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Does a Scorpio Like Me?

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If a Scorpio likes you, it's easy to tell.

If a Scorpio likes you, it's easy to tell.

What a Scorpio Wants

If there is one sign that I tend to attract, it's Scorpio. In my opinion, it should be fairly obvious when a Scorpio likes you. They can be quite forward when they are after someone. They don't tend to eave you hanging unless they are only partially interested and are keeping their options open.

Once matured, Scorpio is one of the most loyal signs of all. They will go to just about any length to be with the person they like. They don't easily give up either—they are stubborn. However, when Scorpios are younger and aren't yet mature, they may be more easily swayed because they might not be ready to settle.

10 Signs That a Scorpio Likes You

There are telltale signs when a Scorpio likes you. The easiest way to spot a Scorpio is by their long gaze—this sign is known for having eyes that could cut glass. As an Aquarius who isn't exactly fond of eye contact, I wish I knew what was really going through a Scorpio's mind when they focus on someone they like, because it is incredibly intense. I'm more of a grins and giggles kind of girl.

  1. They will go out of their way to talk to you and figure you out. They are especially charmed by those who are mysterious and calm. Since they have a complicated emotional range, they find themselves attracted to those who have good self-control over their emotions. If you can say you are a cool, mysterious person, you've likely caught Scorpio's interest.
  2. Scorpios like to take their interests on a very secluded date. This doesn't mean you'll be in some romantic garden with a candlelight dinner—they like to have their crush all to themselves. You may go over to their house and get a chance to really see each other for who you are rather than a great deal of activities and distractions getting in the way.
  3. Scorpios will try to break the touch barrier. They'll give you hugs, stare at your face, or hold your hand. They'll come up with some sly way to touch you. They also have an outstanding understanding of how to be cuddly and endearing.
  4. Jealously. When a Scorpio hasn't snagged you yet, they'll be keenly aware of who is trying to win advances with you. They may step on those people's toes and get them out of the way so you can focus plainly on them. One time, when a guy was coming up to talk to me, a Scorpio pulled off the advancing guy's scarf and threw it at me. He completely destroyed that person's approach.
  5. Consistent communication. A Scorpio likes to talk to the person they like; you'll get lots of text messages. Scorpio does need sufficient alone time for introspection, so don't be surprised if they disappear for a week or two. If it doesn't seem like your interest is progressing anywhere, you might want to be suspicious of their downtime. It can go either way. They're either recharging from a stressful week, or they're finding someone else to go and flirt with.
  6. Scorpios are fiendishly loyal. There is nothing like it, really. When they like you, they are looking for a deep commitment. Most of the Scorpios I know end up in long term relationships. They do not like to be seen as something smaller. I have found most of them find that very crude. Even if it does intrigue them a little bit, I think they are much more of loyalists than the sex addicts people make them out to be.
  7. But they do appreciate a bit of sexual innuendo. They'll try to figure out whether you're modest or a liberated fellow—and they'll be a chameleon and do what they can to suit your style.
  8. They want to get to know you. They'll try to figure out your interests, life ambitions, and your middle name—they'll try to figure you out, but they'll keep chasing after you if you are difficult for them to understand.
  9. Scorpios like those who are independent and can speak for themselves. They have been known to look for someone that reminds them of their parents—because then they know they can live with them long term if they have the right, familiar qualities.
  10. When a Scorpio likes someone, they want to have them completely. They want to get to know their body, their mind, their personality, everything. They want an incredibly deep connection. And they'll do what they can to give you some space, as difficult as that may be for them.
Scorpios prefer to hang out one-on-one, without the distractions of a fancy restaurant or bar.

Scorpios prefer to hang out one-on-one, without the distractions of a fancy restaurant or bar.

What to Expect With a Scorpio

A Scorpio can be hot and cold. They'll like you to your face, but when things are over, you will definitely feel a change in the connection.

Scorpios Value Loyalty

Do not ever cheat on a Scorpio. They will cut their losses and move on from you. These are creatures who desire more than anything to have loyalty. When cheated on, they feel like the lowest of the low. They hate losing, especially in the love department.

Also, do not try to intentionally make a Scorpio jealous. This could easily backfire on you and end up with the Scorpio moving on because they feel like your loyalty is questionable. They like to have someone they can absolutely trust and who absolutely trusts them. This might not be the easiest ideal to reach, but it is what a Scorpio truly wants.

