves me and now he's asked me if I want a baby with him. Not sure if he's serious or not but at my age I don't think it would be feasible. Well, we will see how this goes. I just hope he gets his shit together because he doesn't have the best paying job not that it's what I look for but I want someone who is a little more dependable when money is concerned.

Diz 2 weeks ago

Just under 4 months ago I met a Scorpio man on a dating website. After some lighthearted but relevant chat about mutual interests we met up for dinner. He turned out to be understated and quietly confident, and very much the gentleman. He nailed me with the surprise observation 'You have barriers up', without labouring the point, which I could only hold my hands up and agree with. I thought 'Damn, that's that then, shame as I rather liked him' but I was wrong...

We are now going from strength to strength and every day I think I couldn't possibly love him any more than I already do he does something that makes me feel even more loved up and appreciative of and closer to him. He reciprocates these feelings, although he isn't mushy, which I'm glad of as it would drive me nuts. He does do the 'focus' thing, but then again so do I and find it annoying when someone is cloying for my attention when I'm concentrating so I leave him in peace and go do my thing. It's never long before he comes looking for me.

While on the surface he is blunt, playful and good natured underneath he is a deep and sensitive man, very thoughtful and caring, which actually curtails the brat in me for I take a deep breath before having a go at him about anything as I know he'll take it to heart and hurting my lovely man is the last thing I want to do. I've told him I'm being selfish when I spoil him because seeing him relaxed and happy makes me feel good.

We are getting along so well that my curiousity was piqued re astrology, a long lost friend of mine, and I found he has a Scorpio Sun and a Virgo moon, while I have a Pisces sun and a Scorpio moon (same combo as Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, which cracks me up). I also have a Virgo ascendant while his is Gemini - our Virgo aspects marry well for we are both organized and very particular about personal hygiene, and his flirtatious Gemini AS keeps my posessive Scorpio moon on its toes, another thing I'm glad of for I quickly become bored with men who present no challenge at all so he keeps my fire burning. Mars is in Aries for me, so I have no problem correcting him if need be (but see above re letting rip), although I find it stokes the famous Scorpio passion that I know he brings home to me, so I playfully chastise him and roll with it ;-)

I really do think there is a lot in the stars and in our case it is working wonderfully. We got in deep very quickly and I for once am not afraid, nor is he. We both just *know* we're right together. If your Scorpio man is acting like an asshat that's either because you fail to understand the nature of the beast or *he really is an asshat* and doesn't deserve your attention.

GreenEyes1607 profile image

GreenEyes1607 4 weeks ago from Illinois

Really great hub! I've always been interested in the Scorpio man and find him absolutely intriguing. My only question is, do their behaviors tend to change at all as they mature and age? I would assume that an older Scorpio man tends to behave a little more reserved and careful because he probably has more dating experience and has been hurt more. Do you find this to be true, or do Scorpio men tend to stay the same throughout their different life stages? How would a woman know if an older Scorpio man is interested in her if she was a younger woman? Because from my experience they seem to be shy in expressing themselves even when they're interested. By the way, I am an Aquarius woman.

Marissa 6 weeks ago

I am a leo woman in a relationship with a scorpio man. Let me just say the scorpio spell is completley undeniable. I knew it the first time he looked at me. He has a way of igniting my fire and the past 4ish months have completley changed my life. We do have some things working against us, for example my age. I am only 19 where he is 30. I cant tell you how it works the way it does but the universe works in mysterious ways. He is amazing. Just the other night i was at his house cleaning and doing dishes and what have you when I feel energy outside and i turn around and hes walking up with flowers!!! not only flowers but flowers and a choclaty treat and made me dinner. I of course eat this up im a leo i love the flattery and romance. And boy does he bring it. I am seriously falling in love with this man and he has opened his heart up to me in more ways than i think he inittially anticipated. he asked me to move in next month but ive basically been living there since august. Because hes so much older i worry about other woman his own age. He could have any ladies his type he wants. Me i am petite and very blonde and he usually goes for curvy brunettes. I want him though and want him to continue to want me. Any advice?

Libra1010 3 months ago

I'm a libra, and i've been seeing a Scorpio for just about 7 months. He is such a great man, he's very open and honest with me. I think he may be the one, however there are some red flags that I am seeing now that make me have my reservations. He's very possesive, we're both really attractive to the point of people seeing us walk down the street we get stares, from women and men alike. When a man looks at me he gets crazy! Also, he goes through my phone to try to find things. When he doesn't find anything, he like to make things up. I don't know what to do anymore :/

allika w 3 months ago

Hi karthikkash

I am deeply troubled. I am married to a scorpio man from the past 3 years and it has always been a rocky relationship. He was overseas and after marriage he did not show any inclination to make my visa. I got frustrated and told him either we stay together or i leave him. He stopped talking to me for almost 7-8 months. So i went ahead and applied for annulment of marriage but he came back and begged me to not do it. I caved because of familial pressure and gave him a chance. He started making my visa which took a year during the entire time our relation was rocky again. After three years finally we are together, I quit my great jo left everything and am with him for exactly a month now. All this time he's been civil to me but we don't have any relationship (share different rooms mostly talk only during meals). We had some kind of stupid argument today and he says that I am here because he wants to ruin my life since I ruined his. He would not leave me or allow me to file divorce. I dont get it. I did not do anything to deserve this stayed faithful inspite of what he did. I am stuck now.

Could you suggest what I can do here.

Mayur Jobanputra 4 months ago

This is an awesome article. As a Scorpio, I totally relate.

ChefNibblet profile image

ChefNibblet 4 months ago

Hi, I am a Leo woman who's falling fast for a Scorpio man, but true to this article it's a little complicated. I'm 44, he's 48.

I lost my husband of 10 years in January '15. The last year and a half has pretty much been a grieving and healing process with absolutely no interest in dating or sex. Not interested whatsoever. I was shut down.

I met this Scorpio last year though my father, they're good friends and have a business relationship. People have always told he had a crush on me, but he also has a live-in girlfriend. I never gave him a second thought other than he was friendly and fun to be around when we all got together on boating days or fishing trips or dinners. Physically he is not even my type or someone I would normally be attracted to.

Fast forward to about 2 weeks ago. A bunch of us went on a fishing day trip, and we started flirting. I felt myself become increasingly attracted to him as the day went on. For the first time in a very long while, I'd feel electrified throughout my body just by his eye contact or when he'd "accidentally" brush up against me. I could literally feel my fire being ignited again - I was so afraid it was lost and would never return after losing my husband.

That evening after fishing, we all went out to dinner and he had to sit right next to me at the table. We flirted the entire time, I felt like a giddy idiot. Then just he, my Dad, and I went out for drinks afterward. My Dad finally called it a night and left the two of us alone, and it was quite clear both of us couldn't wait to get our hands on each other. We started making out in the bar - I haven't done a full on make-out PDA session since I was dating my husband. Then after our designated driver picked us up, he left us to make out in the back of the car for a while, and I let him kiss me all over my neck and breasts. But it stopped there.

The next morning, he texted me straight away wanting to see me, and I immediately decided I have to tell him we cannot go any further because of his girlfriend. The night before I mentioned the gf during make-out breaks, and he told me that they were in the process of splitting up, that they hadn't had sex in a year, had nothing in common, and were sleeping in separate bedrooms.. To make things even more complicated, he has offered me a gig at his company and wants me to work for him so he can see me everyday and be closer to him. We met several times for lunch over this past week where we discussed business but the conversation always deviated to flirting and him wanting to know more about me personally.

I'm having a VERY hard time staying in control. His sexual energy is undeniable. When I saw him last just for a couple of drinks and chat, I was honest about the way he was making me feel for the first time in so long. He looked me right in the eye and said, "If I had my way with you, I would eat you alive, no part of your body would be spared, I would take you apart, you have no idea." I wanted to jump him right there on the barstool. After we left each other, he texted me all night similar things and more.

Now given there are a few complicated factors here... the girlfriend - and I never have or ever do want to be second fiddle or the other woman. There's the fact that I may work for him, and he is my Dad's friend. This is scary because he has awakened so much in me, all I can think about is him and sex 24/7. It's very scary. At the same time, he is honest and direct and thinks the world of my Dad, therefore, I don't think he would hurt me. It is driving me crazy, I want to give in to him so badly but the situation is blowing my mind. Though I've made it clear things can't go any further until he officially ends things with the gf, I can't help but to flirt with him. How should I handle the intense spell this Scorpio man has me under?

Inna 6 months ago

Everything fits in, almost as you described the thoughts I got of a Scorpio man I know so "well" but still feels I don´t "know"...

confused 6 months ago

Hello, karthik i have a situation with a scorpio man that i work with, he's very funny and social, he's talkative when he wants to, we talk but not much, so a few weeks ago i hanged out with him at work, we had a nice conversation until he told me( to go check my shcedule because he doesnt work the next day inorder for me to go to his place),i laughed at first because i thought that he was joking but when i looked at him he wasnt, so i didnt comment on it and we carried on the conversation, afterwards things got awkward between us, i was busy with work so we didnt talk much, now when i dont talk to him he gets so quiet and stares a lot, but he listens to my conversations, and when he doesnt see me he looks for me? , i dont flirt with him, i just wanted to be friends with him, i dont get this, can u please explain to me?

wendy 6 months ago

thanks for y expertise..I am a Capr woman sun moon Venus mars and mercurius as Capr. he is a scorpio, do not his Birth date.(he gave me a false one).we r distant but European (2 hours Flying)and he insists on the distance problem.I offered to travel 1 w.end monthly.I am so in love with him and he perfectly knows (6months now)he has a great affection for me, he hugs me warmly and the first date he was sexually aroused sitting next to me. we both are tempest under skin.but.....I am a lady and at that first sexual approach I didn't reply(at a restaurant) after that he went on gently replying sms with kiss but gradually keeping distance from me. I wrote him my impression, trying to manage for a next date but I failed. now that I wrote him I am going to meet another man coming to my country to visit me, he asks me for friendship saying it would be a pleasure and honour for hime to have my friendship. he is playing? I noticed in other occasions I tried to move on he replied trying not to let me go..but giving nothing at all....hopelessly devoted????thanks

Reneckie73 6 months ago

I am involved with a Scorpio man. I am Libra. He pursued me for months and I gave him a really hard time. After a week of dating he told me that he loved me. Today we have officially made 1 month. He is good to me and keeps me smiling everyday. However, I can't deny that part of me that screams, "Warning". I really gave him a hard time and I have been stung by a Scorpio twice. When we are together their is an intensity that can not be denied. It is an intoxicating and the heat is undeniable. He fell hard and is possessive and jealous but I do not have a problem with that. He says that we will not burn out because of us. Can a Scorpio love that quickly or is it just lust?

Joss 7 months ago


Thanks for your amazing article let me know more about scorpio! :)

But still have some confused about this mysterious guy.

I have a long-distance relationship with a scorpio guy and I’m older than him for 6 years old.I'm 29 and he is 23.

When we just know each other at begin it happens to be his birthday,he asked me his birthday just near when he will receive his gift?I knew he was just kidding about it. But still send him a birthday gift and handmade birthday card for him,he said he never receive kind of gift before and I really touched his heart.

We will talking lots of things,although most of them are I share more.He will said sweet words to me and expression his love to me sometimes.For him I'm a pure and humble and loyalty girl,for me he is a simple and straight talk and mysterious guy.And I always admire his straight talk,he will straight talk but never said mean words to me that's one of appreciate part.

When we know each other over 6 months.

We had discuss about our relationship,I asked him did he serious about me? He said he really like me, and really loves me, but don't know about the future if I feel not comfortable with him,he will not force me to stay,I answer him immediate I will stay.Then I asked him that so we just like girlfriend and boyfriend? He said yes.

And we been together almost 1.5 years now.During this time he had disappear for few time because of work,this time also.He said he need leave his country to South Africa for work with his dad ,so I have to wait for him one month,when I said I will waiting for him until he back,he said thanks to me.So in this past 4 months I keep send him 33 e-mails and texts,he only reply for 6 letters back.When I receive his first e-mail is after one month he said really so sorry to late replay because too much busy but don't even think that he don't miss me although he not replay back.But the mostly I can't understand is he reply me on Happy Promise Day but not on Valentine's Day!?

My confused is he really into me or just playing or test something?or lost interest on me?

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 8 months ago from India Author

kissy: Not necessarily... If other aspects of your birth charts are compatible, and you have a very good understanding, then it can be a very good match.

kissy 8 months ago

I'm dating a scorpio and I'm a scorpio myself. Is this bad??

March Missy 10 months ago


I have had a very traumatic experience with a Scorpio man, who I met through Facebook in early November. To cut a long story short we attended the same school and I thought he was someone else and sent him a message. He replied saying it wasn't him and then sent me a friend request, which I accepted and after a few days we swapped phone numbers and started chatting on WhatsApp and video chatting on Skype. We are both in relationships with other people, but enjoyed talking to each other so much and after just 2 weeks he told me that he was smitten. I was very surprised, if not shocked! He said he wanted me to move back the UK, and for us to be together. However around a month ago I sent him messages on WhatsApp after he had said he was going to bed, and his partner saw them. I should explain that we are thousands of miles apart. Me in the U.S and he in the U.K. The next morning after sending the texts when I checked WhatsApp I saw that his profile picture was gone and tried to send a message, which was never delivered. I also tried to send him a text, which was also not delivered. I checked Facebook and he had blocked me there also. Later that day he unblocked me on WhatsApp and we talked briefly, and that was it for a couple of days. I sent him a message asking him if he wanted to talk to me, but his reply was "Yeah, I'm OK thanks", when I wasn't enquiring as to his well being. I told a mutual friend who said it sounded like he was messing me about, and had already said that it was bad, the way that he had treated me. I told him this (but didn't say who), he was furious, and demanded to know who I'd spoken to. I told him I would never say. To cut another long story short, I blocked him from WhatsApp as I was tired of not hearing from him, but then sent him an e-mail basically saying how I had met someone else and they were interested in me, and how I wish that things could have been different between us. He replied saying he was gutted and how he thought it would have been great me and him, and then he told me to unblock him on WhatsApp and we talked and video chatted the next day on Skype. He told me he loved me while chatting there. And things were great for a couple of days. He sent sweet messages for me, for when I woke up, and was so lovely and attentive, but the next day he was back to his previous behavior. I have always told him that communication is super important for me. I am Pisces by the way. He would read messages but not reply. I was taken into hospital 2 days later and when I was released the next morning I sent him a message telling him that. He asked why, and what had happened, but every message I sent after that he read but never replied to. So yesterday I sent him a message telling him that I was going to move on, and would block e-mail this time so he can't contact me. Again he read it, but didn't reply. This morning I sent him a voice message on WhatsApp telling him how hurt I was, and how I could not keep banging my head against a brick wall. Wished him Good Luck with his new job that he applied for (management) and his life. Then I deleted the chat and blocked him, and from my phone contacts too, and blocked his e-mail address. I was in tears as I was recording it, because I am in love with him, and he knows it, because I have told him being honest. I have tried so hard to understand him, and forgive him, but I just cannot wait around wasting my time. I hope and pray that he will try to find a way to contact me, but only if he is ready to change his ways. I seriously doubt it as when I have told him that he has trouble showing his emotions, and wish he would, he got mad and said he wasn't changing. And then proceeded to tell me how he felt but was angry when he did so. I am heartbroken and keep breaking down in tears, because the last thing I wanted to do was to walk away, but I also have to think of myself and how I am being treated and I know that I deserve better than that. He was my world and I would have done anything for him. All I can do is give it time. For me to get over him and get him out of my mind - which is super hard, as he is on my every thought every second of the day, or if a miracle happens and he is sorry, willing to try harder and communicate.

Vlcarg 10 months ago

Allisson88.... YES had a lot of experience with them I see & still

I have Leo in my birth chart with MOON, VENUS & MERCURY and Aries in MARS so I have a lot of fire in me and maybe he couldn't control me like the others....the crazy part I think he liked that about me BUT still was trying.....I think he was a little intimidated by me!!

My experience with him was a lot of attentiveness, possessiveness & manipulation to get his way.... I didn't get the disappearing acts or triangulation that I knew of.... Lol

We were actually doing fine until we had a disagreement and no one wanted to apologize so we stop talking for a month 1/2 , no one reached out and then he met someone else and got marriage.....the sad part I think the marriage had a lot to do with me... Yes I have a big

I know that they like to be vindictive at times.....

This have been an experience out of this world I can say......

From this article they don't fall in love easily so it just blew me away.... I know women would react this way b/c off of our emotions BUT never it my wildest dream that a guy would run off to get married w/o any knowledge of who he is marrying...

Your comments have been helpful....

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 11 months ago from India Author

Allison88: LOL!! I won't think you guys have commandeered my blog in any way. Any help is welcome on my page. I have pretty much treated this blog page as open page for inputs :) Moreover, I am a very bad agony aunt (or rather, uncle) in certain matters :D

Allison88 11 months ago

Hi Vicarg .... geez, Karthikkash will probably think we've commandeered his blog. lol. I don't have any magic answers, just my own personal learning and of course, a lot of sympathy and support for your situation. I'm a Cancer, too. :)

I also didn't mean to imply that only those with low self-esteem would be adversely affected after experiencing an unevolved Scorp "experience". (I hesitate to call it a relationship because it's more akin to a carnival ride). But their behavior would cause most reasonable folks to seriously doubt and question down to our core at times. And that is precisely their "hook". Dazed, confused and utterly infatuated, we become easily conditioned to accept their bad behavior and lies.

The 'love bombing' they do followed by disappearing stunts, 'gaslighting' and 'triangulation' with others is highly destabilizing and designed to give them all the power.

How can they do this and how the heck did I get so wrapped up in it? For me, a review of our chart compatibility revealed a few important things (the dreaded venus square pluto obsessive aspect for one) but that aside, as we also know, Scorpios can weave a web around just about anyone IF they choose to wield their power in that way.

It isn't fair, and it is certainly not humane. One has to lack a certain moral conscience to behave in such a manner. It's a travesty for sure and I certainly don't envy the poor girl who "won" his hand in marriage.

Scorpios typically don't marry on a rebound. What is more likely is he found someone that offered something he wanted/needed superficially without (perhaps) a deep emotional aspect. She may be easier to appease (or fool) in terms of getting additional attention outside of their marriage. He gets a nice little homelife and can still seek out his insatiable validation needs from others.

Cancers and Scorps are an emotionally intense, almost mystical match. But Cancers are also a cardinal sign and though we can seem at times like the poster child for co-dependency, at some point our innate strength kicks in and we won't stand for nonsense.

The silver lining is that the day will come when you stop wondering "why". Because it won't matter. This type does not deserve that energy. When I was going through my own 'experience" a good friend sent me the story of the Scorpion and the Frog:

A scorpion asks a frog to carry it across a river. The frog hesitates, afraid of being stung, but the scorpion argues that if it did so, they would both drown. Considering this, the frog agrees, but midway across the river the scorpion does indeed sting the frog, dooming them both. When the frog asks the scorpion why, the scorpion replies that it was in its nature to do so.

The fable is used to illustrate that fundamentally vicious natures cannot change.

All the best - A

Vlcarg 11 months ago

Great advice from Karthikkash, Allison88 & wakeupincal..........!!!!

I never had issues with self-esteem and don't now however the situation blew me away....never knew anyone could get married in a short period of time BUT so called was so in love with I wanted to know HOW & WHY so it had me dwelling so much on it that I got away from what the reality of things were.... This page is so helpful.... I thank you all for your comments!!!!

Allison88 11 months ago

Stumbled across this article and comments today. All I can say is "Wowwww..." Great article (and responses) by the writer and ScorpioTed. They are definitely on the more evolved end of Scorpio Totems (another good article - be sure to read them all by this author) and wonderful if you can find one - but sadly, less plentiful out in the dating world.

IMHO, this is because the higher evolved Scorps are already taken, happy being unattached or don't stay on the market for long, if available. All Scorps have some level of magnetic intensity and draw the opposite sex without even trying. The evolved ones will be able to land a mate of the highest caliber - even if they themselves aren't classically attractive and I agree, that mate will be very, very lucky. I know of a few of these marriages and they are quite remarkable.

Relationships with lesser evolved Scorps are an altogether different story - often harrowing, debilitating experiences. For the purpose of my post I will focus on those Scorps and while not a professional, I do speak from experience.

Reading through the multitude of comments makes me sad. A lot the posters sound really out of control emotionally ("spinning") and that is completely understandable so be gentle on yourself. The lower evolved Scorps are no match for most mortals and wreak a lot of havoc! Kudos to the author and ScorpioTed for responding with such kindness.

But I think my favorite response is from "WakeupinCa". Read it through, then read it again. Because until you can get honest and real about what is really go on with your attachment to these lesser Scorps, you will continue to spin and spiral further down.

There is a good deal of information out there about narcissism, and while not ALL lower Scorps are narcissistic, many are and the information will help neutralize what you are going through. It also helps to understand that these types drive many good-hearted folks to go completely bonkers at least temporarily. So you're certainly not alone.

But if you find yourself ruminating over why they've disappeared again, why they seemed so interested in the beginning, will they ever come back, commit, stop cheating, flirting, triangulating you with others; should you be more loving, more understanding, act detached, give them more space, give them less space, initiate contact just to say "hey" or write them long texts or emails professing how you feel (never a good idea). Just. Breathe. And Stop yourself right there.

You have already lost the edge/confidence/independence that attracted them to you in the first place. Because the minute you feel them slipping away which creates that manic impulse to obsess over, or reach out to, them like that, they are already well into the devalue/discard stage. It is a pattern, rooted in many, many things and a zero sum game. Every time.

There's a famous Groucho Marx saying that is often referenced when describing a narcissist, aka lower totem Scorp, "I don’t want to belong to any club that would have me as a member". So whether you are overtly chasing your Scorp (intiating emails, texts, etc) or even just allowing them to come in and out of your life like a revolving door, it is unlikely you will see a White Wedding.

Scorpio won't respect tears, emotional outbursts or anyone chasing after them. The irony in this is that most woman with enough esteem and cool stuff going on in her world to make the lower evolved Scorp want to commit, won't put up with the unhealthy BS. And this drives the Scorpio crazy! So he will return to his known admirers when rejected or when he needs attention, but he will only truly want the women who don't want him.

So what about those of us who just want to love them? Don't they care about us, miss us, find us special? To the extent we can supply them with something they need, yes. But narcissists (narcs) and lower evolved Scorps (for me they are one in the same) can compartmentalize like nobody's business. Meaning, when they kiss you goodbye in the morning, send a nice "Had a great time, you are so wonderful" text mid-day, they do feel some sentiment, but can also move along quite easily to being the very exact same way with a completely different admirer by dinner.

A Scorpio, or any man for that matter, will pursue and commit IF they WANT to, WHEN they find someone so amazing that she stands out from all the rest. Remember my comment in the beginning, the evolved ones will be able to choose from the highest caliber and when they do, they will commit.

As for the lower ones ...when they disappear for days, weeks, months ... it is because they either found better options or are more interested in looking for new blood, and don't want to get into something messy or emotional with someone they've already conquered, who is probably boring them at this point. But they don't want to lose you, either. So they'll pop back up later as if nothing happened and you are just so giddy to hear from them again that you succumb.

And by "better", that doesn't mean you aren't completely awesome if they disappear, but the lower Scorps seek constant novelty and excitement so you could be drop dead gorgeous, successful, (insert adjective here) and they will still do this because it is their lower nature to do so. Period.

Often those other short-term flings won't work for long, either, and we become excited if/when they return, convincing ourselves that 'we' are the real deal for them. See? They didn't find someone better after all. Until it happens again. And again. Do not be misled: this type of person needs a LOT of validation and attention (narcissistic supply).

Many comments here report waiting months, if not years, going through this same cycle, believing it will someday change. This is the false hope of co-dependency and it will literally rob you of your self-esteem and sanity. Not to mention precious years of your life.

Take the energy you are pouring out into these relationships and refocus it on healing/transforming your own wounds. There are many great books/articles out there to help you understand and deal with these difficult souls. I recommend the books from Zari Ballard (Amazon). She is not a professional, but has a lot of experience and no-BS practical knowledge that I found more relate-able than some of the so-called expert psychologists. You have to live through it to truly understand the dependency -- and how we enable it.

Of special note to the posters who were crushed by their lower Scorp marrying someone else within a short amount of time. Simply put, you were spared. You may not get immediate confirmation of this but know that nothing ever good comes from those lower evolved Scorp relationships/marriages.

An old friend got pregnant with her small town high school Scorpio sweetheart just after graduation. The families were close and attended the same church. He went on a pre-wedding bachelor party trip to Mexico and met a beautiful foreigner whom he married instead, 4 months later, before his child was even born. Of course the families were furious! But you know what, he didn't care. Neither did the new wife.

As fate would have it, my very pregnant friend ran into them (in person!) on her way to deliver the baby! Suffice to say it was a defining moment in her Life and one of the worst experiences she ever had to climb out of. But climb out of it she did and eventually married a wonderful man. The ex-Scorp? He became a violent alcoholic and his beautiful exotic find from Mexico returned home after 20 years, haggard and worn out from all the years of his vile abuse and abject cheating.

It took 20 years before she received her validation but whether that validation ever comes to you or not, be grateful you weren't ultimately "chosen" by one of these lesser evolved Scorpio types. Do the work on yourself, and choose a better Life!

I hope this helps someone. Love and light - A

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 11 months ago from India Author

Vicarg: Sorry for the late response. If he is already married now, then it may not be much of help dwelling on it. Just put it on the back of your mind and move ahead. It may be quite possible that he has become busy with his family, or he may have realised that there is not much that can be done now after getting married.

WakeUpinCA 11 months ago

Think of how stuck you are going to be 20 years from now. These pathetic, selfish souls (you are so addicted to their diamond in the rough behavior that you are really, really becoming delusional). I'm sorry, but I like you all and I am trying to help you. If these guys really LOVED you would they treat you this badly? or are you so beat down by them and they have you TRAINED to accept what little they offer. You don't recognize what a normal relationship is anymore. You don't even know how much you have changed and you ignore your relatives and your friends because you LOVE HIM. THE MORE YOU LOVE HIM THE MORE HE WILL DESPISE YOU AND THE LESS YOU WILL LOVE YOURSELF. Am I wrong? What have you had to overlook or give up that you wouldn't have given up before you met him? Stop with the "but he does..." the bottom line is how you feel about you each day. Feel anxious, trapped, on a rollercoaster, emotionally high from the pain? Then girlfriend, he is controlling you like Satan with a yo-yo. And it is not good for his soul to be immersed in darkness. Unless you want to be a blubbering lithium 345 lb mess that he cruelly will mock 20 years from now, stop the cycle and stand up in light. Don't think it will happen to you? Ever see pictures of fat women when they were young and wonder how they got that way. BET IT WAS A SCORPIO!!!

Vlcarg 11 months ago

Well, I contacted u in September 2013, To make this as short as I can, I was dating a Scorpio for about 10 months, we talked about marriage and such... After 6 months of dating everything went down hill and he felt I disrespected him with a friend( man)... It was a childhood friend...he called me and we talked on the phone while he was right in front of me.. He couldn't get past that... We start arguing and

Things got bad... we didn't talk for about 1 1/2 months.... He started another relationship and got married within 3 months... Now we never had closure....i was hurt so I said ok... You told me to move on...& I did...I was getting strange calls all of sudden but no one was on the line then eventually 1 month later he called..... He said he made a mistake and start calling me saying he was angry and hurt with me and we start back talking as if nothing happened until I said no long as you are married ... We can't communicate anymore... He said he had no desires for no other women BUT me including his wife... I cut communication off because I still loved him and will not share a MAN regardless if I love him or question is was it just him trying to see if he could still have me, wanting his cake & eat it or was he truly desiring me the way that he this have been going on for about a year and 1/2 BUT the suspicious calls have stopped for about month 1/2 now....... I really thought he loved me.. His mother and family did too so everyone was taken back BUT now he is married maybe he decided to work it out with his wife and stop thinking about me.... I don't know......I truly start thinking about other things when he crosses my mind BUT occasionally I wonder what we had...

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 11 months ago from India Author

Vlcarg: It's been a while. Could you please send me a message so that I may be able to help you?

Vlcarg 11 months ago

Hello karthikkash, I was waiting to hear some of your feedback on what I wrote 7 months ago.... Any advice???

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 11 months ago from India Author

iggy7117: Thanks a lot :) And while I have written this, I continue to understand life as I grow :)

iggy7117 profile image

iggy7117 11 months ago from New Jersey

I am a Scorpio male and thought most of the way I was came from life experience, but when you was telling about us you were describing me exactly. I now have a better understanding of why I act the way I do, I have been told my intense stair can unnerve people and I understand it now.

Vlcarg 19 months ago

hell0, I contacted you about 2 1/2 years ago about a scorpio that I was dating, we was dating for about 10 months and we was doing well until he felt I disrespected him with a guy i grew up with , I talked to him while he was right there then the relationship went downhill (marriage was on the table) then we stop talking for 2 months never said it was over then he met someone else and after 2 1/2 months he married her. Now his mother and everyone was stunned and was saying he did this because of the hurt that he had out of our relationship. Your advice at that time was to move on and he would eventually find out that he made a mistake and I did just that, I was hurt however I tried to stay busy and just start living after that major STING, then calls began a month after the marriage, it began with google numbers in which you couldn't call back because it wasn't a working number so I knew it was him. then finally he called and told me he made a mistake. He is still married so I'm not entertaining any of the foolery about him loving me. He did expressed his hurt on some of the things in the relationship (his Jealousy & the 2months when we was apart, thinking I was dating others) BUT why would he take things to this extreme and marry someone else after 2-3 months then try to come and said he made a mistake. Now you said scorpios don't fall in love that easily however he MARRIED someone and he stated that he thinks about me more than he should and I thought maybe he was lusting and he explain he can have any woman BUT its not about lusting, he have desires for me and no other woman, including his wife. I don't share MEN so I would never entertain anything but the conersation because I needed some answers BUT I told him to stop calling me unless he has a divorce, I do love him after all this time but I will not get caught up with any of his foolery.............what advice can you give me......I am a Cancer woman that is sticking to what I said..........IF he never gets a divorce than we will never talk.........I PROMISE YOU THAT!!! I love ME more that I can ever love HIM.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 21 months ago from India Author

My advice is to just keep it platonic. Nothing more.. It can get messy with a Scorpion.. You don't want to go down that path again.

venusianmoon profile image

venusianmoon 21 months ago

Seeking for advice ~

The responses here are 2 years old and I am not sure if anyone will reply, but I will give it a shot anyway.

I am also in a complicated situation with Mr. Scorp. We dated for 6mos 3 years ago. Things were very passionate (with the hot +cold behavior) and were going quickly - he offered me house keys. Then one day - BOOM - things ended without any explanation from is side. He just said, you would not be happy being with me. He started dating another chick not long after our break up. He continued to seek me - texts me and tells me he misses me. We saw each other for the next two years while he was seeing this other girl. It hurted so much to put myself in a messy situation like this because all I wanted was something solid with him. So I took some time away from him.

Fast forwarding -- things ended between him and the girl and we started fresh it feels. He always told me that he does not want to lose this friendship. He said he can not not have me in his life. I can not grasp the word friendship because we never started that way. We reconnected -- and I felt the best way for us to start again is to build a stronger friendship anyway. We have dinners, go to bars, and work out together like 'friends' but, there is always affection between us. The kissing, the looks in each others eyes, him holding my hand etc... I know the feelings are mutual, but he seems so scared to move this to something... I have tried the talk -- but it only pushes him off more. Being in love with him for the past 2.5 years is truly painful... I am tired of him pulling me close and back stepping. What can I do here?

Cc 23 months ago

I recently had started to see a scorpio man-we too met online and felt an instant connection. He said to let him know if I was interested in catching up again the week after. He was going away for the WE so I waited to tell him that would be ok. He text frequently and always replied really quickly. He text me the WE he was away, and then asked if i was free Fri, I said yes I was and he said ok cool. Fri came around and i had not heard anything, so casually text to see if we were meeting- He replied hours later stressed about his job and to postpone. The next day he wrote again apologising saying it slipped his mind, and we could meet the following week. So we agreed on Thur then Thur lunch he text to say his boss organised a meeting could we change to Fri. I said that's ok. This second time we met was like the first, but he seemed more chi. At the end of the date we were walking and I turned around to catch him looking at me and our eyes locked in a stare for a really long time, I could not tell if he was trying to tell me positive or negative thoughts thought. He eventually looked away and at his feet. He always gave me kisses on the cheek. Days passed and I had not text him, and he didn't me. So I text to say hi and he replied immediately, then days would pass and he started to write 'sorry i didn't see you text me back. Then he wrote something and wrote again saying 'sorry wrong person'. But proceeded to ask how I was. So I would keep writing to him general things, and he always replied. Then I asked if he wanted to meet again and he told me he met someone with more in common and he was really does this mean he is playing games with me or has really moved on? Everything I spoke about he agreed with, we had a lot in common!! I said he should have had a bday recently and he was trying really hard not to show me he was smiling that i noticed things like that without him telling me. Then he just found some1 else? I never replied to the msg he told me he found someone else. I really liked him and it's a real shame he did this. Will he come back??

meghan38 23 months ago

I'm sorry that I wrote too long please don't mind as I'm trying to ease myself.. :(

meghan38 23 months ago

Does usually a Scorpio man break his promise about leaving you alone ?

meghan38 23 months ago

How can I still love a man that hurted me so much, never ever had such pain before in my life...I felt used and I put a lot of efforts but he just went on with words only no hes talking to his ex again maybe even meeting also seeing new girls...and at the same time talking to me as if nothing happened and how come telling me that he loves me after all, he is just trying to pick one of us whom benefits him most which I can't ascribe it to him thinking hes not such type person but sometimes thinking the opposite ..I know I should just go and move on but its just not easy at all when I first time ever thought of sharing the rest of my life with a person whos right opposite of my character, everybody around me said to finish it and move on but each time he tricked me fooled me and I believed what he said which shows I'm an idiot. Its just unbearable to see that he had deep feelings for me which he didn't admit cuz of its not logical for him to be with me but couldn't give up on me as he said but just played with me like a toy

meghan38 23 months ago

he has brought some gifts for his newly met grils and forhis ex too and even telling me that the new girl insisted to pick him up from the airport, but he says theres nothing to do with them, just for being kind and nice etc. that he loves me blah blah ,, told him hes free to go for any girl he wants but not me anymore told him I'm sick of him and he can do any shit he wants anymore that I don't care and told him to leave me alone and I got nothing to do with him anymore and I don't believe whatever he says, he then suddenly mentioned about marrying me that he feels as if hes been knowing me for ages that he can't see himself with anyone else other than me which all lie he made me think, then suddenly he said lets forget all these and start all over a fresh that he will come to my city and we talk face to face and plan somethings up to be together and go to abroad together , I told him if he shows hes in a relationship with me on his fb first then we can make a fresh start then he went on well ok your right and you have the right about asking me that I will do it then somethings go on his mind like always and ask me what if we start to argue again if I move to his house then asking me what happened that I was lier but now I want to get back together with him as if taking a revenge on what I just said, then telling me if I want to hear the truth that he loves me 'but' he is not sure if we can do somethings in the future, he even has called a friend of him he trust to ask his opinion about the situation as hes not sure about his feelings and Im not helping him about it either...oh gosh told him to go away and never ever call me again, told him if you be sure one day it will not mean anything to me and told him to do whataver he wants but just leave me alone and hang up the phne, then he texted me how dare you man!saying that I promise I will not disturb you anymore sorry that he hurt day he emailed saying that ''this is the last message promising, saying please confirm whether you receive the email and im truly sorry that I acted stupidly said things hurted you, you are important for me and know that I didn't cheat on you no way and neither flirted with anyone and you can believe me since there will be nothing between us after all this, a part in me finished us sometime ago but I couldn't confess this to you and to myself because of the love and kindness I have for you..again im very sorry that I hurt you but please confirm you received my email after that I will leave you alone as you wished'' after two days I replied; ''i confirm and its not important, goodbye''

meghan38 23 months ago


I had a relationship with a scorpio man for almost 2 years, and its finished 5 days ago that he could not committed. We broken up many times before and he got back all the time. We met at same work place 2 years and a fews months ago and he had a relationship at where he used to live, and he came to the city I live for the job, anyway he was the one whom started it all first even though he does not accept it. I'm kinda reserved person at first except some powerful feelings happens, he has been trying to talk to me and being real kind at work and while we were all talking with other colleagues at work joking, one of the guy said somethings to me teased me which was not nice but I didn't care anyway then the day after I was home and He has sent me a text message that he felt bad and said sorry about that he didn't say anything to protect me towards that guys silly joke and tease and I was like what, why was that his concern at all anyway I just thanked for his thoughtful message and its all ok, after that I started to observe his actions towards me and I tried to get close to him, he was keep coming to my room for some execuses about the job. Then I heard that he had a gf in another city then I draw myself back and asked him right away whether he has a gf and he answered no, I don't, who says I have? Well after couple of days later we went out for dinner then went to a cafe then I was about to drove him back to his flat and during that time I had an irresistible feeling that I wanted to kiss him and just stopped the car and asked a silly question to make him kiss me that was a....and seriously started after that kiss, then after 2 weeks or so a new friend of him asked for him to add him on fb then he went on like oh no I don't use it much, I got suspicious and checked him on fb and saw his pics with his ex then called him right away and said its finished, he said he kept the pics on cuz his ex was having a very hard time that her dad was seriously ill and plus he ended his relationship over the phone right after we started, I said ok I understand then he removed all their pics on fb anyway...after couple of months later the job finished and he had to go back to his city but he couldn't go right away and stayed for another month then he had to go back his house and couple of months later I found a job in his city and moved to his house all of a sudden and after that all started...during this time his ex kept trying to contact him and we moved to another house that was close to his new job, one day his ex called his cell but he didn't answer then she called home and he asked me not to answer but I did and she wanted to talk to him but he didn't and I hand him the phn as she insisted then she kept crying and telling him how he could do this to her and even hes living with me that she has came to the old house as she had the keys but couldn't find him and told him to go to her otherwise she will commit suicide but he didn't then he said that I love this girl and I don't want you to be sad that he feels bad and he has already told her that its finished between them etc and hang up the phn, after that I started to tell him to put a pic of us on fb as I insisted after sometime his ex became bugger he did put one pic and she has called him how come he could share his relationship while shes having very hard time, then he removed her from his fb..also all of his friends didn't support him about his relationship with me and they all supported his ex and they all left him alone and he anyway moved a little far from them all...all his negative thoughts popped up right after he started to the new job and everything changed for him and he started to blame me for all that as he and I planned to go abroad to learn a new language but things didn't go as we planned...anyway he started to act weird and strange, as if he regrets being with me and wants to get back to his old life that I observed him all through, one day he was so good and another he was cold and hurting me emotionally, he tried to mean that he had good times and was happy sometime with his ex that he can't lie about it and used to love her, then told him to go back to her then he said he can't anymore, told him she will accept him whatever he has done to her as I observed from her behaviours...anyway he said he didn't want...I had to quit the job as I coulndt handle...he said things like he finds my character bad and doesn't like it but he can't do anything about it as he loves me and accepts me as who I'm but still hes having hard time accepting it anyway as I feel..oh I have missed the important point that I proposed him to marry me 2 months after we started which I would have never ever thought of marrying anyone till that time (I'm 34 and he is 30 by the way) and since then it showed up on and off and we had broke ups because of that and he kept blaming me for being impatient about everything...he later on said many things that he hide long before, that he didnt want me to move his house but he couldn't tell it that he wasn't ready at all..he has thought that I'm not type of his character, he and I are very opposite characters..he is organized and I'm the opposite, I never plan things but he does all the time for future, hes very good with money and I'm so bad and it goes on but its as if we complete each other I don't know..he said he is so good with me and sometimes he hates me for pushing him for somethings which is marriage mostly, and plus my jelousy started which I never got jealous of my ex before...anyway hes very selfish and I think he is no good for me cuz I never ever got hurt this much and I lived the same things at each break ups we had..he could never commit, by the way I got back to my city and hes still working at that company in another city and we are apart for 4 months...he made me break up with him a month ago or so, told me he loved me so much but I'm not good for him, he becomes like a kid when hes with me and he doesn't know what he wants in life etc. I got mad as he made me break up with him before too then came back, I said ok allright, felt so bad a day after he called I didn't answer, 5 days later sent me msg asking how I'm and sorry for disturbing blah blah...then 5 days later I called him and poured out what's in me, then he got that monkey style to make me feel calm..called him again next day but this time I was calm and quiet and accepted everything and its not working for both of us, told him that I'm going abroad for a new life, better to finish it for good which I did really mean it cuz it started to stress me so very bad that I can't eat or sleep well, lost weight...then I travelled to my sis house for a change before I gone for abroad...10 days after he sent me a text saying hes so stupid for whatever hes done to me and saying sorry then I switched off my phn as I know he would call me, I switched on my phn and saw him called me 15 times and sent me a text wishing very good luck and have a safe travel as he thought I'm already gone to another country, he called again while I was reading his text and answered he was so frightened that he lost me and tried to talk for long but I kept it short, he then sent me many texts saying he loves me, saying that the men of the city I'm in are very handsome blah blah, but didn't reply to those kind of messages cuz all those only words no any actions,saying that he will come with me to where I go and he want to be with me, missing me so much, that I will be his heart forever if I gone and respects the decision I take..we started to talk again but I came to know that he added his ex back on fb again and hanging out with new girls for coffee and girls tagging him, anyway my jealous got me again...the last time we broke up on friday I yelled at him why hes just wasting my time while also talking to his ex again and hanging out with new girls,asked him why hes talking to me,

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 23 months ago from India Author

Yeah.. Keep it that way. It is good :) Some day or the other, some of us have to bring our heads back on the shoulders :)

Talia01 23 months ago


Wishing you a very Happy New Year.

Do read the comment below I wrote a few days ago. Here's an update....

So we haven't talked again, he just messaged me a few days ago coz he had to ask something. I messaged him today to wish happy new year and also told him that he was the most precious thing I had in 2014 which I lost as the year ended but the memories i had with him will always be very precious for me.

I wished him happiness for the years to come with someone who understands him better n can keep him happy which i wasn't able to do.

But he didn't reply to my message or wish me after reading my message:(

Do u think he's mad at me or he just doesn't want to talk to me anymore.

Whenever he didn't reply to my messages b4 I used to ask him y n if he's mad. But now I haven't been doing that, if he doesn't reply I just let it be and not say anything.

Talia01 23 months ago

Thanks Karthik, I really appreciate you advice and feel relieved sharing all this with you n letting out my pain.

I never kept my hopes too high with him, coz he never truly committed. He had always told me that we should end this since no1 will agree. But it was his actions that continued to tell me that he loves me very much.

I have always given him his space ever since I came to know more about scorpio, before I used to be always bugging him. Anyway we didn't message each other after the argument we had last week, so it's been a week now that we didn't talk which is quit unusual coz we messaged everyday. I felt that he was rude and he should have apologized for his behavior that day but I don't know why I always forgive him and never wait for his applogies.

Last night I messaged him, telling him how hurt I was after what he said and that he needs to stop being so negative all the time about everything. I also told him that I won't be discussing any topic with him anymore since that is what he wanted, he said I shouldn't be arguing with him on any topic. So I apologized to him if I had hurt him and said a final goodbye to him and wished him happiness wherever he is n with whomever he is. I never like to keep anything unsaid, whatever I feel I always say it. And him on the other had always keeps his feelings to himself.

I'm not expecting him to reply, and he hasn't replied after reading my messages. Finally I'm giving him what he wanted, which was to end this relationship. It really hurts me a lot, coz I loved him very much even after all the pain he gave me. I don't know if it even matters to him or not.

Scorpios really are hard to understand, I ways tried my best to make it all work out and not hurt him. But I just can't take the pain anymore :'(

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 23 months ago from India Author

Hi Talia,

Sometimes, it is difficult to know what Scorpio is thinking. One thing is sure that he will not forget you. He may try to distance himself from you, but he won't be able to forget you. All I can say at this point is that don't keep you hopes too high, at the same time, give some space for him.

He seems like a Libra but has more Scorpio characteristics. He may also have a Scorpio ascendant..

Talia01 23 months ago

Sorry for messaging you again, I see you haven't gotten the chance to come online yet to reply.

So it been 4 days since we haven't talked or messaged, I realized today that I'd been the only one holding our relatioship together coz the moment I let go, it fell apart completely:(

I know he won't measage me coz I not messaging him, now this gives him a reason for ending all this. Sometimes I feel he never loved me. I just wanted to ask you if it's a scorpio thing, do they love someone this much that they will let them go?

Talia01 23 months ago

Btw his birthday is October 25th, is he a virgo/scorpio cusp?

Talia01 23 months ago

Hi Karthik,

Thanks again for your reply. It really means a lot.

So yesterday we got into an agruement. He always has to question why I do certain things and always thinks what he says is right and no1 can disagree with him. I guess that's another scorpio trait. Sometimes this really irritates me, coz I can never question him why he does certain things and he always thinks it okay for him to do that.

So he said something really mean that hurt my feelings, n I hate the fact how he doesn't even feel what I feel when he hurts me like this.

I don't know if I can really continue with this relationship coz I will never know where I stand with him. He will talk to me when he needs me and will jus insult me and push me away when he feels like it. Is this how all scorps are? Or is he jus behaving like this coz he loves his mother more than he loves me?

I have decided I'm not going to message him now and ignore him for some time, I can't take the rude behavior anymore. He always says rude things n then will come back to me and say, "I'm sorry I don't know what happened to me and I shouldn't have behaved like that".

Why do they hurt only those whom they love? :'(

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 23 months ago from India Author

Hi Talia,

Welcome to the world of Scorpios :)

Well, there are a lot of typical Scorpio characteristics there. I will just touch upon the main points, so it may help you a bit.

Scorpios love with passion, true. The problem is that they give everything and hold back nothing, and that is why we are always of giving everything and losing what we love. We get attached to what we love. That is why we are sometimes so negative, especially when it comes to love and something to do with ourselves. For us, it is simpler to not love since the pain is less, than loving so much that when we lose what we love and the pain is intolerable. Sometimes we never get over it.. Trust me, I know the feeling :)

But again, once we are in love, we cannot keep off someone. So, we always try to get back to the thing we love.

Secondly, regarding he being laid back sometimes or not taking actions.. "I feel that he's afraid of speaking up for himself or fighting for our relationship and admitting that he loves me..." Well, Scorpio is a feminine element (water element) and Leos are fire element. Fire elements generally take charge and are more aggressive (read it as take action) while water elements are more emotional. They prefer to be relaxed, sometimes even lazy (heck, I am).. So, we really don't action unless it is really time to take action. We rather let someone else be in charge. Water elements are also generally moody. Because, we are more emotional, so we tend to do according to our emotions some times than using our brain (Earth elements are good at using their brains).

It may also be possible that he feels more comfortable with you, so he shows his emotions with you. We seldom show our true emotions to strangers. We are always a blank wall for people we are not close to. Also know that, we never trust anyone completely. NEVER!! However close you are. That is our inborn trait, cannot help it. Sometimes you need to ignore, sometimes you need to show that you are honest.

Also, since Scorpios are stubborn, it is difficult to make us do something, unless we really don't feel like doing it. There lies our negative trait.

I don't know what advice I can give you in terms of being together. But try to check with him, why his mom against you two being together? Is it because of age difference or something else?

Talia01 24 months ago

Thank u so much for your reply. So I'm a Leo, 33 and he's a scorp 29. We both had our first love and crushes in our lives and have forgetten all that. We have shared it all with each other n now believe that the love we have for each other is our true love. Well me for the most part, he thinks there no such thing as true love. Our relationship started 5yrs back, he liked me from beginning but never told me because i didn't like him then, we were just friends. He always loved me and cared for me even when i didn't. I really don't remember how I started to like him too.

Even then his family was against this relationship and still is. Since his family was so against us we stopped talking n seeing each other. Actually it was me, I didn't contact him for the past 4yrs, though he did msg me sometimes just to check on me how im doing. So just earlier this year we started to text more and then started seeing each other again. So we have been talking for the past 9-10 months now, n there's not a single day we don't talk to each other even with our ups n downs. When I say talk, I mean text... We feel more comfortable texting rather than talkin on phone. In these months we only met maybe 6-7 times. we feel that the more we see each other the harder it is for us to stay apart. It feels like that 4yrs distance made us love each other even more than we did before.

Around me he's very different compare to what he is when he's with everyone else. I feel that he's afraid of speaking up for himself or fighting for our relationship and admitting that he loves me. I don't know if scorpios are like that, but he's jus negative most of the time about things, and can easily give up on things or just lose hope when they are not in his control. Its me who keeps telling him we can make things work out and make everyone agree for this relatioship. I would like my man to tell me all that and stand up for me when needed, but here it doesn't happen like that, but I love him so much that I don't mind it. I read that once scrops decide what they want they stick to it, but is he not like this or he just doesn't show it? He's starting get more positive now. I care a lot for him to the point that he sometimes starts calling me mom. I don't know if scorpios like that or not, I know he doesn't like taking orders from anyone, I can't tell him to do certain things. But it's not always like that, sometimes he would ask me about certain things and then will do as I tell him.

He knows that I will never lie to him about anything or keep secrets from him, I've told him that several times. But still sometimes he will become suspicious abt my behavior and would think I'm lying about something or keeping secrets from him. I don't know if he just says that to test me or if he really is doubting my love for him. I guess this is where his jealousy comes in. He gets very moody, with me only. If there are certain things that I know he doesn't like, I must not do that or else he will get mad at me and not talk to me. Ill be messaging him and say sorry but he will reply only when he wants to. He doesn't like it when I apologize to him, he says I don't have to say sorry to him for anything, yet he does get angry with me so whatelse can i do if not apologize for my mistake. So yes, I do make some mistakes sometimes n we end up not talking to each other for a few hours, but he cannot stay mad at me for too long.

So he does get into that silent mode a lot, but when he's in a good mood all is very good. But sometimes he will just start to act very diff and try to ignore me for no reason. We have talked about this and I've asked him y he starts to behave like this and he tells me he does this because he wants me to try to forget him n not love him so much. He also tells me that he feels that he's not good enough for me. He believes that I can get better guys then him so why would i want to be with him. This is where he starts to get all negative about himself and get really confused what he wants from his life. I don't know if he really knows how much I love him and how I can't go a single day without talking to him now.

I believe he shares a lot with me that he doesn't share with others, yet i believe there are still some feeling he hides from me. He shares everything that's going on, what he did, where he's at, and would ask for my opinion, even when shopping for himself he will ask me if I like it only then he will buy it. Whenever he's out with his guys, wherever he goes he will share pics with me and tell me how it was.

