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Can You Handle the Dynamic and Fierce Aries Woman?

Sabrina loves to write about love, life, and everything in-between in a candid yet humorous approach.

The Aries woman has lots of fire.

The Aries woman has lots of fire.

Aries: March 21 - April 20

The Aries sign is the first of the zodiac and is represented by the Ram. It is ruled by the element of Fire and governed by the planet of Mars. This is very fitting for the Aries woman since she is a natural-born leader and full of energy and ideas. She is the definition of a strong and independent woman and you'd be lucky to have her by your side–or at least on your side. She is fiercely protective of those most important to her and hell hath no fury like an Aries woman scorned. You will get burned if you get in her crosshairs. Consider yourself warned.

Most Aries women are not shy. They like to speak out and make sure their voices are heard. Even if you do encounter a less outspoken Aries woman, she still has a quiet confidence about her that you just can't deny. She is the type to run for class president and give speeches as a valedictorian. She's well liked and people gather around to listen when she talks. She has that energy and charm about her that draws people in. An Aries woman is also the type of person to stand up to bullies and make them feel ashamed for what they have done. She will most likely never be the bully herself because that gets in the way of her justice system. In her world, she's never the first to attack for no reason, but if she sees justice being violated, she will always stand up for what's right and defend the weak. It's just how she's built.


When it comes to romance, she needs a man that can handle her and she's a lot to handle! She will always be the one to dominate in a relationship and be the leader, but she needs a man who will not be afraid to stand up to her and be an equal by her side. She's not too emotional either, at least not on the surface. She usually doesn't let her feelings be known until she really trusts you and lets you in. That is one reason why she can come off as standoffish or even cold. She hasn't let you see the vulnerable side of her yet. An Aries woman needs a man who is very much like her. She could never be with someone who is boring or dull. She needs lots of excitement and fun, otherwise she will quickly move on. If an Aries woman likes you, you will know. She's not shy about showing her affections to the apple of her eye. You can't play games with her though. You have to respond to her advances, otherwise she will be offended and move on. She won't look back either, because the Aries is all about the present and future, and rarely looks back into the past to dwell.

As a parent, an Aries woman can be a wonderful mother. She has endless energy and optimism that helps her in the difficult task of raising children. She's strict and is usually the parent who will do the disciplining, but she's also fair. Children will really bring out the softer and more vulnerable side of an Aries woman and she will do literally anything to protect her little ones. Don't even try to get in between an Aries woman and her children, she will protect them at all costs and you will surely get burned. The Aries woman, being the ball of energy and optimism that she is, will always try to motivate and inspire her kids to be the best versions of themselves that they can be. They will appreciate her always being their biggest fans.

An Aries woman is not without her faults though. Her confidence can sometimes be seen as prideful. She's stubborn too and hates to admit she's wrong. In fact, try to avoid ever getting in an argument with an Aries woman, she will always win. You will go around in circles round and round, and she just won't take the blame and say she's sorry. It's tough for her to ever admit that she could be wrong or mistaken. It happens, but it's so rare that it's literally once in a blue moon.

An Aries woman is also one of those females who will never let a man tell her what to do. Good luck to any man who ever tried to control an Aries woman. What happened to him anyways, last I knew he was never seen or heard from again. An Aries woman would rather be happy alone than miserable with someone else. She really doesn't need a man just to have a man like many women do. She's not desperate for marriage and children if it's not up to her standards. She's just as happy staying busy in her career where you know she's taking charge and kicking butt. If he's not "man enough" for her, she'll quickly move on and eventually find one that is..or she'll just live happily as a cat lady. Hey at least the cats all listen to her and know who's in charge.


All in all, an Aries woman is really a lot to deal with and not every man can handle her. She's most compatible with other fire signs like Sagittarius, Leo, and other Aries. They are the ones who can truly understand her and be her equal. They will give her the attention she wants and deserves and make her feel important. Water signs like Scorpio, Cancer, and Pisces should really avoid the Aries woman because she's simply too much for you and it usually won't work. By your nature, you'll try to put out her flame and make her shine less bright which will really irritate her. You're also way too emotional for her. Your signs are just not compatible in any way and any relationship with each other will just be traumatizing to each partner. You're literally out of your element.

Overall, if you want to keep an Aries woman in your life, you should know what she's made of. She's sugar and so much spice that it's almost more than you can manage. But she's worth it because she's so much fun and life is never boring when you're around her. You just better make sure that you're loyal and give her enough attention so she doesn't seek it elsewhere. You'll see that she's a very giving and wonderful partner once she knows that you are the one. An Aries woman will give 100% effort into whatever cause she truly believes in because she doesn't do anything halfway. If that cause happens to be you, well then you have surely lit the fire within her, now your only job is to keep that fire burning baby.

Famous Aries Women

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  • Mariah Carey-March 27
  • Lady Gaga- March 28
  • Fergie- March 27
  • Reese Witherspoon- March 22
  • Jennifer Garner- April 17
  • Kristen Stewart- April 9
  • Leighton Meester- April 9
  • Mandy Moore- April 10
  • Claire Danes- April 12
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar- April 14
  • Emma Watson- April 15
  • Kate Hudson- April 19

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