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Born on a Cusp? Traits of a Scorpio/Sagittarius Male


The Scorpittarius

I am creating this article in the hopes that others will share their experiences here if they were or they know people who were born on a cusp, November 16-24. In other words, for a Scorpittarius.

I was born on the 22 November, in the cusp. Throughout my life I haven’t taken notice to astrology, until recently, and I have begun to notice a lot of things about me that are traits of a Scorpio and Sagittarius both. These signs are, in a sense, polar opposites—one is a fire sign while the other is water. It’s like a cancellation within, which maybe creates a very calm, easy-going, all round nice personality? Please share your opinions with me, readers!

Scorpios are passionate characters who strive to be the best and are reluctant to fail. Sagittarians are very exciting characters that love freedom and fortune. Below are some traits, broken into their respective signs and explained a little.

Traits of the Scorpio Male

  • Protectiveness or possessiveness. Possibly the most shady trait of a Scorpio male is his extremely protective personality. For example, if a Scorpio is with a girl he really likes or loves then this Scorpio will do anything and will stop at nothing to protect her. This comes across to some girls as a major turn-off and scares them. For others, it’s a sexy and appreciated part of the Scorpio.
  • Difficulty in gaining his trust. The Scorpio male is one sign that does not trust easily at all. However, once you gain his trust, you've hit the jackpot because you will have the trust and support of the Scorpio who, in my opinion, is one of the best friends you’ll have. When you gain their trust, you have their complete trust and they will help you however they can.
  • Silence. This is a very misunderstood and hated trait of a Scorpio. I think this is a weakness a Scorpio has. When a Scorpio is in trouble or has issues that worry them, they will, most of the time, suffer in silence. They will retract from friends, family, or lovers. As mentioned above, a Scorpio is a very emotional character; they feel things deeper than others, be it good or bad. When a Scorpio is pulling away from you or is staying very silent, you can be sure they are sorting out a few problems they are having at that time.
  • Passion. Scorpios are well known for their passion, both in and out of relationships. When they fall for a person, they will be very intense lovers, though shy. However, when the Scorpio male is in the comfort zone, you will see an extremely passionate side to him.

Traits of the Sagittarius Male

  • Friendliness. A Sagittarius man is a very friendly and easy going person. They (mostly) are the leader or joker in the crowd and know how to have a good time. Unlike a Scorpio, a Sagittarius trusts easily which, in some cases, does not do the man any favors as some people take advantage of this character trait.
  • Ambitious. Sagittarian males are very ambitious characters. They aim for the highest and expect to reach it.
  • Honesty. Probably the best trait of the Sagittarius male is his sheer honesty in life. If you ask for his honest opinion, you will get exactly that, whether it is good, bad, blunt, or flattering. They mean no harm by their honesty. You can be almost 100% sure a Sagittarius male will never cheat on you in a relationship and he will expect the same from you.

Please Share Your Thoughts, Fellow Scorpittarians!

From the above, I can say I have a random mix of the two signs, more primarily composed of the Scorpio traits. I can be a very protective character at times, and will make it known that I am there if someone tests me. I also find it very hard to trust someone in certain areas, however, I give everyone I meet and make friends with a chance at the beginning with basic trust. This is a mixture of both signs. I have the trait of silence and exercise this quite often, and it is only understood by a very select few people I know. When in a relationship, I can be extremely passionate. Lastly, I am incredibly honest. I never cheat when in a relationship and expect the same from the other person—loyalty and trust are a major part of every relationship I have.

So, now that you have a brief outline of the signs, their traits, and a personal account of my traits, I’d like to hear from others, are you a Scorpio/Sagittarian born on the cusp or do you know someone who was and had/have experiences with them? Please share it below.


Ila joseph on December 18, 2019:

I was born nov.22 am very passionate ,I can easily read people's mind and feelings,so I know what to say to new person without not being offended. When sharing an idea with people is as if am magnetizing there mind to my speech. I fore see trap,problems b4 getting to me...

Pharaoh on June 15, 2019:

I feel exactly the same I’m a very honest person but find it hard to tr ust people but at the same time give everyone “basic trust” in the beginning everything you said was bang on the same for me. I’m also born on the 22nd November I’ve heard from numerous source that we are the day that the signs fully transition making us the full born cusp of scorpittarious so infact apparently we are 50/50 although I find myself more of a Scorpio but maybe that’s because most horoscopes say Scorpio ends on the 22nd n sag starts on the 23rd but I am a mixture of both scorpions are very patient but when they have had enough it’s enough n you will feel the sting and won’t to again but most scorpios do like a bit of drama but I do not I’m so honest like a sag tbh I feel ive got the beat traits of both and I love it lol

R on May 12, 2019:

I am November 24th 1994 and it is pretty on point. Suffering in silence is the most scorpio thing about me though for surr

B on March 06, 2019:

im 22nd Nov as well

Wahoosworld on December 20, 2018:

Nope ! I may be the Tail of Scorpio, but I'm The Stinger

Wahoosworld on December 18, 2018:

I was born on a Saturday, November 21st, 1959. I've often been told that I'm a "Cusper". I have always had doubts about being in a cusp, or even believing in them. I'm too much of a damn Scorpion, to be much of anything else. I don't talk much. I don't trust people. I can see right through you. I love playing on the darker side of things. I think about Sex and, more Sex. Although; For me it is Making Love, not sex. There is no such thing as a quickie. I'll praise God, while shaking hands with Lucifer. I like Lucifer better. We get things done, on our time. Cross me and I'll kill you, but you'll never know it was me. I have had only one true friend, in 59 years. The rest, were just fair weather friends. Most of them are dead. I lived in Houston Texas. I came home to Alabama, in 2010, to watch and wait for certain family members to die. 3 down and 2 to go. Use to be 1 to go, but another one got added to my shit list. I am cold blooded, mean as hell, love revenge, will kill you with kindness and, bury you with a smile. Life is hard and, I just get harder. I told my wife of 9 years, that when I'm good and ready, I'll just walk. I told her if she wanted to walk, that I would hold the door for her. She knows I cared once, but not anymore. I know that I've been here for a very long time. I have seen things and, know things, that make people wonder why I'm still here. Is there a Sagittarius, running through my veins ? I don't think so.

xpressgirl on November 18, 2018:

I know a famous person the Scorpio/ Sag cusp. Judge Caprio from Caught in Providence show. When I first saw him, I said Scorpio immediately. I am Cancer and I pick up on the Scorpio emotions very easily. His emotions hit me like a ton of bricks. The caring compassionate Scorpio is so real and honest!!