But recently we got very intimate with each other again, after 5yrs. And since that he's started to act a little different. We are still talking but not like how we used to a few days ago. No more sharing our feelings, love yous or miss yous. We just talk abt important things, or if need a favor but nothing about us now. He did tell me that he has this guilt because he feels he's lying to his family since they don't know we're still talking n seeing each other.

He did tell me that I should get over this now, because he feels it for my own good. But u do know that he still lives me very much, though he won't admit it. Because he still continues to message me and tells me what he up to everyday. Jus one day I didn't message him all day on purpose, and when I msgd him the next day he said, "long time". So it like he still wants to talk but he's jus afraid to accept it.

Since we got so close again, I don't know if this is why he's afraid to express his love to me now, because he thinks if we do then it will be very hard for both of us to stay away from each other now.

Its basically his mom whos against this relationship, and yes sometimes he's a mama's boy. He tells me that he can't go against her, and this can't happen until she doesn't happily accept me. I respect his love for his mom i wouldn't want him to go against her because that's something even i can't do if i was in his place. If he really loves me and if afraid of losing me, then why is he so afraid of standing up for our love. Is this how scorpios are? I thought they love with intensity, if he loves me this much how can he give up? He doesn't have to go against anyone I just want him to tell everyone how serious he is about us, just like how i did n convinced my family. I believe since he's the man he should be the one to make things work out, and take stand. Being a Leo I can also get very moody and high tempered. But I've learned to control my temper in our relationship, because I don't want us to have arguments or fight, which we rarely do. I know one of us has to do this and have patience to keep things going smoothly. So I don't mind being the one:)

He told me to get over this but it seems like he still wants me though he's afraid to hurt me. When im trying to avoid talking to him he would start to msg and start Sharing everything, that makes it so hard for me to even try to forget Him. So confused I don't know what to do :(

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 24 months ago from India Author

Talia: I do reply on the forum once in a while. Sorry, was out of country for some time, so I am replying to you now. Do let me know what help you may need.

Talia01 2 years ago

Hi Karthik,

I really need so advice on my most confusing relationship with a scorp. Im a Leo and in love with this scorpio. Please let me know if u still comment on this hub so I can share my story. waiting for ur reply, thanks:)

shawnee251 2 years ago

I've been with a Scorpio for 6 years and still have to ask "I am the one right?" Its scary how accurate he is when it comes to my hidden ways of being. So right I can never say he's wrong! We get along great, BUT (and there always is with a Scorpio) I don't see ANY of the description of a Scorpio in him. He's not affectionate, he isn't the type to declare his love and compliments are few. I've never once seen him jealous or possessive. But when he's on, I can't help but fall in love with him all over again. Thank you for taking the time to write this .... it's refreshing to read about a Scorpio man someplace other then the astrological descriptions!

timmy1993 2 years ago

I'm a 20 year old Scorpio male and just now started to learn who I am and come to exceptence of who I am as a Scorpio. But as a scorpio , I am very passionate and romance is a big issue to me in a relationship it must be more than physical, it has to spiritual , emotional, full of fire. We are loyal to those who we truly love and we are extremely protective of them, we need honesty and commitment. Yes we get very jelouse quickly but don't take it as a bad thing it only shows that you are the only one we want and that. But when we do love you we love with every onvpce of us, I have found then love of my life and I will do anything to bring her happieness, and will be loyal to her forever,

med amine 2 years ago

i am in love with a quenn

Vicki Mauldin profile image

Vicki Mauldin 2 years ago from Jacksonville

I married a Scorpio and this article fits him perfectly! Thank you for sharing your insight as I have learned about my husband of 3 years today!

Tye 2 years ago

I am having the same issue trying to understand the way he thinks. Just when I think he's not intersted and that I am wasting my time, he shows up just to interfere with my relationship with other men. He starts asking questions like are you happy, or some other jealous statement if I show attention to people on my facebook page. I recently deleted him because I am in limbo and confused about his intentions. We've known each other for over 15 years, and it feels like my feelings will never subside. I've even had his past girlfriends calling my phone or emailing (CRAZY!!). But, he was really upset with me when I deleted him from my facebook; and I think he's still upset with me. We communicate often and on, but I know when he's not happy and right now his interaction with me seems cold and distant.

I wish he would understand that I can't read his MIND. When I began to express feelings for him he pushes away, and when I am in a relationship or moving on, he shows up. It starts to feel like he does not want me and doesn't want anyone else to have me.

But, I love him...that's the strangest part about it.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 2 years ago from India Author

Deborah: It usually depends on the placement of other planets in his birth chart.. Most November 'first weeks' are usually outgoing and social guys.. Scorpios are generally friendly as well. It is just that they don't talk much unless required. Of course, the secretive part may also be very subtle, unless there is another planet positioned in such a way that, he is not secretive.. Also, possessive, jealous and vindictive characters come into play only on 'case basis'.

Deborah Sexton 2 years ago

I’m married to a scorpio, he is the first part of November. He doesn’t fit the typical scorpio characteristics. He’s outgoing, friendly, open minded, not a bit secretive, jealous or possessive. Why do you assume this is ?

existenz65 2 years ago

IMHO I believe that Scorpios are selfish jerks who want control and want people to tiptoe around their feelings as they screw yours. I hate this sign . Dated three Scorpios only one was sweet. The other two self absorbed assholes.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 2 years ago from India Author

bethperry: Thanks a lot for the comments :)

bethperry profile image

bethperry 2 years ago from Tennesee

Great Hub! I am married to a Scorpio man and can say, he is the most passionate and devoted man a woman could ask for. It was a shock when he pursued me as he'd had many, many girlfriends over the years (including a Playboy centerfold), but I was the one he asked to marry. I don't know what he ever saw in me, but he's never given me cause to doubt him. We'll be celebrating our 20th anniversary next year - and I'm even more crazy about him now than the day we were married.

Voting up!

ScorpioVenus 2 years ago

It took me many days to read this entire comment section, but I learned an enormous amount Scorpio Men, and consequently, myself. I am a Libra Sun, Leo Rising, Scorpio Venus among 3 other placements in Scorpio. So needless to say..there is definitely a draw! They always seem to find me, but I rarely ever mind! ;)

I recently moved to a new state in the US, and met my Scorpio online while I was trying to meet some new people. We hit it off pretty quickly, and arranged to meet...for a kiss. He didn't have a whole lot of time as he needed to get back to work again. We instantly felt the attraction, and made out (can't believe I just used that, it was pretty amazing. He kept saying he had to leave, but then we'd continue our conversation. He held my stare for the most part, but he looked away a lot too, as if he couldn't handle MY intensity. Shocking! Anyway, I got the impression from him that he desires so much more than a one-night stand, still I knew I would eventually have to make my intentions clear that I was looking for something more. We continued to talk, and I even felt his hot/cold nature at times, at which I would simply leave him alone. I let him come to me. Every few days he would send me a text that says he missed me, and needed to touch me, but would never make a move to make plans with me. I let this go on for a couple weeks, and then we had some steamy text exchanges, and I started to feel a bit slighted that he was after one thing. We made plans for him to come over, and stay the night. A few days prior to that he made some comments that sort of ticked me off...I'm not easy prey. Never have been, and never will be. So I told him very sincerely that I'm not looking for a one-night stand, and that I walked that path in life already...he got totally offended. Said he was kidding. (Yeah, right). So I apologized IF I had misunderstood him, and he seemed to get over it, but then MY feelings changed. I felt I didn't really trust him, and his intentions. A part of me wanted to say forget my values..Let's get it on! We only live once, right? Well our convos now are more along the lines of friendship which is totally fine with me. He knows where I stand. But, if I don't text him for a whole day, he gets irritated. I don't understand this at all. Then he states he wanted to see me, but I didn't seem like I wanted to talk so he left me alone. I guess my question is...why can't he be more upfront with what he wants? I would love to hear him say..."Let's go do something! Now"...but I sense he feels shy in a way. Would it be okay to send him a text stating that I would love it if he just spontaneously wanted to do something, and to let me know if he ever needs an ear...I'm here? From the male Scorpio perspective, how would you want a woman to break the ice of communication so that it could flow better. Any examples would be much appreciated... :)

mcm0115 2 years ago

I(Cap) have a Scorpio friend that makes me feel like I'm on a roller coaster. We've been friends for about a year now. Our relationship actually started during a crazy, fun night which then lead to booty calls with an understanding of no love or emotion was to be involved. This was not a norm for me at all, but something drew me to him. At the time he was...hmmm...not what you would bring home to the parents. Which even surprised me that I was game. I guess people would describe me as a "good girl". That first night we just had a good time but I would not give in. It wasn't long until we ran into each other again and began our "relationship". I believe the line he used was "don't fall in love with me" of which I of coursed laughed. We had this type of relationship, only when he wanted to by the way, for a few months. Then I started dating someone for a few months. We still spoke once in a while but not as much. When my bf and I would go out with my friends we would run into him. My friends would tell me he was in the bar and say you don't need to talk to long to him or speak. I'd ask why and they say...ahhh when you to are together there's just something that you can tell going on between y'all. I told them they were crazy. Eventually that BF ended and I ran back into the Scorp and things picked up where they left off except this time things were different. He started saying things like, I love you, you have a sparkle, you are going to be my wife. Now whenever we ran into each other we both had been drinking so I just shook these phrases off as being drunk. But then I started noticing the difference in sex than before. It was always intense but now there was more cuddling and kissing sweetness, like a forehead kiss and such. These were things that I loved, which started me having more feelings for him than just a friend. We didn't really hang out much or anything we just would run into each other and this would happen. Eventually my Scorp had some tough experiences and said he wanted to go to church and since I go, I offered that he could come with me. He started going to church. Our encounters would only happen once a month but after going to church together had lessen. Then there was the one night we ran into each other and even though I said I don't think its a good idea it happened one Friday again and then we went to church Sunday and of course the sermon was on having sex before marriage. Funny, huh. Well after that Sunday we decided we could not do that anymore and we haven't. I told him that I had started having more feelings and I told him about the things he has said to me in the past and that Friday in particular he grabbed me, pulled me to him, looked me in my eyes and in the most serious face I'd ever seen says I Love you..The only thing he said know how I don't use those words.....ahhh ok...We see each other every Sunday. We talk during the week, we get in a disagreement, he doesn't talk for a week , then we go to church, everythings great, then theres another disagreement over absolutely nothing, he disappears, all repeats. He recently was sick and put in the hospital. I went every day. I felt like I was supposed to. He never asked me to even when I would ask. I just went. He was in there for over a week and I stayed on the night of his surgery cause he was in so much pain it hurt me and I couldn't leave. His family wasn't able to stay but came during the day and left after I got there. This is how I met his parents. I would play cards with his mom and she'd make comments like, I see why Scorp likes you so much. Me being shocked laugh and played it off, because really his actions do not show that at all. But she would ask me questions about my life that he obviously had told her about. I stayed the night the night of his surgery and the second night and on that morning I was getting his breakfast ready for him making everything right before I left and he snapped at me for something and I started crying, I turned instantly so he wouldn't see. I don't even know why..I kinda sensed something like that was going to happen. I kept telling myself to prepare me but it didn't work. I said I'm going to leave on that note. Cried all the way to the car and texted him and said I'm not coming up to night I think you need a break. He was released the next day. Since he left the hospital the same pattern on behavior as previously mentioned occurs but now we spend a little more time together. We do lunch occasionally and he and I go to play cards with his parents once a week unless he's in his distant mood which usually happens when he is stressed which by the way he says I cause him to be more stressed. Gee thanks right. I appreciate his blunt honesty even though it is harsh sometimes. He likes to give it but does like to hear it but I know he takes it in. I struggle with knowing where I stand in our friendship or whatever it is. I honestly love him and have told him. I know this is love because I have never felt this way in my life! When we had that conversation I told him that we needed to distance ourselves because I didn't think he wanted that and it was too hard for me. We could still go to church but no more hanging out or playing cards with the family. He said can't we just be friends and I said no..He says, what am I going to tell mom. She's going to want to know why you aren't coming over.... So we didn't talk for that week , but went to church. I sat with my family instead of him, but in the car he kept trying to get a convo started and wanted to go eat lunch..I declined lunch but once he got me talking I knew our separation wasn't going to last. Within the week I text him and said I can't stand this not talking...I just didn't know how to handle what I was feeling and I thought that was the best thing to do. His response was "SUCK IT UP", which made me laugh but was exactly what I needed to hear. Since then its still the same between us..spark/ignore...spark/ignore, cards with family and church. Just two weeks ago we had a pretty big disagreement (he does have a very stressful event happening now) he was harsh then responds with I'm not trying to be mean just honest. This time he decides that maybe we need a break until his "mess" is over. I agree we don't talk for a week, he runs into me at dinner with 5 males that I work with, we don't speak, glances are exchanged. When I had to go to the restroom, his mother is with him and I have to speak. I had left a Christmas gift for his parents at their house and I text later that evening to make sure they got it and communication begins again, then he comes back to church...cycle repeats....I'm suppose to go play cards with the family this week.... by the way his "mess" is not over...Do you see the roller coaster??? He knows how I feel and I got nothing about how he feels. I don't know whether to just distance myself or just go with the flow. My sister and friends say to forget about him and date other people but I can't get him out of my heart. I TRY..then we run into each other....I have never experience stress before until these last few months..I went to the doctor thinking I was having an allergic reaction and it was stress for him!! What do I do?? Please give me some advice. I'm reading all I can to help me understand him and a lot of the things I already knew and I tell him. That is one thing he always used to say was I could read him better than anyone. He gets mad when I say "Is there something you aren't telling me" I ask not because I think he's lying but because I can tell from his body language and aura that something is up. He then goes on a rant about he doesn't have to tell me anything. His business is his business, if he wanted me to know he'd tell me. ...I totally get that..of course I want him to tell me but I'm not going to push him but when I call him out because I just know him, he thinks I'm pushing or trying to control him...This is usually what starts our "disagreements". I know this post bounces everywhere but I'm trying to give you as much info as I can cause I really really need some help. I don't want this to end on my part or his.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 2 years ago from India Author

Ted: Thanks a lot :) I don't get much time to comment with other stuff going around. But, yeah, I do keep seeing the comments and reply to the ones I can :)

Ted 2 years ago

Woah folks I didn't know this thread was still active! Haha

Karth I see your still hanging in there even with all your new hubs I scanned through! Keeping up the good work I noticed

ruby63 profile image

ruby63 2 years ago from missouri

I had to comment when I read your hub .Everything you said in your hub is the truth about a Scorpio man.A Scorpio was my first love and he put me through some mental games that I didn't know existed.After all these years he still haunts me.It is probably because I was sixteen and a Pisces.

varun 3 years ago

this is so true about me

moonshine97 3 years ago

hi karthik, i'm really confused by my Scorpio friend, he's a fun person to talk to, attentive, gives advises when i need them, makes time for me, but the thing is sometimes he would get distant, i get maybe that is related to him needing space, but he would act in a way that i don't understand sometimes, i would send him messages he wont answer but he reads them, just last week everything was fine but a few days ago i sent him message but he didn't reply and it was an important matter, my question is why would he ignore me? if he doesn't want me to bother him with me, why can't he just say, my other question is how to make a difference between just being friends with a Scorpio man and when it is more than friendship? because sometimes i feel it is more than what i think it is ( just being friends). thanks

librasun 3 years ago

Hi I am new to this blog/web page and have spent the last 2 days reading. Very insightful and comforting.

I have a thing for a SCORPIO , it's been a 1 year since the beginning of this strange ride.

Libra lady that I am, loves RELATIONSHIPS, loves to be coupled, this is true for ME. Can't speak on all Libras.

HE is a Scorpio 8th NoV, I am Libra, 14th Oct.:

WE Both have Cap ASC,Gemini Moon,V enus in SAG,Mercury In Scorpio.

All the posts I've read here in someway or another match my situation. My Scorp, has kept me guessing, amused me, delighted me, ignored me, been rude, gone distant, comes back time and time again. Goes Hot and Cold. Has given me the be 'patient' spill etc. Has made me now the angriest I've ever been. I have tolerated his behavior knowing and having learned that this is how he is. However I couldn't take another mind *****. and told him I hated him. I doubt I'll hear from again, and he definitely won't hear from me. Or is this unrealistic? Will he continue or go away. What caused me to say the I Hate you, is because after weeks of silence, he said he just doesn't think he's ready and "Please don't hate me"

So I told him I did. (WE all know I don't , right?) but I just couldn't be 'patient' with this BS any longer. And btw , he KISSEd me off a week before my BDAY! Chime in please if you have an opinion, I would love to know how he may have reacted to what I said. Why does it matter, becuz I'll see him around and just need some insight, guidance on what to expect. Here is what I think: he'll try to lure me back, then get revenge,,,,:-x

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

Airin: I know what you mean :)

Airin 3 years ago

I can't fall in love with another sign other than scorpio..

I can't stand it being so strong attracted to scorpios..

*Cancer sun and rising & pisces moon

Aries Girl 3 years ago

Here I write again!

1.5 years ago, I was writing about my scorp guy that he was broken hearted from previous marriage. We have been together for 2.5 years. I stayed with him through hard times being a loyal and loving partner. About year ago he moved from different state to live with me. Everything seemed to be perfect until couple of months ago when I found out that he is in love now with his 10 years long time girl friend who has 2 kids. He left me by saying that he needs to think what he wants in the future. Obviously, he lived with her. Now, he is trying to come back by saying that he made a mistake. After a month of discussions, I finally accepted him back couple of days ago, but the most amazing part is that today after couple of days being with me, he is again gone and tells me that she is heart broken and depressed and she needs his help and asking me another 2 weeks. All of the promises and talks about family was such a big BS. I just packed his things and I am so done. Words and words that all what it was and manipulations.., Highest level of disrespect.

nikitamamasita1 3 years ago

Apis Melifera-After reading your current 4 year experience...I say especially after the smiley face, I would not respond at all. The silence will kill him for a very long time. And even if he did come back, would you want someone like that who can turn that cold at any moment and do it to you again? Imagine if it was a marriage, or even with kids. Sounds like he wants to roam free, and eventually his mistake will catch up with him if he had any love or real deep emotions towards you. If you were to respond, if you must, then keep it cold, and simply just say " I wish you all the best" no smiley, no nothing, me personally after what I know now from my experience, I would say nothing at all. Sorry mama:( and yes, the one Scorp I met seems pretty cool, although we are in the just meeting phase and hes the exact opposite of my "type" LOL so we shall see! BTW, my 4 yr Scorp, is still around, although working out of town A lot, he responds to my hello how r u texts very promptly,and decides now to call me baby again when he does LOL ,it is what it is!

Apis Melifera 3 years ago

Correction: Two days after I left 3 weeks ago he sent me the email with his explanation and indirect apology.

Apis Melifera 3 years ago


after 2,5 weeks of silence from my side, my Scorpio sent an email...just to say something like "Hi, how are you? how is everything going? I transferred the money I owed you. You should be getting it on Monday. Have a good day."

Two days he sent me the email with his explanation and indirect apology, as I took it but I did not reply at the time. I guess this time I will really have to answer. The truth is I don't know what to say to him; Sure I can say thanks-for-paying-me-back kind of thing...but how can I provoke some interest from mis side towards me so that he would come back with a contact?

Today it has been 3 weeks since I closed the door of his house where we spend our sundays and did not say anything since. I am feeling better with this no contact situation. But as time goes on, I miss him more. I was still hoping that this is just a nightmare and I wish he could just hug me and we start things anew. I miss to see him, to talk to him...but I don't want to be in the friend zone. I am afraid that if I am going to be too easy going, he would take it as if it was okay to be friends...but it is not okay for me.

Also, he tried to explain himself in his first email and in spite of the seriousness of what he wants to do and the fact that he does not want to have responsibilities - me being one of them - he ended his email with a "Have a nice day :) " That smile just made me feel furious. How could he say something so important and smile with all of this? How could he say that he is releasing me from the relationship and smile?

I feel that after his second email I need to reply somehow. That would show that im actually alright and im not controllable ut my feelings for him. I wish I could stir his curiosity in some way..;but how? At some point I will have to say something.

Any ideas will be appreciated.

nikitamamasita : really hope the new Scorps in your sight are more mature and that you could swim in happiness :)

nikitamamasita 3 years ago

Apis Melifera - LOL mine had PDA in the beginning because we were so taken with each other, now when I see him and he's drinking, he will pin me up against a wall in public and kiss me and hold me and all that blah blah! LOL but sober.......not a chance, unless we are alone, and it takes him time to feel safe around me each time I see him when he's not drinking LOL, we have intense chemistry, too bad he's an insecure ego walled up scorp lol

nikitamamasita 3 years ago

Apis Melifera -I found 2 potential new scorps :))), at least this time, I can just have fun and passion and not allow myself to get sucked in unless its really future potential. Thanks for the link! :))))

Apis Melifera 3 years ago

nikitamamasita - is something that he told me as well...

He said that he is not the same person anymore, not happy with his life, depressed, sad, nothing motivates him. He does not go out anymore, he does not find his job motivating...and the part with not wanting responsibilities, one of them being me. Now that he threw me away, I wonder how he feels without me. Bet those issues did not get solved all of a sudden.

Emotionally I am with him...but I don't acknowledge his decision of breaking up...because it was unilateral and me leaving is a protest to that. We have never really been drunk together :) Neither was he when I am sober, so that I would hear some declarations :)) I wish :))

On the last party though, his friend and his girlfiend turned to us in the middle of us snacking and after some sangria...asked my bf "so what do you do with her (physically speaking)"? (note: this friend and his gf are kind of touchy in public, PDA , in other words and they were also kind of touchy in fron of us, kissing, cuddling. While my bf is almost ...not at all PDA kind of guy). all of a sudden my bf turns to me, looks at me and just kissed me twice in front of everyone, which never happened and he is not that kissy in general.

As for him being drunk, but alone, it did happen that he would send me a text in the middle of the night, which also never happens and tell me that he over-drank and would not be able to see me the next day. He later boasted about him thinking about me all the time.

The next day I still came to his place and took care of him, well, he wanted me to come and I wanted too. I brought some found and he was delighted saying "there is nothing better when you feel sick , than your gf taking care of you". I felt as if someone hit me with a huge, red giant heart-shaped pillow in the face. Yep, I got that impressed.

You have been so helpful in this, you sharing your story helped me find some common points in this traumatic behaviour...and I don't feel so alone in this situation. Of course it helps : )

I don't know if the page will accept a link, but maybe this will make your day more...musical:

Thank you so much

p.s. did the "hunt" for the new Scorp already started? :))

nikitamamasita 3 years ago

Apis Melifera - and your friend is right, they suffer alone. If you were someone they really cared or loved, they do go through internal suffering. When I met mine, he was full of life and had sparkles in his eyes, now after what we went through, he's cold, quiet, tough, and gained 30 pounds. When he drinks he lets all his guards down, and especially if he sees me, if I even hug him when he's sober, he will squeeze me to show his power before relaxing and just holding me. We really hurt each other a lot in the past. He complains about his weight every time he sees me, he complains that he needs to take medication, he complains he's tired all the time, he's not the sassy Scorpio I met anymore, so believe me, they suffer, and worse if they have a big ego and wont let themselves be with you for whatever reason. If that helps you at all.

nikitamamasita 3 years ago

Apis Melifera- I know what you mean with all of it!:) I went through that for the first 2 years of knowing my Scorp, I stated in previous convo that in the beginning of our dating, he had to go away to his country for 2 months for holiday, and he stopped communicating for 3 weeks and disappeared on me. So me not knowing his culture very well, and also myself I just lost my mom and a long term relationship before I met my scorp, so I was hurt and began dating someone else, this is what created a 2 year war with my scorp, he became crazy from it and it went to major extremes between both of us. Your scorp sounds wayyyyy more mature LOL mine is not educated, he comes from the more rough types from his country, so imagine his revenge and coldness is worse! I spoke to mine 2 days ago, saw that he set up an online dating account the morning I left his house 2 weeks ago! I didn't say anything about it, he promised to see me next week when he is back from work, but for me, after 4 years back and forth, like I said before, I get tired and also there is no real excitement anymore, he has become predictable with his moods and times away, and I am a spicy person who needs passion. This is all fresh for you, it will take time, and he WILL be back, you just be strong enough and think if this is something that you can continue to deal with in the future, and don't let him see your cry or freak out, stay strong and stay cold, be the one he lost, not the other way around

Apis Melifera 3 years ago

nikitamamasita1 they are neighbors :)))

I don't know if he is that friendly...he does like to socialize but only when he feels like forgetting his issues aside and forget them for a few hours.He then goes out or even chats to people that he normally does not see. He has this mature appearance, educated, mentally strong, caring and affectionate and then he blew it all up and seemed all the opposite. Angry, dark, clouded, and psychologically deaf to anything I tried to say. He is very fragile and probably even more fragile than I thought and probably even more fragile than me. I know I can be a cry baby but the moment my tears have dried I am back on track and he still over-thinks, over-stresses, must be very dark and dangerous in his world...a little bit like a war...only with himself. Worse part is that it is his personal war bubble. God forbid if you even try to voluntarily cross the border of his world in order to help him settle it all ll be blasted with a lightning and regret that you even thought of helping in the first place. Something that one of my closest Scorpio girls said to me "There are wars that one must fight alone". And the moment he enters that battle is the moment he leaves or disappears or does not have time for us, their partners/lovers/bf/gf.

Imagine, it has already been 2 weeks and I still have not had any news and I still have not replied to him either...I miss him so badly though. I feel like there is still something untold, unsettled between us. I may as well accept in time that I have to get over all this and this happens for a reason - that I can't see now, but it is alright - but I realize that at the moment deep down I still hope for something. I might as well accept that he will jump into a rebound relationship...This is highly possible. And maybe this will also help me understand myself better. I still hope that even if he goes on and has his fun, solves little by little his issues...that he would be haunted by what we had in the year that we spent together and come to realize how cruel he was to me and that he misses me.... No matter how macho he behaves, how high his ego is, I know he misses our moments. It is impossible to throw that away. He might just tell himself "I took the right decision, right? Yes, that was the right thing to do...was it? "

If it not inappropriate, may I ask why your Scorp broke up with you the first time?

I fast do Scorps rebound?

Virgogirl - my Scorp used to play a little bit with my so to say innocence. He would say at times, "that girl has a beautiful face, but..." and I would suddenly look at him and we would have a conversation. Obviously that was said to check my reaction. I don't know if it was to make me jealous, but he was definitely satisfied to see me react in any way. It is like toying with my reactions kept him satisfied.

Virgogirl 3 years ago

Do Scorpio men try to make girls their dating jealous? I am not the insecure jealous type, but I do like to be treated with respect. The guy I'm dating loves and admires beautiful women. He is usually classy about it and we even sit together on the beach, or restaurant, wherever and (silly as it sounds) agree or disagree on who's the most beautiful woman in the area. Silly, but we laugh and it's fun. He never gets rouncy, and always has his hand on my knee or holding my hand in away that says he cares about me. Yet, lately and especially Saturday night he crossed the line. I won't go into details as to exactly what he said, but it was just wrong. I politely excused myself from the bar where we were sitting and went to the next room where the band was playing. Leaving him there with a guy he was talking to. As I said we are only dating (dating for four years now, as he tells me he isn't ready to commit). I really like this guy and am not in a huge hurry to rush him into anything. I communicate to him that I love him, but I don't push him. I was asked to dance when I walked into the next room. I said; "yes." while we were dancing I noticed my Scorpio was standing in the doorway watching us. I hadn't been gone more than five minutes. I'm confused because he was so engrossed in conversation about his fantasy girl (who was tending bar out in the other room) that I didn't even think he would notice I was gone. Yet, he must have immediately followed me. He didn't look very happy standing there. I finished my dance and walked over to Him. He did not let me out of his sight all night and constantly had his hand on me. We didn't talk about what had happened. I didn't say anything about his disrespectful comments. But I just don't understand why he said it. He looked right at me when he said the worst part of his sexual comments about this girl. He made sure I heard him. I know it doesn't sound like much, but I just can't get it off my mind. The way he was acting was so out of character for him. Anyway.... That's my long winded Virgo way of asking..... Do Scorpio men like to make their women jealous. If so..... Why?

nikitamamasita1 3 years ago

Apis Melifera - LOL yes these posts are quite lengthy, but we are women, its a job to be chatty hahahaa, my Scorp is also Mid eastern, Jewish(Im not), and old school......sounds like we have the same guy! LOL I think yours sounds a bit friendlier than mine though, mine can be very mean if he wants to be.....all around, I know how you are suffering, I lost so much weight so fast and started drinking and couldn't eat or sleep and all was painful and I knew he loved me which is even worse! But whether he is a scorpio or not, he is still a man, and any real man with real security will step up to the plate, its pointless for us to sit around and hope they learn how to be healthy in their minds and learn how to drop their egos. And again, not all scorp men are like this, I have guy friends who are scorps who are mature and not stingy, they actually can't stand my scorp LOL ;) I think we fill some void inside of them because they don't know how it feels to have unconditional love, I know mine has a close family but he went through a lot of hardships with them and he went through a lot of hard things, so its makes him shut off more, mine used to take meds, he no longer does which makes him worse. I was willing even recently to take it all on my back again and see if it could work, but the disappearing and coldness after all this time and after having a friendship, its just plain disrespect. I know its hard, but step by step move forward, and be strong when he comes back, because he will, and remember, this certain type of scorpio men who have big egos and stab even themselves, are the ones who will say and do anything to get you back into their control, mine did, because he thought I moved for good to another state and didn't contact him before I went, so I got all this mind blowing love talk just so he can "reclaim" me LOL Im done and actually getting bored of the routine, its not fun anymore, its actually feels like Im clocking in for work LOL, Im an Aries, I need that passion back! That's why I fell for him in the first place, now its getting routine and boring with his moods and time away he takes, 4 years, I have had another love since him, and Im still involved in this hahaha, I count my 4 months till he moves back home, although Im scheduled a trip there in Spring for my other friends, I suspect I will run into him across the world, but because he keeps tabs on me, not because I look for him lol

Apis Melifera 3 years ago

@Vlcarg: he is 28, just like me , but around 9 months older. 28 y.o. Middle-Eastern papacito :)))

I hope you feel better in time. I do realise myself that our beloved Scorps are irreplaceble at some level...but if at some point one will have to make a choice and move on for their own good...there will definitely be another door opened, and someone better waiting behind it...At least; this is the way I like to put it even to myself...

@nikitamamasita1 : sincerely, a big thank you!

I already started prioritizing myself. I do believe that I deserve a respectful treatement...I do believe that good things are still going to happen, that new doors will open and new people may come in my life.

People who inspite of their issues will hold on to me and keep me by their side so that we could work on anything ...together. In these moments the most difficult part is to remind ourselves that we are women with standards and standards is not something that anyone finds on the street. It deserves being treasured, protected and if really desired by a Scorp in this case - being kept, for crying out loud!!How giving up someone a Scorp loves is supposed to be funny or entertaining for the one left behind?

I wish I could see him as fragile as I am, not being able to eat normally and having a perfectly fulfilling day, and coming home from work and actually hating that for the rest of the evening my thoughts and feelings will be with him no matter how hard I try. I hate it that even when I feel better I feel furious, angry for what he did and suddenly helpless, fragile like porcelaine on the brink of bursting in tears. The freezing thing is my only dignifying answer to his behaviour, the only way I can show that I have self-respect and value. My feelings for him, my affection for him, my support, my "I love you" when I was leaving - these are things way too precious to be rejected like this and they were not for anyone and not when he wishes so. Most of all, all of this given love is not for granted.

When we started dating what I have noticed is that he would send a text message and then disappear for days, usually 4 days. I usually replied also after a while; so I never rushed to reply...I was excited and shining like a light bulb, but to myself. Somehow I understood that this kept making him coming back for more. It was like an elastic. Comes and goes and so on. Only when he was coming back it was each time more intense, more sincere, more open...

I never went after him, never nagged him, never went clingy on him even if my moon sign is in Cancer and im quite affectionate and caring by nature. Now that I have hidden into my shell like this, I make sure he can not track my signs of life, I write messages on whatsapp to my few friends while being offline then sending it and only then turning the wifi on so that my message would get sent. So my last day of being on whatsapp is not known for him, or if known goes back to one week ago. So he has no clue what I do, if I am okay, if I go out etc. I on the other side have a way to know that and he does not realise it. But I don't do it, because it would make me feel worse. I wont do the stalker thing behind his back. I do hope that me not being there for him, not taking care of him, not having our little Sunday things will open his eyes big time and make him realise that he never had something like this...and that no matter how he rebounds, it wont be the same.

If his communication skills are so faulty...I wonder how it worked for him in the past...or better, how it did not work. I know his culture is a little bit different and he's all "I am a man, I can do it by myself" kind of guy...but the communication skills are perhaps worse than of an average European man. Perhaps the eternal division between men and women in his home country still has an impact on him. Plus being a Scorp does not help at all...Secretive, private, independent, hating being under supervision or under control...but loyal to his friends, generous...

At some moment, it is about boundaries. What if you fall in love and get married with someone else? Would that freak him out and make him feel that he lost you forever and make you rush to you begging you to be with him? This can not last forever in any way.

I sincerely admire you for having the patience you have and the strenght you have to go through this I will keep looking after me...and I know...we can only get better, right, nikitamamasita1?

I do love him and the door is alredy quietly opened and I wait for him everyday to just come...and stay for good...

I wish these Scorps make up their minds faster...

Feels good to have my story shared and have this kind of support :)

Kash will be astonished by the size of these posts :)

nikitamamasita1 3 years ago

Vlcarg - My friends heard about it everyday for the first 2 years straight! Of course that's because he involved so many people in that whole mess that it was a public situation lol, now they hear only the past month because of his bold words. But they all beg me not to get into again, so I act to him like I have for 2 years now and just go with the flow, its just he got into my head a little bit last month. But I realize that if he didn't catch me at the right time in July, and if he didn't say such extreme love things to me, I would have just saw him, hugged him, chatted, and maybe had sex and then go on like normal. He just surprised me and hit me with this emotion out of nowhere, but I see its just a way to keep me around, since he thought he lost me for good awhile back. Its too tiring and I want and deserve better. He can talk about marriage all he wants when hes drunk, and tease me about wedding rings when hes sober, Ive gotten so numb to it already lol, but I do fear if he ever did take the action and ask me to marry him, I worry about what I might say at this point after all this, that's how I know hes not the one

Vlcarg 3 years ago

I thank u so much for the advice.....I just wish my heart will hear it & heal from this ordeal.....everyone says the same thing why would I want to take a person back like that BUT for once in my life I fell in love...... I am usually the one that move around but I couldn't shake him off like the others..... Maybe I am looking at some of his good qualities that have me thinking about us.....u r right about her being the replacement...his own mother knew's just his mother told me how she knew how he felt about me and that she just knew I was the one for him so all of that hurts.....I do need to move friends all r tired of hearing about it...even though it's only been two weeks since all of this happpen.... A month 1/2 since me sharing my feelings so it's all still new....

nikitamamasita1 3 years ago


yes, usually they will not admit faults, the only reason why I got apologies was because he really did cross extremes and his own friends stopped talking to him. SO he had to see how hurtful it was. They know just how sad and how hurt we are believe me. And in a sick way it makes them feel important. I have met some scorpio men who don't behave this way, not to say they are not extreme but they don't do the whole revenge, ego, sting themselves bit. In this case, you really need to think about your future, he can do those things again, plus hes married or what not, and I mean really you want to take someone back like that. Im in shock with myself that I can even look at mine, after everything, mine just makes sure that he will apology for his trespasses every so often, but then again, mine still hurts me too with the love talk and the leaving, so I am done. Test over...its 4 years and too much testing and loneliness for me, 4 years down, 4 months to go. Once hes out of my sight in another country, out of mind, I can say it wont be the same for him about me though. And good, let them stew with themselves and miss us and wish things were different. Im happy I wont have the on my head the rest of my life like he will. Just take it day by day, do a lot of self talk, think about your future, think about what is healthy for your heart, and look at it like scorpio man experience, if you meet another one, you will know exactly what to do and how to handle. I have avoided other scorpio men the past 4 years, and they are very drawn to me, I avoided from fear of the same thing happening, now Im looking for it, now I know how to handle it, I also know they are humans, and not all of them are the same. Im hunting another Scorpio, I too like challenges, just this next one can be a more a mentally and emotionally healthier challenge;)

Vlcarg 3 years ago

I used to tell him that he have a difficult way of expressing his feelings, we went to a counselor to help with our relationship before we stopped talking...he liked to put it all on me & say that he did everything right & I could have done better.......I know at night it eats him up, especially when I seem him the day before he got married and told him how much this I hurting me...he just looked so sad as if to say what have he done........

nikitamamasita1 3 years ago


your asking who does that, my answer is someone who doesn't know how to express love and feelings in a healthy way. They always say things non chalant like they don't care, but he does trust me. Mine would scream that he doesn't care, doesn't love me, hates me, would laugh when I cried. Then would come and apologize for it and now always tells me he was in love with me but he was hurt .He will hurt you to temporarily satisfy his ego and make himself feel like he is in control, trust me, he thinks about it all at night, it eats him from inside, but the ego will protect the heart, and look at it like this, someone will not go to such great extremes for someone they don't care about at all, not even for ego. The marriage thing is a big deal breaker, and I feel sorry for who he married, because she will be really second best, and she will realize that she is just a game piece. I rather be the first, and the one that sticks in the mind and heart, than to be the replacement woman. If that can help you in any way to feel like at least you were a big piece of him. I decided that my heart is too forgiving and too caring to put on someone who cannot budge a little, or give me back at least a little bit.

Vlcarg 3 years ago

But why would anyone would want to hurt someone like least your scorpio didn't marry someone......I just know he did it to hurt me BUT why........he said that I was so nonchalant, he didn't think I cared.....people keep saying he will be back but I am so hurt by this....who does that?

nikitamamasita1 3 years ago

Vlcarg - he probably did that to somehow move on from you quickly to protect himself. He may however got infatuated with the other woman quickly, but regardless, he crossed lines it seems. It seems he has very extreme ways to hurt your heart. I say what he did is a deal breaker....I know the pain your going through, I at times couldn't function without him. But it all changed as time went by and the more he hurt me, my heart just closed more. Think of the future, what if you ended up together and pulled some extremes on you again, say if you were married to him, it can be worse later. I got grey hairs and a drinking problem from my whole ordeal, now I pull myself up and it almost seems he wishes that I was still the lovely mess that loved him so much. But Im not, you can only emotionally abuse someone for so long and keep them in your back pocket. This whole week I have had a lot of self talk, and realized love can be a lot more simple and a lot happier, I got to let even my friendship with him go for myself. Its hard to see each other because literally sparks fly, but what's the point if the future is in his hands and hes more worried about control and self protection than peace and happiness. I iced mine out already, and already he is trying to ask friends about me, their answer to him is" ask her, don't ask me" and hes losing control, next 2 weeks we will see each other face to face, and I will just stay on the other side of the area. Then the phone calls and texts will start, I already took him out of my phone. I have 4 months to

nikitamamasita1 3 years ago

Vlcarg - my scorp would bring other women to my work just to hurt me for 2 years, then when he would see that I was fed up, he would drop her and come racing back, funny enough, I had to help one of those girls through a mental breakdown from him doing that to her over me, now her and I are friends! He would desperately run to other women trying to run from me and place his feelings somewhere else, and I did too, but he always comes back. And this last comeback was his most intense to publicly smother me with all this affection and deep words and even pull my friends into it when he knows they hate him. After all that, Im still here with no action follow up LOL.... Im tired of it, 4 years is a long time to go back and forth and without any really stability with it. He knows I can give him everything he wants, he knows I wont ever hurt him again, but instead to enjoy that and allow himself to be vulnerable he plays games, but really hes playing games with himself. If I cut him out completely before he moves back to his country in a couple of months, he will go crazy, and you know, maybe that's exactly what he needs to go through. And even though I am very emotional, and still have strong feelings and hope for him, he knows me, he knows I can ice him out quickly, I have done it before and he went nuts. I like to remind him of my respect lines, after all I am full blown Aries woman(scorpio rising) LOL

Vlcarg 3 years ago

The scorpio that I was dated is 45 & after three months he married someone else out the blue.... We stopped talking for 2 months... He thought I was dating...he start dating....& then married someone else.....he sound like he was running away from his feelings from me....the marriage wasn't til I shared my true feelings for him.......I am crushed.....everyone says that scorpio don't just fall in love easily BUT he jumped into something real quick....only known the girl for three months total......

nikitamamasita1 3 years ago

Vlcarg- mine is 31 yrs old now, old enough to know better...mine is very ethnic and very macho, also the type of Scorpio to make himself suffer for his own ego...Im making a decision to just cut it and leave the peace we made and the occasional tryst behind, and I know the next 2 weeks I will see him at events, but if I want to give a cold shoulder to someone I really know how to. Im just tired of the love and marriage stuff then disappearing acts, we are in our 30's and each day it feels like a waste of time, hes better off alone.

Vlcarg 3 years ago

Wow..... Apis Melifera & Nikitammasita..... How old r these Scorpio men.. I have been reading some of your comments.....I don't know if u was able to read my comments about the Scorpio that I dated.....

nikitamamasita1 3 years ago

Apis Melifera - there is no question he has feelings, and will miss you and think of you without you being sure of it. But the whole nice guy thing of walking you downstairs and emailing you is also a way for him to have control and a way back to you when and if he is ready. Trust me, I know, I have been doing this 4 years off and on lol. Its when he feels he really almost lost you totally he will come back in some surprise way, but my experience with mine that I wish I would have learned this all years ago, is that when he disappeared in the beginning, I wish I was more patient and went with the flow, I took it as an offense and acted out on it, that caused me the damage I have had now the past 4 years. I know its hard, but you have to treat him the way he treats you, ignoring Scorp men drives them crazy, and not saying to play a game by doing it, but ignore for yourself and your own sanity....any man knows how to get a woman back if he truly wants a future with her, but Scorpio men are extreme and they will do a big comeback move if they feel it. Mine still keeps me in his life and when he sees Im too distant he pulls me back with the whole "you never know the future" crap lol, I still live my own life and date...anyway he gets more fulfillment when he sees and talks to me, than I do from him, Im very open hearted and warm and understanding with him, so he knows hes safe, me on the other hand, I always have to be watchful and nervous of his sudden mood shifts. Keep moving forward woman, and don't let him suck you in too much, keep your own control, leave the door open for him quietly in your heart, but he really needs to earn you back through real action.

Apis Melifera 3 years ago

nikitamamasita1 Thank you for confirming that im on the right path.

I don't really have a choice...when I left I told him that I loved him (even though he replied by "don't say smtg that puts pressure on me") and closed the door like in the movies (took my essential stuff in 5 minutes, out the shoes on and went away). In the same time how can he play the nice guy and ask "how are you going home?are you going to catch a cab?are you going to take the subway?Can I go with you downstairs?). I only replied coldly with "I don't know"s and "It is not necessary". he still came to the elevator though and when he said "I will see you in a week or two" , i did not reply and just left.

I still can't figure why there is such a difference between what he said that night and what he did from the very beginning. People say don't trust what he says, but take notice at what he does and what he did for me could not have been for the sake of playing a game, I could read emotion in his eyes at times, I could feel sincerity in his arms and his hugs...Caring, affectionate, tender,fun , he even sent text messages after I went out from his place on Monday morning to go to work saying that he already misses the perfume of my hair and my scent on his pillow...these were not lies and I received tens of such messages) and on the other hand this whole speech slipped away from his tongue with such intensity. Judging also by his email, I feel that what he did wasn't planned at all and it just burst under the pressure of the issues he is having now.

At least he can take his time knowing that I love him. Of course, it gives him the control of the situation and he will decide if it mattered and if it still maters to him that we were together and that I have feelings for him.

It is true also, as you said, he does feel in control...Him saying that we are both kind of lonely, both foreigners and "I never want to leave you alone here", means that he still wants to be in my life and he seems protective and probably even thinking that i can not make it on my own, because I don't have many friends here. He is right, but im trying to survive this situation. Im trying to prove that I can live without him...I just don't want to be without him. But I can do it, no doubts. On top of that, knowing that I love him , he probably feels as if I am a safe harbor.

I feel better than the last few days and I can't believe that it has been a week since we did not see each other, we did not speak to each other and I have not replied to his email. In spite of the curiosity to know where he is and with trying not to think of it as it is like poison to my mind.

But I feel emptiness and I really miss him more and more day by day...I wish I knew how he feels...if he still thinks of me...if he misses me...

I think it it silly and kind of selfish what he did he took the decision by himself and for himself. I feel that there are some unsolved things in the middle of all this...Maybe he is testing me to see if im able to survive without him.He does have the remote to this relationship or whatever it is now...but I hope the remote will still have enough batteries when he shows up :)

I know he will show least by obligation to give me some stuff he still has at his place...

The frozing out thing is still ON :)))

nikitamamasita1 3 years ago

Apis Melifera - you can do the hiding thing, and he will eventually show up....but in his mind, he has you when he wants you, you are a safety zone. He feels in control...the only thing to do is to either be direct when you see him and ask if it will be, and his answer will probably be" you never know what the future holds" LOL they leave a vague answer and an open door for themselves. You can decide to ice him out and go cold to him, if he feels like he lost you forever, and there is any potential there for a future, he will lock you in for good. But if you are hurting too much and can't wait, then be strong and go cold to him.

nikitamamasita1 3 years ago

Apis Melifera - well I am carefree now about it, I wasn't always this way. In the beginning I was a disaster and he did a lot to ensure that I would hurt as much as possible. After we made peace, I dated other people and even had another love. When that broke, I went back to my Scorpio for advice and to cry about someone else. He was a little bit surprised that I had love for someone else. He kept more in touch with me at that point, then really started coming around places I was at and telling me all his feelings especially when he drinks lol, he even started getting the balls up to go to my friends who truly hate him and tell them how wonderful I am. Then, he disappeared again. I moved out of state, and he never believed I would, and I did without seeing him before I left. He called a few times I didn't answer, before he even knew that I decided to move back, he had been telling all these people that I call him everyday and beg him and love him and all this nonsense. Which was not even happening at all! Because he still feels the need to talk like that, that just shows me that he still has feelings and probably wishes I was still begging him back. He didn't even know that Im back in the same state! LOL so when he saw me last month at a party, he went nuts on me and hugged me and kissed me and was telling my friends he wants to marry me and all this bs and asked me to come to be with him when he moves back to his country. And that's the short version of all the things he said LOL, then he disappeared again. Until last week, and he was nice but more quiet, and started to let guards down and then became ice cold. I got a nice good morning text, and then hes gone again. I trained myself to not fight with him, to not get hurt, to continue with my life, he has been at parties with dates in the past and has left them standing in a corner to talk to me, even one left him at a party for it, he can't take his eyes off me, I watch him from the side as hes watching me :) I have Scorpio rising in my chart LOL I know he loves me, his eyes sparkle when he sees me, his faces lights up, he will call my name from across the floor he will try to kiss me in public to mark me in front of other men. But its been 4 years, with the past 2 years like this, back and forth, back and forth. Inside I feel lonely and missing a piece of me because we can never just be with each other and try to have a steady relationship. I find other men, and he finds other women, and we always end up in bed together again! My advice to you: live your life and date people, if he broke the relationship, and hes testing you, believe me he is, you still must see other people without him hearing about it, it will just push him away. My Scorp is intimidated by me because I know a lot of people, and a lot of men, he sees them gather around me, and he even told me that I am too wanted and too many people look at me, how can he trust me? He literally will sit in a dark shadow of a club by himself while his friends dance and watch every move I make. But he will not give in, he will not let his ego down, he will not just finally walk the walk instead of telling me all this and then no action. He hurts himself more to not be with me, and I can see it. Its frustrating and lonely for me, but I do what I need to do for me now. I have begged, cried, screamed in the past, and he would just hold me and just tell me hes sorry, that his heart hurts too much, then he would destroy me the next day, in public or even my former job. It took us years to be where we are at now, and the only reason why he says love and all this blah blah is only to make sure he has a place in my heart, that he still can come back if he chooses to. DO you want to spend 4 years of your life like that?? I just want to know from Scorp men out there, will any of you, ever drop your ego, pride and stubbornness enough to actually take the woman you love no matter what the past mistakes or what people think?

Apis Melifera 3 years ago

nikitamamasita1 - Im kind of doing my thing - the hiding thing - to test him. If he does not show up, my bad and I should not have invested so much affection and attention into it.

If he does show up - it is another story : ) At some point though I think he will have to, as he still has some of my stuff (that I don't need for now:))

I feel that you are really a good "opponent" for him: as someone was saying here, Scorps need someone who can handle their ride. And I admire you for being so strong and apparently carefree - im pretty sure that kept him around :)) You are giving me ideas :))

nikitamamasita1 3 years ago

Apis Melifera - It did go to very extreme extremes LOL and after all that he came back and was truly sorry, which is odd for such an intense Scorpio man. He is very macho and egotistical, some of which stems from his ethnicity and upbringing though, my Scorp also works a lot and has to travel for work and is also planning to move back to his country in December, even a month ago asked me to come with him, then just disappears again, he also used to tell me about the break up blah blah and send have a nice day texts and all that crap when he didn't want to deal with the relationship, then would pop back up and want to be with me again, get me all wrapped up in it, then drop me again, its amazing that I actually could even consider being with him after all that, but I still have feelings, not the same as before but still strong. AS far as the challenge, even with my emotional vulnerability, I have been able to keep him on his toes, sometimes I have to not answer him or not be too friendly when I see him, then other times I will be very friendly, I like to throw him off a little bit because he gets a little too assured of himself sometimes lol

Apis Melifera 3 years ago

Hello, again :)

I am not sure if the comment went through so im re-posting an update to my story.

He wrote me an email 2 days after the break up saying that somehow it is better FOR HIM that the break-up occurred now, as he is dealing with a lot of stress and pressure, work-wise and he does not want any responsibility towards me or anyone. This time he did not say anything about us being different, but only that "you are beautiful , loving, caring girl", but he needs to survive until he leaves the country (something he wanted from the start and I knew it) and "starts a new life there". But he said that he wants to see me, go out with me OUTSIDE (probably meaning not at his place). Because we are both foreginers here and we are both kind of lonely and because (smtg that kind of surprised me) ...because "I never want to leave you alone here". At the end of the message he just wished me a nice day and smiled.

I have not replied to this and I think I wont, for a while, a week or two or more until I gather my thoughts. He is being so contradictory with himself. I understand him less and less. From one side he is pushing me so hardly away from him but from the other..."I never want to leave you alone here". Do I look into this too much?

