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How to Deal With a Critical Virgo

Virgos aren't easy to get along with, but they sure are worth it.

Virgos aren't easy to get along with, but they sure are worth it.

Virgos Can Be Problematic, but They're Worth It

Are you totally confused about how to behave around a Virgo? Virgos are not always easy, thanks to some of their infamous characteristics. They can be overly critical, demanding, overbearingly introverted, and they tend to give their criticism at all the wrong times.

Virgos are one of the few zodiac signs who are difficult to get along with. They take their time in analyzing and trusting people, which can leave their pursuers or partners feeling emotionally dejected. But if you really want to get on a Virgo's good side, you can do so by keeping few points in mind. Trust me, once you get their affection, a Virgos would literally die for you—they're that loyal! Here are some tips if you have a Virgo friend or partner who you're looking to impress.

How to Get on a Virgo's Good Side

Before you can fully understand a Virgo, you need to know the following:

1. Virgos are critical, yes, but it is mostly for your own good!

Virgos don't generally give you advice if you don't need it. They may point out your shortcomings more openly than other people. Think of a Virgo as a personality development center and take it in the right spirit—this makes it much easier.

Virgos absolutely love it when you listen to them. This might be why they are considered "dominating." But this does not mean that it is their way or the highway. You can quietly turn them down, and they will understand your point of view sooner or later. Give a Virgo some time to analyze the situation, and they will understand your opinion, taking their own sweet time in doing so. Just give them some time!

2. When a Virgo gets stressed insisting on perfection, calm them down!

Virgos tend to be perfectionists. I say "tend to be" because they are not always perfect, even if they strive to be. In this effort to achieve perfection, they may neglect you or they might even neglect themselves. In such situations, tell them that perfection is not always possible—what they are doing is already perfect enough.

3. Virgos are shy at first, but when they trust you, they let go!

It is difficult for a Virgo to trust anyone. First, they judge you incessantly, scanning you from head to toe. They'll form their own private reporting system where you are given grades for literally everything, including the way you talk, walk, present yourself, your grammar, or your diction—the list is endless. Once they start feeling more comfortable around you, they let go and become more talkative. If you break that trust, they'll put up their walls once more.

If you feel that your Virgo is too introverted, try making them more comfortable and ask why are they're so withdrawn. This question only tends to make them more withdrawn.

4. Always respect a Virgo's opinion.

You might never agree with what a Virgo says, but the least you can do is respect his or her viewpoint. As a perfectionist, a Virgo thinks that their ideas are the best, and they can be a bit narrow-minded when it comes to changing their thought process. If you rudely and insensitively dismiss a Virgo's suggestions, you are at risk of getting on their bad side. Remember, they are the "forgive but never forget" types. They will, now and then, passive-aggressively bring up those points—more so if you have hurt them—so deal with them sensitively. Virgos generally hate people who are tactless.

5. Bring stability into the picture.

Having no goal or ambition is a big turn off for a Virgo. In order to impress a Virgo, you need to have a clear view of where you are heading. You should have it all mapped out. If you ask a Virgo about their goals, they will be able to tell you about how they intend to pursue these very goals—they'll even draw you a flowchart about it. Be financially stable and be a rock at what you do, and there you go—you'll have your Virgo's attention.

This does not necessarily mean that a Virgo is money-minded. They just like it when people think on the same wavelength as they do and give importance to the same things. Virgos are automatically attracted to people who work hard in achieving their goals and are career oriented.

6. Virgos are not into casual relationships

Virgos would rather not date at all than be in a casual relationship. They like to be in a committed relationship. So if you are just looking for some fun, you just might be heading in the wrong direction. On the other hand, offer them your full-fledged devotion, and you will, in return, get the same.

If you are ready to handle a Virgo and their bad elements, then go right ahead. I have seen some people put up with a Virgo's traits poorly, whereas some others have the most peaceful relationship ever, probably because they dedicated quality time in understanding each other.

Knowing someone's sun sign doesn't help you strengthen your relationship always, but knowing their essential characteristics can still help. You can then mold your personality to suit one another's needs and have a long, successful relationship.

What a Virgo Can Do to Strengthen Their Relationships

  • Limit your criticisms as much as you can. Not everyone appreciates it! Give your opinion only when it is asked for—this way you can prevent any major tiffs.
  • Compliment your special ones whenever possible. It might be difficult for you to compliment someone casually but who knows—your near and dear ones might just need one at the moment.
  • You don't always have to achieve perfection! Do your best in everything, but don't over-stress yourself trying to achieve perfect results. You'll be doing yourself more harm than good.
  • Listen to others. You might not always be right, even if you think you are. Take time to understand the other person's viewpoint.

Questions & Answers

Question: My Virgo man seems narcissistic. Is that a trait of the sign?

Answer: Any zodiac sign can be narcissistic. My ex was a Leo and he was narcissistic as well.


Private name on August 30, 2020:

Virgo’s are very annoying. I cannot even do what you just said cause am an Aries, as far as i try my best to hide my temper, virgo always push me to the end. Sorry I cannot

Adaoma on July 12, 2020:

my sister is a very annoying , rude and bossy as hell my my parents brush it of as if her rudeness towards me is acceptable or funny i truly don't know if that is one of the characteristics of a Virgo but if so us Leos need to have a serious conversation.

