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Libra and Virgo in a Lesbian Relationship

The author is a Libra married to a Virgo, so she has experience with this fascinating pairing.

Are Libras and Virgos compatible? Read on to find out!

Are Libras and Virgos compatible? Read on to find out!

Libra Woman and Virgo Woman Compatibility: Are You a Good Match?

I am a Libra married to a Virgo. We have been together 2.5 years this month, and I think I've learned almost everything there is to know about Virgos, even if I don't quite understand my wife as a person yet. I love her very much, and usually, when I meet a Virgo, she has a Libra best friend and vice versa. My wife is my best friend, although I must admit that we have many "disagreements."

The Libra Woman

Let me start by saying that I do not believe in cusps—I believe that people born toward the beginning or end of another sign may possess traits of that sign, but you either are or you aren't. You are a Libra if you were born between September 23rd and October 23rd, although you may display some Virgo or Scorpio traits.

With that said, I am a Libra, born on October 14th. I used to say that I was a true Libra and that "we" are all alike, although recently, I've changed my mind because I have met many Libras over the past few years who are nothing like me, and vice versa.

Let's start with the not-so-nice Libra traits. I have read many different things about Libras, some of which I disagree with. I believe many Libras embody the following traits:

  • Careless about money (although I make sure to pay my bills first)
  • Dislike being alone (they can become tired and rely on the people around them to bring them up again)
  • Dislike routine (we get bored with the same thing after a short while, including relationships and jobs)
  • Secretly self-centered (likes to be the center of attention)
  • Overly talkative
  • Shallow
  • Laid-back (we just go with the flow)
  • Indecisive

Libras are the most indecisive people; I honestly don't make decisions unless I am alone or the situation is critical. Unless my mind was made up before the situation arose, I am usually ready to go with the flow—although I typically don't like last-minute plans.

The Libra's need to be fair and even-handed greatly contributes to their lack of ability to make decisions—we just can't help it! But don't ever let the smile, carelessness, or kindness of a Libra fool you. Although we are laid-back and don't let many things bother us, we can go from being an angel to a demon in the blink of an eye when something does bother us.

Now, the good:

  • Good with other people's money (although they're careless with their own money)
  • Civilized (perhaps the most civilized zodiac sign)
  • Excellent strategists and organizers
  • Understanding and good problem-solvers (often able to get in touch with people's feelings to an almost psychic level)
  • Balanced and even-tempered
  • Tolerant and diplomatic (we value beauty and nature and believe in justice and the "fairness of law")

I love being a Libra. I am all of what I have explained above. I am emotional in my relationship; I cry, get angry, love to laugh, and often talk a lot, but I am also a great listener; I am VERY indecisive, tolerant, and diplomatic. Also, contrary to what most say about Libras, I am very energetic, spontaneous, outgoing, and intelligent.

The Virgo Woman

You are a Virgo if you were born between August 23rd and September 22nd. My wife was born on September 19th, and although we have a lot in common, in my opinion, she doesn't have any Libra traits.

I have met many Virgos in the past two years, and they have a lot of similarities and differences. Of course, a person's personality is shaped not only from their date of birth but also from how they were raised and their life experience. Most of what I have read about Virgos seems to be true of my wife.

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First, the not-so-nice Virgo traits:

  • Very critical (great at seeing all of your faults right away, although they do not take criticism well)
  • Great at seeing all angles of a situation (but they focus on all of the small issues rather than the bigger picture)
  • Stubborn (have a hard time admitting to their wrongdoings)
  • Dislike public displays of affection
  • Sensitive (although my wife would get mad before she shed a tear)
  • Hypocritical
  • Perfectionistic
  • Suppress their "natural" kindness (this usually results in the Virgo being alone most of the time)
  • Realistic (they prefer to live in the real world and are very pessimistic)

Now, the good:

  • Quick on their toes (although they overanalyze everything)
  • Creative
  • Shy (although I don't know why this is listed as a good thing in most places)
  • Independent (they'd rather not have anyone else take care of them)
  • Adaptable (adjust easily to change)
  • Elegant and intelligent
  • Loyal

When searching for Virgo traits, you will find that there aren't too many that sound appealing. They are mean, argumentative, and overly obsessed with health and their physical appearance, but Virgos make up some of the world's most talented people.

My wife possesses the traits listed above and is the most talented person I have ever met. She is beautiful, funny, and very intelligent. She is very sweet, and she has brought out the best in me so far.

Libra and Virgo in a Relationship

The Virgo is not romantic; rather, a realist. She is not unwilling to discuss her innermost feelings. Libras are complete when spending time with their significant other. The Libra is focused on harmony and peace and is very romantic. She loves attention and would rather be sought after than seek.

For the Libra, a relationship is more than just a coupling; it is a unity where two people will go through life as one. As for the Virgo, a relationship is more of a partnership. The Libra tends to look elsewhere when she is not satisfied with her partner. Virgo tends to be very cold to her partner if things don’t seem to be working out. The bad thing about that is something horrible is likely to happen if the two are not satisfied with each other and stay together.

The Libra and Virgo symbols in tattoo form

The Libra and Virgo symbols in tattoo form


So, here it goes. The Libra and Virgo are exact opposites and are therefore seen as incompatible. Although, they may be able to teach each other a few things if they are both open-minded. The phrase "opposites attract" may be true, but it is said that they will not last.

  • The Libra is lighthearted and outgoing, while the Virgo criticizes the Libra and makes her feel unloved.
  • The Libra is tolerant and accepting when it comes to her partner's shortcomings or failings, while the Virgo is judgmental and conditional.
  • The Libra's indecisiveness will bother Virgo . . . a lot. But the Libra strives to be fair and will analyze every aspect of a situation before making a decision.
  • Libras are easygoing, while Virgos are picky and worry too much.
  • Virgos are argumentative, while Libras try to avoid conflict.
  • Virgos are materialistic, while Libras will not be a slave to fashion, although both Libras and Virgos have good taste.
  • In an effort to avoid conflict, the Libra will often allow claims against herself to settle an argument rather than to drive a bad situation.

As I said before, my wife and I have been together for 2.5 years. I talk too much for her; my indecisiveness angers her; I always want to solve our problems, while she doesn't like to discuss feelings; and she is very critical of me and often very self-centered. I don't like to share, but I want everything she has, although I would give her anything.

We have had more than our share of conflicts, disappointments, and times of being uncertain about the relationship. I must admit that sometimes I do not stay clear of conflict when I know that I am causing it, but for the most part, I am happy when my surroundings are happy.

Although my wife and I are very different, we have a lot in common. We are both very funny and artistic; we both have great taste and love to work out, and although we have had enough disagreements for a billion couples, we love each other and are willing to see past our differences so that we may be happy together. She is my best friend, and we do everything together.

A piece of advice to everyone: experience is the best way to learn. I have met plenty of couples who have said that they are supposed to be incompatible and are very happy with each other after many years. So check her out for yourself, and see how you two interact before you pass.

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