Steve on November 10, 2018:

Yes describes me a lot I too was born November 22 I also see people who are born in certain months of the year seem to have the same qualities or traits since people will be both good and bad, right or wrong

good article , thank you very much for sharing it with me.

Steve J.

21 Tulpa on September 03, 2018:

Im dating a Saggitorius Scorpio cusp

And im a pure Pisces....

We have an age difference of three years14 and17.... I saw in the coment that someone was asking about how the Scorpitarias sees the age difference...

Well if you are below 18 he will view it as pedophile..on his scorpio side..

And will be your best freind friend on his sagiturius side.....

All that counts is his willing to wait....

But at some piont be worried about how he comes out in publics eyes or that he might end up being too old for you.....

(If you feel that it is botheting your Scorpitarias, its best to confront him about it and his thoughts on the matter)

Soo....he might take some distant time to think the matter in dept...

But don't be alarmed just keep in note that hell be back more prepaired and committed than ever on one side/scorpio...and fully supportive and positive on the other/Sagittarius..

Rebelgangster on April 23, 2018:

My currant boyfriend is Nov22 1975. And i am a Gemini cancer cusp june 23 1980 and i know Scorpio signs well i never looked in to signs growing up but in my 20s. I got into paying attention to the signs and my first boyfriend was 21 0r 22 of nov and makes complete sense cuz i still love him and care about him and well being. My real dad and brother ate Scorpio and aunt and uncle are too we are both water signs i know so that is our common bond.. But with my dad it's about crazy cuz he cab see and feel what i am doing... But we also love to hate each other sometimes?? Can you help me tp understand my. Dad nov16 1960

Cud u plz include more qualities??? on October 30, 2017:

I was also born on 22nd November. U have helped me understand only a bit of what I was looking for. I have too many questions to help understand who i really am. I am constantly fighting myself and suffering through this split personality disorder.

Adam martin on October 20, 2017:

Im also 11/22 and i can relate to all of these comments..wanting to learn more!! Thanks everyone...

Gary Anderson on October 08, 2017:

I Also share Nov. 22 and have had problems, until now... Thanks for the reality check... as to WHY I do the things that I do... I fit everything to a T.

jasmine on October 05, 2017:

! was born on 22/11/2001 at 11.30 am I a cusp? I would really like to know I have done so much research but always find 2 different answers, I also did a card reading and it said sun, devil,the hanging man, jugment, empore, water, fire and leader, I don't know what it all means and I need some help

Kts on September 24, 2017:

My partner is also November 22nd. I'm Pisces. I'd say he's deffo more Scorpio than Saggi.

Cal on September 17, 2017:

11/22/1984 - McAllen, TX - I agree with this post.

Josh Naked on August 22, 2017:

Greetings! Glad you decided to write im Nov 22 also

Vanessa on August 03, 2017:

I am 11/22/84. I feel so confused and misunderstood. sometimes even by my own actions. I have a small, intimate group of friends. I need them and rely on them. If for some reason they aren't there for me, I need to find someone to replace them. very simple. In my life, I have worked retail and had to "open up" about myself so people would feel likely to purchase from me (it was a craft job, so its important to be social). I never felt like I should be social. However, when I did work, I felt happier when I shared all my feelings, good and bad, to someone. I felt a release. I am also an extremely creative person. I feel contradiction many many times. Is this normal? Who can say. But truth be told, I am finally coming to terms with understanding the complexity of my personality at 32. I also have a feeling that others are the same. Not just cusp people. But when someone is born closer to an adjacent sign than the one they are assigned, they will also show those traits.

Jedi on July 24, 2017:

I'm glad I found this post. I'm a 22/11/1993 baby. I've always felt a duality within me, like I was neither white or black but varying shades of grey. I am Scorpio born, Sagittarius influenced. I like to explore, discover, learn, take risks and see what happens. I don't like clingy people and I love to be free and I can't imagine staying in one place for months unend without a break in between. It would literally feel like my soul is drowning. This is my Sagittarius side. On the other hand, I am very passionate about the things I want to achieve. I do not like anyone to be above me. I do not like to be told what to do. I am quietly stubborn and willful. I am ambitions and have big dreams, because life would be boring otherwise. The sad thing is that both zodiac signs tend to cancel each other out. I am passionate about something, but my mind readily finds other things to be passionate about and so I don't quite complete my goals. Good thing is the sting of the scorpion in me is mellow. I forgive easily because I can't be bothered to spend the energy to get back at someone.

rax2 on July 19, 2017:

I was born on november 21st, 1992. I have and express all of these traits very regularly. My girlfriend complains I am too friendly (I won the friendliest person in high school award lmao). I use silence like a weapon. In crowds I lead effortlessly, but I prefer to listen and absorb the information around me. If I have nothing of substance to contribute, then I simply wont. I am highly charismatic with people I trust (even a little), and they know that when I fall silent for longer than a minute that something is wrong. You can see all of my emotions as I wear them on my sleeve. if you fucked up, you know you fucked up almost immdiately. I feel a surge of violence quite regularly, as I'm also a Mars baby, but I would never physically abuse a significant other (i was already put to the test by my wildly cheating ex girlfriend for which my life shifted greatly for). I had started out by trusting everybody, but experience has shifted me more to the scorpio perspective, and now I trust people to be people. In terms of protectiveness, I am fiercely protective of all girls in my life (being raised as the oldest and only male) and will stop at nothing to cause pain and suffering to those who dare test the ones I love. I am very ambitious and my passion knows no bounds. Overall I think I am a decent person. I never wish to cause harm but do to the walking contrast that I am people confuse my friendliness for weakness and sometimes push me to this extent. I VERY regularly go out of my way to help others even if it takes its toll on myself. Basically as I am close to turning 25, the world has roughened my perspective and my ability to trust but I will still give everything I have to my loved ones. I put my girls ahead of myself. Cool post! Just thought i'd share :)

Hybrid on July 07, 2017:

I am born a little after the cusp date but never really identified with being a Sagittarius. After reading this I understand why.

