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Everything You Need to Know About a Taurus and Aries Romance

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What Are We Learning Here Today?

This is an article on the Taurus and Aries romantic combination. I believe that every match you find in the zodiac has the power to succeed or fail. Some relationships may come together more naturally and simply, but that doesn't mean that other combinations are guaranteed to fail. Even if it feels natural in the beginning, that doesn't mean you are exempt from problems. We see in the natural world around us all zodiac combinations go into marriage and go into divorces. I hope from reading this article you will glean some new knowledge from astrology that you might not have considered in the past. In the following article you will learn:

  • How Taurus and Aries work as individuals and together.
  • Common trouble spots with this pairing.
  • How being signs from the same season can give some common ground.
  • How this relationship is the balance of the mind and the tongue.
  • What you can do to improve your relationship.

Aries + Taurus

This is an incredibly powerful combination. Aries and Taurus both belong to spring. Aries is the beginning of spring, they see the first buds of flowers, the initial blossoms. Aries' job is to help those flowers grow into the next sign. Taurus sees the flowers at their bloom. Taurus is full of life and is the symbol for life. Taurus is very proud that it is the Garden of Eden. Aries is very proud that it takes charge and ignites this mystery. These two together understand the importance of spring, and they will want to stick together to make that living spark echo forever. They can both be haughty, forgetting the importance of the other signs and seasons. Since they are early in the zodiac and are consecutive signs, they share a lot in common. They have a shared focus on life, raising life, tending to life, and often forgetting the consequences of the past and the future. Taurus as an earth sign is more introspective than Aries as a fire sign. But Taurus is so early in the zodiac that its introspection gets blotted out by aggression quite frequently. I have known Taurus' who got upset with the energy of their home due to a lack of fostering introspection that they would hide out in the world. Taurus may hide out by biking, going on long hikes, or tending to a garden. The top half of the zodiac functions differently than the lower half based on temperament. I find the first six are more aggressive than the second half.

Aries and Taurus will do many things by trial and error because they do not have the built in experience and understanding of later signs, like Pisces who has seen it all and due to this is the mentor of the other signs. Aries and Taurus are the first and second born children. They may feel at times more like siblings than romantic partners because they share so much in common, yet they can go about their business in different ways. Aries is a natural born leader; Taurus is a natural born manager. Leading has to do with taking charge; managing has to do with correctly handling resources. It helps that they come from different elementals -- Aries will lead and push and pull for places to explore. As a fire sign, they are deeply into moving things by will. They love action and not just talk. Taurus as an earth sign will manage what Aries brings into the universe and into the home. Aries can overwhelm Taurus by bringing in too many new things and leaving Taurus to manage it. There has to be communication and understanding here so that the two of you know how you are influencing each other.

This is a close relationship. Consider how the mind and speech work together. Most of us in our heads think in language. Aries moves so fast that it sometimes speaks before it thinks. Taurus can help Aries slow down to some degree so that the mind and the tongue are in better sync. Taurus is gifted with the voice, singing, and even screaming. Taurus can have temper tantrums. Maybe it's because they feel like the second child of the zodiac, but they do tend to have a temper. The voice is one of the most active and living parts of the human experience. What is life without singing or music? Aries is going to be attracted to the natural music of Taurus who is greatly influenced by sounds. This doesn't mean Taurus types are naturally musicians -- they do have proclivities toward talking, rhetoric, and literally speaking things into life, in a almost Biblical sense. Taurus is easily affected by noise. Earth signs have a bit of heaviness to their five senses. Wind signs are more into patterns and intuition, so they sometimes completely forget their senses.

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What Triggered the Garden of Eden?

Taurus is like the Garden of Eden that God spoke into life. Taurus is like Christ after he has resurrected from the dead. You can see how Taurus would have so much built in ego from such high metaphors being in its sign. We all have portions of the resurrection story in our sign because it's one of the most powerful stories on unconditional love. The zodiac is here not only to teach us about nature, but also love, and this is why savior stories on unconditional love can fit so evenly with the zodiac. Aries is the story of the people. Aries is the age of Moses, sending the people out of Egypt to live free lives. If it wasn't for Moses, the Jews would have stayed slaves to the Egyptians. Aries brings in liberation and Taurus brings in the fullness of life. Moses was in search of the Garden of Eden, eternal life, and Christ.

