Everything You Need to Know about a Libra and Taurus Pairing

Updated on April 11, 2017

Taurus + Libra

They are opposite seasons, but ruled by the same planet. Both Taurus and Libra are guided by Venus, the planet of love. They are not square each other, so they are not complete opposites, but they do have a lot of opposition. Taurus is an earth sign and Libra is an air sign. Taurus, though yin, tends to be a highly masculine, competitive, and present-minded sign. Libra, even though yang, tends to lean toward femininity. Libra strives for fairness and balance, and considers the past and present. Taurus is the heart of spring; when the grass is green, the birds sing, and flowers are in bloom. Libra is the beginning of fall, when the leaves change colors, when the northern hemisphere starts to cool, and when the days start to shorten. Where Taurus wants to compete, Libra wants to focus on equality. Where Libra struggles to make a decision, Taurus does it for the Libra. When Taurus has a hot temper, Libra can cool it.

Cheat Sheet

2nd House
7th House
The Bull
The Scales
Middle of Spring
Beginning of Fall
April 21 - May 21
September 23 - October 22
Senses, physical world
Intelligence, Logic

Opposition and Attraction

These two can have a lot of communication problems and different goals. The main key is to apply empathy and try to be in their shoes and how they interpret the world. Taurus can be blunt and Libra can be sensitive, but Libra can also be thick skinned. Libra will enjoy Taurus' humor, quick wit, and decisiveness. Libra will feel safe with a Taurus, they'll get to show of their earthy side, and they can connect by camping, hiking, enjoying the world in a balanced way. Libra likes gardens because it feels like it is contributing to the world. Taurus will like that Libra is softer, more emotionally gushy, and still has some brains to it all. This is a fascinating blend to Taurus. They'll also feel like they've won a worthy prize.

The two will need to work on communication problems. Sometimes it is going to feel like two completely different worlds. You talk in different ways and have different goals. Taurus as an earth sign loves to give by acts of service. Libra loves to give by affection, time, and compliments. Sometimes the two of you will be earnestly communicating with each other, by not able to understand each other. Don't be afraid to seek out a counselor or a mediator to help you practice emotionally intelligent language. Libra needs to accept that a clean space, sound finances, and traditions mean something to Taurus. And Taurus needs to understand and respect that Libra needs time to detox. Libra is not a sign that always likes to be on the go. They like to spend time at home to recover from the world's pains. Libras get overwhelmed by the insanity of life. Fortunately, Taurus also likes the home life. Taurus wants to take care of the home, it wants its five senses satisfied, and it wants its partner to be happy and satisfied. Taurus, in a selfish way, can take it personally if their partner is not happy.

Practical vs. Abstract

Taurus can be practical and Libra can be abstract. Sometimes the things Libra does really baffles Taurus. Both of them like nice things, they can be hard workers (Libra can also be prone to sloth like behavior), and both want to experience pleasures. Libra may eventually blow up out of nowhere. They have a limit with Taurus brushing things off and under valuing things that Libra likes. It is hard to tell when this will happen, because Libra values a lot of things. It's like walking through a forest and getting paper cuts, they eventually pop over sour comments with their partner. Libra should be careful, because a Libra's temper isn't near as frightening as a Taurus temper. Taurus will come at you with all their power as the bull. You can get pinned to a corner when Taurus is upset, and all you can do is take cover. Both of you on edge is going to suck. Try to be sensitive, slow down, and be considerate. It can feel like a battle of the air vs. the earth. You have one considering the practical world and one considering the spiritual world. Taurus has a much bigger ego compared to Libra, who often is selfless. Taurus has a lot of pride for being the center of spring -- technically, the center of life. Taurus also has a chip on its shoulder and feels like it isn't good enough because it is the second child after Aries.

Libra is neutral, thoughtful, and indecisive. It is good that this relationship has a more soft, peace-hearted person with a more competitive person. Taurus doesn't always come out as some hyper driven competitor. They may instead be ambitious, full of goals, full of hope, inspiration, and a desire to fight. Libra will want to offer harmony while Taurus wants to keep the rhythm going.

Libra will have better social manners and it can help pacify the Taurus and make them more charismatic. Taurus will appreciate the qualities Libra offers. A lot of signs enjoy relationships with Libras because of how harmonizing they are. Libra likes to explore the artistic, delving in a number of projects and even making for a lot of messes. Libra needs to keep in mind that a lot of mess can stress out a Taurus.

Worst Case Scenarios

If Taurus becomes too much for Libra, the Libra may try to escape. Libra is sensitive, and when their partner is too much for them, it can cause them to have extreme anxiety and make fast, impulsive decisions without communicating it super well. This can really confuse the Taurus who doesn't understand why Libra would suddenly fold.

If Libra becomes too unattached, too unfocused, and too messy -- Taurus may get overwhelmed and quit the relationship. Taurus needs some amount of seriousness from their Libra partner. Too much flightiness and aloofness doesn't bode well with Taurus who desires to accomplish goals, make the world a better place than when it came into the world, and has a certain amount of attachment to traditions or conservative outlooks.

Tips for the Relationships

  1. Know that you are different with different desires, appreciations, and goals, but you can harmonize together and have a beautiful and pleasurable relationship.
  2. Watch your temper. Getting too angry and blowing up at your partner will make the situation worse. Focus on emotionally intelligent language. If Taurus blows up, you must confront it, Libra. Don't just sweep it under the rug. Stand your ground. If Libra blows up, talk to them logically.
  3. Accept that Libra can be messy and get their hands into all kinds of things and impulsive behaviors, while also offering balance.
  4. Taurus needs to be sensitive. Think before you speak. Don't always be brash or cut things down. After awhile this hurts the Libra's feelings. And they will take it personally.
  5. Taurus, don't play mind game with the Libra just to get a rise out of your partner. Increase your level of faith in people, so you don't practice destructive behaviors.
  6. Libras like declarations of love. They enjoy handwritten letters, they like handmade gifts, they like having the authentic version of you. They are romantic-idealists.
  7. Both of you have high intelligence, so you will enjoy a number of conversations and interests together.
  8. Libra is intelligent, but can feel insecure. Taurus does well to pamper their Libra and dote on them. Libra also does well to pamper Taurus.
  9. You can split up household chores easily by your different interests and talents.
  10. Know the relationship will evolve, change, and transition.
  11. Taurus needs to be careful about how much it pushes Libra. Taurus has a tendency as a rock to push the Libra frequently, and this can eventually make the Libra snap.

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