Chrissy on May 05, 2017:

My boyfriend fits this description. His bday is Nov 23. He goes silent when he's angry or hurt. He takes forever to take a step forward. He's a jokester. He's loyal. He doesn't trust easily.

abimanyu on February 11, 2017:

ah....the same problem that becomes a big sorrow to me....

im scopio for nearly 18 years and im now 19....but the scripts for zodiac sign shows that im sagattarius.....i have the most traits of scopio and a few traits of sagattarius that makes me more confused.

i have the following traits in scorpio as like that if im in a a love with a girl...ah that happens i did everything and ill do anything ...my mind says...and next the trust.....im always seems to be single and i didn't given that much trust on most...and next the most truthful fact about me ....im always reminded in silence when in troubles and stays away from my friends,family and others....and next the passion ....im more strong in this that im scorpio...and for sagattarius

im more ambitious and the most honest person i've been.....and so im feeling worried that even the birthdate astrology says me that im sagattarius...but im sure im scorpio....im always be the scorpio...whatever it goes.......i wont ...and i will never change to be sagattarius.....im


BruceNov@20 on January 30, 2017:

I'm a male born on Nov 20th and I can clearly see myself leaning more toward the Scorpio traits. BruceNov@20

Charae on January 28, 2017:

My birthday is 11-22-88 I'm a female and I do have both traits. I hate it sometimes because I can never decide I'm always very indecisive and it burns a whole in my soul. (A little dramatic) lol but in all seriousness I want to be with someone who is a cusp sign actually I was dating a Taurus/ Gemini (5-22) but I think I blew it. But yea, this is the story of my life.

AlphaSupreme on January 22, 2017:

Hey brother,

We share the same birth dates and the same zodiac sign scorpitarius. I like that name man. However, we differ somewhat in our personalities. As it is said that when you embrace the scorpio-Sagittarius cusp you become generous, fun loving, humble, ambitious and powerful. I am that kind of a person. So now I know why I am so different.


Maria on January 14, 2017:

I am a female scorpittarian - I noticed a lot of my personality traits are equally split between being a Scorpio and Sagittarius. I am brutally honest, blunt, and not easy to make commitments with the opposite sex. I am very ambitious and very focus on my career and wants lots of freedom but I am also sensitive to the need of falling in love and have fun but no commitments. I am fully committed to marriage and never cheated when I fall in love. I am having trust issue with men. It's like if you play games with me then I can definitely play your game too but that's not really what I want. I am not a revengeful woman. I love having fun in life, adventure but geez - I hate poor communicators. I can't stand men that can't talk about anything and possessive. Much to my surprised, I learned today that my personality is really split between Scorpio and Sagittarius ? So who would be the compatible signs for me? Just wondering -

DiggersVan on January 09, 2017:

More into astrology and numberalogy, but this fits with me even though i was born 12/6/1996

Sincere on December 20, 2016:

My birthday is 11/22,I'm a female and you just described me in full. Being a water and fire sign is a difficult inner battle but we are the only cusp that can accept, admit and deal with our issues head on.

Hero on November 05, 2016:

No doubt, we have the same traits, born the same day. Everything you said is just about my personality

Dredz1 on May 30, 2016:

Birthdate 11/22 and i have traits of both Scorpio and Sagitarius, but scorpio characteristics stand out more, especially as i get older. When i was younger Sagittarius characteristic stood out more.

I have a spouse and she is a libra. We have been together for it seems like forever.

missleoinlove on June 08, 2015:

Hey everyone :)

i have a crush on a man who is a scorpio-sagittarius cusp. We have a bit of an age difference which is fine by me, and we have so much chemistry! Do any of you know if a scorpio-sagittarius man would choose love over an age difference?

would love to know how other scorp-sag cusp people feel about it :)


sparkle89 on May 29, 2015:

I'm a female Scorpio ♏ - Sagittarius ♐ cusp born 11-22-89. I'm dating a Virgo we're madly in love but I've found out over time that sometimes I don't have the patience to hear his logic and reason. I'm just glad he has enough patience to deal with me otherwise we wouldn't've made it this far!! P.S. We've been together for two years now

Melicious on May 01, 2015:

I'm dating a Scorpio/Saggi Nov. 22...he's an awesome guy, but he's often confused about what he wants...I know that I want him though....when together its extremely passionate and I can't see myself with anyone else. I do know that patience is needed for I'm a Saggi...I love space so I don't crowd anyone, but I feel this one needs negative attention/drama at times. What's that about?

Victor Rodriguez on April 06, 2015:

I too was born November 22...I share some some traits of both signs and it's amazing how they describe me to the T. The silence of the Scorpio is really my downfall. I tend to like to suffer in silence then let all know I'm hurt.