They Want to Get to Know Who You Really Are

When you are with a Scorpio, you need to be yourself. They don't like inauthentic people or big gossipers. They like people who are selfless, caring, gentle, and also extremely attractive. From what I can tell, physical attraction matters to a Scorpio. There was only one case where I could see that wasn't true, but I think that had to do more with the person's self-esteem and self-image. A mature Scorpio wants someone who looks good with them, who will make their environment look better, who is an all around catch that they know others would be lucky to have.

Scorpios Keep a Tight Circle

Scorpios tend to have long-lasting relationships. They put a great deal of effort into them. You can expect a male Scorpio to be punctual, pay for your meals, and make sure you get home safely.

Scorpios can be a lot different in group situations than one-on-one. This sign is often misunderstood, so that can make it difficult to understand them unless you have previous experience with this sign. Some people in group situations find them rude, grumpy, and not all that pleasant. I find Scorpios to really keep a trim social network. The ones they are loyal to they are extremely loyal to, and it sucks to lose a Scorpio for this reason. You feel like something is missing, and sometimes Scorpios make you feel that intentionally—if you wrong them, they know how to sting you. . .and get rid of you.

Scorpios Want a Deep Connection

Scorpios tend to really care about their families, closest friends, and especially their significant other. When they love someone, it is deep and true. They are not looking for a superficial connection; ultimately, they want something that will last. They tend to fall for those who can keep their emotions in check, are very steady, and endearing.

I find that Scorpios like me for being a creative powerhouse, since I am an Aquarius. But I think they could easily go for someone more practical, especially if the person still carries a certain amount of charm and mystique. They allow each relationship they have to be its own unique thing—they don't hold all the people they date to the same standards. I have found most Scorpios I have run into to be extremely monogamous—I think polyamory would be super weird to see coming from a Scorpio. Not that it's impossible, it just doesn't seem like what they would want long term.

A Scorpio will say how they feel. They are looking for an ESP (extrasensory perception) connection. They like it when someone can read their mind a little bit. They like to be in control, to make decisions, and, of course, to cuddle!

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Sayghoul on July 25, 2019:

I completely agree with the fact that a Scorpio's family is gold to them. If they cannot picture you fitting in to the dynamic, you are out. I wrote a post about how I failed this test here:

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Alex on June 04, 2019:

I'm a scorpio. And i think Taurus men are very sexy! Shout out to all u Taurus's out there.

Bob on March 21, 2019:

So, I am in this group of 4 of us that are rather close. And we'd do stuff together all the time. Only, I started seeing someone a few months back and mentioned it to the group, and suddenly one of my female friends of the 4 seemed quite shocked and upset, and has gotten quite distant with me. She's a Scorpio. I'm a Capricorn. As I go back and retrace the dots, I realize she was quite interested in me and I'm guessing now the jealousy is settling in. But I didn't realize it until afterwards. The person I started seeing, I ended though. It wasn't meant to be. Thing is, I'm not sure I'm in a position that I'm ready for relationships as I'm working on healing and repairing myself. But I'm confused as to my feelings about her. And I really do value her friendship. So I'm quite confused what to do about all this, as she continues to avoid me, hurt and/or jealous, and we're not really talking at the moment. I don't know whether I want to mention or not that I'm not seeing the other person, because I'm not sure what I want with her anyway. Just friends? More? Am I even capable of more right now? And how do I deal with the distance versus the fact we're a group of 4? I'm trying to be respectful and not say anything to the other two since I expect that might not be received well. It's so awkward, I have no clue what to do. And I'm not sure I'm prepared to talk to her, since it's obvious she likes me and now is hurt. I'm so confused what to do.

tracy on January 24, 2019:

Actually am a Taurus and i have a guy best friend who is a Scorpio and i don't really know at first when we were still getting to know ourselves he told me that i am his better half then i asked him what's the meaning of better half he told me that he doesn't know the meaning although i normally tell him of my crush nd I'll ask if it's actually a crush or that i love my crush he'll tell me that am only crushing on the guy (my crush) then I asked him what he understood by love and he told me that love is when i am close to some one and a friend of his has onced told me that am the only girl close to him then there was a day i showed him my crush's picture nd he then told me so i really do like the guy nd i was like yes then after that day some weeks passed d next thing i heard was that he is dating...cause me i don't really know

