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Everything You Need to Know About a Capricorn and Aries Relationship

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Aries is the mutable sign of fire. Capricorn is the mutable sign of earth. These two know how to get on the same page and also be in completely different spaces. They have all the gifts and curses of a square relationship.

Aries is the mutable sign of fire. Capricorn is the mutable sign of earth. These two know how to get on the same page and also be in completely different spaces. They have all the gifts and curses of a square relationship.

Capricorn + Aries

Capricorn and Aries will find themselves both attracted to and repulsed by each other. The tension starts from day one and is what ignites the initial spark.

The reason they're so tense is that they're considered a square relationship. Some people avoid these styles of relationships because they're too taxing.

What Is a Square Relationship?

  • Square relationships occur in the Zodiac when people have the same quadruplicity and are not opposite of each other.
  • Quadruplicity refers to a grouping of four.
  • Four signs are grouped together based on their position in a season: cardinal, fixed, or mutable. (Cardinal = beginning | fixed = middle | mutable = end)
  • Both Aries and Capricorn are cardinal signs. Aries starts spring. Capricorn starts winter.
  • The signs are not directly opposite of each other in the Zodiac chart. The complete opposite of Aries is Libra. The complete opposite of Capricorn is Cancer.
  • Square signs have neighboring seasons. In this case, winter and spring.
  • Every sign has two squared positions.

Capricorn is the beginning of winter. It is the 10th house, and the latter half of the Zodiac have more matured temperaments. They're more reflective souls.

Aries is the first sign. They have strong temperaments and are known to be initiators, leaders, and they're quick to get into the thick of the action. Aries make for decisive romantic partners.

These two signs are going to handle situations differently as they arise:

  • Capricorn is patient, solitary, slow to move, focused on family, quiet, deliberate, meticulous, a survivalist, cautious, cunning, calculated, wise, and resourceful.
  • Aries is hasty, impulsive, instinctive, dramatic, brazen, courageous, loud, boisterous, demanding, independent, passionate, immature, and sensual.

Capricorn comes off as more introspective whereas Aries comes off as more charismatic. Capricorn wants to stay home to think. Aries wants to go into the world to find energy.

Season and Attitude Differences

Since Cardinal signs begin seasons, they understand the process of moving from one season to the next. They're not stubborn like fixed signs. They're not as flexible as mutable signs. They're forerunners, contrarians, rebels, and often misunderstood.

Cardinal signs are initiators: the torch is passed to them. Capricorn comes just as the holiday season gets into Christmas, so you see the end of holidays and the boisterousness setup by Sagittarius come to a close. Capricorn introduces hibernation, the darkest days of the year, and snow.

  • Capricorn understands hibernating, saving up money, hoarding resources, and introspection. They're grounded and realistic people. They're capable hermits, and they're also capable of surviving off challenging terrain.
  • They are hardy people who are in tune with the planet. They are cerebral because they don't allow distractions to cloud their judgment.

Aries is given the torch after Pisces sacrifices herself. Pisces is the last house and the end of a cycle. Aries is considered the rebirth of the cycle. Aries brings back the light that was lost in winter.

  • Aries gets the chance to experience something very strange. We go from having a blank slate, a snowy-white world turned to slush, and then the arrival of budding flowers.
  • Aries is about that transition from the lack of life in winter to the explosion of life in spring. Capricorn, meanwhile, sees the boisterousness of life shift into silence.

Earth + Fire


Earth signs are about the physical manifestation of reality. Earth signs are into acts of service. They want to help others see their dreams as reality. Unlike Taurus and Virgo, Capricorn fully experiences the manifestation of physical reality and its end result.

They're in tune with the world. Capricorns want to be close with a select few.

  • Earth signs like practical matters.
  • Earth signs want you to show them you care with actions. They're not impressed with flattery or empty words.
  • Capricorns want to invest in their future and not just the moment.
  • Capricorns prioritize family and legacy. They're looking for a strong partner for a family.


Fire signs are all about free will. They want to get things started. They make for great leaders. They're passionate, excited, drawn to action, sensual, and hasty. They can't sit idle; they need to be involved in the world around them. Aries is a powerful fire sign that gets the new year started. It comes into the world bustling with energy, with aggression, and with purpose. Aries wants to spread their power and name as far as they can. They want a lover who will embrace their craze and will go with them into wildness.

  • Fire signs are bigger than life. They're wild, brimming with energy, and they're risk-takers.
  • They want their relationships to be hot. They want their relationships to feel alive. They don't take on boring partners.
  • Aries moves quickly and won't wait for someone to catch up to them.
  • Aries is cerebral and needs someone who can keep up with their wavelength.
  • Aries ultimately needs a partner who is hot and has brains.

