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Mars in Pisces Explained

Isabella is a freelance writer with over 13 years of experience writing about astrology and other mystical topics.

Learn how a Mars in Pisces approaches love and romance.

Learn how a Mars in Pisces approaches love and romance.

What Mars in Pisces Means

Mars is the ruler of the manner in which we pursue our desires, including those of a romantic and physical nature. This is not meant to be confused with romantic love, and that is ruled by Venus. Mars is more the governing influence that determines how you go about securing the object of your affections, and if you were born with Mars in Pisces, this is the primary energy that you will be working with. To learn more about it, please see below!

They Are Dreamers and Fantasists

Mars in Pisces is very sweet, caring and gentle. They are not going to pursue you with the energy a relentless Aries or Leo might pursue you with. They will probably admire you from a afar for a time and then slowly but surely work up the courage to pursue you. It's not that they aren't confident; it's more that they fall in love with the fantasy of how perfect you seem from afar, and they will often be hesitant to risk the possible bursting of that bubble.

They desire physical intimacy, of course, but they are also quite content with fantasy much of the time. If you can keep an element of yourself hidden from view and keep them guessing about you in some way shape of form, this will greatly increase your appeal to them, and you may find them approaching you very quickly, indeed!

Mars in Pisces deals with love and desire.

Mars in Pisces deals with love and desire.

They Want the Whole Package

This is not a one-night-stand kind of sign. Mars in Pisces needs the whole package, and they cannot settle for anything less. There is an innocence and purity to these folks that will bring out the most tender quality of character even in the toughest of hearts.

Pisces is very nurturing and giving, and they will always sacrifice everything if it would result in making their partner happy. These people do have a tendency to martyr themselves at times, and they almost thrive on it to some degree—that is the nature of Pisces. (I have personally got Venus in Pisces, and I know what I'm on about here, LOL.) This sign is best paired with someone who will not take advantage of them, as nothing wounds them more deeply.

They Can Be Indirectly Manipulative

Despite being one of the most loving and nurturing signs out there, Mars in Pisces does have the ability to get angry and seek revenge. Of course, that revenge isn't going to be particularly devious or shocking, but it could prove considerably irksome.

Remember That Pisces Is Psychic

When cornered, Pisces will lash out by playing games. They are highly psychic and empathic, and they will know precisely how to work your emotions until they get what they want. At times, they will use these games when pursuing someone who doesn't seem to return the attraction.

Pisces is very, very charming when they want to be, and they can be very sexy. If they have set their sights on you, they will probably have you wrapped around their little finger eventually!