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How to Date an Aquarius Woman ♒️

Andrea has a background in Myers-Briggs and Western astrology. She mostly writes about relationships.


The Dilemma With Aquarius

The ever-elusive Aquarius woman can be extremely challenging to date. The lovely woman is even more challenging to get into a steady relationship.

The 11th sign of the zodiac is known for her carefree lifestyle, social butterfly ways, and unpredictability. Aquarius women can be aloof, overly critical, and near impossible to reach.

In a nutshell: Aquarius types tend to look for a soul mate. They’re looking for their perfect match. Before that happens, they may date casually or enjoy some company over dinner. Aquariuses in general are independent and not as relationship prone as other signs. I would argue there are only two signs that are more single than the fixed air sign: Virgo and Sagittarius.

Elements and Compatibility

Aquarius naturally has more successful relationships with fire and air signs. Things won’t come together as easily with water and earth signs. Of course, there are people with fire or air as their Sun sign element, and they don’t work well with an Aquarius. Also, a water or earth sign could end up being a brilliant match for the 11th sign. There are a lot of variables at play!

Fire and air signs are described as having yang energy. They like to go out into the world and get stuff done. They’re energetic, intense, arrogant, and playful.

Earth and water signs are described as having yin energy. They’re more introspective. They like to manage and organize rather than lead. They’re slow and thoughtful, deliberate, observant, and serious.


Compatibility With Signs

There are certain trends that occur with Aquarius and each sign. Granted, not every relationship on the planet looks exactly like what astrology predicts. Every person will bring their own unique spin to their relationships. Below is what you can generally expect with each Aquarius pairing.


Aries will impress Aquarius with their focus on making things happen. Aries will more than likely be the one to initiate. The two will be kismet when it comes to passion. They're both fairly independent and opinionated. The pairing could run its course because more arguments happen than Aquarius likes.

Aries and Aquarius can unleash a serious amount of creativity. They have the ability to bring out the best in each other.


Taurus and Aquarius are both fixed signs, so they're both stubborn. Aquarius will appreciate that Taurus is reliable. The air sign can depend on the earth sign. Taurus also has an appreciation for beauty that Aquarius finds appealing. The spring sign can sometimes be too quiet for Aquarius who wants to talk.

Aquarius will enjoy that Taurus can be present-minded and a good kisser. Taurus has an incredible ability that allows them to steady Aquarius.


Gemini and Aquarius go together like trees and grass. They're synonymous with each other. Gemini has a sweet, light-hearted spirit. They're constantly changing moods and thoughts, sometimes in an onery way.

Gemini knows how to get on the same wavelength as Aquarius. The two will have a relationship dominated by intelligence. They feel like they can be completely open with each other. Gemini makes for an ideal partner for Aquarius.


Cancer will bring out Aquarius' emotions. At times, Cancer is too cloying for Aquarius' taste. Cancer is a very dependent sign whereas Aquarius is very independent. Aquarius will appreciate the sweeter more nurturing touch of Cancer. The two can be very weird and creative together. There is a lot of fun to be had. Both people want to be relaxed and in a calming presence.


Leo and Aquarius make for a firecracker relationship. The two are complete opposites, but they find common ground as fixed signs. Leo will bring an excitement to the relationship that Aquarius finds invigorating. The lion will make Aquarius feel incredibly wanted and desirable. Leo knows how to flatter Aquarius. This relationship will turn into a show of feats and big displays.


Virgo and Aquarius make for an incredibly strange couple. They're both highly independent signs. They will fall in love in a cerebral way. Virgo is considered the most thought-oriented earth sign. Virgo will win over Aquarius with their logic and by doing acts of service. The mutable summer sign will make sure Aquarius' needs are met. Virgo loves Aquarius' absurd mind.


Libra and Aquarius often make for the best of friends. Both signs prioritize friendships and their immense social world. They love to keep tabs on people. As a couple, they'll be incredibly artsy, random, sweet, and open-minded. They know how to get on the same page, and they're not afraid to be different. They have a deep relationship full of conversations and adventures. One problem area: Aquarius will have to accept that Libra is indecisive.


