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How an Aquarius Falls in Love

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An Aquarius can be difficult to read when it comes to love. They often hide their feelings.

An Aquarius can be difficult to read when it comes to love. They often hide their feelings.

What Is an Aquarius?

The water bearer is an incredible sign. It has a massive capacity for love. Aquarius is known as the humanitarian, constantly getting to know people, drifting around like a butterfly hoping to help others. Aquarius is by nature a healer and an odd duck. There are so many inaccurate astrological explanations of this sign which is dominated by a feminine energy (doesn't mean you don't have masculinity), by wind and arguably also water, and a sereneness that isn't easily matched. This creature of the lagoon is one of the calmest, thoughtful, creative, and sensitive beasts on the planet. It hides its heart often because it doesn't want to be hurt and because it sees the value in itself. If it doesn't see that value, it may go on a destructive dating streak.

Capturing an Aquarius and bringing her a little closer to see what's in that heart of their's isn't easy. An Aquarius will come to you through consistency. You can't win an Aquarius if you're constantly thinking about yourself and moving. You see, an Aquarius will move from sea to sea, from continent to continent, picking up new ideas and loving them. They don't expect someone to actually try to get them to be with them. They figure people will be too interested in their jobs, their responsibilities, and everything else to do the right math with them and make things work. They'll busy themselves with everything else rather than a relationship for as long as possible. The only more independent and single sign above this one is Virgo, the perfectionist.

Winning the Aquarius Heart

Aquarius isn't simply won over by chocolates, flowers, compliments, or flattery. They will appreciate those things, but what they really need is loyalty. They need to know you really, truly love them. They need to know you will stay, and things are safe. They're not going to realistically open up to you until that safety is provided. It takes time; otherwise, they may come off superficial, although that is not their intent.

What an Aquarius needs is to know that someone has planted their feet in the ground and can handle a dynamite amount of affection and love. You see, people get the Aquarius wrong all the time because this zodiac is so secretive. It's difficult for people to write about an Aquarius unless they experience it themselves. This sign is more like Pisces than Capricorn. It is a wind sign, but often relates better with water signs. All the thinking it does comes from a place of the heart and people. It isn't emotionless; it is a powerful source of energy. This is why it is often swept up by more emotional signs, and often is scared of more dominate signs that make it feel threatened. Aquarius, even though esoteric and weird to the max, needs a simple date. If you really want to win them over, they need a break from the world and all its stimulus. If you take them on wild dates, you'll make it difficult for them to find you. There are too many distractions in the way. Keep the dates simple: take them out to dinner, watch movies with them, do things one on one. Double dates don't make sense to this personality. There would be the underlying question of: why are we doing this, when can we just be together?

Aquarius is known as the idealist. Their idealism can make them appear angelic.

Aquarius is known as the idealist. Their idealism can make them appear angelic.

Aquarius Is All About Joy

Aquarius is up high in the sky. You'll have to lasso them and slowly let them drift into the romantic plane of reality. They live in ideas, in hopes, in dreams. They love to be imaginative. They fear that if they are too creative, you'll leave them. So don't mind them as they drift to a more grounded romance and also shoot into the sky and come up with the most off the wall observations you have ever heard. If you can accept them for who they are in the clouds, then they'll come to the ground to be with you. If you tell them they are too weird, or you don't like their narratives—they'll cut their losses and find someone who does appreciate them for this quality they possess. You'll scare them if you cut them short for their weirdness. This weirdness is their trump card—it's how they make good grades, do work well, and create beautiful things. They can't feasibly turn it off. So if this spark isn't something you enjoy, then don't date them. You'll only confuse and hurt them. But if you enjoy the beauty of what they're doing, then get closer to them so they can share that big, beautiful, crazy, and wonderful imagination with you. They'll fall for you if you enjoy them. You don't necessarily have to understand them—they want to be enjoyed. They want to be your joy, not your annoyance.

Their Greatest Desires

Aquarians desire to be safe. They are sensitive souls, both in thought and emotion. If someone makes them feel threatened or worse abused, they'll do what they can to escape. They need a harmonious environment, which may seem paradoxical since Aquarians are known for uprooting what's around them. They want to change things to help them be authentic and real, because Aquarius has a constant existential crisis that the world around them is fake. Reality is what they seek to restore. They seek to restore it and have harmony surround them. If you are an enjoyable, harmonious presence to them, they'll be attracted to you. But if you jump at them, try to shame them, make them feel less than who they are, you'll really hurt them. Don't try to attract them by that kind of paternal seriousness. Attract them by your smile, your eyes, your comfort. Aquarius are in desperate need of real comfort that is lasting. There are so many things in their lives that seem like they're constantly changing, and sometimes Aquarius just wants something they can really hold.

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An Aquarius will dive deep into their imagination. It's better to just follow them and see where it goes rather than try to break them from their thoughts.

An Aquarius will dive deep into their imagination. It's better to just follow them and see where it goes rather than try to break them from their thoughts.

Aquarius Sees Love as Blue

When an Aquarius likes someone, they'll feel comfortable. They believe in passion, but when they get closer to romance, they might suddenly see things in shades of blue. They've been told their whole lives that passion is red, it is ardent, it is heated. But this recipe has never worked for Aquarius. That is a more masculine idea that has never fit, and has only made the Aquarius feel small or anxious. They see things in softer shades of blue, where things are calm like the sea, easy to touch, easy to grasp, and comforting. They want someone who can be like a marshmallow, a blanket, a cloud, or a nap on the beach. Part of Aquarius' problem is they're being taught love like a Leo, but that's how Leo perceives the world—with fire. Aquarius sees the world as ice, so how can that translate to love? By the softer, sweeter things. When they can sleep in someone's arms, when they can relax into romance, and when they can subside rather than feel like a bull chasing after red. It's really difficult for them to find patches of love in this world because how they interpret and see the world is so different. Red isn't the dress for Aquarius; it's blue. The one who can really make them feel calm and comfortable, who can match that aspect about themselves will win their heart.

Slow and Introspective

Take it slow with an Aquarius. To properly date an Aquarius, you need to take it slow because they are inherently introspective. They need to take their time to think about things, which helps ground them into romance. They need to think about the way you held their hand for the first time and analyze it to the moon and back.

They need to slow down the words you say and really process it. They are information seekers, not information actants. Some people move with the speed of lightning, while others build who they are one piece of snow at a time. Aquarius is symbolized by winter, and a lot of her secrets come from the season. You can't rush the cold. You have to let it slowly build and build and build. I mean, that is the feminine way.

Aquarius may seem too soft and quiet when you get close, but they really just take a while to get to know and heat up. There is an unexpected amount of depth with Aquarians, and they are not all surface level. They have great range, but they don't (and can't) show it all at once. They give you pieces at a time. They need time to give you pieces of themselves effectively; a rushed relationship doesn't work for an Aquarius, even if they dabble in speed, it doesn't hold water for them.

Questions & Answers

Question: How do I know if an Aquarius loves me when she is talking to other guys as well?

Answer: People can talk to anyone of any gender. Now is she having sexually motivated conversations with these men or are they her friends? It sounds like you may be jealous.

Question: How do I know if an Aquarius loves me when she is looking for other prospects as well?

Answer: If she is looking for other prospects, she probably does not love you at this time.

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