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Crushing on a Taurus: Guide to Dating the Zodiac Bull

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What is it like to date the bull of the zodiac? Explore the Taurus personality and relationship style here!

What is it like to date the bull of the zodiac? Explore the Taurus personality and relationship style here!

What to Expect When Dating a Taurus

The Taurus is a fixed earth sign. Taurus can be grounded, nice, and sometimes quiet, but they have a crazy temper. Taurus (along with other earth signs) generally likes to love on people through acts of service. Taurus (again, like other earth signs) takes their time with dating. They may be your friend for a long time, and it may take an incredibly long time before they ask you out.

With the earth signs, you may want to make the first move, but not in a startling way. Keep things chill and easy. Earth signs are looking for stability, success, and a loyal partner.

How Taurus Expresses Their Feelings

A Taurus might shy away from revealing all of their heart-pounding emotions. They may not talk about how they feel, but they will show their affection through actions. They might bring you flowers, presents, or along with them on an adventure.

However, since they’re not as used to talking about their emotions, they can easily bottle things up and spray out a massive amount of anger. You don’t want to get caught in the bull’s horns. It’s best to create a safe space where they can open up about their emotions, and you should encourage them to do so when you get the chance. Taurus may be a challenging date for more emotionally giving signs.

The Taurus Personality

A typical Taurus is all of these things:

  • Detail-oriented
  • Controlling
  • Financially responsible
  • Traditional


Taurus can be a stickler for details (like all earth signs). Taurus wants things to be precise, so she may end up coming off stubborn when she wants certain things to be set in a specific order. When a Taurus finally decides they will date someone, which can take an exceedingly long time to consider, the Taurus will give 100% to their relationship. The next step will be to help bring in some confidence to the relationship and round out each other's trust.


Taurus likes to be in control. It’s a zodiac that wants to know it can provide, bless, and be there. Taurus will want to be consulted on all matters, whether it includes them or not. They want to be kept in the loop! They want to prove that they can do things whether it’s building a shelf, learning a new musical instrument, or scuba diving with dolphins. They are goal setters and achievers. They need someone with them that’s intelligent and likes setting goals. Ambition is key to attracting and keeping a Taurus.

Financially Responsible

Taurus with its need for control likes to be on top of all financial matters. If you are more independent with your finances, you’ll need to prove that you make sound decisions when it comes to money, or else the Taurus may take over as they see best. They are responsible with money and will be practical with it to a T.


Taurus can be traditional. They like for things to be clean, for their spouse to be dressed well, and for a little bit of pampering. Taurus is a sensual sign—they like to keep physically fit whether biking, rock climbing, or spending hours at the gym. Sometimes they need help realizing they have achieved exactly what was needed… and to stop charging forward.

Taurus types tend to love bonding with plants and animals. If you want dogs and cats in your life, date a Taurus.

Taurus types tend to love bonding with plants and animals. If you want dogs and cats in your life, date a Taurus.

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Taurus' Temper

Taurus is most of the time chill and in control of heir own domain… but don’t forget that their temper can spiral out of control at times. The personality often struggles with being shy, but through consistency and a good, friendly connection, the Taurus will eventually open up as they feel more and more comfortable. You can easily get to their heart through their stomach. A simple date going out to eat will keep a Taurus happy.

It’s all about security for this zodiac. And so they want to prove that they are reliable, dependable, and trustworthy. If you let him know his practicality is appreciated, you’ll help your partner know they are on the right track in the relationship. That’s what they want to hear.

Tauruses know what they like and are not wishy-washy. They want to be decisive — that’s their desire. As solid rock personalities, they care about family and keeping their familial connections. They tend to be hopeless romantics (they are ruled by Venus, the planet of love).

What Taurus Is Like in a Relationship

Tauruses are conventional types. They tend to like long-term commitments, like marriage and children. These types take awhile to warm up to dating because they’re not players and prefer to look for something that is going to last for a long time to come. If a Taurus wants to pursue you, it will. They are typically persistent with their goals, and that persistence also applies to dating when they have found someone they believe makes sense.

They're Providers

Taurus doesn’t just like to provide: they like to overindulge in providing. This zodiac will spoil you rotten as a means of showing their appreciation and affection. They are hopeless romantics and want to keep their promises. They are duty fulfillers, not sloths. For some, this may be too uppity, but overall it keeps the relationship healthy. They want to be classy, not like a perfectionist like Virgo, but definitely not like the lovable hippie Leo.

They May Overindulge in the Finer Things of Life

They appreciate the finer things of life. Let them explore food, music, culture, and good aesthetics. They can appreciate a perfectly made chocolate cake, they like when all the towels in the house are clean, they like when things have their place and are in order. They don’t like when things are out of whack. If it’s unstable, the Taurus might not be able to handle it.

Taurus do tend to love wine… and their overindulgence habits can kick in. Either they’ll be an entertaining drunk… or a hot mess.

They're True to Themselves

These sweethearts are genuine. They don’t put up with bull crap. Taurus will stand up for their point of view, not necessarily yours. They don’t align with people for the sake of aligning with people. They stay true to their own beliefs.

Turn-Ons and Turn-Offs

Taurus is attracted to those who are funny, loyal, and demonstrate they would make a good parent. Common sense is a plus.

Those that won’t click with Taurus are way too flighty, two-faced, and superficial. Those who are all over the place with their emotions, dress poorly, and have bad hygiene. Taurus personalities tend to be attuned to the five senses. If you’re making a lot of noise, are a hazard to the eyes, and smell bad, the Taurus won’t like you. They do like to stay home where things are controlled rather than unstable. Your Taurus is a combination of sensual + sentimental.

They want things serious, not loose. If you’re flaky, you annoy the Taurus. They crave a serious relationship if not more than any other sign. They take a logical approach to get there rather than combusting over with emotions. They don’t just show anybody and everybody their softer sides. If a Taurus is not really interested in you, they may treat you like an object rather than a person.

They don’t take to big dreamers or people who want action all the time. They’re not looking for a big thrill seeker. They want someone who can have a great conversation with them and also cook a good meal. Don’t freak them out or get too esoteric. If you’re pushing the boundaries on them too much, they might fold. If you have a flair for life that’s different from most, Taurus is probably not the best match for you.

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