Sc0rpi0na on February 18, 2015:

Im from November 19th and I do find in me a mixture of both sag & scorpio. I'm very very particular about my friends, secretive, very passionate, loyal, I love being alone, I take random flirtatious offensively, and so forth. However, at times I can be a social butterfly, a clown around those I feel comfortable with, I don't easily fall in love, I love the feeling of being free and yes commitments do scare me. It's usually the guys wanting a committed relationship before me. My first love that lasted for 20 years was of someone who was Cancer until he died. Still single, but yet as a true scorpio woman always attracting the opposite sex without even trying. I am very protective of those I love and I'm not afraid of death. I love being spontaneous ppl always tell me they can't figure me out. I hope this helps a bit.

lolah.. on January 01, 2015:

Im with a man was born 11/22/66, n we been together 5months..i feel in love with him.. so quick..im a taurus n we bump head a lot..he is outspoken selfish n rude.. we r having tust issues...i wanna keep my relationship..i need help please

Ayrton on December 09, 2014:

WOW !! Ok..I am on the 26 november. but I was more or less a month over due , therefore I was supposed to be out in October. I find myself strangely feeling much like a cusp. Would anyone disagree ? If not then yes I believe I am a very good example of a cusp and it now explains soo much about me and who I am. Feel free to message me on ayrtonmoniz 92 @ gmail . com

keith22 on September 26, 2014:

Born cusp at 12:15.I can see anything someone is trying to hide about themselves,without being nosey.I love New fresh air and different places.Also love being a homebody too.I appreciate honesty from others.I'm a very hard worker.I'm turned on by the nature this planet offers.I have a high positve energy.Can be grumpy.And not easily impressed.I am generous with friends,but not stupid.My memory is long,and won't forget someone's words or actions.I love anyone who appreciates my difficult nature.Sometimes I can be sharped-tounged,and be very reserved.I don't have the jealous traits like most.I love being in love with the right one.I'm not too crazy about being tested or asked questions.

keith on September 26, 2014:

Born no

tasha on September 13, 2014:

Hi i was born 22nd November 1988 and I have always said I'm a Scorpio. It's only recently I noticed I'm a Sagittarius in magazines etc. So I googled an seen its on a cusp? Or sumat. I was born at 3.15 in the afternoon does anyone no if that doesn't make me a Sagittarius or I'm a Scorpio be strange now if someone asks me n I say Sagittarius now as I been saying Scorpio since I can remember. Thank you

heather sheri on August 30, 2014:

I was born Nov 22 86 ... I'm a female and have been told I was bipolar. I can be in a great mood one sec and the next sec I'm a total ass.

I feel I gave to read both signs BC one day I'll relate with sag the next Scorpio.

Its crazy the mix of characteristics I share with both signs. Which sign am I best compatible with ??

John Hollywood from Hollywood, CA on August 23, 2014:

I was born 11/19. I'm close to the cusp. I would say I fall closer to the Scorpio traits but can gravitate towards SAG, depending upon what's happening with the planets.

I would say that depending upon the time of year, SAG traits are more pronounced.

Don't ya wish you were an Aquarius sometimes? They don't have such problems. Lol

lovkesh on August 23, 2014:

Well, this page is like a mirror. I am a male born on 22-11-88. Most of the things written in this page are absolutely how a Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp is,especially the " silence " paragraph. I liked it. Good Work

Born 11/22 on August 16, 2014:

I'm born nov.22 as well but I'm a female,but from what I read I'm almost exactly the same. Sometimes it's hard to know exactly who I am one minute I'm fun,outgoing social butterfly if you will,and then in a split second i could change into complete silence.. Anyway thank you very much for letting me know I'm not the only one and this was very useful.. Thank you

Sugunde on August 10, 2014:

Born November 22

I have always been interested in astrology and knowing myself better . Particularly I'm into numerology- which explains a lot about master number 11/22. Due to the complexity of the sign- I don't refer to horoscopes.

To make it short- my personality is 100% Scorpio- you love me or you hate me. I get what I want and when I want. Very straight forward- detailed in life. Secretive and ambitious. Even close people cannot read my thoughts. Things which usually drive others crazy- don't affect me- as many times I have heard- I can be very cold. I am very loyal as a partner- passionate and mystique.

On other hand- I'm very active, ever since I was young - I am traveling , for many years and my job was related to traveling and foreign countries- characteristics, which are close to Sagittarius. Interested in new things and not scared of challenges. Sporty, athletic.

I can easily make new friends- as interested in many different topics- unless my Scorpio side over takes me- and I'm just not keen to know people.

It is a very complexed personality which requires lots of self- analyzing- and don't expect other people to ever fully understand you- it's nearly impossible. I have seen one post describing where girl born 11/22 was kind of described as bipolar- it's close what I have heard as well- but this what other people think of us- as they can't understand/ can't read / can't explain our behavior/ actions/ moods.

Scorpio/Sagittarius Nov 22nd on August 10, 2014:

I'm a true cusp born. I'm the end of the sign Scorpio and the beginning of the sign Sagittarius. I was born Nov 22nd and people think I'm krazy cause I really do have both traits of these two signs but I think I'm more of a Sagittarius so that's what I say I am most of the time.

Anita on May 14, 2014:

11/24/74 here! I'm loyal, possessive, big heart but it's hidden. When someone is mine, it's mine! I don't share well. Very outspoken but most people like me once they get to know me. I have the patience of Jobe with children & animals not with adults. I will tell it like it is very opinionated but I do know how to shut up when I want to. I'm a total free spirit & independent. I can't stand to be with a mate that is prudish or a fucking moron. Most of my friends will say that I'm crazy as hell & lots of fun. I do have an arrogant side too.. Very complex! Very sexual with the right person... I tend to also be the friend that everyone whines & complains too because I'm a great listener..

Desiree on May 13, 2014:

I was born on 12/04. Sun sag,Scorpio rising, sag moon. Even though they say the cusp is 11/24 I beg to differ. I feel verry confused if the cusp is that date. I act and feel nothing like a Sagittarius the majority of the time. Just confused.

archer22 on May 13, 2014:

My date of birth is 22/11/90.since you all are my own kind i m going to reveal myself. Don't blame me for being secretive,blame November.

As a child i was an outdoor guy playing most of the time. Although i change i find it very difficult until i don't realise when did i settle down.

Now i m 23 years old and have explored a lot of the western himalayas. I love snakes and more i do i try to handle them.

Speaking about my mood,it is never stable. I have learned that for a cusp of our kind the water and fire element have to be properly balanced(although not been able to figure out till now how to). People of this cusp could actually achieve more than others and i m sure you want to achieve because you feel that.