Pros of this relationship: Aries and Capricorn are both witnesses to very odd parts of reality. They have a psychic connection because of their placement in the Zodiac. Both are gifted with intelligence. Both are sensual.

Signs and the Body


  • Aries is a highly cerebral sign. They're an explosion of creativity. The third eye chakra or even crown chakra has to do with Aries.
  • In the Zodiac, Aries is seen as the mind. This is why the horns of the ram are seen so visibly in this sign's symbol.
  • Some say the age of Aries is Moses. You see a huge transition in energy among the Jews under the leadership of Moses and what he is able to bring out with the law. It's because of his magnetism that he led people out of slavery.


  • Capricorn is the legs of the Zodiac. The sign is represented by the cunning goat. The goat hops from one context to the next in surprising twists and turns.
  • Capricorn is also known as the hermit and wanderer. They use winter to their advantage. They stretch out their legs in rough terrain. They know how to hibernate and double their resources. Luck is on their side.
  • They make family a priority. Friends are not as big of a deal to them. Their home is a sanctuary where they spend a great deal of time.

The Ram and the Goat: Square Relationship

A jump from the 1st house to the 10th house could be a good thing. It allows for different temperaments to tender the relationship as opposed to two people who are more similar than not kind of covering the same ground.

Aries is seen as the ram and Capricorn is seen as the goat, two animals that could easily be seen together in the wild. They're both pastoral animals. They both have strong connections to the field. This relationship will have strength: Aries will lead and Capricorn will manage resources.

These two won't make for a gushy couple; they're not dominated by water at all. They will take charge, and they'll also manage resources extremely well. They'll be deep in thought and somewhat detached at times.

Capricorn is more detached than Aries. This is partly because Capricorn's neighbor is Aquarius, the most detached sign of all.

Love Languages Common for Aries

When it comes to love languages, Aries will most likely have a preference for touch. The Aries likes physical expressions of love. They want to have a physical relationship. They're less about compliments — they leave the compliments to people like Leo.

Aries may show their love with acts of service. They'll set up dates, they'll buy you a fancy dinner — or hunt down a beast and cook it for you. They'll drive you to your appointments. They'll take you to places where there is energy and excitement.

Aries likes to spend time with you but in increments. Aries finds too much time together cloying. This sign is highly independent. They don't want their flame to die. This is a good thing with Capricorn who also likes some space and boundaries. They can both be independent together.

The fire sign will be impressed with gifts. They can be bought with gold, silk, and honey. The fire sign wants to be celebrated for their good taste; they want to look like a well-decorated warrior.

Love Languages Common for Capricorn

Capricorn is big on acts of service. They're the type to get chores and taxes done. Capricorn will check to make sure you have enough gas in your tank, they keep the house stocked with food, they're the keepers of the accounts.

  • Aries is more than likely a spender where Capricorn is a saver. This may prove a stress point for the couple.
  • Capricorn's conservative ways can be a buzzkill for Aries.

The earth sign isn't really into flattery. Words of affirmation are not as practical to them as other love languages. They don't mind compliments, but they don't carry as much weight to them as other expressions.

All earth signs are into physical acts of love/touch. They want to use their bodies, so they like hugs, kisses, and holding hands when appropriate. Capricorn may be a little cold in this department compared to Taurus who lives directly in his five senses. Capricorn likes privacy, PDA is a little weird to them.

Capricorn likes spending time together, but they do require alone time. They need time to brood, to plot, and to cut themselves off from the world. They find the world somewhat overwhelming, and Aries will be somewhat overwhelming to them. The Capricorn does well with their own separate space, an office, or basement hideout.

And Capricorn loves gifts. They're always looking for ways to expand their stockroom. They like sentimental items, they love tools and practical items, and they love to get their hands dirty. Capricorn wants enough items in their home that they never have to leave for three months. They want to survive, not mingle with others.

I will admit every Capricorn I know is obsessed with board games. Capricorn likes games where they can exercise their mind.

Zodiac Signs and House Numbers (Aries = 1; Capricorn = 10)

  • Aries is a symbol of youth. They're like a newborn baby or young child. They're full of energy, they have unpredictable actions, and they're hasty. They can be fearless.
  • Capricorn is a symbol of retirement. They have their boxes checked. They like to sit back and observe. They have skills in line with someone who wants to live a long life, not just an interesting one.
When Aries and Capricorn fall in love, they find qualities from their partner that they were lacking. Together they feel more whole. They're a strong unit of 2.