One thing I understand now is that I have to kind of go back to my old self and make peace with myself during this time of silence. ( I realised that I wasnot in a very great place either, psychologically speaking). I must have been affected by his depression and without realising it, instead trying to lift him up, I became inert, but in the same time, since I never faced such a situation before, I did not know how to act. Even if I never was confronted with depression, me , nor my closest relatives/friends, I take it extremely seriously. Looks like he never recovered from it and I now support the consequences of everything and pay the price of everything.

In the same time...I really miss him and it hurts to know that he does not let me help him. I wish he gave me a second chance to be around him and try to show another self of mine, the cheerful one, the funny one, the energic one, as I usually am. I guess I have to recover myself first and only then, if he comes back try to cheer him up.

It makes me sad though that he replied with this kind of message to my love.

Would there be any chance for him to come back to me? Do you see this as a commitment phobia - which I never requested from him? He was always the one to ask "How do you think our babies would look like?If we had a baby girl, how would you call her?" or during our first two weeks he freaked me out with "When do I get you pregnant?". during the last two parties, during this same week-end when he broke up with me, among the friends invited to a birthday party, was a couple, from his country. They were glad to meet us and invited us for a next occasion to their place, somewhere outside the city. They asked how long we were together and my bf would reply "1 year" (1 day after the anniversary).

Feeling how he wants to responsibility towards me..or maybe anyone else...something tells me that he try to go out...a lot in order to clear his head. Party, drinks...maybe other girls...And it hurts so much to know that he would be with someone else...I am trying to disappear in order to give him the chance to miss me or at least to realise if I had any value in his eyes.

I feel a little better than the first day...but the feeling of missing him grows every day...and I can't help but waiting for him.

Could he change his mind about it? Can Scorps regret their decisions taken in the heat of the moment?

Scorps, guy and girls out there, please enlighten me :) Thank you all in advance

Apis Melifera 3 years ago

nikitamamasita1 maybe it is all about the challenge. I start believing that without it Scorps don't feel the pleasure of the hunt. It feels though that this has gone to such extremes. I really hope this gets solved for the best of you, as maybe he does not realise it but it is exhausting.

nikitamamasita1 3 years ago

Hello:) I am an Aries woman with Scorpio rising, I fell in love with Scorpio 4 years ago, in the beginning I didn't see it as serious, he however, did do all the extreme behaviors and stalking to let me know he was really interested. The sex was great and we really bonded. We didn't have much time to really date before he needed to leave the country for 1-2 months. He kept contact for the first week of his trip then suddenly fell away. I moved on due to being confused and hurt and really starting to like him, I dated someone else, however, do to the nature of my job, he and I had a lot of mutual friends in common who regularly kept tabs on me for him and reported back I was seeing someone else casually. This started what is now 4 years of a roller coaster. He went crazy from clear across the world, and well, we decided we had love for each other, but the new guy was not at all happy about this and they battled it out constantly on the phone. I left the new guy and waited for the scorp to come off his trip. He came directly to me from the plane, we talked, we realized we had a lot of feelings between us, he was upset with all the drama that happened by me dating someone else, and apologized for not contacting me for so long, of course we had emotional sex, took a nap, and suddenly, he had to leave and told me he needs to think and blah blah, I became a full blown Aries and couldn't understand or be patient, fast forward the story: he didn't want to be with me because I dated someone else, he punished me, and would play with my feelings and I would cry every night and he would go back and forth with me doing this for months and months, he got his friends involved to bother me at my work, my friends got involved to keep them away, and it literally became a knock down drag out war for 2 years! He would do everything to traumatize me at my job, then suddenly vanish for months, come make peace with me, get me emotional again and then drop me, with the occasional sex. He still kept tabs on me(stalking) and claimed that it was me stalking him, he lied and manipulated to everyone including my bosses, I ve had him kicked out of my previous job 3 times, over those first 2 years, we both dated others, then suddenly, he came one night, and apologized for everything in front of both of our friends. He meant it with his heart, told me he was in love with me and that I hurt him so bad in the beginning that he had to hurt me back. we reunited as friends, and became close, strangely, he became someone I would turn to when other guys were hurting me, and of course even after all that bad, we still, even last week have sex! LOL the catch is this, we can time without seeing or talking, then we do, all this spark comes back, which leads me to a month ago, he drilled my head about how much he loves me, wants to try with me, wants to talk about marriage blah blah blah while he was drunk. he has too much ego to ever say those things sober btw. now I took it lightly, and told him save the bs, we can have sex without the fantasy marriage and love stuff. We had sober coffee the next day without sex, and he told me he remembered everything he said, and he was very kind, and sweet, and he had to leave the state for business and would call me the next day. He didn't, he slipped into his scorpio shadows again, 3 weeks go by, and he sees my friend, she mentions my name, an hour later Im already at his house having coffee, he was tired and quiet, however, was opening up to me about small things in his life and being very gentle with me, he is not a gentle person lol, the sex became emotional, I saw his guards go down, he must have realized he was getting vulnerable and completely went ice cold on me. He didn't hold me in the night and didn't behave usual. the next day I received a pleasant morning text, then, hes gone again. Is it possible that he really does still love me, and its not all made up words, but his ego is so big, and he is so macho and old school, he just will not allow himself to open up, only when hes drunk, he will just talk and talk and talk and tell me how wonderful I am how beautiful I am and never stopped loving me. So why can't he just be then with me? we went through a lot, we recovered, we know each other inside and out, no one is involved between us anymore, we always come back to be around each other, and the sex is explosive. What is the deal here???

Apis Melifera 3 years ago

I should also probably add that im Aqua girl with moon in Cancer and he is a Scorpio with also moon in Cancer.

I am well aware that this is not all that matters, but maybe it can help.

So far it has been already 2 days and I have not got any contact from him. I know at some point he said that we will meet in a week or two ...or so he says so that he could give me back some of my stuff that I could not take with me the night I left.But first I would really like for him to chase me. I guess it was me this time who was going through some down time and im sad that he did not (want to ) understand that. It hurts that he only sees his issues and did not even listen carefully to how I felt. He was rejecting every attempt of defense ( I was tired, I was sad...) and only focusing on his issues. I am accepting him with his moody character but I was hoping he would also recognise that im not always this energy ball that would instantly and 24/7 would be all about fun and laughter. After all, im just like him, we are both foreigners in a foreign country, but how come he acted in such a imature way when usually I admire his maturity? But 1H-2H before the whole thing would blow up and he became moody (by the way that was because I sensed him moody and did not want to make him angry, which apparently did anyway), he was still very intimate with me, caressing my toes and playing with them, as if comparing to his, which of course are like 5 EU size bigger.

I really miss him, but I intend to withold any contact from him, In fact im considering taking a brief holiday and just dissapear for a while. I also remember that secretly he was looking at some plane tickets to Spain (he does not know it though and as soon as he felt the corner of my eye wandering on top of his screen, he turned his computer closer to him and inaccessible from me). I even suggested to see a movie together, but he replied in a demotivated way smtg like "Well, I don't know if I have any movie on the computer tonight..." and was all feeling inconfortable. This is when I first burst in tears as I was feeling that no matter what I do, he would reject any option. Lets say that he was emotionally unavaible. I left to the room and he followed me and asked to talk to him. This is when the whole conversation took place. Since it was our anniversary, after he said that he does not want to be in a relationship with me anymore, I asked "what did we celebrate 2 days ago?" he replied that this was an anniversary for the fact that we met. It hurts a lot. I have tried to be there for him all this time, 1 year and in the end all I get is a display of nothing. He even said that he spoke to his mum and he said that we were still dating but he felt we were too different (I still don't know if I should believe this part of mum talking). I can't understant why he waited for the whole year, never talked to me about anything - but a relationship is 2 people coming and deciding together and not just 1, keeping everything to himself and only talking about the issue, if asked. In spite of these defaults, I love him a lot and would work on anything. But first I feel I should freeze him for a while, no matter how painful it would be (for me). I wish I had another chance to show him that what he saw in the past months, was not all of me. and I guess it would be stupid to judge a person by the way he/she acts when feeling down for a while. I did not judge his absence during his depression...I wish that inspite of his stressful period, he would see at least a bit of my feelings and what I have done for him all this while. I can't believe that there is no affection whatsoever.Do you have any other ideas of how I could provoke in a way a wake up call for him , or something? I know that he is willing to become all wild again, as he needs to relax from all the pressure he feels from work...and it will involve going out and probably meeting other people. But is it at all possible that during this time he would realise that he misses me? I know you were saying some time ago that with your Scoprio girl you started easily and only after some time you went through some thinking and realized that you liked her. Is it at all possible with Scorps in general? I wish he would miss me...Thank you in advance and I hope everything goes well for you.

Apis Melifera 3 years ago

Hi Karthikkash,

I am back following a few months after your reply, which was helpful.

With bad news though: 2 days ago we have celebrated our first anniversary. Everything seemed fine until I have noticed that for some reason he was not feeling well...he seemed angry with something and I asked what it was. Little did I know that this question would provoke...our break-up.

During this conversation he told me that somehow he feels pressure from my side (even though I never really pressured him in any way). He says that im too sensitive and this makes him consider his behaviour every time he is with me. Also, that im too quiet - which im not - but he needs some sort of action in his life.

In my first message here I have said that he was having some sort of period of depression a few months ago. This is why we did not see each other for almost 1 month. He saw one day that I was reading something about depression and yesterday he said something quite painful - how it meant nothing for him that I was reading it. /he did not understand why I was looking for the causes of his depression. I explained that I was not looking for causes but rather for suggestions for me to help him overcome it. He did not care. I suggested several times to go somewhere (either some dance night out or even to the beach) and I got always "that would be nice". But it looks like he never helped me out from his side to realize these thoughts. he told me that I was a nice girl, loyal, honest but that he needed something crazy now, as if he needed someone hyperactive by his side. He likes the way i dress etc. about he does not want to be in a relationship with me anymore. Of course I took it tearfully (especially in this time of month - im over-emotional) and he probably thought im some cry-baby. He intends to keep me as some sort of "useful contact"...which I can not accept. He said he would meet me anyway, we would keep going out but we would not be together just for the sake of spending time - as it would be a waste of time and he does not want to waste either mine or his time. I defended myself that since he always behaved in a controlled way, I did the same thing and that he did not see the whole me. But he said that nothing can be saved as it would mean that one of us would have to change for the sake of the other and he does not want that. He does not want to behave normally the way he feels in front of me either...I said that I felt unwanted and I wanted to leave his house taking my did not try to stop me. But before leaving I said that I loved him...but it did not seem to make him nor warm, nor cold...but just "don't say smtg that is pressuring me". He did say though that he liked me very much...( as if I could do something with it). I am so crushed...I can't believe he prepared such a coup right behind my back...I told him as well that this is a difficult period for me as I came back from holidays 2 days ago and was touched by my family that I have not seen for a while, the same day a close relative died and I could not even go to his funeral. Then we went out yesterday and the day before and I confess I felt tired as I slept badly for a whole week and all this cumulated into an emotional and oversensitive bubble. But he seems that he does not care about none of that. The only thing that matter to him is ..him and his pressure right now, now that he is afraid that he might lose his job within the next 2 months. He is also saying that he is almost 30 and when he sees what is going on in the lives of other friends, he feels dissatisfied with this professional situation...I understand all that, but he can t seem to give me even one moment of mercy and also see how I feel...I left his house yesterday and before leaving he handed me some handerchiefs. He also owes me some money but has been a good "customer" and paid me back a good part of the money. When I was almost leaving he offered to pay everything immediately, but I refused, as I know it is not easy on him. He offered to go downstairs with me, but I refused as well. He went with me until the elevator doors but remained by the door, 5 meters away from me. When the elevator doors opened, we just looked at each other and I left. Downstairs, I could not stop crying.Until the very moment he was touching me with care, holding my hand with confidence, saying compliments and how he likes me a lot, when we were at a party with his friends he seems proud that I can speak some words in his language and the guests would faint of delight. But when he said that I don't make jokes that much and take them all seriously and it is impossible to say something without getting a negative reaction from my side - which is not true - he painted a very negative picture of me and im the most positive person there can be. Im not talking bulls**t like he would like me to. Saying that it was all at the bad moment, did not convince him...I refused to be friends with benefits with him and he agreed with me. Even so, inspite of all these negative things he said I really miss him, but I am petrified by the fact that there is nothing I can do. I feel that I should stay put, with all my pain, as I think that he does not want to hear me with his heart. He seems unsensitive, as if he lost his heart somewhere or someone stole it from him. Once such a decision is taken by there ever any chance that he might regret it and come back? Will the storm be over after the time of depression? At some point I felt that he wanted to tell me something, but never did. Yesterday he said that "indirectly" he was trying to tell me all this - that basically we are too different - but I asked why he did not tell me directly ever since he had doubts. No answer. I feel that he ejected me painfully without even giving me the chance to work on anything or taking some more time to know each other better as seeing each other once a week, I find it not enough. Deep down, maybe he has already his eye on someone else, but I might be mistaken. When I said yesterday that I was leaving because I did not feel wanted, he got all upset because that would mean that he did not like me when in fact he did and he said that me saying that he did not want me is childish. I wish I woud disappear for a while, coz I got trully heartbroken...Please tell me your point of view on this as my head is now very hot-blooded and i don't think I can be at all rational. I don't have tears anymore...

Vlcarg 3 years ago

Thanks Karthikkash.....u r right I have to move on BUT my heart is so heavy right now because I felt that if someone really loves u.... It would be hard for them to move on so quick......I felt he gave up so quick on us ... I didn't see any of this coming... I am a very intuitive confident Cancer woman & knows when someone is in love with me......I am able to read most people......I do agree this is a rebound BUT why do this when I shared my true feelings....:-(

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karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

vicarg: Sorry, I couldn't contribute earlier. I am sure he hasn't moved on mentally and emotionally. If he has married someone, it is most probably a rebound. He is bound to realize that later. But I think at the moment, you should also move on. If he really misses you in his life, he will come back to you in some way. You can never predict the future (and changing fate is not easy if not impossible). Keep your hopes up for your life.

Akansksha: Love is a complicated word for your age. At 16-18, we can easily confuse attraction/crush and infatuation to be love (trust me, I have been 16 and I know). I thought my first crush in my life to be love (and yes, she was my first love and I never forgot her. Guess what, she was a Scorpio). At this point, so many things can be very confusing. Let things take the direction they need to. You may realize at some point of time that you were just attracted to this Scorpio guy and nothing more.


I am a cancer girl (16) and I have got a total crush on a scorpio guy(17). Everyone knows that he hates relationships and love and all. So I never had had the courage to go and tell him straightly about this. We are in the same class and are friends. We know each other for 2 years. I was his friend’s girlfriend. 6 months ago I developed some feelings for this scorpio guy. I and my ex-boyfriend (one of his friend) broke up due to this scorpio guy. After that I and my ex stopped talking. My ex, this scorpio guy and I are in the same class. Sometimes I feel this scorpio guy really loves me. Everyone knows that I have feelings for this scorpio guy and teases us each other’s name. He doesn’t like it as his father is a teacher in our school. His father is very strict and hates this girl-boy relationship thing. Sometimes he stares at me all time tooks no notice of teacher and all and the next day he’s different he does not takes his face off the books. Recently a new girl came to our class she’s beautiful and he said that “the new girl is sexy” to one of his friend. I felt bad. He talks to the new girl and I feel bad again. He probably knows it. When anyone asks him that why he talks to the new girl he says she’s in our class and it is nice to talk to everyone. Then after the girl came this scorpio guy has changed a bit and I feel he cares less about me. Now recently I have started talking to my ex and I and my ex have decided to be friends as because we both have moved on. The day I started talking to my ex this Scorpio guy has stopped talking to me. I won’t go to this scorpio guy as I don’t want to look too infatuated. And for a week now we have not talked. It’s pathetic and it hurts. What should I do? Should I forget him and move on or should I go and talk to him (which I am afraid to do as I am very much afraid of rejection)???????

Please help.

Vlcarg 3 years ago

Please can someone help me to understand what happen.....I think he got married today..........I seen him yesterday.... He said he didn't know how I felt about him....I'm so freakin hurt/sad/etc....

Vlcarg 3 years ago

I have read a lot.... OMG.... WOW.... I was seeing a scorpio for about 9 months.....very true that they r sweet when they want to be..... Very attentive.... We was in love... We had issues due to his insecurities..... We got into it... He call me a b@tch.....he reached back out said it was some things we both did so lets forget Bout the past & move on.... I wanted an apology to make a long story short... We stopped talking for two months... I went bck & told him I love him & want to be back... He said that he met someone....I wrote a letter poring out my heart b/c I was scared to do it while I was with him, I text, call, I'm in love with him...he said that it shouldn't hve gotten to this& I shouldn't have listen to him...he is getting married Saturday... He only knew the girl for 3 months... His mother said that this is rebounding... The mother only met her once....she thought him & I was together...I thought that Scorpios don't fall in love quick....I'm heart broken...I still feel he is doing this to be vindictive b/c he felt I should have done this a long time ago..... I am so heart broken!!!

cusp 3 years ago

thanks a lot Aquastef :)

Aquastef 3 years ago

women and anyone else that decides to treat you wrong. I know it works on scorpio men because I am dating one, and it is working on him.

Aquastef 3 years ago

People will do you the way you allow them to do you. (always remember that) If you allow someone to disappear, make you feel like they aren't interested, or only good to you at certain times, then they , continue to do it because they are getting something from this crazy ridiculous behavior, but if you let them know that you are not going to deal with it with your actions, then they will stop. (don't fuss about it because you will still be feeding their crazy ego) Just let the person know, directly, that you aren't going to deal with this type of behavior, and watch then try to please you. Everyone loves a strong person, and those that don't, then you will be getting them out of your way, and you will avoid hurt that you do not deserve nor need. You have to be strong, and stop being scared to lose a person because if they aren't treating you right, then you have lost anyway. Just some good points about scorpio men and

cusp 3 years ago

still waiting for an answer :)

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

lovinme: Sorry, I haven't been able to respond for a long time. Just dealing with a lot of stuff, so haven't been able to focus on the forum. Let things continue the way they are right now. No need to do anything else.

Kelsey: 1) Yes, we are a bit commitment phobic. That is why we take things usually slow. We are protective about ourselves

2) We do take time to contemplate what we have said. Changing is a very slow process for us. But change may occur if the person is absolutely sure.

3) Give him space. He will need some time to think things through. If he really feels deep for you, he will come back (but don't wait for all eternity).

Kelsey 3 years ago

Thank you so much for writing this article. After reading some of the other comments, I feel that I am not alone in my struggle with a Scorpio man.

Hopefully, someone still reads the comments and someone/anyone will give me insight to the questions/dilemma I am currently experiencing. I just want to thank anyone in advance who offers any insight or advice.

I am a Scorpio woman (36) who dated a Scorpio man (41) for about 10 months. Throughout the relationship especially at the beginning, I would let him chase me and have him initiate things (conversations, physical aspects). We took things rather slowly and cautiously and tried not to rush anything. He was very affectionate, even in public and cared a lot about what was going on in my life (not in a possessive way, but "worrying" about me in different situations), but still displayed the typical signs of hot/cold. Sometimes I felt that we weren't even dating and I was just out with a friend. I got to meet his friends, his coworkers and some of his cousins, but never met his parents or siblings.

After reading the article, he fits most of the descriptions - he didn't open up about his family or other personal issues until the last couple of months and had his various mood swings (I admit we were both moody). The only thing that was hindering us was our communication issues. We wouldn't argue or fight with each other, but when we got upset at each other, neither one of us would say anything to the other. It would basically blow over within 10-15 minutes and we would go on with our day. (We both admitted that we had communication issues). Every so often, he would bring up the future - asking how many children I would want to have and what I envisioned for the future. I went along with it, a little confused as to why he was bringing some of this up before he even said "I love you". I let the confusion pass and wanted to see how the relationship progressed on its own.

Everything took a turn within the past couple of weeks. I thought everything was going well - our communication was getting better, we talked about some issues that were kind of hanging over our heads and even went on two vacations together. After coming back from the second vacation - he came over and out of nowhere told me that he didn't know or think if he could ever say "I love you", but claimed that he saw me as more than a friend and still had deep feelings for me. It came out of nowhere and I sat there in total shock. To make a longer story short, we decided to take a break for a month so that we could both get our feelings sorted out and then come back and talk about it.

So what I need insight on is:

1. Are Scorpio men always this indecisive or confused about their feelings? And did it really take him almost 10 months to realize that he couldn't say those 3 words to me? Could he possibly just be commitment phobic?

2. Once they have their mind made up about something, do they ever go back and change their mind or contemplate what they might have said out of emotion without thinking about it before?

3. Is there any hope for this "situation"?

Thanks in advance for any insight/advice!

lovinme 3 years ago from rock hill, sc

Ok. I'm a sag female dating a Scorpio male. I posted on this blog 1 year ago because he ended the relationship and never game me an explanation for it. smh!...needless to say I followed the advice from karthikkash and didn't answer calls or text. Now, he is calling again and he came by to see me. We did not have sex! We had very open communication and I was able to share my feelings about what happened. His explanation was he was giving me time to figure things out. I was recently divorced and still not over my ex. One thing he told me this time that flew me off my rocker, was that I was very close to getting a ring. But one incident with my ex killed it. No I didn't have sex with him. I was placed in a situation where I had to introduce him to my ex and I didn't because I was afraid. My ex is a scorpio and even though were divorced is still very jealous! I still cant believe I was close to getting a ring. I had no clue. Anway, things are going well this time. We are taking things very slowly. I know I want him but not sure if he's on the same page. I will say that he is the one initiating all the calls and texts this time. Any advice would be helpful. I'm trying to get the ring this time! :-)

Fishy Phoenix 3 years ago

Scorpios won't withhold sex or anything else. We really don't play games like that. And for gods sake don't try and play games with us because you will not like the outcome I assure you.

If he is withholding it will not be just sex. It will be emotional content and physical interaction as well. That basically means there is something going on. It may not be you; there could be something in his life he is dealing with. The best possible thing you can do is support him emotionally. He will repay that 1000 fold.

Scorpios are very honest by nature. We don't pretend. If you wonder if it's you then ask him directly at a good moment...and ask with your heart. Don't be accusatory or defensive and he will be honest. If it's not you then follow the advice above. If it is you, then give it some time. Try and change some things in your interactions. Try and schedule some alone time on a fun short trip near water. After that you should be able to tell what the best way forward is.

Remember we are very emotional on the inside. We can get in a funk for a while that is nobody's fault. Just lend emotional support and offer positive distractions like cuddling and fun activities. Breaking us out is easier than we make it seem :)

nancy 3 years ago

Do scorpio men ever withhold sex as a test? I have been with a sag who is all scorpio in his chart and now after 3 years we hit a dry spell. He has been under huge financial strain and doesnt want to break up but it feels in my gut (im sag with pisces rising) that this is a test. He is very tightlipped with feelings and has a hard time expressing them.

cusp 3 years ago

does a scorpio man ever think of you, even after he has 'moved on' and keeps absolutely no contact? At the time of the short relationship, he was possesive, manipulating, promised (promises which he never kept) and everything that you mentioned Karthikkash?

whetherpapillon 3 years ago

"I cant put those thoughts away

anything Ive thought in my head to stay

Now what do we get for trying to follow to a tee

All the instructions you gave me

Did you ever notice

That its for you that Ive lived my life

Every time I had fun you were on my mind

Ive lost my perspective

Ive gone off the wall

Really not sure if Im needed here at all


This is my last shot

Ill always be less than my other selves

So I feel like Im competing with someone else

Who I could never beat in a million years

I was made to think that we would wind up round here

Will we ever get together in a song..."

A virgo's struggle with a scorpio man

ckadri 3 years ago

once I wrote here and Nick gave me good answer. Once I realised that my scorpio friend is flirting me everyday. He invited me to one place (all weekend with him and his friends, some of them I know). All weekend he hardly speak to me. First evening he made me be embarrassed, he say one thing to me in front of his friends. Second day when I was talking with his friends, then he came and stand in front me, to talk with his friends ( he did this three times). One his friend told him to stand beside me. ........... There was lot more weird things . I realised that he is not that man, who I know. I felt disappointed, because why he treat me like that and why he invited me there, if he treated me like a stranger.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

jennifromtheblock: I would personally think that it is a mature decision. The good thing I see is that things didn't go sour between you guys, but you ended it in a good way since you realized that this relationship was going nowhere. It is alright.

jennifromtheblock 3 years ago

I am sorry, I have added some to my original post:

"I am Aries and have been dating a Scorpio man for 7 months. He has two children in college who I have recently met, and the meetings were genuinely positive. A few months after dating we became quite close, we talked of taking trips together. I have met his friends and we were spending lots of time together. He talked of me to his brothers, parent and children. Right as we began dating he lost his job, and has yet to find a new one. In fact, we met while working at the same company, but only began dating after he left. He became hot-and-cold a few months ago, after about 4 months of dating. I can respect that being out of work with large financial commitments for such a time is troubling, but his hot-and-cold has left me feeling quite rejected. We talked, and I told him how I was feeling and that I would like to see the relationship move forward and that he made me quite happy, but that his recent pulling away was very difficult for me. He admitted that he was leary to move forward because he was unsure where his new job would take him geographically. I told him that I was willing to take the risk, but that he should make the decision for himself - but I was firm that I needed to move forward. After a few days he contacted me and the result was positive for a time. He seemed to take care to make changes in our relationship and we were spending good, quality time together. This is when I met his children and they mentioned that they had heard much about me. But, now a few weeks have passed and the hot-and-cold has returned. I ended things, hesitantly. He recognized that he has not been able to give me what I need and apologized for hurting me. I care so deeply, and I do believe he cares for me. Was I too hasty to end things?"

jennifromtheblock 3 years ago

I have been dating a Scorpio man for 7 months. Right as we began dating he lost his job, and has yet to find a new one. I can respect that this is troubling, but his hot-and-cold has left me feeling quite rejected. We talked, and the result was positive for a time. He seemed to take care to make changes in our relationship. But, now a few weeks have past and the hot-and-cold has returned. I ended things, hesitantly. He recognized that he has not been able to give me what I need and apologized for hurting me. I care so deeply, and I do believe he cares for me. Was I too hasty to end things?

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

Lolita: Hope things are better now. Sorry for the late reply. Scorpio men don't fall in love easily. If he was telling you that he has emotions for you, he may be just attracted to you. Being attracted and being in love are two different things. A Scorpio man takes a girl through a lot of tests and waits to see if she is right for him. What happened between you may just have been infatuation.

Regarding the other things, I don't know if he was playing or not, but things were plain wrong. Maybe you should just move out. If he starts approaching you, then you are in the drivers seat.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

apis melifera: Sorry for the late reply. I think there is nothing much to worry about at this point of time. I think you yourself have figured out most stuff. Regarding the question, "Can a Scorpio guy fall in love without knowing where it goes?" It can be possible, though it usually doesn't happen that way. Most Scorpio guys do know where they want the relationship to head. Unless of course, he is still young.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

I am really sorry that I haven't replied to many of the recent comments. There has been a lot going on in my life right now that I am unable to focus much on replying to comments. As much as I understand the problems you are facing, I may not be able to reply to individual comments for some time. However, I will do my best to reply as much as possible.

Heavensofgarden 3 years ago

Well, I agree... 'm in a sex relationship with a Scorpio guy!! He even treats me Lyk his best buddy hence he shares most of d things with me... Wn I had begin to have my relation with him I didn't feel Lyk going on with other guys even though guys fall for me i never bother about other guys 'm a model usually i find other models as flirts but d day i got into relation with him i juz quit my flirty nature i explained him everything infact I don't hide anything from him he very well knows that... He flirts with other females I don't like that part of him but still I adjust a lot I always listen to him. We both are pissed with love relations because of our past so v're having a sex relation instead and we enjoy a lot!! I can clearly explain dat v got so many relations within us like frnz, fun, luv n sex relationship within us. I juz luv what's going on... But I really wish him to stay more closer to me :( 'm a Gemini female I knw Gemini Neva fits to scorpionian still I juz don't feel like lvin him neither he don't feel like lvin me I mostly understand him even though If he hides stuffs with me... As a Gemini girl 'm a moody person but den I hide my moody nature with him dis Is d only thing I hide from him coz I knw he gets annoyed coz of such a nature... 'm actually confused wdr he loves me or no and 'm confused within myself how to behave with him ???

Shilpa 3 years ago

I want to spk personally about myself... I don't feel like discussing here!! Can I get ur email id or something !? Or elz contact me through my id

Ally 3 years ago

Hi Karth,

I've been dating my Scorpio for about 17 months, and I love him, and I'm pretty sure he loves me at least a bit, though he hasn't been able to say so yet (he became closed off to all of that several years ago after being hurt badly). But I'm concerned about his drinking. He's having a hard time lately, unable to find grad work even though he was a fantastic student, and his confidence in his music took a hit (the two reasons he had self-confidence). He opened up to me while drunk last night over text messages, and told me he was sad and it was because of his unemployment and his lack of confidence in his music, and I tried to tell him that there is more to him than all of that, and that things will get better (as well as some stuff specific to the events that led to these feelings), and I also told him I was concerned about his drinking, and how it might seem like it's making him feel better, but it could be making everything worse. And he told me I make him feel worse every time he opens up to me, and that he's better off talking to friends than me, and that alcohol makes him feel better and I don't. And I don't know what to do. I wanted to show him the info that was behind what I said, about alcohol and serotonin levels in the brain, etc, but I'm afraid of just making him madder. He hasn't spoken to me all day today. I'm pretty sure he's just getting defensive because he knows his drinking is unhealthy (I have watched his drinking increase, and I see the differences in him when he's drinking, and it doesn't take a genius to see he's becoming dependent on it. He already has a history of anxiety and some depression), and he's taking it out on me and trying to keep distance between us. I just don't know what to do. Can you offer any Scorpio insight into how I can talk to him, and let him know I'm not the bad guy? I told him I loved him and would be here for him regardless, but he ignored all that and just told me I make him feel more like shit. I suck at this psychology stuff, I just wanted to let him know that I'm worried because alcohol could be making him feel worse than he would be without the drink. Maybe that's not how you talk to someone who is in danger of alcoholism, I dunno. I'm not asking you to be a psychologist here, just maybe offer some insight into how I can be here for him. I don't know if it helps, but I'm a Capricorn.

rosedl 3 years ago

I am in love with a Scorpio man. And, he is in love with me but it didn't happen overnight. He dated a friend of mine for a brief while (we are still super close friends) but he had it for me even then. He would watch me instead of her, one night I thought he was going to try and kiss me...they ended and we were friends for quite a while (couple years) before I just kissed him. Went together for a year, then he broke up with me do to some external complications, but it was so clear he was still in love with me. Now, he wants me back. Impossible men.

Lolita 3 years ago

Hi Karthikkash, I am a Sagittarius woman interested in a scorpio man. I am very intrigued by him and for some reason always seem to find myself attracted to Scorpio's. No other sign makes me feel the way they do. He was traveling interstate when we met one night in my city. We exchanged numbers and have kept in contact via email/texts. Within 6 weeks he was telling me he missed me and wanted to be with me. We have not seen each other since our first meeting but he has said with my permission he will come to visit me so we can spend some time together. I am afraid how quickly this has escalated. Is it normal for a scorpio man to have so many feelings so quickly? He says he wants to marry me and that he is in love - I've always thought scorpios to be cautious and slow to reveal their true feelings. It makes me feel unsure about him and his motives when he says things like that. I don't know if I believe you can feel that way about someone so quickly especially since we've only met once and we've never even kissed! I do have feelings for him and I've told him that I want him to come and visit me. I told him I would get some time off work so I could show him around and take him to places. He seemed really excited. We had that discussion about 2 weeks ago and since then have not mentioned it again. We had a small argument shortly after that and he has become distant. We went from texting each other 30 or more times a day to nothing. I have not heard from him in 3 days. I know from past experiences with scorpios to leave them alone when they disappear and they will usually come back within a few days like nothing happened. I'm trying to give him space but I can't help the feeling that he is mad at me. We both have started to follow each other on Instagram. He makes me feel jealous because he follows a lot of woman and likes their half naked photos. I try not to let it bother me but it does. I know scorpio men have a deep appreciation for the female body and beauty in general - so I try not to focus on it too much. He was liking a lot of photos from one particular girl and leaving comments like "you're amazing" and "marry me?" - things he was also saying to me. I asked him about it and if he was also seeing this girl (who lives in the same city as him) and he got so mad. He said she was a good friend of his - like a sister, he had known her since he was a teenager. He made me feel awful about bringing it up but how was I to know? This happened about 2 weeks ago and since then I've felt him pulling away. I've been hurt by players in the past and I can usually spot the behavior signals. I don't know if he is playing me or being real when he tells me he wants only me. Now that he has pulled away I feel like that's his way of admitting he got caught doing the wrong thing and is trying to phase me out. A day after our fight he told me he had to have surgery for an on-going health problem but wouldnt tell me where - he only said it was serious but he'll be ok. I asked him if he would ever tell me if something was wrong and he said "no, because you don't need to deal with my shit". I am not a pushy person so I just said I understood if he didn't want to tell me certain things but I am always here for him if he wanted to talk. Obviously there are things going on in his life so I am trying to give him space, its just hard since i feel like the air has not cleared after our argument and now i am worried about him and his surgery but i dont feel like I can ask him about it because he doesnt want to talk. He hasnt had the surgery yet because he promised to tell me when he was going to hospital. I sent him a casual text 3 days ago just saying that i missed our chats which he never replied to. Should I just leave things up to him now to contact me? Or should I try to forget about him? I don't want things to end this way. I do care for him, I just wish he could see that I care and I am trust worthy and he can tell me things because I'll be there for him.

apis melifera 3 years ago

Hi everyone,

I am dating a Scorpio guy for 8 months now.

We met online and he was the one to give me his number and suggesting that we should meet. I was reluctant as I had the feeling that I would be dealing with the player.

Three weeks into our online messages and somehow I have promised him that we would meet ...and then we did. Since the moment I saw him I felt absorbed, his look is exactly as described in the article above: it is like a soul X-Ray. We have been seeing each other almost on all weekends for three weeks and then he has to leave the country for a month.( I should probably say that since the very beginning, I let him guide the entire relationship. I never bothered with text messages, I never called him, and I initiated a conversation maybe once or twice.during his trip he called me 4-5 times, but regarding the messages or maybe some emails, I was receiving an update from him every 4 days and it was difficult to bear not only the physical distance but also waiting for his news. )

Anyway, my guy comes back from his trip of a a month and ,the second time we see each other after his come back i will never forget that on a Sunday morning we were having breakfast in a coffee place and all of a sudden he throws me "I love you"...I did know how to reply even though I knew I was in love with him from the moment I saw him..I joked a little, but later when we were alone, I confessed to him as well. I could feel emotion in his eyes...

We have spent Christmas together, his birthday, we cook dinner together and he seems to enjoy doing things for me. Like preparing my lunch box for the next morning out of delicious diner that he likes to take care off.

But there are things that worry me in all that:

1) when he came from his trip he said that he has showed my picture to his mother and that "she liked your feminity". (Here I got scared. Even as a joke I would not say that to someone that i meet for only 2 months...)

2) I never asked him about it, nor made hints but he said that he does not know what our future is going to be because of his career and because he might work abroad. Sometimes he jokes saying "you are going to visit me" , some other times that long distance relationship are difficult to handle...Here I confess that I dont know what to think and sometimes I just refuse to fall into this mental debate with myself: he has been quite straightforward since the very beginning, white is white and we both know it and if not, he says what he wants/likes/or not straight in the eye.

He kind of let me know before that he has been in "friends with benefits" relationship before, but kind of also let me know that our relationship is not one of those..When I could not resist to ask why, he said "If you were just a friend, would not spend my whole day with you"...

But this is so confusing to me...I know 8 months into this relationship I wonder if I should be careful with the feelings that I carry for him. I am afraid that anytime he might just say that it is over, I don't know if he is indecisive towards me or if there is someone else...I am afraid that he would hurt me and I wonder if I should not prepare for that at some level.

I know everything is not about the sign but I think there might be some traits that could be explained by someone's sign. But can a Scorp guy engage into a relationship without knowing where it heads? I thought that Scorp guys know already what is the outcome of a relationship just being with the person...

3) he still keeps his distance and sometimes I dont hear from him for 4 days and suddenly an email or a phone call. I am an Aqua girl ,but my moon sign is Cancer, and apparently that makes me behave more like a Cancer than an Aqua, which I recognize in myself , so its true. But when I feel down and he is distant (we dont live together) it really makes me think that he does not need me. My Aqua side tells me "live while he is not there and enjoy your own time like you want" , my other side makes me feel sad and lonely and abandoned and I feel rejected and mad on him. How should I understand him?

I have tried to consider his actions and he has done some incredible things for me and this for me means more than any words. But sometimes he is a surprise himself. Can he really leave me after being so close and behaving like the prefect man? We never fought and it is so peaceful and wonderful when we are together. It feels like the times flies so fast when we meet. I just dont know if i should give him my heart entirely or spare what is left so that I would not get totally heartbroken.

Any Scorpio guy is welcome to express his opinion. Thank you in advance for reading me.

Sheera's lover 3 years ago

Hey kartikash ,

Thank you for your advice it Instantly made me feel better! You just brightened my situation and made things clear to me I snapped back to reality. Keep it up for other women before they get shattered by a complex scorpio :)))))

Candice 3 years ago


I'm not sure if i'm still rocking myself on a broken chair. So i would appreciate your thoughts. I went on a first date with a scorpio man in his 40s (i'm in my mid 20s) whom i had met on a dating site. There was such a wild physical chemistry & we ended up sleeping together on that night (sleep over at his house).

In the morning he said he would like us to meet again but i told him i'll check my schedule. He called a few times after but usually when i sent a text he would reply 2 days after. He always said he's too busy as he owns his own national company. A few weeks ago he sent a text saying he's travelling for business to another country for a week but "looks forward to seeing me when he comes back". It's been 2 weeks now & i haven't heard from him. Do i politely let him down the next time he calls & ask for a 2nd date? and how do i do that? i don't want him to walk all over me as i feel a month is too long so probably he just wants me physically & i don't want that.

Thank you in advance


karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

Sheera's Lover: One advice is that never lose your identity for someone else. If you have a principle in life and is valid, then stick to it. Being integral to yourself is far more important than that. You may want to convert to Sikhism for him. What is the guarantee that he won't ask you to do something else you don't like? You cannot do it, just for the sake of love.

Who knows, he may be manipulating you right now. You have already given in once. Don't do it again. If you lose him, it is alright. But don't try to get him for the wrong reasons. It is alright to lose him for the right reasons.

Sheera's Lover 3 years ago

Hello Kartikash ,

I took your advice and i tried to hold my ground but boy was it hard!! At one point I felt so sad that i thought he had forgotten me for another girl because I was surprised that he would be this distant with me because of my behavior but I contradicted myself by telling him to be completely honest with me and when he did listen to me and was honest I failed to his test bythrowing a tantrum I guess he saw it as some sort of manipulation ..I asked him to come c me and he told me he really wanted to but it's to late and that he had work the next day he also wanted to know where i was and what i was up too ..I haven't spoken to him for a week he makes me feel like hes not interested but he still accpet my invitation even though i know he actually does have work very early I just wanted to test his response. I really love him i am ready to give into him and his family and convert to Sikhism for him even though personally religion means almost nothing to me. He doesn't know this because he knows how little belief i have for these things as a biochem undergraduate student. I don't know how to make up for what i did .. I don't even know if hes worth it by behaving this way i know if i tried harder he would definitely give in but i have too much pride i don't want him to know that i love him so much

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

Marie70: I am very sorry for the late response. I don't think he is playing. Not for 6 years at least. He may be serious. We are independent people. We need our space, and sometimes we need a large space. But when we love someone we do love them from the bottom of our heart. He may just be needing his space sometimes. Don't worry too much about it.

Scorpio Man: Very well put and totally agree with your comment :)

Scorpio Man 3 years ago

Spot on article, very well done.

To women dating Scorpio men and getting confused: don't be. We aren't all that bad. We may be the most secretive men of the zodiac, but if we do love you, we will (even if we don't state it) until you give us a reason not to. The other article on Scorpio men here states a very true fact: if you cross us, you won't get us back.

That said, we are fiercely independent and can get along fine being alone. I suppose that is why we are the more difficult types to get along with - we don't -need- another person in our lives. I can't count how many women I've been with that have said, "it's your way or nothing", and it's true. If I don't want to do something, I won't do it, period. The opposite is also, true, however: if I want something, I will get it, period.

The beauty is that we Scorpios can get along with people very well or, at the worst, completely ignore them and think nothing of it. It's very true that we enjoy manipulation and to observe the world around us. We don't like attention. We always want to know how things work - especially the woman we love.

Some advice to women here having difficulties with Scorpio men: don't push him. Give him space. Realize that most of us do not open up to ANYONE, not even our closest family, about many things. We don't like small talk. We don't enjoy games. Your best bet is to come out to him and be straight up: I love it when a woman does that to me. I like knowing you are interested enough and, more importantly, that you trust me enough to simply state what you are thinking in the most basic terms. Many people don't like the truth - but we do!

One last thing: I've been told many times by women that my natural need for privacy is seen as disinterest. This is not true. If we are interested, we will rarely show it - but believe me, on the inside, we are. Stick with your Scorpio man if you can... you won't be disappointed.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

Sheera's lover : Hmmm.. It may be possible that after the tantrum, he may be trying to keep distance by keeping communication to the minimum. Better that you too maintain your ground at this point and not get too involved with him.

Marie70 3 years ago

Yup, this Virgo is no match for a Scorpio! Lol! He wins everytime. Feel like I am caught in his web and can't break free. Oh, I think I escape, but each time he manages to capture me again. I managed to break free for a month. Oh I missed him, but felt I was doing what was healthy for me. Then he starts showing-up at the

new place where I bartend. Texts me constantly. He even was out side the door of the Mall when I came out from shopping one day. Just "happened" to be sitting there on his motorcycle (looking gorgeous.. I might add). Sounds creepy in away, but he isn't mean or abnoxcious. He just gives me a smile and looks in my eyes. Looks at me kinda sad, like he asking me to understand him. Did this for a month 'till I finally agreed to see him. I thought when we got together he would b happy, but he seemed distant. He hugged me, but had a look in his eyes that seemed to b looking somewhere far from where we were. He didn't say much, but mumbled a couple things. One was in reference to his place being lonely w/out me, the other was that I shouldn't have made him "wait so long" to see me. It's hard to explain, but he dosen't talk directly when he says things like that. It's kind of in an under his breath way, where I get the impression he dosen't want me to respond. My problem and question is this.... What the heck does he want me to do?! We've been seeing each other for six years. He acts as though he wants his "freedom", but dosen 't want to let me go. I don't often say mean things to him, but I did blurt-out the other night quite quickly and sharply that I felt he just wanted me 'till something better came along. He did not like that, but what I found interesting was his response. He just looked at me and shock his head and said; "There isn't anyone better than you." He is absolutely gorgeous, charming, smart. He comes from a very well- to-do family. He can get just about any girl he wants. Always has had beautiful girlfriends. I know looking back on how we started he was just in it for "fun." I have told him numerous times I don't play that way. He knows I care about (very much), he's a decent person so why would he keep chasing after an ordinary girl who wants more than causual "fun?" I am not out to control him, not at all! What I need is to just know that he isn't going to all-of-sudden, stop seeing me once he finds what he is looking for? Would a Scorpio waste his time like this? Would a guy contact a girl all day long if it was just for "fun?"

Sheera's lover 3 years ago

Why is he pulling off hot and cold moves? I'm fed up of the fact that he isn't involved with me enough !!! He brought the money to my house while I was sleeping i told him i could have picked it up but he said no that he will bring me the money and he did but he didn't take the chance to speak to me or see me and that really upset me because i thought he would take advantage of this opportunity but i thought wrong although he knows i was open to see him as well... I asked him via text message " is this how u want to keep things between us with this huge distance?" and he replied " keep things like what ?"

WTF??? y is he acting dumb

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

Sheera's lover: I think it is just the hot and cold stuff he is pulling off. Give it some time before taking any step.

Sheera's lover 3 years ago

Hi kartikash:),

I am seeing a scorpio man since November and we haven't slept with each other yet because I'm not ready to take the next step although I really have developed strong feelings for him I go out with other guys and they don't measure up to him , he wants to sleep with and he finds me very attractive but he has been waiting for me in the mean time we have chilled with each other pretty often I have been to his house he has been to mine he has pulled off those disappearing moments very often which I hate but I have come to accept. He comes from a big punjabi family which expect him to be very involved within the family and I am egyptian he really likes me and my culture. He's weird though hot and cold he said he completely understand the act that I don't want my relationship to be based on sec but I'm scared because I go weeks without seeing him even though he always answers me I don't c him physically I know it's better than being completely ignored but last week he was going up north and he let me know before he left town but I threw a tantrum because I'm a Leo but my moon is in capricorn. Venus and mars in Taurus so I'm a down to earth but the week later after the tantrum he we t out of town but he didn't tell me in advance this time and be has been distant and I'm starting to get worried that he's seeing someone else maybe but I lent him forty dollars and I asked him back for it he didn't answer me until two days later and he said I have to wait one week until he gets his pay I know he's not running away for forty dollars because he works a lot and makes good money and at one point I threatened him that I don't want to see him anymore and he came back running sending me messages non stop for one hour explaining himself to me but I don't know he doesn't spend enough time with me but I'm just wondering if he didn't like me anymore would he still pay me back or completely disappear ? Also I'm scared I will sleep with him and he'll disappear this has happen in the past so I am scared he will do it and I know it will kill me if he does

Sorry for the long comment :$

Pls any help??!!!

Nick 3 years ago


As a scorpio man I can tell you from personal experience that if he says something and it tends to hurt your feelings, then that is a good thing. Sounds weird I know but I will explain. Scorpios are, in general, guarded. We are the type that are content to be by ourselves. Yes, solitude means loneliness at times, but we'd much rather feel the sting from our own loneliness, than from the sting of people that turn out to be nothing more than acquaintances. Us Scorpios see no point of getting into relationships "just to see where they go." In fact, just the other day I was trying to understand the mentality of a friend who admitted to getting into a long term relationship "just to see where it went." I didn't get it. I get into relationships for friends or for a life time partner. I do not start something "to see where it goes." So, this means once a Scorpio decides to hang around and talk to you, then that Scorpio has seen something in you, and has an intention. Now, remember that I said Scorpios would rather feel the sting of solitude than the sting from others? Well, if a Scorp has decided to take that leap and talk to you on a somewhat constant basis (us Scorps are prone to falling of the map every now an then, which can be interpreted as either us regenerating, or us challenging you - depends on the Scorpio.) then that Scorpio will talk to you like they talk to themselves - and we do talk to ourselves ALL THE TIME. So, do not take our questions and statements as being brutal, because that's how we talk to ourselves. Be thankful that you have found a person who isn't pretending and respond with honesty - and better yet respond with brutal honesty.

ckadri 3 years ago

I writed once before, but this time, i will explain better. I have scorpio friend and he is confusing me and sometimes makes me mad. Sometimes he is behaving like I like him and other time like he hates me. Once I told him that I like him and he did not respond to me. Few months ago I made a decision that I am cold whit him, I do not show my feelings and I do not give him that much my attention. Then he gave me more attention or sometimes mirrors me (do not give attention to me, usually his is not cold to me).

If he is doing or saying something what makes me sad or mad, then I tell him that and he changes his behavior (he is so nice, friendly, apologise if necessary). Sometimes seems like he uses me. I like to help other people, so I do not understand if people has used me. This all makes me wonder if he do not like me, so why he cares about me at all, or why he take offence if I say something mean. If I do not talk to him then he ask me why, what happened. This is just small text, there is a lot more. I am tired about this all, I want to feel all these nice feelings to someone who likes me back. I do not whant to feel these mixed signals what he is sending to me, looking me so intense, getting jealous if I talk to some nice man. My point is that if you like someone then you ask her out, or something like that (once he did, I say ok, and later he did not whant to go because of the bad wetter). I do not whant to wait forever, but what is the best thing, what I should do? or maybe I miss understand him.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

CapLady: I don't think anything is missing in the relationship. He just seems indecisive at this point and possibly afraid to commit, that's all.

An ultimatum could work, but as you said, it may be a bit risky. If you can do it in a proper way, you can definitely do it :)

Marie70: That is a very good thing Marie :)

Marie70 3 years ago

After six years and seeing each other on a weekly bases, my Scorpio guy told me he cares about me, enjoys my company, and that sex is great. All sounds good, yup right up 'till he also told me, "not to fall for him", "I'm not a relationship guy", "basically, I'm an asshole of a guy". Alrighty then. This was all explained in a very nice, respectful tone after I asked if he ever thought about a future for us. Although I was sad. I told him I respect his truthfulness and have ended it. He is now sad and wants to know why I have to end it. I personally miss him, care about him, buy am much happy moving forward. Finally knowing has a freeing power to it.

CapLady 3 years ago

Hi karthikkash, love your advice. :)

Like many, many people, I have a question about my Scorpio boyfriend (I'm a Capricorn woman). We've been dating for almost a year, and I have told him I loved him a few times, first time about 5 months ago, and he said he thinks I'm the right girl for him, he really cares about me, and whenever he thinks about his future I'm in it, but he's not ready to say he loves me yet, because for him love is a really big deal and it's a point-of-no-return type thing. He says it would mean he would do anything for me, even follow me to the ends of the earth if I needed him to. Which is nice (though kind of sucks to hear someone be so romantic when they're NOT talking about you lol). I really enjoy being with him, and I think we work very well together. But my question is... how long should I wait before I ask him how he really feels? Sometimes I get the feeling that we're not... progressing anywhere, like he's really happy and comfortable with how things are and he doesn't feel a need to go any deeper, so he's not. Would that be something a Scorpio guy would do? He seems really awkward, even scared, when I show any sign of wanting to talk about my feelings or the relationship.

It's just hard because I'm wondering if there is something missing and that's why he doesn't feel anything deeper - but everything seems great. We occasionally argue or get angry with each other, but we both cool off very quickly if we're allowed to vent properly (though I have to apologise first!). The sex is amazing and abundant, we enjoy conversation as well as having our quiet time, and we make each other laugh. He likes to treat me like I'm his lady, and I feel very safe and content with him. So what could be missing?

I have a friend who was with a Scorpio guy for a year before she got sick of his lack of commitment, and she gave him an ultimatum, and broke up with him when he didn't deliver. He came back to her in tears saying he loved her (he'd never said that to another girl before), and now they're both really happy. I don't want to play games with my Scorpio, but if I get to a point where I want to know if I'm wasting my time, is an ultimatum something that could work, if his problem is that he FEELS it, but just can't SAY it? I know it could backfire if he feels like he is being manipulated, but I also wonder if he would need a wake-up call to realise that he needs to take that step forward if he wants me to be in his future.

