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Compatibility Guide for Cancer and Libra: What You Need to Know

Andrea has a background in astrology, Myers Briggs, and pop culture, with expertise in relationships and dating.

Cancer and Libra are a fascinating couple. They love the unconventional and romantic occasions.

Cancer and Libra are a fascinating couple. They love the unconventional and romantic occasions.

When Libra Meets Cancer and Falls in Love

Cancer and Libra both perceive the system that rules the world as being imperfect and unjust. That's why they both tend to be free spirits, following the beat of their own drums.

The two have plenty in common, but they approach their lives in different ways. Cancer is moody and is affected by any change in the emotional makeup of the room. Libra is constantly switching and molding its point-of-view, seeking some kind of balance. Libra is logical, where Cancer is more about emotions and the heart.

These two will likely become immediate friends, but they'll need some extra help to keep their romance alive—or else they may become enemies. The most important test for them is conflict—they must learn how to cope with it instead of avoiding it.

Are Cancer and Libra a Compatible Pairing?

Together, Cancer and Libra will make for an unusual pair. Both of these people are creative, but they have their differences. They're prone to messes, so they need to work together to create clean, harmonious spaces.

Personalities and Styles

Both of these signs are excited for relationships. Cancer is born during the early part of summer and has a flare for gossip, while Libra is when autumn just picks and wants to stop tension. Libra has one of the least confrontational personalities, wanting to keep things fun, cool, and weird.

These two will like each other's style, which is different from the norm. They both strive to make the world a better place. They sometimes get weirded out by each other and are not entirely sure what to do in a conflict. Cancer can be too emotionally aggressive for Libra sometimes, and Libra can be too mean or insensitive to Cancer. They both need to come out of their shell more, but they're prone to shyness.

Sometimes they have miscommunication problems because neither party wants to bring something up that might cause upset feelings.

Commonalities and Differences

These two are rebels in their own ways. They want to go with the flow, they want to accept people, and they also sometimes make very weird decisions compared to other Zodiacs. Cancer may at times mother or father the Libra—and sometimes the Libra likes that, but other times they want to be more independent and don't like to be told what to do by Cancer.

Libra will have a constant flow of different interests. When signs are in the same modality—such as the cardinal—they have a lot in common. They both value family. Cancer and Libra come together in part because they are both people pleasers.

Potential Issues and Problems

Issues they may can run into include an addiction to peace and having no idea what to do in a fight. This is something that can be corrected with a counselor, and, if this is the case in your relationship, you might want to seek pre-marital counseling.

Cancer is willing to do what it takes to make their partner feel safe and comfortable. Libra wants to talk about things that make sense for everyone. They want everyone's needs to be addressed.

However, Cancer and Libra are both likely to flee the scene when things get too hot. Cancer wants to fix it with their heart; Libra wants to take a more logical approach.

When Cancer feels emotionally threatened, they can hide in a cocoon for days, else they burst out with a long list of emotional demands. Cancer is broody, while sometimes Libra is too cerebral.

They're a Pair of Happy Homebodies

Overall, these two are an affectionate pair. Cancers love to be home and Libras are lazy—the world will rarely see this couple. They like to stay at home, make a good meal, and watch TV. They're cool with staying home and listening to music, just wanting to spend time together. This can be a highly reclusive relationship, though it would be good for them to make friends so that they have extra support in times of crisis.

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Libra and Cancer are both fairly lighthearted inviduals. Libra is indecisive and likes to go with the flow. Cancer is moody and changes their opinions frequently.

Libra and Cancer are both fairly lighthearted inviduals. Libra is indecisive and likes to go with the flow. Cancer is moody and changes their opinions frequently.

Squared Relationships Can Work It Out

Cancer and Libra occur at unique positions within the zodiac. Their relationship would be considered squared; this means they are both cardinals that are not directly opposite of each other. Cancer is also squared with Aries; Libra is also squared with Capricorn.

Square relationships are some of the most fascinating combinations within the zodiac. They have a strange attraction and mysterious pull due to the inherent similarities the two have, but they also have opposite qualities that can be alarming.

They're Not the Same, But They're Not Opposites, Either

In square relationships, partners are neither perfect mirrors of each other nor complete opposites. This makes for a unique effect, and all squared couples know that there is some magnetic pull on their relationship—that pull is unique to each pairing.

Cancer and Libra will be drawn to each other because they feel a kindredness of sorts. Both are seeking the good in the world. If they work together, they can overcome the inherent blind-spots of their squared position. Love conquers all, so don't run away if you're a Cancer or Libra falling for the other.

Libra & Cancer at a Quick Glance





House Number







The Scales

The Crab


Early Fall

Early Summer


September 23 - October 23

June 21 - July 22

Body Part



Ruling Planet




Pastel shades, baby blue, lavender, light pink

White, gray, silver, cream

Personality Quirks

Friendly, charming, peaceful, political, lazy, harmonious, creative, intelligent, fun, open-minded.

Emotional, moody, compassionate, charming, creative, introspective, sweet, passionate, sensitive, protective.

The Heart of a Cancer Is Hard to Predict

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac. This is someone who feels the responsibility of taking on a project and wants to live and breathe in emotion. Cancer saw the errors of Aries, Taurus, and Gemini's ways, and believes people should focus more on familial connections. It will burden itself to make sure those relationships stay strong.

In a way, Cancer is the pregnant sign. If you start the year with Cancer, Aries would be considered the first child, Taurus the second child, and Gemini would be her twins. That's why Cancer has maternal energy. A parent must make choices that the child doesn't necessarily fully understand, and sometimes those choices are bad and lazy because that's what's easiest. The burden of trying to bring a child into the world makes Cancer emotional and moody. Many say that Cancer is tied to the shifts of the moon or the bizarre walk of the crab.


