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Do Capricorn and Libra Work Together? A Look at How the Two Fall in Love

Capricorn + Pisces

Capricorn is down to earth and Pisces is a dreamer living in the world of imagination and magic. Due to this, this pair will naturally attract to each other. Capricorn often wants to hide its real feelings out of fear of being vulnerable, while Pisces knows how to move around that gently. Pisces is one of the most gentle souls, and this can help bring Capricorn's real self to the surface. I find Pisces to be one of the most charming signs of the zodiac. They are dedicated to unconditional love. Capricorn does what it can to be a provider, to take stalk in what is real, and to save what it can. Capricorn is the beginning of winter, so it makes that energy want to be reclusive and hibernate -- where Pisces is the end of winter -- when you can hardly handle cold temperatures and snow anymore and are ready for a new season. This may be why Pisces has so much emotion. This is also why Pisces is so sacrificial. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, so it is considered to be the mentor. It is ready to die for what it loves, so that new life can come into being. It is the most giving zodiac, and also the wisest because of its mentor and teacher like soul.


How Capricorn Sees Love

Capricorn accepts the expression of love. It is practical about what life has to offer. It's connected to the earth, smelling the world, hearing the sounds, and among the hard terrain. They are serious folks. They realize this is life, they accept it, and they live it. They don't just dream about it. Pisces can encourage Capricorn to dream bigger. Capricorn helps Pisces to see reality as it is. Capricorn can be emotionally detached, while also being tender and loving. The signs get softer as you move closer to the 12th house. Capricorn is the 10th and Pisces is the 12th. I find it is helpful when two signs come together that are in the top half of the zodiac or the bottom. I think they relate to each other better based on temperament.

Capricorn will take its relationship seriously. They will consider the relationship and scrutinize it before committing or even dating. Pisces will like Capricorn because it can cling to Capricorn and Capy will take the Pisces seriously. As an earth sign, it is loyal. It can also help build boundaries for Pisces. The water signs don't like to have boundaries; they like to flow and have everything to themselves... and this can become a problem for them. Water signs sometimes play so much into emotions and intuition that they are not considering consequences. They are not focusing on what will happen to them in reality after making an action.


Old Souls

Capricorn can be an old soul. Think hipster wearing their grandparents clothes -- that's a Capricorn.

At times Pisces can be an old soul too, but Pisces can also be incredibly childlike. They come from an energy that's meant to be refined and purifying itself. Capricorn can get addicted to practicality and mechanics over how people feel. So it is important to remind your Capy how you feel, ask them how they are feeling, and help them to calm down on work and plans. They need to remember that having sparkles and passion in their life supports their work life and makes it stronger.

Capricorn wants to control emotion and keep it in check, Pisces wants to open emotion and have it free flowing. This interchange could be good or bad for the two depending on how they play their cards. Capricorn will need to be vulnerable to opening up, and Pisces will need to allow their emotions to have time to see where they end up going. Capricorn will give Pisces the foundation it needs to grow, and Pisces will make the sky -- it will give Capricorn the space to finally think and be open to a more weird, eclectic style that it appreciates. Capricorn will love Pisces because it has a quality that it doesn't naturally. Capricorns can be work-aholics, but they can also be very traditional family partners. They make for great moms and dads. They are caretakers and providers. They want to be appreciated for what they do. They want to know that they have prepared their children well for the world outside the home. Pisces wants to raise wise children who are capable of liberating the world. This couple likely will be great at raising children while also attending to their own needs and growing and challenging each other as they age.

High Standards

Capricorn has very high standards. Pisces will need to have refined itself in advance and also come off as a good catch. Capricorn will measure you by the same standards it measures against itself. It will expect you to be impressive, worthy of their time, and worthy of their interest. Capricorn would hate to fail. They don't want to be seen as big losers or as incapable of holding down a foundation for others. They want to accomplish their own excellence while also giving others the chance to have excellence. Pisces can just be themselves around Capricorn. By being sweet, gentle, and loving you'll win over a Capricorn who finds those nurturing qualities of value. I don't find Capricorns to be very confrontational, although they can overwhelm themselves with emotions from time to time. They sit on their emotions for too long and then have a blowout.


Winter Signs

Winter signs are revolutionaries. They think and act a lot different than spring, summer, and fall. Winter signs want to challenge the status quo to find out what is real. They want to find out why people and the planet are ticking the way that they are. Capricorn is somewhat shocked by this and needing help understanding why we are gravitating toward death. This is because the sign falls at the beginning of winter, so it is just crystallizing on why all the energy of the year is fading. Pisces has a more positive outlook because it sees death as more of a door (or even simulation) and not to fear it, but embrace it because life is more powerful than death. What's great about the winter signs is they are all looking for authenticity. They want to make sure what they offer is real and the relationships they have are real. I think Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces do a lot of scrutiny before committing in a relationship, and for different reasons.

Pisces needs to scrutinize because it can fall prone to getting itself attached to a toxic relationship. Pisces wants to give and give and give, but sometimes this opens them to abuse. This is why they need a partner that understands boundaries, so it can give them protection. Without scrutiny, Pisces will be a martyr for the devil -- which isn't a mature idea at all.

Capricorn wants to create a successful world within life. Capricorn respects life so it wants to make the best out of life as a gesture of love to it. This is why Capricorn scrutinizes its partners -- it wants to make sure it has the best available match for the long haul. It wants someone who fits its vision for a family and for its career. Capricorn is won over in its own time, so don't panic, Pisces. If you put too much pressure on a Capricorn you might baffle it. Capricorn would be incredibly sad to breakup with someone it believes is a strong, wondrous match. So don't take your Capricorn for granted! And don't take your Pisces for granted. You are both wonderful people who show us the importance of coming together for a bigger picture. If you end up having children.... they are lucky.


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