I know a year still isn't a long time so I'll keep waiting, but sometimes I worry that we will still be in the same spot when a long time HAS passed.

leo moon 3 years ago

thanx karthikkash,thats what am trying to do.since i told him to cut contacts i havent talked to him and i know its bites him when i go even for 2 days without saying even hi.I think now he either wants to get my reaction,attention or see if i lost his contact by asking me from nowhere in the middle of the night if i have been sleeping with different guys.I just dint reply anything.i know now his head is spinning lol

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

amrah: There may be different possibilities. You may have had a bad experience with some of them in your childhood or it may be possible that the Scorpios you may have met are not the right ones. Another possibility is that the planetary alignment in your birth chart may be such that it opposes people with sun sign Scorpio in their birth chart.

amrah 3 years ago

i am female pices but i dont know why i just hate the scorpio poeples?

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karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

leo moon: Sorry to hear about that. The only way you can get over him is to cut all contacts and don't talk to him for a long long time.

leo moon 3 years ago

hey,its me again back with the update,well i guess u were right about my scorpio guy trying to detach after disappering into his focus thingy,i decided not to poke my finger,stopped saying hi to him n stuff,but he decided to wish me gudnites every one day i ignored to reply back n he was upset about we just started texting as we used to before,but one thing i noticed different is he is trying to avoid anything related to sex.being curious i decided to ask him about it,but he was hesitant to give me an answer.tried to tell him to tell me straight up what is in his mind.thats when he said he has stopped seeing me,asking him why,just like any other guy he came up with "i dont have enough reason or any reason." so i decided to tell him that we should loose contacts,then he replied ok if thats what i want, n later ,wished a bye to him with a kiss sign.he just replied back with a kiss.i just wanna get over him damn it!

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

Hopelessly: Sorry that I haven't responded to your comment. Don't worry, everything is normal :) He is just busy thinking about his poker game. Once he is done with that, he will call you for sure.

By the way, pssst.. If he has done amazingly well in his poker game, you will be the first one he will call. If he has not done well, he may be a bit grouchy. Don't push him for anything ;) (that is a little secret for you to keep in mind).

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

Isabel: I have nothing to say but appreciate you for having gone through a life of realizations and self-realizations. God will be with you guys.. I am sure that his insecurities will recede in due time and things will be back to normal soon. Keep up your efforts and your love will eventually win.

Isabel 3 years ago

I been reading these comments for a looong time and decided to chip in.

I have been surrounded by Scorpios all my life but now I only want to comment on my 'love story' with my Scorpio partner.

My husband and I are very different - he is from a rural background (with urban education), speaks a very different language, is from a different religion, is a Scorpio. I am from a big city, speak another language (though we communicate in English), am a leo.

I know my husband since 2004 when I was in love with another man - lets call him K. This man was my first love since I was 19, and though I did not see him, I was crazily in love with K. We met over internet in 2001. He would disappear for a year and then come back. This nonsense lasted for few years years till I thought he had finally come back to me. But again he disappeared and this time it was before my masters exam and when someone in my family was dying. I needed him but he disappeared. At this crucial moment I became very close to my husband - lets call him H.

I met H over the internet too on a common site on politics and governance. He was amazed to find a girl of 21 years so interested in it, more surprised when he learnt that I was a girl from a conservative, religious family who had keen interest in getting higher education and resisted getting married early. The typical stereotype goes that girls frm my religion are married off early and hardly go for higher ed, which is true for many of my friends. H says what attracted him to me more was that that while he had blown up his dad's hard earned money on his higher education and living expenses, I was teaching since 18 years of age to pay my fees.

I did not see the cultural, social and religious gaps when I fell for him. When K left at a time when I was emotionally vulnerable, I needed a shoulder to cry on, to lean on and H gave me that. Talking on phone daily, we literally fell in love over the phone, having never met - not even seeing each other's photo! Once we realised we were in love, we decided to meet. He came over to another city to see me.

Point 1 - He was genuine, intelligent, sensitive (though not expressive), and dependable, like many scorpios.

I thought we were in a perfect relationship - utmost understanding, when K reappears saying I should give him one last chance. We share many things in common except that I couldn't trust him anymore. I talk to him a few times, but reject him firmly. This talking irritates H so much that I see a new side to him.

Point 2 - He is extremely jealous and possessive like many scorpios.

One year after being in a relationship & two years of knowing each other we have sex.

Point 3 - He is amazing in bed.

Few months later he tells me he has a medical condition, and he may never become a father. I am sad but too young and in deep love to let it come between our relationship.

Point 4 - I thought we were transparent, but the scorpio is full of surprises.

We decide to marry, he says due to our religious differences we should elope. I disagree saying I'd regret all my life as I have younger siblings including sisters. So we decide to have the marriage in my style after a lot of convincing our families. His parents don't come as they agree to his decision but are unhappy with it,but his bunch of friends come to my city and we marry in 2008. But the marriage takes such a toll that he develops irritable bowel syndrome - IBS and lose 20 kg weight.

I leave my big family and move to a different city, trusting the man I love. Loneliness makes us a little depressed. I also learn that he is very impatient with me due to IBS. He has never done a single household work in his life being raised like a prince. I too did not do much work prior to marriage and suddenly I am responsible for everything - his health, my health, our house, cooking and housekeeping while doing a job. Even paying bills and buying groceries fall on me sometimes.We fight a lot!

Point 5 - There will always be some communication gap between a leo and a scorpio even if you love each other a lot.

Unconsciously I realised that my mom-in-law was becoming reason for a lot of our fights. She stays in a different place but interferes a lot. No amount of reasoning works and H is very protective about her.

Point 6 - Most scorpio men (inc my bro) are very attached to their mom. Even a harmless thing you say can be construed as you speaking against the holy mother :)

Slowly fights get ugly, H starts to raise his hand on me, something which I can't believe first, then resist but all in vain. I get into a 4 year contract job which entails periodic travel for long stretches for few months. We take the decision together for this job, but his insecurities increase. He is insecure when I am out. He always pulls my self esteem down by nitpicking. He is jealous tht people compliment me. I say I will leave him when we fight and though I never mean it, somewhere in his heart he feels I will and his rash behaviour springs from it.

Point 7 - If a scorpio man loves you, he will want you completely and deep in him he has a fear that you may leave him. It is very very hard for scorps to let go of this fear.

Though I didn't know how to cook, I learnt it as soon as I got married. H loves good food and most of our initial fights were over food. Since he was never encouraging I felt cooking was a burden. My friends when invited would always praise my cooking on the other hand! I hated it when he would never care to say nice things if the food was good but jump to criticise if it was not upto his tastebuds - standards of which are very high.

Point 8 - Scorpios are stingy with praises. Either others should learn to deal with it or Scorpios it doesn't take much for being a little kind, does it? But I learnt that he does praise me in front of his friends and colleagues! beat that!

At a low point in life when my best friend's bro commits suicide (someone whom I loved as my bro), and with an unhappy atmosphere at home I meet a Leo guy who seems interested in me. I meet him again and tell my husband about it-I share almost everything with H. His jealousy reaches a pitch and so does the violence. I meet this guy again and he surprises me by kissing me.I feel many things to justify this atrocious act- like I am avenging the hurt H has caused me, like I need some gentle friend who understands etc. He has a gf and I have a husband and I feel though I might have some soft corner for this new guy, I have to control it and we could still be friends. Later turns out this man is only after sex! Though I don't hate him, I don't have any feelings for him anymore. I have a deep sense of shame now. I don't feel good even if I say I was pushed by H to do this.

Point 9 - scorpios and their insecurities can make them cruel and make you do wrong things. But it's good to never get carried away in self pity.

Many a times I seriously feel after a fight that I must leave him. But at other times, I cannot imagine a life without him. Few months back we had a fight, and he hurt me and I screamed. To stop me he choked me till I thought I would die. This was a dramatic incident and H realised his mistake 9though he never told me) and since then the physical violence at home has ended.

Over the last few months, I decided since I have to live with H and I cannot possibly love another man, I better change. Now I cook with more enthusiasm, never say I will leave him and try to juggle work and home as best as I can. All I know is that this man truly loves me and fears losing me and so do I.

I too have realised my mistakes - not instilling enough confidence in my scorpio partner is my biggest crime. Slowly I am trying to turn the tide.

We both love each other a lot and we know we can't be without each other. The months we spent away from each other are terrible and we missed each other a lot. Though both of us throw a lot of challenges to each other, love is what binds us.

Relationships see many ups and downs and I know that we have seen our down and now it's time for us to see our ups. I am optimistic and hopeful.

cusp 3 years ago

thankyou Karthikkash. what you said makes sense. I'll follow your advice :) take care

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

Cusp: Thank you :) It is good be here as I learn a lot more about myself as well while replying to different people.

My personal opinion is that you are still pushing him (with the mailing and texting). And he may have actually lost interest at this point. Whether he feels guilty and all is a different matter, but at this point, he may be feeling pushed. The more you push, the more farther he will run. So, leave it at there and move on. He may not be worth that after all.

cusp 3 years ago

Good to have you back Karthikkash. I'm still waiting for a response on my post. thanks.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

Hey guys, I am sorry that I haven't responded to the recent comments. I am very much caught up with my business related work and dealing with some personal stuff.

I know that ScorpioMaleTed has been doing a wonderful job responding to your mails and has taken off some load of my shoulders (thanks a lot for that :) I really appreciate it) . I will respond to your mails when I can. I will be anyways be monitoring the comments which will be posted here.

Thanks again..

ckadri 3 years ago

I am friend with scorpio man (very long time). last year I thought he have some feelings for me, but then I thought "no". This year he is different: his eye color seems darker and this black dot is bigger, some days when he looks in my eyes , I feel uncomfortable, so I turn my eyes away (last year I did not feel myself uncomfortable). When I was talking with another man and smile to him, he went jealous (face was so red) and he left the room. I have not seen him like that before. I dont think that he has some feelings for me, but why he seems diferent to me (maybe I am over thinking, beacuse I am canser woman).

ScorpioMaleTed profile image

ScorpioMaleTed 3 years ago from North Carolina, USA

@leo moon

Yeah it's just a power control mentality. Don't play to his games, when he does things like that its to get a response out of it. The best thing for you to do back is be distant and not care, talk to him as if you we're over looking him for something else.


Wait to reply. Only reasonable to make him wait.


There really isn't a top ten reasons. Mainly just two reasons, either mentally tired or just doesn't want to deal.

blueskies 3 years ago

what are the top ten reasons why scorpio men suddenly not contact you or disappear?

helena 3 years ago

If a scorpio man didn't contact you for 2- 3 weeks, should I reply to him immediately or should I wait a day or two before replying so that I won't appear clingy or weak because I heard they hate weak women?

leo moon 3 years ago

thanks @scorpiomaleted

i appreciate ur honest....i hate the fact that i fell on him so hard that i find it so hard to detach myself.I have tried it so many times but its hard.I wish there was a way i could do it....recently he tried to make me jealous n hurt me by telling me he is taking someone for dinner n movies....i tried to play it hard too as if it didnt affect me,by saying thats romantic of u n good for both of u,he then did not reply back,but wished me goodnite later,lol

Marie70 3 years ago

@ ScorpiomaleTed and Nick,

Thank you both for your very Thoughtful and informative responses. I appreciate the insight.

There hasn't been any communication other than one text message last night. I text; "Good night"& he replied the same. Drove by each other this a.m.. He was on his phone, but did wave (no smile). He looks sooo serious lately. Just going to sit back, relax, and see what happens. Not going to drive myself nuts.

ScorpioMaleTed profile image

ScorpioMaleTed 3 years ago from North Carolina, USA


Your right on the money there, but that isn't always the case and yes I have found myself as well pushing someone away but that's only because its a way of not dragging them into whats causing you problems or its because you are trying to figure out if they are helping it. By removing a feeling or feelings it helps us figure out a general idea of what throwing us off, and more times than none- we are unsuccessful. I found that making it through the day and sleeping it off makes it all better.

@leo moon

Now understand what i say is not to be offensive personally towards you, i speak the truth whether it be cold or not.

Regardless of how much hope you have gotten from some of what you have read off of here, with hopes that you can better understand your man, he sounds like he is no good. Yes he can have some really good ups and then some bad downs, but it sounds like he is living a life style of "player" and you are honestly playing into his game. He has alot of female friends for like you said, sex, and you said all you could be is friends and that is because you are just another "girl" and you sounds like you dont deserve his deserve better. I'm here to give you advice and insight into a scorpio male but there are extremes on both spectrums and I don't want you to play into a Scorpios mind games (because we are very good at those) and get yourself hurt. You need to understand that when you hint to him that your done and leaving he will "run for the hills" so to speak in trying to get you back. Scorpios like control, and when someone realizes they can be full of mind games then you can play the games on them.

Think long term like a scorpio, do you see him seeing you in his life as the only girl? And in this instance, once a person cheats, regardless who they are, they can cheat again.

Best of luck and keep me updated.

leo moon 3 years ago


welcome back....thanks karthikkash for responding too.well my scorpio man is now talking to me,but its like after i hit him up,asking him why he has just changed like that,or does he want to leave me? he replied "where am i going? i just need to focus thats it" I had nothing to say from there.....well his lifestyle is that, first he has a busy schedule where he does 2 jobs in a day except except friday n saturday where he does only one those 2 days he sometimes chill at home or go out to clubs or hang out with his friends.of course he has a lot of female friends n its hard to trust him,coz he likes sex alot.In his past relationships he has been cheating.we never spend time together but only sex time which is sad to me,coz its like he is using me.we live 45 mins apart though.its so confusing u can tell too,being a pisces its x10 confusing to me,lol

Nick 3 years ago


Speaking as a male Scorp I will say that when we do not feel like ourselves it is deeply troubling. Living our life within our shell means we typically feel comfortable with ourselves. On the days we do not feel right, (like something is off) it is a philosophical problem. What about today is off? Is it me? Why is it me? What makes me feel like me? What is it about these things that make me feel comfortable? I said comfort. Is it comfort? Is there a better word? - That is just the tip of it. I will say on the days I do not feel like myself there actually is something happening; for example, mercury (or venus) was passing infront of the sun. Other times it's a warning of trouble ahead. So, there is a lot going through your Scorp's head when they say they do not feel like their self. Is it fair that he pushed you away to try to get right in his head? That is a question for you to answer.

cusp 3 years ago

Hi ScorpioMaleTed and Karthikkash,

Need help although Karthikkash did write back. Its been 4-5 months when I wrote here last, mentioning how I got bitten by a much older scorpio male. All that happened between us, started very suddenly, with lots of promises from his end and I gave in but within a month he turned around (after I got a 'lil' pushy-when I sent him 2 texts as to where he was since he had'nt been in touch for about a week to ten days) and he he told me I deserved much better and 'frienship' is all he could give (right before that he had been 'into' me, except just going quiet. That blew my fuse and I told him off, said I wanted to return his presents etc too. No reply from him since then. 3 emails and 2 texts later from me to him till date, apologizing but still no word from him. Since then, Ive read up eveything there is on Scorpio men on the net ( did not know any thing about them before). What I would like to know what do you think happened and will he return as I am still waiting? Was it all a game and he moved on the day he broke up with me?

thanks a bunch! :)

ScorpioMaleTed profile image

ScorpioMaleTed 3 years ago from North Carolina, USA


Well for starters he sounds like he doesn't know what he wants. Most of the time a Scorpio always knows what he wants, but the problem is that at some times he could want/be satisfied with many different options that he has cooked up in his head. The problem that begins here is that he is going to constantly change his approach because each one can seem more appeasing than the others on a different day or even worse it could change multiple times a day. There is however one ultimate goal, he will just have many "ideal" plans on how to achieve it. Scorpios are cold and calculated, so when the come back strong its because one idea has solely became justified.

We scorpio males, unlike alot of other signs, have a mess of a mind when it comes to deciding on how to do things, we know what we want and how to get it, but its about going about our business is where we lose everyone. Thats one of the big reasons why we cant be read.

In saying all this your Scorpio male, sounds as if he has alot on his mind. Giving most Scorpios like to put off dealing with emotional problems over the years can explain why it has been crazy for you for the past few years. And for how he is acting right now, dont worry. Its just a thing we do, Scorpio men can come off like your average women when it comes to needing space. If you could take a peek inside his mind for one day you probably pass out from mental exhaustion because our mind never stops. And yes many people say they think alot. A lot of other signs say it too; but i can tell you this no one will think as deeply and thoroughly as Scorpio male. Most other people need some type of life experience to get like that; but Scorpios just think like that naturally.

Just give him his space, talk less, and don't let him have his power over you when he gets like this. DONT GIVE UP ON HIM. That will only cause him to hurt deeply that you would give up on him, and if you don't give up on him then you will only get that much more from him. We never forget, bad or even the good. We like to remember good things more than bad. So just be patient and find distractions or even seek better opportunities. Its ultimately your life and i encourage you think rationally with it and do what makes you happy. If you see your getting no where with your Scorpio male then find another.

I hope i helped and if you need anything I'm back for good! ;)

And Karth I'm happy to be back.

Marie70 3 years ago

And here we go again... Oh boy. Just when I think we're making progress..... He's gone again. Will he ever just open up and say what he's thinking? Six years of this back and forth is crazy. We never argue. Things are going great, and then bam! He's distant. I asked him last week if something was wrong he said; "No, I just don't feel good." I offered to bring him something or go to the store for him. He declined my offer. Told him I would check in with him the next day. He didn't respond back (we were texting. Neither one of us is much of a phone person). He didn't text anything back. So I left it alone for the night, but true to my word I asked him via text the next day how he was doing? "I feel better." Was all I got. I was feeling a coldness from his text. So I left him alone for a few days. He finally text me with a nice hello. I was feeling a little irritated so I felt it best not to respond right away. Within an hour I got another message from him. I know him well enough to know that this second message was his way of reaching out and apologizing for his distants as of late. So I responded back and ask if he'd like company. His text back was short and felt cold, but he said to come over. I did. In the six years I've been seeing him he would hear my car pull in and always get-up to greet me. This time he had not. I thought well he must really be feeling bad still. We spent sometime together and he was nice but very distant and cold. He said he actually hadn't been sick but that he just wasn't feeling like himself. It is so difficult to deal with him in times like this, because I want to ask and find out more, but I know not to cross the line with to many questions. If he wants me to know more, he will tell me. I don't push not because I don't care, but 'cuz I don 't want to annoy him. Scorpios are so difficult. Anyway, it got late so I left. It felt strange between us. I didn't contact him the next day and the following night I get a short message that just says; "Good night." in six years that's only the second time he's text me that. I always text him good night. The next day we drove by each other ( we live in the same town), we waved. He didn't smile. Shortly after I text him; "Have a nice day." I got back; " U2 c ya." just that! So after about an hour I called him. I asked if that was "a see you soon", or " a c ya never". Now mind you I am Virgo and think everything thru so if I am calling and asking something certainly is feeling "off". I calmly told him, questioned him, about what was going on. I asked if he was distancing himself from me, and if we were breaking up? His response was; "Stop over thinking everything." "we're fine." Ok great, but heres the problem. That was Thursday morning, and we always spend Thursday night together, but we hung-up and I haven't seen it heard from him sense. I usually hear from him everyday, and see him every few days. I just don't know what the right move is. I feel like I should wait, and once he decides he'll contact me, but he can be over sensitive himself (oh he won't show it to anyone, but I know he is), so if he's waiting for me to contact him..... Well I don't know. I give-up :(

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

ScorpioMaleTed : Good to have you back :)

ScorpioMaleTed profile image

ScorpioMaleTed 3 years ago from North Carolina, USA

@leo moon

Can you explain your Scorpio male; as in his life style and friends? It will help me get a better idea as to his thought process.

ScorpioMaleTed profile image

ScorpioMaleTed 3 years ago from North Carolina, USA

Guess who is back!

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

leo moon: Chances are that he may be trying to detach himself at this point. It is difficult to detach from someone but, I would suggest you to start detaching yourself. He may be confused as well. So, it is better to give it a gap at this time.

leo moon 3 years ago

Confused here.secretly dating a scorpio guy for 1 yr and 5months.we both single though.was hurt recently hurt when i asked him whats going on btwn us,n he said we just sex partners for now n he is not ready for a a pisces and am not a casual sex person,i treat sex as love and i love him so much that i cant handle the fact that we are just sex partners, i want more than that.we used to text like the whole day each single day,till recently when he said we just sex partners,thats when i told him back that i "i wish i never met u coz am so hurt right now" then he replied that "thats cold but sorry for meeting me" later that night he came to my apartment without informing me that he was coming,i was so confused but i still let him in.we spend the night together,then the following day i text him asking him how he is doing,he replied he was ok.the next day after that,i waited for his text asking me how i was doing but coz we switch like that all the time but he didnt,being a pisces i cant stand being i texted him asking why is he quiet today,then he replied "its a long story but i have to get u off my mind for a while" i said ok.The following day i texted him to know how he is doing,but he dint reply.he later texted me that night wishing me a good nite,so i replied back same.what i want to know is ,is he hurting too or he is trying to find a way to detach himself from me,coz i know its a hard thing.NOTE:he has never had a serious relationship in his life.

Am confused should i forget about him?but again its hard to get him off my mind coz i love him. I cant see myself moving forward coz i feel like am attached to him,its painful

monakols 3 years ago

Thank you, Karthikkash, for reply. All the best to you!

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

monakols: Sorry that I haven't replied to your comment in a week. Have been extremely busy and forgot to check for comments.

For your situation, I would suggest that don't initiate anything at this moment. Let him pursue you. Unless he makes it completely obvious that he is coming for you just do your regular stuff.

monakols 3 years ago

Hello Karthikkash,

I would be really grateful for your (and others') insight into this scorpio man I am in love with. We've known each other for almost 6 years now. He is 46 and I'm 30 and it was him chasing me when we met on holiday. After that summer it was me who ignited the acquaintance again but it fell down as I didn't understand why he disappeared for 3 weeks. I wrote him that I thought we were friends and he responded like: I don't treat friends like that, which for me was that he hoped for something more than friends. Anyway, a month later I apologized and we continued being acquaintances (I didn't insist on anything else at that time as I was starting studies at a music university where he is a professor) for 5 years during which time I asked him for a few favours and he always did them for me and later invited me to dinner or dessert to great restaurants. So we basically met 1-2 a year (planned meeting) and sometimes at our university. I went to his concerts and he seemed quite happy about it. Everything changed last year. I sent him my demo recording to which he didn't reply but 2 months later he phoned me to ask me to do a translation for him and during that phone call he told me he had just bought a new flat. Then, 2 months later, I asked him for the telephone number of a violin teacher for my son and he have it to me. 3 months later, in September, I wrote him that he was right that the violin teacher was great and thanked him once again. He responded enthusiastically and invited me to a restaurant. It was a really good meeting during which he asked me about my future plans, told me about his professional and financial situation and mentioned that I should see his flat one day. I of course agreed and after 3 weeks we decided (my initiative) to meet at his place. He came to collect me from my flat and when I wanted to kiss him on the cheek he wanted to kiss my lips but I made an evasive movement as earlier when we texted he wrote that he treated this relation as a friendly one so I wanted to show him that I dont kiss my friends. Anyway, we spent a great evening together - speaking, going to a restaurant, listening to music but nothing happened, I think he waited for my move. He drove me back home and I hugged him in a very feminine way, which he liked but we only kissed each others cheeks. Later we met at my place, he really put effort into making friends with my son and we smiled to each other but there was an awkward feeling as probably both of us wanted to get more physical but again, like for years, we felt an invisible obstacle. I texted him 3 days later, as usually after our meetings, to thank him for the meeting and I wrote him that my son really liked him. It was the first time he didnt answer after a meeting. I texted him again after 10 days, he responded in a friendly way, then I suggested a meeting, he didnt write back so a few days later I wrote a longer email in which I stated that it started to be a really important acquaintance for me and and I put effort and energy into it and I thought he did the same. I asked him, like some other times before, if we were going separate ways. He responded after 3 days that I arose his interest but that interest is not enough to make pretence that it is something more than a liking and probably it was time to go separate ways, which he has been doing for years - I think he wanted to tell me by this that it was me who chased him for years to which he responded. Anyway, it hurt my feelings but I wrote him that it was ok with me and that I really wish him all the best as I think he is an amazing man deserving happiness. He responded to this withŁ my hands are falling, and the rest is too.. with a smiley emoticon. That day before we exchanged emails and later until Xmas he flirted with me a lot at the university - keeping my stare for long and smiling a lot to me. He wished me and my son a merry Xmas in an email. Once before xmas, when I saw him at the university and refused to turn round when I felt his eyes on me, he got so mad that he slammed the door of his classroom, which had never happened before. Anyway, I was really miserable during the whole xmas and I wanted him badly. We had never even kissed and I felt that we had an amazing connection but the only thing lacking was sex. I was thinking about what to write him to have him back in my life and a day before new years eve I shocked myself by writing an email to him in which I said that we couldnąt finish something that didnt even start and that I have a wine at hime which I cant open and asked him when to come to me in 2 days. He responded the next day with - please, let it go...

I was terrified as I thought I lost him completely. So I wrote 2 quite long emails in which I explained him my behaviour, what serious obstacles we had at the beginning - he knew about them - I wrote him how much I risked for this relationship and how devastated I was as I felt I ruined everything. I also wrote I respected his decision as regards this relation and wrote him that it was also a moment for me to take care of my emotions. I wrote him he didnąt have to write back, which he didnt do. We met a few days later at the university and from the very first eye contact - he initiated it - he has been smiling and keeping my gaze for long. He has been saying - hello - and I noticed him subtely stalking me in a playful way and now we flirt much more than ever but I decided not to speak but only look beautiful and stared and smile to him, to which he is responding in a very good way.

On Saturday I wrote him 1st in 3 weeks email, quite an official one, in which I let him know that I didnt sing in a concert he knew about, because of health reasons. He wrote back the same day with - thank you for the message, I didnt plan on going as I am playing a concert myself the same day. Wish you recovering soon. I took it as a good sign as I feel it broke a certain barrier we had had since xmas and that sex offer of mine. What do you think of it, is there anything i can do now. Now, since new year, he is making it very obvious to me that he stares at me - not like in the past when he hid it - smiles a lot and literally i can see him reading me. I was thinking about writing him a text reminding us of good moments we had together but in such a way that it didnt require a response and repeat it every few days until he cant hold himself back. I very often have a feeling of him giving me priority in doing whatever I wish with this relation, even a few months ago he suggested in a funny way a man should be brought up by a woman. Im curious about your insight!

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

pisces gurl : Honestly, you should just move on. He is not worth it. He doesn't seem to be certain about what he wants in his life at this point. You both are in different mindsets now and have no idea how long it may take to reach a common mindset. You cannot keep waiting till that happens. So dump him and move on.

pisces gurl 3 years ago

could u pls help me here,i have just been dating this scorpio guy for 1yr n 4 months,n its just been just sex all along.asked him if he want to be in a relationship,he said he is not ready for one.after that i felt heart broken coz i want more than sex from him,so i decided to date another guy,n it turned he is a scorpio too.but i still had feelings for scorpio no.1.the no.2 scorpio was soo intense n insecure that i couldnt take it,so i had to do something to break if off.and there we kept seeing each other with scorpio no.1 though he was dating another girl too.after i broke up with scorpio no.2,he also broke up with the girl he was dating n now we became even.we still kept seeing each other as if nothing happened which is just sex.then now i had to ask him if we still having just sex thing.he said yes,asked if he had feelings for me,he said yes but only as a friend.that broke my heart again.asking him why he cant have a relationship with me,he said he wanted to at first but then after i started dating scorpio no.2.the feelings were never the same again.told him u said u dint want a relationship thats why i did it,then he says "i know".then i asked him if he wont change his mind forever,he said "i cant say that coz i dont beleive in forever never"....then i was pissed off coz i love him so much and he knows that,so i replied maybe the relationship wouldnt work anyways.from then he hasnt spoken to me,pls help...does he really mean it by saying that or he is just playing with my mind or should i move on?

anonymous 3 years ago

what should i do with this scorpio man ? It's been a month we haven't seen each other and it's been two weeks of no contact.Why is he like this I don't understand. first i really respect and love him but know i don't know if he has been true to me or not. Please help me

anonymous 3 years ago

I am not good at english please excuse me. I met this scorpio man he was still married but not living with his wife instead he is living with his parents.He values his work and his reputation. We have different nationality. I am a taurus woman. In short we had our relationship that at first it was great.I loved him so much.I invested my true heart for him. Even though he told me he would like to help me in fanancial matters he couldn't because he needs to support his family and children.It was clear and I told Him not to worry.I undaerstand his situation.Ididn\t ask for anything nut his love and at least once in every obe week we could ne together. When he comes to my house Icooked for him and made him feel relax which he said he is whenever he is with me. Suddenly after 8months of our relationship he dumped me.What hurts me most is He dumped me without any clear reason from him.He even did the dumping by a printed letter. I tried to call him and told him i respect his decision bit I deserve an explanation but said he has no time and he is busy.I really didn't know what truely went wrong. He just wrote that we were too close with each other. I am hurt so badly/I don't know what happen. Now I am in the stage of no contact for 2 weeks. I don't know what will happen next.

TheDove 3 years ago

Thanks for the insight! He is an enigma, for certain. I see a lot of clues that tell me he might be falling for me. And then, I see other things that scream "friend zone". I will say soon as I start appearing slightly disinterested, he's pursuing me. But that's inherently a guy trait, anyway. No matter...I'll just enjoy it all as it unfolds.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

TheDove: Thanks for the compliment :) There are simple things you can notice from his side.. If he has started falling for you, he will prefer to spend more time with you. He may start becoming a bit more controlling (yeah, we love control over something we want). And as usual, there are many common traits both Scorpio men and women share. He can become more possessive and jealous (if you talk to smile and talk to another guy). I think as off now, those hints should be sufficient.

TheDove 3 years ago

Wow...I give you so much credit for reading such long posts/questions and diligently answering them! Thanks for so much great insight on the Scorpio male. In likewise fashion, here is my inquiry...

Me: 47 year-old Scorpio female, devoted Christian, divorced 5.5 years, three children, ready to date again.

Him: 41 year-old Scorpio male, devoted Christian, going through divorce proceedings, no children, would like to still have a family someday.

We: in all humility, both very attractive. Met on a dating site, became just friends because I don't want any more children, and have been communicating for nearly three months. Attend the same church and sit together, email frequently, text-less so, meet up from time-to-time just to hang out - even at his apartment (lots of deep talks, TV, Chinese food, etc.). He recently lost his job and took himself "off the market" for dating.

Question: what should I be seeing/hearing if his feelings are changing for me beyond friendship? I understand (to the extent I can) how the male mind works in terms of success/self-worth, etc., so I don't expect to see any overt gestures in pursuing me, but how can I tell if this Scorpio male is interested in me as more than just a close friend?

Thanks so much in advance for your insightful answer! :)

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

Sonya: You have created a hubpages profile. That is why your name is showing up. You can remove yourself from hubpages and comment as a guest commenter (with an alias). That should be fine.

Regarding your situation, I think it is too early to make a judgement about his behavior. As you said about his financial situation and his friend getting shot and so on, I think he may be dealing with something. I am sure, he wouldn't have forgotten you or your son. But as you may already know by now, we tend to deal with one thing at a time. Who knows, he may also be working towards his financial betterment. If he is calling you from a private number, he may surely not miss you. Just give it some time for things to calm down.

As you said, he already looks like he knows what he has gone through. Definitely give him support and encouragement. He may actually need it at this time. From what I have heard, a Capricorn and a Scorpio make a wonderful couple. So, things may actually start falling in place.

Sonya Garnett 3 years ago

First off can I get rid of my real name on the post. Would hate to be Googled and comments found.

I checked my VM yesterday on my phone and found out he has been the one calling me private and not leaving a message, just letting the phone sit there for minutes. I also sent him a short message on FB apologizing for unfriending him and letting him know he can take all the time he needs, he is going through hell and I'm here for him in a heartbeat.

I have come to the conclusion that I will sit back and not dwell on it. If it is meant to be it will happen. Being a Capricorn woman that has always had my way with men, this is my first true challenge. Unfortunately, I have noticed with this type of treatment (only with him; disappearances) at times I can be a little manic with my emotions (sad today, feeling like a fool, the next day I'm not, I don't dwell, forgive quick). I am not at all a needy woman. All I need is a hello and short sign of love ; this will carry me for days. Having so many goals to accomplish and responsibilities has never agreed with any men that I have ever dated. They have always been too needy for me and say I'm too independent. This one I believe would be a perfect match, if he can find a way to get rid of the drama. He also has let me know that he has a history of dating very young women (the mother of his 2 year old is 25, He is 42) and does not want anything more to do with them, he has traveled and gone through his midlife crisis and now wants to live a life building his construction business and a mature relationship, is this typical behavior? From what he showed me, he is very skilled and intelligent. I'm a REO Broker looking to open a office in his town and told him we can work together, he seemed to be really interested and we both agreed that couples should support each other. Do you believe he will be able to truly escape his former lifestyle that he has had all of his adult life or will old habits be too hard to let go and be able to handle my strong motivations and practical lifestyle (I'm not pushy, I believe in letting the man lead) He really seems ready, says I'm definitely his type, he was once a serious businessman. I believe he is really depressed without him saying it about his current issues. Should I try to keep in touch and encourage him?

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

Toya: I don't think he has moved on. There are signs that he is just going through that phase where you try to get on with someone immediately after a break up. Scorpio men can never move on easily. If what you have said is right, he is actually fighting himself at the moment without being able to move on.

You may talk to him, but I am sure that he will not accept that he may love you. Watch for the actions. I don't know what went between you guys. But, if he is trying to hurt you more, he is trying to "Get even" with you because he has been hurt bad.

Whether he will move on after having a revenge, very difficult to say. There are some Scorpios who will dedicate their lives to destroy you completely. And they can do that till they die. It takes great courage for a Scorpio and only an evolved Scorpio will refrain from doing that (and it doesn't matter if you are a Scorpio woman). I am sorry to say, but I think a Scorpio woman's vengeance is nowhere near to a Scorpio man's vengeance.

WiccanSage: Thanks a lot :)

Sonya Garnett 3 years ago

Im so pissed off and hurt right now. First off I am 41 and don't date or give many men the time of day. My son's father, whom I had not seen in 18 years or heard from came back around after my son found him on FB. My son is 17 will be 18 in Jan.. It took this man almost 2 mo and 3 messages later to respond to my son. I called him. For 1 month he flirted with me. I was careful, never said anything negative. We had so much fun, and a connection I never had with anyone, as it was when we were 21. His conversation and his pictures on FB with his children convinced me that he is a really good guy, that made a couple of poor choices earlier with me. I finally gave in after about 1 mo and told him we could start seeing one another again. We stay 2 and 1/2 hours away from each other. We text each other day and night but I did notice some disappearing acts maybe for 3 nights sometimes. OK, I'm a Capricorn with a busy lifestyle. Early on the only problem he has is the distance we stay. He never had a long distant relationship. I told him I know how, he said teach him. I decided to visit, he and I were so excited. It was the best day, night and morning I ever had. The lovemaking, eye contact, kissing, we both could finish each other's sentences, he even said how much we are alike and in sync. He and I discussed that morning before I left we have to b together, I insisted to moving to Indy to b with him sometime later in 2013. He even said he would drive us to FLorida then cruise to the Bahamas for my birthday in Jan. Negatives - He always had new cars, motorcycles, money (not mentioning how, but 2 years ago 5-0 stopped that). Works at a factory; fine with me; he is my soulmate. Crazy baby momma drama. She will not leave him alone, constantly called the entire time I was there, he ignored it, destroyed his Charger this summer; filling the tank with candy, downgraded cars she's put dents in car he just bought, and did a hit and run to his car a couple of days after I left. He insist he does not want anything to do with her. He says he wants only me.

I planned the trip there but he wanted to pay for everything. The day I came he did not have the money but to pay for dinner, I was fine with paying for the hotel room and such, he did not ask for anything. He spent the entire day before I came trying to get money from people who owned him. He told me how much he wanted to be able to do everything and how he hate he no longer worked for Ford. I told him when I move I will have my own office and he seemed excited that we would work together and make lots of money in Real Estate. Before I left Indy, his best friend was shot that day in critical condition, I got home and when he called me, he pleaded with me to make sure I call him back that night. I did but that was the last night I spoke to him exactly 2 weeks ago. I have been a wreck. I text him maybe every 3 days something short and sweet. But I did send him 1 long one about not forgetting his son and how much he needs him and a short sexy poem. Tonight I got frustrated saw he was on FB and messaged him. Just hello, which then since no response after 3 minutes, I told him "I guess I meant nothing". He logged off then I sent him a message telling him he could have respected me enough not to crush me and how I understand if now is not a good time for a relationship. Nothing rude but I did tell him I was unfriending him so he won't receive another message, but he can call me if he wants to talk. I may sound crazy even to deal with the crazy momma drama, financial situation, and the fact that he was never there for my son, but we really had the best connection, and I know he felt it. I even told him, prior to me coming that I think we should not have started this, this was supposed to be all about our son and he insisted that we cant stop being together. I gave him my heart and trust 100% again. After this, I feel my judgement is so blind, I cant trust any man again. He was nothing but Mr. Wonderful. What do u think?

WiccanSage profile image

WiccanSage 3 years ago

This is a very useful hub; I'm not married to a Scorpio male, but I've dated a couple, and you hit the nail on the head with things so well-- especially not rushing him, and not playing games with him. But if you can get along with a Scorpio guy and win his respect and you enjoy each other's company, it can be quite a passionate and exciting relationship. I think it takes a really special woman to capture the heart of a Scorpio man permanently. Really great info.

Toya 3 years ago

Since my scorp male has moved on and i never verbally told him how i feel (im a scorp female where actions speak louder than words) should i now tell him. Not for hopes of getting him back but just because. I want him to know how i felt about him. I just want to get it off my chest because i held these feelings inside for so long due to fear of exposure. It would help me not have regrets.Your opinion. Hey it might bring him back, especially if he had the same feelings.

Toya 3 years ago

After a Scorpio male revenges you, does he then move on. I did start dating someone else and when he found out he was super jealous. But he was also seeing someone and had stop phone calls and texts while pursuing her. It's like when he found out I moved on he immediately kicked things up with a girl. Do you think maybe he wasn't trying to test me at the party but rather her for jealousy. Do Scorpio men generally go for younger women, ones they can control? What is your take on Scorpio male with cancer woman?

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

Toya: Rightly said about the characters. Both the Scorpio male and female are similar in many ways. The only difference is that we have gender specific characteristics. If I may, I think Scorpio men are more fiery than women (in most of the things). That's why we have more aggression, more rough and most importantly "undying vengeance".

To your question, I think you already gave the answer. It just his way of either making you jealous (he knows that) or he is trying to have a revenge for something you may have done. Depending on the situation, you may have to guess which one it is. If you felt that he may have not seen you as a friend and there may be something else, it probably is that he is trying to make you jealous (that is every Scorpio girl's red button).

Maggie: How long has the gap been between your two mails? If it is too frequent, he may have casually ignored it. And if you are just friends, don't worry, it is nothing.

Maggie 3 years ago

So, I have a questions, if you and a scorpio guy aren't living close to each other but you met long time ago. I, pieces female, contacted him via email and he answer the email. When I send a second email he didn't. Why is he ignoring me? We weren't bf or gf and he currently doesn't have a gf. What's the matter, is it me?

toya 3 years ago

im scorp. female adding insight. independent in work only but craves a man to take the lead,hates weak men w/ no goals or ambition,loves deep but scared of exposure,gotta know guy loves me 1st,very honest,never lies,will hide feelings to protect myself,affectionate,likes to play,selfish w/ $ but giving of myself,non-confrontational, hates 2 argue, high standards, not needy but clingy,gives 100% in relationships, must feel secure by man but not related to his $. too nice, when i fail i become secretive, spiritual,cry alot in unhapiness and unfulfillment, always come out stronger after being hurt. SCORP/SCORP relationships are intense b/c both love deep but may not be willing to confess. not alot of patience in waiting-- a man should know what they want or order for me to know that a man is right for me i have 2 feel a deep connection. mere attraction and good sex will not keep me. loose interest quick, but can regain quick, loves to take care of a man in terms of showing him i care, hates poor lifestyles like drugs, swearing, etc. i always feel like im nor good enough to loved by a great man so i punish myself by continuing to be deny that i deserve a good man.winning my hear--just be yourself helps----hope this help scorp men out

toya 3 years ago

i am a scorpio female, recently dated a male scorpio. i pushed him away b/c he kept throwing his ex in my face, testing me by saying things like no one will ever be better than her and no one else is in the running for her place. then he would say, how does that make you feel---trying to get a reaction. now he did say that he wanted to be just friends from day 1, but his actions suggested differently and he told me that i was the only girl he was interested in. so our freindship has been on the decline since then. recently he invited me to his family holiday party where the new girl he is dating was at. b/c im a scorp too, i reluctantly decided to go b/c i wanted him to know that i am strong. imeediatley when i walked in the house, he introduced her to me. why would he do this to me knowing that i have feelings for him? do scorp men intentionally try to hurt a "friend" in order to get them off of them. he actually has done this before when he went back to his ex--he told me that he never wanted to be with and when i asked why he said this he said that he HAD to hurt me in order to get me off him.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

cusp: It is really difficult to understand a Scorpio's mind. You never know what they are thinking. Even a Scorpio cannot completely figure out another one. Regarding being a bit of "emotional demanding" you did.. Let me put it this way. We Scorpios are a little commitment phobic at times (it is natural to us, so please don't judge). And if we feel that someone is a little pushy, we tend to distance that person a bit.

cusp 3 years ago

hey Karthikkash, I'm back here (though nothings changed-still no word from mr. scorpio but I've sort of gotten over him. But I'm still trying to make sense of what happened. He was into me, I know it but the moment I became a lil demanding (for his attention), he first distanced himself and then bam, sent a text that 'i deserve better & he's got obligations & that I want everything at once'. All because I sent him two texts in a space of one week, after not hearing from him? I just dont get it. Did i scare him off? I never expected him to treat me so callously after our time together, especially when he is a family friend and we have known each other for 18 yrs and he is much older to me. I just need your help in understanding his behaviour here & what do you think he will do next, if anything and whether someone like him would have moved on by now or maybe still have feelings for me? Thankyou!

Mordia profile image

Mordia 3 years ago from Florida


karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

Mordia: You can definitely expect a lot of mixed signals from Scorpio men. That is the problem. He may like you, but he may not feel that this is the right time to get into a relationship, whatever the reason be. Hang in there for some time.

Mordia profile image

Mordia 3 years ago from Florida

Update on me and my scorpio guy:

We have seen each other almost every weekend, and text every day. I have figured out he is quite moody, and the tone of his texts tells me what kind of mood he is in (I am a pisces). So, my question is, why is he "hanging around" if he does not like me? I say this, because I have really let him "have it" three times via text, and once he answered me in anger, and the other two times he didn't answer me. Well, I let a few days go by and apologized for what I had said, and he always tells me he understands, he is just letting me vent and he is not mad at me.

I tend to run off guys because I fear they will hurt me (no one wants to be hurt) but my scorpio guy is still hanging in there, even though he said he doesn't want a "relationship" right now. Actually, he has not said that in a while. When he comes over now, he is making himself at home, and seems to feel comfortable. He has "his" favorite chair, and he calls things "his" in my house. He offered to come over and help me with my xmas tree. He can be so loving and gentle, and then moody as hell. So, does he like me or still just playing around?


karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

angel2074 : I would echo his BFs thoughts. Leave him at that. He is not worth having a headache. If he realizes some day, let him. Otherwise, let it be his headache.

angel2074 3 years ago

Hi It's been some months since wriying her..and 8 months since me and scorpion male split..Not much contact from him recently..except the odd times I see him out .On 1 occasion when I saw him out his friend urged me to go say hello and I did. He infront of table of friends(mostly women) tried to be little me as to the gentleman friend i was with whom he knows and envies him by his success.

I sharpy and diplomatically pointed out the difference between the 2 of you is he has more class and walked off. on 2 occasions he tried it on with my friend..I was not happy and told him..he replied he wasn't serious and we fell for it..We argued and said thats it nothing more to do with each other.a week later I moved shopto which I had offered him and his friends to come to the opoening.We spent the whole night texted and he was clearly asking who I was with ecc.Only since the belittlment out I really did not expect him to come.Texted his friend that I understand him not comeing so as not to be rude.

Law and behold he turned up (40min drive) the whole shop went quite on his entrance and he was quite embarassed.never the less I carried on entertaining everyone.1hour later he left and I since not heard from him .My daughter texted him saying thanks for the visit nand sorry abound the welcome he had..He replied yes I was quite the centre of attension..


a month later saw him out he could hardly say hello to me , I had a fabulous night with friends and he looked a little pathetic as he was with 3 young girls(half his age) and 1 point he looked and laughed(polite way) and I sweetly acknowledged.

I called him 4 days later saying I was suprised he couldnt say hello to me yet travel to my shop opening...he replied there wasnt the right time..

asked how he was...he replied

met a model 22 yrs old(hes 45) reallly like her and for christmas day asked to take her to paris. also in febuary to go to mexico with him where he is buying a property to live and asked her to go to( That was our dream) but why does he tell me..he knows I still care for him says he has a load of women attensio and never thinks of us.He knows himself and his decision is made.end of.

I have spoken to his bf and hes says let him simmer..he's like that with all these girls but they just use him for his money..and if I leave him alone who knows he may realise. His friend says he doesnt believe I have change(says I'm excessively me I'm not)in the norm I'd say. what do you think....sorry for the lenght..but still after all this time I don't believe his actions coincide

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 3 years ago from India Author

neelam23: Sorry that I didn't reply back. My hub was off air for some time (technical problems). I logged in only a couple of days ago.

It may be love. It is very difficult to assess. He himself may be in a confused mode and he may not know what to do. Give it some time and things may become clearer.

neelam23 3 years ago

hey i m really confused about a scorpio guy nd m a capricorn girl .he always stares me care for me he never talk so much.sometimes i feel ignored i shout at him but still he never takes it on heart nd explain back situation to me .he is jealous if i talk to another guy but he doesnt say it .people say its love i cant understand if he is in love he should either commit or leave me

angelfish 4 years ago

Thank you Karthikkash,

I value and respect your opinion very much and know I will be seeking your advice about my good-boy scorpio once we start our tango again. My timeline could very well be a lifetime for him ;)

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

angelfish: rightly said.. It is said that women like bad boys.. Trust me, they are not worth it.. There are Scorpios who know what they want and are nice. Give them a chance ;) Just because we are nice, don't think we are not worth it. We are generally nice people unless we are crossed. As I always say, if you think the person is worth it (screw fantasy of bad guys), go for them. Else, find another better guy.

Marie70 4 years ago


Thank you for the response.

Your blog is very helpful and a great outlet for those of us trying to love and understand our Scorpios :)

angelfish 4 years ago


Please understand that as well as having a deep connection with your scorpio you have to have emotional intelligence and at least some knowledge of scorpio psyche. And please you are never in control, whether you stay together or part is up to them 9 times out of 10. They will not give you control over them by telling you how much they love or need you until they are good and ready. So you need to read their behaviour for your answers. If they are treating you like they love you then you know you're in so stop probing and questioning because actions scream louder than any words so just enjoy and be patient do not pressure him you will lose.

People say that scorpio torture girls, but I say we torture ourselves because if he is not treating you right, be prepared to move on. If he wants you he will start treating you right and if he doesn't then there's your answer. Scorpio know they are hot and have a lot of self worth and they want the best so if you don have confidence (not arrogance) in yourself and know your hot too.....well.

It's real simple, respect yourself and let anyone in your life know what you need and expect, if they don't then .......see you later and have a nice life.

I love my scorpio so bad!!!!!! Let me tell you....but haven't told him yet till the time is right. But I have my own self worth and timeline (not ultimatum) for progression in terms of attachment and actions. If I feel unloved and intensity and attachment is not returned to satisfy my needs within reasonable time then goodbye because there are six billion people on this planet and one of them must be made for me :)

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

sara: How many times have you met each other and gone out with each other in a month? That matters when you say that you are in love. I usually don't agree that love can happen in a month, but again that will be too generic. It really depends on the level of connection you have with each other.

Regarding your age difference, 10 years may be far apart, but not necessarily generations apart :) Of course, you both will have to work on a lot of things to come to a common point as his way of thinking will be different and so will be yours (I am referring to age related thinking). So, if you both are willing to work on those things, then age difference really shouldn't matter (I love a girl 5 years younger than me and I thought that would never happen. But our thinking is similar on many things though our age related maturity plays havoc some times. I have just allowed it not to get to my nerves).

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

Marie70: It is definitely confusing. We Scorpio men usually are (and I can definitely talk for Scorpio women from my experience). We have a brain that works in a way sometimes even we cannot grasp. I can't really say what he must be feeling about you. I dated a Virgo girl once. I think it did go somewhere (I know clearly that she was attracted to me and she liked me. I also liked her). But then, I wasn't ready for it. My life was a bit messed up. So I distanced myself away, albeit slowly.

I am sure that she cursed me for that, but I did my best to make up for it by being friends with her. In your case, I think you can ask him again as you mentioned. He may not agree in all probability that he has feelings for you (it is like losing control for us). So, as you yourself mentioned, do things in a subtle way and see how it goes. And definitely look out for the obvious cues that a normal Scorpio guy would give. That should tell you a lot.

sara 4 years ago

Hey karthikkash, I'm a 20 year old female, i'm a virgo that have been in a relationship with 30 year old scorpio for almost a month, he told me that he loves me, which i feel the same. do you think that its too early to tell if we'r in love?

Also would the age difference cause any future problems between us?

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

bogado: You are definitely with a typical Scorpio male. We usually get defensive when someone says no. But again, that is true for majority of Scorpios. Don't worry, I don't think you have lost him. He is just focused on helping his friend out. If he really likes you, he will definitely come back for you once he is done with taking care of the other problem.

