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Signs an ENFP Personality Likes You

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An ENFP is a champion of other people. They want others to feel included.

An ENFP is a champion of other people. They want others to feel included.

When an ENFP Likes You

An ENFP is an excitable Myers Briggs personality. They're extroverted, intuitive feelers and perceivers. They make for an amazing friend or romantic partner.

The ENFP personality loves people. They want to meet people and have a charming and funny partner. They're big flirts, but they're looking for someone who has the right chemistry with them.

"NF" idealist personalities are all looking for that perfect match. The ENFP is without a doubt well-suited for the INFJ. The two have similar yet slightly different social functions. They're actually reversed personalities, which allows them to have a bond that looks psychic.



Introverted Intution

Extroverted Intuition


Extroverted Feeling

Introverted Feeling


Introverted Thinking

Extroverted Thinking


Extroverted Sensing

Introverted Sensing


An ENFP and INFJ will talk to each other naturally. They will seem like they've always known each other. They understand each other's ways of processing information, and since they're not mirroring each other, they don't get in the way.

They're great at bouncing ideas off of each other. The ENFP will inspire and support the INFJ, while the INFJ gives the ENFP structure and vision. They have an excitable, whimsical, and flirtatious connection. You can expect fireworks when these two meet.

The ENFP will relentlessly entertain while the INFJ feeds its flames. The ENFP adores the INFJ, their harder outer shell, and their deep, complex, and mesmerizing inner voice. When they're together, the two will feel like they can conquer the world.

The ENFP will gravitate toward the INFJ and the INTJ, the latter of which has introverted intuition as their dominant quality. ENFP is not well suited for someone that has intuition as an inferior or even tertiary quality. The ENFP thrives on metaphors, creativity, and the abstract. They thrive on interacting with someone's mind, although they're also looking for someone attractive who can inspire their imagination.

The ENFP and ESTJ Don't Get Along

The ENFP would not do well with a strong ST type. Someone who doesn't have strong intuition won't be able to keep up—ENFP might get confused if you're too down to earth.

If someone has stubborn ideas about the world, the ENFP will lose interest fast. They want to explore and create instead of organizing and administrating. The complete opposite of the ENFP—the ESTJ—would come off as unappealing: extroverted sensing, introverted thinking, extroverted feeling, and introverted intuition. These qualities are completely opposite from the ENFP, which would make it difficult for them to relate to each other.

Signs an ENFP Likes You

  1. They'll make a point to talk to you. The ENFP isn't afraid to start a conversation and give you attention.
  2. They'll ask you a number of questions right off the bat. They're genuinely curious about you.
  3. They have an openly flirty personality. You'll be able to tell that they're making a point to connect with you.
  4. They'll touch you in a friendly way: like give you a hug, a pat on the back, a high five. They'll make sure to touch you in an appropriate way.
  5. They'll be excited to tell you new things. They'll look for you and want to borrow your attention. ENFP likes to be the star of the show.
  6. They're not afraid to speak their mind around you.
  7. They'll look intensely into your eyes and smile a lot.
  8. The ENFP will crack jokes with you. They'll keep going if they sense that you have strong chemistry together.
  9. Expect witty comments all over the place and bursts of laughter followed by an attempt of a serious face. They have a flair for drama.
  10. An ENFP is likely to blurt out their feelings. He must just flat out say he likes you.
  11. People tell you the ENFP person gets more talkative when you're near them.
  12. They'll compliment anything about you. Your hair, your eyes, your humor, your feet, your sudden need to swat the air. They may comment on your punctuality.
  13. Are you an INFJ? They most likely like you. They find this type irresistible.
  14. ENFPs are kind of like dogs. Their figurative tail will start wagging when they see you, and they'll jump up and down when they've not seen you in a while.
  15. They'll try to get a sense of your schedule to see you as much as they possibly can.
  16. If the ENFP is a guy, he might show off his arms by putting them back behind their head. It's a preening gesture that guys do.
  17. The ENFP will want to ascertain you're their favorite person in the room. They get jealous easily.
  18. Even if they're only a few feet or inches away from you, they'll be smiling.
  19. They might accidentally relay information that they shouldn't. Like that they know where you live without ever having been there.
  20. Best. hugs. ever.
  21. They may suddenly just pick you up.
  22. They will show off. They don't want to bother anyone with their showing off—they just want you to look their way and connect with them.
  23. It is difficult for them to hide their emotions—when they try to hide them, they become even more apparent. So if they like you, you and everybody else will know.
  24. They'll chase you. ENFPs are forward people.
  25. They may suddenly appear at your house with cookies.
  26. They'll bring up information from previous conversations. ENFPs are nostalgic.
  27. The ENFP will find ways to have one on one moments with you, even if in a group setting.
  28. Think loud noises, bright colors, and confetti. The ENFP will make a scene.
  29. If they don't flake on you after saying yes, then they like you.
  30. She wants to hear about you. She'll ask about your day.
  31. He seems eager to please and wants to get things right. He values your interests.
  32. They won't bolt at the first sign of trouble.
  33. The ENFP is spontaneous and likes someone who can keep up with her thoughts. The ENFP jumps from one thought to the next with lightning speed.
  34. He'll share random things with you: his jacket, his favorite pencil, a pet rock, some camping gear, flowers he picked, or a meaningful kiss.
  35. The ENFP appears noticeably sad when the conversation ends.
  36. He buys you a drink.
  37. They sit near you. They sit close to you. They're always close.
  38. At a party, you'll always be in their line of sight.
  39. Others will mention that the two of you seem close. People will notice your connection.
  40. She invites you over to her home for a meal she cooked herself.
  41. He writes you heartfelt messages.
  42. If he lives a long ways away, he has no problem driving the distance to make it to events that are important to you. He may live 3 hours away but that doesn't stop him from making it to your birthday.
  43. She always picks you as her partner during group events or at games.
  44. He'll try to see if you get along with his pet or if you're good with animals.
  45. They'll want to take you everywhere from concerts, to gas stations, to cemeteries. I really mean everywhere.
  46. She may try to see if you get along with her friends or family.
  47. He goes 100% on your more spontaneous ideas that most people never would.
  48. He invites you to events rather often.
  49. Expect randomness (at the level of Robin Williams) being directed at you.
  50. Expect to find a number of gifts around your house.
  51. An ENFP has warmth like the sun. You'll find yourself happier in this person's presence. They intend for you to feel that way.
  52. An ENFP will want to meet all your friends. They want to know every detail of your life.
  53. The ENFP wants you to be around because their jokes seem better when you're there.
  54. They'll want to dance with you.
  55. He'll come over to your house randomly just to say hi. He'll come over to your house without any purpose.
  56. If you're doing something random that you didn't even notice yourself, they'll comment on it.
  57. She'll comment that she's missed you if she hasn't seen you in a long while.
  58. An ENFP will make sure that you have what you need. They'll give you their extra blanket, they'll fill up the gas in your car, they'll help you prepare for a test.
  59. The ENFP will give you special attention. The ENFP won't treat anyone else like the way they do you.
  60. They may give you the cold shoulder to see if you react.

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