I have principles of my own. I m always good to people who are good to me and bad to who prefer to be bad towards me.

Recently i have encountered several problems within my head,thoughts that i cannot control.Its all about the past broken relations and misunderstandings that people had towards me and had never healed. I was in love with a libra girl and still i am(i think so) although i remember her not always but time after time.

My inertia of rest as well as motion is hard to break.I m a good underwater swimmer.

And i m physically lean and people estimates to be weak and it entertains me a lot to surprise every time. Humour is my left hand and passion my right.

Lastly but not least i would ask help from you folks to help me how to control my temporary emotions(unable to control). I think if i can bring stability to my mind i could achieve more,and go on which is my purpose of life.

Life is once,you are born and oneday you die.But the significant part is what you did between birth and death.

anonymous on May 13, 2014:

I m nov 22

aqua on March 29, 2014:

How do i know if a scorpio sag cusper likes me or wants anything long term with me.. He's born on the 22nd

pia on February 13, 2014:

Hey I was born on 25 november 1:30 AM n i still find half of my traits very scorpion n some of dem as a sagittarian..I have always regarded myself as a cusp. N all those traits of jealousy, passion, determination, anger,secretive, not forgiving etc are so much there in me. What do u say us my actual zodiac?

asya( scorpio) on January 31, 2014:

I am a scorpio born November 7th and I'm dating a scorpio-sag cusp born November 22nd....he's very passionate but still lives his freedom yet seeks for one on one intimacy while bouta wanted to be tied down...its like tick tac toe!!we act the same yet I'm more serious and we have a power struggle but some days he let's me win and vice versa...ARE WE EVEN COMPATIBLE?

Anisa Lopez on January 20, 2014:

I was born on November 22nd to and I have a lot of Scorpio qualities the Sagittarius qualities I have are being blunt and completely honest and the rebellious nature of doing whatever I want and not caring about the consequences but I also can be very manipulative and I have a dark sadistic way of humor I like making up fake scenarios or just saying things to hurt people is that normal?

Mrs Communicate on January 12, 2014:

I knew it! I knew it!!! I am a Pure Sag. Dec 9th. Sag's are most likely to even respect the science of astrology. I met a guy, he said he was a scorpio. I thought to my self... His parents told him wrong, he's a Sag! Soon to find out his birthday is Nov 21st. If you've ever seen the series of movies underworld... This is what a cusp/ hybrid person is. His purpose number is 7 like mine and path number 5 like mine... I understand why God has brought us together... He needs to be understood and respected. This hybrid combination can be scary to love. Because you may love the Sag or Scorpio side. You really have to know who you are, first or you don't have a chance at all. Love them with confidence not weekness. Give them their space but don't cheat in the meantime. They are way to intuitive. Why question their motives... It's an argument ready to blow that you can't win anyway. They will have some type of spiritual platform. For a restless Sag like myself, be ready to play your best A game of chest but it let him win from time to time. That's part of winning anyway.

michael on December 03, 2013:

I was born Nov 22nd 1990 what you say up there is is very true.

But their is no such as more to the scorpio or more to sag. Your days are chosen for you its up to you to notice what sign you are taking after day to day cause it will constantly change like being bi polar. Making friends are easy get out their show no fear.

But always keep in mind keep your friends close but your enemies closer. Choose friends wisely analyze the person study observe the way they are before desiding.

Relationships are a little harder.

Just enjoy the time you have with them. Try not to become possessive . Been their done that as said above it can be a turn off or a great thing she likes. Try to find trades of work job wise you'll do well quick learner, and adaptive.

On your free time try reading or researching things on different religions or different meanings if life books your sure to fall into it like your diving into an ocean of curiosity. Try not believe you are higher then others. It'll lead to a harsh wake up call.

scorpio 92 (author) from Ireland on November 09, 2013:

Hi atul

My only advice to you, from personal experience is to try your hardest to give everyone you meet a chance. If you cannot give someone a chance, then you will never truly know what could have been, be it a friendship or maybe more. I still find it hard to trust people, but always, always give them a chance. If they break your trust, then they can go into your "not to trust" list, yes, you may be hurt by this breach of trust but...your skin grows thicker to this, you learn to move on from people who are not worth your time.

Hope this helps somewhat


atul on October 30, 2013:

Hi there. I am a male and was born on 22 Nov. and would like your advice on an issue. I find it difficult to make friends or continue friendship with them.. Its true that earlier some of my so-called friends have used my friendship, but i don't wan't to stick to that experience and move on. Please advise...

supersag on September 26, 2013:

wow Im a Dec 1 saggie with several scorpio planets in my birth chart. I have realized I possess all of these traits mixed together also.. I am going on a date with a man who was born on Nov 23 same yr as me (8 days older). and I am anxious to see this blowout of cray cray !!! lol

DR on September 20, 2013:

I am a female born 11/22 I share both qualities of a Scorpio and Sagittarius. For the most part, I am loyal, spiritual, very intuitive, empathetic, sarcastic, emotional, at times quiet, a thinker, I love to have fun, Im very competitive and persistent, at times can be jealous. Im a good judge of character and I can see through ALL bs. I say what I feel. I always remember a helping hand and will return the favor when I can. I can be a devoted friend the down side is I can be your worst enemy if I feel I ve been crossed.

