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The ISTJ Male: The Most Popular Man in Romantic Novels

Tessa has been a confirmed INTJ woman for more than 40 years. She is also the author of 'The INTJ Woman - A Rare and Lovely Lady.

Robert De Niro and Morgan Freeman Richard Nixon Politican Peter Thiel has been placed 4th on Forbes Midas List. He also funded Donald Trump.

Robert De Niro and Morgan Freeman Richard Nixon Politican Peter Thiel has been placed 4th on Forbes Midas List. He also funded Donald Trump.

The Man Wanted by Many Woman

The ISTJ is the man every woman dreams of. He is hardworking, thorough, both serious and sincere, and sixteen percent of all men fit his profile. He is methodical in his tasks and loyal to his friends. When discussing something, he’s the type to get his facts straight, so he’s not going to say something just to score points. He’s not a risk taker, so he won’t be a gambler. While this means he won’t be predisposed to taking risks in business, it does mean that when he finally decides to set up a business, he has done sufficient research and found enough resources to ensure that the business succeeds.

Sir Anthony Hopkins is a world famous Welsh film star, stage, and TV actor. He is a philanthropist, a recovering alcoholic, and a music composer.

Sir Anthony Hopkins is a world famous Welsh film star, stage, and TV actor. He is a philanthropist, a recovering alcoholic, and a music composer.

Myers Briggs: What ISTJ stands for

He’s an introvert. This means that his sense of joy and inner worth comes from within and does not depend on other people. It makes him strong. S stands for Sense, and it means that while he doesn’t depend on intuition for his decisions, it does mean that he checks all facts to see if they are based in reality. He uses his senses, i.e. looking, hearing, smelling, touching, and feeling to evaluate situations. T means he’s a thinker. This means rather than make decisions based on his feelings, his decisions are based on analysis. He is, therefore, not easy to manipulate. Lastly, J stands for judgement. This means that he is not comfortable with leaving something in the air. He needs closure, and this, in turn, means that he gets things done. It can also mean that he is inclined to make decisions about some things he doesn’t have sufficient experience of. It can mean he is judgemental in the worst possible way.

He is Boring, but Reliable!

If you’re seeking a man who is spontaneous, this is not your man. He is so reliable that he could be considered boring by those who are just out for fun. This is the man who will look at the long term outcome when making decisions. It makes him cautious. These type of men uphold the status quo and continue with societal traditions. They do not embrace change. He is ultra reliable and ultra responsible. To those raised in insecurity, he is the ultimate safety blanket. He will never permit anything bad to happen to those he is invested in. While he may not be the most adventurous and charismatic man in town, when it comes to being an employee in business and a partner in marriage, he is probably the perfect choice.

Practical and Logical

You could almost say that this typology is the backbone of society. He is practical and logical. When something needs to be done, he will do it. When something needs to be thought out and a decision made, he will do it thoroughly, ensuring that he didn’t miss anything.

Duty and Responsibility

This guy will always put his duty before his personal desires. So he is good husband material and good corporation material. He is a superb employee and a wonderful father. He can be a bit difficult when it comes to more creative pursuits or to those who challenge the status quo. To him, moral obligations come first. He is the guy who will rescue the child who is in a dangerous situation. He won’t think twice about putting his life in danger.

He Knows a Lot

These men have a lot of information at their fingertips. This is because they pay attention to everything around them. If it’s real, then they notice. As a result, he probably knows how to fix the loo, upload a website, and do the foxtrot. In fact, he’s very organized and probably does well in an emergency. He will always go out of his way to learn how to do something the right way, and if he sees that it is necessary to know something in order to further his career or make his wife and family happy, he will go out to learn it. ISTJ men can be trusted to do a job well.

He Has a Love of Work in Traditional Environments.

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He is Low on Sympathy and Empathy

Everyone has their negatives. The ISTJ isn’t going to have much time for failure, what he considers a loser, or anything that he, personally, cannot resolve. He doesn’t have much of a capacity for seeing the pain or difficulties inside other people. Nor has he ever been interested in exploring why some people struggle so much. This is especially so if doing so will bring him into conflict with his deepest beliefs.

This Man is a Traditionalist

To this man, everything is done in a certain way. If it doesn’t work, he will still persist in doing it that way until it does work, and sometimes he does. He will never accept what is not traditional. To him, a home needs to be tidy, a child needs to score good grades at school, and the rain needs to fall in winter. If it’s not happening, then the victim is to blame.

Another Famous ISTJ!

Another Famous ISTJ!

His Career Reflects His Love for Tradition and Duty

As a result of his great love for tradition, duty, and the status quo plus his need to judge (have closure), he is best suited to those professions and careers that are strongly associated with implementing or enforcing what is right. This could include the military, law, the police, or even politics. He is, by nature, an authoritarian. He, therefore, will fully obey those he considers above him in a hierarchical structure. He will also expect to be unquestionably obeyed by those he considered below him on that same structure.

While this man will pursue the public good, he is, at some level, unable to comprehend fully what the public good is. His refusal to investigate what is not part of the traditional way of life means that he is often stuck in age old views that do not work well in the 21st century.

Romance: The ISTJ Man and His Woman

This man makes a solid, reliable mate. He will provide for his family and carry out all duties expected of him. He is also likely to want a submissive wife as that is the traditional role.

He is probably over-quiet, but he makes up for this by being the one who will always pay the rent on time and never be out there spending the family food budget at the races!

He is the type who will meet the woman of his dreams in a church, at a social event, or in business. He will definitely not be interested in the kind of woman who flaunts herself on Tinder or OKCupid.

Relationships are taken seriously, and he’s probably the best of the lot in doing so. It just might be a bit unfortunate that if the woman is not of the traditional type, he is unlikely to be interested. He will think it out thoroughly before he pops the question.


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