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Everything You Need to Know About a Pisces and Taurus Relationship

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Pisces and Taurus make for an adorable couple. Both people like pursuing romance.

Pisces and Taurus make for an adorable couple. Both people like pursuing romance.

When Pisces and Taurus Fall in Love

Pisces and Taurus make for an adorable couple. They work extremely well together. Pisces is nurturing, loving, and sincere. Taurus wants to build structure, find beauty in the world, and help people. These two make for a lighthearted couple who connect on a dreamy level.

  • Pisces is a mutable winter water sign. Taurus is the fixed spring earth sign.
  • Water and earth signs complement each other. It's easy to be compatible. Water + earth makes the flowers grow.

Water signs care about matters of the heart, whereas earth signs care about managing physical resources.

Taurus Is in the Here and Now

Taurus cares a lot about developing potential. They're natural gardeners, either of literal gardens or of the mind, people, and hobbies.

They are dedicated to making sure what they have is going to survive the harsh weather patterns of spring—the constantly changing temperatures, differing precipitation, and long sunny days.

  • Taurus cares about present matters. They think about what is in front of them.
  • They are captivated by beauty.
  • They think and live predominately in their five senses. They're taken by what they see, hear, taste, touch, and smell.
  • They're great managers of resources. They can manage both a household and a budget.
  • Taurus-types appreciate symmetry. They often look for physically beautiful partners who are kind and nurturing.

Pisces Is a Dreamy Soul

Pisces is at the end of winter. She sacrifices her energy in order to make spring happen.

Pisces clears the slate, switching the old with the new. A good chunk of Pisces is in March, which most people forget is a winter month because it functions so differently than December, January, or February.

The fish sign completes the Zodiac cycle. They're a master at empathy. She can tap into any wavelength whether an Aries, Virgo, or Capricorn. Pisces is sagacious, unconditional, and often a mentor.

Pisces types are true romantics. They want to be in love. They want to have a soul mate. They need a partner who respects this and supports a long lasting connection.

  • Pisces is a dreamer. They think in ideals. They're looking for magic.
  • Pisces wants something kismet. They desire a magnetic connection.
  • They're very forgiving partners, and therefore are easily manipulated.
  • They're sensitive to their partner's words and actions.
  • Pisces wants someone who supports their imagination and creativity.

They Have High Preference for a Relationship

Both Taurus and Pisces are relationship-oriented people. They like to be with someone. They concentrate on making that happen. It is a goal for both to be in a long-lasting relationship. Not all signs have this desire.

The Dreamer & the Gardener in a Relationship

Pisces is the 12th sign of the zodiac, so they have seen and been through everything. They are the end and also the beginning. They make for great mentors because they understand so much about, well, everything.

  • They're a mix of old souls and youthful innocence.
  • Pisces fills its cup with dreams, magic, and innovation. They want to believe there is more beyond our physical world.
  • Pisces is a good romantic fit for several signs of the zodiac.

Taurus may get confused by Pisces' bigger-than-life dream world. Taurus is so connected to the here and now that it doesn't always see the point of thinking in abstracts. This can be one of the bigger issues Taurus and Pisces have.

Taurus wants things to make sense in a tangible way. They are boring during the manifestation of spring—they get to see and experience the flowers, rain, green trees, and young fauna. It's weird to go backwards and think of what was life like before spring. Taurus finds that somewhat unsettling.

Taurus is also drawn to the witchiness of Pisces. They recognize that there is something mysterious about Pisces, who sets things in motion and makes it even possible for spring to happen. It's just hard for them to wrap their minds around it.

  • Taurus wants a partner they can show-off to others.
  • They want to be with someone who is helpful.
  • They want to share their work and tasks. They need someone who is supportive.

Finding Balance

When we only focus so much on the physical world, we are looking at the effect of things and not entirely the cause. Pisces may struggle to see why Taurus is so focused on practicalities. Pisces wants to play with concepts, while Taurus wants to play with tools.

The two will need to be sensitive to each other. It's okay if you don't always see things the same way. You're not always going to see things eye to eye. You have the resources and abilities to compromise.

You two come from different perspectives, but you have similar end goals. Ultimately, both signs are caretakers. Taurus will want to provide for Pisces with a home, family, food, furniture, money. Taurus wants to leave behind a strong legacy for their family. They stabilize situations.

Pisces will provide Taurus with emotional warmth—vulnerability, sacrifice, selflessness, expression, and insight. They can soften the Taurus' raging bull. They are nurturing and solve situations through love and grace. They respect people and differences. These two have a poetic love, one that would inspire Shakespeare.

Pisces Softens Taurus' Heart

Pisces is an empathetic sign, and sometimes Taurus could use more sensitivity to understand the world around him. Taurus runs into problems when it loses empathy and only looks to its practical ways. This can cause Taurus to be blindsided or corner themselves unnecessarily. They can be too logical. Pisces can help Taurus be more open minded.

Taurus often needs a partner in their life who can sharpen skills they desire. Taurus marries an Aries to bring out their competitive side. Taurus marries a Scorpio to bring out their passionate side. Taurus marries a Sagittarius to bring out their humor.

Pisces will marry someone when they feel they can build a life together. They're looking for signs, visions, and psychic feelings. Pisces needs to be able to imagine how things would work with someone. They need to fall in love with potential.