When Aries and Capricorn fall in love, they find qualities from their partner that they were lacking. Together they feel more whole. They're a strong unit of 2.

Present vs. Past

Aries will take action and Capricorn will delegate plans to others. Aries is all about the present, about what is fresh, and what is new. Aries as the spring sign will seek for what is relevant and how to make that prosper in the relationship.

  • Aries may need some encouragement to see how past actions influence their present.
  • The fire sign needs to look at cause and effect, and not just effect.
  • This is why Aries can have a strong temper: they are so deeply into the effect, into the here and now, that they don't always see how they need to look deeper into their belief system. They need to look at patterns of actions.
  • Cause is more important than effect. Cause is where things are malleable and set the stage. Effect is merely just the reaction.
  • Aries is a reactionary. They live off instinct. Understanding cause will help them to have better instincts.

Capricorn, on the other hand, sees how the seed grows, becomes a plant, and then withers. Capricorn studies and focuses on what is the past and what does it mean so that they can learn from mistakes and prevent them from repeating.

  • Capricorn may freeze up because they're studying the past too much.
  • Capricorn may limit their actions out of fear that too much action is risky.
  • Capricorns are conservative and resilient, but they're not always involved in important matters.

Aries and Capricorn can help each other to grow in this regard. Capricorn can help Aries to slow down and think things through. Aries can help Capricorn to take action, to come out of their den, and to take some risks. This is great because the two can work together to spot-check where the other one may fall short.

Perks of a Square Relationship

Square relationships have a certain magnetic quality to them. They have the right amount of opposition and similarity to prevent themselves from being platonic. They could either be passionate lovers or dedicated enemies.

They are not getting an exact mirror image of each other. They're not getting a competing image either. It's a fascinating flow of energy and can really help both of them to be more enlightened.

If you are part of a square sign relationship you probably know what I mean. There is a certain push and pull attraction, and even seduction to all of it. You both charm each other and sometimes don't even want to admit to it.

I get more messages and emails from Aquarius and Scorpio couples than any other coupling. They're a square relationship, and with all that fixed energy, they can really struggle to be on the same page. They refuse to come off their standpoint.

Aries and Capricorn have more malleability than that. They can adjust to what is necessary. There will be fights and disagreements: Aries wants to push forward, Capricorn wants to hold back.

  • Comprise is your best friend.
  • Don't go with the nuclear option and completely end your relationship over a small issue.
  • Forgiveness and patience are a must in any relationship.
  • Set boundaries and times to be introspective.
  • Talk to each other and communicate before making a decision. Aries shouldn't just do whatever they want because it's how they feel.
  • Aries is more decisive. They'll be calling many of the shots. Capricorn can be decisive too; make sure to listen to each other's opinions.
Aries and Capricorn make for a strong couple. They're a good mix of same and different. They'll strengthen each other.

Aries and Capricorn make for a strong couple. They're a good mix of same and different. They'll strengthen each other.

Work Toward Emotional Availability

These two will naturally be able to build something together. Aries won't be able to walk all over Capricorn and get them to do whatever they please. Capricorn is serious and sound: they don't just fall prey to whatever their partner asks of them.

Capricorn has really high expectations for their relationships; this sign does a lot of vetting to make sure they have a quality partner that is going to last. Aries goes and gets what it wants.

One thing you'll need to work on together is being vulnerable and playful. You two bring so much seriousness to the table that sometimes outsiders are not going to get the appeal or romance of it, and really it's none of their business.

Be humble. Give your emotions a chance. You both have a tendency to let emotions build and then one day you snap and your emotions overflow.

  • You do need to navigate your emotional selves, otherwise, your relationship will become weeded.
  • Tend to your relationship like a garden. You don't want to neglect your emotions.
  • You can learn more about emotions by reading books that develops empathy. Explore music which is the language of emotions. Write down your thoughts which will help you to contextualize your emotions.

Creativity is highly related to emotion, especially art. Embrace this so you can understand it and bring new understanding into your relationship. You two will probably have similar presets about emotions, and that is probably a good thing because you'll understand each other.

Again, neither of you is really the gushy type.

For Aries, you don't always need to have your eye on the prize. You're too focused on success sometimes. You want instant gratification. That's not always how things work.

You both really want to succeed in life, so sometimes you forget to play, or understand the point of playing. I think you would do well as a couple to go on vacations, plan for vacations, or outings of some sort so that you can put work on pause. Don't be addicted to work.

Capricorn + Aries



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Aggressive, instinctive, hasty, decisive, showy, proud.

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