Signs an ENFP Personality Likes You

Updated on June 20, 2016
SerenityHalo profile image

Andrea loves to write about the zodiac, Myers Briggs, and texting. She is an expert on romance and relationships. She also has two cats.

An ENFP is one of the most extraordinary personalities of Myers Brigg personalities. The combination of extroverted + intuitive + feelers + perceivers makes for an amazing combination for a friend or romantic partner. The ENFP loves people. They're dominated by wanting to meet people and have a great partner. They're rock solid when they finally turn to commitment. Though they can be excellent flirts, they really want to find their main squeeze.

The "NF" idealists are all looking for matchmaking heaven. The ENFP is without a doubt well suited for the INFJ. The two have similar, but yet slightly different functions. They're actually reversed allowing them to have a bond that can look like ESP.


Introverted Intution
Extroverted Intuition
Extroverted Feeling
Introverted Feeling
Introverted Thinking
Extroverted Thinking
Extroverted Sensing
Introverted Sensing

An ENFP and INFJ will take off in conversation instantly. It will be like they've always known each other. They get the way the other person processes information, and since they're not mirroring each other -- they don't get in the way. They're great at bouncing ideas of each other. The ENFP will inspire and support the INFJ, while the INFJ gives the ENFP structure and vision. It's a connection that is easily warm, happy, and full of trust. You can expect fireworks when these two meet. The ENFP will relentlessly entertain while the INFJ feeds its flames. The ENFP adores the INFJ and it's softer outer shell, and then yet it's more complex inner voice that's deep and disturbing. The two will feel like they can conquer the world when they're in each others presence.

The ENFP will gravitate toward the INFJ, but also the INTJ who has introverted intuition as their dominate quality. And ENFP is not well suited for someone that has intuition as an inferior or even tertiary quality. The ENFP thrives on metaphors, creativity, and the abstract. Someone who doesn't have strong intuition won't be able to keep up, and sense sensing is they're weaker skill, they might get confused if you're trying to keep things sensual or too down to earth. They thrive on interacting with someone's mind, although they're also looking for someone attractive who can inspire their imagination as well.

The ENFP would not do well with a strong ST type. If something is too black and white or strictly held, the ENFP will loose interest fast. They want to explore and create, not so much organize and administrate. The complete opposite of the ENFP would come off unappealing, the ESTJ which is extroverted sensing, introverted thinking, extroverted feeling, and introverted intuition These qualities are completely backwards from the ENFP making it difficult to relate or care. It's too far removed by having information processed differently and in an opposite order.

Signs an ENFP Likes You

1. He'll make a point to talk to you. The ENFP isn't afraid to start up a conversation and give you attention.

2. He'll ask a number of questions right off the bat. He genuinely is curious as to who you are. He can't stop at anything to know more.

3. This is an openly flirty personality. You should be able to tell that they're making a point to connect with you.

4. They'll touch you appropriately. They'll try to time it right to not overkill it because they really don't want to throw you off.

5. They love to focus their attention on person.

6. They're not afraid to say anything around you.

7. They'll look intensely into your eyes and smile a lot.

8. The ENFP will try to crack jokes with you. She'll keep going if she senses that you have strong chemistry.

9. Expect witty comments all over the place and bursts of laughter followed by an attempt of a serious face. They have somewhat a flair for drama.

10. An ENFP is likely to blurt out their feelings.

11. They suddenly get much more conversational when you're around.

12. They'll compliment anything in sight. Your hair, your eyes, your humor, your feet, your sudden need to swat the air. They're watching. They want to know everything possible.

13. Are you an INFJ? She likes you. INFJ is the flame to ENFP. They... can't... resist...

14. Their tail starts wagging when they see you, and they jump up and down when they've not seen you in a while.

15. They'll try to get a sense of your schedule and how they can maximize it to see you.

16. Showing off their arms by pulling them back behind their head. It's that body language preening gesture guys do.

17. Feeling a need to dominate the room by being your favorite.

18. Being only a few feet away. Maybe inches. And they're smiling.

19. He might accidentally relay information he shouldn't. Like that he knows where you live... without ever having been there.