Scorpio and Aquarius is a legendary pairing. Due to their positions in the zodiac chart, Scorpio and Aquarius are square signs. They instinctively understand each other and also elude each other. Scorpio is the master of emotions and Aquarius is the master of thoughts. They build an ESP-like connection, but they frequently cross each other the wrong way.

Scorpio wants to seduce and seclude their lover—think Hades capturing Persephone. Aquarius is looking for a soul mate who transcends the earthly plane. They both know how to fit into their partner's fantasies.


Sagittarius and Aquarius often make for a short-term fling. Both people are random and unpredictable. They follow their own luck. Neither particularly likes to settle down. They're like wild horses running in a field. Sagittarius and Aquarius are an explosive relationship full of creativity and spontaneity.

Sagittarius will follow through with Aquarius' absurd ideas. With Sagittarius by Aquarius' side, she'll take more risks and opportunities than she normally does. This pairing is often a positive one even if short-lived.


Capricorn and Aquarius can weather things together because they're both associated with winter. Capricorn does what they can to survive the harsh conditions of life and Aquarius figures out how to entertain herself through the hard times. They're both introspective in a way. They observe and think things through because they're part of the last group of signs in the zodiac. The later signs are associated with wisdom, maturity, understanding, and mentorship.


An Aquarius and Aquarius couple will be an intense amount of thought, arguments, silliness, and risk-taking. Both people will feel understood; however, since they are so similar there will be a lot of things that don't get done.

Two people who like the same things often don't like similar things, meaning it may feel like pulling teeth to get chores done or other tedious work. Aquarius and Aquarius will either argue incessantly or be the calmest pair you have ever seen.


Pisces and Aquarius is a magical match. They make for an extraordinary team because they both love intelligence and emotions but in really different ways. Pisces is considered the wisest sign of the zodiac even though they're a water sign and ruled by emotions. Pisces is the last sign, so they're seen as the mentor. Aquarius has a major role with emotions, she is the water bearer. Aquarius knows how to calm the waters or bring them to a roar. Her job is to make water move and to spread it to the masses.

Pisces and Aquarius have a role together to bring the world into a utopia. This is a powerful match that transcends expectations.

A Quick Look at Aquarius' Element

Air signs are ruled by thoughts. They're intelligent, and you can appeal to them by using your brain. Don't be a show-off who lacks empathy, but do show that you're smart, capable, and have goals.

Aquarius has a never-ending stream of thoughts. An Aquarius woman does well with someone who can write long messages, has a constant inner monologue, and is funny. Aquarius loves people who are witty and have unique things to say. They really love conversations. They like questions and thought games.

The fixed air sign will break up with someone if she thinks they're dull. Make sure to put your best traits forward. This sign can see right through you, so if you're faking things... they'll know. Aquarius is excellent at determining whether there is a connection with someone that can be developed.

Quick Glance at Aquarius



January 20 to February 18


Mid Winter


Water Bearer



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Show Her That You’re Creative

If you want to get in the good graces of an Aquarius, one of the top things you need to do is show that you’re creative. Aquarius doesn’t like to be trapped in a routine of predictable and tedious tasks. She’s looking for magic, inspiration, and the celestial. Aquarius will be far more attracted to someone who displays creativity and an open mind than someone who follows traditions down to the last letter. Aquarius prizes originality, not carbon copies.

You’ll have better luck with her if you show her that you have a distinct perspective. Show her that you can think for yourself, and show her that your thoughts aren’t just copied and pasted from everyone else. Be creative: play the guitar, dance, sing, paint, design something with your hands, and take random classes in your community.

Aquarius won’t stay with someone who is boring. If you lack carbonation, you’ll be tossed out.

How to Ace Your Date With Aquarius

The fixed air sign wants a memorable date, not necessarily a fairy tale storybook wedding. They're looking for something that's different but still amazing. They don't want to do the same old plain things they normally do. It's a bad idea to take them on a typical date like dinner and a movie because it might not register to them that you're actually taking them on a date. They might misconstrue it as hanging out.

1. Make the Date Special

A date needs to be something elevated. Don't take them to the same place where you took an ex. Find new places, new experiences, and new eateries to take an Aquarius.

2. Dress Like You Care

Look nice for your date. Aquarius is unpredictable and strange, but they like someone who can dress well. I encourage you to dress to impress. Also, make sure you check all the boxes when it comes to hygiene: shower, style your hair, wear a clean outfit that brings out your best features, smell good, wear clean shoes, etc.