VARUN BARMA on September 16, 2013:

I am a male born on the 22nd of november born on the scorpio-sagittarius cusp often called as the scorpittarius or the sagicorpio and also in my own words scorpiosaggiun. I went to birthdaypersonality.tumblr and i saw my birthday profile it said that i am rebellious, provocative and frustrated on the dark side and on the bright side i am exciting , liberated and innovative . Moreover i am a bit introverted plus a bit extroverted i am mysterious shy and quiet at times and simultaneously fun loving happy-g0-lucky and humorous . I love reading gripping thrillers and i often fantasize being a private detective , an undercover agent or a senior officer of the armed forces undertaking deep and challenging tasks to solve mysteries and situations in which suspense is created. On the sagittarius side i am attracted by travel i love foreign countries and their culture i am always open to adventure i always like meeting new people and getting to know them pretty well before i can proceed further with them and of course honestly and loyalty are the keys to win my locked trust . I am philosophical and enjoy discovering the inner meaning of life i am spiritual and also a non-stop talker on any topic given in front of me which might annoy people . Again on the scorpio side i am interested in the occult i like to psyche out peoples thoughts by reading their faces i love psychoanalysis and psychology i also possess a keen interest in metaphysics trying to find interconnection and correlation between everything in this vast wide world i often am attracted to the big bang theory . I could go on and on but i guess i have bored you enough . In case you like my post please send me an email on my email account ruvan786@gmail.com or varun.barma91@gmail.com and my twitter id is 91BARMA . If you would contact me i would take interest in sharing experiences of my personal life with you and also would like to know about your experiences at a more deeper and penetrating level through a regular interaction of course so that we can teach and guide each other on how to manage being inside two of the most powerful sun signs in the zodiac. I loved your blog each and every word you have written is absolutely true and connected with a scopsag cusp's life thank you for writing such a brilliant post . I hope to read more of your articles in the future you are an excellent writer.

Ghufran on August 15, 2013:

I am born on November 22 and I find myself having characteristics from both of the scorpio and sagittarius,, People say I am mysterious and quiet, I like to solve mysteries and puzzles just like any scorpio. I am honest,, stubborn like any sagittarius.

Josh375 on August 10, 2013:

This girl I have always been infatuated with has the 11/22 birth date. And let me say, she is completely a scorpio as well as a sagittarius. Let's get real. The scorpittarius is crazy. But she is also the most beautiful and unique creature I've ever met. She's a little bipolar because she's a cusp, but that's what makes her so great. She's super sarcastic, very jealous, has a hot temper, and blurts out whatever comes to her mind. But at the same time she's so thoughtful and emotional and deep. She always drifts to a new world in her head and loses focus easily. She has a hard time because she wants freedom and can't commit, but at the same time she is a lover. She's always so internally conflicted. BUT SHE WILL NEVER TELL ANYONE. However, you can always see it in her eyes. She is extremely honest, but at the same time she is able to manipulate whoever whenever. And.. best of all.. I think that the scorpittarius is most likely the most sexual being to EVER live on this planet. Unfortunately, it's very hard to hold on to one. The crazy part about this girl is she is also a virgin. Men FLOCK to her, and she is very sexy and alluring and crazy and flirty but doesn't ever commit. If she really likes a man she seems to just want to talk and talk. Whereas she will hook up with men she has no feelings for. She is stubborn and impulsive, but she's up for anything. She's the most exciting unexpected ball of fiery water. She is too complex and has troubles dealing with the cruelties of mankind-- not for herself but for others. I've seen vicious things happen to her and she wouldn't even complain. But the only time I've ever seen her cry was when something bad happened to her autistic older brother and she couldn't fix the problem. She's the least practical girl I'll ever meet. I'm not sure what the point of this post was. But I hope every man has the opportunity at some point in his life to meet the scorp-sag cusp because she has changed my life and she will change yours too.

Lottie1 on April 25, 2013:

Hi scorpio 92,

Yeah to be honest I'm now just feeling like I'm being messed about.

It hurts that I've let him in so much that he really gets to me! But it's time to put it down to experience I think & move on.

Thanks for your help!

scorpio 92 (author) from Ireland on April 25, 2013:


It's a very confusing situation, sometimes he contacts, sometimes he doesn't and sometimes, he contacts when you aren't expecting it.

My advice now is, not to stress the current situation and let things flow, if he said he'd help, he will probably get back to you on it, because if it were me, I would feel obligated to do that. There is always the possibility that you could have text at a bad time, he could have cancelled the text and forgot to reply, I know this happens me a lot, if i'm remotely busy, I will cancel a text and almost always forget to text back for hours.

If you concentrate on work and life outside of your relationship, you will probably not worry too much, keeping the mind busy is the main thing, it really helps. Then, if it goes on too long without contact (a length of time you are comfortable setting) I think it would be time to consider dropping this as a task for now as you are putting a lot of time, thought and effort to reach out to him but he doesn't seem to be picking up on these signs right now.

Lottie1 on April 24, 2013:

Hi Scorpio 92,

Well didn't hear from him so I sent a txt this morn. Thinking like u said he prob just forgot. I only asked if he was ok and still able to help? But he's not replyed?? (He is normally instant)

I mean why bother ringing me in the first place last week?

I just don't understand now what this is all about?

I would be most grateful for your opinion and what u think I should do!

Lottie1 on April 22, 2013:

Hi Scorpio 92,

Yeah ok will wait & see. I'll keep u updated!


scorpio 92 (author) from Ireland on April 21, 2013:


I would, if he said he'd help, then id be hoping he will keep his word and contact you to meet up, or if it goes too long without contact (within the next few days) then I would contact him to meet up cause he might have forgotten.

I think, Wednesday of this week should be a good enough marker, so if he doesn't contact you before Tuesday night, be ready to contact him on Wednesday.

Lottie1 on April 21, 2013:

Hi Scorpio 92,

Yeah I agree, but also the hardest way!

Ok should i just wait for him to contact me? (Hoping that he does)

I mean cos the last time we spoke, he did say he would get back to me. How long would u wait?

Thanks again!

scorpio 92 (author) from Ireland on April 20, 2013:


If it were me, I would definitely wait until you could talk in person. If you tell him over the phone, there is a lack of a lot of important things that are needed, you can't express emotion properly, your expression will not be effective and, there is the chance of him misunderstanding something. Whereas if you were in person, you can do everything needed.

I would go somewhere quiet, somewhere private, where you can talk comfortably and spend as long as needed there. I would probably prefer to be told frankly but not too frank, Explain clearly what you are feeling and explain how it has developed.

