Cancer and Leo Relationship Compatibility ♋️ + ♌️

Updated on July 31, 2020
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Andrea loves to write about the zodiac and research astrological compatibility. She's been an online writer for over five years.

As neighboring signs, Cancer and Leo can easily make a relationship work.
As neighboring signs, Cancer and Leo can easily make a relationship work. | Source

Cancer + Leo

Oh my goodness.

This match is going to be steamy—and kind of wild. As Zodiac neighbors, Cancer and Leo have automatic compatibility. Cancer is the first water sign of the year and Leo, the second fire sign, comes right after it.

Things to remember:

  • Water plus fire equals steam.
  • They’re both summer signs.
  • This combo creates: intense magic, kismet, power, but also potential destruction.

Cancer is full of emotions and mood shifts. No other sign shifts in mood as much as the crab. Leo, on the other hand, is full of ego—this soul wants to be put on a pedestal. No sign has as much ego as the Leo.

They kind of balance each other out, but they can also draw out the worst of each other if they are immature. This coupling would not do well in their teenage years.

Leo needs to be sensitive to Cancer’s diverse emotions. Cancer is guided by the moon, so almost every day—or hour—they find a new mood. Cancer is highly creative and sensitive. They tend to love music, books, and more introspective pursuits. Leo wants the world to focus on them—they are represented by the sun.

Leos believe that world should marvel at them. Leo gives Cancer confidence where they need it. Leo can help drive Cancer’s ambitions. Cancer, on the other hand, helps Leo become more sensitive, gentle, and understanding. Think of it as how night transitions into day and day transitions into night. Without one or the other, everything would be out of balance.

This Pair Should Avoid Conflict

These two will likely fight over their differences. Leo will be blind-sided by something Cancer holds dear. Leo needs to take extra measures to really understand Cancer’s needs. Don’t break something important to them, hold to your commitments, and be extra sensitive about important dates like anniversaries and birthdays.

Cancer needs to play into Leo’s ego. It’s not hard for Cancer to charm the socks off of Leo and show adoration. You constantly need to compliment them, bask in their glory, cuddle the hell out of them, and make them feel like they are the chosen one. Leo needs extra attention, which should be obvious! These two can easily meet each other's needs. You’ll need to think deeper to keep them engaged.

Both of these signs need attention, but in different ways. Leo wants to be the most important person in your life. They don’t do well with competition—they lose their minds kind of go overboard. They don’t like mementos from past lovers. They don’t like pictures from your past. They want you. All of you.

Cancer's Biggest Turn-offs:

  • Negligence, a lack of care, malice, and holding back affection.
  • Forgetting important moments, big dates, commitments, sentimental events.
  • Withholding affection
  • The silent treatment
  • Ignoring their needs
  • Infidelity

Leo's Biggest Turn-offs:

  • Lack of praise
  • Not being included
  • Harsh criticism
  • Withholding affection
  • Glorifying others

Make sure you open up to each other—don't hold anything back.
Make sure you open up to each other—don't hold anything back.

Get to Know Each Other's Heart

Cancer needs to know you have their heart and they also have yours. They are dying to be vulnerable and emotionally open. They need to know you really care about them and make them a priority. If you do not do this, they could be shaken to tears. You need to go the extra mile to show you understand what is sentimental to them.

  • Be careful about what you say because your words have big meaning to them.
  • Be careful about how you treat important dates.
  • Keep phone reminders about birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Have a secret closet where you hide gifts. They love gifts.
  • Make sure your gifts have meaning to them.
  • They like when you buy things for them.
  • They like little hidden messages.

How do a crab and a lion get along? They must not use their most aggressive tactics. The crab should not pinch just to make the lion roar. The lion should not threaten and show-off their big teeth. In order to have a healthy relationship, they both must lay down their pride, make sacrifices, and pick their battles carefully. Cancer should know it’s a stupid idea to pick a fight with a Leo. And Leo should know that Cancer’s mood swings are not something to take sardonically.

These two will have terrible fights if they’re not willing to be empathetic. Crabs can come in many sizes, and some are big enough to hurt big cats.

Leo is athletic while also being a mastermind. If they feel the need to hunt and charge after something, they will. Cancer will have to go where the Leo goes—they cannot sit idle for too long and pout or the Leo will be gone.

Cancer will be moved by their emotions and heart; Leo will be moved by their desires. This combo can be gratifying for both. They are both physical creatures. They like to be in the thick of the action. They are full of ambition, passion, and want to take on big challenges. Cancers and Leos tend to be drawn to family. Cancer is a natural parent, and without a child, they will somewhat parent their spouse. Leo sometimes likes this.

