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Dating a Libra: What to Expect

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Libras can be chaotic. I know many who are messy, lazy, and love to procrastinate. They're creative, friendly, and wonderful... but they can be a real mess.

Libras can be chaotic. I know many who are messy, lazy, and love to procrastinate. They're creative, friendly, and wonderful... but they can be a real mess.

Libra is the windy, balanced sign that places romance high on their list of priorities. Dating a Libra is divine. The air sign wants to be in tune with the vibes of others.

I’m not sure anyone cares more about relationships than Libra. The cardinal air sign is social by nature; they constantly seek out friendships. This sign is incredibly romantic and vulnerable.

If you don’t take care of your relationship and give it your utmost respect, you could hurt Libra’s feelings. A Libra wants a relationship where people put in effort. You can expect a Libra to be flirtatious, intelligent, hilarious, creative, affectionate, and somewhat of a mushy romantic.

The Libra is not a dark soul, nor the most angelic. This type doesn’t understand such stubbornness for the greater good or the greater evil. Most people of this type see things in shades of gray. Libras don’t always understand why people are zealous to be pious… or why their Scorpio counterpart seems to crawl down to the depths of hell.

Long Term Seekers

If you are dating a Libra, you will be dating them long-term. This is someone who will date you for a series of months or years, not a handful of days.

Libras care deeply about their mates. They love to make others happy. Libras do not like to be ignored, they do not like waning romance, and they do not like pointless jibber-jabber that means nothing to them. They like for things to count and to count deeply, if not deeper and deeper as time trickles down the hourglass.

They like to go on romantic dates, they like to indulge, and they like to kiss your face off. The Libra can do well to be independent, but this sign tends to favor coupledom.

As an air sign, Libra is intelligent. They may be off the wall random. They do strange things out of nowhere and for no real reason. This sign enjoys confusing people from time to time. They do have a slightly belligerent side.

A Libra may need help getting practical. They may forget to clean, do their taxes, or buy groceries. They can be caught up in their brains, in their dreams, and in their hopes. They may puke out emotion everywhere in sadness when they break up with you… but they will move on.

Libras need partners who are open to their creativity.

Libras need partners who are open to their creativity.

I Want to Have Fun Right Now

A Libra can be indecisive. Do not push them beyond their limits. This type likes to make decisions at the end of deadlines; they are procrastinators. And if you disturb their sensitive ways, you are only pushing things backward. I would encourage you to be sensitive with people who are consistently indecisive.

The cardinal air sign is naturally goofy. They like to go with the flow: this is partly why it can be difficult and tedious for them to make a final decision. They don’t like plans that are fixed and can’t be modified.

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Libra does well with an Aquarius — even though the fixed sign pontificates to the moon and back. Here is the biggest difference between the two signs: Aquarius is so ambitious that they can’t help but get things done; meanwhile, Libra is the laziest of the air signs. They don’t like to push things if they don’t have to.

A Libra will lighten the mood, they’ll take care of you when you’re sick, and they’ll bring you chocolate on a rainy day. The sign does not like to be serious for long periods— a Cancer might burden a Libra with their constant emotional waves. The air sign will get shaken a lot, and the two will have trouble getting anything done.

A Libra needs friends who are light-hearted and like to go out for a drink. They can bang it out with the best of the philosophers, but don’t be bothered if they get bored with the conversation or try to completely derail the train of discussion to something they like better. They can get really annoyed with a long-winded chat that doesn’t really have any substance to it. They really don’t like it when things are boring and prevent fun.

Breaking Up With a Libra

Ending a relationship is hard for anyone, but Libra especially despises it. Regardless of how much they hate parting ways, they will say everything that needs to be said. They will aim for closure.

It’s a nightmare and a half for them to recover from a fallout because they like to be on good terms with everyone. They have a tendency to be people pleasers.

A Libra wants to be deeply committed to her partner. They want to know your quirks, your family, your favorite drink, they want you to be openly weird, and they love the time they spend with you. A break up for a Libra is difficult — and this may cause you to delay cutting them off.

You might get softened by their authentic heart-to-heart conversations, you may find their tears attractive, and you may find their need to still love you compelling.

You probably can’t out love a Libra. Their love really does come from a pure place. When they seem out of sorts, it’s because they’re hiding behind a veil of mischief.

Because they love you so purely, they won’t give up on you very easily. They’ll still treasure you in their heart — they’ll savor you rather than let you fade. This is different from the other air signs:

  • Aquarius will hold a grudge to protect themselves — to remember they were stabbed in the heart and they don’t want to do that again. They’ll cut you out.
  • Gemini is practical and prepared to waltz out the door and go after their ambitions.

But what about Libra? Libra will melt into the floorboards like a puddle. The scales sign will have difficulty getting back to their creative processes, their muses, their heartstrings.

A Libra finds balance in a partner. They truly understand the impact of love, that’s why they seek out romance.

The saddest cries you’ll ever hear come from Libras. No one wants to see someone who is lighthearted be sad. They love being in their thoughts and expressing creativity, and they love supporting those around them to succeed.

It’s not fun when someone that people adore is down. It feels like the world is screwed up beyond all recognition. When breaking up with a Libra, do it fast. Hold onto your guns — know what you want, because they will inevitably persuade you otherwise.

And when they do finally move onto someone else, don’t despise them for it. This means they restored some of their confidence.

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