Marie70 4 years ago

Ok at my age (40ish) I should not have to ask this, but here goes...... Is it just a "booty call?" He is a Scorpio I am a Virgo. Been aquaintences, then friends for twenty years. Than one night one thing lead to another after a few drinks. I don't usually drink, but had broken up w/my boyfriend and decided to go out to a local bar where I ran into my Scorpio friend and we talked, drank, and got together after. He informed me later that what we had done was just "fun" and that he wasn't looking for anything else. While I was embarrassed and slightly upset I had noone else to blame but myself for having put myself in that situation. Needless to say though I didn't think his behavior was excuse able. Some months after he contacted me and apologized. This will sound bad, but we are very physically attracted to one another and over the last few years have been "getting together". No we don't go places or do the whole dating thing, but neither of us really have a need for that. He has never been married. I have a grown daughter. I have a busy life of my own and he has his quite routine. He has friends but is a bit of a loner and I respect his needs for that. Sometime ago I asked him if he thought we would ever move any closer to some kind of committed relationship. His reply was; "I don't have any answers". He Said it very kindly, and almost w/sadness. I just said "ok". Over the last eight months he calls or texts me everyday. Sometimes they are cute sexual texts or just to say have a nice day. Then he started saying he missed me. Then when I didn't repond back after a couple of days he asked if I was angry at him. I have told myself to just see where it goes and if it progresses on its own, but he confuses me sometimes. I often text him the simple words "good night" when I'm going to bed. He never used to respond to that, but lately started responding back w/"good night". Last week he text me good night before I did. This all sounds soooo childish now that I wrote it, but it is what it is. Anyway he has two homes one near me and a vacation home about an hour away. He usually comes and goes between both homes without saying a word. I never once have made a comment about that, but last week he went to close up the vacation home and took the time to write a lengthy text saying where he was going and couldn 't wait to see me when he got back. I really see this as making progress, but now he seems distant with me again. And after we were together the other night he used the term "fun" again. So if a guy calls or text you everyday - say's he misses you, texts you in the morning to say have a good day, contacts you to say goodnight, is it still just for "fun" or has his feelings deepened? And do I ask him how he feels about us? I want to ask him to go on vacation w/me for a week. I think if he says yes than that's great, but if he just says no without a real decent reason than I'll probably let him go.

bogado 4 years ago

Hi I am a Scorpio female, and I am dating a Scorpio male. I am 18 years younger than him . He is rich and he has treated me very well. I on the other hand am a student and I am financially unable to go 50/50. My relationship with him has been okay. He has asked me to take an around the world trip with him. I have told him not until I finish my qualification. He doesn't seem to like that idea although he says that he understands. He is very protective of that which is his. I am also but I see myself as the sensible one. If we have a discussion and I say well I don't agree, He immediately goes on the defensive and tells me well if you don't like it you know what you can do. I feel very offended with this reply but he does work hard and has a lot of responsibility. He drinks far to much. I approach him about his hurtful response and he then realizes how hurt I feel. His close friend has marital problem and he is spending a lot of time with him lately and not as much time with me. Is this the end of our relationship? I am a very insecure person because of my financial situation. I feel he has the upper hand because he is financially stable.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

Hopelessly: All the points you have mentioned are true for almost every Scorpio guy. So, don't worry. That is natural. And if he has stayed so long with you, that means he may have found something in you.

jenilie: Absolutely true :)

jenilie 4 years ago

lol....I can't help but laugh. I'am a Scorpio woman and my Boyfriend is a Scorpio. We are both in our late 20's never married and we both dont have any children. I have to say we are one in the same. That is not always a good thing, however it does help in understanding him at times. Because of the Scorpios common trait to control our arguments feel never ending, but being a scorpio myself i know when he is trying to manipulate me and i dont let it get to that. I can't respect a man that won't stand his ground so i dont fear standing mine when he pushes me to far. Compromise and showing our true feelings is half the battle with Scorpios. Communication and getting past shyness has been an issue as well. All i have to say is if he loves you respect him and yourself. Stay loyal, communicate and be patient.

Hopelessly 4 years ago

I have been searching for insight on my relationship with my Scorpio. I like to think of him as the strong silent type, until he gets worked up about something. Anyway, We have been dating for almost 6 months. He has dated a lot of women since his divorce 1.5 years ago. He has told me about the women and why it did not work out with them. he is uber picky! It makes me a bit uneasy. Like he is always sizing me up. When he is done with someone he is done! There are no grey areas. I know if we have been together this long he must see something in me he wants and he intrigues the hell out of me! We spend every weekend together (Fri night thru Sunday afternoon) - even the ones when we have our kids (3 girls between us). We live an hour apart so don't see each other during the week. Here are a few things about him that I am curious about - are these normal and what do they mean?

1. He is all "into me" and then all of a sudden he backs off for a day or two.

2. He loves to talk in general (to me), but hates to talk to me if he has something bothering him about us.

3. He is closed off around my friends but talks my ear off once we are back alone.

4. He likes his space (and I respect it).

5. He is super affectionate sometimes and other times it feels like we are just good friends.

6. He throws out subtle hints about the future - but never openly talks about specifics (example: adding a room onto his house because he will need it one day, wants my dog to come over and play in his backyard, when he gets married again his girls may want to live with him).

7. I've met his family (all of it) but he seems uneasy to meet mine.

8. We can be relaxing on the couch and all of a sudden he hops up to do something (clean kitchen, take a shower, etc.). This can even be hopping up to head home after a weekend at my place.

9. Says he wants a 50/50 relationship in all ways - but rarely lets me pay for anything.

I know this is long, but this thread seems to have an awful lot of insight. Thanks in Advance!

larabebo 4 years ago

thank you karthik for your insight :)

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

larabebo: I think you should just leave it as it is. Don't keep any emotional attachment now. As you said, it is better to leave it there. There is no point in pushing. If he wants to get back to you, let him. Otherwise, leave it.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

angelfish: Thank you :) You said it rightly

cusp: Yes, I think you should start looking at moving on. Take it easy, start distracting yourself. Things will be alright soon.

larabebo 4 years ago

by the way sorry for the long post, i would've liked it to be shorter but i wanted to explain the situation a little bit :)

larabebo 4 years ago

hi karthik, it's been a while since i posted, but it the same thing going with the guy i told you about after apologising for that incident that he seemed angry that i honestly still don't get why he was angry since he doesn't show any interest for being friends we became friends again , but i'm still initiating the conversations with him , i mean i would not message him for days and when i do he seems happy to hear out from me, and when i'm quiet so is he? . there is another thing that is bothering me it's that i had some questions about this school in the country where he lives, he offered his help and that is how this whole thing began, he says that i'm welcome anytime i'd need something but i can't do this anymore because i feel like i'm using him since he doesn't seem to want to be my friend even that he said that we might be friends when i go to school in his country, i feel bad because it's not me to ask for help from people usually but it was a necessity since i couldn't find any other way to get informations, so him not wanting to talk even after six months of chatting i just don't know anymore, he told me things about himself though and how busy he is with work nowadays but it was because i asked the questions, i always did and sometimes he did ask about me too, i know that i seem like i overthink this or that i'm pushy but like i said before i'm thinking that i should stop this situation, can you tell me what you think about this, some advise here, i was thinking that he is a good person and i would have a good friendship with him when i go to study in his country but now *shrugs*. thank you in advance :)

cusp 4 years ago

hi Karthikkash. Thankyou for your support :) Its been a month now since I last heard from mr scorpio, so now, I am officially 'not going to be waiting and pinning my hopes' anymore. I guess I'm the unrealistic one here. He's not coming back, in person or via any other contact, and probably moved on the moment we stopped talking after our argument :( do you agree?

angelfish 4 years ago

As a Pisces, I am very much like my fellow water sign scorpio. I recognise so many similarities, but scorpio is magnified by minimum of 1000 times. I also need my space to recharge and detox from all the negative energies around me. I also need time to process my thoughts and feelings as I experience overload from all the data coming in and if I don't retreat I know I will experience a breakdown of epic proportions. But again I know for scorpio this is magnified by a 1000.

I know it can be hard for other signs to understand this as they do not experience life the same way a water sign does. It is not easy soaking up psychic energy wherever you go, reading vibes, undercurrents, energies, emotional states. It can make me crazy. Not to mention when people who come with there fake or bs intentions and you have to deal with it.

How are we going to tell someone that we can read what they are about, just by there energy or vibe, they will think we are crazy or arrogant.

I also understand the deep thought situation, if I have a problem with multiple solutions, I need to go into my deeper levels to solve it and i do not want interruptions because that thought process is so deep i am not on my conscious level and so if the phone rings I am brought back to my conscious level, my process is interrupted and I feel irritable, and will be rude to whoever is on the phone. So instead, I will ignore the phone because I don't want to say something I will regret. We waters babies have a higher level of thinking that we must tune into from time to time, it's just the way the good lord made us. We are thinkers. We communicate within, which is why we are able to telepathically communicate with each other. Also we need quiet and calm in order to achieve the levels of deep meditation or thinking and all this chitter chatter and incoming energies can make us irritable. I don't know what any given scorpio thinks about or contemplates neither will they know what any given scorpio contemplates as this is unique to each individual. This is why, both scorpio and Pisces will always hold for each other mysteries that each will not be able to access, ever. But the scorpio will always be the more intense, complex and deeper one. We need our thoughts to flow without all this white noise. It is not personal.

Anyway, I hope I am able to help anyone trying to understand a scorpio's need for space, I understand them, intuitively as i go to place but not as deep.

angelfish 4 years ago

Thank you Karthikkash,

I have taken a chill pill since my last posts, I know you are right, i know he needs his space. Sometimes we know the right thing to do, the decent and respectful thing to do which dignifies ourselves and the other person. But we allow emotions and fears to override our thinking abilities. This is why I understand and respect the scorpio ability to self control.

Anyway I'm am so happy to be a Pisces for many reasons...but especially because we attract and are a compatible match to the most sexy, dynamic, deep, complex and powerful men on the planet......SCORPIO.

(Thanks mum and dad you're timing was perfect.....hehe).

Thank you again, you're a gem!

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

angelfish: I read your entire post. Don't worry about what I think about you :)

At this point, whether he likes you or not, the equations have changed. He broke up with his GF. We are usually emotionally connected to that person. So, when we break up or something like that, we cannot be unemotional easily. And if it has happened due to wrong reasons, it will take us a lot of time to heal, unless the relationship was just meant to be a NSA (which is hard for most Scorpios). In that time, if you are sending him a message that you are available, it will be bad for you as you never know how he may see that.

I really feel that you shouldn't send him out any message saying that you are available in any way. However, if you really want to go for it so badly, make your presence in an extremely subtle way. Make sure he sees that you are somewhere present, but not necessarily available. See how it goes.

By Lori profile image

By Lori 4 years ago from USA

I think what I will say here has to do with the Scorpio I have in my own chart {a lot of it, an 8th house Sun, Jupiter in Scorpio,Neptune in Scorpio, Pluto in the most angular house, Pluto square my Sun,and so on...}, but this is what goes on - I understand Scorpio and just about wordlessly too, they are often attracted to me too but I don't like them much as anyone permanent-weird since I have that wavelength so you'd think it would work -plus my Sun sign is their opposite {a good thing so it is said}, but I don't trust them. You can get all tangled up and deep but then they can just suddenly be very disloyal, despite all the amazing connecting that goes on in a soul level and very creatively too. They are true to themselves but not to you {I should say not to me}. Again, it has more to do I think with combined astrology not just the Scorpio person but to both me and them. I did have close,mind altering relationships with a few Scorpios but I keep people...they don't. I'm more Taurus/Cancer the way I operate, even with the load of Scorpio I have, so I get all knotted up with Scorpios. I think the Scorpio thing {with two people having a lot of it} can get real dicey.

angelfish 4 years ago

Hi Karthikkash,

I know I am in crazy mode at the moment, please don't judge me to harshly. It's just that I sense that this is a crucial time in my connection with him. So forget all the other questions what I really want to know is this. If he has chased me for so long, and I finally confess to him my feelings and he change towards me in his actions (because this scorpio as i have come to know his behaviour shows what he feels with action not words) that he welcomes my feelings and encouraging me with his eyes. I asked him in a indirect way to make a choice between me and gf ( but you must understand that he is courting not sexual without marriage) he says he is not interested in me but then within a month breaks off with her. my heart tells me he wants to be with me but does not want to say yet. So I ask if I should send him light hearted text to let him know I still want him because I DON'T WANT TO FEEL I DON'T CARE. Should I still expect him to chase after chasing for so long? can I feel free to be available. do I let him chase me for a date when he is ready or is that taking the game to far? Don't want to make a mistake, he is to precious to me.

Thanks Karthikkash,

angelfish 4 years ago

Me again, I pressed the submit by accident but I haven't finished my rant. Hehe... Anyway, there is a lot more to my story than I can be bothered to write or you could be bothered to read. But my point is, it may sound as if I'm some deluded chic who is hoping but this scorpio has been giving me the stare and trying to know me for four years and it has been my fault in a way because I would just ask him flat out if he liked me (by text) and he would say no, and so I would think ok. And then he would try to engage me again in his scorpio way and I would ignore it. Then when I would get confused again with his staring and flirting and I would ask him again and he would say no again and I would be like what is with this guy......and this went on for sometime until I read up on scorpio and realise that is not direct like other guys. also having a jealous so called friend by my side who would sabotage things by feeding my confusion with negative input ( cow) needless to say I kicked her to the curb once I knew what was happening. Anyway Karthikkash, my question to you is would a scorpio man chase for that long ? Did he mean it when he said not to text or is it defence so that I would not have upper hand knowing he finished with her cause I gave him an ultimatum ? But the point is he did split with her Karthikkash .

angelfish 4 years ago

Hi Karthikkash,

Thanks for the advice. I am really grateful that you give your time.

I have seen all over the web that usually strong independent women are reduced to weak dependent mess lol. Those darned scorpio's are so damed powerful and sexy because no man treats me like that and gets a second chance.......except him. Aaaarrrg, half the time I want to kill him and the other.....well lets just say I'm too much of a lady to say.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

angelfish: Sorry, I didn't see your comment earlier. I would suggest that you hold your ground. As much as it is tempting to text him, I would advice against it. Scorpios will chase you if they love you. Don't make yourself too available for them. They will lose interest soon. Let him make the move if he remembers you. Otherwise, don't bother.

angelfish 4 years ago

Hi karthikkash,

I have been reading all the insight you give about scorpio guys and hope you can give me some too. Mr irresistible and I (pisces) have been dancing around each other for about four years now . I know this is a long time but our circumstance is a religious one where he has a responsible position and courtship and marriage principles are strictly adhered to and willingly honoured. Anyway it all started with the stare, at the time I knew nothing about scorpio traits and could not understand his ways and was not sure what was happening. Me being shy when I like someone, stayed away from him so as not to make a fool of myself and interpret the wrong way but we could not keep our eyes off each other and he would watch me and I loved it! Anyway ther were many signs that I saw but again I stayed to myself , in the past I am used to upfront guys who are bold and direct. Anyway this went on for some time, and Irresitable did not approach me directly which I now understand that he wanted to get to know me as friend but it never happened that way because feelings were too powerful and I would clam up every time he came near me. Anyway little things happened along the way, I think he got fed up with this game and he courted a couple of times but the last time he did I was kicking myself for not showing more interest so this time I text him about everything, about how I felt and why I did not show him my feelings. He never replied to me, but whenever I saw him which was often because our situation which I mentioned at the start his actions would show me that he cared and he would just stare at me even though she was sitting next to him. Anyway after some months of this I could not take anymore because I want to be with him so bad, so I text him and told him this and also if he does not feel the same to let me know so I can forget and find happiness somewhere else. He replied to me that he does not think its right for me to talk to him this way and that he is not interested in a relationship with me and I should not text again. Needless to say I was heartbroken but happy to know where I stood so can move on. Anyway about a month later I hear that he has broken it off with his friend. Now what I want help with is do you think this has anything to do with him me ? because I know there is something strong between us. Should I text him just to let him know I'm still here? Or should I let him come to me? I haven't seen him for a while now due to one thing and another. What do you think Karthikkash, I really value your insight if you have time. Thanks so much.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

Don't mistake bad behaviour for the traits of a star sign:

Actually, you said it right :) The most common mistake we do is to associate a particular behavior with a particular sun sign. That happens only with limited knowledge of astrology (I often try to hold back myself when I start seeing a person by his/her zodiac sign). It is true that we all have strong traits according to our zodiac signs, but as I always say, there are other factors as well.

I have heard quite a few people telling me that I don't behave like a typical Scorpio. Only a few close people know that I have a typical Scorpio character some times. Having said that, I am definitely not a person who likes to hurt others at any cost unless they have hurt me.

So yeah, what you said is right. Never associate a bad behavior with a particular sign.

Cusp: I understand your plight. Give it some time. Things will be alright, sooner or later.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

TaurusSister: I empathize with you. And you are not making a big deal of the situation. Scorpios aside, I have seen many people run away from responsibilities when these things hit them. Unfortunately, all Scorpios are not evolved. Some are and some are not. It is not an easy thing for all of us to evolve.. And it is always easy to fall back on old bad habits.

I think, the best for you to do is to believe in yourself. Be strong and take on your adversities. And when people see how strong you are, they will come to you.

lost95: Regarding his not stinging you, you can never tell. Only he will know what he is thinking. I may very well behave as if nothing happened, but I may be still be doing something at the background to get even with you. You will know only when he does it and if he does it. And trust me, he is capable of waiting for days and months to sting you while you least expect it.

He sounds like a typical Scorpio ;) We are indeed bad at expressing our feelings. Every feeling we express is only with intensity. So, if he is laughing, he is truly happy. If he is pissed, it means he is actually very hurt. We do not cry/weep when we are sad. Rather, we get angry even with the person we love.

The moments of spark, ignore is typical. You don't have to worry about that unless it is fully ignore.

Don't mistake bad behaviour for the traits of a star sign. 4 years ago

Hello everybody. (Just my experience with scorpio males, I hope nobody takes offense)

Karthikkash, fantastic blog and I truly believe you have captured true qualities of a evolved Scorpio, however, after read some of the posts I truly believe (please do not take my comments personally posters, just my experience with evolved scorpions vs unevolve) some are reading what they want into Karthikkash's comments, replies and blog in general and making excuses for bad behaviour.

I have dated 3 Scorpio men, I'm a Leo, 1 evolved and 2 unevolved. I have two brothers whom I am very close to, one is evolved the other is unevolved - believe it or not I am so much closer to the unelvoled one and can predict what he going to do before he does, this is because of his actions (unfortunately it's the bad behaviour that is so predictable) Remember one thing I have learned from all of my experiences with Scorpio men is there actions speak louder than words...

The evolved scorpions are shy, unassuming, loyal, deep, unemotional on the surface, reliable and will not take any risks, if it meant losing something they care about or love - no Scorpio wants to lose something they care about, however, the evolved one will not take any risk. They may not shower you with the love and reassurance with words, however, they will fight to the end so as not to lose you/ it. They do go into their man cave and fo need space and timeouts, just long enough to not offend - maybe 2 days. Once the evolved Scorpio has truly loved, he will never forget. Usually will not verbally confess his love or feelings.

The unevolved Scorpio is insecure, sometimes shy - more often more outgoing as their emotions are only surface, not skin deep like their evolved brothers, loves the idea of being in love (once again surface deep) cannot be alone, loves to play mind games to test how the other person feels (insecure), will tell a woman what she wants to hear in order to get want he wants and that usually is that you love him and can't live without him and at the same time he will be doing and telling another girl exact the same thing just in case none if his options work out. This on,y way into this mans arms is to treat him poorly, playing hard to get and genuinely not wanting him (this only works when they have become attached to you, if they have no attachment to you, this will not work and I would not recommend it if you are playing games as you will be very dissappointed). Each time I have seen my brother and the 2 unelolved scorpios I have dated it ends in heartache for that girl (me in my relationships) and this is because their feelings are surface deep and when times get tough, they will usually leave for something shiney new, something which will appeal to fun, exciting and fresh (suppose that is the Scorpio sting). They will come and go for weeks and not say anything, usually they are pursuing the shiney new and you are the back up. They will tell you they are falling in love with you or that you are exactly what they have been looking for, that you are beautiful, amazing and anything else to keep your attention and weasel their way back in after weeks of silence. They also do not want to lose you, howeve, this one always has a back up plan, so if you do leave, there is always another to take your place. This one will tell you anything to keep you. Once he is done with you, he is done with you.

Anyway, enough from my experience. Keep up the good job Karthikkash and to all posters, please remember not to mistake bad behaviour for common traits of somebodies star sign - actions speak louder than words of the scorpio male and if his actions don't match his words, it's pretty safe to say he is unelolved and not worth your heart or effort... This will only lead to dissappoinment and heartache.

Take care all


Leo the lioness of the zodiac xxx

cusp 4 years ago

still no contact from him Karthikkash :( its so depressing

lost95 4 years ago

Hi Karthikash,

Im sorry i was busy to answer your questions, of course i dont mind at all ^^.. well, he is a nice guy and a great friend as well, sometimes i feel as though there's this chemistry between us, everyone of my friends notices his behavior towards me (he does like me lots, but i dont want to expect 'Love' and not get it) i spoke to him and apologized, and the funny thing is he was like, "what apology?" he acted as though he wasn't pissed at all, and i know he was, and acted like he didnt know wat i was talking about! maybe he realized it was a stupid reason to be pissed? or is he waiting 2 sting me? lol hope its not the case i knw he wouldnt hurt me...

yes ive ignored so many of his actions before when he delibaretly and puporsely becomes mean to me, he does it on purpose..u knw like when a small boy likes a girl and he teases her all the time? exactly!!!!

we are still in the friend zone but i knooooow he likes me more than that, i expressed my liking to him., i even confessed it loud!!! but he never responded to that even though after i did, he treats me more special than before, literally wants my full attention all the time, if i just act like im flirting with someone else, the jealousy kills him! i dont know how to read him, i dont know what he really wants, i cant ask him again if he likes me i don't want him to back off completely...

he is a great guy and a nice person who doesn't know how to express himself, i have chosen to ignore his teasings and assumptions especially in public :( when he feels as though my attention is going elsewhere, and also yes i have many times told him not to assume this and that about me (and he knows some assumptions arent true) but he does so to get to me, which btw doesnt really affect my feelings/friendship towards him cz i knw he doesnt mean most of them...but u knw us humans sometimes we just have to get pissed esp at someone u really love, its easier coz u knw they'll forgive u (unless they r scorps :P)...

Also one last thing, therez the ignore, spark, ignore, spark (u know what i mean?) between us and i have zero idea is that how scorpios act with people they love?!

TaurusSister 4 years ago

Recently, I was daignosed with a serious illness that took me and my entire family by surprise. My 2 brothers (scorpios) and I were close, but now it seems like they are pulling away. My older brother tells my father to have me call him. So, when I do. His wife answers the phone and he speaks through her. WTH? Talk to me yourself.

My younger brother leaves a message on my machine to call him and never responds to any calls. I am really confused!! Do scorpios behave this way when they get bad news? I realize they need time, but 4 months... hmmm. It's making me feel like i'm to blame and at the same time already dead. Not to be mean, but I feel like disowning them. When they needed someone to comfort them and be there. I flew my butt and even cared for their kids. No need for questioning, just tell me when you need me and i'm there. No problem. Now in my time of need, where the hell did they vanish to?!?! Am I making a big deal out of nothing? I feel like a fool.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

lost95: You remind me of my situation.. I somehow see myself as that Scorpio friend of yours.. Well.. It may be his weakness that he assumes too much about you. Of course, my assumptions about her came from her secretive nature (she is a Scorpio) and other factors. I sometimes feel that I was truly an idiot to assume things about her. But again as I said, that is my weakness (and she is one person I care too much about).

You say he means a lot to you. I assume that he is not a bad person after all. May be it is time to break that silence from your end. It is understandable that it may hurt your ego. But I learnt it the hard way that ego is the worst thing that can ruin any relationship, however beautiful it is. Now being a Scorpio, he may get angry and he may feel hurt by what you did. He may even get upset with your reasons (do explain him what happened, and it is alright to apologize). He may even not bother replying to you. But, if he is indeed a nice guy, I am sure he will understand what happened. And if that is the case, it is good that his emotions come out. At least that will tell you what he thought about you. Who knows what he may be thinking. He may have realized his mistakes and may be wanting to apologize as well.

I am very bad at relationships. But whatever it is, don't let go off a beautiful friendship easily without a genuine effort.

Can I ask you a couple of things out of curiosity (just trying to get the entire picture)? You may choose not to answer. You said his assumptions get onto your nerves. But you forgive him. Is it only that or was there some other things that you chose to ignore him? And you said he means a lot to you. I assume, he is a great friend and a nice guy? Was he just deliberately trying to be mean sometimes? You know, we Scorpio guys have this bad habit of deliberately trying to be mean to the people (only some times and with no bad intentions) we love just to have fun.

Hope it helps..

lost95 4 years ago

This is a very nice blog. Thank you for the very detailed and informative blog. I have a simple question, i have a scorpio friend and he likes to assume everything about me which gets to my nerves and he knows that. I just told him that he was being mean and it wasn't nice and he got very pissed at me calling him that. Now i dont know what to do about that. U know he is used to telling me stuff that upsets me but i always end up forgiving him, now when i acted like i didn't care, he got really mad. Currently, we are not talking anymore and it's killing me..he does mean a lot to me and i have no idea what to do. please advice, thank you

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

anlolo89: It is a really good thing.. An occasional text/call is alright.. If he has really loved you, it won't be easy for him to move on anyways. So, that's alright.. Hope things will be back on track soon :)

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

betedoma: I understand. Sometimes, we just tend to take emotional decisions, then realize that it wasn't the right decision..

cusp: If he comes back, just be cautious, that's all. As you said, once bitten twice shy.. Yeah, don't let him in easily. Let him prove himself.

first time: It is a bit difficult to say whether he is treating you just as a friend or he is into you.. The signs you have mentioned don't seem like he may be liking you more than a friend (or with benefits). You may have to look for other cues to see if he likes you. As off now, just play it normal. When we don't respond to someone even after a long time, it may just mean that something of immediate high priority may have taken his focus and he may have forgotten to reply back, that's all (that is usually a possibility if nothing has gone wrong between you).

anlolo89 4 years ago

hi karthikkash,

its chris,the guy with the bf.thx again for your reply.

i would like to ask u bf and i decided to go on a "breakup break" because he has a lot going on for him atm,with work and he is going under a lot of stress and he told me that HE IS NOT HAPPY WITH HIMSELF AND CANNOT MAKE ME HAPPY and he feels guilty and its not worth we have decided to give ourselves time,koz he said he needs to focus on work and he CANT be in a relationship for now,which is gud for me,as im going thru quite a lot it will give us time to get back on track.we still good friends and keep in touch.but like i said to him we will be there for each other any time but we need to set a boundary and can't maintain our old routine by texting and talking all the time or else we wont move forward.and he told me when things do get better in the future and in about 4 to 6 months if im still single we will get back together.SO DO U THINK HE REALLY MEANS IT & WILL GIVE US CHANCE TO GET BACK TOGETHER WHEN EVERYTHING IS OVER AND WHAT SHOULD I DO IN THE MEANTIME as i have mentioned to him if i don't text/call him,it doesn't mean i have forgotten bout him,and i'm always here to support him in my thoughts and spirit.i hope he will understand and be mature about it and not think i have let him down koz we don't lie to each other and we both know that.

P.S we still love/like each other.

first time 4 years ago

Hey Karthikkash, sorry to bother you again, and i totally understand if you are busy, but could you please help me out by giving me some insight about how to interpret my scorpio guy and answering my questions ( i wrote my story 2 days ago)?

Thank you so much in advance!

cusp 4 years ago

Thank you Karthikkash for your insight. I just wish I had never given in to him. It leaves one with a feeling of being used. Or maybe I should have held my anger and not given into the outburst? anyways, I think I'm done with scorpios-once bitten twice shy. If he does get in touch (which Im beginning to doubt), what do you suggest I do? Let him back in or not? I'm still in love with him but I cant believe I let him hurt me the way he did.

thank you so much for your help! :)

betedoma 4 years ago

P.S By the way...He first said that what he feels is serious. He first started talking for the option of being together in the future. I was cautious that time. So he was the one who made things get closer...

betedoma 4 years ago

Hi again.

I really appreciate your opinion as a scorpio and as a man. By saying ''attack'' I am not thinking a real attack. He lives in California, 6 hours flight far away from New York… He is still very far. I will be just in the same continent.

And of course I agree with you. I can never trust him again at that level. He should try really hard… This is the nature of his job. He only works for 6 months per year but very intensively. He proved at least that he cannot combine job and personal life. He is screwed .

I will write you again if i have any news from his birthday.

Thank you very much. You made it so clear to me...

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

betedoma: good that you have thought out things.. Yes, some of us Scorpios tend to chicken out when things get close (that is what my girl did). You can't help it. It is just the way it is. Only they will know the reason why they do what they do (not even another Scorpio can decode what is running in their mind). But my Scorpio trait doesn't allow me to trust that person again at that level once that person loses her trust, and I strictly never forgive that behavior (but that is me).

You can wish him on his birthday.. But what do you mean by an "attack"? Because it may be either pleasant or non-pleasant :) So, when you say you want to attack him, it is ok to do it as a pleasant shock. Otherwise, things may go really wrong.

Mary: Online relationships are a bit tricky. It may not be wise to confess your feelings to someone without meeting that person, even if it is a real and a wonderful person (from personal experience). Anyways, I would suggest you to take it slowly.

Mary 4 years ago

Hi karthikk! I stumbled upon this article while doing a bit of research about scorpio boys and feel like I can understand the actions of my scorpio crush better, thanks!

My crush and I know each other via internet for two years and I confessed my feelings about 2 weeks ago. He then asked me if I meant it for real and of course I said yes. Though not explicitly, I take it that he said yes too. I have no idea whether it's a pisces trait or not but I tell him my feelings often... Is this a no-go? And my crush is rather, well, controlling like the times when he abruptly wants to hang up the phone only wanting to hear me plead not to do so. How should I interpret these actions? And I'm hoping to meet him in person this month, any tips you can offer me?

I'm so sorry for giving you a hard time with so many questions, but my mind is just filled with him right now :)

Thanks a lot in advance!!

first time 4 years ago

Ps:Last night i txt him and he told me he was with a friend and asked me what i was doing so told him, im home, why u want to visit me (since he has never visit me at my place). he replied maybe if im done early here i can pass by if u want. so i said that would be nice and he replied with ok i'll let u know if im done early. So i only asked what time are you planning to come, since it was already 10pm. he didnt replied to it, so i just let it and went to bed. Today i can see he has been online and stuff but i havent heard anything from him, what kind of mixed signals are these, how should i deal with it ???(normally i just act cool as if it doenst bother me, but it actually does, but since we are not dating/having a relationship, i dont want to act like the annoyed gf)

PS 2: im so sorry for the long text and many question, but just wanted to give you'll a good insight of my case, to see how i can deal with this!!!

Thanks in advance for the reply

sorry for my long text,

first time 4 years ago

hey guys i really need your help here. I've known a scorpio guy for over two years, we started from the beginning as being friends with benefits (but also had fun times together, since we are from the same country and are living now in europe), he used to have a gf and i a bf, after a while we lost all contact. untill 4 mothns ago, we came in contact again. he was so happy to see me and made me promise him to keep in touch coz there was so much he needed to talk to me about. That same evening (after meeting again after a while), he called me and texted me to meet him the day after. So we did, we talked alot, he opened up about what he had done in the time we didnt had any contact, and we ended up in bed . since then we always kept texting, calling sometimes once a week, sometimes everyday. and seeing each other once a week or two weeks. Most of the time we do end up in bed, but there are also a few times we just talk and chill together. alot of times he's the one who starts the calls and text. just to know how im doing or to ask me for a favor like; helping him out with stuff like finding a new apartament or to translate some text for him (i do wonder if that are excuses just to talk to me???)

He also told me he broke up with his gf and gave me advise when i was breaking up with my bf (good advise, that i had to be sure and that maybe i should give my bf a last chance and stuff like that, really caring )

Since lately i have start the txt and calls too, just t check how he's doing. Sometimes he answers right away and sometimes if i ask him something it takes days for him to asnwer my questions or he doesnt even answer them.

Now my question; do you think he's playing games with me (coz i know he's very good in playing mind games) or do you think he might be into me?

since the beginning i met him i knew he had alot of girls around him, and that he sees alot of other girls (also because his kind of work).

So i know about him seeing lots of otherr girls and i have always been honest about me seeing other guys too.

I have always told him a relationship between us would never work, because he's too much of a womanizer and im a bit the same. But now im starting to like him more and more and just dont know how to interpret him.....does he sees me as a just a friend with benefits (like other girls he sees) or might he be into me, since we are always texting and calling and he has opened up alot? Please help me coz dont know what to think of all this

betedoma 4 years ago

Hello again Karthikkash!

I really thank you for your reply. Actually I couldn't wait… However I wanted to add some information more. At the end of the summer I finished a master advanced studies in architecture . When I ''met '' my scorpio again after 3.5 years I was still studying in Zurich. I finished the master and then I travelled to USA. My plans at that time were already to travel while working . My goal was to achieve to work in Paris , Hong Kong with final destination NY . Of course I wouldn't move to another continent because of a man with whom I don't even have a relationship… The only thing that changed after my first experience in USA is that New York is my first priority.I got more familiar with idea moving so far away from my family in Greece. I cannot hide though that I still hope… but I feel already better. My moving to New York is a step forward to my career but still a step closer to my scorpio man in terms of getting familiar with the ''street'' language ( the communication gap was big ) culture, etc. Three weeks have past since my last email, but I have already started feeling better. I have always a good sense about others intentions.I have a good instinct. I never got wrong messages. I really believe in '' He/she is just not that inis to you''. I am sure he is.But I don't know what he is afraid of and how he thinks. This a unclear. Anyways…I was thinking instead of wishing him on his birthday , ''attack'' him by sending an email on December (when I will have already move to New York ) , just mentioning that I moved there. What do you think?

P.S Two days before our fight we were discussing about ''our family'' , he was imagining ''our'' children and he was suggesting alternatives of how we could make it to be together!!!

Such a huge changed…Don't you think? I don't know maybe he is crazy …By the way he is 52 years sold , I am 34. I am more that disappointed because I would expect a more mature behavior. I made clear what I want, he did too, but then he just disappeared....

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

betedoma: I see your story exactly.. Something I can relate to.. Unfortunately, I won't be the right person to give you an answer. However, if you are considering moving to USA, you need to evaluate a lot of things. It is not just him that should be on your mind. I bet you already know that.. And yes, you can definitely wish him on his b'day.. But, I would advise you not to talk much on the mail. Wish him and keep it there. If he wants to and if he cares, he will reply back. And don't put your hopes on that mail. However mature a Scorpio is, he/she will be immature (or another form of stubbornness) somewhere (including me)..

cusp: if you wrote him very recently, don't write it again. But if it has been a while, it is ok. Probably, it would be a good idea to just keep it to exchanging pleasantries.

cusp 4 years ago

Hi Karthikkash, thank you for your reply. It helped. You said to be subtle and not to push him at this point but to clear the air with him. The thing is that he did not reply to both of my messages (one about the outburst and the other about the apology). Do I still send him another message 'to clear the air' or just wait it out and see if he responds? do you think he will respond? thank you so much for listening!

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

cusp: I read your post. Thanks for your appreciation about the blog :0 Sorry, couldn't reply to you earlier.. At this point, he is definitely hurt, probably the combination of your words (there is nothing wrong in what you said) and his own reasons.. I think that it is better to clear what you want from him now, whether friendship or more. If it just friendship, be there for him and show him that you are there. If you want something more, then better to back out at this point. Either ways, don't push him. Just be subtle..

Britpope357: Sorry again for not answering you for some time.. I myself was dealing with a lot of stuff mentally and my mind wasn't clear at that point, so I couldn't give you a proper reply.

With your Scorpio ex, forget what he does anymore. Just be normal and lead your life normally. He is acting weird because he probably has a mixture of feelings such as guilt, hurt, fear and manipulation. I guess he feels he is guilty of something and he somehow assumes that you are guilty in some way. Naturally, being a secretive person, the only other way he knows to cover his vulnerability is through manipulation and a sense of self-righteousness. There is nothing you can do about that.

cusp 4 years ago

Hi Karthikkash, hope you read my post. Your site is by far the best info on scorpios that I came across, since I barely knew much about them before. Hope you'll be able to help me find some answers too.


karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

anlolo89: Chris, yes.. I bet he will be remembering you. And yes, it is usually difficult for us to focus on more than two or three things at a time. But yes, I am sure he will come to you..

Britpope357 : Yes, I do remember.. I am sorry that I haven't come back to you. Just been extremely busy with lot of stuff and unable to focus much here. And yes, your case was a bit complicated to give any direct answer (do let me know if there are any updates on your end). Maybe, I will get better clarity. Nonetheless, I will try to reply to you in a day or two..

Jay31: Yes, we Scorpios cannot express many things. Especially when it comes to emotions, we are bad at expressing them. So, he may be feeling shy to confess that he loves you. Keep it as it is.. Things should be fine..

betedoma 4 years ago

Hi, karthikkash. Your hub really helped me to understand more scorpio male behavior. But here is my story.

I met my scorpio friend almost 4 years ago. I am Greek . He is American.We met in Athens. The attraction was very strong and unique.( I am Pisces by the way). It was love at first sight.But the timing was bad, we were both in a relationship.We both cheated our partners and we lived 3 crazy days together. Things were very complicated for both of us, so when he left we only kept contact for a month and then nothing.

Three months ago, while i was emailing I saw him for the first time being online in gmail. I was surprised and I texted him asking how was he. We finally talked for 8 continuous hours . So many things to say... He told me that he was solo 2 years and I told him I was solo too for more than a year. We started talking for the past and sharing our good memories. At the end the conversation turn to invite me in USA and telling me that : '' I didn't see this happening but i'm not dumb enough to let you slip through my fingers twice. at least not without a fight. '' So he was insisting inviting me for the following days and thy to convince me to go there. But I was afraid. I was cautious. At the end I agreed. He booked me the tickets. we started talking every day and we both started feel excited about seeing each other. One month later I was in San Francisco with him. And it was like the first time we met. Like it was yesterday. I stayed there 9 days. We had great time but we had some conflicts as well. One day before my flight we had talked about the future. He told me that he loves me, that all this is serious for him but he is afraid about the distance and my character. He said we are both alpha personalities and this is hard to deal with . He was crying almost the whole day because I was leaving.

For the next 2 weeks we were talking every day, but he was trying to control me, jealousing all the time with no reason. At the end we fought and I told him that I don't like being overprotected and that I am not a child anymore.( In the meantime he had started working very intensively and he had stopped emailing me like before.) For the next 10 days we didn't talk. He never replied. We were both stubborn. I finally send him an email wondering if he is alive. No answer again. I emailed him again saying that I am really worried and he doesn't reply the following hours I will email his sister! He replied immediately by saying that he is alive and je is averaging sleeps 3 hours per day... Then I replied very angry accusing him that he is selfish, stubborn, he doesn't care about me, blah blah. Of course he didn't answer. For the following week I was trying to reach him on the phone and i was emailing him like crazy. I was upset but I was soft and sweet. I was wondering why he disappeared. At the end he replied!!! By saying : Shhhhhh. Things are very confusing for me now. I hate to think that I am weak but I am getting my ass kicked on a regular basis by work and emotion. Spending time with you seems like forever ago. This is a schedule that I have never encountered over all my years at the opera. I know it is not the excuse you want to hear. I am conflicted by my feelings for you and my commitment or lack there of to you. Of course right now I have an Act change. More later…

I was happy by his answer and I replies that I can understand . But when I tried to call him again he answered but he didn't recognize me and he told me that I took the wrong number!!! I don't know if he pretended or it was true, since that had happened once more while I was in USA. I felt so so bad. I text him about the fact and asking what I have done and he is behaving me that way.In my last email I wrote him :

''You are not confused . I am even an irritating thought for you. It's clear that you just want to get rid of me.You just did it.You just achieved to hurt me irretrievable. I never felt in my life so unwelcome,so invisible, really.

And honestly I haven't understand what happened, what changed during the last twenty days.But it's true, life is short. Keep working , have fun whenever you can.Take care.CARPE DIEM. Seize the day. I only want you to be happy.If it's not with me maybe with someone else. And I mean it , you worth it, you are a wonderful man but you should find the right girl. I wasn't, but this is life...

I can't be mean with you right now because I am in love with you. I will keep you in my heart. I just have to hide you again.I will try to recover.Time is always a good ally.But from now on I will be more cautious than ever.

I really loved you and it's so hard for me to say to you goodbye, but I should.''

That was my last email. I stopped bother him. He hans't replied yet. I know that his job ends at the beginning of December. He has a very demanding job and he is in charge of a crew of 100 people almost.

You mentioned that the scorpio man could focus only in one thing at time Is this the reason why he disappeared? Or he realized that its gonna be hard for him to control and manipulate me?So he gave up considering all obstacles, like he is 17 years older than me and our long distance.

I am thinking of sending him again wishes for his birthday. I am planning too, to move in New York on December and look for a job. Should I tell him about it? I don't know what to do... I am desperate

cusp 4 years ago

hi Karthikkash

I fell in love with a Scorpio in a period of two months. We have known each other for many years but we had never actually said that we loved each other, till recently, when we had an affair. Just before the affair, he went out of his way to convince me, even though I was double minded on so many things. Any ways, right after, he messaged me that he can only offer me 'friendship', so I replied that I cant just accept that and that I never want to see him or hear from him again. He dint reply. Two days later, I said sorry about my outburst and also that maybe it was'nt meant to last, what he and I had. Still no word from him.

I miss him and love him still but I don't know what to now. What do I do?


Britpope357 4 years ago

Hi! I posted a couple weeks ago about my long drawn out story about me and my ex and you said that you needed a little bit of time to come up with some insight. I was just wondering if you've come up with anything yet. If not its completely understandable. It's kind if a weird situation

anlolo89 4 years ago

hi karthikkash,

thx for the reply.i have another question,plz bear with me...

today round 12pm australian time,i was at work,and out of the blue,my "bf" texted me ,mind u he is in italy at the moment for work,and it was 3am there.i didnt texted him in 2 days,and he texted me today saying he just wanted to know that im good,and he couldnt wait to get back home as he getting so stuffed with work.i was pleasantly surprised,giving the time it was there,its been 3 weeks he has been away,so do u think he misses me and he is thinking of me even tho he doesnt say it ( i know scorpios like to play mind games,so does it helps to read between the lines when they say things to u)???is it really hard for scorpios to be in a relationship when they have lots of personal issues going on and will they give it another chance when everything goes back to normal again???

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

anlolo89: As a Scorpio, we can never forget someone who came into our life (i.e., have been very close to us). The "love" may die, but we will always remember that person. In fact, we always have fond memories of those people if they haven't screwed it up. In your case, there may be hope if it hasn't gone too far.

And yes, you are right. We don't like to be pressurized of doing something. The more pressure someone applies, the shabbier the work will become. Unless it makes sense to us, we just don't do that thing.

jay31: In these cases, you should leave it as it is.. One thing most women I have seen become restless (at least the sense I get). Just play it cool. He will call back.

jay31 4 years ago

Hello again, my scorpio called me yesterday he was a lil upset he said he couldn't believe it was my day off and I hadn't called him, I told him lately he's been acting like he didn't want to b bothered so I didn't want to bother him of course he said that's not the case he just been busy as he always says I told him I was out to lunch with my girlfriend and he said we needed to talk he would call me later time passed so around 7:30 I called him and of course he didn't answer I sent him a txt msg and he didn't respond I honestly don't know what he wants or what to do one min everything is good the next its this im not sure what game he is playing or if he just thinks no matter what im always gonna b there im so confused.......

anlolo89 4 years ago

hi karthikkash,

its chris the virgo guy with the bf,thx very much for the reply,i really like your blog.i would like to ask from your personal opinion and experience as a scorpio yourself,i know he does like/love me,do you think that there is hope for us that he will come around in the future and things will get better,if everything for him gets sorted out? and do u think that he does miss me/think bout me even though he doesnt say it to me?also i would like to know if scorpios dont do anything they dont want to even if someone puts pressure on them?

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karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

Aries: Then I suggest you apply the brakes on it, if you feel that there is really something going on. If he asks any questions, do tell him how you are feeling about the entire thing and tell him that you wanted to slow it so that you can give him some breathing space and some thinking space. Hope it works.

jay31: I think you would be the person to take a call now, instead of me suggesting anything. A week in not a long time (I have dealt with much longer), but I don't know if I should suggest you to wait or be normal about it. As such, I think you are the best person to take a call.

anlolo89 4 years ago

hi karthikkash,

its chris the virgo guy,thx very much for the reply.i would like to ask from your personal opinion and experience as a scorpio yourself,i know he does like/love me,do you think that there is hope for us that he will come around in the future and things will get better,if everything for him gets sorted out? and do u think that he does miss me/think bout me even though he doesnt say it to me?also i would like to confirm that scorpios dont do anything they dont want to even if someone puts pressure on them?

PS dont worry bout the previous comment,cheers

anlolo89 4 years ago

hi karthikkash,

its chris the virgo guy,thx very much for the reply.i would like to ask from your personal opinion and experience as a scorpio yourself,i know he does like/love me,do you think that there is hope for us that he will come around in the future and things will get better,if everything for him gets sorted out? and do u think that he does miss me/think bout me even though he doesnt say it to me?

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karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

anlolo89: I got a picture of what you are going through. At this point of time, what he needs is someone who can just listen and be his support. Be that. Show him that you are listening and being there for him. That should be sufficient at this time :)

confusedlady: Honestly have forgotten your previous post, but I do remember you :) I think it is time to confront him and ask him to be clear on what he wants. If he wants to be just friends, then ask him to draw the line. If he wants to cross the line, tell him to be open about it. Ask him to be straight and open.

Aries 4 years ago


That is what exactly I told him about break up. 2 hours later after our conversion, he texted me that he wants to be with me and 1 hour later called me to make sure that I have piece of mind and I can sleep at night. So now, I even more confused. He is not saying straight about moving, but says that we need to buy this and that for us.... Any suggestions?

anlolo89 4 years ago

hi karthikkash,

im chris im a guy ,im in a relationship with a typical scorpio guy like u have described its been a year on friday since we been dating.everything has been just wonderful until is the story,he has his own business in fashion,and as u know it is a really tough time for any business because of the ecomomic crisis,and because he has a lot of responsibility,staff to pay,mortgage to pay,he feels under a lot of pressure,which like u mentioned before that scorpios can only focus onlyon one thing at a time,and i never understood why until now,he always feel so cold and distant when he has issues andwont talk about it,by the way im a a virgo which we like to crticise with no bad intentions.lately he was quite distant and cold when he talked to me,and he flew overseas for work about 2 weeks ago,we met before he left and had a serious opened conversaion,finally...i know he is crazy bout me like i am bout him,but because at the moment he has too much going on,he feels unhappy bout himself and useless he feels that he is FAILING to make me happy,so he feels that it is unfair on me that im giving him so much and he cant do much for me in return,and because we live an hour awy,we hardly get to see each other,and he was making all up these excuses to make me break up with him,which i didnt want to,koz like i explained to him,everything i do for him,i do it for myself koz i want to,and i like my space and freedom too,and everything that is happening at the moment is only temporary and things will get better eventually,as they hope for the best,and there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

one thing ive noticed with him,he is very negative when things dont go his way,which for me im the opposite,im a very realistic person,life is a challenge,so u can only keep trying.but he is very scared that it wouldnt work with time,as it will get harder and harder,but itold him that i wont walked away knowing that i didnt i said to him,when u want something u go for it.he said to me that his past relationships didnt work because of the waiting period,and i told him that im not like his exes,and i said to him as long we dont cheat on each other we will be fine, koz he did cheat on his last gf,as u mentioned before,to him she was not the right one,but i believed with me its different,i know he adores me like he said to me im the first person he ever made the effort for,and i know that he doesnt lie to me and thats wat i really appreciate bout him.he is very honest,loyal and faithful to the first guy he has been in a relationship with,he is bisexual and he has only been dating girls in the past.i know because of his russian background,he is a bit scared how his family will react,which i respect it,like it wasnt easy for me to come out,he has introduced me to some of his close friends,and they ok with it,and they really like and i do too,and he has met all my family and friends so all gud on my side.but like he mentioned to me so many times before,he has never been that happy before with his exes,and i make him really happy and that he doesnt care what people will think of me,but i know he is trying to be before he left ,we agreed to give it a go,and whatever happens we will not walk away enemies.2 weeks he has been away now,we text each other almost everyday to keep in touch but he is goign through a lot of stress at the moment,and someone in his family just past away 2 days ago,which makes it even harder for him to cope with all the stress.i believe he is worth waiting and fighting for,i dont know how long i be waiting for,but i want to be with him and he told me he wants to be with me,and i know when he will be back,it will be worth it,so u think i should wait for him or should keep moving forward and find other guys and see if he does come back eventually???i have guys interested in me,but i dont feel the spark.i really need some advice and guidance????

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

Hello ladies.. Sorry, I have been off for a while.. Been a bit sick (it's season change here), a bit busy with business and dealing with some personal stuff. So couldn't reply to your comments.

Aries: I guess he himself is confused at this point as to what he wants. I would suggest not to drag this for too long. If you feel like, you initiate "a break" and ask him to clear his mind. Tell him that you understand what he is going through, and you want him to take a break so he can clear his mind and come to a conclusion. If it doesn't happen, it is not going anywhere.

armitascorpio: Well, yes.. Scorpio moon people do have some qualities similar to that of a sin sign Scorpio, especially on the emotional and subconscious levels. Though they don't have all the qualities, there will be some notable qualities.

