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Everything You Need to Know About Dating a Sagittarius

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Sagittarius, oh Sagittarius. The bold, the brave, the champion of us all -- you'll be loved by this one. Sagittarius is close to adventure. They need to travel and camp across the world, they need to taste exotic foods, they need to ask deep questions. Sagittarius will give you their honesty, and in turn it may be hard, but their thoughts are true. They are candid, they are goal setters, they are sometimes withdrawn. They take break ups hard, they are searching the planet twice over for someone genuine, someone strong enough to be their traveling buddy, and be their object of affection.

The Kings and Queens of Honesty

Sagittarius is there for you; they'll tell you how things are, it can be quite visceral. They are great for thinking signs, but they might be too harsh for water signs who need a touch of sensitivity. They speak their minds, their hearts, and their sexualities. They are to a fault honest people. So they need someone who can be trusting with their openness. They need someone they can share their heart with without being overly checked upon. Sagittarius is a fire sign, and though they don't argue like a Aries or Leo they have strong thoughts, hopes, and wills and they're waiting on fortune's good hand. They may stray from dating to pursue their own interests. When they're ready they'll put themselves into the dating field. What they care about from day to day is the deeper philosophical questions. They need a real relationship that isn't forced. They do well with the later signs of the zodiac who can keep their chill and often still fight back. Sagittarius can argue with the intensity of the best, but they won't do it for no reason. They would rather explore thoughts uninhibited. They like their arguments and honesty uninhibited. Let them soar with their candor; don't hold them back you'll only hurt them.


The Warm Hearted Sign

They are warm hearted, wanting their relationships supported. They will be there to serenade you, bake you warm cookies, and throw you a surprise party. They are full of acts of services. They want you to feel their love their actions. They will tell you everything in their minds; they don't hold back. They are champions of their friends and of their lovers. They may take some time to realize who they really love, and it's easy for them to let the ship sail by accident. Sagittarius is often at a loss for words on whether they should pursue or hold back; they have the ability to do both, and so they need someone who can actively step up to the plate or reciprocate. Be honest with a Sagittarius, if you can't be as honest as they desire then they'll corner you with their negative thoughts till you break. A lot of Sagittarius relationships end when honesty is required to come up to the surface -- and sometimes for either party it just doesn't work. So a Sagittarius relationship can be good at not lingering if there needs to be a break up.

However, the zodiac may still be in your group of friends making it difficult to have a proper break up. Sagittarius is willing to keep the friend, to let you be one of the herd with them, because they'd rather keep you in contact than throw you to the wolves. They'll still be there after a break up, and you may want them back -- but they might not let you in a second time. Dance carefully when you are romantic with a Sagittarius; appreciate their love, tell them they're good to you, and give them gifts of reassurance. And you'll see this zodiac teach and encourage you to be the best you've ever been of yourself.

Mental Champions

Sagittarius will climb to any mental precipice. They tend to collect a number of skills and talents making them a worthwhile person in any group. Don't be surprised if they can belt out a song, build house, speak several languages, and live completely free in the wild. They are a resourceful bunch, and often one of the more independent signs. Not as fiercely independent and single as Virgo or Aquarius, but those two are in a weird league of their own.

If you want to attract Sagittarius, then just be yourself. They like people open right before their eyes. They like to know that they have someone who can intermingle with them. They do love the talented, intelligent, and kind -- but what they really want is someone who is consistent, persistent, and honest. They know if a relationship work if they can be on the same page with the truth, because Sagittarius is a truth seeker. This truth seeker gets along with wind signs and fire signs with ease. Sagittarius might not care for the practicality of an earth sign; and water signs may wear them down. Sagittarius doesn't introspect with their emotions quite like that. Sagittarius is more about their will and desires. They want to bring people out of their shells, get them to sing and stand tall, they want an army of good friends. They're looking for deep connection. They want settle for shallow people. They'll get you to pour yourself out all over the ground, so if you don't like being vulnerable then don't try to attract a Sagittarius. They can be quite serious by nature even if fun loving on the surface.

Sagittarius and Break Ups

This is a sign that is confident. When it loses it's confidence, it needs its partner to give them a jolt in the right direction. The nice thing about a Sagittarius is that they don't just mope around in their sadness, they will get people close to them involved in what is going on in their heart. They're not afraid of a lot of things. They really want a supportive partner who is really there and not just giving half their heart. Some of the most talented people you'll ever meet are Sagittarius. They can make for great musicians, poets, artists, just about anything creative. They are good at taking their sad emotions and being able to project them out in a constructive, creative way. They are fighters, so when sad they don't like to just stay sad, curled up in a ball. They want to take life on and be the best version that they can be, and they don't want to miss out on a good opportunity, and to them being too down in the dumps will prevent them from good opportunities. After a break up or divorce, they may rush into the dating scene and date a few people till they've got it figured out. They don't want to sit around and introspect until the end of time. They will introspect, not as much as wind signs or water signs, but they really like to be active and keep their will going. This would be a good zodiac to study manifestation. They really are magicians and can take a great deal of what's around them under their control. If they can focus, they can be some of the most powerful people at making their dreams reality -- introspection could help them get there, rather than just dashing right into the muddy waters of real life.

