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Cancer and Scorpio Romantic Compatibility and Pairing

Are these two signs compatible or a disaster waiting to happen?

Are these two signs compatible or a disaster waiting to happen?

Are Cancers and Scorpios Compatible?

A Cancer and Scorpio relationship is automatically wild, passionate, and serious. Both are water signs, meaning they have similar strengths and weaknesses.

Cancer is the 4th sign of the zodiac, and Scorpio is the 8th. Cancers are born at the beginning of summer, and Scorpios are born in the middle of fall. These two are passionate: they love creativity, romantic relationships, and wild beliefs. Fair warning: their moods change on a dime.

Cancers in a Nutshell

Cancer women and men will sacrifice anything for those they love. These sweethearts are born to nurture.

  • Cancers make for great parents. They make great partners for those wanting to build a family.
  • Cancers are natural flirts since they're known for their charisma.
  • They are focused on survival and maintaining relationships. They change their minds rapidly to be agreeable.
  • Cancers can be loyal to the point that they're codependent.
  • Cancers struggle to find alone time.

Cancers care about raising children and being kind to younger people. Cancers are also looking for a romantic partner they can nurture. They like to take care of the person they love. Additionally, they always want to dote on you. For some partners, this could be cloying, but not for Scorpio. A Scorpio's ego will love the flattery they get from a Cancer.

Scorpio will be drawn to Cancer's charm, artistic ways, and bizarre yet non-threatening mind.

Scorpios in a Nutshell

Scorpios are driven, complex, passionate, loyal, and slightly insane. They're often misunderstood and sometimes compared to demons or vampires.

  • Scorpios make for serious and intense partners. They give 100% to their relationships, and they don't understand taking things slow.
  • Scorpios demand loyalty from those they date. They get jealous easily and quickly.
  • They're good at attracting mates.
  • They're cunning, curious, rebellious, and driven to succeed. They want a successful career and a successful romantic life.
  • They're dirty-minded and influenced by the root chakra and the planet Mars, which is known for competition, aggression, and raw instinct.
Scorpios make for serious and intense partners because they give 100% to their relationships.

Scorpios make for serious and intense partners because they give 100% to their relationships.

Scorpio Have Three Signs

Scorpios deal with life in three stages: the snake, the scorpion, and the phoenix.

An immature Scorpio slides on the ground as the snake. They slither around, looking for their prey. They eat whatever is left on the ground and survive off crumbs and bugs. Additionally, they will bite at the heels of their enemies.

Snakes are vicious predators, and so are Scorpios. Snakes are selfish, cold-blooded, cruel, and meant to be feared.

Eventually, Scorpios evolve into the scorpion. They develop legs and are ready to strike at the heel with a stinger. They might love their partner, but they can still be pretty mean and petty. They might emotionally harm their partner as a test to see if they're loyal. This is toxic behavior and shouldn't be condoned.

At long last, the Scorpio reaches their highest level of maturity: they evolve into the phoenix. The mythical bird of flames is highly sacrificial. It surrenders to love. It is the embodiment of selflessness and grace. A mature Scorpio would take a bullet for their partner.

Scorpios have several evolutions in their lifetime because they are existential. They are constantly thinking about death. In the snake and scorpion stages, they haven't accepted death and want to fight against fate. In the phoenix stage, they not only accept death but transcends it.

Cancer + Scorpio



June 21 - July 22

October 23 - November 21


Early Summer

Mid Fall










Ruling Planet





Root Chakra

Yin or Yang







Moody, Sensitive, Creative, Nurturing, Introspective, Charming

Passionate, Brooding, Curious, Cunning, Serious, Dedicated

These two water signs will be extremely attractive to each other.

These two water signs will be extremely attractive to each other.

The Fundamentals of a Cancer and Scorpio Relationship

Listen to Your Intuition

Cancer needs to listen to her gut, and she needs to have a clear idea of what she wants and to fight for it.

If Cancer isn't taking note of herself, she'll fall for Scorpio's traps, meaning she'll be easily manipulated. Cancer may end up doing things she doesn't really want to do.

Cancer can mimic Scorpios's thinking, which he'll find oddly appealing. Scorpios are ultimately looking for someone who will merge with them into one person, one unit, one body, one spirit. For many, this is overbearing and cloying. Cancer, as a water sign, will find Scorpio's intensity fascinating.

Scorpio is looking for an extremely loyal partner. If they say jump, they expect you to jump. Scorpios want you to embrace love and not fear it because they can't stand a lukewarm romance. If things are boring, slow, or tepid the Scorpio will jet.

There are some important takeaways here:

  • Cancer needs to stand up for herself and not be a pushover.
  • Scorpio needs to stop controlling Cancer. (Stop trying to meld your partner into what you want.)
  • Scorpio wants heat in a relationship. He will seek out steam.

Strong Emotions

Both of these signs will do well to be slow to anger and quick to love. Cancer has as many moods as there are seasons and hours in the day. Cancers are like the many phases of the moon and the changing of tides. Scorpio can go as deep and dark as the Mariana Trench. His emotions can also soar like an eagle to the tallest mountain. Two moody people can have a passionate romance or a string of heated fights.