Cancer has neither control nor grace when it comes to their emotions. They have a strong desire to be with others and merge with someone passionately, falling madly, deeply in love. This is a sign that wants to be in a relationship and isn't comfortable with being single.

All Cancers have a wild side. They like to express themselves and are creative by nature. They lead with their creativity and innovation. Cancer is a survivor because they make a living in unique ways.


However, Cancer isn't always the cleanest of the bunch. They put more pride into how well they can attract someone than to cleaning. They like to feel charming, not like a maid. If Cancer and Virgo shared a desk, you would see lots of tension. Cancer would come in and leave her desk a mess with all her makeup, lunch, Amazon purchases, and the like. This would make the Virgo throw a fit and start sorting (or throwing away) things all at once.


Cancers can sometimes be shy or insecure. They're uncertain about how others feel about them, but they know that people have opinions about them. Cancer has some degree of psychic intuition about people, and they tend to have a high EQ.

They do not do well in toxic environments or around aggressive, abusive, or lambaste people. Cancer can have a hard time getting out of an abusive relationship because they get so attached to people that the breakup becomes really difficult and messy.

Cancer has strong feelings, especially for their children and spouses. They often follow their gut, and this can lead to intense confrontations. If Cancer feels that someone in their life has been threatened, they react in a way that isn't necessarily strategic, but is still often effective at protecting their loved ones.

The Heart of a Libra Is Drawn to Balance

Libra is a free spirit who is tries gather as much information as possible. These people are total sweethearts. They care about animals and little ones. They can also be self-destructive as they try to learn more about the world—they have a tendency to get addicted to drugs, alcohol, and other vices because they want to try them out for themselves. They don't usually trust the establishment.

Libra gets easily involved in movements. They want to see change, whether it's to the education system, gender inequality, or social classes. If they feed too much on politics, it can make them feel sick. They need to strive for balance and not let the world tire them out. Politics is something they both love and abhor because it's too much conflict to face.

Balance and Imbalance

Libras are charming by nature. They want to impress people with little tidbits of information and with their good manners and graces. They get annoyed when they think people are too full of themselves—they get annoyed by a lot of things, actually.

When in a destructive mood, Libra is terrible. They might stop taking care of themselves, they might stop taking regular showers, or they might eat food out of the trash can. Libra is all about balance—and sometimes they're about falling into imbalance.


Libras are fascinated by finer things and skills in life. They make for great teachers and friends. They like to be in long-term, stable relationships. They can pine like crazy over someone without telling them, or they might accidentally tell them too much.

Libra wants to treat others with kindness and can develop a complex if they feel like they didn't show enough kindness. Libra types are moody, partly because they're trying to piece together many things in their brains. They can go through long periods of social withdrawal. They don't always know what they want and may switch paths several times before they are truly happy. They take relationships very seriously, and, if their partner cheated on them or suddenly left them, it would take them a long time to get over it.


Libra personalities do not really enjoy being single. They tend to either be in a long term relationship or be pining over someone for, well, decades. They don't like to admit when there is a problem—they hate having to breakup with someone because they don't want to have to deal with trying to find a new mate or with all the complex emotions and thoughts that come with a breakup.


Libras can actually be really emotional, and they are more outwardly emotional than other wind signs like Gemini and Aquarius. Libras get flustered by life, and they are very compassionate people who want what's best for others. They don't always know how to play maverick in social situations, and can get overwhelmed by making social decisions because they might not want to do something but may still feel it is the polite thing to do. This can lead to outbursts of really poor decision making. They love people but they also get easily overwhelmed by people.

15 Things to Make Your Relationship Work

  1. Have a strong support system outside the relationship. If you are married or engaged, have a relationship counselor you both know to help you learn how to navigate conflict, confrontation, or fights. These are uncomfortable areas for both Cancer and Libra.
  2. You need one day a week dedicated to cleaning because both of you struggle to stay on top of things and keep things tidy. It's easy for Cancer to hide in their emotions, and Libra leans a little lazy. If you have a schedule, you're more likely to stick to it. Combine other things with cleaning, like exercise, music, or TV shows.
  3. You need to both encourage yourselves to step out of your shells and talk to people.
  4. Do not ignore conflict just because it's easy to do or because you don't want to address conflict. When you don't address conflict, it gets worse. Schedule a time to talk about issues and don't be too dramatic. Everyone has problems. Together you can solve them.
  5. Libra needs to be a little bit more sensitive to Cancer than to other partners. They need to get a really good feel of when they're cool with sarcasm and when it's time to focus more on their needs.
  6. Cancer needs to pace their emotions and not allow them to all boil up.
  7. Cancer needs to give Libra their space sometimes. Libra is an independent sign, so getting possessive way can do serious harm to the relationship.
  8. Libra needs to be active about engaging with their partner and keeping the romance alive.
  9. Cancer needs to be honest and seek fairness—not just follow the wind of their emotions.
  10. Just because Libra is upset about something doesn't mean they are upset with you, Cancer.
  11. Live your lives and don't just get stuck at home. Life is short and not everything is peaceful, so don't get so attached to yourselves that it causes you anxiety to interact with others.
  12. The two of you would do great with a pet.
  13. Compromise. Don't be afraid to say you don't agree with something. No couple should agree 100% on everything.
  14. What works for you works for you, but it may not be the same formula for others.
  15. Stay affectionate—that's really important for a Cancer and Libra pairing.

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