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Love and Marriage Between Pisces Woman and Leo Man


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The Leo and Pisces Love Match

Leo men love to rescue and care for a damsel in distress. They'll protect and care for the ones who deserve their immediate attention. However, once the lion sees that you're well, he'll encourage you to stand on your own two feet.

The problem with this match is that both the Pisces and Leo will respect and expect at equal levels. It will be a battle for leadership on some level. Pisces has the savior mentality just like a Leo but more so on the emotional side. Pisces women have an incurable desire to be needed, and Leo may not be able to give that to his Pisces lady.

Secretly, Leos desire to be loved and cherish. Pisces can do all of this and more, but the Leo will hide his vulnerabilities, causing her to be confused. Pisces are highly intuitive and she'll know his immediate needs and can meet most of the Leo's demands. The Leo man may block her efforts with his big ego when she tries to rescue him from himself.

At times, a Pisces female may feel as though her Leo male does not need her. Over time she may swim away, maybe to an entirely new pond. The Leo will regret this, and become very sad as a result. Both the Leo and Pisces enjoy each other's company but the Leo will try to control the relationship. This may be too much for a sensitive Pisces woman.

If this match is to work, the Leo must show that he needs his Pisces. Just as he wants to be admired and adored, so does his sweet Pisces. If he's able to set his ego aside, he can fully enjoy the love and admiration that a Pisces woman has for her lover.

Leo men should never underestimate a Pisces woman; she's a lot stronger then she appears. You'll never be able to rule over her, so just settle on protecting and providing for her. Once your Pisces female senses that you're sincere, she'll give back equally.

How Compatible Are Leo and Pisces?

The Relationship Between Leo and Pisces

This water and fire match has the potential to be very interesting. The fire can warm or boil the water, while the water is able to slow or put the fire out.

Simply said, never let the fire get too hot and never allow the water to put out the fire. What does this have to do with the Leo and Pisces love match? Read on to find out.

Can This Match Work?

Typically this relationship can be a gamble. Pisces women tend to be very sensitive, and Leo Men will hide their sensitivity often. This confuses the Pisces woman. She will wonder where's that lion's heart that so many people speak of.

It's really true that Leo's have big hearts but, you'll have to earn the right to see it. You may have to go through several interactions with a Leo man in order to see just how big his heart is.

Leo Men as Lovers

Leo the lover will sweep Pisces the seductress right off her feet. The Leo male will be very romantic and extremely attentive. His Pisces lady will appreciate this because she thrives off of acts of love.

Protection is big on a Leo's list. Pisces women enjoy being protected and cared for. Beware, because the Leo male can become jealous. Don't test him in this area. Unfortunately, this may be too much for an already flirty Pisces woman to deal with. She'll have to reassure him often that he's her only sweetheart.

As Lovers

Simply romantic! This pair will be playful and romantic. Their relationship will feel like a high school crush—butterflies in your tummy type of romance for sure.

The Leo will be extremely proud of his Pisces mermaid. He'll wine and dine her, show her off to his friends and family. All the while, she'll make every effort to make him feel like the king he is.

She'll enjoy his smile and the way he communicates. There's never a dull moment between the too. Her aloofness may turn others off but for Leo the Lion, who likes to play, he'll enjoy the challenge.

Long term, this relationship can be difficult. Leo men like to be in control. This may overpower or push away his sensitive Pisces woman. If you want to keep her around, you must be loving and willing to consider her feelings when you communicate.

Pisces women are like catnip to a Leo Men

Note: This was a simple sun compatibility horoscope. Please research your compatibility birth charts to get more insight.

Do Leo And Pisces Make A Good Match?

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Leo on August 09, 2020:

Just ended 15 year relationship with pieces woman. She messed me up real good.

Mittah on February 03, 2020:

Wow! I love the article, I am a pieces woman, dating a Leo man. I am always negging about love affecting. He cares and provide 100% but for fact that I am not getting enough attention romantically, its frastrated me and confuses me. One minute I want us to work this out and the next minute I want out. Not sure if I am happy in the relashiopnship however when he is in good mood, I feel like where has he been all my life. As for communication, it's bad.he prefare to listen to me neg and not say a word. Wonder if will make it to the alter.

Mittah on February 03, 2020:

Wow! I love the article, I am a pieces woman, dating a Leo man. I am always negging about love affecting. He cares and provide 100% but for fact that I am not getting enough attention romantically, its frastrated me and confuses me. One minute I want us to work this out and the next minute I want out. Not sure if I am happy in the relashiopnship however when he is in good mood, I feel like where has he been all my life. As for communication, it's bad.he prefare to listen to me neg and not say a word. Wonder if will make it to the alter.

DJ Carney on January 20, 2020:

Needed to know this!

Shaima on March 19, 2019:

Hi Im friend with a Pisces man but how I can know if he likes me please help

D on February 05, 2019:

My boyfriend is a leo and I'm pisces girl. I've known him over a year and never noticed him being controlling or hiding his feelings. Its actually me that has trouble explaining my feelings. We bring out the crazy and weird in each other and very very similar personalities. So this article seemed a little off in some places but was also eerily accurate in others.

Dane Henley on January 11, 2019:

Great article and very true in many ways. I was on the search for answers/reassurance because I haven't had a relationship quite like this one before. I'm Leo (43) and my Pisces lady (47) of 3 years is definitely my catnip. I can't get enough of her! They're beautiful and very very delicate creatures and I'm so glad I found her (hiding away in a corner at a cafe).... Us Leos can be boisterous and demanding from time to time and Pisces seem to have this calming effect that subdue our heady nature. I think any man not just Leos are lucky to have these gentle beings. I know I'm lucky! Cheers to the author for the reassurance.