Pisces and Taurus have a strong connection. Pisces wants to live in a better world. Taurus wants to take care of the planet. They'll both be hypnotized by the other's beauty.

Pisces and Taurus have a strong connection. Pisces wants to live in a better world. Taurus wants to take care of the planet. They'll both be hypnotized by the other's beauty.

Alchemical Relationship

A really healthy Taurus and Pisces relationship will have an appreciative Taurus who is able to show how they feel with actions.

A Taurus who is in love would want their partner's hopes and aspirations to be realized and not just a dream. Taurus would provide for whatever the Pisces needs to accomplish their goals.

Taurus would also like to experience Pisces' dream world in a tangible way. They're willing to build off the Pisces' designs.

Earth signs are great as business partners for signs that are focused on possibilities. Earth signs can help with the building blocks. They tend to be eager to do this because they're eager to do acts of service.

I find water signs are oriented toward affection, merging their energy with another, and focusing on telepathic energy, which is communicating and reading others through their feelings.

This relationship is alchemical because Pisces gives vision and Taurus make it into physical reality. They have the power to bring out something new and beautiful into the world whether that's creating a beautiful garden, a lovely family, medicine for the sick, or gorgeous music.

Tips for This Pairing

  1. Taurus needs to do emotional homework. They can be aloof to their emotions. They're not always cognizant of how they feel. They get too focused on work.
  2. Pisces isn't designed to do all the emotional lifting in the relationship. Pisces needs to stand their ground. Give Taurus a nudge in the right direction, but don't do their emotional work for them.
  3. Taurus needs to find humility, and Pisces should make certain their Taurus is humble before committing to them. An arrogant Taurus will disrupt the Pisces. Taurus can't just do whatever they want without Pisces' input.
  4. Pisces will go to great extents for a relationship, including dying for it. If Pisces isn't careful they'll walk themselves right into a depression trap. Don't sacrifice and sit in pain for any cause. Pick your battles carefully.
  5. Pisces needs to encourage their Taurus to be vulnerable, to speak about his or her emotions comfortably, to try new things and experiment.
  6. Pisces should ask questions to help prompt Taurus to think and consider their emotions and put their emotions into their own words.
  7. Taurus needs to moderate how much they work. They can be obsessed with money. They can also be prone to burnout.
  8. Taurus needs to be accepting of Pisces when they have an off or ugly day. Don't make your partner feel like they have to be at their prettiest every day. Don't say words that can inspire insecurity.
  9. Pisces is excellent with words of affirmation, they like to give thoughtful gifts, they're often expressive with their bodies. They're not always the best at acts of service.
  10. Taurus is excellent at acts of service, but they're not always great with words. They can put together some great gifts if they put intention into it. It is likely this pairing will have different love languages. (Most couples do.)
Pisces and Taurus make for an adorable couple. There is something about them that comes of sweet and lovely.

Pisces and Taurus make for an adorable couple. There is something about them that comes of sweet and lovely.

Yin and Yin Couple

This is a yin and yin relationship. Earth signs and water signs are both considered yin. Earth is more malleable with yin where water is more fixed.

Taurus tends to be gender distinct.

The men tend to have a lot of masculine energy. The women tend to have a lot of feminine energy. They like to express themselves and use that energy to attract mates. The men may try to impress you with their strength, through competition, or by their capacity to provide.

The women may try to impress you by dressing up and perfecting their beauty, by cooking a delicious meal and speaking to your stomach, or by using some rather coquette moves. Wink wink.

Why are Taurus people like this?

Spring is an incredibly prideful time of year because that's when the bulk of new life comes into the picture, but without the other nine months of the year (just like a woman's pregnancy) none of that wonderful flora and fauna would be possible. Taurus is prideful because it's alive!

Spring signs need to work on humility and seeing other perspectives. They have all the right keys in their hands, but they don't necessarily have the sage wisdom and experience to go with it. Pisces, however, does.

Pisces people flirt with magic. They're not as gender defined, so to speak.

The men flirt by expressing romantic thoughts. They want to go on wild and private adventures. They appeal by their gentle and kind ways. They get chivalry. Pisces women flirt by nurturing, through artistic expression, and coy invitation. (There are of course more ways these two signs flirt.)

Pisces, Nature, Maybe Even God

Pisces is a strong yin sign. It is seen as the age of Christ. He was gentle, caring, full of vision and wonder. He understood various peoples around him from every sector of life. He was willing to sacrifice himself as a perfect and good person for people who honestly didn't compare. He loved them unconditionally.

You can see traits of this in Pisces people. Jesus would be the most well defined example of this, and a powerful testimony to the story and the purpose of Pisces being about sacrifice and resurrection. (The zodiac predates Christianity; it dates back to Babylonian times.)

Nature is in repeated cycles of sacrifice. It demands it, hints at it, and explores it. It's inevitable by looking at nature to see that humans are drawn to stories on saviors and resurrection. You can see this pattern anthropologically across cultures. You can see it in science as we live in different cycles of water, air, and the like.

If anything, nature is a reflection of God and gives us an insight into his master plan — which is ultimately life. In its most honest form, the zodiac is trying to wrestle with what are the plans in nature and how it connects back to the universe, the cosmos, God.

We see through Pisces that death is just a door and not a final end. We're encouraged by Taurus to live as one with nature. There is something about this coupling that's drawn to benevolence.

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