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Relationship Compatibility for Capricorn and Capricorn ♑️

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Two identical Earth signs have a good chance of making it together.

Two identical Earth signs have a good chance of making it together.

Capricorn & Capricorn: Can They Make It Work?

An identity relationship is when you date someone with the same sign as you. They are generally compatible.

Two Capricorns go extremely well together. They have similar focuses, similar blindspots, but are also one of the more independent signs. Capricorn is fueled by protecting its family. Having two Capricorns together means they’ll both focus on having the right resources—they will be prepared for any storm or disaster down the line.

Capricorns are wise—they’re very smart and resourceful and know how to stretch a dime. This pair manages their finances well. They can set long-term goals for retirement, even when they are young. They can date in their youth and be just fine. They are down-to-earth and practical. They have the same stances on just about everything. They will make for strong and wise parents, as well as be good caretakers for their own parents.

Here are some general ideas to keep in mind:

  • Earth signs like things to be practical, they’re hard-workers, and resilient.
  • They like things at face value instead of reading between the lines.
  • They like to care for people and their belongings.
  • Capricorns are generally good at taking care of their finances.

Capricorns are easily suspicious and distrust outsiders. They tend to be stuck in their ways. Expressing their emotions isn’t always easy, and vulnerability isn’t their cup of tea. They are pragmatic and want things to be logical.

A Couple Set on Survival

Both people in this coupling are survivalists. Capricorns tend to pick long-term mates. They don’t like dating fickle people or people who have uneasy and impractical dreams. Though Capricorns appreciate art, dating an artist can make them a little uneasy.

Two Capricorns travel well together. They know how to pack just the essentials. They pack light, travel as far as they want, and enjoy a good hike. They are crafty, industrious, and pick solid, and choose comfort over style.

Capricorns want to experience winter. They understand the harshness of life, but they like a side of merriment with their industrious lives.

They like house parties, the neighborhood bar, and the old gathering hole. They are steady people. They don’t show off, so they don’t always get the praises they deserve. To be honest, Capricorns don’t care about praise.

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Praise doesn’t mean you’ll survive. They care about getting food on the table and having running water, a place to rest, and peace and quiet.

They can seem like hermits because they like to keep to themselves. That's why two Capricorns go well together. They will likely take the same path. Couples that are more similar than they are different tend to stay together.

Capricorns have strong values about money. They don’t waste it. They conserve as much as they can. They don’t want to be hoarders, but sometimes they resort to hoarding as a means of survival. They enjoy each other’s company, like each other, and feel understood.

This is a down-to-earth couple that would do well to spend quality time in nature.

This is a down-to-earth couple that would do well to spend quality time in nature.

When Earth Signs Attract

This isn’t the most emotional, creative, or ambitious couple. They’re down-to-earth. They let the hares and rabbits run the race all they want, while they steadily find their way to the end. They have their eyes set on the finish line. They conserve their stamina and focus on their path. They don’t like to use lots of tricks and shortcuts. They’re not prey to pyramid schemes. They take the long and slow way.

This couple knows what can happen if they don’t plan ahead and look at their lives with diligence. They are good friends to have. They tend to be ready and focused, slow to anger and slow to react. Any team would be lucky to have a single Capricorn, let alone two of them.

Capricorns do need to be careful to watch their depression. They can easily become defeated and sulk. They’re not always satisfied with the way things are going. They want improvement, but they know it takes time and hard work. Sometimes they feel really beaten down, too skeptical and annoyed with society—hence why they often turn into hermits.

Earth signs are powerful and are great managers. They move slower than other signs, but they have powers the others do not. They are the ones with pretty diamonds, jewels, and good soil for growing crops. They are the ones who, in an instant, can get so mad the earth quakes.

Earth is where the flowers and trees grow. They are the mountains, the deserts, and the plains. Without land, we’d only have fish and maybe birds on this planet.

Capricorns are not artificially romantic. They like practical gifts, quality time, and proximity. They believe that people show how they care with how they spend money and time. They’re not interested in a show of words. They look for a solid connection and loyalty. They can forgive, but they prefer someone who is mature enough to never cheat.

Make sure you open up to each other about your emotions.

Make sure you open up to each other about your emotions.

Top 15 Tips for the Capricorn Couple

  1. Work toward opening up more and being more vulnerable. Don't fear and bottle up your emotions. Be introspective on a regular basis.
  2. It's okay to make mistakes. As you gain experience, there will be mistakes along the way. Perfection is unattainable, so don't get too focused on it.
  3. This couple travels well together. Go for a hike, go camping, ride bicycles, or go kayaking. Your best adventures are outside.
  4. This couple would also tend to a garden well. Go to a workshop or start some other hobby involving nature and the five senses.
  5. To get stuff done, you have to delegate or shake things up. You two can get so stuck in your ways that you don't notice what actually needs to get done. Don't let yourselves get stale.
  6. Exercise and avoid being sedentary. Capricorn has a tendency to either overwork themselves or get lazy and hibernate.
  7. It's okay to take risks sometimes—like going to a restaurant instead of cooking at home, wearing the heels instead of the tennis shoes, or staying up an hour later. Your schedule won't be destroyed if you live a little.
  8. Make homemade gifts for each other. Both people like practical things they can use for a long time.
  9. Keep lists on your phone of gifts they may like or mention throughout the year.
  10. Capricorns sometimes get into hoarding objects or money. You should plan time to go through your home and cull out unnecessary objects that have no practical or sentimental value to you.
  11. You two will have a tendency to stick together like glue. Sometimes you need to focus on your own separate hobbies and friend groups to mine for new ideas. Time away from each other can help make interesting stories. You don't have to do everything together. Try to find a balance. If you like spending a lot of time together, then do so—but don't forget that you are two separate people.
  12. This sign's love language is acts of service. Go around the house and take care of chores: take out the trash, get the oil changed, clean the sheets, give the dog a bath, clean the fridge, or arrange the books.
  13. You can always organize things better. Look for the spots in the house that could use a better arrangement.
  14. Your children might not have the same personality. Give them space. Sometimes being the children of parents who have the same personalities can be overwhelming, especially if the child feels wildly different. Let them know you love them.
  15. Don't get into fights about who can create the better organizational systems. Two separate organizational systems can run simultaneously.

Quick Glance: Capricorn




Ruling Planet



Early Winter


December 21 to January 21




Earth Tones, Brown


The Goat

Body Part


Manager or Leader





Family-oriented, survivalists, good with money, practical, logical, slow and steady, tried and true, old soul, smart, structured, dependable, reliable, not interested in big thrills

House of Cards


Opposite Sign



Expensive, drama, big risks, too much change and unfamiliarity, selfishness, lying, chaos, strangers

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