This pair will need to balance out emotions for a healthy relationship. Don't let impulses drive everything; sometimes you need to slow down and think things through. Be willing to process your emotions and not just bury them. Throwing temper tantrums isn't a great problem-solving tactic. Look for better solutions.

With such a rich range of emotions, these two will definitely connect on many levels. You both should feel comfortable expressing yourselves, particularly Cancers who often feel oppressed in relationships. Scorpios either give 100% of their heart initially, or they'll take longer to open up. They sometimes struggle to come out of their loner mode.

Immaturity levels truly fluctuate with Scorpios.

Immaturity levels truly fluctuate with Scorpios.

Are Scorpio's Good Partners?

Scorpios Are Manipulative

Scorpios are passionate and have expectations within the bedroom. Cancers need to make sure that they know their boundaries because they aren't just some malleable pillow to play with.

Scorpios are passionate about life, they're intense about people, they have deeply held beliefs, and they can seduce just about anyone they please. They're known as manipulators. They don't always know what to do with people once they catch them. They may say they know how to handle those people, but they're lying. So they'll toss those people back into the ocean where they found them.

Scorpios Can't Take a Joke

Scorpios are serious and sometimes too serious. They are excellent at focusing on money and building mountains of it. They know about deeply profound issues in society and either want to do something about it. . . or literally can't be bothered.

What Scares Scorpios?

Scorpios get spooked by Aquarius-like qualities. They find air signs too mentally cutting and will feel on edge around air signs. They don't like to be one-upped, especially in their mind.

Cancers aren't like Aquarius. Cancers are melancholy, sweet, and gracious when it comes to Scorpio's mistakes. However, no one blows up like a Cancer. You piss off a Cancer, and you'll never hear the end of it. If you piss off a Scorpio, you might want to put yourself in the witness protection program. Scorpios are prone to revenge, and Cancers are more like dynamite.. they explode. Then they drown you in the way they feel.


  • Scorpios are more prone to making a revenge plan than other signs.
  • Scorpios will make a plan to rescue someone they love.
  • If ignored, Cancers may explode.
  • Cancers will make their pains known, and they will make you feel their pain.

Scorpios Don't Always Evolve

Scorpios deeply honor those they love, but they also have to learn to love correctly. Unfortunately, Scorpios are not guaranteed to evolve into the phoenix. Some will stay snakes. Some will get stuck as scorpions. Only some will be mythical birds. Others will hold onto the phoenix stage for a brief moment.

I don’t advise people to date immature Scorpios. You’ll waste your time if you hope they’ll improve themselves. You need to make sure you’re with a mature Scorpio before things get too serious.

Signs of an Immature Scorpio

  • They'll be incredibly dirty-minded.
  • They'll neglect your feelings.
  • They'll focus entirely on their career.
  • They'll cheat on you.
  • They'll make you feel bad about yourself.

Just because you are charmed by a Scorpio doesn't mean the Scorpio is actually ready for a relationship. They love to flirt, but they can take their time when it comes to a commitment.

Signs of a Mature Scorpio

  • Listens to you carefully and shows it.
  • Slow to anger and quick to love. They're forgiving.
  • They don't abandon you or leave you in the cold. They fight for the relationship, not for their ego.
  • They have healthy routines: a sleep schedule, a good dietary plan, healthy friendships, good self-care.
These signs are a match made in heaven.

These signs are a match made in heaven.

Ten Additional Tips for Cancers and Scorpios

1. Don't Become Addicted to Anger

Don't summon a demon lord together. Find peace and equanimity. Do not become barbarians. Be diplomatic, not warring Vikings.

2. Loyalty Goes Both Ways

Don't expect your partner to be 100% committed and loyal if you can't offer that yourself. You should strive to be loyal.

3. Don't Make Your Arguments Public

You two can be explosive, so it is better to talk about your problems in private. Don't make a big scene in public, don't try to win people to your side, don't get overly passionate in your arguments, and be slow to anger.

4. Make an Effort to Talk about Your Feelings

You two have a strong psychic connection. Because of this, sometimes you don't talk about things that you should. Don't always rely on your intuition: push yourselves to talk things out and make things clear. Communicate instead of playing guessing games.

5. Do Something Else besides Sitting on the Couch and Talking

Scorpio prizes intimacy and privacy, and this can lead to a series of dates on their couch. This might be nice to foster alone time, but relationships also need more dynamic dates than this. Go to museums, go to nice restaurants, fly a kite. Do something besides sitting on a couch and watching TV.

6. Have Separate Friends

You need separate identities. Even if you are both water signs and love to merge everything, you still need to have your own separate friends, interests, and the like.

7. Don't Intentionally Push Each Other's Buttons

Water signs can have some toxic behavior: like showing off wounds or creating wounds. Don't try to rile up your person's ego for fun. Don't try to create drama for fun.

8. Take Cancers Seriously When They're Upset

Listen carefully, take notes, don't ignore their emotions and be sensitive!

9. Don't Make Bigger Deals out of Things than Necessary.

Sometimes all you need is a good rest or some food. Be patient with each other.

10. Compromise Is Your Friend

Scorpios are the more stubborn ones in relationships. Cancers are relatively flexible. Sometimes Scorpios need to bend a little, and sometimes, Cancers needs to stand up for themselves.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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