Maria Cohn from South Orange County, CA on April 30, 2020:

I'm a proud female Virgo. Often, I "measure" a situation and internally judge the situation or person, but I think we all do (all signs). I try to be as careful as possible to express those thoughts. Tact is key. I'm in a fairly new relationship with a Leo man, and man oh man...we couldn't be more polar opposites. Maturity plays an important part in this, as in any relationship. I enjoyed reading this piece...especially the part where it said that once you've gained a Virgo's trust, they LET GO! Well, I let go the other day and it backfired on me. He wants to hold off on marriage-talk until he gets to know me better and my strange ways. *sigh* and, I assume, to make sure he's found the right fit. So I wanted to read up on how a Virgo may RECEIVE criticism in a healthy and productive manner. I can't seem to get over the hurt "hump" --and I need to find a way to turn this around and show him how worthy I truly am.

Cleo on March 26, 2020:

I’m a Virgo ♍️ I want ever if someone tries to prove me wrong I try find the most evidence to prove them wrong back and then I get really annoyed when they say well I don’t care oh and I’m also dying to get a boyfriend.

Lola on February 13, 2020:

I live with a Virgo and I truly love him. Truth is though that I’m so tired off being criticized. It’s like I can’t do right. If I’m too stubborn and proud to apologize for my reactions to something I’ll find it in me to do so. When I finally do I get told that I am always having to apologize for my mistakes. I feel like a mistake already. You all have to stop with this we care ..... because we care too!!!! And the fact that you care is used as an excuse to act out of line.

Bottom line is. WhT you don’t know is that someone knows all your flaws and mistakes too and still loves you and please don’t make it where I have to tell you what it is I accept about you because then it’s no longer unconditional love nor acceptance. :((

Sumika on January 28, 2020:

I’m a Virgo and I am dating a Virgo guy. I can say this... if we criticize someone it’s usually because we care....and we feel we know what’s best. A Virgo will be true and honest

Sophia on August 05, 2019:

I am a Virgo myself and recently something bad has happened to me and I have received grief so I’m figuring a way to fix it

Aarti on November 13, 2018:

I am a virgo and I have started to work on ur advice ... Thanks for this advice ..this is exactly what I needed

Grace Marguerite Williams from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York on September 20, 2013:

Yeees, we Virgos can be bitingly critical. I am known to analyze things and people to death. I also can be scathingly critical, especially if I see the issue as wrong. We also have our manic pet peeves. Please DON'T get ME started.

This is an insightful and spot on hub. Enjoyed reading it, I found myself. My mother is also a Virgo. She has THREE planets in Virgos, she makes ME look like Oscar Madison in comparison to her Felix Ungar. She is NEAT to a T. She is highly perfectionistic. She can be carpingly critical. Sometimes, she can nag which can be trying. owever, we Virgos CARE and are LOYAL to the ones we love. We also sacrifice for others. Keep writing these astrological hubs, yours is ON TARGET!

Woidl81 on January 14, 2013:

Thanks, this is exactly my partner, she is Libra Sun, but with Moon, Mercury and Mars in Virgo. I make the joke that the Libra part even wants to have things nice and beautiful as well. So much stress and demanding perfection (also from me)...even gets a patient Capricorn desperate...besides that there is a lot of beauty in her..but how I wish she learnt to let go...sigh...thanks

Kalpana Iyer (author) from India on December 14, 2012:

Well, what Virgos might perceive as good qualities (perfection, criticism) might not be appreciated by others. So I guess it all boils down to how you express yourself in a more tactful manner.

Paul from Ky on December 13, 2012:

Hello there, really enjoyed reading your hub. 9-21. It describes me to a t. Am I really that bad? I need to work on some things! lol. Really enjoyed it! Take care, Bye.

Kalpana Iyer (author) from India on December 03, 2012:

Thanks Mahesh Patwal :) Yeah perfectionism and criticism are traits of a Virgo. These traits can be useful but can also create havoc in others lives. As you know, everything is good but in moderation :)

maheshpatwal from MUMBAI on December 03, 2012:

Diva......Being a virgo i know that most of the traits mentioned by you in your hubs are absolutely correct...... i'll take your piece of advice and limit my criticism/opinions only when it is asked..... Amazing hub... Voting it up...

Kalpana Iyer (author) from India on December 03, 2012:

Thanks for reading and commenting! Good to know I got the traits right :)

Mary Hyatt from Florida on December 03, 2012:

When I saw your title, I knew I had to read the Hub. I am a Virgo, and your characteristics of a Virgo are so right. I think I am the only person in the world who can do a job correctly, so I do everything myself. I am truly a perfectionist.

I am also very critical, too......

Great Hub. I voted it up, etc. and will share.

hazelbrown from Central PA on June 23, 2012:

Great hub! I'm a Virgo, and I agree with all of your observations. My favorite thing about astrology is that all characteristics can be seen in a positive or negative light - being critical can be annoying, but if an opinion is offered in the right way it can be a great help to someone. Thanks!

katrinasui on December 13, 2011:

Lots of good tips. Thanks:)

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