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Does a Scorpio Like Me?

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Scorpios can be intense. Sometimes when they have feelings for you they come off serious and cold.

Scorpios can be intense. Sometimes when they have feelings for you they come off serious and cold.

What a Scorpio Wants

If there is one sign that I tend to attract, it’s Scorpio. In my opinion, it should be fairly obvious when a Scorpio likes you. They can be quite forward when they are after someone. They don’t tend to leave you hanging unless they are only partially interested and are keeping their options open.

Once matured, Scorpio is incredibly loyal. They will go to just about any length to be with the person they like. They don’t easily give up either — they are notoriously stubborn. It is, however, important to keep in mind that when Scorpio is young, they may be difficult, unstable, and mischievous.

10 Signs That a Scorpio Likes You

There are telltale signs when a Scorpio likes you. The easiest way to spot a Scorpio is by their long gaze — this sign is known for having eyes that could cut glass. As an Aquarius, who isn’t exactly fond of eye contact, I wish I knew what was really going through their mind. When they focus on someone they like, it is incredibly intense (threatening, even). I’m more of a grins and giggles kind of girl.

  1. They will go out of their way to talk to you and figure you out. They are especially charmed by those who are mysterious and calm. Since they have a complicated emotional range, they find themselves attracted to those who have good self-control over their emotions. If you can say you are a cool, mysterious person, you’ve likely caught Scorpio’s interest.
  2. Scorpios like to take their interests on a very secluded date. This doesn’t mean you’ll be in some romantic garden with a candlelight dinner — they like to have their crush all to themselves. They are known for long dates where you simply sit on a couch. They prefer secluding you and getting to know you (mind, body, and spirit) over doing fun-filled activities.
  3. Scorpios will try to break the touch barrier. They’ll give you hugs, kiss your neck, or hold your hand. They’ll come up with some sly way to touch you. They also have an outstanding understanding of how to be cuddly and endearing. Scorpios are one of the most physical signs.
  4. Jealously. When a Scorpio hasn’t snagged you yet, they’ll be keenly aware of who is trying to win your heart. They may step on those people’s toes and get them out of the way, so you can focus plainly on the fixed sign of water, the King of Fall, the parallel to Hades, or whatever title they prefer... One time, when a guy was coming up to talk to me, a Scorpio pulled off the advancing guy’s scarf and threw it at me. He completely destroyed that person’s approach.
  5. Consistent communication. A Scorpio likes to talk to the person they like; you’ll get lots of text messages. Scorpio does need sufficient alone time for introspection, so don’t be surprised if they disappear for a week or two. If it doesn’t seem like the two of you are progressing, you might want to get suspicious of their downtime. It can go either way. They’re either recharging from a stressful week, or they’re finding someone else to go and flirt with.
  6. Scorpios are fiendishly loyal. There is nothing like it, really. When they like you, they are looking for a deep commitment. Most of the Scorpios I know end up in long-term relationships or are staunchly single. Whatever is their focus, they commit to it. They’re either 100% for love or 0%, nothing in between.
  7. They do appreciate sexual innuendos. They’ll try to figure out whether you’re modest or a liberated fellow — and they’ll be a chameleon and do what they can to suit your style. (On more than one occasion, I’ve met a Scorpio who sees Deadpool as some kind of god.)
  8. They want to get to know you. They’ll try to figure out your interests, life ambitions, middle name, and deepest darkest fears — they won’t be satisfied until they have you figured out. They’ll chase after you if you are difficult for them to understand.
  9. Scorpios like those who are independent and can speak for themselves. They have been known to look for someone that reminds them of their parents — because then they know they can live with them long term if they have the right, familiar qualities.
  10. When a Scorpio likes someone, they want to have them completely. They want to get to know their body, their mind, their personality, everything. They want an incredibly deep connection. And they’ll do what they can to give you some space, as difficult as that may be for them.
Scorpios prefer to hang out one-on-one, without the distractions of a fancy restaurant or bar.

Scorpios prefer to hang out one-on-one, without the distractions of a fancy restaurant or bar.

What to Expect With a Scorpio

A Scorpio can be hot and cold. They’ll like you to the moon and back, but when things are over, you will definitely feel a change in the connection.

Scorpios Value Loyalty

Do not ever cheat on a Scorpio. They will cut their losses and move on from you. These are creatures who desire more than anything to have loyalty. When cheated on, they feel like the lowest of the low. They hate losing, especially in the love department.

Also, do not try to intentionally make a Scorpio jealous. This could easily backfire on you and end up with the Scorpio moving on because they feel like your loyalty is questionable. They like to have someone they can absolutely trust and who absolutely trusts them. This might not be the easiest ideal to reach, but it is what a Scorpio truly wants.

They Want to Get to Know Who You Really Are

When you are with a Scorpio, you need to be yourself. They don’t like inauthentic people or big gossipers. They like people who are selfless, caring, gentle, and also extremely attractive. From what I can tell, physical attraction matters to a Scorpio. There was only one case where I could see that wasn’t true, but I think that had to do more with the person’s self-esteem and self-image. A mature Scorpio wants someone who looks good with them, who will make their environment look better, who is an all-around catch that they know others would be lucky to have.

Scorpios Keep a Tight Circle

Scorpios tend to have long-lasting relationships. They put a great deal of effort into them. You can expect a male Scorpio to be punctual, pay for your meals, and make sure you get home safely.

Scorpios can be a lot different in group situations than one-on-one. This sign is often misunderstood, so that can make it difficult to understand them unless you have previous experience with this sign. Some people in group situations find them rude, grumpy, and not all that pleasant. I find Scorpios to really keep a trim social network. The ones they are loyal to they are extremely loyal to, and it sucks to lose a Scorpio for this reason. You feel like something is missing, and sometimes Scorpios make you feel that intentionally—if you wrong them, they know how to sting you. . .and get rid of you.

Scorpios Want a Deep Connection

Scorpios tend to really care about their families, closest friends, and especially their significant other. When they love someone, it is deep and true. They are not looking for a superficial connection; ultimately, they want something that will last. They tend to fall for those who can keep their emotions in check, are very steady, and are endearing.

I find that Scorpios like me for being a creative powerhouse, since I am an Aquarius. But I think they could easily go for someone more practical, especially if the person still carries a certain amount of charm and mystique. They allow each relationship they have to be its own unique thing — they don’t hold all the people they date to the same standards. Most of the Scorpios I have come across are extremely monogamous — I think polyamory would be super weird to see coming from a Scorpio. Not that it’s impossible, it just doesn’t seem like what they would want long term.

A Scorpio will say how they feel. They are looking for an ESP (extrasensory perception) connection. They like it when someone can read their mind a little bit. They like to be in control, to make decisions, and, of course, to cuddle!

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