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Everything You Need to Know About Dating a Pisces

Andrea writes on various topics from dating, couples, astrology, weddings, interior design, and gardens. She studied film and writing.

What Are Pisces Like?

The fishy fish swims right into your heart with their sweet, tender, and complicated emotions. Pisces isn't always pure, like a Virgo, or as endearing as a Libra, but they still carry some amount of innocence. The Pisces is looking for a deep partner both emotionally and philosophically.

Pisces is a mix of an old soul, an empath, and a slightly edgy person. Pisces is known for being one of the nicest signs, so sometimes the sign overcompensates by doing something bad, even though it goes against their principles. A Pisces is often extremely intelligent — they often love the company of an Aquarius, one of their neighbors in the zodiac chart.

Pisces isn't as much of a "dark lord sith" (for you Star Wars fans) as Scorpio and is definitely not as wavy and insane as a Cancer. Pisces in some ways is more like an Aquarius but tends to have a more down-to-earth outlook and not as shocking of social skills.

This article will touch on various aspects of dating a Pisces and everything you need to know to be prepared and have a shot at success.

Pisces Attracts Relationships and Is Advanced in Love

The fish sign is looking for romance all the time. Pisces attracts partners fast. They don’t like to be single, whether they say so or not — one of Pisces’ quests in life is to find someone to be with. They love success, they love money, they love weirdness, but they really want someone they can spend their time with.

The Pisces swims deep, stays friendly, is sensitive, and often feels misunderstood. They have a great deal of creativity and romance – all stemming from an open heart. Pisces are healers. And sometimes their emotions consume them and they are unable to unlatch from their feelings. They make for great writers, actors, dreamers, doctors, and so forth.

They can see things through rose-tinted glasses, or no rose-tint at all. Pisces needs to be as open with their heart as possible. They need to attract people who are sensitive, kind, and also kind of fantastical. Sometimes they get into escapism because they don't entirely know how to fit into the world and its harshness.

We need Pisces to help us all open up and get through the harshness of life and heal. Pisces will be there in the dark times, they want people to succeed, they want to build people up, and they want to go to the depths of romance.

Reaching for Ideal Love

This is a zodiac sign that needs an idealized form of love. They want to bring out your emotions, your thoughts, and everything pretty you hold dear inside your soul. Pisces is a lover, not an enemy. If you see a Pisces who is not fully developed, they may have strong negative emotions such as jealously, anger, fear, paranoia, and depression.

Don’t let a Pisces fall to the wayside and get lost in an angry spiral. They need help with their healing abilities, which come naturally to them, but they often close that part of themselves because others around them don’t have the same thought stream going through them. A Pisces does well to be around those who are secure in themselves and don’t add insult to injury.

Pisces needs people who are calm, peaceful, and reassuring. Pisces does not like anxiety, and a lot of people can make Pisces feel anxious and unbalanced. This is partly why Pisces is often attracted to Aquarius. The air sign is a naturally calm and withdrawn zodiac and Pisces would like to take some of those skills and integrate them into their wellbeing.

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Attractions to Other Zodiacs

Pisces often pairs up with Scorpio, another water sign. Scorpio can come off intense, but also loyal and protective. Pisces likes people who can protect them because their feelings are so sensitive, so they are drawn to Scorpio and their immense, powerful depth that they offer to the world.

It may seem initially counterintuitive because Scorpio seems so dark in comparison to Pisces, but their philosophies and emotions are malleable within each other’s needs. The two help balance out each other’s problems with the world — Scorpio needs to see someone who is authentic and loving…while Pisces needs someone who can take charge, stay calm, but also expresses deep, romantic and alluring feelings.

The two work well together — and Cancer works well also, partly because Cancer is so dire to please and make sure that things go well and steady. Cancer is an intense zodiac, so you may want to consider how Cancer can rock the boat with its very wide emotions. Scorpio has a lot of depth to its emotional range while Cancer is more wide and horizontal. Pisces is somewhere in there… maybe hanging on diagonally or in zigzags.

Pisces Withdrawing

Pisces likes a lot of romance. This is a zodiac that would love a weekend vacation, candlelight dinners, soft music, and having just you to themselves. They love to live in the moment. They believe what is here and now should be explored to the fullest. Pisces will hurt if they know they have crossed boundaries with you.

A Pisces worst fear is to cause harm to others. A Pisces would rather die than know they caused injury to someone they love. They constantly think about the ones they love. They think deeply about those connections, but they don’t always stand up and say how much they love someone.

A Pisces will withdraw in themselves and to try to escape from the world as a defense mechanism. A Pisces that doesn’t have their crap together may get heavily into drugs and alcohol. This backfires on them because they are creative souls, and they may think that substances are what inspires their creativity, and so they’ll seek it more. The thing is that creativity is coming straight from the Pisces soul. Sometimes the drugs may relax them, but there are other ways of finding relaxation on one’s own that is better for overall health.

It’s easy to get addicted to the wrong things and fast, so if a Pisces feels like they have a tendency toward addiction, they should find people who they can trust who will be accountable to them. It would be better for a Pisces to stay sober than develop unusual and powerful addictions. Sometimes the Pisces has difficulty with their body image because it makes them feel incomplete and insecure. They would prefer that things have and stay in their place, but unfortunately for them, the body is constantly changing, growing, adapting, and ultimately aging.

Searching for Calm Waters

Pisces may create a fantasy world outside of reality because they prefer it. They may struggle to say how they really feel about someone because they fear that if things actually happen in reality it might not be as exciting as it is in their heads. Pisces can get enraptured with their romantic thoughts. It can be highly disappointing when they have high expectations for how things will go socially and end up going categorically different and not in their favor.

Pisces really does not like constant change. If you want to push a Pisces out of a career, cause that Pisces to have to struggle with constant change. They need stability and they need reassurance. Shaking up the waters too much stresses a Pisces out. They really are attracted to those that can make the waters easy for them to swim in. They don’t like torrential waters, tsunamis, and hurricanes that throw them everywhere… even though they can get addicted to the emotional vibrance of torrential waters.

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The Dance of the Healer

Pisces is a great person to date. You are lucky if you have a Pisces in your life. They give an amazing amount of support the whole way through, and they honestly can’t stand being anything less than you would deserve. They are progressive, they are understanding, they are great enablers of people. Let them be who they are — let them explore their weirdness in front of you.

Let them go through their minefield of thoughts as quickly and strangely as they want to do. If they get swept away by their emotions, let them do so for a moment and then bring them back to a more grounded point of view. Pisces loves to be humored. They have a great sense of humor… but really, let them express abstract things that may not have a tangible purpose to you.

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