Regarding your guy, I sense that he may not be telling you something completely. I can't say what it is. Don't confront him directly on that. Play it cool but I am sure he may not be completely straight forward with you.

confusedlady 4 years ago

Hey Karthikash... im back and still confused... i posted earlier about my relationship with my scorpio guy..the thing is i tried being a good friend as u told me but i dont understand him anymore not as a friend not as anything more than that not even as a sister...i have no idea what he wants i dont even think he does too!!!!! so ok he loves me, i know that as a siz, a friend or whatever it is he wants to put it, he does love me in some way... simple logic if a guy friend of mine tells me he likes me more than a friend and i dont feel the same i wouldnt cling on him and follow him around and make him evn closer to me coz i would know its leading him on and its not guy however is doing all the above to me and im wondering what the hell is going on? ok i like him, a LOT and i wanna keep him but if he doesnt want to be romantic then we should just be friends right? im fine with that so why does he act like i belong to him? wants all my attention like a child? gets so freaking jealous, my GOD his eyes literally follows me around! his eye contacts i dont need to say anything on that u know scorps, and he flirts a lot too even though since i knew he doesnt have feelings for me i act cool with him, i swear i dont flirt at all :@... plus he almost beat up a guy who tried to just say hi once when we were volunteering at a park...(all our other friends were with us as well) i mean im so confused on the verge of just giving it all away...even our friendship... i want him to be like my other male friends but he doesnt want that its like he is trying so hard to make me heads over heals and its not right!!!!! what should i dooo? please please help me...what should i do? i dont wanna hurt him by just walking away... i dont know what to do :((((

anlolo89 4 years ago


hi im chris im a guy ,im in a relationship with a typical scorpio guy like u have described its been a year on friday since we been dating.everything has been just wonderful until is the story,he has his own business in fashion,and as u know it is a really tough time for any business because of the ecomomic crisis,and because he has a lot of responsibility,staff to pay,mortgage to pay,he feels under a lot of pressure,which like u mentioned before that scorpios can only focus onlyon one thing at a time,and i never understood why until now,he always feel so cold and distant when he has issues andwont talk about it,by the way im a a virgo which we like to crticise with no bad intentions.lately he was quite distant and cold when he talked to me,and he flew overseas for work about 2 weeks ago,we met before he left and had a serious opened conversaion,finally...i know he is crazy bout me like i am bout him,but because at the moment he has too much going on,he feels unhappy bout himself and useless he feels that he is FAILING to make me happy,so he feels that it is unfair on me that im giving him so much and he cant do much for me in return,and because we live an hour awy,we hardly get to see each other,and he was making all up these excuses to make me break up with him,which i didnt want to,koz like i explained to him,everything i do for him,i do it for myself koz i want to,and i like my space and freedom too,and everything that is happening at the moment is only temporary and things will get better eventually,as they hope for the best,and there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

one thing ive noticed with him,he is very negative when things dont go his way,which for me im the opposite,im a very realistic person,life is a challenge,so u can only keep trying.but he is very scared that it wouldnt work with time,as it will get harder and harder,but itold him that i wont walked away knowing that i didnt i said to him,when u want something u go for it.he said to me that his past relationships didnt work because of the waiting period,and i told him that im not like his exes,and i said to him as long we dont cheat on each other we will be fine, koz he did cheat on his last gf,as u mentioned before,to him she was not the right one,but i believed with me its different,i know he adores me like he said to me im the first person he ever made the effort for,and i know that he doesnt lie to me and thats wat i really appreciate bout him.he is very honest,loyal and faithful to the first guy he has been in a relationship with,he is bisexual and he has only been dating girls in the past.i know because of his russian background,he is a bit scared how his family will react,which i respect it,like it wasnt easy for me to come out,he has introduced me to some of his close friends,and they ok with it,and they really like and i do too,and he has met all my family and friends so all gud on my side.but like he mentioned to me so many times before,he has never been that happy before with his exes,and i make him really happy and that he doesnt care what people will think of me,but i know he is trying to be before he left ,we agreed to give it a go,and whatever happens we will not walk away enemies.2 weeks he has been away now,we text each other almost everyday to keep in touch but he is goign through a lot of stress at the moment,and someone in his family just past away 2 days ago,which makes it even harder for him to cope with all the stress.i believe he is worth waiting and fighting for,i dont know how long i be waiting for,but i want to be with him and he told me he wants to be with me,and i know when he will be back,it will be worth it,so u think i should wait for him or should keep moving forward and find other guys and see if he does come back eventually???i have guys interested in me,but i dont feel the spark.i really need some advice and guidance????

armitascorpio 4 years ago


I used to be in a relationship with a taurus man with scorpio moon, I think the moon sign play's a big role in a person's nature. I mean when it come's to general astrology these are qualities that the person may posses but scorpio is very specific and i think a person with a scorpio moon may posses strong scorpio quality's if i am not mistaken?

My ex and i have had a rough patch but we always end up seing each other hanging out and fight again. During the summer we had sex than he was still talking to me but whenver i would tell him i want to c him he would bring up an excuse like he's to busy especially the business he's associated with i understand if he cannot always see me he doe's illegal thing's but i refuse to believe someone is busy 24/7 even for sex!? I told him that if he is seing someone else i understand and accept it he should just tell me and i'll back off he said "No im not seing anyone else and your not bothering me we will chill soon blabla.." still nothing one night he made plans with and he ditched that same night i deleted him off bbm and as soon as he found out he called me that night i disappeared he didnt hear from for three months until we saw each other randomely and started talking and hanging out again.. He started being more affectionate "verbally" paying more attention to me and he started making plans with me for the future he wanted me to look for a place we can move in he admitted to me things he had recently done to other ppl than one day I asked him to come to my house he was so happy he was like yess i want to come and everything the next day (the official day we had made plans to c each other) his phone had no more minutes i spoke to him on fb he was very cold he told me he needed to buy minutes for his phone but its to cold for him to go out thats y his phone isnt working ( his license is suspended) but i never initiated anything about us meeting up and neither did he but i menionned i was sad on our chat box with a sad smiley, the next day i txted him he didnt even bother reading my msg untill the next week i didnt say anything


Aries 4 years ago

@ karthikkash

I need your advise again. I wrote before that I am dating scorpio guy for 1.5 years. We started very slow and both of us went through divorces. 6 months ago, he started taking strong steps towards relationships by saying that he has opened a new chapter with me, we will be together, I am his future and etc. Everything was going good. Today he called me and asked me how I would imagine my life without him. I said that it would be hard. Then, he asked me why I love him. I answered saying that you cannot express in the words why you love somebody, you feel it. Another question was what if he screws up something what is going to happen and am I gonna be able to trust him. I said that everybody makes mistakes in life and we will work on it. For the past month, we were planning to move in together. So finally, he told me that I am a perfect couple for him, but his feelings have ceased towards his ex. Finally, he told me that he doesn't know what he wants. When I asked him if he wants to take a break, he said I don't know. We talk everyday and he is the one that is initiating. I asked him so why you are keeping initiating meetings and conversations with me. He answered that sometimes because he has to and sometimes because he wants to. Does that mean that he wants to break up with me and not so brave to say it? I am very confused and hurt by his actions.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

Jo-Ann: I think it is really good to take a break. Don't keep waiting for him as it may not be worth it. Continue your search and if he thinks that he has really emotions, he will come back. One thing is that, he may be really hurt. Yes, about your facebook post, he must have found it immature. And once we are hurt, it takes us some time to heal (and there will always be some male ego there). So. it will take some time.. Don't wait for that.. I would suggest you to continue on your way.

Jo-Ann 4 years ago

So I had met a Scorpio male back in June on a dating site. I talked to him via email and phone for 1 month before I actually met him in person. When we met we hit it off oh so quickly. Our first date was 7 hrs and the next day he came back again for another 5 hrs. We both opened up to each other talked about everything under the sun. He told me that I was the type of woman who he has been looking for. He said he wasn't looking for someone who wanted to sleep with him on the first date and I fit that profile. I told him it takes me 6 months to get to know someone before I would even think of that (ok call me crazy) but thats my rule. So things were great for the first 2 months we would talk and text everyday he would call me every morning to wake me up while he was driving to work etc. We would see each other every weekend from Friday to Sunday but we never had sex. We had so much passion that it was crazy. But no sex. Then one night we both were drinking and I let my guard down and told him that I wanted to make love to him but he actually was the stand up guy and told me that he didn't want to because he knew how I felt about my rule and that he didn't want me to regret it. He also said he wanted to be in love with me first before he could do that. I was like thats cool. The next week we both were totally sober and we were up in his room and one thing lead to another and then he tried to make a move on me and I said "What are you doing?" he wanted to have sex with me that night but I reminded him that he told me that he wanted to be in love with me in order to be intimate so he stopped. Then things changed. He seemed so distant from me like he just shut himself off from me. He would hold my hand when sitting beside him but our kisses were like me kissing my mom goodbye. It just wasn't the same any more. The passion we once had just wasn't there. I just don't understand why it was ok for him to say no to me when I wanted to but when he wanted to and I reminded him that he wasn't in love with me why did he just shut down. I continued to see him each weekend and I tried to iniate something like cuddle with him at night, I would kiss him but it was the same (no passion) just a peck here and there and because of the coolness I was getting from him I would have a melt down (as he would put it) I would tell him that it feels like he just doesn't like me any more etc. He would always voice to me that he can't tell me that he loves me just for the sake of it (because his last girlfriend that didn't last very long) would tell him that she loved him and he would say it back but didn't mean it. I would tell him that I liked him a lot but I was not "IN LOVE WITH HIM" and he insisted that I was. He would keep bringing it up like 4 or 5 times when we had a blow out. I keep telling him that I dont' fall in love easily and it takes time for me to get to know someone. He told me that he didn't understand why he wasn't falling in love with me...and I kept telling him that you just don't fall in love with someone so quickly and that he can't show affection towards someone if he isn't in love with them... like you don't need to be in love with someone to show affection and I believe that he was misinterpreting my show of affection for love thats why he thinks I have much stronger feelings for him. Ok so after a major blow out I left his place and we both took our relationship status off of Facebook that evening. And then I posted a comment about there was more fish in the sea and that I was single and looking again (ya I know pretty childish) anyways I had 18 responses from my friends in regards to my comments but nothing hurtful. Well he came across it and deleted me and my friends off his list and sent me a text telling me he did so. I then responsed to him via text message asking him how did I make him look like an a**hole my friends only commented on what I told them. Anyways a few days later I texted him and asked him if he thought there was a chance for us and his reply was "Its hard to say and judge. That he wasn't mad at me but lets take a break anyways. He also said obviously it was more him than me and because of me not feeling enough love to be reassured and its causing melt downs and us clashing big time. I responded telling him I totally understand and that during that time I can be working on myself and he can contact me when he was ready. That was on a Thursday. On Friday he sent me a text saying that he was busy at work and that he will be working the weekend and hope I was having a good day...that was the last I heard from him and its now Sunday. I'm not sure what I should do. Should I just move on and go back out there and meet someone new or should I sit back and wait it out? I know he has been hurt before. He he has been divorced for 10 yrs and his exwife cheated on him and his old gf of 5 yrs cheated on himtoo so I believe he has issues. What is your insight to this whole thing??? Thanks for your time.

CANCER 4 years ago


YES i have noticed a bit of Jealousy and Protection!! Once he was in an argument with my friends that were boys, he said to me, "If they dare hurt you i will go up to them and bash them!" another time was when my other friend and i we're talking about who we like in front of him and i told her and i'm guessing he heard because he did that sad, angry, yet unpleased look at me but quickly looked away. Also, thank you for the advice :)

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

Mordia and LEOGIRL: All the best :)

Cameron: Yes, he does sound the typical idiotic Scorpio (not that I am not one ;) ).. Here is a thing I would suggest.. It involves a risk.. Try it if you feel that you have nothing to lose.. Stare him in the eyes and tell him to cut his BS and tell him what he wants from you. If he starts acting weird walk away from there. Show him that you are not going to take his crap. If he really wants you tell him stop his BS and be straight with you.. If he cannot handle that, let him go..

If he really loves you, he will start chasing you.. Here is a catch. Never give him a belief that he is strong and you are weak. That sort of belief will make him go out of control. You want him to be normal, talk straight with him and ask him to be straight with you instead of being manipulative.. If he has any self respect, he will come straight leaving his manipulative behavior behind.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

Britpope357: I read your comment.. Unfortunately, at this time I am unable to come up with a proper explanation for that.. Give me some time. Let me see if I can come up with something.

CANCER: Well.. On one hand, he may be really telling you the truth that he sees you just as a friend.. On another hand, he may be feeling a bit insecure and may feel that it may be too early to reveal that he likes you. Have you seen any other telltale signs that say that he likes you more than a friend (for example, does he act possessive or jealous or something like that)? Either ways, don't push too much. If he loves you and feels the right time, he will tell that to you.

CAMERON 4 years ago

Hello, i am a Cancer and i was in a relationship with a Scorpio for 4 years (on and off). Unfortunatly, we did not end well, but, he still says i'm his girl and he is going to marry me and we will have kids.

The reason as to why we have ended badly is because whilst we were in a realationship i started being completely honest with him i told him things and everytime he went off at me and dumped me. So, i lost my trust in him and did not want to lose him, i did not tell him anything anymore. He found out that i wasn't telling him things anymore and says that i lied to him which i did not but because he is so arrogant, i still cannot change his mind at all :(

But i don't understand is why after he has dumped me, and i've lost his trust, he still says i'm his girl and he wants to marry me and have kids?! He has been saying this since the 4th week of our realationship and he seems strong on it but at the same time he seems strong on how i've lost him. I do not get him. I have read plenty of sites about Scorpio and he seems to be a typical Scorpio. Manipulative. Arrogant. Passionate.

TheJoeyDoll 4 years ago

Hi Karthikkash: Thats so funny that you said you were confused because even though I wrote the post I am confused as well.

I guess what I was trying to ask in such a long confusing message is can my Scorpio man just shut down and become cold because he was rejected all becasue I didn't want to be intimate with him. It just seems so strange that we had the passion in the beginning without having sex but when he tried and I declined because I told him that I wasn't ready and that I reminded him: that he wouldn't be intimate with me because he wasn't in love with me. (Which he told me the week before) after that being said he became very cold and distant. I felt like he just shut himself off. And because of this it became a problem with me and I felt as if he wasn't interested in me any more. Where as I am insecure and needed reassurance and becasue he couldn't show me "love" then we would have major blowouts.

So what has happened now is that we are taking a break from each other because he admitted to me that it was him and not me. So do you think he was being nice and trying to gently tell me that we shouldn't be together anymore and there isn't any chance for us or that he really does need a break from each other. I told him that I understand and during that time I hope that he isn't just stringing me along. What do you think?

LEOGIRL 4 years ago

i hope you still remember me.. I just want to give an update about our status.. I don't find it so hard.. I understand him more and we are still best friends.. Until now he always tells me that he loves me.. and he proves it everyday.. I can see all his efforts, love, care and trust for me.. I will keep my promise to be there for him all the time.. and wait for him until all his problems are done.. :)

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Mordia 4 years ago from Florida

@ Karth

Well, not really what I wanted to hear, but ok. I am just confused because his eyes say he is interested, and his body language. I know Scorpios can be manipulative and analytical, so not sure if he is just taking his time to try to see if I am "for real" or just not going to stick around. But, like you say, he may just be "trying to be nice."

Thanks for the response:)

CANCER 4 years ago

I am a Cancer female and i have been friends with a Scorpio Male since we were little kids. 

I have posted on this a while ago and i did as you reccomended, he seems fine and does not care. Some people say 'if you look into his eyes, you will see the truth' or 'just ask him, or try to get him to tell you without you asking' i try all of those things but i cannot see anything in his eyes except that he does not trust me :(  i asked him what does he think of me he replied 'as a friend...why?' but before that i tried to get it out of him what he thinks the closest i got was 'i'll always be your friend' i know he has more to say (i sense it) but he won't tell me and it's fustrating!! Can you please help me and explain why he does not trust me, why he keeps lying because apparently Scorpio's NEVER lie and what should i do just to hear the truth? Thank you :)

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karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

Sasha: I think he may still love you.. Keep things normal as they are now. If he loves you, his affection will increase for you.

Mordia: I think he may be just being nice to you. Keep it at that level at this point and see where it goes.. If you feel after some time that it is going nowhere, then move on.

TheJoeyDoll: I am actually confused.. I get the part where you refused for having sex and then he got cold.. But I got confused about what you wanted from him after that.. Please correct me if I am wrong.. Just want to see if I am getting this right.. You have feelings for him, but you don't want to be in love with him.. So, he asked you if you could be friends and see where it goes. But you refused to that. And you feel that you don't want to be friends with him because you have feelings for him? If what I am getting is right, then are you aware what you want from him? Just friendship or love?

Mordia profile image

Mordia 4 years ago from Florida

Hello all

I am a pisces woman, and can usually tell if a guy is interested in me or not, but this Scorpio guy I really like is confusing me (sounds like I am not the only confused gal here lol)

Ok - here is the situation:

I met him online, and it turns out we work at the same place! we had talked and texted a few times, and then I invited him over for supper. He came, we hit it off, ended up in bed. The next week we texted every day, he called me at night, etc. I invited him to spend the weekend, which he did. (Both times he came over, he talked a lot about his ex-wives and girlfriends, and I just listened thinking he needed to vent. I also felt he still had issues with them)

Well, after he spent the night, he started to text less and call less. I am very sensitive, and I know hie is too. I asked him about him about it, and he said nothing was wrong. Well, I asked him if I was just someone he was seeing until he found someone better or did he just want to be friends. He said he was not going through this again so it would be better to be friends. I told him he needed to get over his exes before he could consider a relationship. He said I was probably right. This hurt me as I really do like him a lot. Well, I gave him space and he did not text or call. I finally texted him to ask how he was. He texted me back he was ok. Anyway, up to this point I had not seen him at work. Today I texted him after not talking to him in a week and asked him how he was. He said ok, and told me he was going to be working at the building I work. I said maybe I will see you. That afternoon, I went out to talk to him, and we wer fine, just like usual. About 30 minutes later he texted me to tell me I looked really nice today, and smelled good, and he was glad I came out and saw him. I don't want to screw things up, so what do you suggest I do at this point? I did text him back thank you, he looked nice too and I was glad I came out to talk to him. Is he interested in me, or just being nice? I would really love some insight as I really don't know.


Britpope357 4 years ago

I'm a 23 year old pisces and i need some advice about my scorpio ex boyfriend.We had a very intense relationship. We met at work and started dating and saying I love you within 1 1/2 months. We ended up breaking up because he said that he wasn't ready to be in a relationship. We were only together for 8 months and he has had other exes who he was with for 2-3 years and never said I love you to. Anyways we live in the same town and go out to the same places. We've been broken up for about 8 months but we run into each other at least every 2-3 weeks. At one point about 4 months after the breakup i made tge mistake of starting to sleep with him again... big mistake. that ended with him freaking out on me and accusing me of trying to get back together with him which wasnt the case. after that we continued to see each other out but we would ignore each other. But every time we were out he would just stare at me and not say anything but he would always try to make himself noticed. Once he noticed i was there he would go so far as to move his seat and sit directly in front of me. Eventually he broke the ice and sent me a drink we had a nice conversation and we started being cordial again. Then he started doing things to try to make me jealous and making rude comments about my dating life. I told him that I didn't want anything to do with him bc of the way he was acting. A few days later I saw him again and it was really awkward so I texted him just wanting to clear the air so that we can both go out and see each other and have it not be awkward. We talked for a little bit and i tried to explain to him how his actions were hurtful. He then stops the convo and proceeds to tell me that he can't talk bc his fiancé is getting jealous. Well he doesn't have a fiancé. Im fact he was trying to get me to come over to his house 3 separate times within a week of this incident. He made up a bold faced lie. I'm just really confused about his motives. Was he just trying to make me jealous? Does he want me to stop talking to him? I just don't understand. Bc if he didn't want to talk to me he could have ignored the message and he wouldn't come up to me and start a conversation every time we see each other. I just don't understand why someone would lie about something like that. I just don't understand him and I'm sick of him causing drama every time I see him out. Any advice/insight would be extremely helpful

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karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

jay31: That is one thing I really find it difficult to answer. The thing is that our actions may seem as if we don't care, but we may be truly loving that person. Running away without even letting you know what was happening is definitely not the right thing to do if someone is even slightly mature, Scorpio or not. Unfortunately, most Scorpios fall into that level of secrecy that they can be treated as totally immature.

It will be difficult for me to tell you what he may be thinking. He sounds like a hardcore Scorpio who takes every criticism emotionally and just can't think what the other person is saying (honestly, being a Scorpio myself, I hate it when other Scorpios cannot just empathize with you).

Sasha 4 years ago

Thanx for the reply

How do I figure out if he love me? Is his love hidden in all the things this man does for me? Or can he being trying to balance things out? He isnt very affectionate unless I am sleeping then he plays with my hair watches me sleep, kiss my lips take photos and send me them via text the next day. I 've told him I care about him and he tears started to flow... Is this a good thing? cancer Vs Scorpio were 2 peas in the pod. everyone says they can see he love me expect me. Especially after that photo incident.

TheJoeyDoll 4 years ago

Ooops, forgot to add a few more details: I would see this man just about every weekend I would stay at his placefrom Friday - Sunday. He always made sure that we went out and did something whether going out for an ice-cream or a ride to see the fall foliage or go visit his brother etc. (He also gave me a key to his house)and told me to come up anytime I wanted. When I asked him why would he want to spend the weekends with me if he didn't care about me his comeback was that he enjoys my company and that I am fun to be with etc. Sounds like he doesn't want to be alone so he should just get himself a pet to keep him company. I was insulted with that comment and other comments that he made towards me he was very mean like I never seen this other side of him and I just wouldn't want to see it again with him or another scorpio. What gives with this guy....

TheJoeyDoll 4 years ago

Ok, I am totally confused with the scorpio male that I was dating. Please enlighten me.... So I was dating this guy for 3 months and things were going so well in the beginning and when one evening he wanted to have sex with me and I declined because I wasn't ready to go to that next level it seems like his feelings have changed towards me. He has become very distant and cold and we were lacking the passion that we once had. He said that he isn't in love with me and doesn't understand why he hasn't fallen in love with me yet but he always talked about our plans for the future as if we were going to be in a committed relationship. He still called me all the time and texted me to see how my day was going etc. He would hold my hand we would kiss (but its like kissing my relative or friend hello) we would sleep together in the same bed but nothing else. I just don't get it. He kept insisting that my feelings were much more than what he was feeling but I kept telling him that I wasn't in love with him but that I liked him. But he kept bringing up my feelings and I kept telling him the same thing that I wasn't in love with him and that it takes time for me to fall in love with someone and to open up my heart. I brought up the fact that he told me that I was the type of girl that he had been looking for all his life but if thats the case why was he becoming so cold towards me. Was it because I didn't stroke his ego and have sex with him when he tried or because I kept telling him that I wasn't in love with him. And not only that but he got really upset when I told him I didn't want to be friends with him. Like come on and grow up will ya. Its hard for me to just go from a dating situation to just a friendship when I actually had feelings for him. Its just totally bizzare and then on another breath he tells me why can't we just be friends and see where things go and if I meet another nice guy then he will back off if I wanted. Ok I am getting mixed messages from this man. He's 48 years old and well not a teenager. I know that I am not perfect and I am insecure when it comes to giving my time to a relationship only to feel like I have been played. He told me that he couldn't show love or affection because he wasn't in love with me. Ummm thats not so true because if you really like someone then you would show affection towards that person. He was extremely insensitive to my feelings as to what I was going through and he was very cold like he really didn't give a shit about me. Like he could care less if I walked out of his life which I did. But before I left he said he didn't want to talk about it anymore and that we should talk in a few days. Like buddy don't hold your breath. All I can say is he lost a really good girl and theres no turning back. The reason why I am writting this is I just wanted to know what I did wrong so in the future if I do encounter another scorpio male I will know what its in store for me.

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karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

Sabrina: I hope you have done every attempt to cut the communication lines of every sort. If not yet, do it.. Tell him straight on his face that you don't want to see him anymore. If you have already explained him the reason for it, good (As a Scorpio, I really don't like someone becoming a ghost without giving me a proper reason. That only provokes my satanic side and could possibly lead to vengeance if I had once loved that person. So, understand that about a Scorpio and give him a reason before you become invisible forever). Do not be tempted to communicate with him come what may.

If he still persists, then do tell him that he may have to face the law (police).. And if you have to call them as a last resort, call them. Make sure that he knows that you are damn serious about the separation and not kidding.. All the best :)

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karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

Sasha: I am sorry that I haven't replied to you.. I think that it may be a genuine mistake from his side. Even when we stop loving someone, there will be some part of their memory always with us (for Scorpios) and we tend to remember good memories rather than bad.. Now that doesn't necessarily mean that he is still in love with her.. Alternatively, he may be trying to relive those moments and may have become defensive when you accused him..

Either ways, I think fighting is not the best option (and you really don't want to provoke a Scorpio's temper).. I would suggest you guys to sit down and talk in a calm way. See if you can come up with something. He may be willing to open up when done it in a calm way.

Aries: I hope you got your answer. I know I haven't answered a last query you asked me. I will answer it soon (have patience :) )

Sabrina 4 years ago

I just need help on how to let my scorp ex know once and for all that it's OVER!

I'm a taurus and long story short, I'm done. Done with him, the relationship, trying to understand him... Just done.

We got married way too young, way too early and after a year he called it quits. I didn't want the divorce bc i loved him, but wasn't about to complain so i signed the papers. but i kept the wedding ring chained around my neck.

before the divorce, i booked us a cruise...but...before we went on it...we got divorced! Perfect timing!

last minute there was a cancellation and we were able to get two rooms instead of the one. we had agreed to go seperately and do things seperately since we were broken up.

BUT...i still loved him and once on the cruise i told him so. we talked a lot...and i honestly thought there was going to be a change and we'd give it another go...nope, he just strung me along and i let him.

After a huge fight, i decided enough is enough and ripped the chain from around my neck and threw it over board. I then told him i was done. bc he kept telling me he loved me, though wasn't sure what he wanted.

But so much for the bull's patience...i want more than a "I love you, but..."

It's been months since then and now that i've made it clear it simply was a waste of both our times, he won't leave me the fuck alone! I'm THIS CLOSE to calling the police!

Give me the magic words to tell him I don't want him anymore and he has to give it up! No more games, no more ANYTHING.

Aries 4 years ago

I texted him Thurs evening all cute and flirty and he replied He was cleaning his apartment and I had said 'I was feeling better so I was wearing skirts again instead of pants'. He replied that he 'doesn't wear pants either', so I said 'oh you wear skirts to?' And he was laughing and says no he goes commando. To which I reply that 'that is underpants and he has to wear outer pants unless he's just taken to wandering the streets naked since dumping me'. I was laughing too, and added "lmao" at the end so he knew there was no hard feelings. But he didn't reply to that.

As work was ending I decided to call to offer to help cleaning his apartment if he wanted, but he didn't answer and I figured maybe he didn't hear it so I tried one more time a few min later as I was getting ready to leave. This time he answers but he was SO mean, he yelled at me. He says "hello, what what do you want why are you blowing up my phone. It's freaking annoying. If you call someone once and they don't answer then they'll call you back when their free, you don't call again that's annoying. I'm out shopping I'm busy I can't be talking, and you're blowing up my phone you're being annoying!" I was like "ummm ok? what why are you being so rude?" and he says "because I'm busy you're blowing me up and your being annoying and I'm in a bad mood, everyone knows that! You're not supposed to keep calling unless it's an emergency is this an emergency?" I say "no" and he says "alright then don't keep calling!"and hung up...

I was floored. I personally thing hanging up on someone is the ultimate disrespect.

I deleted his number and everything. Then he texts me saying "I'm sorry for yelling at you but you're blowing up my phone and I'm busy, I can't talk all the time. And you can't blow me up all the time. Please don't push it otherwise I'll be angry" -- I paraphrased that but that was the gist. I reply with "no. I called twice, that isn't blowing your phone up. I was trying to be sweet and show you that I still care about you. But obviously I care about you much more than you care about me. I won't bother again. Bye" I deleted him again. He never replied.

I went to the mall today and saw my ex fling outside the store that Scorpio works in so I begging him to come in with me. I go inside, I was actually looking for something and I figured since he works in security he'd be behind a desk somewhere looking at camera monitors or something for the store. NOPE. I get there and walk to the section I was looking for, chatting with my guy friend and walk in and pass the desk and then turn to look at something and there he is behind the desk... I had to pretend like I hadn't even seen it and keep chatting with my friend. The lady asks if I need help and I was forced to turn back around... he was behind the desk but I tunnel visioned onto the lady in front of me. I did see him flush though and looked rather perturbed...

The lady tells me that what I'm looking for they don't have, and he walks past out of that section to stand in the more open area in front of it.

When she tells me they don't have it I end up leaving with my friend and I could FEEL Scorpio's eyes on me as we left.

I had no intention of actually seeing him at all so that was not fun. I figured he might text me after saying hey or something, but he hasn't! Most guys generally always do... :(

I was just wanting to go in and hopefully he would see me on the camera montier because I looked cute. Then when I saw I ex I brought him in with me so that I didn't look silly going by myself.

Anyways that was a couple hours ago and I still haven't heard from him.

I feel like because of the emotionalness in yelling and stuff... I just feel like it's still not over between us. But I deleted him and I have no intention of contacting him.

However he also removed me as a connection on the online dating site ... ? I guess he really doesn't like me or care huh? Maybe he found someone else? I'm just confused... and really hurt.

Aries 4 years ago

My story, a week ago... We met online and we spent 2 days talking about everything! I know everyone keeps saying how scorpio guys don't open up very easily but he actually did, and I'm not saying I thought his did but he even pointed out "you should appreciate how open I've been because I never get this deep" I did flatter and extend my happiness with him trusting me with his thoughts and feelings.

After he was talking about how emotionally he does have issues and that commitment isn't his problem so much as the emotional part is, that he tends to psych himself out and back out of things because he thinks the woman is going to. He also mentioned how he is VERY physical and that sex is beyond a big deal to him (of course I didn't quit take that seriously because every guy has said something to that effect in order to get laid) however he did mention having been used for a bootycall by a few women and hating the feeling.

We kept talking and txt, we even fell asleep talking on the phone together, it was so old school and HS.

We went on our first date with my bff and his gf but ofcourse they did their thing and met up sporadically throughout the night. We had a blast and it was like we'd been a couple forever. He said he loved my appearance (which was so important to him I was worried about that) and was constantly touching or holding me and protectively moving me through the crowds.

At one point I jokingly asked if he would be mine, and he said yes. But the seriousness of his answer made me ask again but seriously and he said yes he would. I asked why and he said because I was so direct about my feelings for him that I took the guesswork out of it which made it easier for him.

I didn't necessarily believe it because who would right, it's been 3 days even for Scorpio's emotional intensity isn't that a bit much???

After the night we go back to his place (which isn't set up, he was in the process of moving into my town from another town that was an hour away) we ended up being intimate. I did it fully expecting the male response of 'hit it and quit it' so I didn't expect him to really pay nearly as much attention after that.

Little did I expect his emotional level to actually increase. He started calling me pet-names like "snicker-doodle, sweet potato" etc. and was saying how glad he was he met me and how happy I make him. He even at one point agreed that he was my man with 2 kinds of affection. The 2 kinds were his (physical) and mine (romantic, soft, affectionate). It was sooo sweet! He then stated he didn't want me seeing other men or dating them etc, very jealous and possessive.

So I told him I would tell them that I was seeing someone I really liked and that I wanted to see where it would go. He said that was good and he would do the same. He went back to his town and we continued to text. He was to move into my town the next morning.

Next morning I called him all excited, and he was sweet with "heyyy sweetheart, what are you up to?" and we chatted... he mentioned his buddies who live in my town and how he was excited to get together with them and had already been in touch. I casually mentioned that I'd like to meet his friends too, and he said "oh yeah? Well I told you my one buddy lives in the building next door, I'm sure he'll be by the apartment once in a while so you'll meet him." almost as though I'd be there a lot.

Then after class I called him, and for the first time got a weird feeling, he didn't answer... I called again cause he generally calls back in 2 min after seeing my missed call. He answered and had moved in but was about to run errands. I had been sick for a couple days and wasn't going to my next class so I said I was heading home and I could swing by for a min before he left. He was like sure. I get there and he's on the phone, again weird. I ask who it was and he says a buddy again.

We go inside his apartment so I can use the restroom and he's sitting on the couch when I come out. I plop down next to him and kinda snuggle up. He leans into me and lays his arm across my body and legs, effectively holding me there. He then says "we need to talk, is this a good time for you to talk?" I was like sure... he then says "I hate having to have this conversation because I really like you but, it needs to happen" I'm thinking oh crap!

He then says how he isn't ready for a relationship or to commit and to be a bf. He says he doesn't think the whole gf/bf thing is what he can do right now because he's 21 and wants to be single, wild and free. He says if he did commit now he would likely cheat on me (wtf?!?!?!) and both of us would end up getting hurt (wtf?!?!) I was shocked and crushed because this came out of NOWHERE. He looked so upset while doing it too I had no idea why he was doing it when he looked like he wanted to cry.... it made no sense.

We talked and I told him I though it was his defense mechanism to keep him from being vulnerable and he said it might be, but he said that defense mechanism was also what would be the force that drove him to either cheat or indulge in other impulses as he put it. (I thought scorpios didn't do this type of thing?!)

He said he had told me what I wanted to hear when he said he didn't want me seeing other guys and that he thinks I should keep my options open for Mr. Right.... (wtf?!) because as of right now he is a "project" and I didn't deserve or need that. He briefly mentioned not being over his ex, but I called BS on that one and he didn't mention it again. The rest of the convo was about him not being ready and wanting to be young, free and single... :( He also said he wasn't cutting me out because he really liked me but that things would be different. He still wanted me to call and text him though but he would understand if I never wanted to talk to him again and that he didn't want me to think he wanted a bootycall because we didn't have to be intimate again if I didn't want to, we could just be friends...?!

I start sobbing because I couldn't understand this... I've never sobbed harder in my life, outside my pillow, and I couldn't stop. He put his arms around me and held me while I cried.. (so not like a breakup) then walked me to my car... he pulled me in for a hug and held me.. my arms were crossed and I was wiping tears still. Eventually since he didn't let go quick I gave in and wrapped my arms around him because I didn't want to let go.

He then ends the embrace and says "well I'll see you later.. or around" I can't remember the exact word.

As he walks away I had to stop him because I couldn't believe he was just leaving me like this! It was the most emotional thing I've ever delt with. I couldn't believe it was over... but then he says, yes it's over. I ask why couldn't we step back.. or slow down.. Why wouldn't he let me work with him, why did it have to end?? He says that we could step back but that I could/should talk to other guys, that he didn't want to be my main guy, just A guy in my life... (wtfff?!?!?!?!) Then he walks away and gets in his car and says, "text me ok, or call me" he then just looks at me and I say "ok", and still looks at me till I say "you too" and then he gets in and closes the door. He took 10 min to leave the parking lot and I sat in my car crying... I felt like he might have cried to, but I don't know why. An hour and a half later I txt him saying "part of me still wants to fight for you J***e" and he says "I know S***l but believe me you shouldn't" then I say "I don't know what else to do and he says that I'll figure out what to do and that I'll be ok. (wtf?!) I txt 2x saying I want things to be back to normal but he didn't answer and I sent a "?" still nothing so I left him alone. That was Mon. Wed night I call him and he picks up the first time and we talk casually, maybe a little awkward @ 1st and he flirts a little tells me what he did all week and we talk about my day and then he had to go cause his buddy was there to go to the gym with him and he was late, so I say ok call me after if you want, he says ok bye, and he didn't call. I've seen him check my dating profile online since the break up, I DON'T UNDERSTAND!??!? DO I TXT?

sasha 4 years ago

A situation recently ocurred with my scorpio. cleaning I found a pic of his ex. We have been dating for almost 2yrs. ;( what could this pic be doing in his pocket. he said it was there for a long time and he isnt looking to the past he is focused on the present and future. Then he said I set him up just to start an arguement. Wtf I told him to go home and he did. but then he text me saying I am sorry I am not doing anything negative to you. I acussed himof being inlove with his ex and he said I am crazy.... I asked him how would he feel if I had pic of me and my ex in my house and he said he wouldnt care bc He trustes me and I am a loyal person.. This sounds like a bunch of BS to me.

Enlighten me


Aries 4 years ago

I want to make sure you're getting my message before I type it all out. I know it's going to be really long because I want to give every detail. Just a small preface, I'm a 22 yr old woman from India( originally) but born and brought up in the US I'm still really traditional, language, religion, etc.

He's 21, white. Born and brought up in Arkansas (where I live right now).

I have had long term serious relationships, 3 yrs and 1 yr. And I've also dated, flings, etc between and after those. NOTHING, has really made me feel the way this thing with him has... and the reason for pointing out my past is because his and I's "thing" or relationship (I don't even know what to call it right now) has really only been a week. It's literally a whirlwind romance. I know it might sound silly for him to have had such an impact on me but he really did. I've never really been able to approach relationships and guys without my guard up before and maybe him being younger made it easier for me? I'm not sure but we literally clicked instantly.

I've dealt with Scorpio's my entire life (mom and sister) so I knew emotionally that I was getting myself into something VERY intense and I figured he would be very emotional with highs and lows because thats what I deal with in my family but either I am completely correct or he is just suddenly not as into me? If you can please reply so that I know you read my message then I'll start on my story with all the details.

Please help. I've done hours of research and talked to so many friends but so far you're the only one who seems to be able to make sense of the scorpio male mind, which I've heard is very very similar to the scorpio female.

If you could reply that you read this I would be so beyond grateful!!!

Aries 4 years ago

Ok Karthik I need your help, I think you're the only one that's making any sense whom I've run across. :(

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

Olivia: By the looks of it, he is just being a good person to you while he may be liking her. I can't tell how he may be feeling about her, but it seems that he may be just friends with you. If you want to tell him your feelings, do go ahead and tell him. I hope that for his age, he is mature and he does the right thing, instead of acting like a weird.. But it is anyways good to tell him how you feel.

stinger51 4 years ago

Loveinme - so glad he came back to you, after 2 months!!! this seems to be the norm for me usually but its 2 months now and nothing. I'm still hoping :) How did he come back? What happened, did he ring you, did you ring him??

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

lovinme: Glad to know that he is back. I wish I was as forgiving as you (I do take pride in being a complete villain when someone hurts me) ;) I would just suggest you to be cautious with your emotions about him..

pisceslady: All Scorpios innately believe in "ownership" of something close to their heart. And that can span to any kind of relationship, may it be just close friend or a lover. We don't believe in "sharing" something that "belongs" to us. For that, the key is to be emotionally attached. If there is no emotion attached with it, there is no ownership of that.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

FullOfLoveSites : I recognized you being a Scorpio as soon as I saw your profile and hubs ;) Well.. Scorpio-Scorpio honestly is a very intriguing combination. What they say in other articles about Scorpio-Scorpio being the best (and potentially worst) combination is true.. I can say that from personal experience. My BFF and I are so close, we constantly fight and irritate each other and yet, we are closest of friends. My relationship with my girl is something different. We have been best friends. At this point, it is filled with turbulence, tug-of-war, mind games and control.. And I know that eventually, we will come back together fiercer than storm. The relationship is definitely filled with hot, steamy sparks, attraction and drama. You both cannot live with each other, at the same time, cannot live without each other.. Unless one breaks all bonds and walks away completely without looking back, you will always be entangled with each other..

The other perspective is this.. If you are perfectly matched (though perfection does not exist in this match), then whatever fights you go through, you will eventually come back stronger and be more loving..

So, if you can handle this, you can get into a relationship with another Scorpio.. If not, Pisces is your ideal match (though I tend to believe that a Capricorn man is a better match for a Scorpio woman apart from Scorpio, since it is only these two signs that can handle a Scorpio woman effectively).

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

jennister: I didn't get your entire message. I may not be able to give you a complete picture of what may have happened. By what I have read, I assume that he wanted to be just friends because he somehow felt that you may not be the right person (or rather, it may not be the right choice) to settle down with you (honestly speaking, Aries-Scorpio is known to be a very bad combination). Now, about him going silent.. He probably expected you to be honest about your feelings, or at least tell him that you wanted to be just friends too before you went out with the other guy.. There is another possibility.. Even if you were truthful to him, there is always a part of Scorpio which can't handle emotional turmoil easily. If he was emotionally involved once, he will feel relieved from it only if he completely breaks off the bond and take a long gap till he feels like he can come back and just be friends.

I somehow feel that it may be the second case in your respect. He is just keeping away from you till he feels that he has no emotions attached with you and come back and be comfortable with you only as friends. I hope he comes back and become your close friend again.

Missc: You are welcome and hope it works out well between you two :)

pisceslady 4 years ago

I have been reading (pretty much on every scorpio male trait) that they claim "ownership" so the speak, once there is intimacy involved. Im not sure if this applies to all male scorpios or if some just see it as a casual fling that has no real meaning other than just something purely sexual so I'm just a bit confused on this one.

Olivia 4 years ago

I was so confuse with a Scorpio guy i'm loving. I'm 17 and he's 31. We may have quite big age gap, but from what i know, scorpio dun mind age gap. I start liking him since half a year ago, and i tried to get close to him last 3 months. He has been initiative in helping me to carry some stuffs. And when i opt for him to be in a team with a few members, he agreed. And i realise, he has also been talking more and more frequently with another girl colleague, which was 32 years old and not married. And i went to lunch with him yesterday, i can see that he seem quite close with the girl. And my company's having a teambuilding trip in next 2 weeks time, i was thinking of confessing, will you think it's a good idea, to tell him that i likes him and also all my feelings towards him ? What will hereact if he dun like me and what will he also react if he likes me ?

lovinme 4 years ago from rock hill, sc

@Karthikkash....thank you thank you thank you....omg he came back!! after 2 months!! WOW!...he was very upset...he cried on my shoulder...said he realized that he missed me so much and all the good times we trying VERY HARD not to be a mean ass! he just kept looking at me and telling me how much he missed me...i have to say that it does feel good, BUT i have this wall around my heart towards him now....Things have changed between us drastically!! when i look at him now i dont feel the same.....i dont know what to do or how to girlfriend says leave him

@stinger51....maybe there's still hope for your relationship... :-)

FullOfLoveSites profile image

FullOfLoveSites 4 years ago from United States

I'm a Scorpio girl. Haven't dated a fellow Scorpio yet (but had a crush on one), but how would that fare if two Scorpios are in a relationship? I'm quite curious. :)

Missc 4 years ago

Thanks for the advice, I think sometimes we just need to hear confirmation that we're going the right way about things, especially if it's something you didn't realise you were worrying about!

I forgot to mention also that my Scorpio's study load has been large all year but he finishes his degree soon. So I think knowing he's under lots of other pressure has helped me be level-headed as well. It's not til he's free from that load that I'll even consider giving him any kind of... "time limit". You know, where you sit down and seriously ask yourself if you'll be waiting forever. I don't think it would be fair to judge him when he's currently stressed all the time. Plus, I like being there for him, his little break from the pressure.

Anyway, thanks again :)

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

Missc: Capri-Scorpio is supposed to be a very good match in long term (though there probably won't be any stormy, breathtaking, electrifying, spark igniting moments as shown in the movies). And as you said, I think you guys are moving positively. Give it some time. I think you are headed the right direction. I also have heard that Capricorns are level headed. So, I do assume that you will be cautious enough. So, keep at it. It is ok to say that you love him occasionally and not regularly.. And yes, things usually go good between both of them.

bubblyWaters: If you have already contacted him a few times, let him contact you now. Otherwise, he may feel like you are pushing it. So, give it some time. Every Scorpio goes through a silent spell for whatever reason (not necessary that they don't like you). Let him deal with it and come back to you. If you think that he is unnecessarily taking too much time, then it may not be worth waiting.

jennister 4 years ago

I'm Aries woman confused by scorpion guy. I met two guys around the same time about 10 years ago. I married one guy the other (the scorpio) became my bff and we spent lots of time together over the years with but mostly without hubs. Totally platonic on my side and even though he never made a move I found out later he had a big crush. I never considered him because he is 6 years younger didn't want kids or marriage. So last year I got divorced. My bff had been in Afghanistan the last two years and got back right when I broke up. In the past he was always there for me when I was hurting so I wanted to see him. Me and my 3 yr old went to see him two days after my breakup on July 2....we joked about him being my rebound...cringe....

So over the next few months we texted ALOT. Went on a few dates and had 3 sleepovers...everything but sex kind of thing....I'm one of those annoying people that doesn't have sex unless I have some kind of commitment / love which we never talked about. I will admit I was extremely needy and emotional and had really nothing to give other than my bod lol...all of a sudden he said he just wanted to be friends cuz he didn't have time for me with moving and starting a job ect. I tried to be ok with it but I wasn't cuz I was using him to avoid dealing with the breakup...I went out with another guy thinking this would make him see I was ok with just friends but he did not take it very well I went to his place after the date which I hardly things went downhill ...all my fault and he never said one angry or mean thing he just stopped talking to me....that was last Oct.

So I know he cares about me and loved me...he went out of the country and I'm hoping he will contact me when hes back in a couple months now that I'm ready...I have been sending him occasional email about things we used to talk about...would it be better to just let it go and no contact him? I'm Aries...patience is not something I excel at

I went through stages of being mad then nothing for a bout 6 months. I figured out the breakup and I

bubblyWaters 4 years ago

Hello everyone! I just want to ask what should I do when a scorpio guys is in one of his disappearing episodes? Should I wait for him to contact me or should I text or pm him once after a week or two of not having contact or...? I know he needs space. I'm a pisces so I understand the need for space but sometimes I can't help but wonder if he really feels the same way for me.... :(

Missc 4 years ago

I thought I'd add, even though things appear to be very slow going, even to the point of being frustrating, with Scorpio guys, it's really satisfying when you move that little inch further together. My boyfriend rarely showed me any public displays of affection, and even then he would just touch my butt lol, and then one night we were walking through a park and he grabbed my hand and held it the rest of the night. The tiniest gesture but it made me so happy. I think this is why I'm happy to wait for him for the time being :)

Missc 4 years ago

You have a very insightful blog, I'm glad I stumbled upon it! I, like many, have a question for you. I'm a Capricorn and have been dating a Scorpio guy for 6 months, and a while ago I told him that I love him - I couldn't keep it inside me any longer! But rather than scare him off, he said it just made him feel more comfortable with me. He has fallen for only one girl before me (to the point of obsession) and she never gave him the time of day, it cut him to the bone and took him years to recover. So he said he wasn't ready to say those words, since we haven't been dating very long, but he said he knows we're going somewhere, and that things between us aren't going to end (but I don't know how long he meant). I know I'm special to him, he tells me I'm different to any other girl he's known and that he's crazy about me and sometimes lays in bed for hours thinking about me. Does this sound promising to you? 6 months isn't a long time so I'm not exactly about to cut the cord if he doesn't start telling me he loves me, or showing me that Scorpio possession. But I have my own insecurities and I've only been in one real (teenage) relationship before that was drastically different because we were young. I know it takes something special to make a Scorpio fall, I'm just not sure if it's something that happens suddenly, or if he'll slowly just start to show me he loves me.... I'm aware that he could consider me a best friend that he can have sex with but never fall for me that way or want to spend his life with me. As scary as that possibility is! I love him, a little more as time passes (but I won't lose myself completely until he is ready to do so as well) so I'm just waiting patiently for him for the time being, But I don't tell him I love him because I don't want him to feel pressured to say it back. Is it safe to maybe tell him I love him every now and then? I don't want him to think my feelings have cooled because he can't say the words; I'm just really good at hiding them. I want him to know that I want to give myself to him, completely, I'm just too practical to do it until I know it won't be one sided. Have you got any insights or advice? Maybe just encouragement, So I can be patient for a bit longer? Hahaha. I have no idea how long it takes adult guys to fall in love, let alone someone as complex as a Scorpio!

(Sorry for the novel, I don't talk to anyone about this in so much detail so it all kind of burst out :P)

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

jay31: That is usually the problem with a Scorpio man. We are always secretive (though some of us are not all that secretive). I think, for the moment, the best thing is to emotionally detach from him for some time. When and if he is ready, he will come for you.

Scorpio104: I think it would be best to move on. You have done nothing wrong and you have been completely honest with him. If he thinks that you were the one who did the mistake, then he must be an idiot. Don't waste your time on an idiot.

Scorpio104 4 years ago

So I work with a very hot/cold Scorpio (he didn't speak to me for 2 years) and after finally becoming friends again he told me that the reason he didn't speak to me was because he found himself thinking of me as more than a co-worker and he didn't want to cross a line. Once that came out we began to have somewhat of a non-work relationship. When this started we promised 100% honesty no matter what. His best friend made a pass at me and I told him about it and now he is won't have anything to do with me - back to the not talking. Will he ever get over this or should I move on? I kept up my end of the deal, but it seems to have cost me when I was one the one being honest.

jay31 4 years ago

Hello Karth its been 3 months since I decided 2 take a chance with my Scorpio n its been wild up down happy sad lust loneliness hate n love I'm still so confused because it's like once he starts 2 let me n he closes off again I honestly love this man sometimes I wonder if telling him how I felt was a mistake because it seems like the emotional games r stronger I believe he has some feeling 4 me I can tell how he looks at me even tho its the "Scorpio" stare I can look past that n see him the passion that's there all I want is his honesty I understand the difficulty 2 let ppl n but damn,we've had arguments the last 1 I even tried 2 avoid telling him we weren't gonna solve anything talking over each other that seemed 2 upset him like he wanted 2 argue, he tells me he's going through things n doesn't want me 2 loose interest but acts as if he's not interested when I ask if he wants me 2 leave him alone his response is always do anything but that, I wonder if maybe he doesn't want 2 b bothered n just doesn't want 2 hurt my feelings even tho this is worse than just telling me, I also wonder if he has someone else even tho he says he doesn't its just me but as I said his actions so otherwise can u please give me some advice I'm at white end with this

larabebo 4 years ago

@karthik thank you for elaborating and sharing, i appreciate it :)

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

larabebo: It is stubbornness and a fear of giving up control. Remember, however much we love some one, we just cannot give up our control. Most of the times, our stubbornness comes from this. This becomes an obsession when we are emotionally charged.

TheJoeyDoll: Your story indeed looks different. He does look like a gentleman to me. I can suggest you only from the perspective I can see it. Maybe he did have a couple of weak moments where he thought that he loved you (maybe he confused attraction with love), and it is quite normal. It is good that you both have strong principles that you don't want to move further unless you love each other.

The reason he may be hot and cold is that he may be dealing with something else. And he may not be willing to talk about it. If he is calling you his girlfriend, then I hope things should be fine soon. Alternatively, he may also be evaluating the relationship and doesn't want to move further unless he is sure about it. Give it some time and see, how it goes. Also, don't get too emotional at this stage. That would be the last thing you want to do.

