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Dating a Pisces Man: Mr. Sensitive

Isabella is a freelance writer with over 13 years of experience writing about astrology and other mystical topics.

What's it like to date a sensitive Pisces guy? Find out here! (Warning: humor ahead!)

What's it like to date a sensitive Pisces guy? Find out here! (Warning: humor ahead!)

What Are the Traits of a Pisces Man?

This is one of several (well, 12) dating articles based on male zodiac signs. They are meant to be sarcastic and playful, so don't get bent out of shape if you're a Pisces man (though I don't know how you couldn't do—you guys cry over everything!).

My very first serious boyfriend was a Pisces. I didn't know much about astrology at the time, or I probably wouldn't have dated him. On the bright side, I have since learned my lesson and have only repeated that mistake once in the years that followed. If you'd like to know the real scoop on dating Pisces men, read on!

Pisces Man, AKA the Clingy Kleenex Guy

Pisces men are sensitive souls. They are deep and meaningful. They are at one with the universe. They are love. They are peace. They are annoyingly needy and clingy, and they cry more than a colicky baby so I hope you have stock in a good tissue company.

Pisces guy is often spiritual to some degree and maybe even a bit psychic, but that doesn't mean he's got a clue as to how to utilize those traits. Nope, he's probably too busy being depressive to realize he could make a fortune going on Montel and channeling spirits with his psychic talents. But it's just as well, cos he'd probably start balling every time he delivered a message from someone on the other side.

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Pisces Wet Noodle Romance

Pisces guys can be romantic. They usually are, so don't get this wrong. It's just that they don't have a whole of lot passionate fire going on. And hey, who can blame them? They are the fishes, after all, and we all know a fire won't survive long if it comes in contact with the ocean.

The Pisces guy will hold your hand and kiss you tenderly and sing you ballads and write you sonnets, but he'll always be the guy in the teen angst film who never gets the girl he wants and has to settle for her horn-rimmed-glasses-wearing sorority sister. That's not to say Pisces men aren't good looking—they are, they are! They look gorgeous, most of them. But this doesn't automatically translate into a wild and exciting romance.

The Pisces Boyfriend

Pisces guys are actually very unlikely to play around on you, and if you're looking for someone you can count on and trust, this is your guy. And that's a good thing; it's one of the best traits a male can possess. They make great dads, too.

Unfortunately, this does nothing at all to help them improve on the physical magnetism scale, so you may not find the peace of mind that goes with knowing your man is faithful to be worth the growing desire you have to be unfaithful.

Tips for Dating a Males Pisces

  • How to flirt with a Pisces man: Be sweet and gentle.
  • How to tick a Pisces man off: Be unjust or mean.
  • How to scare a Pisces man off: Let him see your bad side.
  • How to get a Pisces man back: Tell him you've changed and promise you'll never let him see your bad side again.

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