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Mars in Capricorn Explained

Intimacy and the way you are driven to pursue it is governed by the planet Mars. Love is a slightly different aspect, and that is ruled by the planet Venus. This article will focus on what drives us to pursue the more physical aspects of our relationships. If you were born with Mars in Capricorn, please continue reading to learn more about how its influence will affect you!

Slow to Take Action

Mars in Capricorn is going to think long and hard before they decide whether or not another individual is worth pursuing. They never hurry into anything, especially not when it's a matter that involves the heart in any way. They can be chaste for long periods of time, focusing more on their career drives than their own personal inner desires for intimacy. This does not mean they are cold and unfeeling, though they can often appear that way.

On the contrary, there is a huge amount of emotion and passion beneath that controlled and quiet exterior and once they have set their minds on having you, you will be amazed by just how demonstrative they can be in the boudoir. Mind, they will probably remain somewhat conservative and restrained in public, but once they have opened up to you, they can be very Romeo-esque behind closed doors.

Creatures of Habit

Mars in Capricorn likes things to be orderly and controlled. They are not interested in anything too out of the ordinary and a partner who seems too experimental could prove to be a major turn off. Capricorn enjoys the familiar, he or she doesn't want to feel pressured to learn something new and prove their prowess to their partner.

They would much rather stick to the tried and true methods that, as far as s/he is concerned, are perfectly adequate and satisfactory. Of course, you should not make the mistake of assuming this means they are dull in the boudoir. As I've already said, they are plenty passionate and you will not be disappointed. People may tease them for their slow and steady demeanor, but let's not forget, slow and steady wins the race!

Uncommonly Common

Mars in Capricorn may seem dull and boring to some of the more exuberant fire signs out there, but they are very unique in their own way. They are usually excellent thinkers and will be able to plan a romantic experience like you've never imagined. They are excellent managers and will take control of the entire situation and you will simply be amazed at how perfectly timed the entire experience seems.

Not in a deliberately orchestrated way, but in a natural, free flowing chain of events that will be almost as perfect as one could hope for. So don't worry that Capricorn isn't keen on trying exciting new things -- you will be far too intoxicated with the ordinary to care about what you're "missing"!

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