TheJoeyDoll 4 years ago

Hi Karthikkash: First off I would like to say I am so glad that I stumbled upon this page. I keep reading over all these post's trying to find one that fits what I am going through with a Scropio man whom I have been dating. I can't seem to find one that's fits so I would like to ask your advice: 3 months ago I broke off a 17.5 year relationship with my boyfriend (yes it was a very long relationship that wasn't going anywhere and it was over a long time ago but I just never made the break) Ok so I met a Scorpio man on line shortly after my final breakup with the bf. The Scorpio guy and I talked via email and then by phone for 1 month before I actually got the guts up to meeting him in public. When we did meet the date was a 7 hour date. Yes 7 hours hanging at the beach talking opening up to each other about anything and everything and then we met again at the beach the next day for round 2 which was another 5 hours together....and then it began. I was in such a whirlwind with this guy it felt like he swept me off my feet. I couldn't sleep I just kept thinking about him etc. I was crazy we talked in length for so many days he would come and see me during the week he would call me every morning for a wake up call etc. He had met my parents and sister, and few of my friend. I have met his brother (his parents are both deceased). I have been to his house every weekend except for one. He even gave me a key to his home telling me to come up any time. So things were good in the beginning. He blurted out to me that he didn't want to jinx anything about this new relationship but he said that he was falling in love with me....and at that point I felt the same. He also told me that he wanted to be friends first before anything because when he was in previous relationships he would have sex with them and then try to have some sort of relationship but it just didnt work out so I was like thats cool cause I wont get intimate with a guy until I have been with him for 6 months. (Needless to say I only have had 5 bf's my total life and I am 46). Anyways things were getting pretty hot one night we had a few drinks and I let my gurad down and told him that I wanted to be with him and he very politely told me that we both had been drinking and that he didn't want to do something that I may regret and he also said that he wanted to be in love first before we actually made love. Wow, what a gentleman. Then the next weekend things would get hot and heavy again and this time we were totally sober and he wanted to and I stopped it because I rememered what he said how he wasn't in love with me yet and that he didn't want to until he was. So after that it seems like things have changed. We don't have those intimate passionate moments anymore I feel like he's holding back and how can a man tell you at one point that he's falling in love with me and then tell me that he's not in love with me anymore. I did bring it up to him about how he doesn't seem like he is affectionate to me any longer and was wondering whats going on and he said theres nothing going on that some times relationships hit a high and then lows. He considers me as his best friend and also his girlfriend becasue I am the only one he dates. I'm sorry that this is so long but I am getting confused here. Can you give me any insight into what you think may be going on with my Scorpio man. Thanks!

larabebo 4 years ago

hi guys, so i apologised and he answered me saying that i'm welcomed so what does it mean that he's not upset anymore? he proved his theory? he got what he was waiting for? and about that immaturity thing you told me about karthik is it out of stubbornness or not wanting to be out of control and that maybe if i proved him wrong i might use it against him, can you elaborate on this a little more if i may ask, thank you :)

larabebo 4 years ago

@confusedlady the new posts are up, the posts were re-ordered by karthikkash, so your comments will show on the top :)

confusedlady 4 years ago

Where are the new posts??!!

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

Allie: I think he may be treating you as a best friend. It should be good as long as you don't want to cross that line :)

Allie 4 years ago

I'm confused... Don't know what to do!! From the looks of some of my readings. I know I ain't alone and am very happy about that too!

What does it mean when a scorpio guy you hardly tells you about his ex-wife, buys & sends you stuff, but has a girlfriend? Talks to a lot and calls you his best friend... I'm hoping it means BEST FRIEND. Like seriously!! If it doesn't I need to cut this line ASAP.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

larabebo: Sometimes, even a bit evolved Scorpios act in an immature manner.. It is not about being old, it is just about trying to prove that "I am right and you are wrong". Unfortunately, it is a sort of immaturity most Scorpios can't let go..

curious: He may just be playing around to see if you really believe in all the zodiac signs.. Alternately, he may be trying to hide that he is a Scorpio. I never openly reveal to anyone that I am a Scorpio unless I am a bit pressed to tell my sun sign.

larabebo 4 years ago

@scorpio 92 thank you i appreciate it :) and i do agree with you on being dramatic over something minor it was strange

@ karthik thank you for your reply, an apology is what i thought he's waiting for too i just wanted to see if there was another perspective to this situation, i thought that he would be more mature and direct for someone in his mid-thirties but he proved me wrong

curious 4 years ago

Why would a scorpio guy tell me hes an aquarius? 3 months ago he said he was a scorpio..then we get close n now hes saying hes an aquarius..but I swear he act a scorpio!!!

stinger51 4 years ago

@Loveinme - thanks for your reply. yes it is traumatic, how can things be so good, sharing life and everything else, being together as a proper couple and all that and than BOOM you don't hear anything from them?? I know he is depressed, he suffers with it but a simple text to say 'look I'm in a bad place right now, give me a bit of time please' ?? he did send me a text (the only one) and that was because my mum died last week, he ended the text by saying he wasn't in a good place at all but why wait 6 weeks to say it.? I really don't know if we are together or not, he has said in the past that he has no idea how much time has passed when he is in this state of mind. before he has gone off but only for a few days here and there but this is 6 weeks??? I have a house full of his belongings, clothes, tools, shoes, jewelry etc - I hope he needs it all soon

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

mstr mnpltr : We are called Scorpios for a reason. Remove our secrets and we are dead :)

larabebo: I understand what you feel. But sometimes, the best way to end a deadlock is to apologize, though it may not be your mistake. See if you can simply apologize and leave it there. Don't go overboard (as he may start taking advantage of it). A simple sorry is sufficient. And then leave it there. If he is mature enough, he will come back.

scorpio 92 4 years ago from Ireland


Karthikkash may have a better idea of what to do here, but from what i have read and understand, i think this guy is looking for an apology, to come out on top, however i am with you on this and believe it isnt an offense to apologise for. If this were me, i would disconnect from this person as i have no time for games like this, and i think he is being very dramatic about it but, you should choose, whether he is worth the hassle or not :)

larabebo 4 years ago

can someone please answer my post, thank you :)

scorpio 92 4 years ago from Ireland


The way you are describing your relationship tells me you have nothing to worry about, and i understand you being 1. a female and 2. and aries, you really wanna hear the word, but if he did not love you, he would not treat you as he is, and he would not be with you. A scorpio man is extremely hard to win over, will not give a piece of his heart to someone easily.

scorpio 92 4 years ago from Ireland


I have just one bit of advice for you as your story resembles an experience of mine so much its weird. My advice is.......let go, cut contact, if you happen to bump into each other in town/city...if he acknowledges you then acknowledge him but dont snob. That piece of advice will help you get over your grieving for the relationship, If he still wants to know you, he will eventually come back and contact you, It has happened me, i was in your position and it wasnt nice, but surround yourself with friends, family and people who care about and love you, you will soon find yourself too busy to think about what happened and what could have wont happen in a day, a week, maybe not even a month, but you will get better, your life will be better :) hope it helps

scorpio 92 4 years ago from Ireland

@libra and scorpio

At different stages of the astrological chart, we are joined by other signs, which is why you have scorpio on the outer part of your chart. I can only laugh at your situation with this guy, it must be his bad luck that he caught your look when it wasnt directed at him. The sunglasses part is quiet funny also haha. The great energy you feel, possibly a good match, scorpio males are very passionate.

Ariesgirl 4 years ago

Hi Everyone! I was reading this interesting blog and I figured that I might want to share my story as well and might get some useful advise. I am an aries girl and dating my scorpio man for 1.5 years. When we met each other, both of us were separated from our spouses and we now we are divorced. Beginning of the relationship was very slow, meaning he was claiming that he doesn't want to have a relationship. 9 months later he said that we are in relationship and only now he said that we are couple - officially. He hasn't used L... word, except the one time when he was drunk. He usually says I love your eyes, hair and any other part of my body or characteristics of personality. But I want to hear it so much that he loves me... And, of course, because I am an aries, I am so impatient to hear that from him... He knows that I love him... We talk every day and then yesterday he told me that I am his future and that he is happy that he is with me. I know all of his friends and some of his family members and all of them love me. We started building common things together like sharing certain assets (his initiative). But to be honest with you, I still feel that he has not forgotten his ex although he treats me amazingly like a queen. Is he really having feelings or since he is not telling me the L... word means that he still loves his ex? Let me know your thoughts.

Ariesgirl 4 years ago

Hi Everyone! Can somebody explain me how to act on my scorpio behavior

Carmen 4 years ago

I am trying to read the latest post, but somehow the latest post I see that was made 6 month ago.

random comment 4 years ago

i get along with scorpios more than any other sign and im a libra.

sarah 4 years ago

plz where is my answer 4 my problem? :/

mstr mnpltr 4 years ago

i dare some scorpios to tell us (anonymously) one of your secrets that u have not told anyone or never would cept anonymously, on the internet...

libra and scorpio 4 years ago

what does it mean if in my astro chart im a libra sun and taurus rising Uranus a libra but act like a scorpio even though i hardly have scorpio in my says Uranus in 09 Degrees Scorpio...what does that mean??? and have that scorpio stare for sure though..i used to joke (but am serious) that i dont like looking in ppls eyes not because im intimidated but intimidating! because i feel like i can penetrate someone or see through ppl and men fall inlove too when i do stare into their soul..i have a guy friend thats inlove with me,who i am not attracted to that comes over to my house and i put my shades on so he cant see my eyes. once my scorpio man was here the same time as this guy friend n i meant to give my scorpio man the eyes and my guy friend caught it instead n since then...been stumbling over his own words and looking like a lost puppy etc etc. but me and my scorpio man are one in the same. when we make love and our finger tips even touch we feel electricity or this hour hands...we both acknowledged is unreal..we litteraly feel eachothers energy. we both emit it. i love my quick temepered possesive deep mysterious wise scorpio man and he loves me -libra female

scorpio 92 4 years ago from Ireland

@ Confused

It sounds like, either he does like you and is too shy/ not confident enough to approach you about is, as you are the same. Or, unfortunatly, he doesnt enjoy hanging out with you, which i dont think is the case as he continues to do so.

Its hard to say, maybe you should bring about more conversation about him and you, see how he feels about your relationship with him, there are ways to tell if he likes you instead of telling him how you feel and hoping he feels the same.

Good luck :)

Cancer Virgo 4 years ago

I am a Cancer female with a Virgo ascendent, i love a Scorpio male. We've known eachother for 7 years and the closest we came to a fight or arguement was when i accedently told one of his secrets but he seems to have forgiven me because he hasn't spoken a word of it ever since.

He is very much like me and when we hang out he doesn't seem to enjoy himself and seems very bored. I always want to talk to him but i always just want to tell him how mch he means to me and i get worried i will tell him if i open my mouth because it's always at the tip of my tounge, so i've never really talked to him when we've hung out.

He doesn't text me, i always have to text him first and even then, he hardly says a thing he usually says "ok" "good" and "bye". I've seen him with his other friends, and he seems a lot more open, confident and happy except when he's with me and some of his friends or just me, he seems to be a completely different person.

I've had a few tears and heart ace because i keep thinking he is just trying to be nice and hang out with me but he really doesn't want to. Please help me i am sick of wondering i want to know :'( can you please help me A.S.A.P ?! Should i leave him? Should we still be friends but i stop loving him? Should i still love him and hope for him to notice me? PLEASE HELP!!

larabebo 4 years ago

hi karthik i have an update about the deactivating the skype account and me unfriended him situation, he got silent for a week then i sent him a message asking him why he got silent, he responded that i unfriended him just because he deactivated his account for a few days, and that he was silent because i was, the truth is at the time when he reactivated his account i didn't login for days to know when he got back and he considered it as me being silent , he also said that if he didn't ask me what was going on i would've never told him why i unfriended him, i sent him a reply , so it had been 3 days and he still didn't reply which he usually do as soon as he is online, i mean i just don't understand this he had never initiated a conversation with me nor sent a message which usually i did to the point of thinking that i was bothering him by doing so, but his reaction to this makes me think that he got hurt or his angry isn't it? what does he expect me to do? to say that i'm sorry over something minor like this, the action that i did was innocent no head games or hidden agenda , i didn't mean anything by doing it, can you tell me what to do? thank you :)

lovinme 4 years ago from rock hill, sc

@stinger51 I just have to say that I feel sorry for you. I know the pain of it hurts really bad, deeper than anyone will ever know. I lost my job behind my relationship with this scorpio. I've since found myself again and a new job. I hope you can somehow find yourself after this traumatic event, because that's what it feels like TRAUMA! It felt like someone dropped me from a tower and I fell hard! I was shocked, surprised, devastated. My scorpio lied to me and said his schedule was getting busy when really he was breakin up with me. My opinion is that I think Scorpios use that "love" word too much. Maybe they feel they love but they dont love in their hearts. Needless to say, I will never date one again. I make it my business now when I date to ask, what is your zodiac sign. lol

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

Bakhoor: I have re-ordered how the comments show up. The latest comments show up at the top. So, you can see the latest comments as soon as you see the comment section. I did it because it is easier for me to go through the comments section.

Bakhoor 4 years ago

sorry ..but i can't see new comments only the old ones

confusedlady 4 years ago

hahahahaha loooooooolz :P that's kinda weird for us people who don't get jealous BFF is a virgo and she too gets jealous of the many friends i keep having.. thanx karthik..appreciate ur responses.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

confusedlady: Imagine this.. I get jealous if my BFF calls someone else her BFF. Now I know that she is my best friend (and sometimes I look her like my elder sister). And we keep making each other jealous with something. LOL!!

Confused 4 years ago

I am a Cancer female with a Virgo ascendent, i love a Scorpio male. We've known eachother for 7 years and the closest we came to a fight or arguement was when i accedently told one of his secrets but he seems to have forgiven me because he hasn't spoken a word of it ever since.

He is very much like me and when we hang out he doesn't seem to enjoy himself and seems very bored. I always want to talk to him but i always just want to tell him how mch he means to me and i get worried i will tell him if i open my mouth because it's always at the tip of my tounge, so i've never really talked to him when we've hung out.

He doesn't text me, i always have to text him first and even then, he hardly says a thing he usually says "ok" "good" and "bye". I've seen him with his other friends, and he seems a lot more open, confident and happy except when he's with me and some of his friends or just me, he seems to be a completely different person.

I've had a few tears and heart ace because i keep thinking he is just trying to be nice and hang out with me but he really doesn't want to. Please help me i am sick of wondering i want to know. :'(

confusedlady 4 years ago

Lord! competitive and perfect combination of torture!!! haha... i will hold in there its tiring though...i just dont know how to let go and i have no idea why i cant let go... thanx so much karthik.. will try to spot the "real" clues... btw he gets pretty jealous as well of his friends like tooooooo freaking jealous that it shows.. and i have no idea is that a clue?!

libra/virgo 4 years ago

my life would be dull without scorpio men. my best friend is a scorpio female.

virgo/libra 4 years ago

deffinately not bi- polar... no. i have borderline personality disorder/narcissism. ;).

larabebo 4 years ago

i think so too, thank you karthik :)

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

guys, I have made an update to the blog for some of the queries I keep getting. Please do go through them.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

Ariesgirl: It is hard to say what may have happened. I wouldn't really think that it is related to you calling off the date if you have given him a genuine reason. He may be preoccupied with certain things or he may just want to keep it casual with you (he may not have considered taking the relationship to the next level). There may be multiple reasons. There was a girl I dated. I liked her, but somewhere deep inside I thought that she wasn't the one. I slowly distanced myself from her, but I still keep in touch with her as a friend (yeah, you can say that we had hit it off instantly).

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

Scorpio95: You are welcome :)

Bria: Wow!! That's is indeed a long and unfortunate story.. Thanks for sharing. Taurus and Scorpios are zodiac opposites. This means that there is an instant attraction (opposites attract), but that attraction may not last too long as their strong traits may start getting on each other's nerves.. It is kind of a love-hate relationship.

And thanks for the appreciation for the blog :) Now, whether I give you all the things you need to know about a Scorpio guy? Well.. we are the most complex creatures for a reason.. No one can give you everything you need to know about Scorpio.. Whenever I reply, I either look at common knowledge or try to put myself in that particular situation and see how a normal Scorpio would react.

And yes, we do have secrets we never give away however close a person is and however open/social we are. We always take certain secrets to the grave. Hell, my BFF doesn't know many secrets about me and she is always trying to decode me (now that is a Scorpio trying to decode another one). Just to share, she was accusing me a couple of days ago that I am one Scorpio who is neither "good" nor "bad", but a "cunning, though on the good side" one (though I prefer calling myself an eagle).. LOL!!

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

bestyoueverhad: Can I give you suggestion? Whatever you have between you, end it.. If you want to maintain just a friendship, then it's ok. Otherwise, trust me.. The way I see it, your relationship may lead to disaster.. Eventually, if it ever happens, your Scorpio guy will come to crossroads when it comes to making a choice.. And then all complications will begin. Trust me, I am a Scorpio and I know how he will feel when it comes to making choices and what effect it will have on you.

larabebo: About your comment about his skype account, I think he is just going through his PMS period :D

confusedlady: We are always competitive in everything.. We like to be the best ;) even in friendship. Now I am not sure if he really likes you or just being very close. For us, it is like this.. We may be extremely close to you, but still not have any other feelings. So, unless he is giving you some real cues, it is better to hold in there a bit.

Ariesgirl 4 years ago

This is an excellent blog! Thank you. I do want to ask about something.

I met a Scorpio and we had instant chemistry. We met a few times (no sex or kissing or any of that) and realised we had a ton in common and loved spending time together! When we weren't together, we emailed multiple times a day. Then one day I had to call off a date due to something coming up. After that he started to act weird and aloof. He became a major jerk for a few months (I found out he got overloaded at work) and then kind of blew me off. When I email he is polite but has very short replies. To this day I can't figure out what happened!

confused 4 years ago

Thank you very much for your response. I don t understand though. Wouldn t a Scorpio show his feelings? I thought they were not afraid of being too close. Is he waiting to come back after his feelings have passed? I just wish he had the courage to tell me-I don t know whether I have feelings for him too.

bestyoueverhad 4 years ago

can someone please give their opinion on my comment. i need to understand this scorpio!!!!

Bria 4 years ago

Just wanted to thank you K. for the help you're providing here with your hub. You're giving people insight into the enigma that is the scorpio persona. A lot of people need help with that. However since you're a scorpio male and all, I can't help but wonder if you give us (your faithful followers) ALL that we need to know in order to understand and deal with a scorpio man. They don't give everything away, yet you seem to. I would understand if you gave us enough insight to deal with the surface of things, but as a loyal scorpio man, who knows just how you guys are like onions, you wouldn't want others to know too much about the insides and depths of your sign. Wouldn't it be a gateway to learning just how to 'control' you?

All the help you're giving is greatly appreaciated, and from what I've read you are pretty perceptive. I think this whole thing is awesome, and I'm just a curious taurus girl wondering if you are this 'open' offline?

Also I wanted to share with others not to be put off by the recurrent negative traits they read all over the net. It's easy to form an opinion of them based simply on their sun signs, but like individuals in general there is more to a person's personality than their sun signs. Scorpio guys are great (don't take into account my personal experience with one), as I have three relatively close scorpio friends. And any relationship (good or bad) with them (male or female) will indubitably change you. Whether or not you want to. My ex taught me patience, among other things, and the ability to delve deeper into things and not take everything strictly at face value.

But honestly, K, great job. But you already know that. ;)

Scorpio95 4 years ago

Thanks Karthikkash, This really helps :)

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

Scorpio95: I can relate to you and see the picture you are seeing. I was far mature for my age at 15 and I still am far more mature for my current age. at least according to people around me. I am generally silent around people, I have lot of female friends, quite a few who got attracted to me, but in my entire life, I got attracted to 3-4 girls. I am a hardcore Scorpio when it comes to many things. I don't have an answer for "why we are like that". I think everyone has their own traits. What I would however tell you is to start trying to understand yourself. Identify your strengths and weaknesses. Develop your strengths to the next level and work on your weaknesses. Don't worry about what people talk about you. Keep asking yourself if what you have done is right and true to your heart. That is how a person grows in life.

chewies: All the best. Remember, it is good to take some time to understand a person at a decent level before you fall too deep for him :)

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

confused: I assume that he had started developing feelings for you and he may have felt uncomfortable with that.. It will take some time for him to get over it.. But till then, I would suggest you to leave him alone. But he feels alright, he will come back.

FreeSpirited9: Thoughts are really simple.. I don't care whether it is a Scorpio or not, manners are manners, empathy is empathy.. If a guy cannot do simple chores even to show that he cares, he must be shown where his place is. It is as simple as that. Don't apologize to him, instead stop bringing the groceries and stop caring. If he doesn't realize that he is screwing up the relationship, kick his sorry arse out of the door.

Bria 4 years ago

I had a pretty bad experience with a scorpio guy three years ago. I'm a taurus and I've learned from that experience that immediate attraction DOES NOT mean relationship material. Now I'm not trying to sound bitter about the whole thing. My relationship with him was very transformative. For one thing, even though I'm a taurus, due to my gemini moon and aries rising, I have had very little patience. No patience with others or with myself. And I admit being with him taught me endless patience. Good thing, because otherwise I'd have blown my brains out. The whole secrecy thing with him never bothered me because I also like my privacy and my precious alone time. HOWEVER, it always got under my skin whenever he would interrogate -really, interrogate me about what I was doing when I wasn't around, who I was with, where I was.

I had over the course of our relationship learned to just let that kind of behavior go over my head. Because, you see, I'm all about reciprocity; especially when it comes to respecting people's boundaries. The fact that I wasn't allowed to keep anything from him while he was left me very resentful. Double standars, can't stand them.

And yet, that wasn't the reason why after two years of being together we -or he- called it quits. We were both at fault. I was stubborn, he was nosey. I was closed off, he would disappear for days, even after we started living together. Shouting mtaches? Just the one, that I'll explain later. Our anger and disappointments with one another were displayed through heavy, hard stares and long, oh so very long tense silences. Then, one of us would decide enough is enough and we'd make up. Honestly, I believe that on a subconscious level we both craved those 'silent power plays' for the intense make up sessions after...wink, wink...

No, even that I could have lived with. He wasn't a pansy and didn't get all lovey-dovey and annoyingly apologetic -to an almost pathetic degree- like my pisces ex was. Sweet guy, don't get me wrong, but so...lost.

The reason why my scorp ex and I went out seperate ways was because he was insanely vindictive. To, what I consider, psychotic new heights. I mean, he truly, truly scared me when he decided to put on his vengeful cloak. I've seen him plan and scheme when he was all alone in the kitchen. I could only imagine the evil laugh that rang inside his head. It gave me chills. Now, I'm not saying he's a murderer or even close to that. He's just so very...scary when he feels he's been wronged. That was the one thing I could not look past or even understand. I'm not vengeful or overly petty. I'd say the pettiest I can be is by using the silent treatment and that is it. Other than that I would never resort to petty games and tricks, to 'prove a point' or to 'teach someone a lesson'. It's a waste. And because of my gemini moon I find it easier for me to let something go once I actively decide to let it go. He did not.

Knowing how vengeful he could be, I was always so happy when it was not directed at me. But the day came when he decided to 'teach me a lesson'. And that lesson, I will never forget.

One important fact to understand is that I am very organized. Whenever I go out to run errands and shop for groceries or anything, I always, ALWAYS write it down. ALWAYS! It's a habit I picked up in my teens because of my father who is a gemini with an aquarius moon. God, he can be so frustrating. Whenever he was asked to do something, he'd forget or very rarely remember what was asked of him. So from the time I was sixteen to ten years later, I write everything down. One saturday, it was my turn to do the shopping (we had been living together for six months by then) and since I NEVER forget to write anything down, I came back to our apartment with the groceries. He was in an unsually upbeat mood. So he practically skipped into the kitchen and went through the bags. And boom. He freaked out on me. Yelling and cursing at me. And I hate it when people swear at me, especially when angry. So I just stood there letting him run out of steam while his spit rained on my face. Now when people react that way I shut off, for lack of a better term. I just don't want to give anyone the satisfaction of knowing that they are pissing me off. So I try and keep a blank face. And why was he being such an ass about? I hadn't bought him the strawberry yoghurt he had asked for. Yep. That's it. Strawberry yoghurt. Are you kidding me?!

After ten minutes of nonstop screaming I slapped him. That shut him up, I'm proud to say. I can only take so much of verbal abuse. And over a yoghurt? Come on! I slapped him, his cheek turned a very satisfying shade of red and then I blew my top off. I told him, over and over again, that there was no way I could have forgotten to buy him the stupi yoghurt if I had written it down. And since I not only hadn't heard him tell me to get him the thing, neither had I written it down...well, you get it. And still couldn't understand how I could be such an 'airhead' (his words) and forget to get something so simple as yoghurt. Again I told him that I hadn't heard him when he'd asked me for it yoghurt. And to this day I don't know what was so speacial about it. It's strawverry yoghurt. If he had some sort of emotional attachement to it, maybe I'd understand. But otherwise it was a bit of an overreaction.

Now for 2 months I didn't hear the end of it. He wouldn't let me do any of his shopping anymore. He had taken that task on to himself. At first I thought, good, that means less things to worry about. But after 2 months of the same endless nagging, I grew exasperated and enraged, but never said anything about it.

Another thing. I suffer from stress-related migraines. So every few months I have these painful migraines. Painful is kind of an understatement. My whole body feels very heavy, my head pounds ten times as hard as a headache with every more I make. So for maybe two days I sink the apartment in darkness; the light makes me want to gouge my eyes out. My GP had given a prescription for painkillers that normally lasted me for about three days. But about 4 months after the yoghurt incident the migraine had persisted to a whopping 5 days. It was too much to bear so I asked him to stop by the pharmacy when he was out doing the usual, weekly shopping and get me the painkillers. When he came back, there were no meds. I asked him about it and he just looked down at me while I was lying on the couch and told me, "if I had written it down, I would have gotten you the painkillers."

HOW F***ED UP IS THAT? WHAT KIND OF PSYCHOTIC, SADISTIC A** DOES THAT? My ex, that's who. So I just laid there crying because of the migraine and the 'awesome' timing to teach me my lesson about 'always getting him what he asks for'. After about three hours when he realized that I was really in pain, he went to get the meds.

Two weeks later, he came back home and broke up with me. He didn't tell me why. I like to think it's because he felt bad about it. He probably thought he'd gone too far and the guilt was eating at him. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part.

Conclusion to all of this...I'm not open to dating scorpio men again. They have a lot of great qualities. A lot of flaws I can look past. But the vindictive attitude and their skewed views of right and wrong are just too much for me. No more.

(Sorry if it's a little long. Gemini moon. I like to write.)

larabebo 4 years ago

thank you so much karthikkash for your insight and for taking time to answer me i appreciate it, i might just do that after investing all this time, i think i will just let go, thanks again and god bless you :)

confusedlady 4 years ago

Hey Karthikash... Long time :))) Keep up the great's really nice that u give people hope and help them solve their problems.. well im back haha... i took ur advice and made sure to let my scorpio know that we r just friends and i'm a damn good one :D however, he keeps on asking for my help in particular issues.. we share same friends and i feel like he's competing with his male friends (who r also mine)..i mean im closer to them than him coz i spend most of my time with them so when he hears i helped one of them with something, he usually comes up with pretty much the same idea and lets me help him (its weird but i guess he really is competing for my friendship)... ok i give him that but he has started growing even closer to me since he knew i liked him.. he wants to knoe more about me, about my days, work, if he could do anything for me.. bla bla bla..he wasnt like this before... this make sme feel like he really does like me more than a siz.. but why doesnt he just confess it? i mean what makes him scared? he knows how i feel, is he just using my kindness to pass his time in knowing that ill always be there for him? is he testing me? what is he tryin to do? i made it so easy for him to just come forward and say i like u too...wats making him scared?!!!! i dont know wat to do,, im sooooo confused and i would appreciate ur insight on this...

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

larabebo: Sorry for not answering your query earlier. Thanks for reminding me. I will give you the same reply I gave swasti. If the person is not ready, let go.. You may want to help that person and you may even KNOW that you are the one who is truly going to support him, but if he is not ready, no point in chasing him. As difficult as it may seem to let him go, think of it in this way.. He didn't deserve a good person like you.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

Oh the games: I think he likes you. I can see myself. I go to a point of stalking my girl. Give me a possible way of communicating with someone, and I have tried all that. And if it comes to a point of stalking you, it simply means that he likes you and decided to go for it (at least till the honeymoon period lasts). If you like him, do go for a date.. One caution, don't keep playing with a Scorpio's heart by sitting on a fence for long.. Give him a clear yes or a no. Or he may end up being your stalker (just like me :P)

I'll be waiting: IF you really like him, keep giving him small cues that you like him. I always suggest people not to fall in love too easily. So, take it slowly, so in the end if things are not what they seem, at least you won't have a major heart break.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

Bird Heart: Thanks for contributing :)

stinger51: He may be dealing with some stuff.. Give it some time while continuing to show him your support.

Cancerheart: I think you may have to get over him. I cannot say what his initial feelings for you may be. But, I think when he knew that your husband got upset, he may have thought of ending it. May be because he may not want to ruin it.. I would suggest that if your relationship with your husband is not strained so much (every couple has its fights), then just let this one go (as difficult as it may sound, it may be the best thing).

swasti: As you know, Scorpios need space. Even too much care make us feel suffocated. If you have done everything possible and still feel that he is running away, then it is time to stop chasing him.. Even as a friend.. One thing I have learnt is that, I may think that I can help the other, but if that person is not ready, there is no point in chasing him/her.

larabebo 4 years ago

sorry i made some spelling mistakes :)

larabebo 4 years ago

hi karthik i'm glad you're back safely from your trip :)

i also have this weird thing that happened , this guy that i told you about deactivated his skype account 3 weeks ago, so when i found out i unfriended him from my list of friends which usually what people do if a friend deactivate his account, today he sent me a message saying what did i erase him from my list of friends, i told him the truth, which i think he didn't took well maybe, because from what he answered which was "ok", i mean i feel like he thinks i did him wrong by doing what i felt was adequate at the moment, that action was out of the blue, and now he's giving me the silent treatment i mean can you believe this guy!!! i know i didn't do anything wrong, and he's acting like my actions were uneplainable and like he didn't do anything wrong, can you please tell me what this is about?? thank you :)

bestyoueverhad 4 years ago birthday is october 21, so im acutally libra/scorpio cusp. and i didnt asked him to spend more time with me, that was all him. he said that he could tell that i like him that i just dont want to tell him. idk.....he was apologizing for making me feel used or whatever, and that i didnt deserve it. idk what he wants from me really. i think he likes me but i cant tell all the tike when we are apart.please give whatever opinions that you have.

bestyoueverhad 4 years ago

hi i am a libra woman and i have been completely smitten by a scorpio male. now......there are complications.i am im getting a divorce but papers have not been filed , and he in currently in a relationship......i know.....smh!!! we have know eachother for a little over a month and have had sex about 4 times. it has been almost three weeks since we last were intimate and i started seeing another guy because i dont want him to feel like i am trying to get him to make a choice between us. that is his girl and we are friends that occasionally have sex. i have to admit it is so hard because when he comes over he is so sweet and sentimental. anyway.....he came over the night before last and we had sex again. i stopped talking to my boyfriend. smh....... when my scorpio was here he was slightly intoxicated and confessed to me that he risk a lot to be here with me but he cant help it, that he is drawn to me. he said that he should have let me walk out the store the day he saw me and maybe we should not have had sexthe times that we did, but that he doesnt regret it and that he isnt going anywhere...that he cant??!!! he said he was about to get his car (because he was driving his womans car) and that he would be able to spend more time with me if i wanted. that is i need to go somewhere to do anything call him and he'll be there. that he doesnt just come to my house to have sex with me but to spend time with me. but he confuses me because when he leaves he doesnt always respond to my text or call me. i dont know what to think someone help me!!!!!!! i know what hes saying isnt bull but i still dont know what to think of it all. oh and he kept saying he with he got me before my husband and my oldest sons father, that he would treat me right. also to let him know the day i signed the divorce papers. and this is all before we had sex that night .

chewies 4 years ago

I am so glad I found this post,

it has answered so much doubts about this scorpio guy I recently like.

I personally haven't received any cold treatments from him yet and I'm keeping my fingers crossed I don't.

We are flirting a lot now and I am falling deeper everyday.

P.S: I'm a virgo female ;)

Scorpio95 4 years ago

Hi Karthikkash,

I'm Malaysian Chinese.. Sry if my English is bad....

I was born on oct 24.. The second day of the Scorpio season... Everyday, I've been wondering about having a girlfriend, I have a few female friends and I don't know why I kept flirting with all of them... I even told them I liked them but I had little to no feelings toward them when we meet up.... One of them even said that im too mature for my age (16). I had very little feelings for everyone I know... I like being in the shadows being a lone wolf, staying in my room when I'm at home or sit facing the door at a corner when with friends.... I don't talk much only when someone asked me a question and I answered back with a few word... I don't even feel that they're my friends... More like an accomplice to my goals... I like being less notice, laying low and not making any communications to anyone... But when someone challenge me to a fight (bullies), I always understand my situation like how many people there are, how big is the guy... Then I decide to fight or flight, but when I fight, I fight dirty... Like I'm an expert in street fight or something... Taking sand or rocks using my surrounding as a weapon... Is it because that I don't like losing???

I'm proud to be a Scorpio but why am I like this??

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

Hi guys, I am back from my business trip. Sorry that I haven't replied as I didn't have an internet connection. I will reply back to all of you soon.

FreeSpirited9 4 years ago

I do not know if it has to do with a guy I have liked for over two years now being a Scorpio or if he is just plain rude and off his rocker. He is staying with me while he is in town and I have gone out of my way to be kind to him as well as his children who live in the area. Tonight I came home with groceries as well as a heavy case of water. It was dark, and he saw me carrying various things in. The final trip was the case of water with a twelve pack of soda. At that point after all was brought in, he asked do you need help?! I replied, "Do you need to ask?" The old him when I first met him would hear my car pull up, come outside and help me. Anyway, he blew up and said, "What the F***, nothing like a smart a** remark! I can't wait to get the h**** out of here. You speak to me as if you are my wife!" I calmly said, "Sometimes it feels as though no matter how much bending over backwards that I do, it is never enough." He replied, "I say thank you, isn't that good enough?!" It's almost as if it is always his way or no way. He always has to be right at all costs and could care less if he hurts others' feelings. He then got up and proceeded to storm out. Honestly, I was glad until he came back in and kept ranting. It got to a point where he was beginning to worry me. Here he sits in my living room and we haven't spoken since. I am disappointed in him, but it does not matter because as I said, he is always right in his mind. I even apologized even though I don't feel totally at fault here. I have gone out of my way to provide groceries for us, for his children when they visit which has been every day for three weeks (!) without any contribution from him whatsoever for the same. I do believe he has mistaken my kindness for weakness. If his behavior has any Scorpio tendencies, please let me know, because honestly, I'm not liking it too well and I need some sort of explanation for his rude and self righteous behavior. Thoughts pretty please.

confused 4 years ago

I have been friends with a scorpio man (scorpio stellium) for 11 years and in January we became really close-he was very warm and affectionate when I was going through difficult times. We talked up to 16 hours a day and shared a lot of private details. When, suddenly, a month later, he decided that we were getting too close, that he was becoming too important for me (while for him "no one is too important") and that he had opened himself up more than ever before. He said I was getting too close and that made him uncomfortable. And he decided to have no contact with me whatsoever until this feeling passed. We met up two months ago and he said that he still felt uncomfortable when talking with me and still can t have any contact with me. I just can't understand it. A common friend insists that the only explanation is that he was falling in love and that made him uncomfortable. I don t know what to think. Is there a chance things will get back to normal and that I get my friend back?

larabebo 4 years ago

hi karthikkash, i sent you something 3 weeks ago but you didnt reply , i know that there are a lot of people posting on your hub and it's hard to keep up, i totally understand but can you give me your opinion, thank you and i wish you a safe trip back home :)

Re: I'll be waiting 4 years ago

Hi I'll be waiting.

Sounds like a certain scorpio male someone I once dated in the navy - is he in the navy?

When you you don't talk very often, how do you communicate - text, email, skype? Has he ever done the cold shoulder before?

Scorpio's from my experience will come to you. Is there any reason he is not coming to you? Have you met in person before?

I'll be waiting 4 years ago

Im a Leo and I just recently met a Scorpio that has just stolen my heart. He's in the military so we almost never get to talk and he leaves for weeks at a time to train for deployment. After only 3 months I'm already experiencing 2 weeks of no contact and I'm going crazy. He's been very vocal in expressing that he likes me and I am making a 1,000 mile journey to see him on his off time, but how do I know if he really wants to start something with me or is it just sex and boredom on his part. We talk a lot about sex and I know it's a big part of him and how he expresses his feelings but I'm afraid of being used. I'm a sub by nature which he loves but I'm already feeling his possessive powers over me even from far away. Is this something that only time will tell or can I pick up small signs from this very private intriguing man. Should I reveal my soul to him and show him there's no need to fear? Or will that just send him running for the hills?

Oh the games 4 years ago

I have been in contact with a Scorpio male for quite a few months, he lives a distance away from me so we don't get to see each other and communicate through text, email, phone calls and Skype. It's an experience alright, never know where you truly stand as he comes and goes. Intense for weeks, contact everyday to the point of stalking sometimes and then poof - gone for 2 days - 2 weeks and then back again... The whiplash effect I call it.

It took a couple of months of contact and then out of the blue he told me he liked me and want to get to know me better... Back to the stalker for. Couple of weeks and then I was busy one day when he texted and i didnt reply as I was busy, he called 1 hour later and then 1 hour later posted on Facebook something the 2 of us laugh about I did not return his call, replied to his message 1 day later and then it went back to the silent treatment... I classify the behaviour as weird behaviour - Karth, you have mentioned scorpions act weirdly, can you please give examples??? The weirdness is the example I just mentioned (this is not the only example, but probably the one that comes to mind with my version of his weirdness)

I have no doubt he likes to flirt and is in contct with multiple women and hey as much as I don't like it or like to think about it but we are not in a relationship, nor have we spent much time together in person. The last couple of weeks he has been playing the text every single morning and I truly believe it to be another game, so he is the first person I think of and to make sure I am alone... We have arranged to see each other for a few days very soon, but it was exhausting and hell for him to finally decide to come and see me. Anyway, this meeting will give me the opportunity to decide, whether I like him and vice versa and whether I am prepared to continue on this exhausting journey.

Great hub...

swasti 4 years ago

I'm not sure if he really wants a relationship now but I doubt I'm gnna loose him as a friend too this saturday I'm gnna have a class with him but I really don't think I can improve anythin bcuz he is givin me those cold looks wen I see him down the corridor n I dunno how to pacify him or apologise if I've done anythin rong but I wnna let him know the truth about these people so he will realise the reasons for our breakup. But I'm confused about the time is it right now? Or should I wait till he cools off or is it that he might start cornerin out from me more if I don't tell him the truth n I do want a relationship but wen I mentiond it last time he said he was tired n stuff again :/

Cancerheart 4 years ago

I hope no one judges me too harshly...

I'm a cancer female married to a cancer male. I'm falling in love with a Scorpio male 15 years my junior. Initially I only thought of him as a friend. But something happened as we got to know each other and I think I'm falling for him.

I first met Scorpio 3 years ago. Off and on we lost contact and I never sought to see or speak with him, it was always him coming to see me. As I said, it didn't occurr to me that this might be because he had a crush on me. Slowly he would do things like try to hug me, or sit next to me and touch my knee with his. I work in a small office, and slowly others began to ask if there was something going on. That was what got me wondering if for him there was. We became friends on an Internet site and he only liked one picture of mine. He wont comment on pictures or statuses, but I reckon that's due to my being married. For the last 3 months we haven't had any contact. To be fair I don't know if this man has feelings for me, I just speculate he may? Anyway, I have had problems with my husband, unrelated to this. However, one day my husband spotted me hugging the scorpio. He was visibly upset, and the next time I saw Scorpio he asked me why my husband was upset. I told him it was because my husband suspected the Scorpio had a crush on me. For whatever reason, I added, that sometimes I wish he did. Since then, I haven't seen my Scorpio. Messages on the Internet go unanswered. I'm dying inside, I feel I made a terrible mistake and drove the Scorpio away, even though I would have probably been open to having an affair with him. Our connection, in my eyes was stronger than even the one I felt initially with my husband. I know scorpions don't typically go for those who are in a relationship. Did I presume wrong that the Scorpio felt something for me? Since he is so much younger, maybe I misread his behavior as flirtation? It made me feel good, and I wanted him to like me. Is it possible that he is just avoiding me to avoid heartbreak since I won't divorce my husband? I have mutual friends with my Scorpio, I know he has read the messages and I know he at least is still in the area. It's been 4 weeks since my last message, in which I said I never thought he had a crush on me and I didn't mean to make him uncomfortable, I just wanted to know if he cared about me as the friends we were supposed to be. Am I just confusing him? I sure do think about him constantly and that's causing me to read into his Internet posts (which are almost always song lyrics) in such a way that I'm convinced he could have even loved me. What do I do? Let go? I'm not asking for advice about the marriage aspect. It's a nonissue in this for me because I think I would not resist if this Scorpio called me right now and wanted to see me. Thank you!

sarah 4 years ago

we broke up about 3 months ....... after the break up we talked for about 5 min and he hurt me again and said that he don't want to continue with me , but what confuses me is that a day before we broke up he said that he loves me alot :/ ...... he tried many times to talk to me after the break up and also he wanted to stay incontact ....also he tried to make me jeolous so many times ..... but u didn't talk to him about 3 months ... then he sent a message say that he is tired !! i don't understand whats the problem with him.... i know that i am the reason of the break up coz our homes are so far from each like if i wanted to visit him it would take 1/2 an hour by car!! and i dont talk to him so much but also it is not just my fault he kept hurting me alot even to this day ...... the problem is that i dont know if he stills loves me coz i really love him so much and i am really missing him but coz of my pride and his we cant talk to each other .... i believe that he is the one for me no one made me feel the way he did and i really love him .....plz help what should i do ?? is he still in love with me?? :(

stinger51 4 years ago

@Loveinme - I am having a bad time with my Scorpio man. We have been together 1-2 years, the last year has been fantastic, I have know doubt that he loves me and cares for me because he tells me and shows me. He goes quiet and disappears here and there for a few days but it always turns out ok, but I have not heard a word from him in nearly 4 weeks after our holiday. He has ignored my calls and texts and e mails. The last day we saw eachother we were planning our next holiday, Christmas, next year etc - I really don't know what to think. He has a lot of issues and they mainly cause him to struggle this time of year (Jul-Aug usually) but he thought he was getting over them. I am really finding it difficult right now :(

Bird Heart profile image

Bird Heart 4 years ago

@karthikkash: Thank you. I've been with a Sagittarian for several years. It took us a while, but we are completely devoted to each other.

@lovinme: My experience with Scorpios is that they run hot and cold. (My sister is a Scorpio, which helped me to understand my Scorpio guy.) When I was seeing this guy, he seemed to think that his feelings for me were clear, and that he didn't need to explain them to me. He reached out to me on his own terms. If I ever tried to see him on a bad day, he could be cold to the point of cruelty. I would respond by leaving him alone for a few days, by which time he would be chasing after me again. I could never read his mind unless we were actually looking at each other, and then it was clear as glass.

Texting is an awful way to communicate. My guy NEVER put anything in writing if he could avoid it. The few times he did, it was very brief and unemotional. Are you in a situation where you can see him casually--bump into him accidentally on purpose? Perhaps just getting a good look in his eyes will give you the answer you are searching for.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

guys.. Just want to let you know that I will be on a business trip to Jakarta from tonight till 10th of September. So, I won;t be able to discuss anything with you guys till then.. I will reply to all your queries once I come back.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

Tina: I would ask the same thing as Stinger. Why did you guys break up?

Bird Heart: I can understand.. I hope you find another good person.

lovinme: He is obviously thinking about you. I may need some more info of his behaviour before I can say anything. Giving him some space is a good thing you have done. Give it some time and see if he gets back to normal.

lovinme 4 years ago from rock hill, sc

I dated a Scorpio male and the relationship was going good. We expressed our love to each other. He did become very jealous and controlling. He stopped texting and calling. So I've given him space. What's so confusing now is every week or two he'll text me. One day he said "good morning" and I responded "good morning" and that was it! It's been another week and he sent me a text this morning that said "good morning". Needless to say, I haven't responded to the text. I don't understand why he's still reaching out to me. Does he want to be friends or is he still thinking about me? I'm so confused!!

Bird Heart profile image

Bird Heart 4 years ago

The love of my life is a Scorpio male. You described him to the letter. His gaze was so intense that he could make me turn around just by looking at me from across a room or a crowded hallway. He was separated from his wife when we met, and he considered divorcing her, but decided against it. We were never physically intimate except for two very fantastic kisses. He broke it off, saying that he would marry me tomorrow, worship me and put me on a pedestal, but he couldn't handle the thought of losing me. So he let me go. If it was a line, he said he would have just had sex with me and left. I believed him.

All the love in the world would never have erased the pain of a divorce for him. We ended things on the right note. I let the eagle fly away. I'm happier watching him soar that I ever could have been keeping him on the ground.

stinger51 4 years ago

Tina - why did he break up with you?

Tina Soriano 4 years ago

i'm confused right now. My scorpio man just broke up with me. I still want him back in my life. I love him so much. before he broke up with me, we we're okay as a couple. he even tells me he loves me. Then after he broken up with me i got a text from him for two consecutive days. I also got a call from him. But i did not reply and answer back to his call. I dont know what to do. Is there a chance for us to be together again? I dont want him to be just friends.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

Swasti: I don't know how can provide you a solution on this.. Do you really want him to be just a friend or get back to a relationship with him? Most times, it is out of confusion, we can get these questions.

I am not sure if this will help. Try talking to him.. I don't think your parents will follow you guys everywhere. Try and meet up with him where you find the other common friends and see if you can talk it and out and come to a decision.

swasti 4 years ago

and her sister did all this so that her younger sisters path for a relationship with my ex is cleared you know my ex actually stopped talkin to her completly after he started talkin to me everythin was going to be perfect but no its all ruined

swasti 4 years ago

if u remember my story i was asking for help to get my ex back n my family found out about it n after that my dad called him n after a few weeks i apologised and everything was perfect between us ... now karthik its a big issue try to understand this i told u about this girl ananya who has a huge crush on him n she is still very close to him now the thing is she has an elder sister who is also close to my ex n he really respects her n stuff like that however that girl snesed that i was soon going to get into a relationship with him or smthing like that so she went n called up my dad ( my dad agreed to keep it being frends with him but he is indian father after all) and then my dad called him up n started abusing him for talking to me however we were not thinking of a relationship yet we were just great frends but hit got serious n he told his mom about my dads behaviour however wen my dad got back to normal he aopologised to my exs dad for his behaviour but our parents have made sure that we shudn talk to each toher n karthik that girl her elder sister is so fucking smart that she stayed equal on both the sides n didn let her slef come in face that she started all this and she stayed so nice with both the families for solving everything i dunno what to do anymore i feel i cant ever get over him n there r soo many misunderstandings i cant let tihs be like this but i cant do anythin bout it i thought oof callin his mom n telling her the truth about her elder sisters doings but im still thinking of my words to say

i dunno what to do anymore im uterly stressed out n i feel lost ..

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

It could be possible that he is keeping a tab on how you are doing, at the same time he is also focusing on other things that need attention. Have faith.

CancerPiscesScorp 4 years ago

That is interesting (and encouraging). This is the situation with the guy I mentioned in my earlier post. I have taken a step back from him (despite how I feel, and I miss him a great deal) to give him space to do whatever he needs to do. I don't even text unless he does first. If it goes a few days with no contact, he will send a text asking if I'm OK because I'm so quiet, or just asking where I am. It feels as though he's just checking I haven't disappeared from his life, but maybe that's just what I want to believe!

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

CancerPiscesScorp : Yes.. I would say that.. As much as a Scorpio guy loves to be loved, his first focus is to set his life straight. And yes, he will come back to the person he loves.

CancerPiscesScorp 4 years ago

Would you say it was characteristic for a Scorpio man to suspend his personal life, including love, despite liking someone and desiring to be in a relationship, to put all his focus on getting his career in order, i.e. when a big promotion is on the horizon? And if so, would he pick up where he left off once he's succeeded in this?

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

Bakhoor: I can't really say.. I can't predict the future.. yet :)

Marie70: LOL!! In fact for us, in tough times, it is lot more often :)

Marie70 4 years ago

@karthikkash.... LOL on the PMS comment. I've actually figured out my boyfriend has PMS every three months. :)

Bakhoor 4 years ago you think that he might come back...strange writing me a FB msg after all what he did to me ( he might did it to feel better about himself) Brother be honest will he be back inshaAllah

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

scorpiolady21: sorry, I didn't reply to you earlier. Thought of finishing off with the small ones first.

I think he is just temporarily angry with the kids. Off lately, I have started to call these mood swing periods as our "PMS period" jokingly (sorry, no offense to women). Nothing is blown up, trust me. He will have this period for few days and things will be fine. Moreover, if he is planning a future with you, he will have to start learning to bear with the kids.

scorpiolady21 4 years ago

Karthikkash - can you please give me your thoughts on my comment?

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

FreeSpirited9: you are right :)

frustrated-scorpio! I know what you mean.. I can tell how my girl felt when I used to stare at her ;)

HawynKween 4 years ago

I decided to stick by my scorpios side and give him another chance. The thing is, our connection is so strong. I can literally feel him when something is wrong and he does the same with me. We even say the same things at the same time when in conversation and finish each others sentences. We text each other at the same time asking the same question or saying i love you at the same time. I just texted him 10 minutes ago telling him i love him and if theres something wrong. Of course he texted me right back n said he loves me too and how did i know something was wrong? Hes gonna call me after he gets out the shower. When 2 people in love n in a relationship have a connection this powerful... i think the relationship is worth another chance. Im not clinging to this relationship because im "hoping" he loves me. I'm in this relationship because i "know" he loves me. And im willing to live my life with a man i know is worth all my love. Because i am a woman who is worth his.(:

Aloha & good wishes to all of you in your relationships....

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

Angel28: Following on your second comment, I am not sure if he will continue waiting (3 years is quite long), but it is possible if you guys are still young. If he believes that she belongs to him, then he may wait. But I am not sure it will be wise for you to wait.

libra/virgo: Well, you haven't met me :P You have absolutely no idea how powerful I am ;)

For your question, the answer is that he probably is. Alternately, he may be just trying to see if you are willing to chase him. And what is this BPD anyways (apart from bi-polar disorder :P)??

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

Ms Sagi84: I really don't think that can be taken as "love". Remember, unless he chases you, he is not really "loving" you.