I really need some advice...i don'ton know if he likes me or he takes me as his best friend

Lin on October 22, 2018:

So, Im an aquarius woman, and he is an scorpio man, i knew him thru a common ex "friend" of mine, at first we were fine, like he came to my house a couple of times y¨know, and he suddenly sent like a text saying that we should let it go, and i was like so surprised yet i was like okok its fine, i saw him at a party a week later cause we used to have similar likings and friends and we used to go to the same place, and he was burning the heck of me with his stare ALL NIGHT, we didnt see each other again, but he has been suddenly trying to capt my attention by following and unfollowing and following( very immature i would say) and i cutted the crap and said if he wanted to come play videogames y{now (i know it sounds childrish) but, i keep asking myself, WHAT DOES HE WANT, im so confused, does he want to see me or not why so weird, help.

LEO❤️ on September 28, 2018:

So I met this guy I really like I already Told him I ask him to friendzone me he said that I’ll friendzone you for now I don’t know know how the future is Gonna be we might end up dating idk though but he’s little different I have 3 Scorpio friends but he isn’t like them he’s playful cheerful energetic and he stay with me after school he’s doesn’t like scary stuff but he’s watch it with me he was calling me cute because idk since I’m short he stands over the sun to protect me since I’m a Leo I’m not sure if the signs go together because idk he more of a idk but he doesn’t look like a Scorpio but idk yet please tell me if he likes me and he’s really funny ❤️

smol on September 15, 2018:

I've had my eyes on this scorpio for some time and i can't figure out if he likes me as a friend or more than that. He always asks me what kind of music I listen to and what artists i like. He would ask me over and over again, from time to time too. One time when we were talking about sports and he demonstrated how far he could jump, he asked me to try it and added "be careful, don't hurt yourself". Before I do something, he would always tell me to be careful and be cautious, etc. I don't know if this is him telling me to be careful as a friend or more than that. It also seems like he notices when i change my pfp on social media because he would ask me "btw, you changed your pfp again?!" everytime i change my pfp. I really want to know if he sees me as more than a friend or just as a friend.

anmol on August 17, 2018:

Its good for all the scorpion

Andrea Lawrence (author) from Chicago on April 05, 2018:

You're really young, and this is not a bad thing, but I say keep pursuing this girl. See where it takes you. If it ends up being a dead end, you'll find out in time and be able to move on and have plenty of time to find someone else. But I think this girl does like you. She may want to age a little before anything serious. Scorpios do well without a lot of noise. They like dates that don't have too much going on, they'll take on a date with a lot of activity, but they really would prefer to just be around the person. So maybe you just need to make things more simple. Watch TV, write letters, go to a movie. They need simple and build trust so they can express their emotions.

Ariesive on March 31, 2018:

Hey fellas, There is this girl I have had my eyes on since freshman year. Her being a Scorpio and I being an Aries I heard can have a few conflicts. Freshman and sophomore year we didn’t talk much or at all even. Junior year came around and we started to talk more and more. We don’t see each other much because she’s in different classes than I am and the only time I really got to talk to her was on the bus. I would say we had a fun time on the bus and we would say it was shorter than it actually was. We normally talk through social media which I know is not the ideal way to communicate. I have asked her to hang out a few times and she has said yes most of the time but I would say has bailed on every one. Something either comes up or she just gets busy. I don’t think she hangs out with other guys based on her persona and I guess you could say she flirts back at me from time to time. I know she is a very busy girl and school is her priority right now. I have read that Scorpio’s are very private and don’t tell just anyone about serious personal matters. Around when I first stared talking to her she told me things that she claims only her mom dad and now I know. I think this means she has trust in me. She can snap me and flirt back a bit but everytime I ask to hang she is “busy”. Does this mean I am being led on or I am wasting my time? I would go to the end of the earth for her but she has no idea. I haven’t got to hang out with her so I can’t tell her any of that because I don’t think doing it through a screen is sufficient. I don’t know if she is just to shy to hang out with me or just doesn’t want to. I recently moved so I don’t ride the same bus as her and it made me sad that the only real time I could spend with her is out of the question now. I don’t believe she is glued to her phone like most of the other girls but she doesn’t respond very much through social media until late night and it’s not consistent. Sometimes we have decently long talks about anything and it feels genuine. During Valentine’s Day, I asked her to be my valentine and she said yes and I asked her to hang. She said she could and on the day of Valentine’s Day it turns out she has therapy and work. I knew she wasn’t lieing because she would snap me while she was doing it. At the end of the day I told her to go check her mail in which I left a teddy bear and come candy. She told me she had no idea how happy it made her and thanked me.I recently asked her to come to the library with me and help me with math and she said she would love to. Then I asked her if after we could get some ice cream or something and she said yes. She told me she was free and then just as I expected she “needed to make sure she was free and that she would get back to me”. She told me the following day she has an essay deadline and couldn’t come and I just said “I figured”. She may and I don’t doubt is busy but I feel if she had feelings would find time to hang out with me :/. I need your guys help on whether I just need to move on or still pursue her. Is there anything I may have done or I can do differently?There is just something about her.

