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Relationship Compatibility for Cancer and Cancer ♋️

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Together, Cancer and Cancer can do what they do best—connect with one another's emotions.

Together, Cancer and Cancer can do what they do best—connect with one another's emotions.

Cancer and Cancer in Love

When two Cancers fall in love, you can expect intense mood-shifts, creative escapes, and an emotional rollercoaster that most would never encounter.

Cancer is the fourth sign of the Zodiac and the first water sign of the year. Before Cancer, Aries faces the world head-on, Taurus tries to manage their surroundings, and Gemini ponders everything and enjoys the moment. After all these headstrong signs, Cancer just wants to connect with the others.

Cancer is one of the most sensitive signs. They’re aware of other people’s feelings, read people well, and understand the needs of others. They have big, compassionate hearts, but they can switch moods every hour. They also make relationships a priority.

This sign is naturally maternal. They want to nurture those around them. Some consider this sign's symbol to be not the crab, but a pregnant woman. Cancers are intelligent when it comes to matters of the heart. They don’t always feel that they fit in or that there is a space for them to belong. They have deep desires for a better, kinder world. They often feel misunderstood. They want to be charming, seductive, social, friendly, and unique.

Two Cancers will go extremely well together. They can tend to each other’s needs and anticipate the needs of others. They enjoy each other’s company but still understand the need for introspection and alone time. They will have similar likes and dislikes.

However, the problem with an identity relationship—a relationship that consists of two people of the same sign—is that you not only double up on your natural gifts, but also double up on shortcomings. This couple will struggle to stay practical and grounded. They’ll need extra assistance to make sure they can handle their finances.

When Water Signs Fall in Love

Cancers can struggle to express themselves and make sense of the world around them. Cancer is the most indifferent water sign. They change their mind about what they like or don’t like before they even finish a sentence.

They must have other people’s input in order to make a decision. Two people who are indifferent and indecisive can have trouble getting things done. As chores pile up, there will be more friction between the couple. It is best for this pair to take their time and get a little bit of housework and chores done each day.

However, the emotional comfort this couple offers each other will outweigh the bad. Cancer desperately needs emotional attention, and in a lot of pairings, they don’t really get that treatment. Two Cancers will work hard to understand and master their emotions. It’s easier to be vulnerable with someone who shares a similar emotional template to your own.

Just because you are similar, however, it doesn’t mean that you're exactly the same. Don’t assume your partner always feels the same as you. Make sure to take their opinion into account before moving forward with a decision. It’s important for the two of you to unpack each of your emotions.

Things to Focus on as a Cancer-Cancer Couple

Mental health is important for this couple. It will be best if you find therapeutic tasks to take care of around the house. The two of you will enjoy having a garden together, or something else you can nurture—pets, babies, children, or even elderly family neighbors. You’ll enjoy having a nice collection of your favorite books, movies, or albums.

Creativity and self expression are good for this couple. It is important to listen to each other and invest time in getting to know each other better.

You’ll enjoy being social, people watching, and going to the theater, but sometimes you need a quiet place to sit and think, read a book, or scream into a pillow.

Cancer has good luck on their side when it comes to finding a partner.

Cancer has good luck on their side when it comes to finding a partner.

Cancers Are Charming by Nature

Cancers love people with every bit of their spirit. They cherish and honor life. They are some of the biggest nurturers, and they are good with both children and the elderly.

Like all water signs, Cancer falls in love fully. They give themselves completely to their partner—all their words, all their mind, and all their body. They don’t want to deprive a relationship of what's necessary. Cancer cares about the emotional health of their relationship.

What Cancer Hates

This sign hates:

  • Feeling left behind
  • People who makes others feel small
  • Boredom and events that lack energy
  • Lack of flexibility
  • Strict rules
  • Misunderstandings and conflict
  • Not getting along with someone
  • Events that take up too much time

Vibe and Relationship Goals

As a sign, Cancer has its own unique vibe. Sometimes Cancer lives on the fringes of society—the sign likes all that is creative and unorthodox. They don’t necessarily fit into a box as cleanly as other signs do. Cancer is introspective, sensitive, nurturing, flirtatious, charming, innovative, and obsessive. Cancer likes to be in the thick of things, doing whatever they want with an air of mystery and grace.

A Cancer wants to be in an awesome relationship, maybe more than some signs do. This is someone who is looking for a long term partner, but doesn’t want to scare someone away with their hopes and dreams. A Cancer is willing to change their mind at the drop of a hat to pursue a better plan. However, a Cancer in a relationship wants loyalty, reliability, and structure.

This sign is drawn to relationships, and Cancer is unlikely to stay single for long once they enter the dating pool.

A bit of advice for Cancers in a relationship: Be open with each other and communicate your feelings.

A bit of advice for Cancers in a relationship: Be open with each other and communicate your feelings.

Top Ten Tips for This Pairing

  1. Just because you have the same sun sign, doesn’t mean you think and act exactly the same. Don’t take your partner for granted. Always seek out their input.
  2. Not everyone is going to understand the two of you. It’s okay if you leave the party to do your own thing, it’s okay if you want to try something new together, and it’s okay if the two of you are dressed wildly different from the rest.
  3. Be open with each other. Don’t hide your tears. Don’t resort to games to hide your emotions. There is a time to be charming and alluring, and there is a time to be real and raw.
  4. Make plans, have a calendar, organize your dreams and goals, and keep yourself on track. Work towards your dreams, even if it's hard.
  5. Don’t despair too much over reality. Give yourself time to mourn the shortcomings of the world and then take action on what's most important to you.
  6. Be creative together. The two of you are wizards of creativity, and you should follow that to wherever it takes you.
  7. Go on a romantic getaway that no one knows you are taking.
  8. Always have a snack on you just in case you feel yourself getting into a "mood" and dinner isn’t coming soon enough.
  9. No topic should be off topic for discussion.
  10. When upset, hold hands. Don’t let your anger overtake you.

Cancer at a Glance





Early Summer


June 21 to July 22



Guided by


Ruled by

The Moon

Represented by







Silver, Gray


Creative, sensitive, moody, charming, flirtatious, nurturing, social, friendly, introspective

Manager or Leader?

Manager (that is focused on emotional resources)


Boredom, stubbornness, cheating, forcing opinions on others, poor social graces

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