Bakhoor: I did wish you to kick his soar butts :)

angel28: An honest question.. How many years are you willing to wait for someone, not knowing whether he will stop loving that girl and come after you or not?

frustrated-scorpio! 4 years ago

being a scorpio female, i can definately see the similarities between the male and female traits..

to make matters more confusing im persuing a scorpio male that has is very intense, then suddenly distant for about a year now.. its so confusing but i feel as though i understand where hes coming from, sometimes we just need space and time to ourselves.. he comes back within a day so i know its just our usual temprament getting in the way! haha

it is most definately a roller coaster ride with any scorpio you encounter and ive never read anything more true than your point of 'feeling naked' when looked in the eye by a scorpio!!!

i feel this with my scorpio and notice others get un comfortable when i make eye contact as well! crazy isnt it! just anothr perk of our glorious sign haha wouldnt have it any other way! :)

FreeSpirited9 4 years ago

Scorpios are exasperating individuals. They don't seem to ever provide enough mental security to let you know all is good with them, and yet you definitely know when you are on their icky list so to speak. I guess it's better to be kept guessing than to be totally written off. However, the mystery they like to have surrounding them at times gets really old. Sometimes you just want them to admit how they are feeling, stop being so distrusting and realize that there are good people out there who do love them and would give the sun, the moon and the stars for them. However, unfortunately their past 'burns' in relationships leave deep scars and it seems the more scars, the less trusting a scorpio becomes. It's a shame too as they could really enjoy life and have some great relationships, if they just let themselves. ...and, Yes, I do truly like a scorpio, may love him at times...I say at times as he can be a real poop given half the chance. I just wish he'd be a bit more like he was when I first met him. Now more of his negative traits are surfacing and it's so hard to understand the why of it. Good luck to those who are on a ride with a Scorpio. It takes a lot of patience, wherewithal and compassion as well as true determination to make it work.

libra/virgo 4 years ago

oh and i just came out of a relationship with a scorpio. heh. im a libra/virgo. on the cusp. i also have a twist.. i have borderline personality disorder. i attract scorpio men. the last relationship i had with my ex for 7 years.... he had his vicious vengeful moments.. jealous, possesive, controlling.. but i think some scorpio find me irresistable because of my borderline personality disorder.. i chewed my last scorpio bf up for breakfast n spat him out by the time i was done with him.. hes still trying to get revenge but i keep winning lol. he deserves it. he cheated lied etc.. but was drawn ro my bpd traits... like my new scorpio male friend. he thinks hes gonna take me for a rollor coasster ride? watchout!!! wait till the real me comes out. funny... my zodiac sign really doesnt matter... its my bpd that gets them hooked then theyre in for the ride of a life time.

virgo/libra 4 years ago

i was having awesome sex with a scorpio then out of the blue he started showing more affection and then told me he loved me while looking deep into my eyes. after he told me he loved me and started acting like acman in love, we couldnt get that sexually chemistry going that night... he left looking upset and not upset. confusing. his last text implied i could have had him but its my fault. is he really ending it?

angel28 4 years ago

I think he in a relationship with this girl, he is saying he use to like. He told me that he never had a relationship with this girl, he use to just like her. He once praposed her but she said no. I am not sure if a scorpio can wait for somebody who said no for 3 years ???

Pls Suggest, what should i do ..

angel28 4 years ago

Pls help ..!!!

I am attracted to a scorpio guy who recently accepted that he likes me, but said that he use to like a girl and is not sure if he has moved on or not, as the girl is now in a different city ( i found this very strange) .. he said that he dont want to complicate things, as his parents will not agree for our relationship.After saying all this he asked me how i feel abt him..i was reluctant to answer but he kept asking and i said i kind of like you but its ok (ok that you like some other girl)...

Then after some time he asked me if i can wait for him ( for few years ) i said, i cant answer this as know you like some other girl, he re-framed his question and asked me if i could wait for a guy for few years ( to marry him) i answered that i can wait for a guy who is worth it...

After this conversation he was trying to read my face, but he could't. He even said that i am nt able to read you which i smiled..

I want this guy to be mine...i am acting normal in front of him...pls help !!!!

Just to add ..i am a pisces and we meet daily at the work place

Scorpiolady21 4 years ago

Right here goes - I have been with my Scorpio boyfriend for 2 years, thr first year was all over the place. He had been badly hurts some years previously (3 years before) there was a lot of here and there, hot and cold and it really took it's toll on me mentally. Last May he left my house saying he would ring the next day. I never saw him for months. he would send me the occasional text or e mail but that was it. in August last year we saw each other whilst in our cars, we waved and he text me saying that he pulled over to talk to me. We text each other from then on for 2 months, night and day and arranged to spend a weekend together at his house, We met in a pub, it was fantastic, he grabbed me, kissed me and said "you know I love you don't you?" he had never said that before. We had a lovely weekend, talked about what had happened, he couldn't explain why he had just left me, I know he has a difficult time July/Aug due to a sad anniversary at that time. He tends to shut himself away and off from everyone. I have always understood that and he commented on the fact that I was always there for him, which I was. We have had a lovely year so far, we have become a proper couple, he tells me he loves me and I know he does, he really cares about me and says I come first whatever. However - we went on a weeks holiday 3rd August taking my 2 teenage kids who he is really fond of and gets along well with. he had a bad week the week before, very down but explained that he goes like this at this time of year. The holiday was to help get through this. Anyway my 2 kids did not behave that well but he got so very angry and kept threatening to go home. We had a lovely time and got on fine as usual, we didn't argue or anything but we ended up going home a day early blaming the kids. We were still fine, even talking about booking a holiday just for us 2 and we had already been planning our future together.When we got home he grabbed his bags and said he couldn't bear being in the same house with them a minute longer. he drove back to his house saying that he would call the next day. That was the last I heard from him. I drove to his house the next day but he wouldn't answer, I rang and text but he has not answered my calls. I sent him an e mail yesterday but nothing has come back. He has had the odd days here and there but nothing like this, he has never ignored me like this. I am scared that this is it this time. We have so many plans etc. I wonder if he's just going through this bad time again and made my kids thr reason to come home. They were a pain but he got so angry, I have never seen him like it.

Bakhoor 4 years ago you wishing me all the best for me to get to back with him or that I get a chance to kick his blooming butt...I won't get back with him , I could not trust him the way I did be4....things have changed and me as well....soon I will block this other guy from contacting me's a set up of some sort and I don't want to be a part of it

Ms Sagi84 profile image

Ms Sagi84 4 years ago

@karthikkash- so us being together doesn't mean anything? I'm getting mixed signals from him it's like he's closer but gets the COLDNESS here and there, we had went out to eat with a friend of his and his friend was rude and asked my scorpio if he's have sex with a certain girl my scorpio responded "HELL NO I'm not having sex with anyone who isn't Jessica (me) but I don't know if he said it cause I was sitting there or if he meant it!

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

Jane: continuing with the last comment, why do you think I would be chasing my girl even after 7 months since I first told her that I like her (even if she never gave me an answer) ? :)

Bakhoor: All the best :)

janneeet: This really is not the right forum nor I am the right person :) But I hope that someone may be able to help you.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

Willow: I think your experience is quite normal for anyone being with a Scorpio. And probably that Pisces restlessness may also be playing a role. I have forgotten your story mentioned (sorry it has been two months and as you can guess, this Scorpio's mind is filled with too many things). But if you are together, then hold on to it. If not, then you may want to take it slowly.

Well... I don't know how to put it about being chased. I think everyone likes to be "chased". So do we. But it also depends on by whom we like to be chased. If it is a girl we think is the right person, we like the chase initially, then we stop. Then again there are girls we don't mind being chased by, but we never end up with them. A girl "maintaining that mystery" is always important for us.

TRAINJANE: Can you please describe that? ;)

Jane: Actually, the second part is not true. We are exactly the opposite. We are probably the only zodiac sign who were BORN with the attitude of "I NEVER GIVE UP". You can get that from this Scorpio ;) Yeah, if we are giving up easily on something, it just means that we don't consider it worthwhile anyways.

janneeet 4 years ago

my boyfriend is leo and i am aries.... i love him so much ..... we ran away once then my family found us and seperate us now i cant see him and also we cannot talk... i am from an arabic relegious family here the girls and boys cant get 2gether like in other countries they are not agreeing of he and i 2gether in a relation ship i want to marry him and he said hes gonna bring his family to our house inorder to propose to me and my family but my father and uncle are not agreeing about that...... he and i are planing to run away another time if they dont agree about the proposal this time......i really love him sooooooooo much and i am crazy about him plz help me what should i do i cant handle this anymore its so difficult to live this way away from my baby!! are we going to be 2gether hes also in love with me madly and he is trying everything inorder us to be 2gether!! HELP

cancer17-07-90 4 years ago

I'm a Cancer, and I never make the first move in relationships. I think my male Scorpio friend is interested in me. I don't know him well - he's a friend of a friend. How do Scorpio men pursue women?

Bakhoor 4 years ago

@karthikkash ....i should use soccer shoes...he might have a little think about what he did to me an thought by wishing me for the festivieties makes him feel a bid better..i will see what is happening , if it was just a one time msg or he will regards to the other guy who is talking to me and is living close to my EX shop , aim sure 50-50 that it's either my EX or person he might know....i engaged this guy, Hamid he says is his name,i told him that i would never come to this place again, because there is a SOMEONE i never want to meet again, he asked why , so i told him that that SOMEONE asked once if i have turned stupid..and that guy said..Are you still in love with him or what ...i told him that i did not say its a he or she the answer to that was' you are right'...from that minute i felt its him....anyway i dont put my hopes to high...iam curious what will happen...

Willow 4 years ago

Does Scorpio men loved being chased? Or are you guys lost the interest once you found out that the girl have fallen for you too?

Jane 4 years ago

I've just broken up with a Scorpio because I was too controlling. I keep hoping that maybe we can work it out and get back with each other. What I noticed about scorpios is they easily give up. If its a no then it's done and he won'try.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

CancerPiscesScorp: I am the wrong person to answer this. I myself am in a similar boat. I hope someone can advice both of us on that.

Ms.Sagi84: There usually is a fine line between caring as a close friend and a lover. This maybe him just caring for you, unless he has given any other signs that he loves you. For my BFF, I have been the major support when she was moving to my city, that doesn't mean I "love" her.

Bakhoor: Thanks a lot and wish you the same :) You know, I am sure football shoes do better than cowboy shoes (as they have spikes and it hurts more) ;)

Cancer69: you are welcome :)

Cancer69!! 4 years ago

Thank you for replying.. It has helped me out a lot and I will definitely take what you have said into account!

Bakhoor 4 years ago

@ karthikkash .....received a msg on FB from my EX scorpio..wishing me EID MUBARAK, wishing him the same back and that was it......i got out my Cowboy Boots and polished them can't wait to wear them so i can kick his blooming butt

Willow 4 years ago

Hello Karthikkash! I'm back after two months and the more confused with my Scorpio guy. I shared my story here about two months ago and decided to be really patience with him as he just got out of a relationship about 4 months ago. We just met twice for the last two months due to his hectic work/travel schedules but lately I have noticed he seems cold and the imessaging is not as frequent as it used to be. At some point I initiated the imessaging.. then I got pissed off , did not replied for about 4 days when he was in Thailand but I ended up poking him on fb. We started imessaging again. About two weeks ago he was not well and I insisted on seeing him and that's the first time I went to his place for more than a year that I've known him. I’ve thrown away all my “whats ifs” and inhibitions and ended up in bed with him though we tried to control ourselves and we are not in a relationship. The following morning he was so sweet and we exchanged several messages. He flew to HK and the messaging started to dried up again..once or twice a day then he informed me that he deleted his fb profile. I’m going crazy thinking that he’s losing interest now to take things further because of what happened – I give in and loosen up? Besides from that, I also noticed that he became more secretive now. IThere can be two reasons behind that fb profile being removed – I remembered him telling me in the past that he will cleaned it up when its time as he’s got all his ex’s photos and comments in there and another reasons is his secretive nature. I been contemplating again and again of a disappearing act before I will end up totally broken and it’s driving me crazy but at the same time I wanted to hold on and stay to prove to him that I am not one of the women in his past who put shit on his head. Or is it just the Pisces indecisiveness in me…

Ms Sagi84 profile image

Ms Sagi84 4 years ago

I decided to make a page so that I can follow and get the answer to my question :) screen name is similar to the name I gave in post!

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

cancergirl22: The problem with us is when we are sad, we don't show that we are sad. Instead, we show it through bursts of anger. I think he is just sad. Leave it there and "just be by his side". He may come back when he completely calms down.

Cancerbabe: Yes, a Scorpio man can leave a girl even if he thinks that she is his soul mate. There may be so many reasons for that. Just because I love my girl doesn't mean that I will keep chasing her forever, even though I think she is my soul mate. At one point, it just becomes impractical and meaningless. That is just one such instance. Now, if I leave her and find someone else, why would I go back to her? It just means that I have moved on.

Ms.Sagi84 4 years ago

I've known my scorpio for 2 years now it took until this past june for him to finally say he wants a relationship with me it's been difficult since then! but recently I had an accident injuring my knee and was in the ER when he found out he freaked out and came as soon as he could! he said he had this overwhelming feeling like he had to be there ASAP and he was he sat on the bed with me and kissed me and whispered in my ear "I love you!" he stayed with me the entire weekend (before it was like pulling teeth to get him to stay one night) even on sunday he left to go do his usual frisbee golfing but as soon as he was done he was right back by my side! I've never seen this side of him but I love it! he's been kissing me alot and holding me even getting a bit jealous! When he stated he loved me he's said it before but also said he wasn't sure if he was IN love with me so I'm wondering if these actions are him letting me know he is IN love or him just caring? I want to spend the rest of my life with this man!

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

Aquarian: Thank you for your wise words. It definitely helps for people who are tangled endlessly in a bad relationship :)

Georgianbelle: I think you may have found him (hopefully) :) All the best!!

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

Scorpioman2386 : Thanks a lot for sharing :)

Carmen: Thanks :) Yes, sometimes it feels like we are criticized for the wrong reasons, but when we think about it calmly, it starts making sense. Good that your relationship has improved :)

Cancer69!!: I personally think that it may be a bit late. There may be two reasons he hasn't replied back. Either, he doesn't want to (or) he may be busy. Give it a shot after a few days and see if he replies back. If he doesn't, then you may have to move on (though it may be difficult).

CancerPiscesScorp 4 years ago

I am Cancer sun, Pisces moon, Scorpio rising. I met a Scorp guy (Aquarius moon) just over 7 wks ago. Hit it off instantly. Said he felt more connected to me than anyone he'd ever known. I was the cautious one to begin with but soon relaxed into it. He has a very hectic job and has been put up for a promotion. Said for a few months he may not have much spare time and would understand if i wanted to move on. I chose to stay because we both liked how things felt. It was 2 wks before we could spend time together, though had daily contact either by phone or text. Although we stayed together the whole weekend, we were not intimate apart from cuddling and sleeping undressed. He said for some reason the lust he felt initially wasn't there and he was baffled by it as everything else felt right. He later said he realised that his job situation was taking up so much of his focus he couldn't think of much else. Said it would be this way for at least the next few months. I expressed my feelings (everything positive) in a long email which I think made him stop and think, but still he stayed and we continued to see each other when we can. He has introduced me to his father, his mother lives on the other side of the country but knows of me, he brought me out with him when his sister and her family came to visit. To all outsiders we appear as a couple. However, on the inside it's a far more confusing picture. He hugs me like it gives him oxygen. Long, squeezy, delicious hugs. We sleep in the same bed on weekends when we spend time together, but no real intimacy. We really click on an emotional and spiritual level. He shows ways that he's thought of me when I'm not around, like buying things to make for me when he's grocery shopping, bought me a beautiful necklace for my birthday, tells me about his day, asks about mine. Said he wants to take things slowly for the first time in his life, said he's always rushed into relationships before. Patience is one of my virtues so I have just gone with things at the pace he's set and not pushed for more than he can give because I feel deeply for him and do not want to risk making him want to shut me out. However, over the last couple weeks I have sensed a distance from him, his messages felt different and sometimes I had to initiate contact. I am extremely sensitive, on every level. So I gave him some space as I really got a sense of him pushing back. I didn't text and neither did he. Three days later he got in touch, asked if I was OK as I'd been very quiet. I said I'd been a little busy but also felt he needed a bit of time to himself. Things felt normal again. We had a lot of contact that day, via text because I was busy that day and had somewhere to be later too, but we stayed in contact. His texts included some bold sexual innuendo which I felt encouraged by. The next day he was busy but stayed in touch by text. He was having a bad day and I said I always had a hug for him when he needed it. He said that was always welcome and good but he wanted so much more. At first I felt quite excited by this but then my senses kicked in (or maybe my insecurities) and I wondered if he meant that he wanted more just not with me. There have been opportunities to take things further. I know he's hellishly busy at work and working very long days, and my rational mind can understand his focus on his own life, but emotionally I am sensing distance. His texts feel a little flat and I'm scared he's shutting me out. I have been patient and observant of his boundaries. I did not feel I could push further. I am unsure what to do now. His behaviour is so ambiguous. He says and does things that make me feel things are OK, just going slowly, but then he feels cold. I need reassurance to feel secure but don't dare ask as I don't want to pressure him. I don't want this to end before we've given things a chance to really get going. There is such a nice connection between us. I think there's an amazing adventure to be had. I would love to be bold and initiate more in the bedroom but am too scared as he was the one who put the brakes on. I simply don't know how to handle this. I don't want to lose him. Any insight or advice would be appreciated.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

dlmerritt71 : I understand. But keeping the "offensive" way jjpinki and anon21 have put, they are just trying to help you.

jjpinki and anon21: thanks for contributing. I understand that you are trying to contribute as well. And thanks for clarifying and apologizing as well :)

I think it is better to keep the fight out of here. Let us be good children and not fight :)

Scorpioman2386 4 years ago

I too am a Scorpio and I loved this post. Often times I feel very possessive. Lately even with women I meet at a bar. Just recently I met a girl at a local bar in my area and we hit it off. Unfortunately her less attractive friend didn't want to spend her entire evening watching the two of us converse. She began trying to get her friend to leave to go somewhere else and that's when it hit me. I felt as if I was losing out and almost immediately began to dislike her friend. Not a good thing considering that most women I have rated consider there friends to be a package deal. "if you want to be with me, you have to like my friends." but I often find myself feeling like losing out on love is a crushing feeling. It reminds me of when I was a little kid and got jumped at school. I was angry but also very sad. Thanks for the great post and I look forward to reading more

Cancerbabe 4 years ago

i can relate to cancergirl22.

can a scorpio man really leave the girl he still think is his true love and soulmate? the girl he always wanted and fantasizes about. can he? wont he go back if he truly believes she is the one?

cancergirl22 4 years ago

so like gave him a few days and i got so tired of him texting me randomly, reprimanding me not to text his friends not to talk to them. i did stop. i just talked to his friends once and that was before he told me to stay away. then i asked him to tell me straight to go away from him and he doesnt believe im his true love and soulmate. so in that way i could go on. but he got mad and tells me that, why on earth would he say that when thats not how he feels. he still feels something for me, he's just not ready to get back together. i didnt even ask to get back together. im getting emotionally drained by his "dont expect anymore from me but i have still feeling for you". so what on earth is he trying to tell me.

Georgianbelle 4 years ago

Hi, Karthik!

This post was wonderful; thank you! Just like so many of the others, I found that it perfectly described the Scorpio man in my life. Right now I'm contemplating moving in with my Scorpio, and that's how I ended up researching and finding your article.

I'm a Taurus female, and when I met this guy 4 years ago, the connection was instant. It was so powerful that the first day we met, we spent hours together and the evening ended with the most affecting kiss I've ever received in my life (still, to this day). Over the next two weeks we went on dates and got to know each other and the whole process was intoxicating, though we were not again physically intimate during this 'dating' process, as that's just how I operate. Come to find out, dramatically, that this boy already has a girlfriend. The situation blows up; I vow never to speak to him again; I try to forget him.

As we went to the same university and were involved in many of the same activities, it soon became clear that avoiding him was impossible. He had since broken up with the girlfriend from before, and tried very hard to get back into my good graces. Over the next three years, we appeared to be just incredibly close friends. Though on two occasions we were physically intimate again-- both earthshatteringly wonderful-- he told me not to tempt him, and I refused to acknowledge that it meant anything at all. Of course, I secretly battled romantic feelings for him the entire time. But I'm a Taurus, and an exceptionally stubborn one at that. I wouldn't allow myself to trust him again.

Following graduation, we both moved to different countries across the globe. But we stayed in touch practically daily, began to say 'I love you', and planned when we could see each other next. When I still appeared resistant, he began to date another girl. Of course this killed me, and I began to slowly but steadily work to make sure he was and would stay mine only. After our last reunion, he mentioned, "All you have to do is say the word and I'm yours. I've always been yours." The admission scared me, but we worked through it, and now he has asked me to move (to a foreign country) and live with him.

This is a huge step, as we've never even officially dated. However, I have loved this man for years and want nothing more than to just be emotionally, mentally, and physically near him. I'm not scared to do this, just a little curious as to whether this sounds like the "real deal" for a Scorpio? I know when they fall and decide to commit, they are possessive and exclusive and serious. Is this what my Scorpio man is indicating? Did I chase him until he caught me?

Carmen 4 years ago

@ HawynKween

I agree with you :)

HawynKween 4 years ago

@ carmen_ i agree on constructive criticism, but not flat out being critically rude to someone. (:

Aquarian 4 years ago

If I could I would like to comment on the issue of when to call it quits with someone. I am 44 years old and was married for 21 years. I was very sure this man was the only man I ever loved. After our daughter came along he became very emotionally and verbally abusive, he was not a Scorpio by the way. It was a roller coaster back and forth between good and bad. Enough good to keep me wanting more but plenty of bad to go along with it. I have since found out he is NPD. To make a very long story short I divorced him. What that relationship taught me was that we sometimes confuse chemistry with love, and we see in a person what we want them to be. Our realtionship started out with great chemistry and attraction. He was good to me then. When it turned bad the chemistry was still there and I kept looking for the good to come back. Truth is the good person that I saw in the beginning never really existed. It was an act. This is not real love. I have realized that those fireworks and hot desires and all the things that go along with that are not love. This is just the chemistry between two people and we have that with more than one person. It is never the same with different people but we do have it with others. This is the initial attraction. Love is what develops when the two people are good to each other and treat each other well. Love is what grows from a good relationship and it isn't painful. Someone who loves you will not cause you pain and sorrow. If the person you are with is causing you to be unhappy more than you are happy or if they are playing with your emotions then you are wasting time and missing out on meeting someone who can share happiness with you. Actions speak louder than words. The truth is in what they do not what they say. The saying "If it looks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck, then it's a duck not a goose," is dead on. If someone care for ou as much as you care for them they will put at least as much effort into it as you do. Life is too short to be miserable. Find someone that you can share happiness with. We all deserve that. I don't mean to offend anyone and I'm certainly not judging anyone. I'm just saying don't waste you life.

Cancer69!! 4 years ago

So here goes.. I am a cancer girl who has known a Scorpio guy for 6 - 7 years we became really close in such a short period of time and I don't know why but he was the first guy who could understand me without me having to say a word and the connection we had on an emotional level was amazing. I confessed how I felt after a year of being friends and he gave me a blunt reply "okay" now to me at first I didn't know what to make of it and was heartbroken and knew if he wasn't interested I had to try and move on but then after having ignored me for a good 2 months he came back to talk to me and wanted to meet up with me and this completely took me by surprise and I was really happy! However due to cultural reasons in had to reject him and it tore me apart. I know I left him heartbroken but I am still madly in love with him but we haven't spoken in 2 years! I recently sent him a message asking him how he is but I haven't recieved a reply from him. He is the love of my life. Help me out,,

Carmen 4 years ago

I think that this is amazing hub and it has helped me to understand better my scorpio man. I am still sometimes going crazy about his actions being myself an Aries girl and straight forward with my wishes and wants and him being not so open. I was given advices and at the same time criticized here. I guess it's only my opinion that criticism sometimes even help to better understand and analyze yourself. I actually appreciated critic that I was given by TedScorpio. Initially, it was like a hit, but then I put some thought in and I realized that he was right as much as I wanted him to be wrong. I am just saying that some criticism can be helpful and some not. Thanks to that person that I have never seen, but my relationship with my scorpio has improved.

dlmerritt71 4 years ago

@Hawynkween, thank you. I should not have even respondes to their post.

HawynKween 4 years ago

wow... such bickering. @dlmerritt71- i dont think you need to justify or explain yourself to anyone. Especially someone who criticizes someone elses feelings. You are being real with your feelings. There are those of us who will give our all and stand by those we LOVE without giving up. And then there are those who arent really willing to put in as much effort as others do. I dont think this blog was started so that people could criticize each others feelings and belittle them for it. This blog was made to help people understand scorpios when they are in love (correct me if im wrong karthikkash). And for people to get straight forward advice. Its interesting reading what some women go through. I myself am currently going through some stuff with my scorpio. We know our stories.The whole story and both sides to it. Other people just hear part of it, unfortunately mostly the bad parts, so therefore they may tend to judge even though it is not their right to. My point is, dont get worked up or upset with the criticism. All that matters in the end is you.

Aloha to all (:

dlmerritt71 4 years ago

No ma'am you have just proven to be much worse than that actually! Hmm? "Stumbled" onto this site...ok! Clingy? Far from it, clingy would be me chasing after him, blowing his phone up, not giving him room to breath! He has always been the one to chase me, recent months he has become distant, and he has explained his behavior in detail, if I was so clingy then why am I the one putting the breaks on? Why did I tell him last night that until he gets through what hes going through our relationship will be put on hold other than our friendship? Yes! that is what took place last night! Funny...he wants to open up more since then...and I HAVE NEVER ONCE tried to deny in here that I don't want more than to be friends NEVER...I have never denied I love him for more than a friend! So I am not trying to fool ANYONE! But, I CAN ONLY be friends with him and live my life just fine knowing we still have that in tact!

anon21 4 years ago

oh well, not my time that is going to get wasted.... have a nice day

anon21 4 years ago

lol... i stumbled upon here because i was interested in zodiac signs and their correlation with human behavior :D if you were really patient why would you wouldn't have kept complaining regarding his attitude and strange behaviors. you are clearly interested in being more than friends with him deep within despite you saying that you just want to support him as a friend. doesn't fool me one bit. glad i'm not an obsessive clingy bordering psychotic woman :D

dlmerritt71 4 years ago

@jipinki...its not my place to tell you not to give an opinion and you are entitled to it as far as I am concerned but, when you direct your opinion straight at me, you are going to get my response...I am not one to set back and not defend myself.

dlmerritt71 4 years ago

@anon21 TRUTH is...we do have a real relationship, truth is, you obviously have been burned and I am sure and have no doubt you can answer your own question there! We have a REAL friendship, and he definitely isn't letting me go, what could possibly hurt about that? He does value our friendship as much as I do! Why are you in here??? You are the one who has been done wrong otherwise why would this site intrest you? Truth hurts huh? What? Do you WANT us to hurt like you? And BTW if being patient and standing by my friend is being stupid then I will be soooo stupid...there is a difference in "waiting" and being a good friend and supportive...yes I get upset with him but, what kind of person would I be if I did not stand by the one man that was patient with me in the beginning when I was the one being distant while I was going through something, the man who also has always since the day I met him stood by me and been supportive of me in EVERYTHING and was there for me EVERY single time I needed him to be even when I was being a complete b**ch! He never left me and I don't see how I can him...I am soooo very glad I am not a bitter woman!

anon21 4 years ago

truth hurts huh? because it really is stupid waiting on a guy for 3 years without having a real relationship.

jjpinki profile image

jjpinki 4 years ago from south yorkshire uk

APOLOGIES to anyone i may have offended or upset with my personal opinion ,im not judging anyone just saying whats on my mind like everyone else . ill keep my opinion to myself in future and just read without comment :0) sorry guys :0)

dlmerritt71 4 years ago always I appreciate your advice and I come to this site for your help and I have been given different advice scorpiomaleted said be patient, you tell me to move forward and leave him behind, I have tried both, I have been seeing this scorpio man for almost 3 years now, it has just come to a cross roads for us in the recent months which is the reason I came to this site to begin with, I AM ALSO A VIRGO...I am determined, committed, and strong and I rarely give up on ANYTHING especially when it comes to matters of the heart "I AM A TRUE VIRGO TO THE CORE" My gut instincts are usually right on but, with my scorpio man its been a difficult fight lately, what is LOVE? Tell me because what is love if it isn't worth fighting for, what is it worth to all of you, go ahead judge me for not just throwing in the towel because we hit a rough patch, from what I have learned FROM THIS SITE is that this is normal behavior when a scorpio man is going through something, mine has not just ended it and further doesn't want to, he called me and we talked and although I am not jumping back into the situation, I am willing to be here for the man I DO LOVE and if it ends with us remaining friends and nothing more, I am perfectly fine with it because we were friends first, and I will always be his friend, I may not continue anything further if it continues the way it has been but, if our friendship survives this then I have not wasted anything and further accomplished something from it. Now @ knew and dated your scorpio all of 5 minutes, you don't love this man, you liked this man otherwise it would not be so easy for you to let go, don't judge me for my decisions unless you go through everything I have with my scorpio! Who are you or Anon21 to bash on all of us? Anon21 who btw only gets in hear from what I have observed to bash and make fun of everyone. Karthikkash himself was going through similar problems with his scorpio woman, do you really believe had you told him to walk away from the situation, he would have???? No ma'am he would not! But, yet I am suppose to?? You pretty much are saying I am stupid and all the rest of these women are as well, well my scorpio man isn't staying with his ex wife and if he was I certainly wouldn't believe it was just to watch the kids! You have no right to say anything...You said your peace and I just said mine!~Good day! Thank you karthikkash, I DO appreciate your help, and I am thankful you have tried to help as best you could and I do listen to your advice...I am not grasping for reasons to hold onto my scorpio man, I am only trying to understand him and how to address these issues I am having with hopes of at least keeping the friendship we once had that was strong...if I am not welcome to visit your site because I want this or I am going to be criticized for asking for help then I will stay away...This being the 1st time I have reached out to anyone about my situation and in the beginning before some people arrived I felt comfortable enough to open up sad it will be that I am not welcome because I won't completely walk away because my heart won't allow me to...WOW!

jjpinki profile image

jjpinki 4 years ago from south yorkshire uk

@karthikkash im addicted to your hub so staying around lol you do give good honest advice :0)

jjpinki profile image

jjpinki 4 years ago from south yorkshire uk

@ karthikkash thanx sweetie :0) i cant keep away ive tried lol you give good honest advice i just wish some ppl would take the advice .i must say tho its also good for the ladies to talk about whats bothering them to get it off their chest to like minded ppl who understand how they feel .keep up the good work :0)

jjpinki profile image

jjpinki 4 years ago from south yorkshire uk

@ anon21 you got it spot on .some women on here are treated like crap yet they want advice how to keep him or how to get him back .maybe its cos i have self esteem and im a secure person and just came on here to understand scorpio men ,i got the answers i needed and this is a greeat hub but theres a down side reading the stuff from women willing to be treated like door mats from some scorpiio men its soooo wrong .my would be scorpio man wont leave me alone but i dont care he tried to be controlling n its killing him im not his doormat,he's done all the things a scorpio man in love does opening up etc but he said he couldnt give me 100% so i give him 0% of me lol im a virgo n dont do bullsh*t .

anon21 4 years ago

@jjpinki I agree. Some of the women here only hears what they would like to hear. It's hard to move on especially since them scorpio men can be addicting ;) but you have got to have some self respect. How can they respect you if you don't respect yourself. How much proof do you need? How much longer would you wait? 2 years? 5 years? 10 years? 20 years? ... Why waste your time on asshole when you can meet someone better who would cherish you. Just saying.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

cancergirl22: I understand, Don't worry. Give him some space as he asked. Since he "may be" really hurting, it would be a good idea to take things slow. At the same time, just because he asked, don't start chasing him. As off now, just make sure that you give him space (a few days should be good) and at the same time make him feel comfortable with you. All the best :)

dlmerritt71: As anon21 and jjpinki suggested, I am really suggesting you to move on. You did the right thing when you changed your number. But you are falling back into the trap again. You are going back on him, which will leave you destroyed. For your own sake, dump him and move on. Stop talking to him entirely. You don't need to meet him. He will just take you for another ride which you don't want. Now it is entirely up to you what you want to do.

R: Same goes to you. YOU DON"T NEED HIM!! Move on!!

jpinki: I understand how you feel. You are always welcome back and I would definitely request you to keep visiting this page :)

jjpinki profile image

jjpinki 4 years ago from south yorkshire uk

@anon21 lol she wont take ur advice .she just wants advice that makes her believe he wants her ,ive noticed on this page anyone who is given advice to move on doesnt and looks for silly things like scorpio saying hello and to some ppl that means love .im leaving this page ,good advice from karthikkash ted and a few others but too many needy ppl wanting to hear bsh*t and dont look at the truth in front of them .tata

anon21 4 years ago

@dlmerritt71 block him and move on. don't think about him anymore

dlmerritt71 4 years ago

Ok Karthikkash, he called me again and I answered...he clearly wanted me to know he had visited my Facebook page by making comments about what has been post in particular...he wanted to know who the guy was posting heart pictures on my page..(the guy is from another state, and I don't even know him) He actually sends some of my friends similar heart post...and I explained this to him, and all he said was ohhhhh ok. anyway he was still being sort of an A** but, mostly questioning me about stuff...I explained that I have every right and reason to be upset with his behavior lately, and he said oh I got to hear this, and I said no, I am getting off the phone, he said no! I want to hear this! I said alright! So I told him what I thought about his strange behavior and how he knows he is not acting right towards me and so on, he just listened! Basically at the end of the conversation (we both needed to go because we are at work) I told him I wanted to talk to him when he has time to actually set down and talk to me, he is suppose to call me this afternoon after he gets off of work..WE WILL SEE!

larabebo 4 years ago

hi, karthikkash, about initiating a conversation thing, well it had been three months now and it's always me initiating the conversation or sending messages, i am starting to think that i should stop this all togheter, and when we talk i am the one who ask questions, he answers but if i don't say anything he just keep quiet and we stay that way until i say something, i want us to be friends but it seems to me like he is not interested, i want him to be my friend but not communicating is making it difficult, i didn't have any prior relationship with him, and also i don't intend to, i just want his friendship that's all, ted said to me before that he might be shy and you said that i might not be in his circle, this i understand, but i'm starting to think that i should not give it a try and give up, can you give me your opinion on this , what should i do? thank you.

dlmerritt71 4 years ago

@Karthikkash, Ok so he got my new cell number somehow...don't know how yet. Anyway, he text me yesterday saying "Hi, How are you" I didn't reply, then he tries to call me, I didn't answer, this morning I replied back to his text and just said "Great" and he responds back quickly and says "Awesome, Ive been wondering about you" I didn't respond back for about an hour and then I sent him a text saying yes, I know what its like to wonder" He then responds back with an "lol" I didn't respond back immediately and then I just sent a text and said you must not be wondering all that much" he didn't respond back. I guess I upset him being short and taking my time in responding to him. I don't know. What should I do from here, I miss him like crazy and then he acts like a child when he does contact me, it was so hard not to just pick up the phone and call him but, I didn't and I am still fighting the urge to call him...PLEASE tell me what I should do from here....

4 years ago

OK, but if I really want to. What to do to get him back?

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

dlmerritt71: That's alright :) Not a problem. I can understand.

JLO1965 : I am not sure if I would take it that far, but yes. Two Scorpios breaking up turns things ugly. That is why both should be careful about not stepping on each other's legs. If they are evolved, they can easily understand the other and they can immediately reconcile.

Marie70: You are welcome :)

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

R: I suggest you not to. Trust me, your life is way too precious to deal with that ass. Try and find a better person.

Bakhoor: Insha'Allah. I don't like playing mind games unless someone starts playing with me. Pray god that I won't be the one that plays mind games :)

larabebo: Much appreciated :)

cancergirl22 4 years ago

im in a realtionship with a scorpio man almost for a year now. he always told me that im his soulmate and true love. we had a bad fight days ago. he never gave up on us until that day and to think its almost our anniversary. i guess he got tired that i always walked out on him alot of times already. in one of our fights before the last one, he asked me to chase him because he would feel better if i did and he would feel loved. So in our last fight I broke up with him out of anger and took it back but he said he was hurting so i chased after him and now he's just asking for space and be friends. he said he still loves me though. he just needs space. what do I do? does he still love me? will he get over me? HELP. I really love him! Im already doing what he asked. what do I do? :(

Marie70 4 years ago

@karthikkash - Yes, I agree... Will just give it time. Thank you for the response and encouragement.

JLO1965 profile image

JLO1965 4 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

Wen two Scorpio's do breakup it can lead to murder. Can is point Betty Broderick killed her Scorpio husband after he left her for a younger woman and cheated her out of millions. She worked to put him through school. Was pregnant 9 times in 10 years. All he had to do was be fair in the divorce. He wanted to continue to control her even though he had no use for her any longer. I'm just surprised she did not put a bullet in him sooner

larabebo 4 years ago

@ karthikkash, thank you :) well i think it's a scorpio trait, and maybe it's out of insecurity like you said, i understand about not having an explanation for this double standards thing well i think that not just scorpios who have it but i noticed this trait in other signs too, just giving the time to answer my questions is very much appreciated, thanks again.

dlmerritt71 4 years ago

@Karthikkash, it was a comment made in response to R's Hellllpppp post. I seen that it upset one person, although she didn't comment back to it, she made a comment in regards to it. My scorpio girl) friend is forward and to the point, I know she did not mean to hurt R but, she said that she answered "the question" she was asking and answered it from what she felt he was doing, she said that the scorpio man admitted he Loved R and they had been seeing one another for a few months, and that it is very possible that it was in fact a test but, she also said it was not right and that he was a jerk and that she should move on however, she did not ad all of that into her comment under my name. She just answered the question and I believe hurt R's feelings and apparently she took it as if my friend was placing blame of the break up on her but, my friend was not saying that or placing blame, I myself would not have even answered the question and if I had, I would have been sincere and careful not to hurt her. But, I promise my scorpio girl is a very caring person she is just straight forward and to the point.

Bakhoor 4 years ago

@ karthikkash thanks for the advice...I am s ure taking care not to fall in some silly mind games

4 years ago

I know but I still want him back. Do you think there is still a way?

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

Bakhoor: I did answer your question. Probably you missed it. Here you go :)

For the first question, I have absolutely no idea :) I know that we do like to keep things separate. I myself have 2 FB accounts, though I seldom use one. Also 2 linkedin accounts, one for my business and one for job. But for girls, I am really not sure.

For the second question, you are indeed doing a good thing. Whether it is his trap or not, sheer coincidence or not, it is good to be on guard with a stranger with not much profile.

Bakhoor 4 years ago

@ karthikkash...could you please answer my question..i would be happy about it, thanks

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

ScorpianaNov9: I usually don't know how to give an answer to another Scorpio, especially a Scorpio woman. You girls are supposed to know every trick. You are just supposed to be the magnets anyone will fall for. And I am not kidding. Every Scorpio woman has that aura around her (from my personal experience).

I will do my best to give you an honest suggestion. From my knowledge, two Scorpios, if they have loved each other earlier or even been close in any way, can never leave each other. They will remember each other even after years with the same passion, unless one of them has seriously screwed up BIG time.

Then yes, the other Scorpio may just sting you. There will be fireworks (fights) between two Scorpios, but never a serious crack. Now, I assume that even if you have screwed up, it is nothing such as a "crime" (I sincerely hope so). Have you truly asked for forgiveness from him? If already yes, good. Now, it may be difficult to get him off his comfortable cushion, but I want you to use that Scorpion web (you will know it better than I can suggest you. And no, I don't believe that any Scorpio is completely innocent, including the one writing this. We are born cunning). Use it!! If you haven't apologized sincerely, do it as well. Most times, even though our anger may blind us Scorpios, when we calm down, we have the ability to recognize a genuine apology.

If you have screwed it big time, then it will need some time for him to heal that wound (for me it may take a month to few months. My longest grudge was 2.5 years).

I hope this helped in some way.

ScorpianaNov9 4 years ago

So im a female scorpio with the strongest feelings for a certain scorpio man, It took a lot for me to finally decide to write on this column but i really need some help so i am. Ive been head over heels for this guy now going on 5 years, He was/is the 'ima playa ima playa' 'you aint gonna tie me down' 'Not the boyfriend material' type. As for me i just kept chasing him i knew i wanted the kid the very moment i saw him, i even remember the moment,place, and what he was wearing. I'm a couple years younger then he is so at that time my head still had the child like sense to it, i wanted so much for him to be my 'boyfriend' and he was doing his own thing. I was real hurt and as a scorpio my jealousy got the best of me i messed up a couple of times fairly bad. I was whatever to him after that but he still meant everything to me i didn't let it show and tried to keep my distance if only he really knew what was going on threw my head and the feelings in my heart. It seemed my every move and decision had to do with him either getting his attention making him mad/jealous anything as long as he was thinking of me.(all the wrong moves) I tried getting him out of my head by seeing other people but that was hard cause no one could compare, I tried avoiding him but as soon as i would see him i was rushed with so much emotion. Well eventually i broke down and poured my lil heart out telling him how i felt, Typical grudge holding scorpios that we are he was stuck on when i fucked up said he wasn't going to ever look at me the same. Rejection continued to stay on repeat as well as my telling him how i felt about him. It's not like he hasn't messed up himself, i just can't help but forgive him before he does. Well last year we had a couple of moments,I can't even be sure if they were real. He said 'i grew on him' (doesn't sound appealing) & 'that he sees me in his future and wouldn't mind starting a family?' Like i said though i'm not even sure if it was true, He's not the type to lie about feelings as you read he had no problem rejecting me in the past. So did he just say this to get me off the subject of making a 'us'? After that night i left i spoke to him a few times after but then disappeared and is still running right now, I can't even pin WHAT/ OR WHY i am running.I guess it's my scorpio coming out wanting to keep my private life the mystery ,wanting to take back what he knows about me. I feel dumb it's been a year i doubt he even thought twice about me, Well I've been analyzing all my mistakes. I thought about how much has happen since i was that little freshman girl with the crush, i see how much i have grown this past year. I am really confused about this though i know i want to better myself, theres goals i wish to accomplish places i want to live.I can see all of it in my head, What i can't see is my life without him though it hurts to even think of it like. I always want him to have the best and wish him great success in his future i just want him to always be happy his smiles lovely he should wear it always. It gets me how the smallest things about him or something that reminds me of him has a huge affect on me. I know if he called me i'd be at his side in a minute, Thats just the thing though he hasn't called/ messaged me this whole time."LONG STORY SHORT"I have a feeling I'm going to be running into him this weekend, What do i do? How do i act towards him? What happens when i get rushed with those feelings? … Well if you could hit me back up i'd appreciate it thanks.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

larabebo: About the double standards, I really don't have an explanation. I understand what you mean when you are talking about it. But I really don't know why we have those double standards. To be very honest, I myself have double standards most times. For example, I want people to be open with me, but I like to keep my secrets. I like to dig in other's secrets, but I get extremely pissed if someone pushes me to divulge my most precious secrets. I myself am still evolving where I am learning to "walk the talk".

HawynKween: I totally understand. I belong to that category. I openly flirt with women, but I absolutely hate it when my girl talks about any guy friend. I guess it is the same way with Scorpio women (though I am not sure). I guess it is a part of our insecurity which comes into play.

Bakhoor: For the first question, I have absolutely no idea :) I know that we do like to keep things separate. I myself have 2 FB accounts, though I seldom use one. Also 2 linkedin accounts, one for my business and one for job. But for girls, I am really not sure.

For the second question, you are indeed doing a good thing. Whether it is his trap or not, sheer coincidence or not, it is good to be on guard with a stranger with not much profile.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

dlmerritt71 : Err.. which comment? and that is alright.. LOL!! I guess your Scorpio (girl) friend did a good job :) Nothing to be sorry about as long as I am not upset about the comment.

R: He is a sorry a*se. Leave him and move on. The next time he tries to brag about himself, ask him to shove his head up his ___. You know what I mean ;)

Prachi: Has he ever asked you out and given you some other cues? If not, then it is plain creepy. We may be shy, but if we feel attracted to someone, we give some cue apart from just staring them.

larabebo 4 years ago

@hawynkween you are totally right with what you said, this double standards thing is so confusing like i said, while he can have female friends, i can't have male friends because like you said he says that they want into my pants, i told him over and over that they are just friends but he didn't want to know about it, like i said maybe it's out of insecurity or his need for control, i just can't figure this thing out!!

Bakhoor 4 years ago

@ karthikkash...i just wonder if you could answer m2 two question in regards to my EX Scorpio man.....iam still curious what is happening to him without been involved so i was checking him out on Facebook and i found not less the 8 accounts with slight name changes, but i still regonised them as his accounts 1 buisness account plus 2 more accounts of his shop..what's really strange on one account he got one woman on some other account he got 2 and 4 women a.s.o but on one of his shop account he got 296 ( 8 man the rest women)...i really like to know why he keeps some women seperate

the other question is of a different you know i received the shoking news from on 28 of July but prior on the 26 of july i had this guy starting to talk me on the Facebook chat to this time he did that once in Feburay just Hallos and he went. I added this guy about a year or so back he had no Profil info of him..well with beginn of our fasting month, with a few exception he came online and he started talking to me...he asked me where i would live in Germany and i answered and when he told me the town where he comes from i had shivers crawling up my spine, he comes from a town 20km 0r 20 min with car less with train, from where my EX is living ( he might even live in the same town becoz i used to meet him only in his shop and this shop is in the bigger city not a suburb,,,this guy on the phone tries to be very friendly telling me he is going September in his home country and if i needed some stuff i should tell him he would get it for me...he is telling me to go there and meet him but i wont do that i fear a set up between the two...could you imagine me walking with this strange guy to the streets and my EX would come around, how embarresing...the guy on the phone is writing German with the typical mistakes that migrants do but then on the other hand some sentence are written question could it a test of him....well must mention when he wrote me the message he said ' he THINKS he finishes off with me..this is what lets me think this way....this guy on the phone gave me his Email its a different name but then it could be a friend that is into iam careful...thanks for helping

HawynKween 4 years ago

@larabebo my scorpio is the same way! I have always had best friends who are males (less drama to me) and he doesnt feel that i should continue my friendships with them. He tells me he's not flirting with girls but just being friendly. That i'm the only one he wants and loves even though he talks to other girls. But if a man pays me attention, oh my! That is not me being friendly like he is. Thats me wanting to go have sex with them. Sheesh. I will never understand that part of him. Personally i think its a little of self-esteem and also a possessive thing. Anyone care to enlighten us?

larabebo 4 years ago

thank you karthikkash for your insight about my question, about the double standards , i meant that there are some things that he said are ok for him to do and not ok for me to do , like having male friends is off limit for me but it's ok for him to have female friends , flirt with girls but a no go zone for me to flirt with men which i wouldn't because i'm not a flirt, i'm confused, so what is it with this double standards thing ? is it a test? or is it out of insecurity ? can you help me understand, thank you

Prachi 4 years ago

Hi karthikkash.....I have this scorpio guy staring at me on work for arnd 2 years now..atleast i think day i simply asked him for why he looks at me lyk that but he simply denied it. I being a Gem are vry good observants and i am quite sure that i am not wrong and i hv nvr been before. He still continues to look me like that. I kinda tried to get it outa my head and be normal. But this is not going ryt. As i read though Scorpios seems slow n shy in love things. Shall i talk to him again or simply ignore? help suggest.

dlmerritt71 4 years ago

@R. @karthikkash @joanmaynard....First of all that was NOT me who made that COMMENT! I am truly sorry....I do not even have access to a computer to comment in here on the weekends, I have explained in prior post that I cannot comment back until Monday mornings, I asked a friend of mine "A SCORPIO WOMAN" to come in under my HUBS account and tell me what she thought of this sight and the information/advice I have been given in regards to my own situation, I did not see the comment made until Saturday night at which time I called and asked her to remove it, she could not figure out how to. That is not the way I would have commented back in fact I wouldn't even know what to tell her he is thinking or why he did that since I cannot even figure out my own scorpio man. @R. I am sorry if your feelings were hurt in any way by the comment made..further I am sorry you are going through this with your scorpio man. If you read any of my prior post I am sure you can tell I am not at all cruel like that.

4 years ago

@karthikkash, Joanmaynard - today he contacted me to see if I am ok and to tell me how good of a time he had during the weekend - he went to the mountains to chill cause I've hurt him so much

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

larabebo: Regarding the double standards, can you elaborate it a bit? Regarding the second question, it is very simple. Giving control to a Scorpio doesn't mean that you allow yourself to be used as a doormat. Yes, allow him sometimes t have his way. But do not always make him feel that he can do whatever he wants with you. That is a danger zone. Just set some boundaries and make these boundaries known to him.

R: I agree with Joanmaynard. You didn't fail his test. He was simply being a moron who played mind games to get you out of his way. Don't feel sorry for it. Kick his sorry a*se and move on. He is not worth your time. He may have another woman, or he may just want an out from the relationship. Either way, he is just a wussy who can't see straight into your eyes.

remi1969: wishing you all the best :)

Lau: Scorpio man-woman have an unspoken language between them. Even though "telepathy" may be an overkill, that is how it works between the two of them. If you like him, I suggest you to be direct with him. Don't play mind games, just be direct. That's all. Yeah, there will be lot of cat and mouse chase in this relationship (remember, we never give up and we both are extremely stubborn.. Imagine this. my girl and I are still in a cat and mouse game even after 7 months.. LOL!!)

Marie70: I know exactly what you are feeling. Just give him some time. Don't push him too much. He may be genuinely unsure. Be normal with him. I am sure things will work out.

karthikkash profile image

karthikkash 4 years ago from India Author

Taurus Nikki : Good going.. Hope things will work out :)

Carah: Well.. "According to astrology", yes, Scorpio-Leo is a bad match. But I recently heard about a Scorpio-Leo couple (one of my close friend's acquaintance) who are married for quite some time and have two cute boys and living really happily. So, I suggest you not to go by "zodiac compatibility" always. If you think you two have a wonderful chemistry and he can be a potential, ask him out. And as I have learned the hard way, unless you ask, you don't receive. You will know if he likes you just as friends or more, only if you ask him. All the best :)

Lilbo: Sure, hope things work out at your end :) I myself learnt a lot of stuff here, which I didn't know earlier.

Marie70 4 years ago

@ JLO1965 - You are so right but as a Virgo I am constantly over thinking everything which results in me finding excuses for why he acts the way he does. I agree life is much too short and if he and I can't communicate than yes, it's time to "change the phone number" ;)

JLO1965 profile image

JLO1965 4 years ago from Las Vegas, Nevada

Wow I can't believe what mind games some of get sucked into. It's all so clear to me. Just move forward and as the Italian say Forget About it ! Manipulation is very easy to understand. Scorpios love to keep people off balance. Take back your power. Tell him to knock it off or take a hike. A Scorpio wants to be loved but he also wants to know you wont tolerate his bullshit. I recall very early in my relationship he hung up on me. I changed my phone number. I will not put up with crap manipulation or drama. Life is too short.

remi1969 4 years ago

help ! i didnt expect to hear back from him after that message i sent him yesterday... but i did and this is what i got "i have really enjoyed spending time with as well and hope we can continue to. i wish you all the best as well" what is that suppose to mean ? i have no idea how to respond. is he just saying he is fine with the way things have been? i am totally confused! urgg

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