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There's Two Sides to Every Gemini Man

Sabrina loves to write about love, life, and everything in-between in a candid yet humorous approach.

Mark Wahlberg (June 5,1971)

Mark Wahlberg (June 5,1971)

Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac running from May 20 to June 20. Gemini is represented by the sign of twins and the element of air. If you come across a man born under this sign, you will immediately know he is unlike any other. Gemini men are of a different breed and it is obvious to anyone who encounters them. They are friendly, social, and communicative, but also loners who fear commitment and like to have their space. While it is true what they say, that there are two sides to a Gemini and you never know which one you are going to get, there might as well be a hundred because the Gemini possesses many different personalities and you never know which you are going to come across on any given day. Let the circus begin . . .


The first thing you should know about a Gemini man is that he's a friendly guy. I have never met a Gemini man that I didn't get along with. He has this easy air about him and can get along with just about anyone. He has very developed social skills and his gift of gab is like no other. A Gemini will literally talk your ear off and you won't be able to get a word in edgewise. You'll put up with it though, because Gemini man is just that interesting. He seems to know everything about everything. He's like an information sponge that's constantly learning more and more only to expel it later into your conversation. One thing you can be sure of, you will never be bored with a Gemini. That's just not possible. No topic is off limits with Gemini and they tend to give very good advice because they can see both sides to every issue. Listen up, you just might learn a thing or two here.

Because Gemini man is a such a good communicator, he might be one of the only zodiac signs who likes to talk on the phone. Most men tend to avoid phone conversations, but Gemini man actually prefers it. If you want to grab the attention of the Gemini man, all you have to do is be able to hold an intelligent conversation with him. He finds conversation more stimulating then anything else. He gets bored easily, so you have to keep his attention through the art of conversation. If you can do that, and stimulate him intellectually, you just might have a chance.

Gemini is a paradox, because one side of him is such a social and communicative creature, while the other side is a loner who needs plenty of space. One day Gemini man just can't shut up and wants to spend all day with you, then the next day, he doesn't return your phone call and you don't hear from him for a week. What gives right? Well that's all part of his charm. With Gemini you get a two for one package. Want a social creature with a side of reclusive? You got it baby.

You have to indulge Gemini man's whims as they come. If you see him being social, join in and enjoy it. If you see that he is craving his alone time, let him have that too. He wants a woman that can understand him on an intuitive level without him having to tell her. He'll know you are different from the rest when you can give him his space but also be his partner in crime all in the span of a week. That's when he'll know he has found his match and you'll be invited into his inner circle.

Due to Gemini man being so social and friendly most of the time, he can get the reputation of being a flirt and a player, which he can definitely be if he's not serious about a woman. When Gemini man finds a woman he can see a future with though, his player status will disappear just as quickly as it came. Gemini man can commit, just with the right woman. If he senses you get him like no one else can and appreciate him, then you have just become his one and only and you shouldn't worry about any ladies he talks to because he's only got eyes for you sweetheart.


The dark side of a Gemini man? Well, he hasn't got much of one. The worst thing that a Gemini man can do is pull a disappearing act on you. You can't get too mad though, because you probably brought it on yourself because you came on too strong and didn't let the man have his alone time. If you want to keep a Gemini man in your life, you have to remember to let him have his time without any complaints from you. Other than pulling a Houdini act on you, being mean or vindictive is not in Gemini man's nature. He also doesn't have a thirst for revenge like the Scorpio. If you can tell that's it's just not in the cards to have a relationship with your particular Gemini man, the best thing you can do is just let him go. And he will go, peacefully.

If you have chosen a life with a Gemini man, rest assured you will never be bored. On his good days he will make you laugh and talk your ear off, and on his off days he will lock himself away for a chance to really slow down and appreciate everything he's got. Or maybe just give that mouth a break because those lips are chapped from all that talking. Two sides of the Gemini man personality come together to form an almost perfect human being. Just don't let him know you think he's perfect because after all he is still a man, and we must always keep a man guessing if we are to truly keep our status as a mysterious and alluring woman.

Famous Gemini Men

John F. Kennedy- May 29, 1917

Kanye West- June 8, 1977

Mark Wahlberg- June 5, 1971

Joshua Jackson- June 11, 1978

Clint Eastwood- May 31, 1930

Morgan Freeman- June 1, 1937

Donald J. Trump- June 14, 1946

Ralph Waldo Emerson- May 24, 1803

Blake Shelton- June 18, 1976

Paul Giamatti- June 6, 1967

Questions & Answers

Question: I have not received a phone call from my Gemini lover for eight days, should I be alarmed?

Answer: No, Gemini men can be like that. They need a lot of space and alone time. If he really likes you, he'll come to you. Just give it some time. I know that patience can be hard though.

Question: My Gemini boyfriend won't answer my phone calls, all go to voice mail, it's been 14 days now since I've talked with him. What is going on?

Answer: Give him some space and let him come to you. Gemini men can be tricky when it comes to dating and are afraid of women that try to control them or their independence. If he likes you, he'll call you. Let him have the time to decide that.

Question: I’ve always heard Gemini men are quite prone to jump in the sack. However, after knowing one for some time, then finally having dinner at his place, I assumed we would have sex. He was really only into making out and cuddling. He spoke somewhat of what would happen in the future when we have sex, but didn’t want to engage in it? A little confused.

Answer: With a Gemini man, sometimes intellectual conversation is more of a turn on then actually getting physical. It sounds like he's good at communicating which is always a positive sign. Be patient and see what happens. You don't want a guy who's only about the physical anyways.

Question: Is the Gemini man shy?

Answer: Usually the Gemini man is not shy. He can talk anyone's ear off. I have yet to meet a shy Gemini man, they are very outgoing and social.

Question: How do I know if my Gemini man is interested in me too?

Answer: If he tries to talk to you and joke around with you. Gemini men are very good communicators. They will talk to everyone, but will especially pay attention to the woman they are interested in.

Question: Would a Gemini ever come back years later after a breakup?

Answer: He might if he feels there's still a connection there or unfinished business.

Question: I believe the dark side to both Gemini men and women is that they can be two-faced, talking about others behind their back, though they are good at acting like everything is cool with that same person to their face. I would also add that there is a grumpy, moody side to Geminis, though it rarely comes out. Do you also see these traits?

Answer: Yes, there can be a two-faced quality to some Geminis, but it is not exclusive to just this sign. Geminis are usually very friendly, so they try to be nice to everyone, at least to their face, which can make them seem two-faced.

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