20. Best hugs ever.

21. May suddenly just pick you up.

22. Will show off. Doesn't want to bother anyone with his showing off, he just wants you to look at him and connect with him.

23. It is difficult to hide their emotions, when they try and hide them, they become even more apparent. So if she likes you, you and everybody else will know.

24. He'll chase you down. He isn't afraid to invade your space... and you won't mind either.

25. She may suddenly appear at your house with cookies.

26. Brings up information from previous conversations. It sticks to him.

27. He'll try to isolate you from the group so you can have intimacy.

28. If he is an ENFP, he'll let you into his world more and more.

29. If they don't flake on you after saying yes, then they like you.

30. She wants to hear about you.

31. Nonstop wanting to please you. They get joy out of pleasing others.

32. Won't bolt at the first sign of trouble.

33. Loves variety. Jumps from one thing to the next, and if you jump with them -- they're sold.

34. Spontaneous combustion is the spirit animal of the ENFP.

35. Randomly opening up about personal things.

36. Sincerely don't want the conversation to end.

37. May buy you a drink.

38. Will sit close to you and lean in.

39. They'll stalk you at a party... just a little bit. You'll always be in their line of vision.

40. Raging intuition. The more intuition on the table to explore, the better, the more exciting, the more explosive.

41. You'll catch them contradicting themselves in the strangest of ways. They'll have remember a million details about you -- then five minutes later it seems to have disappeared.

42. They have a really strong need to make things work. They'll put themselves out there.

43. They tend to be all or nothing. They'll completely tell you how they feel. If you don't go along -- that might drop you... at least for a little while.

44. An insanely strong need to make you happy. They'll feel sad if you feel sad. They're happy when you're happy.

45. You may suddenly find yourself being smothered.

46. They'll want to take you everywhere from concerts, to gas stations, to cemeteries... I really mean everywhere.

47. He likes you if all he wants to do is talk for hours.

48. His eyes light up whenever he see you.

49. She tries to make more jokes than a person should.

50. Expect randomness at the level of Robin Williams being directed at you.

51. Expect a number of gifts found from a number of places. Tell them they did a good job because they're not really sure what they're doing, they're just moved by your pretty face.

52. An ENFP will have warmth like the sun. You'll feel a positive interaction that's solid.

53. An ENFP will want to meet all your friends. They want to know every detail of your life.

54. The ENFP wants you to be around because they're jokes seem better when you're there.

55. They'll want to dance with you. And they will dance with you.

56. Will do what they can to get your attention. They may suddenly clap, whistle, or jump to see if you'll look their way.

57. They don't frown at you or maintain some kind of seriousness. The ENFP is full of energy; they're not calculated and looking at what needs to be done with finances or the house, they're a smiling, interacting, love machine.

58. If you're doing something random that you didn't notice yourself -- they'll comment on it.

59. They'll feel so strongly about you that they may feel dizzy or concerned that they're not around you.

60. An ENFP will make sure that you're taken care of.

Questions & Answers


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      • SerenityHalo profile image

        Andrea Lawrence 2 months ago from Chicago

        ENFP is easy to read. ENFJ is also easy to read. INFJ, not so much. INFJ does have the second trait of extroverted feeling, but those with dominant introverted intuition are not easy for others to read. People have a hard time knowing how they come to their conclusions or their ideas at all. The INFJ and INTJ are generally draped in mystery.

      • profile image

        ENFPF 2 months ago

        You are this moment it is appropriate to just wait and do nothing..the situation is just so twisted..

      • profile image

        INFJM 3 months ago

        @ENFPF Thank you for your continued insight, and also for re-telling your experience. It is kind of you to provide such an example, especially on a public forum.

