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How to Win a Cancer Woman's Heart

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Find advice on winning over a Cancer woman!

Find advice on winning over a Cancer woman!

About the Cancer Zodiac Sign

Ah… dear, sweet zodiac sign, Cancer! You are an emotional one with a strong intuition, and sometimes it is difficult to keep what’s in your head and what’s in your heart in balance. I realize that other people/signs have these times as well, but it is your sign that really FEELS it the most!

Your sign is ruled by the moon—and believe me, you will notice it. There’s something about the way events unfold and how you react to them. You feel like things are out of whack, so to speak. And when you see the full moon, you will take that into consideration.

The Changing Moods of Water Signs

Cancer is one of the three water signs (Pisces and Scorpio are the others). Water represents their emotions—and believe me, those waters run deep! They move with the changing tides and act according to how they feel. Sometimes they are stubborn, and their mood can change like the wind if they feel that’s what the situation calls for. It takes a patient, compassionate, and genuine person to pry open their crab claws and get them to let someone into their heart.

How a Cancer Relates to Other People

Cancer people see the good in others and like to believe everyone around them is as real and sincere as they are. Often times, they are betrayed because of placing so much trust in a person and realizing that people have a tendency to portray themselves as great actors. But once a Cancer has experienced the feeling they have been played for a fool, they retreat back into their shell (home) and come out more alert than they were the last time!

The great thing about this sign is their intuition is usually SPOT ON about things—no matter if it’s what they THINK is going to happen next, how a person would handle different situations, or when they may feel that a certain situation might occur. They can really feel a person out right away. They like to feel protected, and they protect themselves by doing this.

How to Convince a Cancer Woman to Date You

  1. Be an equal partner. A Cancer woman isn’t attracted to arrogance. If you walk into a Cancer’s life, you can be sure that you won’t make it very far if you’re the conquering type. They aren’t looking for someone to take-over, they are looking for someone to be on their same exact wavelength where everything is equal. There is no dominating with them because what they seek in a partner is more like someone who is their best friend.
  2. Be supportive! If a Cancer is going through a rough patch, they may shut off the world. They need plenty of time and space to gather their thoughts and contemplate their next move. Have patience with them. Talk to them and allow them to vent how they are feeling and why. You may offer kind words or advice to them, but don’t be too sure they will follow through with the advice given. They will do what they feel most comfortable with. And of all things, DO NOT be pushy or abandon them.
  3. Be surprising. Cancers like surprises (good ones that is)! Maybe plan a romantic dinner or getaway, or a nice ride around town talking about life, friends, work, etc. They cherish deep conversations and have quite the sense of humor. They don’t need extravagant gifts or material things, it’s what comes from the heart that matters and if there’s a motive, they will see right through it.
  4. Don’t take everything so seriously. If it’s one thing a cancer sign likes to do it is to laugh. If they can joke about a situation and take a light-hearted approach to the turmoil’s of everyday life, the better it is to help them deal with their difficulties. They love to make people laugh and love when others make them laugh as well. Their way of flirting can include sarcasm and if you cleverly shoot a line back at them (all in good fun), that is a real turn-on!
  5. Be honest. This is last, but it's definitely not least. As mentioned above, cancers have a great intuition and can easily feel people out. If they are misled by you, they may close the door without looking back. Although for some, they may forgive, but they will never, ever forget and from time to time you may even hear about it brought up again in the future. You have to earn their trust with nothing but good intentions in order for you to be considered to have a spot in their lives. However once the trust is completely gone, they will accept you for who you are and just consider it as just a learning experience. It is crucial to this sign that you mean what you say as well as say what you mean.

Best Astrological Matches for Cancer

Astrologically speaking, the best matches for this sign are their former sister signs known as Pisces and Scorpio. But in the event these signs don’t work out (which is rare), there are still other signs that are compatible with theirs, including Taurus, Aquarius, and Capricorn.

If Cancer dates one of their own from their zodiac family (Pisces, Scorpio), they have a better chance at lasting love because their nature and outlook on life is rather similar. However, Pisces is a feminine sign and would require you to be more of the caretaker and guide, whereas Scorpio is a masculine sign and loves to protect and care for the loving Cancer sign.

Either way, though, you will find a safe haven in the person that makes you feel the best and also brings out the best in you! The bottom line is be real and be yourself and what is meant to be will always find a way.

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