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How Taurus and Leo Can Get Along

Christofer has been a counselor and contract administrator, and he's studied astrology with his mother since the '70s. He has 8 grandkids.

Leo and Taurus are both fixed signs, which can lead to a strong, beautiful relationship—or to one riddled with conflict.

Leo and Taurus are both fixed signs, which can lead to a strong, beautiful relationship—or to one riddled with conflict.

Do Leo and Taurus Get Along or Fight?

These two signs are both fixed: Taurus is fixed earth, and Leo is fixed fire. Two mutable signs are one thing, but two fixed signs are stubbornness squared. If they agree on something together, they will be unmovable. But what if they don’t agree on the same thing?

If They Overcome Their Stubbornness, Leo and Taurus Can Be Astrologically Good Together

Remember, Taurus is a fixed earth sign. Leo is fixed fire. Think of a hot earthen oven and its bellows. If not crossing paths, these two would make quite a team, fighting unit, company, or even romantic union—but things would have to be already agreed upon. Moving quickly, changing on the run, taking notes for tomorrow, and flowing adaptively are not part of the Taurus-Leo relationship.

Leos like to lead. Tauruses do not absolutely have to lead but do not mind following if it’s a plan they helped come up with and agree to. Taurus has their own self-protective security, and Leo is not known for being quietly diplomatic. The Taurus would have to agree to let the big Leo personality take the lead—the relationship could work if Taurus does not take offense.

The thing about Taurus is that they can look like they are going along with everything on the outside, and yet on the inside they are sizing you up. Leo is blissful unless strongly opposed. They are going to assume things are wonderful until they get into a fight. This relationship could suddenly get dramatic.

Positive Postulate

A “positive postulate” could be drawn quite easily from these two. Leo is affable, sociable, and outgoing. Tauruses are sweet, warm, and mellow, and they would let Leo stay up front in the relationship. This makes for a nice public image and a potentially harmonious coupling.

Taurus could be the harder working part of the match, and Leo could do the public relations part of the operation. This kind of partnering—whether romantic, platonic, or business—would have an almost deceptively attractive outer image. Tensions might face inwards, but they would both smile and have an aura of outer grace.

Romance Recommendation

Taurus would initially find Leo’s sunny ways very appealing, and Leo would see the warm Taurean energy as inviting and winsome. Since they are both fixed, neither would come off as flaky, unpredictable, or too individualistic. Their styles would be conventional and classically colorful. They would dance well together, Leo trying to lead and Taurus agreeing to follow.

Their fixedness could be a problem romantically if someone suggests that the other make a big—or little—change. Leo would be insulted since they think of themselves as close to flawless. Taurus would be offended because they have their act down, and it has worked quite well all this time, thank you.

Conflict Quotient

Watching a fight between these two would be like watching a brawl with no winner. Just use your TV imagination—a lion does not bring down a giant bull without help from the female lions. The lion would be staring at a four-legged pair of hard horns—the only thing they could do is draw.

It’s not that these two are uncivilized, it’s just that, well, who is going to give in? Taurus would most likely give in, with the compromise that Leo did not "officially" give up. It’s a matter of style as much as substance.

It's important for a Leo-Taurus couple to ask themselves if they can be bored together over the long term.

It's important for a Leo-Taurus couple to ask themselves if they can be bored together over the long term.

Peace Parlay

Life, in the end, is repetitive and mundane, and so is romance itself. This factor asks: "Can we be bored together over the long term?" The advantage for Taurus and Leo is that they both love basking in the sun. And truly, getting joy from your work is natural. Taurus loves pleasure and reflection. Leo might start prowling because they have not gotten as much attention as they like. However, once they got this far, the two could be very relaxed together.

Keep-Up-the-Interest Graph

Leo is always looking for new friends and admirers. This could make them see new terrain, making things fresh and exciting. Taurus could like the places that Leo discovers and sample new dishes and cuisines. Taurus might have to do a lot of following, but they'll still enjoy the trip.

Seven-Year Itchiness

There are some signs that by their nature are more stable in their love interests and family concerns as time goes on—but others are not. Leos are naturals at the seven-year itch. Not that they would be unfaithful, but they would probably be more tempted than the average sun sign. Taurus—gentle, sensual Taurus—has a great smile and a lovely, smooth voice. Taurus might stray into another pasture when Leo has been particularly annoying.

Astrocompatibility Possibility Rating

65% Positive Long-Term and 50% Short-Term

A short-term relationship could be very attractive to both, but it also means they would not reach the true test of their relationship. As time goes on, they would have to resolve their differences. If they were mostly on the same page in the beginning and then struggled to work things out, it could be a pleasant long-term relationship.