LeoGal on March 13, 2018:

Hey! I really thought your article was very informative, but I have just had a question.

I've been seeing two men, one is a Cancer and one is a Scorpio. Which one do you think is more compatible with my sign?

P.S.: The Cancer man has already shown interest in me, but the Scorpio has just been hovering around me (or probably vice versa) has been staring at me, but has shown no interest (I think).

Jane on March 09, 2018:

Hi, I am a cancer girl and sort of like this guy who is a Scorpio. We worked together and people at our workplace always tease us and say that we are a couple. He doesn't reply to it and just ignored it. He buys me drink even though I said I didn't want them, and he stares at me even when our eyes met for so long. But he never text me after work, unless I text him first. What does this mean? Is he into me or it's just a one way thing?

Andrea Lawrence (author) from Chicago on February 09, 2018:

Good luck to you!

Sam on February 03, 2018:

Thanks a lot!!

I’ll try that

Andrea Lawrence (author) from Chicago on February 02, 2018:

Ah, Scorpios and their disappearing act. They are focused on something personal, so it doesn't always mean it has to do with you. Sometimes it does so they can mull. Instead of trying to see if he likes you, try building a connection. Talk to him. Flirt with him. And build something that way. When we stop to think if someone likes us, we tend to pull away from actually creating a connection where that possibility is more likely. So stop thinking about whether it is or isn't, and enjoy what you can build.

Sam on February 01, 2018:


I am a aqua girl and I am not able to figure out if the scorp guy is interested in me and lately I’m really keen to know the same.

Some of the signs match like the intense stare , anger on his face when other guys even slightly flirt wid me.

But he disappears from time to time and I’m not sure he’d try to pursue me if I’m not around.

Do you think he’s not looking for something serious?

Andrea Lawrence (author) from Chicago on December 08, 2017:

I think you need to be straightforward with him. Ask him what he wants. Say what you want. If you're sharing your body with him, you shouldn't feel fear as to talking about this. It's good for you to express your needs and to communicate. Scorpio isn't exactly the best with words, so you may need to do some of the talking to get it started. Scorpio loves emotions and actions; Virgo loves acts of service. These two are very compatible, generally speaking.

judy on December 07, 2017:

I am a virgo female and have been fooling around with a scorpio man for about a month now. Every time i am with him, there's something new. When we are together talk more and more, surprisingly he would cuddle me a lot too. It's really hard to tell if he likes me or not. I don't want to ask him directly too. I also do know that Scorpios are very straight forward. I know that, if he likes me, he would. Sometimes i feel like he likes me and sometimes i overthink and i think otherwise. We don't text every day either. Sometimes it can be days or something until he texts me. Whenever we're together, its different than how it is in text. I don't know if its just us having sex or if he just really likes me. I hope this isn't confusing either. I don't know if this will lead to anything more. Im not sure even sure if you can tell

Andrea Lawrence (author) from Chicago on August 02, 2017:

DEPENDS. If they're interested, more than anything it would make them jealous. A brooding, festering kind of jealous which could make them mad... and disinterested. Or they may step up and find a way to quickly dispose of your interest.

curious onee on August 01, 2017:

DO scorpio get challenged or something? Like for an example, he heard or knew youre crushing on some guy.. would they give up or would they still continue??

Andrea Lawrence (author) from Chicago on July 25, 2017:

To put simply, this does fit Scorpio behavior, yes.

Andrea Lawrence (author) from Chicago on July 25, 2017:

Scorpios are good at investigating and getting a general vibe. They get tunnel vision from their analysis.