        The night out was awkward; she was asking me many questions in front of colleagues and I couldn't tell what angle this was from. It felt almost like she was keeping distance. At one point we were alone and I, semi-jokingly, said that I don't trust her enough to tell her so much about myself. To which she replied: are you worried that it will make you seem less mysterious? I didn't know what to make of this. The night became even more strange; it felt almost like she was testing me, then distancing herself. She revealed very little about herself other than some basic details, while I was revealing information I considered very important and personal to me. At one point she said that she had thousands more questions to ask. The night ended with her announcing what she was doing at the weekend, and then offering a lift to myself and remaining colleagues.

        I took a risk earlier this week and sent a message to her phone, asking if she'd like to meet for a drink and continue the conversation. I have had no reply. I feel foolish.

        I am considering disappearing for my own emotional safety and well-being; although I have no reasonable grounds to try to communicate with her again.

        Perhaps this was all a mistake and I completely mis-read things. I could swear there was something there, and I'm certainly not delusional. For a brief moment I was re-considering my stance on love and relationships, and taking a chance with someone. Now, I don't know. It is exceedingly dangerous and ill-advised to rest one's sense of self and happiness upon another. That is not a road I intend to travel again.

        I feel that I am left with no other options in this scenario than to wait, or try and forget the whole thing.

      • profile image

        ENFPF 3 months ago

        @INFJM I could not really visualize what would have happened but I would suggest do not disappear. For reference I will tell you something about my experience. I met an INFJ at one point of my life. Usually I am very good at reading people but this guy, he was impenetrable. I did not even hope for a friendship between us. But slowly we started talking, I had the most amazing conversations of my life with this guy. That electric atmosphere u were talking about, I know it very well. He used to become very talkative with me to everyone's surprise. Then one day he left from the place due to some reason. Now, I never thought someone's departure from my life would affect me very much, but it did in this case. I used to miss him terribly. I found myself thinking about him all the time. If it was someone else, I would have called them and told how much I am missing them but I can't tell him because I had never seen his emotional side. I left that place finally because it wasn't the same without him. It was 2 years ago and I recovered well but I could never find out what he felt about me when he was with me and when he left. I received some occasional formal texts from him in this period but I don't have even slightest idea of what he thinks of me. Well, I just want to say that ENFP and INFJ connection can't move further if INFJ choose to remain absolutely impenetrable.

        Talk to her. I am not saying directly express your feelings. Ask her how is she doing, talk casually. Do not disappear.

      • profile image

        INFJM 3 months ago

        @ENFPF It feels appropriate to report back.

        I went. She was there waiting. It was a disaster. I should have expected it. Seems to be an infj thing perhaps, when surrounded by so many emotions.

        The only question that now remains is whether to call the whole thing off and abort mission, or chance further contact.

        Romance and love are incredibly difficult, doubly so I think for folks of the IN persuasion.

        48? I am curious. Prosperity? This alludes to many things.

      • profile image

        ENFPF 3 months ago

        @INFJM I am glad I could help. But please don't miss that event because if she is really into you, she will be waiting for you. Just go there and find out. And remember "48".

      • profile image

        INFJM 3 months ago

        @ENFPF thank you kindly. A fortuitous post perhaps as I attend the aforementioned social event tomorrow evening (well, later today), if I don't manage to talk myself out of going before I even get there. I'll bear your words in mind as I attempt to bluff my through the socialising. :)

      • profile image

        ENFPF 3 months ago

        @INFJM we ENFP females are highly expressive. You can literally read what is going on inside us from our faces. And if you pay attention, we actually express what we feel about someone during conversations indirectly. You should not feel any difficulty knowing what she feels about you. She will express it eventually. Just observe her when she is with you.

      • profile image

        INFJM 4 months ago

        Is an ENFP lady likely to be patient in pursuit of a romantic interest?

        I am an INFJ who has recently been dazzled by a brilliant colleague after years of being relentlessly single. I left the job last week but did not tell her about my feelings. I was afraid that she just being friendly.

