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Dating a Libra Man: The Least Jealous Guy

Isabella is a freelance writer with over 13 years of experience writing about astrology and other mystical topics.

A Libra man is fair—fairly maddening, that is! Take a tongue-in-cheek look at the ups and downs of relationships with male Libras.

A Libra man is fair—fairly maddening, that is! Take a tongue-in-cheek look at the ups and downs of relationships with male Libras.

A Humorous Look at Dating Male Libras

This astrological dating article about dating Libra men is meant to be tongue in cheek, so keep that in mind whilst reading it! Now, then. If you think Libra men are inherently perfect because they are naturally obsessed with balance and fairness, think again!

They can be absolutely maddening men and have driven many a woman out of her mind, including myself, so before you get serious about a Libra male, have a look at some of the facts and drawbacks Libra men can tote round with them as baggage.

Mr. Fair

Being fair sounds like a good trait to have, doesn't it? And it is, in most cases. But the Libra man can be a little neurotic when it comes to determining what fair actually means. What seems fair to you may not seem fair to him. And what seems fair to him may well seem utterly un-such to you.

For example, a Libra male might think it fair for you to get angry at the tart who lives next door and keeps ogling your Libra man up every time he comes home and walks past her kitchen window. But he'll also think it's fair that she be allowed to look at whomever she chooses in whatever fashion she chooses, as long as she doesn't physically interfere. And if she wants to wolf whistle and holler flirty things at him, that's her right, too. And he'll tell you so. So don't go expecting any camaraderie in that respect!

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Mr. Bland-but-Romantic

The Libra male can seem very, very bland at times. Oh, I'm not saying he hasn't got passion in there somewhere. I'm just saying you might need a map and a flashlight to find it. He's got feelings, he's got a temper (and it could be a very bad one at that, so beware!), and he's got the ability to love like someone in a Shakespeare sonnet—but he's very good at keeping most of it concealed until such time that he sees fit.

That said, the Libra male can be very cultured and knowledgeable and sophisticated. He can mix well with the elite or the commoner and feels comfortable in both settings.

Mr. Uninterested

One of the things that can drive a girl mad about a Libra man is that he doesn't seem to have an ounce of jealousy in his body. Not that we want a super jealous guy, but a tiny bit now and then does make a girl feel wanted, right? Well, be prepared for none of that with Libra guy.

A Libra male will not care if you go out with a different guy friend every night, and he won't even care to to ask what you did when you get back home. I have never really been sure if this is because they aren't worried, or because they just don't care, but if you're the type to try to make a man jealous, you'll want to waste your efforts on another star sign.

At the same time, most Libra males are the epitome of faithfulness, and they tend to be very trustworthy in relationships—unless you've been an utter cow to him for years and years on end.

Tips for Dating a Male Libra

  • How to flirt with a Libra man: Be graceful and cultured.
  • How to tick a Libra man off: Be unreasonable, unfair, or manipulative.
  • How to scare a Libra man off: They are actually pretty damned tolerant.
  • How to get a Libra man back: Give him a sound argument that proves you'd be better off together than apart.

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