Aries and Taurus are both strong personalities. Aries can talk through Taurus' entitlement as the sign of life, and Taurus can slow Aries down to see the rest of the world. Aries moves so fast that sometimes it can't stay grounded. Taurus as the earth sign teaches Aries how to find that ground. Aries teaches Taurus how to keep its fervor. Both of these zodiacs could do with an ounce of humility. They have a hard time understanding the purposes of others and how it all fits with the cycle and the lessons of enlightenment. They are so concentrated on life that sometimes they don't see what is real vs. what is fake. Fortunately, since they are so headstrong and don't like to listen at times, they are not prone to getting scammed. Because they literally don't want to waste their time, so it can be hard to attract their attention and maintain it. A scammer reveals itself to these signs if they talk too long.


Stubborn Signs

Both are stubborn in their own right. Taurus as a fixed sign is going to be heavily stubborn about making sure life is surrounded by it. Taurus is the fixed sign of earth. It wants to have adventures, take care of gardens, and have great natural wealth. Earth signs are great at slowing down all the density of reality we are offered and figuring out what are the important pieces to live by. Aries is stubborn as the first child of the zodiac and having the independence to separate from the womb. Aries understands something that Taurus does not. There was a time the soil did not bear fruit. Aries sees the transition of winter into spring and the harshness the soil goes through to prepare for fruit. This is why Aries is marked so much by the story of birth compared to the other signs. Aries has not forgotten its origins which mark it, but it also wants to live in the present. It isn't turning back and crawling back into its mother's belly. It witnesses other children being born, so it understands the impact and cost it takes for each one to be born. But it never forgets that there was an ending to something that made the year begin in the first place. Aries may get annoyed with Taurus because Aries knows that because of its energy, Taurus has something reason to live. Aries is like those first molding chapters in the Bible before the Garden of Eden is complete.

I'm sorry if you don't use the Bible, and I'm using so many metaphors from it. As I write these articles, the stories in them connect really well to the energy of the signs, and so it makes it easier to use that to compare the energies and make it clear for you. If you are not familiar with it, however, or it isn't something that interests you, I can understand how the metaphors would be meaningless to you. There is a nice amount of connectivity between Aries and Taurus. They should have natural chemistry to mend out the bumps in the road.

Pointers for the Relationship

  1. Aries, don't be frustrated with Taurus if they want to take an account of things rather than push forward into new territory. They will shortly come to aid you in your endeavors. Financial responsibility is a key of earth signs, particularly Taurus and Virgo. If you knock that too much, you'll make the Taurus feel insecure. This insecurity could cause them to pull out of the relationship.
  2. Go on adventures together. As life bearing signs, you'll enjoy seeing more of the planet. Taurus naturally loves the outdoors, and engaging with the world helps Aries with its incredibly busy mind.
  3. Be sensitive. Aries does not like a lot of criticism. They are sensitive. Taurus is also sensitive—when upset they pin people to the wall and get very narrow minded. Earth signs can offer a lot of criticism, so be careful to mince your words. Think about how your actions and words trigger other people into negative energy, aggression, or anger.
  4. Aries needs to defer to Taurus so that Taurus understands what is happening. Aries can do several things at once and leave Taurus in the dark.
  5. Nurture over judgment. When problems arise, don't be quick to judge. Don't only flatter the ego, look for how you can build each other for the greater good.
  6. Don't get too lost in your own world. You both have a tendency to focus on your goals so much that you forget your partner. Incorporate your partner into your world.
  7. Do what works for you. Don't judge your relationship by other relationships and where they are. Set your own unique standards.
  8. You two do well to settle problems in the bedroom.
  9. Both of you have egos that can easily be flattered. Taurus likes affection more than Aries. Sometimes Aries doesn't get the purpose of affection, but gets the purpose of attention better. Aries needs to remind itself to give both affection and attention.
  10. Taurus, don't be quick to judge Aries' bizarre interests. They have never ending interests and some of them might be strange to you. Work on being open minded.
  11. Aries, never call your Taurus boring. Show a fascination of them. Do what you can to bring them out of their shell. Calling the "Taurus" boring hurts its feelings.
  12. Not everything is about financial happiness. Aries, help Taurus to see the moment and spend on the moment and not just plan for a future far out in the distance. Taurus, remember your past and don't be afraid of it. You have a tendency to neglect the importance of the past.
  13. The two of you are competitive. Aries wants to win, Taurus wants to prove it can win. Don't get into a heated match over this. At the end of the day, a Monopoly game is just a Monopoly game.
  14. Make sure to thank each other for what you appreciate.
  15. Focus on emotionally intelligent language, not just whatever comes out of your brain that you feel like using in the moment. Taurus, stop arguing for the sake of arguing. It makes you look arrogant and stupid. Open your mind.

