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Libra and Pisces Compatibility in Love and Marriage

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Libra is an air sign, and Pisces is a water sign. Are they soulmates?

Libra is an air sign, and Pisces is a water sign. Are they soulmates?

Exploring Astrological Compatibility

Welcome, whether you are here because you are a Libra or a Pisces or if you just want to learn more. As an astrologer, I believe you can find a successful match between any two signs of the zodiac. In fact, you yourself have likely come across every pair in a marriage and every pair in a divorce. This is why we have to dig deeper about the zodiac and see how these combinations work.

I see it like a recipe book. Some recipes are quite simple, while other ones are like tiramisu—it isn't easy, but the end product is amazing.

All Signs Can Be Compatible

People are going to attract what they need into their lives, so don't panic if you end up in a match that others say is failed—they are wrong. There is no such thing as a failed or low-compatibility match. We have to work together to have literacy on why each one of these can work and what are their goals at manifesting love into this world.

The zodiac is here to teach us about love so that we can ultimately be enlightened. So let go of any prior judgements, let go of any prejudice. Any and every match can and does work. So let's work together for your relationship happiness.

Air signs and water signs can have a lot in common.

Air signs and water signs can have a lot in common.

Pisces + Libra as a Couple

Libra and Pisces are total sweethearts. They are some of the kindest signs of the zodiac. I think this match will be pretty successful. Libra will offer Pisces boundaries without it being too much of a threat. Pisces as a water sign likes to knock down barriers. Water wants to flow everywhere. They want everything, not portions.

Libra is fair and balanced, so they can give boundaries while also not being too demanding about it. Libra hates conflict. It needs someone who is kindred, and Pisces is quite possibly the most kindred of the whole house. These two give a healthy exchange. They don't mind looking out for each other, they both get the affection they need.

Pisces is softer than Cancer or Scorpio, so it won't frighten Libra, who gets weirded out by too much confrontation. Pisces can help Libra come out of its shell. The Libra needs someone who will defend it, no matter what the cost. Libra will like having someone who dotes on them and is affectionate.

Balance and Sacrifice

Libra can sometimes feel overwhelmed by social situations because they strive so much for balance. They believe in justice and fairness. They want to be impartial so as to heal others. Pisces wants to mentor people for the highest version of love. Pisces loves compassion, sacrifice—they are very gospel like. Christ is sign as the age of Pisces. All that is positive from the gospel is in the Pisces mindset. Pisces can be too much of a martyr, but with a Libra, the Libra will check and balance this. Libra recognizes when Pisces is making too great of sacrifices for themselves.

Similarities Between Water and Wind

I see a lot of benefit from this relationship. I think they can see a likeness in each other, while also differences. I find some similarities with water and wind signs since in the chart wind and water are always next to each other. The opposite of water is really earth. The opposite of wind is really fire. Those kind of pairings have a completely different set of roles. It is nice to have someone who may understand being neighbor like.

Thinking and Listening

Libra is highly creative and constantly seeking for the highest thought. They are a little more down to earth than Aquarius. Pisces is also a high thinking sign, they come from the mindset of the mentor, and as the last sign of the zodiac they are the wisest mentor. They have seen it all, they understand it all, and now their goal is unconditional love.

Libra would do well to listen to Pisces and take action on what they are suggesting. Pisces would do well to listen to Libra and what it is trying to refine.

Relationship Focus

All of the Libras I know are totally gushy. They love relationships. Of the wind signs, Libras are the most relationship minded. Pisces is a highly relationship minded sign, and so I think this would be a good pairing. They have a similar kind nature, deep in thought, and a respect for conflict.

Libra can be a helping hand to balance Pisces when Pisces doubts itself. Pisces has such a demanding goal for life, that sometimes they can go into fits of nihilism. They will think that the world is incapable of fitting their goal of love. They'll falter into oblivion unless someone steps in to help.

Weird Attracts Weird

Both of these signs are weird. They are eclectic—goofballs and charmers. These are not the kind of people doing some aggressive, Gryffindor kind of dance.

They are both kind of odd in their own way. They like thinking outside the box, they like good humor, happy time spent together, wandering the planet, wandering introspection, and the like. Both of these two can focus too much on the needs of others, so they need to step up on this.

I would say Libra has a better sense of boundaries, partly because they are trying to make things impartial, and therefore don't like to immediately bite the bullet—they are not conflict seekers. Both of these signs want harmony. I think this relationship has a playful, youthful, and bizarre connection. They will be compassionate toward each other, they will cheerleader each other throughout life, and will champion each other to victory.

Love Profile of the Libra

Libra is all about harmony. It is under the love planet Venus. This is why Libra might be more gushy than say its other wind counterparts -- Gemini and Aquarius. Libra is about balancing and partnerships. Libra is very interested in the sweet side of love, and may get frightened by darker sides of love, conflict, and confusion.

Libra's focus is to bring harmony and fairness. The Libras I know absolutely hate breakups unlike any others. It hits them hard because it feels like failure to the goal they want to achieve on an internal level. They want equanimity, so a breakup with all its conflict can really make them bargainers, impulsive, and spiteful even. I've known some that take quite awhile to get over their lost lover.

What Libra needs from a partner is someone who can be sensitive, mince your words, and stay good natured. Libra can become passive-aggressive because of their focus on love, making them occasionally say something really off color. Tell them politely that they are being rude. Politely because they will take what you say very seriously, especially if they love you.

They are eager to please, they are a mix of introversion and extroversion, even androgyny, they want to socialize, they also want to exhibit more shades of life than one. They want a headstrong partner who is really into them and wants to dote on them, spend time with them, and take them on adventures. Libras are social magnets and want to succeed at partnership. Libras as water signs will be witty, a constant thought, wordsmiths, creative, and sarcastic.

They are very, very charming because they believe that helps the people around them. They want to engage, they also want to go hide in a closet away from the world. Librans are diplomatic, just, and eager. Very earnest people who strive to be humble.

Love Profile of the Pisces

To me being in a relationship with a Pisces is a landslide win. The Pisces can come off misunderstood so it needs someone who really cares and gets it. It wants to believe in love, it wants to believe in life -- but there is so much about this world that can knock the Pisces out. It's important for Pisces to have a strong, loving partner who can support and strengthen the Pisces' belief system.

Pisces needs someone who isn't just playing or taking advantage of them. Someone who is fair -- this is why I think a Libra is a great match for it because Libra is automatically sensitive to fairness. Libra will embrace how much Pisces wants to give while also giving back to it.

Pisces is a great daydreamer, a great thinker, a great revolutionary. They are so understanding, so wise, and so ready to give. This is why Pisces needs to be conscious and steer clear of those who have not put as much work into being enlightened. Toxic relationships really harm Pisces and the potential they have to bring goodwill onto earth. We all need Pisces to shine its light as bright as possible.

So make a vow to yourself all Pisces -- you will be conscious of finding a healthy partner for you, your family, your dreams. You matter. Your love life matters. Don't get addicted to drudge. You are a master of love in a world of trainees in love. Don't let that get to your head. Be liberated, find a partner who can run at your speed, be somewhere that's warm and comforting for you.

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