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Dating an Aries: What to Expect

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So you want to date a fire sign? Well, just know that they are going to be extremely ambitious, passionate, hard headed, and bombastic. Aries are not for the faint of heart. Aries seems like a fixed sign, but fortunately for us all... it isn't. An Aries knows what it wants, goes after it to no avail, and leads others to do the same. Aries may not be the most emotional sign in the market, so if you look people that showcase more emotion, don't stray too close to them.

The Fire in the Fights

An Aries loves to argue, fight for what they want, and sometimes will corner you with their intense will. An Aries will devote a great deal of time pursuing their interests. Aries is an intelligent sign and is great at accomplishing their goals. Aries is not always lovey dovey, even with their partners. A fire sign can be more down to earth, but also chaotic. They like to take charge, be brave, and get things rolling. This sign will like you if you have your crap together. They're not interested in people who try to rock the boat too much. They want lively conversation, a good time, and to passionate.

Aries is a supportive sign. That can't stand to see people they love getting hurt. They will stand by those that they have in their community. Aries will call you out on your crap. They are willing to go into battle and they are willing to support their troops. Aries makes for a great leader, and does love to pursue. So if you are used to doing the pursuing in the relationship, you may want to talk with Aries about how you would like to see that. Aries is not the type to wait for you to ask it out. Aries will lose its patience if you wait too long. They're not as into formalities as other signs. They do like efficiency, they don't tend to care extremely about aesthetics, they care about social justice often, and they will pursue a number of hobbies over the years.


Headstrong, but Loving

Do not walk all over an Aries. They do have feelings. They might not express them all the time like some personalities do, or they may rely on anger more so, but they can hurt. And when they do they'll probably just push you to the side. Aries feels things deeply. It cares about and understands things at a great level, so when you cross them you are most likely inviting them to have a grudge on you.

It takes all the patience of the world to calm an Aries down. They want things now, not later, but now. They'll try to be as direct as possible -- to them this is good communication. They don't hide and censor information like signs do at the end of the zodiac like the Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. Instead Aries will lay it all out.

Some say the Aries is more toddler-like, where Pisces is more old soul-like. Aries has an air of really wanting to take charge like someone young and unafraid. They don't care about feelings the way same later signs do, because it doesn't fit with practicality. Aries wants to be a problem solver, and sometimes that works with emotional or ethical reasoning, but often times they can go around those types of reasoning for something more grounded.

It is unlikely to see an Aries cry, even when they have come across something that has seriously hurt and offended its feelings. Don't be surprised if your Aries bottles up their emotions and then one day in one big splurge they let it all out in one big dramatic fest. This is something that Aries needs to work on, and practicing creative forms of expression can help the Aries to better convey its feelings so that others know what is happening. People can't read your mind Aries, so speak your emotions just as directly as you do your thoughts.

Needs Time for Self

Aries make for a committed, lifelong partner. This sign craves getting to know someone on a deep level. They truly want to share their life with someone. Sometimes their relationships can get kinda fuzzy because they are so ambitious and their partners are also ambitious. Ambitious people tend to be attracted to... ambitious people.

The problem with that is our careers and hobbies often take us out of the home, on long businesses trips, and with lots of people from different social networks. Aries might get pulled away from their favorite person because other things get in the way. Aries should pursue its dreams, otherwise it will get depressed.

This is a tough balancing act for Aries who needs to see its potential actually projected out into the world, and also have a deep, meaningful, and secure relationship. Aries' ego is big. So for it to calm down for its relationship is not always the easiest or even a feasible task. But Aries should always plan for time with their mate and give a timeline of what's happening.

Ultimately, your relationship will be more important than your career. Aries needs a partner because it is a sign that is prone to getting sick because it has a hard time calming down. Aries doesn't rest enough. This is great for others, because Aries will step up to the plate and help us to solve our problems. But Aries sacrifices precious time where it should be sleeping, eating, or taking care of themselves mentally. It would behoove an Aries to spend recreational time in introspection. Practicing daily self-reflection will help an Aries to spot its problems and approach it better.

This isn't Aries favorite tactic because it wants to go, it wants to feel, it wants to do everything—and introspection stops all that. But on the contrary, introspection is what helps you get to your goals better. So don't be afraid to pull yourself aside and pray, meditate, think, or do something creative that isn't meant for an award or profit. Aries desperately needs to be encouraged to do this as well.


Finding Zen

Aries is a passionate person who those who may struggle with their confidence could really use their mentoring. It's a good sign to date if you can take the fire. If you are too sensitive you might get confused when Aries is trying to unravel their brain which can come out in a shocking and sometimes spaded kind of way.

Aries means well, they just have a difficult time unraveling their words in their head into the public. Aries needs someone who can listen to their deeper, more compelling thoughts. Aries does well when they have people around them that can give them feedback. The worst thing you can do to an Aries is put them in isolation. They are great at being with others, whether they really want to admit it or not, they are striking at getting people out of their shells.

Someone who doesn't have as much fire as the Aries can be helpful for them. It'll help them calm down. Don't be afraid to call an Aries out for being too boisterous. They need to know when they are acting out. They need to know when they are out of synch. They need to know that you love them to the moon and back -- give them gifts, give them your time, and do acts of service for them. They will appreciate your gestures -- and it will keep the fire burning for them and in the back of their minds when they are chasing after their goals.


Andrea Lawrence (author) from Chicago on March 04, 2017:

Ah! That's nice to know. Thank you for the insight.

Mark Tulin from Ventura, California on March 01, 2017:

I'm an Aries and I think you hit it right on the head, especially when I was younger. I'm 61 now and less fiery and more inclined to follow than to lead. I have a partner who likes to be in control. I say go for it. It feels good being in the passenger seat at this point in my life.

Andrea Lawrence (author) from Chicago on March 17, 2016:


Definitely interesting. I hope I did the Aries sign (some) justice. Thank you for reading!

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on March 17, 2016:

This is fun for the Aries to read. There are even some LOL moments. Interesting when other people try to describe you.

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