Closing Words

Taurus likes to feel grounded. They want a sense of tradition, predictability, and sustainability. Taurus doesn't like to move and shake the waters too much, because they fear that shakes the stability of the world they've created. This could be a tricky spot for Aries who constantly wants new things added into their life. The two will need to work on a healthy compromise as to where they want to go in life, where they are going to live, and how exactly that is going to pan out.

Aries will need to offer more of their self in the relationship. In being such a highly independent sign, they can forget to share some of their emotions and affections. Just because you processed and did something on your own, doesn't mean that you shouldn't communicate that with your partner. Your partner should value that explanation.

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Edward Mckay on June 20, 2020:

Well I’m an Aires male and I just meet this Taurus women I’m mean I never slow down. the energy I feel with her is like no energy I have ever felt like all my pain and suffering lifted instantly her words you heart naturally slows me down and when I don’t see her I feel the drive to be around her even more why ?

Unknown on May 23, 2020:

I’m an Aries Woman who had to let go of a Taurus Man. We both know how to work our way into each other’s arms and fall out. I stood by him and he brought me down. Sometimes I don’t know what I saw in him. But I know there’s something between us. Like as if we’re around each other the world doesn’t matter we could get away and find something crazy to do. But I’ve never felt so understood. And my love for this fool is so overwhelming. He was truly my evil twin but I came to sense and wanted better for myself and everyone around me.

Ann on April 13, 2020:

I’m a Aries female with a Taurus male we get along good he lets me lead in every thing that what I love about him he excepts my wild side never complain if I say let’s do this or that he say ok sweetie

Ella on November 27, 2018:

I am a Taurus,but heavy fire dominant,Aries is the most dominant of the fire in me,then closely followed by Leo and Sagittarius. He is an Aries,heavy Water dominant,Scorpio,Pisces,Cancer are his 3 dominant signs,the fourth is Aries,his fifth is Virgo,He lacks air mostly and I lack water mostly.

Well,we basically get a long well,we both have crazy energy,love to laugh,love to have space,tease and play,when it comes to music and art we also get along. Just Astrology,he doesn't like,i think it's due to his lack of knowledge about it,otherwise he might would've talk different about it.

But due to our long distance,he is in UK,I am in Germany,we fight! Just to make it alive,if I doesn't,he does,and when he does,it's nasty. He travels a lot(i love that about him having Venus in Aries in the ninth hehe)

I am a working single mother,and remember I am the Taurus,I am so stuck in my beliefs, that if we ever met,it would be once and never again. He tries to demolish this thought and I'm too stubborn cause I need some safety,some guarantee this isn't just to show me that HE CAN.Or to show me he is a bigger boy than me,since the first plan was that I come to UK( I prefer it still,but he said he wouldn't show up if I have it my way lol) Boy do we fight,if I wouldn't know him for almost a decade he didn't even had a chance to get a reaction,we lost each other after a sweet rainy night chat and he came out the blue. Aries moves,I wonder why I distrust them,I would love to make a different experience with them but I'm burned from bad experience and he knows it. My fault is I don't show him when I listen,I listen but I act as if I didn't and change the topic to whatever I find,that's so rude about me,but I got the feeling when I engage to his talk the energy of the convo will quickly blow off. We both got Sun conjunct mercury natal. And his MC is in Taurus 10th house,my MC in Aries 9th house.

I like him

Andrea Lawrence (author) from Chicago on February 04, 2017:

Glad to bring some new insight!

Louise Powles from Norfolk, England on February 04, 2017:

Interesting. I'm a Taurus, and had never really considered this!

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