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Mars in Scorpio Explained

Mars is the planet that rules our drive and desire, including those of an intimate nature. It's not quite the same as romance, as Venus has rulership over that area. If you're astrological chart has Mars in Scorpio, this powerful energy will affect the way your drives and desires are formulated and pursued. To learn more about this aspect of yourself, please see below!

Intense Focus

Mars in Scorpio is driven by an intense focus to get what they want, no matter what it is. If they have set their sights on someone in particular, they will make use of everything available to them in order to get that person to themselves. They will not be put off by silly things like pre-existing boyfriends or girlfriends, and sometimes even husbands and wives are not a strong enough deterrent! They will observe carefully to learn what makes the object of their affections tick and they will then make use of their skills of perception as an aid to drawing that person into their world.

Ruled by Emotion

Mars in Scorpio lives and breathes emotion. And it's the most powerful sort you could possibly imagine. If they are intent on having you, they will come on very, very strong and bowl you over with the sheer intensity of their emotions. Intimacy will be a profoundly emotional experience and there will be an extremely blurring of lines between love and intimacy, as these folks will share everything in their heart when they are in the throes of passion. By the same token, emotionality can be their downfall, and it can be downright scary when you're on the wrong side of their temper. If they feel slighted or rejected, the will feel hurt first and this is often followed up by rage. This is not as common with an emotionally secure Scorpio, but those who have issues with self-esteem and self-worth will not have the coping skills necessary for these situations and they will react with great anger. Therefore, it is unwise to play games of the heart with Scorpio, because they don't often differentiate between love and lust -- the two are meant to go hand in hand, as far as they are concerned.

Power to the Nth Degree

Mars in Scorpio has power you can't begin to imagine. You cannot help but feel it during intimate moments and this can leave their intimate partners feeling breathless and floored both before and after the experience. Scorpio is extremely perceptive and knows exactly what their partner needs, and they will go to great lengths to see that it is given. But they will also need the same intensity returned, which means that those with a fire sign are well-suited partners, while those with strong air placements may be too faint of heart to test these waters. One thing is for certain, though -- when an intimate relationship with a Scorpio comes to a close, the impressions made on their partner will probably last forever!

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