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Scorpio Man and Pisces Woman

These two water signs may be an irresistible match.

These two water signs may be an irresistible match.

The Attraction Between Pisces and Scorpio

The astrological love pairing between the Scorpio man and the Pisces woman couldn't really get any better than it is. It would take a seriously unlucky birth chart for either of these to not be practically 100% compatible with each other. And they will know it from the start.

I'm not claiming that it will be a trouble-free relationship, as both of these people are extremely emotional, and when emotions are involved to the extent they will be here, it's impossible to avoid a few passionate arguments. But the making up part will be so much fun that they might even secretly look forward to the next lover's tiff. To read more about the love compatibility between the Scorpio male and the Pisces female, please see below!

Zodiac Symbols

Zodiac Symbols

Scorpio Man

Scorpio man is full of emotions, and he's generally very good at expressing them to the full. This includes the good and the bad, the temper and the loving soul, but the latter tends to make up for any upset the former might lead to. And besides, Pisces woman is a natural soother of souls; when Scorpio man is deep within his own turmoil, she can pluck him straight from the depths and cuddle him back to health. And Scorpio man will absolutely worship her for this!

Whether he's the verbal sort of Scorpio male or not, he will convey his gratitude and appreciation til the cows come home, and Pisces woman will revel in this attention. They are both able to connect so deeply on a spiritual and psychological level, that the emotional and physical just fall naturally into place on their own.

Time spent in the boudoir will be life-altering, and Scorpio man will find in Pisces woman one of the few women who can meet his emotional needs the way he's yearned for his entire life.

Pisces Woman

Pisces woman is a dreamer, and while Scorpio man is far more pragmatic, he enjoys encouraging her and helping her achieve her dreams in any way he can. He wants to give back for all the things she gives to him, and any time he gets wind of one of her ideas, he will work behind the scenes to help bring them to fruition.

And really, he kind of has to, because Pisces woman has a very difficult time making final decisions about anything; if something big is going to take place, Scorpio man knows he needs to help it along a bit. And Pisces woman loves him for it!

Something Pisces woman must be absolutely careful with, however, is her tendency to flirt. Nothing can enrage a Scorpio (male or female!) quite as much as seeing their loved one flirt. To be fair, it's not Pisces woman's fault men find her so attractive and cast longing glances her way every time she strolls by—but she must take great care not to return these glances, or even seem as though she finds them overly flattering (which she does!). Otherwise, her Scorpio man might not be able to cope, and this could lead to the beginning of the end.

So be kind to your Scorpio man, Pisces woman, and never let him see you flirt!