Andrea Lawrence (author) from Chicago on July 25, 2017:

I try when I can! Sometimes keeping up with this is somewhat of a trick.

jm on July 22, 2017:

Thank you so much! Never thought you would answer me ♥️

shyy on July 22, 2017:

We are not friends pn facebook, so could he know somehow? From what i have heard scorpios are pro when it comes to investigating things or when they want to find out about something..

Hi on July 20, 2017:

Hi, this scorpio somehow became distant.. then today he approached me. He kept coming back and forth and for the third time he stayed beside me without uttering a word. I just realized, yesterday some boys in my class kept asking if i ever had a boyfriend. And when i shared to my best friend what happened, she told me that he might ask those guys to ask it intead of him? Im just wondering.. are scorpios like that? Distant and stares at you from a distant then comes approaching you unexpectedly?

Andrea Lawrence (author) from Chicago on July 11, 2017:

No, this sounds like a Scorpio keeping an eye on you. I think he is interested and trying to figure you out. They like to analyze the crap out of you.

They tend to have strong eyes too. Scorpios get jealous easily, but don't let that hurt how you develop friendships.

jm on July 04, 2017:

Hi, i have this friend of mine who is a scorpio and im a virgo. i am not really sure if he likes me or not. I dont want to assume but whenever I am not looking, and from my peripheral view I could see he is looking at me. I kind of read that you could tell in his eyes, the way he looks at you like that. He is also touchy, i just noticed how creative he is and he never fails to surprise me most of the time. He says I'm cute and he jokingly said he likes me. Im quite confused actually. Is it counted jealousy when he sees me talking to some guy who i am really close with? It's like he is always watching me.. observing me. He is quite protective, maybe because he sees me vulnerable.. but when it was cold in the room he kind of adjusted the temperature and asked me if Im cold or anything. I was just wondering if this behavior is normal for them? Like that's how he is to his friends?

Andrea Lawrence (author) from Chicago on January 20, 2017:

You probably didn't screw it up. Why not give him the hint and the go that you like him back? I know it's scary, but he clearly likes you and is even asking your brother for help. Be nice and help the dude out. Write him a message and hand it to him if you have to.

Sophie on January 20, 2017:

Hello! I have this crush on a scorpio Guy and wanted to ask if he might also be intrested in me(i'm a Taurus btw)? So we don't really know each other but he is kinda friends with my brother and one time he was at our place and he ate dinner with us and I felt really stared at from him and one time i was in the City i saw him and walked pass him and again, he starred. And my mother she really likes him and often said stuff like "Luke (the Name of my crush) is so friendly and has manners" and one time she asked me like "right Sophie? Luke is cute." And i was just like "yeah" and its pretty unusual for my family to hear Just a plein yes from me instead of "No he was so annoying...And Blabla". So i once did Not Talk shit about a Person and they all were like OMG SPOHIE HAS A CRUSh which is true but i would never admit that. And Well my brother Kinda teased me with him and smiled at me and said luke to me while winking at the same time and we got Into a fight because he annoyed/teased me with that all the freaking time and we were fighting over his mobile Phone because my brother said he will Text him and tell him i have a crush on Luke. And Well we were fighting over his phone for like 10 Minutes and then he said "you know what, i'm going to send him a voice message now" and i was just freaking Out but my brother did it anyways but after he sent it i told him to immediatley Tell him that it's Not True and that he's just joking and lukes responses were:

-okay :'DDD

-does she like me now or Not?:D

And my brother responded to that with "no"

And my crush replied with:

-Are you for real now?:D

And my brother was like "yes"

And he answered with


So now i have another thing that happened for you: After all this happened and me being Kinda exposed to my crush by my brother, i saw Luke like 2 weeks later in the City and he just stood there at the Train Station with some Friends and i looked him straight in the eyes (which was Kinda emberassing for me tbh) and he said goodbye to his Friends and walked passed me and poked his Finger into my waist and said "hi Sophie!". And there were quite a few people and i didn't expect him to Greet me so i didn't Greet back (lol First world Problems) and i think he felt Kinda ignored and is propably salty about it (lol) because today i saw him at the Train Station again and he stood there with Two Friends and i was so nervous because i had to walk right pass him and i was so close and looked him Kinda in the eyes and he ignored me..... And i'm waaay to shy to say something..... Did i f*cked it up now???? And by the way he is seventeen and i'm sixteen.

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