No problem, more than happy to help :)

Lottie1 on April 19, 2013:

Hi Scorpio 92,

Yeah great glad that's what u think too! I mean at least if I know I can deal with it either way.

Ok, so do I wait to see him in person? If he gets in touch that is? I mean I would be able to tell him today, but another day I might not be as brave lol!

It's not going to be easy putting my heart on the line, but could only go one of two ways.

How would u go about it? Also how would u want to be told?

Thanks so much for your help. U have been invaluable!

scorpio 92 (author) from Ireland on April 19, 2013:


Cool, so, I need to say at least you received contact from him.

Now, as for the question, I dunno if I mentioned this but, if it were me in his shoes, no matter how I felt, I would greatly appreciate honesty, its something that is needed for even the most basic of friendships.

I don't think you would ruin a friendship by revealing feelings, it could be a bit awkward if his feelings are the opposite, however the awkwardness dies down quick. If anything, I think, if you tell him how you feel, you will become more comfortable around him no matter what, sure, you still may have feelings that you can't act on right now but at least he'll know they are there. :)

Lottie1 on April 19, 2013:

Hi Scorpio 92,

Ok, so I decided to do just that, leave it alone for a bit.

He has now called, offered me help for a work thing. Has mentioned meeting up & will get back to confirm a day.

So, we'll see if he gets back??

Ok, so here is where I'm at, if he just wants to be friends that's fine but I want to know. I really need some honesty!

So, do I ask? I mean if he only wants to be friends, would I ruin that by being honest about how I feel?

How would u react to someone??


scorpio 92 (author) from Ireland on April 17, 2013:


What i meant by your effort not going unrewarded was, even if it came to be that you two wont take things any further, you will have a friend, and Scorpios make for some of the best friendships, extremely trustworthy, very loyal and...great fun :)

My advice right now would be to scale it down, by the looks of things, he is avoiding the topic of you and him. However, I wouldn't cut contact fully, keep it friendly and if the opportunity arises when you are with him in person, then that could be a perfect time to revisit this area of your relationship with him :)

Lottie1 on April 17, 2013:

Hi Scorpio 92, Thanks for your advice. Well I did txt and he didn't reply. However, today I get a txt totally unrelated! I just don't get it? I hope so too! What do u mean about effort doesn't go unrewarded? Do u think I should persevere or give up?

scorpio 92 (author) from Ireland on April 15, 2013:


If it were me, I usually try to contact twice, if both times fail, or feel wrong, I pull away, if the person I contact cares enough, they will contact me once they realize my silence :)

I really hope your situation resolves itself soon, and in a way that is beneficial to both of you, dealing with a Scorpio is not easy but, whatever way it turns out, your effort never goes unrewarded :)

Lottie1 on April 15, 2013:

Hi Scorpio 92, Ok i will do. Now if he doesn't reply would u just leave it? I mean I think I'm too caring and think of his feelings. But he is not thinking of my feelings? And if it wasn't for the look he gives me I would have give up. Argh! I've never had someone get under my skin so much!

scorpio 92 (author) from Ireland on April 14, 2013:


Personally, I wouldn't be able to fake it if I tried, I dunno if someone would want to fake something like that as it is an intense moment. I can't really judge on the non responsiveness, as I am bad myself at replying however I would never leave it go more than a day without replying. Maybe spark up a new conversation with him? See how he is and all, and you could judge how he is from this, whether he wants to talk or not. :)

Lottie1 on April 14, 2013:

Hi Scorpio 92, I'm hoping that is the case, as in my heart I think, surely u couldn't fake that intense eye contact? Ok won't b seeing him at work for a bit. We have been txting, but the last txt I sent he's not replied?? It's been days. He knows I hate it when he does this. Which then gets me thinking maybe he just sees me as a friend?? What should I do? I am really grateful for your insight!

scorpio 92 (author) from Ireland on April 13, 2013:


By the date, you are still in Scorpios sign, however, you will have traits of a Sagittarius also, When I first found out I was part of both signs I too was very confused, but then I realized I shouldn't be because, these two signs are pretty similar. Going by some horoscopes, you would be in the second last day of Scorpio, and others, you would be in the last day of Scorpio, however the cusp starts before then which means, you are ultimately a Scorpio but still share some traits of a Sagittarius :)

scorpio 92 (author) from Ireland on April 13, 2013:


If it were me, i wouldn't waste a persons time if i weren't interested, I mean, there is harmless flirting that guys do with almost every girl and then there is the kind that only the girls they are interested in will receive. The same goes with the eye contact, I use that as a signal myself if I am interested in a girl so, if I were in your shoes, I would be thinking he is interested.

diamond on April 12, 2013:

I am a female born November 21. Many times I do not know who I am. If I deeply care for someone I can't let it go in my heart. No one knows because I figure, in my head, life goes on. I feel nothing is worth destroying a marriage that would hurt children and relatives, mine or anyone else. My husband is the ideal Pisces. He has helped me to grow tremendously. However, his way of not handling problems really, really, bothers me. Who am I, Scorpio or Sagitarious?

Lottie1 on April 12, 2013:

Thanks for replying! Yeah, my problem is I don't want to make a fool out of myself if a) he is messing about or b) sees me as a friend? I mean would u bother flirting, txting, the whole eye contact thing if u didn't like them?

scorpio 92 (author) from Ireland on April 12, 2013:

@ Lottie1

Being honest, the only way you will truly know if a guy is messing you about is if you feel it. Scorpio's are a very hot/cold sign anyway, it may be due to problems he may be having and have nothing at all to do with you and him. Maybe you should talk to him about it, if you feel you are at a stage where you think you would like to talk about it. It may reveal a lot about what's worrying you :)

Lottie1 on April 11, 2013:

Hi, I'm a Pisces lady born on 11 March. I have recently started falling for my boss who was born on 22 Nov. We flirt, have this eye contact that I can't explain-it goes deep! We txt but he is so hot/cold? He teases me all the time. Invades my personal space, comes on breaks with me. But then other times ignores me or doesn't reply to txts. How do you know if a guy is sincere or just messing with me?