        Man, her smile, her kindness her touch on my arm was like something else. It freaked me out; she seemed to genuinely get where I was coming from without even saying much.

        There was this electric atmosphere; hard to describe. My over-thinking

        So, I left her a note with my contact details. I did get an invite to a social next month from a fellow co-worker, but I'm kinda afraid that I may have been seeing things that weren't there. Over-thinking as I usually do.

        Can any ENFP ladies offer any advice?

      • profile image

        Carly 7 months ago

        Never had a serious crush but this is true based on how I interact with close friends and how I could see myself behaving.

      • profile image

        INFJ 8 months ago

        to the ENFP below. We are subtle, we are VERY subtle. At least I am. I need to know the other person likes me before I would even dare letting on that I like them back. I act a little like a shy ENFP when I like some one; I can be happy and bubbly around everyone else but when it regards them, I am completely in my own head and over analyzing it. Hopefully another INFJ can help you with that, cause I am a little hopeless in that regard

      • profile image

        ENFP 9 months ago


        yes as an ENFP it is very common for that to happen. And that article is very true. I love INFJs and i have liked one for over five years but i only get to see him once a year or so. When im around him i feel something click but considering i almost never see him i still haven't figured out yet if he feels the same way. Can any INFJ tell me any little signs that he might like me back??

      • profile image

        INFJ 9 months ago

        About the "41. You'll catch them contradicting ", is that common?

        Could any enfp tell me?"

      • SerenityHalo profile image

        Andrea Lawrence 10 months ago from Chicago

        I agree, ENFP is the sunshine we have all always needed.

      • profile image

        INFJ 10 months ago

        As an infj that has fallen for (and still am falling for) a really amazing enfp, I can confirm the accuracy of this list first-hand. Never change, enfp. You are the sunshine that this world so desperately needs ❤

      • SerenityHalo profile image

        Andrea Lawrence 10 months ago from Chicago

        Definitely come back and enjoy.

      • profile image

        ENFP 10 months ago

        The description of the signs is very accurate Awesome!!! I sure will read this again several times in the future. Thank you very much!

      • profile image

        LD 13 months ago

        Sign me up!

      • profile image

        smol 14 months ago

        dang son im really into this guy and i found out a few weeks ago that he's infj and now i find this?? gee golly i hope i haven't been too obvious yikes!

      • SerenityHalo profile image

        Andrea Lawrence 19 months ago from Chicago

        They are quite addictive. :)

      • profile image

        INFJ 19 months ago

        they're like magnet to me too

        Just my best type

      • profile image

        ENFP 24 months ago

        Of course

      • SerenityHalo profile image

        Andrea Lawrence 24 months ago from Chicago


        Sounds sweet! Definitely take your time. INFJ types are super introspective and deal well with having time to develop trust, etc.

      • profile image

        ENFP 24 months ago

        Yeah and that's the 100% truth right there! We've really hit it off. I'm even making a (probably feeble) attempt to learn her native language of German too :)

        Sincerity, Loyalty, and Modesty are all musts for sure!

        She's just so mysterious to me. In every regard, but also fascinating in everything we share in common. If she happened to live closer, not that the distance is a problem, I'd almost instinctively make a move, both metaphorically and literally.

      • SerenityHalo profile image

        Andrea Lawrence 2 years ago from Chicago


        That makes sense. I think there is some restraint usually taken when interacting with an INFJ, since they might see it as a red flag and run. They really like sincerity, loyalty, and modesty. But they love ENFP because there is automatic chemistry.

      • profile image

        ENFP 2 years ago

        I'd say this is pretty spot on accurate. Only discrepancy I'd say, is with point #6. Certain things I don't just want to outright say. Typically this refers to my feelings, especially with the INFJ I've been talking to. I don't want to scare her off lol. Other things, yeah, ask and I'll answer with 100% unrestrained honesty.

        I've actually had to stop myself mid-text with her too, because I would have just blurted out how I felt, but like I said, I don't want to scare her. Ha.


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