Scorpio and Aquarius are great at getting things they want created. Those two zodiacs have different methods of bringing things out into reality, but they would make for good friends for the Sagittarius who is also waiting for something big out of their life. There is some amount of destiny that plays into each of our lives, and if we want to help make that destiny come true, we need to be open minded and open with our eyes in what is right before us or else we will miss opportunities and maybe even be behind on who we will really want to be while we have this fragile chance at living.


Andrea Lawrence (author) from Chicago on November 07, 2019:

It sounds like you two are into each other, and you may have been in denial about it. Hopefully things worked out.

Andrea Lawrence (author) from Chicago on March 13, 2019:

Don't get lost in the what if. Sagittarius wants to have fun. Be more in the moment and spontaneous.

Scorpo384 on March 12, 2019:

@ Me: not sure what "get'r done" exactly means, but took it as - Do something :-)

Well, I did. We spent some time together and it was ok. But it didn't feel like we connected on a deeper level. The sexual attraction is there and growing, but lately we have been giving each other the cold shoulder. And there's absolutely no reason for that. One day we both seek each other out to talk and laugh, on the next day we simply ignore each other. Very volatile thing. It's like even though we enjoy each other's company at the same time we're both very cautious and wary about whatever it is between us. Bottom line, there's progress but so little that it doesn't give all that much hope.

Scorpo384 on January 29, 2019:


So I met this Sag girl. We are classmates, but we only have two classes together. At first I noticed her and thought: Wow, who is she?. But then it was just that, and it didn't really spark my interest. I guess it's because she's not my type - I am more into blondes and she's brunette. Also we circle around different people and she's always late. All in all not much chance for communication. She also smokes, which I hate since I do a lot of sports. After a while, though I started to notice that she is kind of trying to catch my eye. When passing by each other she's always trying to make eye contact saying Hi and smiling. When I am talking to my friends she's always just subtly saying hi or bye (after class finishes) even though she's not in the conversation. I know this is not much, but just trying to describe the situation in its full scope. I was always polite when replying, but pretty much ignored her. Then on two occasions she suddenly sat next to me on the last row in class. She never does sit on the last row. She also could have sat anywhere else it wasn't like there weren't any other free spots. I also had to clear a bit in order to make room for her. On these two occasions I felt this tremendous energy/tension around us and from there on my interest was sparked. Still I tried to ignore it. With school and work so hectic I thought - bad timing. One time after class I and my friends decided to go revise together before an exam and she joined us. She's not really close to anyone in that group. She came a bit later and the only free spot on our table - next to me. Lots of other free tables around. Still, we are classmates and I get it’s kind of natural to sit with us. We were talking, and she was just sitting there, revising on her own without participating in the conversation. This, for like 30min or so. Again - the energy was still there. I hated it when nobody tried to get her in the conversation so I started talking to her and making sure I look her in the eyes. I was very cautious so only talked about the exam itself and some other school related stuff. Short but still a conversation I enjoyed. Anyways, two days later she sent me a friendship request on FB. I usually don’t read much into these friendship requests, as it has happened before, but this time I liked it and took it as a positive sign. Then the holidays came and we didn’t keep in touch. But during the holidays I was thinking a lot about her, and was even starting to come to terms with her smoking :) I definitely have a crush on her at this point. Then a few days ago she texted she needed some info about an exam in an open group and I texted her the info I had. She was like “Oh, thank you”, blush emojis and even using my name. Felt like she was trying to keep the conversation going. I understood she was a bit ill at the moment and I myself was really busy so we didn’t continue for long. Two days later I texted her to check on her and wish her luck for the exams. This time though she was kind of reluctant to chat but polite. Lately we have been chatting again. I initiate usually and sometimes she is really in the conversation enjoying, asking questions and using a lot of smiley and blush emojis, but sometimes she is just replaying not asking anything. Kind of a roller coaster. Different every day. I am thinking of asking her out but I don’t know what she would say. I also don’t know if she has a boyfriend because there is nothing on Facebook. She does have a lot of male friends and is a bit of a tomboy. For the record she is Sagittarius with moon in Pisces. I am a tough case of a Scorpio with moon, Venus, and Mercury in Scorpio as well. Do you guys think she is into me and our combo could work? Is she just playing? I will ask her out eventually, but just wondering whether I should do it sooner rather than later or just wait and see how it evolves. But this waiting is killing me, since patience right now on this matter is not my strongest point :) I don't want to ruin everything as well by being impatient. Thanks for reading.

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