With a sag scorp cusp im a leo on February 19, 2013:

Things are panning out.

Had a few brewds but he is learning im all roar and no claws. Haha.

Im getting under a few more layers and not waiting for him to admit to the possessive streak so just reassure him instead and hes blossoming like a lil flower. Trust is occurring and its nice watching him evolve as he trusts.

Very rewarding. Cheers for the insight.

scorpio 92 (author) from Ireland on January 22, 2013:

@ pam

I understand how others get really annoyed at Scorpios in particular but also Sags, they can be a hard time to deal with, however, in my own case, these times are always very short, over within hours or days. And, i always like to weigh up what makes up for it, Scorpios are.....exciting to be with i think.

Hope the best from now and into your marriage :)

scorpio 92 (author) from Ireland on January 22, 2013:

@ With a sag scorp cusp im a leo

Of course you wouldn't be careless letting this man sort out his problems alone, some like a little help but Scorpios are terrible for it, they always go silent and on a personal experience, unless you are with a caring and understanding partner, it could cause a lot of friction due to not knowing what's wrong.

About the outspokeness, i think this is the best way to be in a relationship, if you were conserved and held it in, it would eventually come out and with a lot more hurt than coming out piece by piece.

Hopefully he comes out of his silent phase soon, because, usually when we finish our silence, we are ready to talk about it.

Best of luck :)

pam on January 18, 2013:

no wonder i find it difficult to understand my fiancé...at one time he is a sagg..in others..he is a scorpio..stingy and retaliatory..

With a sag scorp cusp im a leo on January 12, 2013:

Im a leo with a scorp/sag nov23 and a lot of things iv read indicate that sags are untrustworthy in love but what you've said about them bein honest, i agree. If you r insecure and see their tendency to flirt then yes they may seem untrustworthy but i see it as tey genuinely respect all people and like to give undivided attention to whoever is demanding it in order to be polite. And i pick up on the possessiveness but also he is keen to hide that part. All in all i believe him to be very genuine and trustworthy its just proving to him i am loyal and trying to learn myself how to deal with the injured silence that he goes through. Sometimes the silence is completely unrelated to out relationship but other times iv said or done somtin to injure him. But if he doesn't wanna admit to why he is injured then there is not a lot i can do to help. If i sit back and allow his injury to pass am i cold and careless? If i try to help and push for an insight into his pain am i magnifying it for him?

What to do for my emotional friend!

Im very outspoken and mostly happy but this experience is training me to tone down on my outspokeness due to seeing that my words can actually hurt him that bad. I mean no harm im 100% loyal but i can get careless with my wording out of pride. Learning to tone down.

But unsure how to deal with the silence. Sometime i admit i did say sumtin a bit cruel but other times if its unrelated to "us" i find myself going over the previous day to try n figure out if i did say sumtin hurtful haha.

What a scenario!

Blueskies on October 17, 2012:

I was born 23rd, and wow what you've said explains me to a T! I sometimes feel misunderstood, I'm honest, loyal, possisive, friendly, got trust issues, get very jealous when in love, really passionate, I don't like getting angry because I know exactly what will hurt my opponent verbally. Protective of family and friends. Was wild and free when younger moved out of home young but ive settled down now I'm getting older. I'm 23 very quite and sensible now days haha Always eager to learn enjoy researching and hopefully one day explore the world :D

dlmerritt71 on August 28, 2012:

I am so afraid to move forward past him, I love him so much, and if I start dating someone I know it will finalize everything because he WILL be hurt by it, and hate me, further he will believe I did not really love him and I DO!! But, I know in order for me to be happy I have to so I am torn...I just don't understand why he is so distant...we are not only lovers but, very close, and he is my best friend...he comes around for a while and then pulls way back! I am so hurt by this.

scorpio 92 (author) from Ireland on August 27, 2012:

Hello again dlmerritt71, i have been very busy since i stopped commenting on that hub, fortunatly, i hope to get back to helping others very soon when i get a little break soon. your story is just crazy, its such a small world out there :-) ok so i haven't forgottn your story and im sorry to gear your still in a bad place with it, my advice on the new guy is as follows...you only live once, make sure you make memories that will last, try everything once, be a little spontanious...the guy you love is not respecting nor reciprocating so my advice is show him your not hanging around forever, if it works out with the new guy then great, if it desnt, never regret what happened, remember the positives :-) upwards and onwards is the only way, by moving forward slowly, you will get through it. my response to the two signs attracted to you is...well, they are very similar signs and both equally as hard to decifer or understand. A Scorpio knows a decent girl by looking, maybe you should ask yourself why are they attracted to you, not in terms of astrology but in terms of your unique personality. i hope i helped here an hope you get happier and meet a good guy that will respect your feelings.

dlmerritt71 on August 27, 2012:

Scorpio 92...I found your HUB...I tried to talk to you on Kart Hub page about your birthday...your birthday is the same as my dads and of my scorpio man's...now there is another man after me he is November 23rd birthday...scorpio/sag...?? He wants me to date him...I don't know if you remember all my post about the trouble I have had with my scorpio man but, its still a struggle...I still love him and cannot see myself moving on past him but, I don't get this I am seeing a pattern of me attracting Scorpio's and Sagg and now a Scorpio/sagg! I am a virgo..I am wondering what the mutual attraction may be or what they see in me...

scorpio 92 (author) from Ireland on July 18, 2012:

Thanks for posting KrisNick09, I also regard myself as a scorpio as it is debated where the sun sign in scorpio ends so i grew up being told i was scorpio but recently discovered it was a little deeper than i thought with the cusp and all :)

KrisNick09 from Kentucky on July 17, 2012:

Interesting hub :)

My father was born Nov. 21. Most of the time if I were to analyze his actions, I suppose I think of him as a scorpio. But sometimes he completely surprises me with his reactions to things. Things that would have upset or angered me (scorpio), cause him to laugh out loud. And he is a lot friendlier than most scorpios I have met, well, until and unless he is angry lol.

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