Meanwhile, Leo wants to be a leader. They naturally want to take charge. They are assertive and tend to be dominant. They, too, often find themselves in the role of parent.

What Happens When Summer Signs Date

All Zodiac signs have a season. Both the Cancer and the Leo are summer signs. They see the world in similar ways, but they have different preferences. Both Cancer and Leo can be lazy—they like social gatherings and they are looking for fun in their lives. They are not as mature, wise, and cynical as later signs. They're not as full of energy and hope as the spring seasons.

Summer signs like to be physically close. They usually fall in love at first sight. They don't always have a long list of other qualifications to start a romance. Summer signs tend to be fans of beauty—especially Cancer and Leo. They like big displays of affection (think fireworks), they like to be dazzled (think strawberries, watermelon, and other summer delights), and they like to get up and go (think summer sports, from swimming to mountain climbing).

Cancer and Leo seasons are when people get married, go around the world on big vacations, and have a break from school.

These signs carry carefree attitudes, hopes, and dreams. Cancer and Leo are both romantic. They both like to be active, outside, and they can handle a little bit of heat and conflict. They just should be careful not to take it too far.

How Do the Two Differ?

Cancer is a water sign. That comes with storms, lightning, and waves. They like the summer rain—that's what they represent. They bring the magic of water, which helps flowers and crops grow. They prevent famine and drought. Their magical ways help keep us all alive—they are nurturing. Cancer is often represented not only as the crab, but as a mother. This is someone who wants to nurture, who likes to coddle, and finds their identity as a parent. They want to wash away the pains. They tend to have a wide range of shallow emotions, whereas Scorpio (a fixed water sign) goes deep, and Pisces (the last water sign) is more. . .diagonal.

Leo is all about the heat. They want as much sun as possible. They want to be in control. The bugs come out, the animals wander, people fight, violence rates go up, people crowd at the pools, driving around in heavy traffic is miserable, and everything kind of hangs in the middle of summer. People start to forget the past and instead think about what lies ahead.

If you make sure not to fight too often, you can create a beautiful and lasting relationship.
If you make sure not to fight too often, you can create a beautiful and lasting relationship.

Top 20 Tips for Cancer and Leo

  1. Be patient. You don't immediately have to have an answer. Aggression and emotions don't always solve what you want. Try to bring a little bit of rationality into your conversations.
  2. Don't withhold anything from each other. Open up more and more. The moment you two start hiding from each other, you'll have problems.
  3. Compliments go a long way for the both of you.
  4. Leo, let Cancer comfort you when you're upset.
  5. Cancer, sometimes you need to calm down and self-soothe. Don't demand that Leo always make your hurts and existential crises a priority.
  6. Enjoy each other's company. Try new things. Find hobbies you can enjoy together.
  7. Do not make each other jealous. Ever. Neither of you do well with jealously. It can really hurt you. It's not funny to pretend your interests are divided. Cancer takes infidelity very seriously. Leo is one of the most jealous signs. Be loyal to each other.
  8. This couple is a force to be reckoned with. You are powerful indeed. Keep good company around you. Don't let naysayers be part of your friendship circle.
  9. Count to 10. Take some deep breaths. Force yourself to slow down. Write down your angry thoughts. Try to process them a little before you say them. Think before you speak.
  10. Don't cry over spilt milk.
  11. Let go of your control. You can't control everything.
  12. Do things outside together. Go for a walk, garden, play basketball, swim, hike, and go kayaking.
  13. Both of you want to have their families respected. Your in-laws matter. Try to impress them.
  14. If you have children, give them some space from the two of you. They may find the two of you a little overwhelming because you have so much energy.
  15. Eat dinner together. Cook food together. Eat at the table.
  16. Have a healthy sense of humor.
  17. Don't waste your time on pointless battles.
  18. Say 5 compliments for every 1 harsh thing you say.
  19. Make yourself look pretty. ;)
  20. Take caution against hedonism. As summer signs, you two are prone to this. It can lead to over-extravagance, expensive retreats, over-eating, and indulgence.

Quick Glance: A Cancer and Leo Relationship

Early Summer
June 21 to July 22
July 23 to August 22
Motivated by:
Free-Will, Desire
White, Gray, Silver, Cream
Leader or Manager
Manager, Nurturer
Compassion, kindness, love, nurturing, joy, mystery, attraction, charm, magic, dreams
Olympian, dexterity, courage, bold, assertive, aggressive, passion, loyalty, strength, demonstration, power, family
Sensitive and constantly shifting moods, changes mind frequently, loving and sweet, sometimes cranky
Boldly expresses what they want, wants to be warm and a good leader, and is very protective of their kin—especially the one who has their heart
Ruling Planet
Body Representation
Playing Card Suit


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