Ron on October 03, 2018:

I’m dating a Leo man I’m a Pisces it’s fresh but it feels like we’ve been together I agree that the signs have to do with our behavior sometimes but it’s us as people as well and how we were raised .... just us period and how that person makes you feel my Leo man does need my love and it’s just because of his upbringing we from the hood but I know how to love I had family to show me that he got family but they ain’t loving right

Matthew David Collins on May 01, 2018:

This is he the Leo man. He is my brothers friend. We all grew up together. We are 4 years apart in age. He is 43 about to turn 44 I just turned 40. Some of this is true but he lives by the sign of a Gemini because of his mother who is now deceased. His birthday is in August hers in June but mine in March. When we started talking I met his father first his m9ther last but when she was so g we had a heart to heart conversation that made me think he needed me in some kind of way. We became lovers before she died but he invited one of his exes after she died. My dad died in January and his mom in August the same year 2017. I took care of my dad he didn't take care of his mother. We met by ourselves in 2015 but since all this middle nonsense I am healing and he is not. He thinks and ask people how trusting I am but never wants to spend time with me. He has a lot of foolish men around in his life he listens too. So now I have given up on the time to spend with him. He has no kids I have 3 daughters that kind of knows his persona because he came inactively to my dads funeral.If you have any suggestion or if I made the right decision as if I thought I made the right choice feed back plz!!!!

James Brooks of Covington NM on April 11, 2018:

I agree with you 1000% I'm a Leo and my lady 4 two years and I still love all of her and some

Lulu on February 23, 2018:

Honestly if he don’t wanna be in a relationship with u u a side how

Cece on February 07, 2018:

Everything about this article was spot on I'm a pisces woman now so I get why the relationship didn't work out makes sense.

Kerry on December 14, 2017:

I am pisces woman been in a relationship with a leo man for seven years . how can i really trust him and and will he make a good step father to my son . he is very controlling . is leo trust worthy .

Katie on November 29, 2017:

I'm a Pisces woman and he's a Leo man and we are just now having slight problems. For example I'm ready to be a couple but he's not. What do I do? I really don't want to force him into a relationship but I also want us to progress our "friends with benefits" stage. Please help me and ASAP pretty plz

rus on October 28, 2017:

im in relationship with a leo man....its been a year....and now comes many problems with our relationship from families....i want to know if this is because of our signs?

Shelley on October 05, 2017:

I am a Pisces woman in a relationship with a Leo man. We have been together for 7 yrs and this sounds just like us.

Mar on February 13, 2017:

I am going to date a leo man ''the lion''. I hope it will work out. But honestly I'm a little afraid because of the upcoming challenges.

Meg on July 21, 2016:

Great Article.. Definitely sounds like my husband and I. I adore him so much!! And he makes me feel real good about being my authentic self. We laugh sometimes when I show more of myself than usual because I tend to do/say silly things when I am not too focused on what others think. I thank him for helping me in that way. We love discovering ourselves together and being able to get totally different perspectives on things since we share a lot of the same sentiment. Any way, our Leo male Pisces female relationship works, but it does take hard work to get it right. We glad we met at the right time in our lives where we had enough experiences to allow us to understand one another.

Gina on July 16, 2016:

Very very on point, even though I am reading this from a Moon sign perspective.

My partner is a Leo sun, and leo moon and I am a sagitarius sun, leo asc and pisces moon. I recognise this so badly, but my fire signs keep the negative traits in balance and I have to say, we are a perfect match. Thank you for this article!

Brenda on December 14, 2015:

Wow. Very Good. This describes my Husband, myself and the ultimate relationship between us. Very on point. I need to leave this article on our bathroom mirror. Depending on his mood, he may read it immediately or, place it in his to do list that he will eventually get to. He would read it ribght away if i placed naked pics in bedded in the article.

Jami Eileen on July 10, 2013:

I am a Pisces woman and my b/f is a Leo...we are pretty typical of our signs...We are really good together, Ying/Yang...He is my "hero" and I am always so proud of him...he is good at fixing me (he is good at everything) and I am a better person because of him...we are total opposites but somehow we fit perfect together...I think I have taught him how to be less anal and he has taught me that it's ok to be me...It's a lot of work, but it's worth it! Pisces/Leo is a good match!

LSKing (author) from East Coast United States on June 04, 2011:

Thanks for stopping by. I hope that you were able to get something out of the Leo and Pisces hub. It's a difficult combination but so very romantic. When both signs work together it can be very fulfilling.

RHinck from New Hampshire on June 04, 2011:

Thanks for the hub! I am a pisces woman who happens to be dating a leo man! Interesting to see how much each of us personify our star signs.

LSKing (author) from East Coast United States on May 31, 2011:

I agree, and that's why I stated so at the end of this article. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on my Leo and Pisces Love Match hub.

Rishi on May 31, 2011:

While the Sun is an important aspect of compatibility, a full look at the horoscope is essential to really determine compatibility (particularly the Moon sign). I use Indian Astrology to determine compatibility, which I have generally found to be more accurate than western astrology in many ways. My website is www.jyotishastrologer.net

LSKing (author) from East Coast United States on May 29, 2011:

Thank you Faeriephenonmenon :)

Faeriephenomenon from USA on May 29, 2011:

Great hub :-)

LSKing (author) from East Coast United States on May 28, 2011:

Thank you Cheeky Girl. The Pisces and Leo match is an interesting pair. It's a romantic but complicated union.

Cassandra Mantis from UK and Nerujenia on May 25, 2011:

Wow, such an interesting combination. Great hub! I loved he videos too! Cheers! Rating this up! :)

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