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Everything You Need to Know About Dating a Gemini

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Gemini is a powerfully intelligent sign. The ones I know are ambitious and definite money seekers. They desire a mate who can understand them so that they can flit about in their interests from rock climbing, building video games, to ruling the world. Gemini likes someone who can spark their brain matter. Gemini is seduced by ideas in dates whether a science museum or a Shakespeare play. This sign needs to constantly explore the deeper parts of life. They care much more than the other wind signs about practicality. Aquarius can literally sleep on the floor and live in a cave, and Libra is a complete mess flitting about the planet. The Gemini's I know don't necessarily need a great deal of materials, but they do want a home, a retirement plan, and health benefits. They can ditch aesthetics if it stands in the way of their true goals.


Attracting Gemini

Gemini gets attracted to all kinds of signs. They don't need someone on the exact same wavelength, but they do need someone who can spark their interest and understand them. This makes them open to a number of signs, and they would like someone more grounded and practical than them. Gemini isn't going to put a great deal into the way they look. Men may have about 3 shirts, two pair of shoes, and a couple of pairs pants. They'll take the normal everyday aesthetics and not put much effort into it. They would rather spend more time on their interests, and they want to grow their bank account so they can buy more interesting things and travel. Gemini loves to travel and roam about the world. They love to explore uncharted areas of the world. And they love getting intensely involved in their romantic relationships and careers.

The Gemini if given the chance will be a highly romantic partner. They may not come off with as a compelling vibe as an Aquarius, Scorpio, or Leo, but they really like to plan out their romances and give them due respect. Gemini can be argumentative -- they have so many thoughts bottled up in their head that it may spew out suddenly. This is different than Aquarius and Libra; Aquarius likes to keep things calm and Libra hates conflict. Gemini doesn't mind a little bit of fire. In fact, Gemini can be easily attracted to the fire signs. I honestly think Gemini is one of the more malleable signs that can get attracted to just about any sign. They'll want to comfort the water signs, spar intellectually with the wind signs, argue with the fire signs, and they'll love the practicality of the earth signs. Gemini will need you to put effort into the relationship, be open and willing to express yourself, and create a certain kind of routine. Geminis are a diverse bunch. They're main feature is that they are divergent creative thinking machines... which is why Geminis can be so radically different from each other.


Talk, Talk, and More Talk

Gemini loves to either talk about every last minute detail for hours on end or they are thinking about every last minute detail for hours on end. Wind signs are known for having the gift of the gab, but yes this sign (as the others) can be quite quiet and to themselves. There's just so much shuffling around in their brains that it has to let loose one way or another. A lot of times it comes out in heaps of conversation. Gemini likes a little bit of energy going on in their surroundings. If they are not a talkative person, they will probably be attracted to a talkative person. They might feel like they're going nowhere or the relationship has run dry if there is no dominate talker at all. Gemini likes a little bit of electric flare, but it doesn't need to overwhelm a situation. They might get bored if there isn't too much happening and then they may withdraw deeply into their thoughts. They may talk continuously on Facebook. If they are going through a deep problem, they are likely to open up to you about it whether it is depression or the death of a family member. They don't bottle these thoughts up like say... Aquarius. Again, Aquarius likes to keep it calm and cool; Gemini is smart and doesn't care as much about the deep, calm waters of life. Gemini is the first wind sign in the zodiac and earlier zodiacs tend to have more fire in their belly. The later zodiac signs tend to be more cool with life.

Dual Personalities

Part of why Gemini is so malleable with signs, is because they have more sides to them than one. They tend to at least have two dominate sides, often more. You may see them one day in a very certain way, and then the next they seem like a totally different person. Gemini is malleable so that it can get things done according to the season, day etc. This can be alarming for some zodiacs who are not used to dating someone with such a diverse amount of characteristics in their back pocket. Your Gemini may be capable of being an amazing kind hearted father, then a crazy yelling beast at the DMV, a relentless, aggressive captain at work, and then a cooing, sweet lover at night. Then this can all get shuffled around. The fun of a Gemini is they'll keep you on their toes. They have consistency, but sometimes they can shake up the scene. You may find that if you listen to different interpretations by your friends of the Gemini that you get categorically different feedback. Some people might find the Gemini too serious; while others wonder if they ever stop having fun. Gemini isn't worried that they'll lose themselves in so many different currents. They identify themselves with their goals more than their actual everyday performances. If they are not doing well with their goals or the people around them are falling apart, they are more likely to have an existential crisis than if they can't identify themselves. It's a bit more unwieldy at times. It may surprise Geminis at some crossroads of life at just how malleable they are in life. They may have grown up in a small town in Texas and that's all they know see they see themselves that way... then they move overseas to Japan and turn into a completely different caricature of themselves. Don't freak out if your Gemini seems like a shifting pony; just make sure the love and practical things of life are consistent which will also keep the Gemini happy.

Gemini and Humiliation

Gemini hates to their core being wrong. They suffer with humiliation more than the other wind signs. A Gemini will get angry when they did something wrong, whether small or big like missing a plane and then getting stuck at the airport. They don't roll with the punches like their other wind signs, but could learn a great deal from them, while also teaching them how to have more fire in their belly. When a Gemini is upset, give them space, but don't go too far away. Don't try to tell them what they did wrong or what they could have done better. They are trying to figure that out right now and are too stubborn to listen. Let them know you are there for them and maybe offer them some chocolate or food. They'll come right back, they're just really upset right now. They hate disappointing themselves more than anybody else on the entire planet.


Doris on July 14, 2020:

I am a Gemini mom and I am awesome! My three kids and I go on adventures!! We are having fun on this road called life.

GalaxyRat on April 18, 2017:

I bet. IDK about a Gemini mom tho.

Andrea Lawrence (author) from Chicago on April 17, 2017:

A Gemini Dad would be a lot of fun.

GalaxyRat on April 15, 2017:

Gemni here...

You are right about this on so many levels.

But I am a girl. LOL. Maybe a guy Gemini would be a good dad...

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