3. Send Text Messages Before You Arrive

If you're running late, make sure you send a text message to let her know how late you're running. Also, send her a text before you leave... let her know you're on the way, so she can make any last adjustments to her outfit, home, etc.

4. Don't Make a Big Deal About the Check at Dinner

You can split the check with her or pay for her meal. It's a good idea to suggest that you'll pay for everything, but don't sweat it if she wants to split the check. Offering to pay will come off as polite. Going on and on about how you want to pay will be annoying. If she reaches for the check and pays for things herself, just let it happen.

5. Take Things Slowly

Aquarius types often need time to warm up to a new boo. Don't expect a kiss on the first date. Just keep things positive and sweet. Be patient, and don't freak out if things aren't going your way—that will be a major turnoff to this sign. They don't like to be controlled. They're independent. They're smart. Manipulative people don't work well with them. Go with the flow, don't force Aquarius to go or do anything she doesn't want to do.

6. Dates Should Be Fun, Not a Chore

Aquarius is a fun-loving sign. They don't want to go on a date that drags on with nothing to it. They're not running errands with you. They don't want to just sit on your couch watching TV. They're more likely to get swept off by a good dancer than someone who likes to talk about paint drying.


Date Ideas

When it comes to an Aquarius date, you want there to be something intriguing about it. An Aquarius loves to chat about ideas and spend an evening with someone they consider smart. If you take an Aquarius out to dinner, make sure it's somewhere special, charming, and has amazing food. Don't take them to somewhere that's run-of-the-mill or, worse, forgettable.

Here are some date ideas that work well for an Aquarius:

1. Explore an Art Museum Together

Aquarius will enjoy looking at creative pieces. They'll be impressed if you're open-minded and if you can maintain a witty commentary. Art museum tours are great for Saturdays and can work easily around lunch, dinner, or coffee.

2. Take Them to a Place with Lots of Cutesy Shops

If you have a popular street in your area, perhaps in the downtown area, there is a good chance it will have intriguing shops. Aquarius loves to browse books, antiques, plants, furniture, and clothes. They like walking on dates rather than just sitting. It's also nice to grab a bite to eat or even more ideally—ice cream.

3. Aquarius Enjoys Aquariums

Yes, those two words are similar (Aquarius and aquarium). Here's the thing: aquariums often have impressive displays. The water bearer loves seeing fish and other aquatic creatures swirling around and other colorful scenes. Aquariums are peaceful, and this sign likes equanimity. I would suggest going to an aquarium when fewer kids will be there—go there during the week or any season but summer.

4. Carnivals, Theme Parks, and Anywhere With a Ferris Wheel

Aquarius LOVES anything that's strange, unpredictable, and brightly colored. Places that offer variety and curiosity are a major plus to Aquarius. These places are also excellent at getting Aquarius to come out of her shell.

The adrenaline high from these places will result in her saying hilarious things. She will bond with you more easily.

5. A Hike Through a Beautiful Place.

If the Aquarius you like has a fancy camera, they'll probably enjoy going on a nature walk where they can take lovely pictures. Botanical gardens, national parks, waterfalls, and enchanting meadows can all act as a muse for Aquarius and her imagination. Prepare a picnic basket and find a gorgeous place to have lunch.

6. Day Trips to Random Small Towns

Aquarius likes to go somewhere they've never been whether it's to tour an unusual attraction or find an incredibly good restaurant. It's a great idea to take Aquarius to a place that you really want to go but haven't done so yet, like a distant apple orchard, cozy bed & breakfast, or novelty museum.

7. Stargazing/Observatory Tours

For those of you who live in an area with a gorgeous night sky, one of the easiest things you can do for an Aquarius date is stargazing. You can sit by a campfire, eat s'mores, and cuddle up with a blanket. Try talking about what could be beyond the planet. Got a new telescope? Aquarius might be interested in checking it out.

8. Tickets to a Symphony, Ballet, or Elsewise

Aquarius types often love music. A fancy night out to hear the local symphony or to watch people perform ballet is always special. Aquarius types like creativity, so going to a theater for live performances is a plus. Find out what kind of music they like, and cater to it.

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